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  1. 1

    Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya
    Israel Adesanya
    "The Last Stylebender"
    L vs. Alex PEREIRA (5) {2} (11/12/22) - 8 ko r5 - size disadv, leg getting chopped early, getting pressured back pinned against cage, rocked pereira eor1 could have finished it, unable to t/d pereiras size, spd adv, lost r2 got tn/d eor, started using grapp adv r3 took back, stamina adv won r4, was going to win but caught by inside L hook (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jared CANNONIER (3) {3} (7/2/22) - 8 UDec - boring fight, slow first round, super fast kicks, spd adv, picking apart, good jab keeping range, good t/d def, not doing a lot of damage, most in danger when cannonier got in close to use power landing o/h R, (-)

    *** ((((( W ))))) vs. Robert WHITTAKER (2) (2/12/22) - ***

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Marvin VETTORI (6) (6/12/21) - 9 UDec - kicks back and forth one got caught and tn/d early, size disadv, length adv, good leg kicks, good t/d def, good sub def, chopped vetos leg, good grappling reversal, great kicks strike variety, took min damage, low power strikes no ko power (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jan BLAKOVITZ
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Paulo COSTA (2) (9/26/20) - 10 ko r2 - patient start, leg kicks, speed advantage, picked apart costa from range, barely touched
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Robert WHITTAKER (10/5/19) - 8 - great speed, uses length
  2. 2

    Alex "Poatan" Pereira
    Alex Pereira
    W vs. Israel ADESANYA (1) {1} (11/12/22) - size disadv, good leg kicks, starting biting on feints after str R landed, good oct pressure pinning izi back, got rocked by counter R eor1 almost got finished, size adv good t/d def, spd disadv, won r2 w/ good t/d, good body work, grapp disadv got back taken r3, r4 tired stopped pressuring izzy back, stamina disadv, saved energy for r5 going all out winning r5 caught izzy w inside L hook, would have lost 3-2 (^3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Sean STRICKLAND (5) {6} (7/2/22) - 10 ko r1 - longer, getting pushed back, patient, strickland stalking pereira back, caught him with sneaky counter check L (^12)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Bruno SILVA (27) (3/12/22) - 9 UDec - longer, good distance management, got caught and slowed down, grapp disadv but able to use str adv to get up, tough, good power, slightly better striking but less output r2, good t/d def using length, took over r3 stamina adv wobbled silva and almost finished, stamina diff (^38)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Andreas MICHAILIDIS (85) (11/6/21) - 9 ko r2 - got tn/d early but was able to fight up, stamina adv as michialedis fatigued, came out r2 w flying knee ko (^83)
  3. 3

    Robert "The Reaper" Whittaker
    Robert Whittaker
    "The Reaper"
    W vs. Marvin VETTORI (4) {4} (9/3/22) - 9 UDec - getting pushed back, good fast entry w jab, spd adv good evasion early, good in and out, started pulling away r2 pickin apart vettori w spd, perfect disatnce, fast head kicks, vettoris L hurt r2, pieced him up for the rest, great t/d def, easy (-)

    *** L vs. Israel ADESANYA (1) (2/12/22) - ***
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kelvin GASTELUM (11) (4/17/21) - 10 UDec - calmer start, landed L hook R high kick combo twice rocked gastelum r1, good top control grappling, good def, good use of length to pick apart, speed and range diff (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jared CANNONIER (6) (10/24/20) - 8 UDec - right hand r kick combo, good mobility, speed adv, k/d cannon with kick punch combo r3, good grappling, got rocked by cannon r3 (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Israel ADESANYA (10/5/19) - 6 - beaten easily, lack of defense
  4. 4

    Marvin "The Italian Dream" Vettori
    Marvin Vettori
    "The Italian Dream"
    W vs. Roman DOLIDZE (9) {9} (3/18/23) - 8 UDec - good leg kicks, pwr disadv?, losing in brawls, good chin, trying to get in but worried about pwr R, spd adv, no grappling, stamina adv output diff winning r3, point fighting won (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Robert WHITTAKER (2) {2} (9/3/22) - 6 Udec - controlling center, spd disadv, pushing forward but not wanting to brawl, hesitant of whittakers spd, left hand hurt r2?, tried for t/ds trhoughout but didnt get 1, got beat up (#4)
  5. 5

    Jared "Killa Gorilla" Cannonier
    Jared Cannonier
    "Killa Gorilla"
    W vs. Sean STRICKLAND (6) {6} (12/17/22) - 8 SDec - close fight, shorter, good leg kicks, pwr adv, shorter couldnt get close enough to land pwr,getting out reached by stricks jab, finally able to land r3 cutting off strick against the fence, big size fades late vs. stricks constant point fighting pace, enough energy to land pwr r5 (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Israel ADESANYA (1) {1} (7/2/22) - 7 UDec - boring fight, slow first round, hesitant, low output getting picked apart from range, spd disadv, couldnt get respect, started grappling more r3 but couldnt get the t/d, needed to make it dirty up close to land his power, (-)

    *** ((((( W )))))) vs. Derek Brunson (3) (2/12/22) - ko r2 - ***

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kelvin GASTELUM (12) (8/21/21) - good kicks to legs and body, length adv, good evasion keeping distance but slowed r2 and more vulnerable, good t/d def, rocked gast w/ good counter r hook, length diff (^2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Robert WHITTAKER (3) (10/24/20) - 7 UDec - big leg kicks, power adv, leg kicks to slow whitt down, got k/d r3, fought back and almost k/d whitt r3 (-)
  6. 6

    Dricus "Stillknocks" Du Plessis
    Dricus Du Plessis
    W vs. Derek BRUNSON (5) {6} (3/4/23) - 9 ko r2 - kick got caught and tn/t, stuck on bottom, lost r1, stamina adv started beating up brunson, towel throw (^2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Darren TILL (13) {15} (12/10/22) - 8.5 sub r3 - immed grappling beating up till ontop controlling grappling, spending tons energy winning r1, gassed r1, got beat up r2 very tired, able to use grappling to slow till down and get some control, 2nd wind r3 able to land and get easy t/d, till withered and got rnc (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brad TAVARES (13) {15} (7/2/22) - 9 UDec - wild flurries rushing in, reckless burst got rocked by counter R hook, desperate t/ds got reversed, spent lots of energy to grapple, grapp disadv, wild strikes always dangerous, wild brawler using durability adv, great heart wouldnt slow down, big power does good damage, good stamina, good knees durability diff (FOTYC22) (^9)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Trevin GILES (34) (7/10/21) - 9 ko r2 - staying far back looking for kicks, scared standing, grappling adv big sub threat, got to mount twice r1, strength disadv couldnt keep him down, caught lazy def giles L R combo (^11)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Markus PEREZ (38) (10/10/20) - 7 ko r1 - looked timid, absorbed pressure looking for counters, got one lucky shot for ko (^45)
  7. 7

    Derek "The One" Brunson
    Derek Brunson
    "The One"
    L vs, Dricus Du PLESSIS (7) {5} (3/4/23) - 6 ko r2 caught kick and got the t/d, good top control against explos pwr of pless, won r1, stamina disadv started getting beat up towel throw (-1)

    *** L vs. Jared CANNONIER (4) (2/12/22) - ***

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Darren TILL (6) (9/4/21) - 9 sub r3 - pushed back early by lunging length of till, scored easy t/d, grappling adv smothered top, striking disadv, nasty heavy g&p won r1, opened r2 w/ fast t/d att but till def (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kevin HOLLAND (17) (3/20/21) - 8 UDec - holland slipped and jumped on top, speed/striking disadv got rocked r2, easy t/ds when gets in close, great top control, size adv smothering grappling won (^3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Edmen SHAHBAZYAN (15) (8/1/20) - 8 ko r3 - slow start, left kick was slow open to counters, got early t/d, grappling adv, good t/ds, good top pressure and g&p, great pressure, dominated r2 (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ian HEINISCH (8/17/19) - 8 UDec - got rocked from head kick r1, recovered, slow start, 0/3 t/d r1, good composure steady output, grappling advantage, controlled r2 &3 w/ counters and distance and grappling
  8. 8

    Sean Strickland
    Sean Strickland
    W vs. Nassourdine IMAVOV (9) {11} (1/14/23) - 8 UDec - lost first r won rest, forced style on imavov, more output, stamina adv (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jared CANNONIER (4) {4} (12/17/22) - 7.5 SDec - close fight, leaves chin high drops L when backing up, started to grapple when cannon slipped, jab and move avoiding cannons pwr, legs getting chopped, good movement and evasion, waiting for cannon to slow, got in trouble when cut off against the cage, cannons size and explosiveness fades late, point fighting constant pace winning late (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alex PEREIRA (16) {5} (7/2/22) - 6 ko r1 - stalking forward, to make pereira attack, shorter?, dropped hands and got caught by check L hook (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jack HERMANSSON (6) (2/5/22) - 8 UDec - boring fight, good jab, good t/d def, super patient watching for t/ds, picking apart jack slowly leaving no openings, great evasion, easy (^2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Uriah HALL
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Krzysztof JOTKO (24) (5/1/21) - 10 UDec - super calm slow forward pressure, absorbing waiting to counter, super efficient, excellent energy conservation, slowly picked apart jotko, good leg kicks too slow jotkos retreat, great def, dominated (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brendan ALLEN (11/14/20) (23) - 9 ko r2 - good distnace maintenace, good evasion, better technical striker, got hurt by leg kicks (^13)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jack MARSHMAN (36) (10/31/20) - 9 UDec - pressured marsh back, looked much sharper, better technical striker, good body work, good distance control, great composure, good front body k, picked apart marsh great stamina (#36)
  9. 9

    Roman "The Caucasian" Dolidze
    Roman Dolidze
    "The Caucasian"
    L vs. Marvin VETTORI (4) {4} (3/18/23) - 7 UDec - pwr adv willing to brawl, good pwr R hook, started to slow r2, spd disadv, stamina disadv output diff lost r3, second wind made r3 close (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jack HERMANSSON (7) {12} (12/3/22) - 9 ko r2 - slow start keeping center, absorbing lots of kicks, low output def t/ds, tn/d from size disadv but str rushed to get up, low output lost r1, slow pace, legs getting chopped, great bjj sub atts to reverse, constant sub threat, g&p ko from calf slicer (^17)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Phil HAWES (24) {28} (10/29/22) - 9 ko r1 - striking adv, good kicks, got tn/d, grapp disadv but aggressive bottom, big elbows from bottom, sub threat from bottom, injured hawes leg in side knee bar, let hawes up and kod compromised hawes (^11)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kyle DAUKAUS (33) {39} (6/18/22) - 9 ko r1 - headclash early dolidzes fault maybe affected dauk, quickly rocked dauk in brawl exchange, kd/d dauk w big clinch knee, swarmed ko (^11)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Laueano STAROPOLI (58WW) (6/5/21) - 7 UDec - boring fight, size adv, started to get legs chopped went for immed t/d started to grind, nonstop clinch using size, even striking but chose to use grappling adv (^2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Trevin GILES (38) (3/20/21) - 6 UDec - s/n downweight, speed disadv big leg kicks to slow giles, big size adv easy body control, disadv striking, looked for heel hooks & kneebars, too tired r3 hands too slow got beat up (57)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. John ALLAN (40) (12/5/20) - 8 SDec - big top size, almost locked in a heel hook against bjj, brawler type, big clean t/d r2, good sub def, good g&p, controlled the top all r2, lots of heel hook atts, good top control grappling (^20)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Khadis IBRAGIMOV (58) (7/18/20) - 8 ko r1 - used leg k, patient, got early kick ko (^12)
  10. 10

    Jack "The Joker" Hermansson
    Jack Hermansson
    "The Joker"
    L vs. Roman DOLIDZE (28) {11} (12/3/22) - 8 ko r2 - lots of kicks early, working around the outside lots of movement, landing well on breaks, early t/d smothering the top s/ size adv, slow methodical low risk, good leg kicks forcing s/s, great timing on level changes, but bjj disadv, dolidze able to reverse easy on bottom using sub atts, got stuck in calf slicer g&p ko (-5)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Chris CURTIS (20) {20} (7/23/22) - 9 UDec - much bigger, lots of kicks patient trying to set up t/d atts, more active won r1, good job keeping distance, striking adv from reach, good evasion, no grappling needed, weak finish (^1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sean STRICKLAND (7) (2/5/22) - 7 UDec - boring fight, using leg kicks, starting clinching early, striking disadv trouble getting through the jab, couldnt set up the t/ds, could not complete a t/d, couldnts do anything, (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Edmen SHAHBAZYAN (20) (5/22/21) - 9 UDec - pressured back, striking disadv getting picked apart r1, all in on t/d r2, tough, stamina adv let herman control top and g&p beat up shah, great stamina 10-8r3 (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Martin VETTORI (16) (12/5/20) - 7 UDec - good fight, leg kicks, speed power striking disadv, got k/d r1, started to go for t/ds r2, couldnt stay on top, active from bottom, looking for subs, good heart, brawl (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kelvin GASTELUM (6) (7/18/20) - 9 sub r1 - longer taller fighter, started to attack legs, started to get pressured back, went to ground accepted bottom looking for subs, got fast anklelock (^2)
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Chris "The Action Man" Curtis
    Chris Curtis
    "The Action Man"  |  30-9-0
    W vs. Joaquin BUCKLEY (39) {39} (12/10/22) - 8 ko r2 - pwr vs pwr, tech striking adv early, buckleys high output stifled curtis lost r1, constant defense low output losing r2, super low output but caught kick and countered w/ L big pwr (^1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jack HERMANSSON (8) {7} (7/23/22) - 6 UDec - much smaller, patient start watching for t/ds atts from herm, low output lost r1, hard to predict hermans, losing from range but unable to risk getting inside from t/ds, striking disadv from reach, could only chase harmans around, lost all standing, opened up too late, (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Rodolfo VIEIRA (44) {45} (6/25/22) - 9 UDec - good t/d def to keep it standing, good body work (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brendan ALLEN (11) (12/4/21) - 9 ko r2 - shorter, tech disadv but even striking, good def grapp against spec, good body work, power adv, rocked allen w/ R hook and swarmed (^8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Phil HAWES (25) (11/6/21) - 8 ko r1 - spd disadv, big power single strikes, getting beat up standing, opened up caught hawes with power L (#24?)
  13. 12

    Brendan "All In" Allen
    Brendan Allen
    "All In"  |  21-5-0
    W vs. Andre MUNIZ (7) {12} (2/25/23) - 9 sub r3 - spd adv, rocked muniz r1, good explosive combos to enter, pwr disadv good chin, rocked r1 and slowed a bit, willing to take shots , fun back and forth, good leg kicks, muniz engaged grapp, ended up on top, controlled top won r2, grapp adv but afraid of bjj? kept it standing but striking disadv doing less damage, beat up standing decided to grapp r3 slam t/d easy rnc (^2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Krzysztof JOTKO (15) {18} (10/1/22) - 9 sub r1 - got tn/d early, looking for sub, able to reverse to top after 2 mins, grapp adv, bjj adv worked to rnc easy (^10)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jacob MALKOUN (39) {40} (6/11/22) - 8 UDec - close fight, swinging big, wide strikes vs malkouns straight direct, got tn/d on the first att, grapp disadv but bjj adv able to reverse using str but outsized body getting controlled, lost r2 stuck on bottom, able to fight up but no answer to the single leg t/ds, good stamina came out fresh r3, weak def good chin, no respect for malkouns power, bad balance, stamina adv controlled the top r3 (#30)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Sam ALVEY (64MW) (2/5/22) - 8 sub r2 - s/n upwght, size disadv, trouble getting into range, careful of bigger power slow r1, rocked alvey eor1, stamina adv started to gain spd adv rocked alvey jumped on and rncd (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Chris CURTIS (25) (12/4/21) - 7 ko r2 - taller, over confident, tech adv but even striking, was getting body hurt, got rocked with a R hook and swarmed, tried using BJJ but unable to lock sub, should have used it more with even striking? (-7)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Karl ROBERSON (34) (4/24/21) - 10 sub r1 - big kicks, faster strikes, aggressive early t/d, super strong grappling adv, dominant on ground heel hook (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sean STRICKLAND (11/14/20) (36) - 5 ko r2 - lack of evasion and technique, had to walk in to get in range, started to leg kick to cut down strickland evasion (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kyle DAUKAUS (UR) (06/27/20) - 9 UDec - great fight, against grappler, dropped daukaus with thai knee, great g&p, great close elbows, needs work striking, great stamina (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tom BREESE (28) - great BJJ, controlled ground, G&P (^22)
  14. 13

    André "Sergipano" Muniz
    André Muniz
    "Sergipano"  |  23-5-0
    L vs. Brendan ALLEN (13) {11} (2/25/23) - 7 sub r3 - spd disadv, got rocked early getting pressured back, good spin kicks, started to feel pwr adv, rocke dallen r1, engaged grapp r2 but ended up bottom couldnt get out lost r2, no grapp wanted to use striking adv r3, doing more damage than allen,allen decided to use grapp adv slammed down r3, back taken rnc (-5)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Uriah HALL (8) {9} (7/2/22) - 9 UDec - strong kicks, picking apart patient hall, hall finally opened up and got the t/d easy, good top control looking for subs, worked to mount easily constantly, risked position eor but hall slipped out, hand spd adv from stamina adv, able to t/d again r3 to win, easy (^7)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Eryk Anders (35) (12/11/21) - 10 sub r1 - smaller, got early t/d, anders able to use str to get up, but rode the back to ride him down, dangerous bjj worked to armbar (^8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ronaldo SOUZA (19) (5/15/21) - 10 ko r1 - loose striking, smaller build, great t/ds against grappling legend, rode the back fell over grabbed arm and snapped it, striking? (^15)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Bartosz FABINSKI (9/5/20) - 9 sub r1 - big stocky, great subs, against grappler got taken down
  15. 14

    Nassourdine "Russian Sniper" Imavov
    Nassourdine Imavov
    "Russian Sniper"  |  12-4-0
    L vs. Sean STRICKLAND (6) {6} (1/14/23) - 7 UDec - won r1 lost rest, getting countered, no grappling?, stamina disadv (-2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Joaquin BUCKLEY (44) {39} (9/3/22) - 9 UDec - great fight, much taller, controlling center, using length, staying out of power range of buckley, catching buckleys kicks to counter, good t/d def, quickly to mount on the ground, great counter R staying out of range, great evasion, spd adv, good t/d r2 grapp adv, great g&p, took the back looking for rnc, buckley throwing dangerous wild power r3 and landing forcing imavov to grapple, stamina disadv? slowed r3 lost spd adv, 8-10 r3? (FOTYC22) (^4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Edmen SHAHBAZYAN (12) (11/6/21) - 9 ko r2 - controlled octagon, legs were getting chopped early, calm, got tn/d but fought up, even grappling, lost r1 but close, hunting for chokes but couldnt finish, good g&p elbows, stamina adv dominated ground g&p beat up shah ko (^14)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Phil HAWES (63) (2/20/21) - 7 MDec - legs got chopped early, not able to do much r1, earned respect r2, hawes chose to cage grind?, when separated started to have striking adv striking adv r2&3 but trouble separating, almost kod hawes r3, stamina adv winning r3, 10-8 r3 (^26)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jordan WILLIAMS (UR) (10/3/20) - 8 UDec - headclash r1, disadv striking, bad def, got rocked r1 looked for t/d, looked for subs, stamina won
  16. 15

    Darren "The Gorilla" Till
    Darren Till
    "The Gorilla"  |  18-5-1
    L vs. Dricus Du PLESSIS (9) {8} (12/10/22) - 7 sub r3 - got tn/d immed, getting beat up and controlled all r untill dupless started to gas hard, fresher r2 beating up plessis, weak t/d def got tn/d twice r2, du pless end wind r3, started to wither when hurt got tn/d easy and rncd (-1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Derek BRUNSON (4) (9/4/21) - 6 sub r3 - aggressive start to push brunson back, good lunging jab and o/h L, striking adv, got tn/d easy and stuck on bottom, big grapp disadv, hurt by heavy g&p lost r1, def 2 t/d atts but brunson unrelenting, just held on from bottom to stop g&p, couldnt unleash hands for fear of t/ds (-1)
  17. 16

    Krzysztof Jotko
    Krzysztof Jotko
    L vs. Brendan ALLEN (27) {17} (10/1/22) - 6 sub r1 - early t/d, good sub def, good top control vs grappler, got reversed after 2 mins, grapp disadv started to get controlled on ground, almost got mounted, bjj disadv got choked out easy (-3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gerald MEERSCHAERT (16) {18} (4/30/22) - 9 UDec - striking adv, spd adv, countering meersh hard, good range control staying away from grappling, r2 almost tn/d but fought up immed, good grappling, even started to get aggressive with grappling on top, not afraid of subs, lack of ko power, slowed r3 went back to grappling evened speed, good sub def (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Misha CIRKUNOV (15LHW) (10/2/21) - 9 UDec - smaller, good breaks from early grind from cirku, good def grapp, striking adv good reach, better tech striker needing to keep distance, won r1, good mobility agility adv, amazing t/d def, good bounce back from strickland loss, stamina adv (^2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sean STRICKLAND (15) (5/1/21) - 5 UDec - much more active but low power, constantly being pushedd back, best when using jab, lots of spins leaves openings, slowly got picked apart and made less mobile, L hook main weapon, got dominated (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Eryk ANDERS (33) (05/16/20) - 8 UDec - technical distance striker, sod adv, great t/d def negated anders str, both good stamina, easy win, good upcut, smart (^4)
  18. 17

    Chris "All American" Weidman
    Chris Weidman
    "All American"  |  15-6-0
    L vs. Uriah HALL (10) (4/24/21) - broken leg first kick
  19. 18

    Kelvin Gastelum
    Kelvin Gastelum
    17-8-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Jared CANNONIER (7) (8/21/21) - good kicks to soften the base, length disadv had to open up to get close, rock rocked by r hook r3 but got right up, keeps good pace higher output, length diff

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Robert WHITTAKER (2) (4/17/21) - 7 UDec - lots of leg kicks, aggressive start, got rocked by R high kick, got tn/d and held bottom, slower hands, telegraphed power, got picked apart, tough great chin, speed and range diff, couldnt grapple with whitt (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ian HEINISCH (15) (2/13/21) - 7 UDec - good grappling def and sub def, vet experience shut down heinisch, looked crisper (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jack HERMANSSON (9) (7/18/20) - 6 sub r1 - shorter stockier fighter, pressured herm back good grappling, took top but was slow to def subs super fast sub (-3)
  20. 19

    Gegard "The Dreamcatcher" Mousasi
    Gegard Mousasi
    "The Dreamcatcher"  |  49-8-2
    W vs. Douglas LIMA (26WW) (10/29/20) - 8 UDec - closed distance early to eliminate kicks, methodical grappling work, good g&p, very patient, good oct control, leg damage slowed him r4, ground dominance (-)
  21. 20

    Gerald "GM3" Meerschaert
    Gerald Meerschaert
    "GM3"  |  35-15-0
    W vs. Bruno SILVA (26) {30} (8/13/22) - 9 sub r3 - improved evasion, hesitant striking, willing to kick, decent standing vs striker, good level chg t/d, good g&p to open up sub opps, close r1, good L kick, stamina adv, good leg kicks, won r2 standing, silva more wild chsing finish r3 left open Lhook fast choke (^3)

    ((((( L )))))) vs. Kzysztof JOTKO (14) {14} (4/30/22) - 6 UDec - striking disadv, getting countered hard, spd disadv, tough to get inside, no t/ds r1, outclassed standing, started to lose grappling looking for subs, grapp disadv, super slow hands, durable, didnt take much damage, tough good heart, grapp disadv, never quit always scary from bottom late (-2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dustin STOLTZFUS (96) (12/18/21) - 7 sub r3 - aggressive start, good striking, good kicks, opened up fast easy t/d, great top control, super dangerous sub threat, commiting to sub att gave up position ended on bottom, spd disadv, slowing r2, accepts bottom too easily looking for subs, stamina disadv, got controlled all r2 stuck on bottom, super slow r3, weak t/d def, prob losing the dec, stoltz unwisely att ankle lock ended up on bottom, meer able to take back and lock in rnc (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Makhmud MURADOV (23) (8/28/21) - 8 sub r2 - spd disadv, got rocked early, tough calm good chin, took some huge shots kept going forward, desperate t/d atts, able to land his own in brawl, muradov slowed allowed meer to t/d and get rnc (^4)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Bartosz FABINSKI (47) (4/17/21) - 10 sub r1 - longer fighter adv from range, fabinski chose to clinch into guillotine (^4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Khamzat CHIMAEV (?) (9/19/20) - 2 ko r1 - get pressured out got caught by first punch r cross ko (-4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ian HEINISCH (12) (06/06/20) - 6 KO R1 - overwhelmed , dropped hands for take down def and got caught with hook (-3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Deron WINN (43) (3/7/20) - 8 SUB r3 - huge height/length advantage, odd match up, used length strikes well, tough, left body shots worked (^3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs.Eryk ANDERS (35) (10/12/19) - 7.5 bad DEC - SP, too rigid
  22. 21

    Caio "The Natural" Borralho
    Caio Borralho
    "The Natural"  |  13-1-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Makhmud MURADOV (20) (10/22/22) -

    ((((( W )))) vs. Armen PETROSYAN (32) {36} (7/9/22) - 7 UDec - fast hands, quick easy t/d, grapp adv, worked to back, rode the back all r1, boring just using clinching and grappling to win (^15)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gadzhi OMARGADZHIEV (UR) (4/16/22) - 9 UDec - great bjj grapp against wrestler reversed t/d to take back looking for rnc, great bjj, rocked gadzhi w flying knee almost finished, got back again r2, dangerous flying knee counters lunging hooks, spd adv, great stamina (#51)
  23. 22

    Anthony "Fluffy" Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez
    "Fluffy"  |  10-2-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Marc-Andre BARRIAULT (34) {35} (9/17/22) - 10 sub r3 - fast aggressive start, popped bariult w jab right away, spd adv, good level changes good variety, great grappling, grapp adv, only losing in close against barriaults clinch strikes, good chin good durability, constant crazy output (^8)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Josh FREMD (UR) (4/9/22) - 9 UDec - good fight, against s/n, aggressive start , much shorter, immed t/d att unsuccessful but tried again, grapp adv wearing down fremd, great grappling control almost locking in chokes riding the top, constant sub atts, crazy output grapp pressure, fremd would not wear down hernandez started to slow ended up on bottom r2, constantly almost locking in chokes byt fremd def well, beautiful top control riding from back to mount all r3, great stamina (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Rodolfo VIEIRA (31) (2/13/21) - 10 sub r2 - got tn/d immed, struggling to fight off sub atts, able to get up once, great heart to fight up and started to dominate striking, rocked cieira mult times, started holding his own grappling looking for his own subs, subbed the bjj spec, huge upset (^26)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Kevin HOLLAND (23) (05/16/20) - 5 KO R1 - came out fast, overwhelmed with strikes, easily beaten (-2)
  24. 23

    Brunno "The Hulk" Ferreira
    Brunno Ferreira
    "The Hulk"  |  10-0-0
    W vs. Gregory RODRIGUES (9) {27} (1/21/23) - 9 ko r1 - short stocky size, tough to work inside to get in range, stamina?, losing but caught grod w/ weird str L, big ko pwr (^96)
  25. 24

    Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues
    Gregory Rodrigues
    "Robocop"  |  13-5-0
    L vs. Brunno FERREIRA (UR) {26} (1/21/23) - 7 ko r1 - taller longer, keeping stocky pwr of ferreir away, winning but caught by weird str L (-17)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Chidi NJOKUANI (29) {29} (9/17/22) - 10 ko r2 - got rocked by big knee up the middle as he shot for t/d opened up bad but recovered super fast, crazy chin, great heart landing big in clinch and brawls, durability diff in brawl, crazy heart wearing down chidi as he slowed, stamina adv r2 started to grapple and control top, chidi too tired g&p ko (FOTYC22) (^8)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Julian MARQUEZ (25) {32} (6/18/22) - 10 ko r1 - against huge size, big combos landing early, dropped marquez r1, better evasion, staying just outside and countering hard with combos, dropped him 2 more times, faster more accurate in the brawl, easy (^8)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Armen PETROSYAN (UR) (2/26/22) - 9 SDec - close but bad dec, great fight, against ko artist but controlling the center and pressuring petro back, good striking but started to run onto petro's power, super aggressice willing to fight and keep it close eliminating kicks but chancing a brawl, good t/d but couldnt keep it there?, good leg kicks, finally started to wear down petro r3 and use BJJ (-3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jun Yong PARK (34) (10/23/21) - 9 ko r2 - great fight, longer, fast hands, good def, calm striking, easy t/d, dominated r1, overconfident r2 stopped using striking tech and got rocked in a brawl, faded hard r2, great grappling to recover, great heart became a war and rocked fading PARK (^37)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dusko TODOROVIC (66) (6/5/21) - 9 UDec - s/n, BJJ spec, power adv, good judo grappling, won r1 standing, explosive t/ds but couldnt keep dusko down, good fast combos, good length (^41)
  26. 25

    Jun Yong Park
    Jun Yong Park
    "The Iron Turtle"  |  16-5-0
    W vs. Denis TIULIULIN (81) {81} (2/4/23) - 10 ko r1 - early t/d shot well timed, grapp tech adv immed into mount, nasty g&p from mount doing major damage, almost got the ko but took back for rnc (^4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Joseph HOLMES (95) {95} (10/29/22) - 9 sub r2 - less reach but good work to get inside, able to get t/d and ride top, grapp adv but homes able to reverse using lots of energy, r2 quickly inside for t/d, holmes tired r2, stamina adv wore down homes worked to rnc (^2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Eryk ANDERS (36) {36} (5/21/22) - 7SDec - close bad dec?? got clinched immed, body controlled, out aggressed r1 prob lost, good def grapp, good brawl exchanges, size disadv getting body controlled, stamina adv doing better keeping separation r3 (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Gregory RODRIGUES (74) (10/23/21) - 9 ko r2 - great fight, shorter, trouble with length early, got tn/d fast, grapp disadv, lost r1, great heart calm started winning the brawl r2 rocked rodrigues r2 but went to the ground where he is big disadv, became a war and just faded (-4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tafon NCHUKWI (79) (5/8/21) - 10 UDec - confident striking vs power puncher, speed adv, good jab control, good distance def, unable to use grappling due to str disadv, able to control top as nchuk faded r3, almost finished with brutal g&p elbows (^8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. John PHILLIPS (75) (10/17/20) - 9 UDec - straight to dbl leg t/d, grappling adv, smart, controlled phillips on ground looking for subs, controlled entire fight on ground, easy (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Marc-Andre BARRIAULT (12/21/19) - 9 UDec - legs getting chopped, grapp adv smothering to work down barr, good stamina,
  27. 26

    Makhmud Muradov
    Makhmud Muradov
    L vs. Caio BORRALHO (33) (10/22/22) -

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Gerald MEERSCHAERT (26) (8/28/21) - 8 sub r2 - rocked meers early, good aggression, big speed adv, throwing big and landing, good def grappling against specialist, threw everything to get ko but punched out?, slowed down and got tn/d and rnc'd (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Andrew SANCHEZ (26) (1/23/21) - 9 ko r3 - good t/d def, leg kicks, striking adv, huge counter o/h right, striking power adv, started to pick sanchez apart from disatnce, good body work, good stamina (^12)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Trevor SMITH (51) (12/7/19) - 9 - KO r3, good striking/bodyshots, 13 W streak
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Alessio Di CHIRICO (09/28/19) - 8 UDec - big overhead r, good speed, good from distance, good power, bad stamina
  28. 27

    Anatoly Tokov
    Anatoly Tokov
  29. 28

    Edmen "The Golden Boy" Shahbazyan
    Edmen Shahbazyan
    "The Golden Boy"  |  12-3-0
    W vs. Dalcha LUNGIAMBULA (67) {70} (12/10/22) - 8 ko r2 - avoiding lungias pwr well, good kicks, lungia started grappling and started slowing, good clinch ctrl against huge opp, hurt to the body by s/p L body kick, good clinch knees, hurt dalcha w/ mid knee as lung dipping (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Nassourdine IMAVOV (26) (11/6/21) - 7 ko r2 - good early leg kicks, staying on the outside, started to clinch and scored a t/d, escaped sub att, won r1 but close, power disadv, grappling adv controlling body in clinch, good sub def, escaped 4 chokes but spent too much energy started to fade ended up on bottom and got beat up ko (-1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jack HERMANSSON (8) (5/22/21) - 6 UDec - controlled octagon to negate hermansonns grappling, striking adv crisp strikes and counters, perfect distance control, good t/d def, picked apart herm r1, more patience good growth, unwise commit to guillotine ended up on his back, should have separated and stood up instead of grappling from top, big stamina disadv diff got controlled on ground and g&p'd 10-8 r3 (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Derek BRUNSON (8) (8/1/20) - 7 ko r3 - speed advantage, got taken down early but kept composed got back up, strikes are super powerful, good evasion, good grappling def, faded r2, got dominated r2, almost k/od, early ko r3, gassed (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brad TAVARES (13) (11/2/19) - 10 KO1 - fast reactions, patient counter striking, good range control, jab R cross combo k/d, finished with head kick ko, good headkicks (^5)
  30. 29

    Brad Tavares
    Brad Tavares
    L vs. Dricus Du PLESSIS (22) {13} (7/2/22) - 7 UDec - patient absorbing plessis' wild bursts, rocked ples w/ counter R, grapp adv, controlling top, great t/d def, better energy mngmnt early but ples would not slow down, durability disadv couldnt keep out of brawl, big power of ples doing lots of damage, face got messed up, tough, durability diff (FOTYC22) (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Omari AKHMEDOV (13) (7/10/21) - 9 SDec - striking adv, more aware in brawls, hand speed adv, great t/d def, good kicks, used leg kicks, good chin, eliminated grappling (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Antonio CARLOS JUNIOR (21) (1/23/20) - 10 UDec - patient striking to prevent t/d, great t/d def, big striking disadv, leg kicks, shut down bjj spec (^2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Edmen SHAHBAZYAN (21) (11/2/19) - 5 KO1 - stocky just out of range of shahb, got caught with jab R cross k/d, finished with head kick
  31. 30

    Michał "Hussar" Oleksiejczuk
    Michał Oleksiejczuk
    "Hussar"  |  18-5-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Cody BRUNDAGE (52) {56} (12/17/22) - 10 ko r1 - constant def grapp, nice reverse to end up top, nasty g&p worked to g&p ko (^1)
  32. 31

    Ian "The Hurricane" Heinisch
    Ian Heinisch
    "The Hurricane"  |  14-5-0
    L vs. Kevin GASTELUM (11) (2/13/21) - 7 UDec - good leg kicks, looked to grapple early attacking kamoras, good kicks, stamina disadv, couldnt use grappling (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gerald MEERSCHAERT (22) (06/06/20) - 9 KO r1 - aggression, strong kicks to open, feinted take down and caught Meer with overhand hook knockdown, easy (^2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Omari AKHMEDOV (17) (12/14/19) - 6 UDec close fight - couldnt get close enough, tough, worked harder, too slow of a start (v1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Derek BRUNSON (8/17/19) - 6 UDec - rocked bruns with head kick r1, speed advantage, good t/d def, gassed r2/3, grappling def fatigued, stopped def to go forward, tough
  33. 32

    Phil "No Hype" Hawes
    Phil Hawes
    "No Hype"  |  12-4-0
    L vs. Roman DOLIDZE (38) {27} (10/29/22) - 7 ko r1 - striking disadv early decided to go to ground, hurt by dolidzes elbows from bottom, escaped an armbar but knee injured in side knee bar, got kod hobbling (-4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Deron WINN (54) {54} (6/18/22) - 10 ko r2 - much longer, good use of length, staying out not letting winn get close, good L lunging elbows rocked winn, big striking adv beating up winn, fast feet staying out of winns range, dropped winn w/ lunging R, good brawl elbows, got easy t/d on wobbled winn, dominated (^2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Chris CURTIS (UR) (11/6/21) - 7 ko r1 - came out aggressive controlled octagon, spd adv, feinting t/ds to open up curtis, beating up curtis all r1, all standing got caught by inside L and rocked couldn't recover, should have used grappling adv?, chin? (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kyle DAUKAUS (49) (5/8/21) - stocky build, strength adv less technique, got rocked by spinning bfist r2, good aggression, good body work slowed daukaus, improved stamina, good chin, dominated r3 on top (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Nassourdine IMAVOV (93) (2/20/21) - 7 MDec - immed huge leg kicks, huge stocky power, started to grind and control top, started to lose speed r2 and looked to grapple, good t/ds, spent a lot of energy to grapple and grind against tall fighter, huge shoulders slow fast, wobbled big r3 by imavov almost ko'd, barely survived (^11)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jacob MALKOUN (UR) (10/24/20) - 10 ko r1 - wrestling background, super fast ko, huge power, good footwork to get to range (^30)
  34. 33

    Bruno "Blindado" Silva
    Bruno Silva
    "Blindado"  |  22-8-0
    L vs. Gerald MEERSCHAERT (19) {16} (8/13/22) - 6 sub r3 - more aggressive, trying to be careful not to get tn/d, tn/d by fast level chg, close r1, tired r2 started winging strikes, legs getting chopped, stamina disadv, lost r2 standing, more output but reckless r3 dropped by L hook, subbed (-4)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alex PEREIRA (45) (3/12/22) - 8 UDec - shorter, against kick boxer trouble getting in, tough durable, grapp adv but str disadv unable to keep pereira down, amazing even standup against spec, great output won r2, stamina disadv got wobbled in brawl and almost got ko'd, great heart to fight back, stamina diff (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jordan WRIGHT (44) (12/11/21) - 9 ko r1 - power striker, holding the center, absorbed early surprising pressure from wright, became a brawl and rocked wright with power and swarmed, dangerous in clinch (^2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Andrew SANCHEZ (26) (10/16/21) - 8 ko r3 - early aggression, good body work, got tn/d early, bad t/d def, no answer for the nonstop grapp pressure from sanchez, good grapp but outclassed, striking adv, unleashed everything r3, good stamina, stamina diff, great heart great comeback (^11)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Wellington TURMAN (36) (6/19/21) - 9 ko r1 - prevented immed t/d att, good sub def, good g&p, deceptively long g&p power ko (^13)
  35. 34

    Chidi "Bang Bang" Njokuani
    Chidi Njokuani
    "Bang Bang"  |  22-8-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Gregory RODRIGUES (20) {12} (9/17/22) - 7 ko r2 - good powerful kicks, big knee up the middle as rodrigues shot in for t/d, somehow dindnt stop him, rodrigues opened up bad, chidi gassed, rodrigues started landing big in brawl, durability disadv stamina disadv, got tn/d immed r2 stuck on bottom too tired g&p ko (FOTYC22) (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dusko TODOROVIC (71) {74} (5/21/22) - 9 ko r1 - aggressive bjj chasing darce got reversed, grapp disadv body getting controlled could not separate, more damaging clinch, good knees and inside clinch elbow ko (^10)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Marc-Andre BARRIAULT (37) (2/5/22) - 10 ko r1 - longer, jab R hook kd/d swarmed ko, super fast (^88)
  36. 35

    Andre Petroski
    Andre Petroski
    W vs. Wellington TURMAN (37) {38} (11/12/22) - 9 UDec - big stocky size, good leg kicks, pwr adv, fast lead L hook, rocked turman early, leg got chopped, tried grappling and slowed hard tired, r2 good start using size adv to have grapp adv but slowed half way thru r2, good smothering grappling, kept recovering energy came out hot r3 almost locked in guillotine ended up in mount, grapp adv (^12)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Nick MAXIMOV (65) {69} (5/14/22) - 10 sub r1 - aggressive start, straight to wrestling, good t/d def, maximov wouldnt quit chasing single kept leaving head didnt defend choke at all, locked in dry anaconda fast sub, +290 (^20)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Yaozong HU (UR) (10/30/21) - 8 sub r3 - s/n, aggressive start, big L hook, striking adv, power adv, drops hands throws huge, needs more jab, almost subbed yaozong r1 but dumped too much energy, good t/ds, looked for several subs but unable to complete till HU gave in, grapp adv controlled top w/ good g&p, naked t/d atts wont work against good grapplers (^25)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Micheal GILLMORE (UR) (8/28/21) - 8 ko r3 - against s/n, big size, early aggression, early t/d, grappling adv, good g&p, big shoulders stamina?, slowed with fatigue r2, started to throw unsuccessful naked t/d atts and get more tired, won r1 prob lost r2, interesting top control pinning arm or leg to g&p (^4)
  37. 36

    Marc-André "Powerbar" Barriault
    Marc-André Barriault
    "Powerbar"  |  15-6-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Julian MARQUEZ (34) {36} (3/4/23) - 9 ko r2 - spd adv but pwr disadv, getting out pressured lost r1, absorbed marquez pressure, stamina adv started winning brawls, all out sprint to make marquez turtle (^2)

    ((((( L )))))) vs. Anthony HERNANDEZ (29) {21} (9/17/22) - 6 sub r3 - slower hands, hernandez fast aggressive, spd disadv, good clinch fighting, grapp disadv, broken rib r1, could not stop the relentless attack of hernandez, great heart, triangled (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jordan WRIGHT (46) (4/23/22) - 10 sub r1 - pressuring wright back, getting legs chopped early, big power inside as wright used thai clinch, power adv, good upcuts forced wright to start to grapple, got tn/d but fought up quick, wright went in again but left head for quick guillotine (^3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Chidi NJOKUANI (UR) (2/5/22) - 4 ko r1 - stunned by length, got kd/d by jab R cross swarmed ko (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dalcha LUNGIAMBULA (51) (9/4/21) - 9 UDec - willing to bang with Lung's scary power, smart, got tn/d big 2times big got right back up, good R cross, power adv, crazy chin took huge shots but unnaffected, constant output as lung slowed, constant forward pressure, output stamina diff (FOTY21C) (^21)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Abu AZAITAR (64) (3/27/21) - 9 ko r3 - tough out aggressed r1, good chin, r2 better energy slow constant pressure taking adv of fatigued azaitar, calm brawler, started to beat up azait, great stamina (^11)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jun Yong PARK (12/21/19) - 6 UDec - good leg kicks, good t/d def but worn down by parks grapp adv, dips head on entry open for counter but fakes level change, disadv grapp not wanting to engage
  38. 37

    Julian "The Cuban Missile Crisis" Marquez
    Julian Marquez
    "The Cuban Missile Crisis"  |  9-4-0
    L vs. Marc-Andre BARRIAULT (37) {35} (3/4/23) - 7 ko r2 - spd disadv, aggro pushing mab back, pwr adv pressure won r1, stamina disadv r2 mab turned up, stamina dissasdv started losing brawls (-2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Gregory RODRIGUES (32) {24} (6/18/22) - 6 ko r1 - huge size, spd disadv couldnt get respect standing, less accurate in brawl getting pieced up, got dropped multiple times, beat up bad, good chin, finally went out (-7)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Maki PITOLO (78) (2/13/21) - 8 sub r3 - good fight, got overwhelmed by pitolos opening, got outgrappled and grinded down, tough good chin, dangerous ko power in brawl, grappling disadv weak t/d def, looked for guillotine but would cost him position, good heart great stamina (^12)
  39. 38

    "Ya Boi" Eryk Anders
    Eryk Anders
    "Ya Boi"  |  15-7-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Kyle DAUKAUS (40) {62} (12/3/22) - 9 ko r2 - spd disadv, pwr adv, thick slow, body str threw dauk down, able to find pwr shot wobbled dauk r1, big size and pwr adv, great t/d def w/ dauk desperate t/d atts, beat up dauk bad r2 mean g&p (^3)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jun Yong PARK (34) {34} (5/21/22) - 7 SDec - close bad dec???, immed clinch, good aggression, size adv able to control the body, stamina disadv couldnt hold jung r3, constant dipping to grab single (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Andre MUNIZ (23) (12/11/21) - 6 sub r1 - huge size, got tn/d early able to use str adv to muscle up, couldnt separate standing tn/d again, muniz super dangerous bjj worked to armbar (-) (#35)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Darren STEWART (6/12/21) - 8 UDec - (LHW) rerun, slow start, controlled center, size adv str adv controlling clinch, boring r1, got tn/d eor1, lots of clinch not doing much, better evasion won striking?, better dirty boxing, got tn/d r3 but immed reversed and controlled top, grapp adv
    ((((( NC ))))) [W] vs. Darren STEWART (3/13/21) - 9 NC r1 - (MW) more mobile in and out vs stewarts stationary boxing, better clinch fighting, out aggressed out worked stewart started beating him up looking for finish, illegal knee not bad but lucky for
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Krzysztof JOTKO (5/16/20) - 6 UDec - spd disadv, had to rush in to get close, looking to clinch control, striking disadv jotko better tech, couldnt get clean t/d, jotko grapp negated anders str and jotko wins distance exchanges, good stamina, outmatched
  40. 39

    Armen "Superman" Petrosyan
    Armen Petrosyan
    "Superman"  |  7-2-0
    vs. AJ DOBSON (94) (10/22/22) -

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Caio BORRALHO (50) {35} (7/9/22) - 6 UDec - easily tn/d, got back taken, grapp disadv, stuck on ground all r1, boring fight, couldnt stop the grappling and clinching, good def grapp but unable to keep separated (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gregory RODRIGUES (33) (2/26/22) - 8 SDec - close but bad dec - great fight, ko artist but even match, started getting pushed back but able to earn respect with stiff power and kicks, super dangerous, good output even while pushed back, good chin rocked by rodrigues but unaffected, durability good for brawling, fought up quick after t/d, goof sub def, finally showed damage r3 but wouldnt slow, good stamina, great heart, good knee to counter t/ds (#34)
  41. 40

    Wellington "The Prodigy" Turman
    Wellington Turman
    "The Prodigy"  |  18-6-0
    L vs. Andre PETROSKI (48) {36} (11/12/22) - 7 UDec - smaller, good body kick, pwr disadv early got rocked, good composure to recover, good chin, weak def, good leg kicks, petro slowed hard r1, gained spd adv, went for guillotine but ended up on bottom, grapp disadv from size, stamina adv starts to win striking and grappling, petro kept recovering energy, got mounted early r3, tired r3, grapp disadv (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Misha CIRKUNOV (26) (2/26/22) - 8 sub r2 - much shorter, pwr disadv felt early went in for early clinch, grapp adv early took the back early, riding the back looking for standing rnc but finally shucked off and pummeled by cirkus g&p power, stamina disadv r1, tired r2 got taken down easy but quickly lockied in armbar, dangerous BJJ, stamina? (^8)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Sam ALVEY (60) (8/28/21) - 7 SDec - octagon control, worked inside fast to clinch, couldnt complete t/d, started to struggle getting inside, couldnt keep alvey down, spinning attacks to get inside, poked alveys eyes 3 times 2 points taken away by ref, started to throw wild still won (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Bruno SILVA (53) (6/19/21) - 7 ko r1 - went for immed t/d, uses bjj subs to adv grapp, aggressive bjj looking for choke kimura, rode back, took guard but deceived by length of silva g&p ko (-5)
  42. 41

    Joaquin "New Mansa" Buckley
    Joaquin Buckley
    "New Mansa"  |  15-6-0
    L vs. Chris CURTIS (14) {13} (12/10/22) - 7 ko r2 - pwr vs pwr, trouble early tech striking disadv, high output stifling curtis eor1, great outputdiff winning r2, got kick caught and kd/d from counter L curtis pwr, chin?, winning r1 and 2 (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Nassourdine IMAVOV (13) {9} (9/3/22) - 8 UDec - great fight, much shorter, using kicks to stay away, good chin, getting pushed back by imavovs length, spd disadv, best chance is coming in with big combo flurries, got tn/d easy, grapp disadv, always dangerous power landed big r3 forcing imavov to grapple, stamina adv started gaining spd adv landing big r3, started stuffing t/d atts from imavov, 10-8 r3? (FOTYC22) (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Albert DURAEV (46) {50} (6/18/22) - 9 ko eor2 - rocked duraev w/ L head kick r1, got popped by R head kick started to respect duraev, big telegraphed strikes, inaccurate, rocked duraev by str L, good counters, good t/d def, started landing big r2, good def grapp, good def grapp (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Abdul Razak ALHASSAN (39) (2/19/22) - 8 SDec - bad dec, wilder strikes, but nearly rocked by alhassans R, decided to grapple good t/d but couldnts keep him down, striking disadv, stamina adv started to wear down alhassan, good strategy to wear down alhassan, grapp adv, great stamina, faded r3 and lost grapp adv to size and started to get g&p'd hard
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Antonio ARROYO (101) (09/18/21) - 8 ko r3 - close fight, shorter, not rushing to get inside, lost r1 not getting inside, good leg kicks, tries for t/d end of each round, grappling disadv, stamina adv allowed buckley to rush in and catch arroyo r3, stamin diff (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alessio Di CHIRICO (32) (1/16/21) - 6 ko r1 - aggressive early pressure much shorter, got caught with R head kick ko (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jordan WRIGHT (UR) (11/21/20) - 10 ko r2 - super stocky shorter fighter, super scary power, good counter L hook, brawl adv, almost finished wright end of r1 (^6)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Impa KASANGANAY (69) (10/10/20) - 10 ko r2 - short super stocky big power, super aggressive wild brawler, landed 2 early r hooks, good counters, good def
  43. 42

    Jacob "Mamba" Malkoun
    Jacob Malkoun
    "Mamba"  |  7-2-0
    W vs. Nick MAXIMOV (63) {63} (10/15/22) - 8 UDec - good fast jab, rocked by L hook early, great grappling body control but not able to keep him down, maximov injured R knee r1 started teeing off standing, mainly used g&p and grappling control to cruise (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Brendan ALLEN (33LHW) {33} (6/11/22) - 7 UDec - close fight, allen swinging huge, throwing straight direct vs allens wide strikes, good timed t/d, grapp adv trying to control allen on the ground not looking to finish, easy single leg t/ds, allen able to reverse using explosive str, bjj disadv, trying to stay smart not to get goaded into brawl, won r2 controlling top, stamina disadv r3 got controlled on the ground (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. AJ DOBSON (UR) (2/12/22) - 8 UDec - shorter, striking disadv early, went in early for t/ds, trying to make it dirty to wear down dobson, tough got beat up from range, str disadv, good heart kept wearing on dobson grappling and g&p, started gaining momentum r2, amazing stamina continued to wear down dobson, took down dobson again r3 and controlled the top, stamina diff (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs Abdul ALHASSAN - UDec -
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Phil HAWES (UR) (10/24/20) - 4 ko r1 - hesitant, fast ko (-)
  44. 43

    "The Human Cheat Code" Johnny Eblen
    Johnny Eblen
    "The Human Cheat Code"  |  13-0-0
    W vs. Taylor JOHNSON (UR) (10/29/20) - 7 UDec - grappling adv, wrestling control, controlled johnsons body easily, left legs open for subs
  45. 44

    Abdul "Judo Thunder" Razak Alhassan
    Abdul Razak Alhassan
    "Judo Thunder"  |  12-5-0
    W vs. Claudio RIBEIRO (UR) {94} (1/14/23) - 10 ko r2 - legs getting chopped hard early started to clinch grapple, good body control but unable to get t/d, fast high kicks, good improvement, pwr adv rocked ribeir w/ o/h R (^1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Joaquin BUCKLEY (41) (2/19/22) - 8 SDec - bad dec, more stationary in center of octagon, hands looked better than buckley, fast power, striking adv evident forced buck to start to grapple, got tn/d twice r1 but fought up fast, slowed r2 stamina disadv, grapp disadv, slows so much with fatigue and over throws power, buckley faded r3 alhassan gained grapp adv using size and landing big g&p
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Alessio Di CHIRICO (32) (8/28/21) - 10 ko r1 - first strike ko, R head kick (^20)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jacob MALKOUN - UDec -
  46. 45

    Rodolfo "The Black Belt Hunter" Vieira
    Rodolfo Vieira
    "The Black Belt Hunter"  |  8-2-0
    L vs. Chris CURTIS (19) {19} (6/25/22) - 7 UDec - striking disadv, landing jab, started to get desperate for t/ds stamina disadv, tough (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dustin STOLTZFUS (103) (7/17/21) - 8 sub r3 striking adv, strength adv, sat down on the punches well, more patient, good jab control won r1 standing, opened r2 with t/d, good looking stand up, improved stamina & patience (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Anthony HERNANDEZ (65) (2/13/21) - 5 sub r2 - immed t/d, constant sub atts but alllowed hernandez up, very fatigued after grappling super weak def got rocked mult times barely survived r1, completely gassed r2 something was off (-8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Saparbeg SAFAROV (55LHW) (3/7/20) - 8 SUBr1 - got cut open early with kick, immed. went to ground and easy sub, eye was completely swollen shut (^4)
  47. 46

    Albert "Machete" Duraev
    Albert Duraev
    "Machete"  |  15-4-0
    L vs. Joaquin BUCKLEY (42) {42} (6/18/22) - 6 ko eor2 - rocked big by L head kick r1 recovered fast, landed his own big R head kick to earn respect and push buckley back, good evasion, rocked again r1 by str L, t/d atts countered hard by low strikes, got beat up r2, finally got t/d eor2 but couldnt keep him down, couldnt stop (-4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Roman KOPYLOV (62) (10/30/21) - 8 UDec - good fight, less agile more power, controlled pace, great distance control, came out r2 unprepared got rocked & kd/d, good recovery tied up and got t/d, grapp adv got to mount and controlled top, good g&p, good stamina (^12)
  48. 47

    Roman Kopylov
    Roman Kopylov
    W vs. Punahele SORIANO (61) {61} (1/14/23) - 9 ko r2 - taller, fast nasty jab, barely moving away from big pwr of soriano, good use of length, good evasion, good use of t/d atts, good body kicks almost dropped punahele, nasty body kicks (^3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Alessio Di CHIRICO (44) {53} (9/3/22) - 9 ko r3 - shorter, good pressure pushing back chirico, spd adv, outworking chirico r1, output dropped r2 started losing when not going first, good t/d def, good body work L kick from s/p, got kneed dipping head to L, turned up r3 aggressive big combo including body kick stamina adv, body kicks paid off (^13)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Albert DURAEV (60) (10/30/21) - 8 UDec - good fight, longer, more agile, absorbing big power from duraev slowed down a bit, could use more jab?, opened up r2 rocked & kd/d duraev, but duraev recovered, bad t/d def, grapp disadv got mounted and stuck on bottom, tired r3, great heart, got beat up bad but won r3 (^2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Karl ROBERSON (35) (11/9/19) - 7 SUB r3 - first loss, good striking, legs kicked out, good stamina subbed easy
  49. 48

    Ronaldo "Jacaré" Souza
    Ronaldo Souza
    "Jacaré"  |  26-10-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Andre MUNIZ (43) (5/15/21) - 6 ko r1 - aged slowed, big kicks, size advantage, striking advantage, tired fast, back taken arm bar snap (-23)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Kevin HOLLAND (26) (12/12/20) - 6 ko r1 - went to for t/d, couldnt keep top, got ko'd on top (#17)
  50. 49

    John Salter
    John Salter
  51. 50

    Zak Cummings
    Zak Cummings
    W vs. Alessio Di CHIRICO (37) (8/29/20) - 7 UDec - close fight all standing, slower less sharp striking, hesitant looked to counter, big power L, found rhythm and distance r2, k/d chirico with kick end of r3 (^2)
  52. 51

    Alessio "Manzo" Di Chirico
    Alessio Di Chirico
    "Manzo"  |  13-7-0
    L vs. Roman KOPYLOV (65) {52} (9/3/22) - 7 ko r3 - longer, pushed back, looking to counter, getting outworked r1, spd disadv, getting outstruck r1 went for t/d but grapp disadv, more success going first and using length, stamina disadv r3 kopylov came out hard with big flurry ko, L body kicks from kopylov all fight paid off wearing away and dropping hands (-9)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Abdul Razak ALHASSAN (57) (8/28/21) - 2 ko r1 - caught by first strike super fast R head kick ko, leaned into it (-6)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Joaquin BUCKLEY (35) (1/16/21) - 10 ko r1 - absorbed early pressure caught bucley with R head kick ko, big upset (^13)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Zak CUMMINGS (24) (8/29/20) - 7 UDec - close fight all standing, big power shots, adv striking, good variety, shaprer more accurate fighter, output fell r2 &3, wild big combos, got k/d by big kick at bell r3 (-3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Markhmud MURADOV (09/28/19) - big overhead r, not able to get very close, good power but not enough combos, tough, fought back, good stamina
  53. 52

    Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch
    Tim Boetsch
    "The Barbarian"  |  21-13-0
  54. 53

    Khalid Murtazaliev
    Khalid Murtazaliev
  55. 54

    Abus Magomedov
    Abus Magomedov
    W vs. Dustin STOLTZFUS (75) {75} (9/3/22) - 10 ko r1 - big power, earlly front kick rocked stoltz fast ko (^16)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Cezary KESIK (UR) (12/19/20) - 9 sub r2 - power adv, sharp strikes, great distance control, fast t/ds adv grappling but chose to stand, standing guillotine (^2)
  56. 55

    Dalton "Hercules" Rosta
    Dalton Rosta
    "Hercules"  |  8-0-0
    W vs. Anthony ADAMS (UR) {99} (12/9/22) - 9 UDec - great stamina, hurt adams r3 started to pull away, durability adv, kd/d adams eor3 couldve finished (^33)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ty GWERDER (UR) (10/29/20) - 9 UDec - big size, great grappling control, well rounded, good stamina (^14)
  57. 56

    Magomedrasul Gasanov
    Magomedrasul Gasanov
  58. 57

    Costello "The Spaniard" van Steenis
    Costello van Steenis
    "The Spaniard"  |  14-2-0
  59. 58

    Cody Brundage
    Cody Brundage
    L vs. Michal OLEKSIEJCZUK (29) {28} (12/17/22) - 6 ko r1 - immed clinch body control, got reversed early stuck on bottom, beat up by oleks nasty g&p, g&p ko (-4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tresean GORE (117) {117} (7/9/22) - 8 ko r1 - spinning attack to immed t/d, swarming grappling, trying to tire out gore grinding, faster sharper shorter strikes, good lead elbow, started to tire r1?, dropped him w small sneaky r, stamina, good hands for wrestler (^11)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dalcha LUNGIAMBULA (45) (3/12/22) - 8 sub r1 - taller but less reach, immed into clinch going for t/d avoiding massive power of lungiambula, lung too strong early to get down, lung fought off with strength and landing huge power as brundage tutled up, almost stopped from the barrage but lung unwisely went for his own t/d and got immed guillotine, crazy comeback (FOTYC22) (^41)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Nick MAXIMOV (UR) (9/25/21) - 7 UDec - s/n, good fight, aggressive start striking, stocky size, adrenaline dump?, good leg kicks, strong t/d def, str adv, unwisely started to try for his own t/ds but disadv grapp not smart, good sub def looking for his own, strong good grapp fight held his own against spec, w r3 w/ heart

  60. 59

    Scott Askham
    Scott Askham
  61. 60

    Anderson "The Spider" Silva
    Anderson Silva
    "The Spider"  |  34-11-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Uriah HALL (10) (10/31/20) - was the more aggressive fighter, rushed hall with combos , good mobilty for age, chin gone (-21)
  62. 61

    Jack "Hammer" Marshman
    Jack Marshman
    "Hammer"  |  23-10-0
    L vs. Sean STRICKLAND (56 WW) (10/31/20) - 6 UDec - missed weight, out pressured, looking for counters, brawler, looked out of shape, wild power puncher, tough (-13)
  63. 62

    Nick Maximov
    Nick Maximov
    L vs. Jacob MALKOUN (42) {42} (10/15/22) - 7 UDec - rocked malk early w hook, grapp disadv? but kept popping back up, R knee injured r1, started getting beat up standing, malkoun chose to cruise to victory using grappling top control (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Andre PETROSKI (88) {68} (5/14/22) - 6 sub r1 - petro came out aggressive, max straight to t/d, petro stuffed but max kept chasing single leaving neck, max kept chasing didnt def choke, fast dry anaconda (-4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Punahele SORIANO (64) {69} (2/5/22) - 7 SDec - good striking, got opened up by knee, took sorianos back standing trying to wear him down, prob striking disadv, constant clinch and grappling (^49)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Cody BRUNDAGE (UR) (9/25/21) - 8 UDec - against s/n, good fight, out aggressed striking early, looking for t/d, calm held his ground and started landing counters, good length, grapp adv took back looking for sub, needs work on stand up, unable to lock up subs, leaves head open when trying to secure t/ds, constantly taking the back, lost r3 less stamina (#106)
  64. 63

    Punahele "Puna" Soriano
    Punahele Soriano
    "Puna"  |  9-3-0
    L vs. Roman KOPYLOV (48) {45} (1/14/23) - 7 ko r2 - stocky,m big o/h L, getting out jabbed, shorter tough getting close needing to lunge, big pwr, big build tires fast slower harder to land, hurt to body by kicks (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dalcha LUNGIAMBULA (68) {71} (7/16/22) - 8 ko r2 - smaller, pwr disadv losing striking early barely missing scary pwr, got kd/d from huge leg kick, lungia unwisely started to grapple w/ huge t/ds spending huge energy, big stamina adv, lung much slower r2, blocked a kick and pushed able to land big on tired lung (^8)

    (((((( L ))))) vs. Nick MAXIMOV (107) (2/5/22) - 7 SDec - good t/d def, good def grappling against spec, landing big shots, caused more damage, good body work, faded a bit unable to do any offense r3, tweaked his knee r3 could have cost it (-5)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dusko TODOROVIC (62) (1/16/21) - 9 ko r1 - difficult to land on dusko, big power when landing, k/d dusko three times w/ straight L (^12)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Oskar PIECHOTA (35) (12/14/19) - 9 KO r1 - debut, good striking, calm, good left, nearly submitted on the ground (^8)
  65. 64

    Kyle "The D'Arce Knight" Daukaus
    Kyle Daukaus
    "The D'Arce Knight"  |  11-4-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Eryk ANDERS (37) {34} (12/3/22) - 6 ko r2 - spd adv, pwr disadv, good leg kicks, got rocked and wobbled r1, able to recover, out pwred bad, getting beat up, headclash, r2 started desperate wrestling getting beat up bad, ref had to stop (-22)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Roman DOLIDZE (49) {38} (6/18/22) - 5 ko r1 - early headclash dolidzes fault maybe affected, pwr disadv, quickly got rocked in brawl, downed by clinch knee, swarm ko (-9)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jamie PICKETT (65) (2/19/22) - 10 sub r1 - against s/n, early clinch grappling, big strength lift t/d, constant grapple clinch pressure, good dirty boxing on the breaks, pickett tapped w 1 sec left (^7)
    ((((( NC ))))) vs. Kevin HOLLAND (17) (10/2/21) - 8 - looking to attack the grappling of Holland, good body control but didnt score a t/d, head clash kd/d holland, minute later dauk choked out holland, looked good, stamina will be decider? (^5))
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Phil HAWES (49) (5/8/21) - 6 UDec - strength disadv but technique adv, wearing down stocky opp with grappling, rocked hawes with spinning bfist, faster hands less power, slowed from body shots and started to lose standing, faded r3 got dominated on ground r3 looking for subs (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dutsin STOLTZFUS (UR) (11/21/20) - 9 UDec - longer fighter, great clinch control, grappling adv, good g&p, had to be careful for subs, striking adv, good composure, good from distance, good chin, good t/d def (^27)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Brendan ALLEN (52) (06/27/20) - 8 UDec - great fight, crisp counters, knocked down by thai knee, tough, good composure, advantage standing, good g&p, (^9) CHOKE SPEC
  66. 65

    Bartosz "The Butcher" Fabiński
    Bartosz Fabiński
    "The Butcher"  |  15-5-0
    L vs. Gerald MEERSCHAERT (31) (4/17/21) - 4 sub r1 - disadv from range, clinch grappler bad matchup against bjj exp, got tn/d and guillotined (-2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Andre MUNIZ (9/5/20) - 6 sub r1 - looked to grapple and keep close distance, bad sub def
  67. 66

    Abu "Captain Morocco" Azaitar
    Abu Azaitar
    "Captain Morocco"  |  14-3-1
    L vs. Marc-Andre BARRIAULT (75) (3/27/21) - 7 ko r3 - head down wild winging strikes, aggressive, good clinch fight, good knees uppercuts body work, punched out r1, super tire r2,3, turned into a brawl, bad stamina, bad grappling, getting destroyed r3 but did not quit (-4)
  68. 67

    Tom Breese
    Tom Breese
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Omari AKHMEDOV (13) (1/20/21) - 6 sub r2 - high fight IQ, longer fighter, got tn/d early looked for subs but got beat up from big g&p, good heart fought up to take akhmeds back look for choke, good bjj, threatening sub atts but gave up sub (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. KB BHULLAR (UR) (10/10/20) - 9 ko r1 - great technical boxing, easy fight (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Brendan ALLEN (UR) - 3 r1 G&P - couldnt defend BJJ, got G&P (v24)
  69. 68

    Duško "Thunder" Todorović
    Duško Todorović
    "Thunder"  |  12-4-0
    L vs. Jordan WRIGHT (68) {80} (10/15/22) - 8 ko r2 - early grapp t/d att, wright defended and scored his own t/d, started looking fro subs from bottom, almost got leg sub but hurt from g&p, tons of energy from both, came out brawling r2, stamina adv started winning, put everything out rocked wright several times, stamina adv (^6)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Chidi NJOKUANI (38) {28} (5/21/22) - 6 ko r1 - good sub def, good grapp ended up on top, grapp adv good body control, chidi more dangerous in clinch, str & size disadv, good body control but not dangerous, got hit by knees and ko'd by inside clinch elbow (-3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Maki PITOLO (76) (12/4/21) - 8 ko r1 - slow start trouble dealing with pitolos range, got it to ground and controlled the top, big grapp adv, g&p ko (^5)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Gregory RODRIGUES (UR) (6/5/21) - 6 UDec - against s/n, power disadv, good evasion, lost r1 standing, good def grappling, good chin, hesitant due to t/ds of rodrig, durable, prob lost r2, didnt open up enough early enough, prob won r3, length disadv (-9)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Punahele SORIANO (75) (1/16/21) - 6 ko r1 - good evasion, great distance control, good jab, lazy def, got caught with big power kd/d 3 times with straight L (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dequan TOWNSEND () (10/3/20) - 10 ko r2 - much shorter, able to land L hook stunned townsend, took big shots, sharp accurate strikes, good head movement, great t/d, adv grappling controlled body easily got to mount, great g&p (^29)
  70. 69

    Deron Winn
    Deron Winn
    vs. Julian MARQUEZ (32) (12/17/22) -

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Phil HAWES (23) {21} (6/18/22) - 5 ko r2 - much shorter, trouble getting to hawes, got rocked early, striking disadv, looking for counter wide L, dropped by lunging R fast recovery, getting beat up r1, no t/d atts r1, trouble dealing w counter L, good heart, less tech could only make it a brawl w wide hooks, weak clinch fighting taking big knees, stopped defending hoping to get lucky ko, got beat up, standing ko (-)

    (((((( W ))))) vs. Antonio ARROYO (UR) (12/19/20) - 8 UDec - much shorter, t/d machine but unable to do anything, couldnt keep arroyo down, tough, good stamina, striking disadv (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs Gerald MEERSCHAERT (24) (3/7/20) - 5 SUBr3 - super short stocky, wild power in close, hurt by body shots, couldnt really fight length (v5)
  71. 70

    Salamu Abdurakhmanov
    Salamu Abdurakhmanov
  72. 71

    Fabian "The Assassin" Edwards
    Fabian Edwards
    "The Assassin"  |  11-2-0
    W vs. Lyoto MACHIDA () (5/13/22) - 9 ko r1 - spd adv, clinch break elbow ko (^16)

    [ L vs. Fabian EDWARDS (104) {87} (5/13/22) - 5 ko r1 - slowed, chin? rocked by clinch break inside elbow ]
  73. 72

    Dalcha "Champion" Lungiambula
    Dalcha Lungiambula
    "Champion"  |  11-6-0
    L vs. Edmen SHAHBAZIAN (25) {25} (12/10/22) - 7 ko r2 - spd disadv, huge pwr, started grappling and slowing r1, always scary pwr, great L body kick from s/p, dips head a lot hurt by knees up the middle, chin? (-2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Punahele SORIANO (71) {63} (7/16/22) - 7 ko r2 - scary power, worried about t/ds, kd/d soriano w huge leg kick, unwisely started to grapple, grapp adv w str and size adv, big t/ds grappling spending lots of energy won r1, stamina disadv came out slower r2, kick got blocked and got countered fast, bad stamina, not smart (-3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Cody BRUNDAGE (107) (3/12/22) - 7 sub r1 - short but long reach, super strong, having to defened grappling and clinching of brundage, good t/d def using g&p, dominating throwing everything almost finished brundage but unwisely went for his own t/d and immed got guillotined (-22)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Marc-Andre BARRIAULT (64) (9/4/21) - 7 UDec - great fight, pushed back and explodes with huge scary power, 2 good t/ds r1, power adv, throws big helps length but big energy, dangerous short clinch R hooks, slowed r2 length punches telegraphed, bad stamina slowed hard r3 and got outworked, doesn't use jab, dangerous clinch strikes even when exhausted, output stamina diff (FOTY21C) (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Markus PEREZ (47) (1/20/21) - 8 UDec - super big, long , big power dangerous strikes, explosive striking big t/d, lots of energy grappling, tired r2, stamina?, good g&p, disadv from range but closed distance (#41)
    ((((( L )))))vs. Magomed Ankalaev (27) (11/9/19) - 5 KO r3 - very strong, wild striking, bad stamina, got dominated
  74. 73

    Dustin Stoltzfus
    Dustin Stoltzfus
    L vs. Abusupiyan MAGOMEDOV (73) {57} (9/3/22) - 6 ko r1 - early front kick to face, fast ko, out powered (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dwight GRANT (90WW) {77} (7/16/22) - 8 UDec - opp upwghtbut same size, staying square trying to stay out of range away from grants power, taking center walking back grant, too slow to work inside for t/d, good chin getting hit by grants power, durability adv, striking disadv, grapp adv able to get it down took the back looking for choke, stamina adv won r2 got to mount, good composure, rigid style in danger to power strikers, weak evasion, grappler stamina, big slam t/d, stamina diff (^22)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Gerald MEERSCHAERT (17) (12/18/21) - 7 sub r3 - good jab, got popped early and tn/d fast, stuck on bottom, good sub def ended up on top, spd adv, stamina adv, controlled top r2, controlling r3 prob would win dec but att ankle lock ended up on bottom, meer took back locked in rnc (^4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Rodolfo VIEIRA (44) (7/17/21) - 6 sub r3 - strength disadv, speed adv, losing when not going first, rodolfos jab length won r1, adv when going first and being aggressive, good t/d def, tries to end rds w t/d, good def grappling, wouldnt open up got jabbed out and let rodolfo keep energy till end (^12)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Kyle DAUKAUS (76) (11/21/20) - 6 UDec - uses kicks, length disadv, tried to def clinch but disadv grappling, looked for subs from bottom, threatened leg locks, striking disadv, started to get desperate to clinch, tough but got beat up
  75. 74

    Dwight "The Body Snatcher" Grant
    Dwight Grant
    "The Body Snatcher"  |  11-6-0
    L vs. Dustin STOLTZFUS (97) {75} (7/16/22) - 7 UDec - upwght but same size, big pwr strikes, good leg kicks, good R hook counter to leg kicks, durability disadv, striking adv, stamina disadv slowed r2, got tn/d at the end back taken fought off choke got mounted lost r2, huge load up even worse as fatigued, t/d def weakened as tired, stamina diff (#77)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sergey KHANDOZHKO (101) (4/23/22) - 7 ko r1 - big power right away, good counters, kd.d by brawl exchange hook, careless willing to brawl, chin disadv, in control from range using length, kd/d sergey r1 swarmed but recovered using grapp, great counters off kicks, wide swings countered by straight direct strikes, striking adv, chin diff super risky in brawl, sergey got in close rocked grant w o/h L couldnt recover (-25)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Francisco TRINALDO (39) (10/23/21) - 7 SDec - length adv, power disadv, hesitant trying to keep range but stay away from power of trinaldo prob lost r1, good spd, didnt use reach enough, grapp power disadv, point taken from trinaldo for eye poke, would have lost (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Stefan SEKULIC (UR) (4/24/21) - 7 SDec - boring fight, super long, patient defending t/ds, fought up well when tn/d (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Daniel RODRIGUEZ (61) (8/22/20) - 8 ko r1 - throws massive power shots, k/d rodriguez with lucky hook swarmed but couldnt finish, punched himself out, got k/o (-3)
  76. 75

    Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort
    Vitor Belfort
    "The Phenom"  |  26-14-0, 1 NC
  77. 76

    Oskar "Imadło" Piechota
    Oskar Piechota
    "Imadło"  |  11-3-1, 1 NC
    L vs. Punahele SORIANO (UR) (12/14/19) - 6 KO r1 - poor striking defense, bad against lefties, fought back, 3rd straight loss
  78. 77

    Maki "Coconut Bombz" Pitolo
    Maki Pitolo
    "Coconut Bombz"  |  15-10-0
    W vs. Doug USHER (UR) (5/20/22) - 9 ko r1 - both msd wght, spd adv, fast brawl, short L hook against s/p ko (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Dusko TODOROVIC (72) (12/4/21) - 7 ko r1 - good leg kicks, good range, striking adv, good t/d but tried for a guillotine and ended up on bottom and stuck, big grapp disadv no answer on ground (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Julian MARQUEZ (51) (2/12/21) - 7 sub r3 - good fight, super aggressive start, good kicks, great clinch work controlled marquez against the cage, good evasion to stay out of brawl and avoid marquez ko power, good t/ds, grappling adv, was trying to grind down marquez but got tired, prob won r1&2 but got choked late r3 (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Impa KASANGANAY (UR) (8/29/20) - 7 UDec - super tough, good counters against big power striker, great heart, out powered got beat up (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles BYRD (61MW) (06/06/20) - 9 KO r2 - advantage on the feet, great takedowns, good grappling, good bodywork, good stamina (66MW)
  79. 78

    Bo Nickal
    Bo Nickal
    W vs. Jamie PICKETT (81) {82} (3/4/23) - 10 sub r1 - both big size, immed clinch, easy sub (^43)
  80. 79

    Nick Diaz
    Nick Diaz
    26-10-0, 2 NC
    L vs. Robbie LAWLER (19WW) (9/25/21) - 6 ko r3 - all phone booth fighting good body work, less power in strikes, bad shape, old, gave up
  81. 80

    Aliaskhab "The Black Wolf" Khizriev
    Aliaskhab Khizriev
    "The Black Wolf"  |  14-0-0
    W vs. Denis TIULIULIN (UR) (3/26/22) - 9 sub r2 - against s/n, shorter, dagestani wrestler, smothering with g&p, tiuliun able to fight up, not afraid to brawl, good knees, r2 stamina adv quickly t/d tiuliun and immed rnc (^30)
  82. 81

    Denis Tiuliulin
    Denis Tiuliulin
    L vs. Jun YONG PARK (28) {24} (2/4/23) - 6 sub r1 - decent t/d def using str and size but tech grapp disadv, got tn/d and immed into mount, stuck on bottom weak grapp, got opened up by g&p elbow, almost finished but jun took the back for quick rnc (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jamie PICKETT (71) (9/10/22) - 9 ko r2 - good t/d def, pickett came out grapp, good grapp, great clinch striking, out worked pickett, stamina adv (^36)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Aliaskhab KHIZRIEV (UR) (3/26/22) - 6 sub r2 - s/n, big underdog, longer, bigg grapp diff couldnt stop the t/d, able to get up but fatigued early, good grappling against spec, faded s/n tn/d easily subbed rnc
  83. 82

    Jamie "The Night Wolf" Pickett
    Jamie Pickett
    "The Night Wolf"  |  13-9-0
    L vs. Bo NICKAL (UR) {77} (3/4/23) - 5 sub r1 - immed tn/d and easy sub, big grapp disadv (-)

    ((((( L )))))) vs. Denis TIULIULIN (119) {83} (9/10/22) - 6 ko r2 - trying to grapple and take away brawling power of tiuliulin, weak grapp tired himself out trying to use str only, beat up in clinch, bad stamina bad heart gave up (-13)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Kyle DAUKAUS (43) (2/19/22) - 6 sub r1 - s/n, had to def t/ds immed, weak t/d def against shorter fighter, able to fight up but could not separate, tapped w 1 sec left (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Joseph HOLMES (UR) (1/15/21) - 9 UDec - similar length more muscle, close first r, good grapp but pretty even, came out aggressive r2 and started to control, stamina adv r2, good stamina, stamina and aggression diff, pulled away r2 and won easy (^5)
    ((((( W )))) vs. Laureano STAROPOLI (75) (10/23/21) - 8 UDec - close fight should have won easily, long, good t/d def, big size helped grappling, slow high kicks allowed staro to come inside to clinch, slower spd bigger size, big size wore down staro, needs to use reach and jab more to keep staro away and use his advantage, size diff, needs more output and use of length (^34)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jordan Wright (54) (5/15/21) - 6 ko r1 - super long, hesitant against super aggressive wright, went in to grapple but left head for elbows and almost kod, couldnt recover (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Tafon NCHUKWI (LHWUR) (12/19/20) - 6 UDec - had to absorb huge aggressive power, good speed power, good chin durable, got k/d r3, stamina?
  84. 83

    Bruno "Carioca" Santos
    Bruno Santos
    "Carioca"  |  18-4-1
  85. 84

    Vladimir Mineev
    Vladimir Mineev
  86. 85

    Tresean "Mr. Vicious" Gore
    Tresean Gore
    "Mr. Vicious"  |  4-2-0
    W vs. Josh FREMD (70) {89} (10/29/22) - 8 sub r2 - early t/d, grappling back and forth, grapp adv early, good clinch control using size adv, big bodyslam t/d, fremd started to gain striking adv, slowed pretty hard eor1 but prob won, bad stamina from grapp, early r2 fremd went for t/d but left head, locked in tight fast guillotine, stamina? (^25)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Cody BRUNDAGE (66) {55} (7/9/22) - 6 ko r1 - longer, immed t/d from brundage, good leg kicks, good def grappling using str and size, able to break brundages swarming grappling, stamina adv?, got dropped by small short inside punch, chin? (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Bryan BATTLE (118) (2/5/22) - 7 UDec - close fight, lost r1 with very little output, huge power ko power, rocked battle r2, good t/d def, caused more damage, good stamina (-)
  87. 86

    Josh "The Big Yinz" Fremd
    Josh Fremd
    "The Big Yinz"  |  10-4-0
    W vs. Sedriques DUMAS (115) {111} (3/11/23) - 9 sub r2 - good leg kicks, trying to counter kickboxer on kicks, big t/d r1 to use grapp adv, stamina adv r1 able to start winning striking, big easy hip toss t/d r2, kept giving pos chasing guillotine, guillo dumas sitting against cage (^3)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Tresean GORE (113) {88} (10/29/22) - 7 sub r2 - size disadv, grappling back and forth, grapp disadv early getting controlled, got tn/d by body slam, great heart fighting up from bottom, started to find striking adv as gore slowed from fatigue, prob lost r1, went for t/d early r2 but left head for guillotine (-19)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Anthony HERNANDEZ (28) (4/9/22) - 8 UDec - good fight, s/n, huge size, good leg kicks, good t/d def, longer, having to defend constant grapp pressure from hernandez, grapp disadv using strength and energy to def grapp, great heart good sub def, dangerous power when breaking clinch, tired r2 but insane heart reversed ended up ontop won r2?, good sub def, stamina diff got controlled on the ground r3, great heart (^53)
  88. 87

    Saparbeg Safarov
    Saparbeg Safarov
    L vs. Rodolfo VIEIRA (36) (3/7/20) - 6 SUBr1 - caught him with a hard kick, but taken down and worked
  89. 88

    Charles "Kid Dynamite" Byrd
    Charles Byrd
    "Kid Dynamite"  |  10-7-0
    L vs. Maki PITOLO (URWW) (06/06/20) - 7 KO r2 - disadvantage on the feet, weak takedown defense?, great grappling, gassed out hard early r2 (-6)
  90. 89

    Artem Frolov
    Artem Frolov
  91. 90

    Austin "The Gentleman" Vanderford
    Austin Vanderford
    "The Gentleman"  |  11-2-0
    W vs. Vinicius de JESUS (UR) - 9 UDec - good power, sharper striking, adv standing, big wide hooks, good g&p, controlled from top, beat up de jesus (^13)
  92. 91

    Aaron Jeffery
    Aaron Jeffery
  93. 92

    Ibragim Magomedov
    Ibragim Magomedov
  94. 93

    AJ Dobson
    AJ Dobson
    6-2-0, 1 NC
    vs. Armen PETROSYAN (35) (10/22/22) -

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jacob MALKOUN (38) (2/12/22) - 7 UDec - big striking adv early, longer, good t/d def, good leg kicks, picking apart malkoun from range, good thai clinch, dominated r1 but came out slow r2, getting worn down by unrelenting malkoun, stuck on bottom and getting g&p'd lost r2, got tn/d again r3 and too tired to fight up and stay apart, stamina diff
  95. 94

    Claudio Ribeiro
    Claudio Ribeiro
    L vs. Abdul RAZAK ALHASSAN (43) {42} (1/14/23) - 6 ko r2 - big leg kicks early, fast high kicks, stuck against cage got body controlled, ok t/d def, pwr disadv got caught in exchange by o/h R (^25)
  96. 95

    Trevor "Hot Sauce" Smith
    Trevor Smith
    "Hot Sauce"  |  15-10-0
    L vs. Makhmud MURADOV (UR) (12/7/19) - 5 KO r3 - lack of creativity, vet
  97. 96

    Joseph "Ugly Man" Holmes
    Joseph Holmes
    "Ugly Man"  |  8-3-0
    L vs. Jun Yong PARK (32) {30} (10/29/22) - 6 sub r2 - longer, good leg kicks, got tn/d stuck but eventually reversed and ended the round on top, couldnt keep separation and started to slow making juns t/ds easier, stamina disadv, able to even grappling at cost of lots of energy, tired r2, tn/d again and too tired to fight, got rncd (-)

    ((((( W )))) vs. Alen AMEDOVSKI (109) {121} (5/21/22) - 8 sub r1 - longer, against short power, got backed up early and almost popped, could have been faster to circle out, defense?, surprised amed w big knee up the middle rocked him and swarmed rnc (^17)

    ((((( L ))))) vs, Jamie PICKETT (74) (1/15/21) - 6 UDec - similar length less muscle, dangerous kicks, great composure for debut, good def grapp, trouble when pickett turned up pressure r2, faded r2 couldnt come back, stamina and aggression diff (^7)
  98. 97

    Nikola Dipchikov
    Nikola Dipchikov
    22-10-0, 1 NC
  99. 98

    Chris "The Cutt" Honeycutt
    Chris Honeycutt
    "The Cutt"  |  14-5-0, 1 NC
  100. 99

    Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko
    Alexander Shlemenko
    "Storm"  |  62-15-1, 1 NC
  101. 100

    David Branch
    David Branch
  102. 101

    Anthony "SugaFoot" Adams
    Anthony Adams
    "SugaFoot"  |  9-3-0
    L vs. Dalton ROSTA (86) {53} (12/9/22) - good grapp against spec, stamina disadv, hurt r3 almost finished (^22)
  103. 102

    John "The Welsh Wrecking Machine" Phillips
    John Phillips
    "The Welsh Wrecking Machine"  |  22-11-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Jun Yong PARK (63) (10/17/20) - 2 UDec - terrible t/d def, disadv grappling, bad sub def, got controlled on ground no answer, just laid there (-2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Khamzat CHIMAEV (WWUR) (7/15/20) - got taken down right away, bad grappling, bad take down def, tough
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Alen AMEDOVSKI (09/28/19) - 8 KO r1 - came out super aggressive, immediate brawl but stronger more powerful fighter, fast ko
  104. 103

    Zebaztian "The Bandit" Kadestam
    Zebaztian Kadestam
    "The Bandit"  |  14-7-0
  105. 104

    Jeremie "Hit Em" Holloway
    Jeremie Holloway
    "Hit Em"  |  10-5-0
    L vs. Bruno ASSIS (UR) (12/17/20) - 6 sub r1 - big power, slower start caught with R high kick and swarmed by bjj spec (104)
  106. 105

    Markus "Maluko" Perez
    Markus Perez
    "Maluko"  |  14-6-0
    L vs. Dalcha LUNGIAMBULA (47LHW) - 7 UDec - power disadv, got tn/d looked for subs from bottom, tough to deal with size and power of lung, speed adv lessened as fight went on, almost locked in kimura r2, adv from range but couldnt keep distance (-2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Dricus Du PLESSIS (UR) (10/10/20) - 8 ko r1 - confident pressure, great kicks, good body work, outpressuring plessis but went for wild back elbow and got unlucky one punch ko (-4)
  107. 106

    Romero "Bad News" Cotton
    Romero Cotton
    "Bad News"  |  6-1-0
    W vs. Justin SUMTER (UR) (12/10/20) - 9 sub r1 - much shorter, legs were getting chopped, strong t/d, strong top, forced rnc (^6)
  108. 107

    Ozzy Diaz
    Ozzy Diaz
  109. 108

    Collin "Young Huck" Huckbody
    Collin Huckbody
    "Young Huck"  |  12-4-0
    W vs. Aaron PHILLIPS (UR) (12/17/20) - 8 ko r2 - against s/n, longer fighter, bjj spec, less technical strikes good clinch fighting, legs were getting chopped, looked tired r2 desperate shoots, L high kick k/d ko (^7)
  110. 109

    Cezariusz "Lubelski Czołg" Kęsik
    Cezariusz Kęsik
    "Lubelski Czołg"  |  13-3-0
    L vs. Abusupiyan MAGOMEDOV (73) (12/19/20) - 6 sub r2 - good size, good leg kicks, slower, was getting picked aprt had to tie upbut got standing guillotine
  111. 110

    Joseph "Bodybagz" Pyfer
    Joseph Pyfer
    "Bodybagz"  |  10-2-0
    W vs. Alen AMEDOVSKI (120) {123} (9/17/22) - 9 ko r1 - slow start, easy ko L upcut R cross early ko (^12)
  112. 111

    Sedriques "The Reaper" Dumas
    Sedriques Dumas
    "The Reaper"  |  7-1-0
    L vs. Josh FREMD (88) {85} (3/11/23) - 6 sub r2 - legs getting chopped, kicks getting countered hard, got tn/d stuck on bottom 2 mins but able to get up, fatigued after grapp strikes slowed and unwise w/ fatigue started engaging grapp disadv, weak t/d def got guillotined easy (^4)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Aaron HIGHBAUGH (UR) (3/18/22) - 9 UDec - dominated all areas, dec grapp, easy

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dewitt DIXON (UR) (1/21/22) - 10 ko r1 - long lanky Kboxer, less hand power, good t/d def, fast ko with L head kick (#122)]
  113. 112

    Justin "The Fort" Sumter
    Justin Sumter
    "The Fort"  |  8-5-0
    L vs. Romero COTTON (UR) (12/10/20) - 6 sub r1 - much longer, big leg kicks, bad t/d def, looked for subs from bottom (^3)
  114. 113

    Aaron "The Alaskan Bull Worm" Phillips
    Aaron Phillips
    "The Alaskan Bull Worm"  |  6-4-0
    L vs. Collin HUCKBODY (UR) (12/17/20) - 7 ko r2 - s/n, leg kicks, calm on the ground vs bjj spec, better tech striker but shorter, could win with full camp (^3)
  115. 114

    Yaozong "Totoro" Hu
    Yaozong Hu
    "Totoro"  |  3-3-0
    L vs. Andre PETROSKI (110) (10/30/21) - 5 sub r3 - against s/n, good chin, weak def constantly hit by L hooks, stamina adv, slow, weak t/d def, good durability and stamina but lack of tech, good sub def, grapp disadv stuck on bottom no answer, good heart to survive (#117)
  116. 115

    Eric "Zebrinha" Spicely
    Eric Spicely
    "Zebrinha"  |  13-8-0
  117. 116

    Ikram Aliskerov
    Ikram Aliskerov
  118. 117

    Gilbert "The RGV Bad Boy" Urbina
    Gilbert Urbina
    "The RGV Bad Boy"  |  6-2-0
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Bryan BATTLE (UR) (8/28/21) - 7 sub r2 - s/n, aggressive start rocked battle r1 jumped on top got to full mount (#120)
  119. 118

    Alejandro Ontiveros
    Alejandro Ontiveros
    Am 0-2-0
    L vs. Kevin HOLLAND (26) (10/31/20) - upweight s/n, karate stance, caught holland with spin , long lanky, vicious kicks, manhandled slammed and injured neck, bad matchup

    {Anthony MARTIN
    W vs. BAZER (UR) (5/6/22) - 9 sub r1 - upwght, s/n opp, unfair matchup, striking adv, grappling adv, opp had nothing to lose, tired r2, stamina disadv, wreckless no respect for opp, opp no answer started to grapple, easy sub anaconda
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Neil Magny (16) (06/06/20) - 7 UDec - BJJ specialist, able to stay close and grind, dictated pace well looking for subs, but grinding to control Magny gassed Martin r3, tough, fairly close (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ramazan Emeev (57) (11/9/19) - 8 UDec - good legs kicks (^1) }
  120. 119

    Alen Amedovski
    Alen Amedovski
    L vs. Joseph PYFER (UR) {112} (9/17/22) - 5ko r1 - slow start, pushed back, dropped hands R cross early ko (-2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Joseph HOLMES (112) {95} (5/21/22) - 6 sub r1- shorter big power, good aggression to keep longer fighter backed up against the cage able to land pinning homes back, got sprung on by surprise knee up the middle, rocked and got swarmed rnc (-12)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. John PHILLIPS (09/28/19) - 5 KO r1 - came out super aggressive, into open brawl but was smaller less powerful fighter, fast ko
  121. 120

    Uriah "Prime Time" Hall
    Uriah Hall
    "Prime Time"  |  17-11-0
    RETIRED #11 2022
    L vs. Andre MUNIZ (15) {8} (7/2/22) - 6 UDec - patient start scared of t/ds, started to open up after getting picked apart and tn/d easily, constatntly defending sub atts, tired r2 from grappling, grapp disadv, hand spd disadv as he tired, good t/d def but couldnt stop the t/ds, got easily mounted r2, good sub def, good heart but stamina disadv, got tn/d easy again r3 and stuck on bottom (-1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sean STRICKLAND
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Chris WEIDMAN (11) (4/24/21) - broken leg first kick
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Anderson SILVA (21) (10/31/20) - ko r3 - slow start, difficult defending silvas rushing forward, too passive r1, gave to much respect until he got hurt r2, easily put away silva (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Antonio CARLOS JUNIOR (9/14/19) - 8 SDec - longer, good reach use rocked junior with r hook early, junior rode his back stayed standing and fought off, big striking adv beat up junior, difficult t/d def, good sub def, muscular build susceptible to fatigue, lost r3 on ground fighting off rn
  122. 121

    Kiamrian "Brazen" Abbasov
    Kiamrian Abbasov
    "Brazen"  |  23-6-0
    L vs. Christian LEE () (11/18/22) - 7 ko r4 - msd wght, opp upwght, pwr adv, got t/d first, even grapp w/ size adv?, dropped lee w/ L hook almost finished him landed tons, punched out?, grapp disadv w/ fatigue, got mounted 3 times, stamina disadv r4 g&p ko turtling up, weak grapp tech? (FOTYC22)

    [ W vs. Kiamrian ABBASOV () (11/18/22) - 9 ko r4 - opp msd wght, upwght, pwr disadv, got the first t/d but unable to keep abba down with size diff, got dropped r1 and almost finished, wouldnt block took tons of shots, crazy chin wouldnt go out, abba maybe punched out, got to mount r2 but unable to keep it w/ abbas size, won r2 stamina adv, lots of leg kicks r4, great durability, stamina adv (FOTYC22)
  123. 122

    Elias "The Spartan" Theodorou
    Elias Theodorou
    "The Spartan"  |  19-3-0
    RIP #42 2022
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