General Information

What is Tapology?

Tapology is a free online resource for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing, and other combat sports. Fans of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and other organizations come here to find event schedules, results, view fighter rankings, play Pick 'Em and Fantasy games, and discuss all things combat sports in our forum.

Tapology is custom built by and for combat sports fans. We honor MMA's entire history, from the glory days of Pride to the latest UFC, and remember the great fighters of years past alongside today's best.

Is Tapology owned by or affiliated with any other media/news organization, MMA fight promotion, or sanctioning body?

Tapology is independently owned and maintained. Any views expressed on this site are the views of either Tapology or its various site members, and are not the views of any sanctioning body or fight promotion, or any other person or entity. The predictions, rankings, announcements and other features you see here are not influenced or altered by any sanctioning body or fight promotion.

Member Signup and Profile Basics

Do I need to register to use Tapology?

While you can still browse most of the site without registering, if you aren't signed in you are missing out on almost all the stuff that makes visiting Tapology worthwhile. You won't be able to see how you did on fight predictions . . . or follow other members . . . or post to the forums . . . or edit wiki content . . . or a whole bunch of other stuff. Most importantly, all your activity as a signed in user increases your belt ranking, which gains you respect and followers and generally makes your views carry more weight with our audience.

Signup is free and instantaneous, and needless to say we highly recommend it.

Are you going to spam me if I sign up using my real e-mail?

No. Definitely not. We don't send spam, and we don't sell or license your e-mail address to anyone else. We will occasionally e-mail you updates, but you can easily turn them off via your preferences page. That sums it up but we urge you to read our entire Privacy Policy.

Is my e-mail address viewable or otherwise accessible by other Tapology visitors?

No, your account e-mail address is not public. You can optionally add a separate, public e-mail address to be displayed on your personal profile if that is of interest to you.

Can I control or turn off e-mail messages from Tapology?

Yes, just go to your preferences page to edit when and how Tapology gets in touch with you.

Are there any rules for the username, profile photo and user information I post on my personal profile?

Yes - they are subject to our Terms of Use, most of which can be adhered to by using some common sense, decency, and discretion. For starters, you may not post anything copyrighted without permission, or anything lewd or profane.

I lost my Tapology username and/or password, help!

If you've lost or forgotten your username or password you can login by requesting a recovery e-mail be sent to the account you used to register. It will allow you to login and reset your password. If you are not sure of the email you used to register with the site, please contact us.

How do I change my e-mail address, username and/or password?

You can edit your personal account information through your preferences page. If you change your email address you will be required to re-verify it in order to continue making predictions, forum posts, or use certain other features. Your username cannot be directly changed on your own. In certain circumstances we may allow you to have your username changed via contacting us, however we only offer this customization in a limited number of cases.

Fighter, Bout and Event Information

What information does Tapology contain about MMA fighters, bout and events?

Tapology hosts a powerful database of MMA fighters, bouts and events. Tapology's MMA database is closely intertwined with all of the features of the site, so you can jump to fighter, bout and event pages quickly while you are doing other site activities. If you are looking for a specific piece of information, the database can be searched via the search bar in the upper left corner of every page, through, or by entering our FightCenter.

I can't find the fighter, bout, or event I'm looking for. What's up with that?

While we add the results for roughly 50 events around the world every week, not every fighter, bout and event has made it into our database yet. We're building towards being the most complete resource possible for MMA. We've got every event from the UFC, Bellator, Pride, Strikeforce, and tons more regional and local organizations around the globe.

As we keep growing our database, more fighters, bouts and events, all the regional promotions, defunct promotions, obscure fighters and upcoming prospects you could ever ask for will eventually be represented. It's just a matter of time so please bear with us.

How many fighters are in your database?

Here are our latest stats:

  • Number of Fighters: 309,396 (excludes partial entries without a dedicated page)
  • Number of Events: 56,776 (excludes partial entries without a dedicated page)
  • Number of Bouts: 710,514
  • Number of Gyms: 11,067

Why does it say my favorite fighter is a heavyweight when he was fighting at light heavyweight?

Tapology assigns each fighter a single weight class, generally based on that fighter's last known fighting weight. That way, fighters who have participated in more than one weight class can be incorporated throughout the site in more flexible ways. Fighter pages will generally display a fighter's last known fighting weight.

Missing, Incorrect, or Disputed Information

What if Tapology is missing information?

Send it to us using the Contact Tapology page. However, we must receive some type of documentation or evidence before we can add it to the site. Without this policy we'd end up with a teenager with a 26-0 Tapology record looking to get into the UFC. Please include links to your videos or sources, otherwise you'll slow down the process when we simply email you back asking for it.

Depending on the volume of requests we are dealing with at the time, we may not be able to fully review what you've sent. Low quality media of an event from fifteen years ago can be time-consuming if not impossible to properly evaluate. We do our best, though, and we appreciate everything you send to us.

What if I see an error on the website?

Given the volume of data we are entering by hand and the large variety of sources we get this data from, we do inevitably have errors in our FightCenter database. Getting your help to spot and fix these issues is extremely useful. To point out an error, Contact Tapology and explain what you've found. Tapology's staff will review the information and let you know what course of action we've taken.

Sometimes issues are debatable (for example, certain submission moves may be similar or have multiple names). When a question of interpretation comes up, we suggest you take it to the forums first and see if you can discuss your way to a consensus.

Can I dispute the result of a fight?

Yes, you can, as outlined below.

Especially for local and regional events around the globe, there may be different standards applied by the overseeing athletic commission or sanctioning body that has supervised the bout. In other cases the person or group promoting and hosting the event may be the same entity as the one documenting the official results, without independent supervision. These and other circumstances can lead to controversy and dispute regarding the outcome of a fight or the fairness of how the process was managed.

As a general guideline, Tapology relies first on any results provided by an independent sanctioning body, second on results provided by the promoter hosting the event, third on any independent news outlet or social media reports, and fourth on any individual fighter or team accounts of the event. Therefore, even if something controversial has occurred in a bout, we are not likely to change the result listed in the Tapology database if it contradicts a higher-up source of information.

While we may not change the data as recorded in our database, Tapology does allow you to submit disputes to the results of bouts. As long as the dispute is presented in a reasonable manner it will be posted to the website and referenced next to the official result.

To submit a dispute you must have a Tapology user account. Once logged in, navigate to the dedicated page for the specific bout in question. On this page, click the link in the website's right-hand column with the label 'Dispute Fight Result.' Here you will be prompted to type your name (or who you represent) and the reason for your dispute. After submitting your dispute it will not initially be visible. Our staff will review and either approve or reject your dispute, typically within 24 hours.

Directly Posting Fighter and Event Info

Can I edit the fighter or event info in Tapology's database?

MMA fighters, gym owners, and promoters can claim their page and directly manage their information on Tapology. Visit the Info Management page for more information.

I claimed my page, how come I can't enter fight results?

While we allow you to make a variety of edits to certain information once you've claimed your page, we unfortunately can't allow the community at large to post fight results (wins and losses). To help ensure that the Tapology FightCenter is reliable, fair and accurate, we require fight results to be entered by our own staff.

What if I'm not a fighter or promoter?

If you find an error or something missing from our database, go to our contact page and send us a note. Please include links to supporting information to verify your update.

If you want to add general information about a fighter, event, bout or promotion, try using Tapology's Wiki features.

Tapology Wiki System

What is a wiki and what can I do with it on Tapology?

A wiki is a web page that allows users to add, modify, or delete content. You've probably spent plenty of time on Wikipedia, the biggest wiki on the internet. Tapology's wiki system is similar but has been custom-developed and is specialized to work along with the other features on the Tapology site. Every fighter, bout, event and MMA promotion that is listed on Tapology has a wiki that can be edited by any member. You can fill in the life story and background of fighters, information about their skills and accomplishments inside and outside of the cage, pour in play-by-play results for bouts, give the background and historical context around events, and much more. Like the other features on Tapology, you earn points and can unlock awards for your contributions to the wikis.

Who can edit and approve updates to wikis?

Any registered member that has verified the email address on their account may submit an update to any wiki on the website. Unlike wikis on other websites, updates made on Tapology do not automatically go live. After an update has been submitted it becomes "pending" for any black belt member of Tapology to review and approve. Pending updates may also be returned to the original author with requests for changes to be made, or in some cases may be rejected outright if the updates do not meet basic standards.

What are the standards for wiki content?

Updates made to wikis should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be factually correct with links to supporting information when possible
  • Have coherent, grammatically correct writing and proper punctuation
  • Clean formatting and/or usage of spacing and other styling
  • Refrain from giving personal opinions or subjective assessments
  • Cannot use profanity or explicit material
  • Should not vandalize or damage good content made in a prior update
  • Remain generally relevant to the topic at hand and the sport of MMA
  • Not plagiarize or copy entire works of writing found elsewhere without permission

How do wiki update points work?

The member reviewing an update makes the decision on how many points to award. They can choose from four options with recommendations on when to use each:

  • No points: For minor tweaks, fixing a misspelling, or quick follow-up edit to an earlier update
  • 50 points: For small updates or additions of single pieces of information
  • 100 points: For meaningful written additions or new sections of information
  • 200 points: For substantial updates deserving of extra recognition

What awards are available for wiki updates?

Wiki awards are listed here among all of the other awards available on the site.

Are awards or points given for reviewing updates?

Since we would like reviewers to carefully and fairly look at the updates that are being submitted, we do not want incentives to review as many as possible. Therefore there are no awards or points for the reviewing aspect of Tapology wikis.

Can photos, videos or other media be added?

No, however links to these items or other external content may be included. Otherwise the only thing that may be placed inside of a wiki is written text with basic HTML formatting.

Why are some wikis locked for editing?

Each wiki is designed to allow one member to be updating it at a time. As soon as you or another member click to update a wiki it becomes locked to all other members. The wiki will remain locked until the update has been approved, rejected or discarded.

An update must remain active while it is being drafted. If 8 hours elapse with no edits made to a draft, the wiki will unlock and be displayed as available to other members. At this point if another member attempts to update the wiki, the earlier draft will be permanently discarded. This is to make sure that a member cannot become inactive and lock the rest of the website out for a prolonged period of time.

Can I update more than one wiki at a time?

You may only have a single draft in progress at any given time. To work on another wiki you must either submit your update for approval or discard it.

Can old versions of a wiki be restored?

Yes. If a wiki has been vandalized or an important section of information has been accidentally removed, the wiki can be reverted back to a previous version. On each wiki page is a history section with a chronological listing of each update. If eligible, a 'Revert' link will be listed. Clicking a revert link will open up a draft to allow you to submit it back into that previous state.

I'm a black belt. Can I approve my own updates?

You cannot approve your own updates. The review system is in place to make sure that at least one other person has checked out the updates that are being proposed.

How will I know if my wiki updates are approved?

Email notifications will be sent to you when the status of one of your updates changes. These notifications may be turned off on your preferences page.

Will other members be able to see which updates I've contributed?

Yes. On the page for any given topic (such as a fighter page) the most recent members to contribute to the wiki will be displayed. Furthermore, by clicking through to wiki detail page, the history section will break down precisely which updates were contributed by which member and at what time. Any comments made back and forth by the updater or by the reviewer will also be publicly displayed here.

An update of mine was rejected. Can I find it again?

Yes. While it is more common for an update to be returned to you for further drafting, a reviewer may reject your update outright if he or she feels it is unacceptable and cannot be salvaged. If you would like to find what you had written and try and re-use some of it in another attempted update, click the "My History" link located at the top of the wiki page. This will show your updates to that particular wiki including those that have been rejected, discarded, approved or are still pending.

As a black belt, how do I know when an update is pending?

If you are a black belt (or above) you will see a preview of pending updates in the right-hand column of the website. Click on any update to review the update.

Should I reject this update or return it?

If the update looks like it is reasonably close to being acceptable you should return it to the original author. This way they will be able to continue working on it rather than having to start over again. You will be prompted to add a comment before returning it and you should explain what you are looking to see changed. If, however, the update is completely unacceptable, will degrade or ruin the wiki, or does not appear to be an earnest attempt to improve the website it should be rejected.

What should I do if I still have questions?

If you have are having problems with the wiki system you can contact Tapology via the support request form or on the contact page.

Fight Predictions

How do Tapology's fight predictions work?

Entering predictions for upcoming fights is simple. Just navigate to one of the prediction builder pages for an upcoming event, and pick the winner, the method of victory (either KO/TKO, submission, or decision) and the finishing round for the fights you're interested in. Save your predictions and you will be alerted to how you've done once the event concludes. Other site visitors can view your predictions for past events and for upcoming events, or you can e-mail or embed them on other sites. You can pick as many or as few winners as you want - there are no requirements as to number of predictions. You can also add commentary and analysis to any or all of your fight predictions.

Can I play in fantasy MMA leagues here?

Yep. Tapology has the most comprehensive fantasy MMA offering on the internet, bar none! Join or create your own public or private leagues, pick which events (UFC or others) should be included, set up the scoring rules and gameplay mode, and then KO your competition. Join games at the fantasy homepage or read the fantasy FAQ.

Who can see my predictions? Who can see my prediction commentary?

By default, your predictions and commentary are public. Any site visitor (registered or unregistered) can view them at any time, before or after a fight. Certain pages that display detailed pick history are only available to registered site members.

Can I hide my predictions if I want to?

Yes, on your preferences page there is a master setting which you can use to hide all of your upcoming predictions for all fight cards. If you don't want to hide your predictions universally, you can also check a box to hide them on an event-by-event basis when filling out your predictions. Hiding your predictions will not permanently keep them invisible; once the prediction deadline for an event has passed and the fights begin, your hidden predictions will automatically become visible.

What happens if my predictions are hidden on Tapology but then I embed them on another site?

If you opt to place an embeddable image of your predictions onto another site, it will show your predictions regardless of your hide-settings. If you don't want your predictions to be seen, don't embed an image of them!

There's a bout I know is rumored to occur, but I don't see available to make predictions on. Why are some rumored bouts in there and others aren't?

Deciding when a rumored bout is "rumored enough" to deserve inclusion on the website is more of an art than a science. We don't want to have you filling out picks for fights that are almost certain to get cancelled or, worse yet, are on-again-off-again. It wastes your time and ours. When we think the rumors are credible enough that a fight will take place as scheduled, we include it.

If I picked a fighter to win via 2nd round KO/TKO and he wins via 2nd round submission, do I get credit for picking the right round, even though I picked the wrong method of victory?

Yes. And the other way around, too. You don't need to get the round correct in order to be correct on the method of victory.

If I picked the wrong winner can I still get the method of victory or the round correct?

No. Plus you're lame for asking.

What is a "Perfect Bonus" or a "Decision Bonus"?

You receive a Perfect Bonus when you pick the winning fighter, finishing method, and finishing round all correctly. You receive a Decision Bonus when you correctly pick the winning fighter to win by decision. A Decision Bonus is impressive but not nearly as cool as correctly calling a stoppage, so they get listed separately when we display prediction performance.

Are there bonuses for picking the fighter plus the method or round, but not a full perfect?

As of July 1st, 2013, Tapology awards point bonuses for correctly choosing the method of victory or the round of victory, so long as the correct winner was also chosen. Bouts that took place prior to this date do not have these bonuses. More information on the point bonuses can be found in the Belt Progress section below.

Can I predict that someone will win via disqualification? Can I predict a draw or a No-Contest?

Sigh... now why would you want to do any of that unless Gilbert Yvel is fighting? The answer is no, the choices available for method of victory are KO/TKO, submission or decision. DQ's, draws and No-Contests are not frequent or predictable outcomes, and therefore would simply make things confusing for our users. However, if a bout does end in a draw or No-Contest, it will NOT count as an incorrect pick on your record. If you view your pick history page, you will see that Draws and No-Contests get separated out and do not count as correct or incorrect.

I want to take it to the next level and predict a victory via Omoplata at 3:31 of round 2! Can I do that?

Naming the exact method of victory or the exact time of victory would be pretty cool if you ever got it right, but it's a little like hitting the lottery. For that reason, if you really want the world to know those details you can put them in the open-ended comments when making your predictions. The same goes for if you want to type in a specific kind of decision (split, majority, unanimous).

Wow, I got that fight totally wrong after obnoxiously spouting off my prediction to the whole planet for weeks. That's so humiliating. Can I erase or hide a past prediction?


Some of my pre-fight predictions disappeared! Where'd they go?

There are two explanations for why a prediction you entered is not visible. The first is that the fight was canceled, postponed or modified. When that happens, the prediction is removed and you'll have to reenter it once the bout is rescheduled (sorry). If a fight is canceled and re-scheduled to take place at a different event, it's technically not the same fight and it's not fair for us to assume that our users' predictions will stay the same. The second explanation is you have navigated away from the prediction builder page without registering, signing in or saving your picks.

What are the "Compare" pages that my personal fight predictions link to?

If you enjoy seeing how your predictions stack up against other site members, you can jump to pages which compare your predictions for each event against the members you are following. If you want to see how more people did on their predictions, just follow more members. The points totals displayed for each member represent the sum of that member's correct fight predictions, plus bonus points awarded for correctly calling a winner via decision, or perfectly calling the method and round of victory. The available point awards are summarized later in this FAQ under the Belt Progress section.

What is the Oddsbot?

Tapology's Oddsbot sometimes predicts the professional oddsmakers' betting favorites to win every scheduled MMA fight via decision, and sometimes makes snarky comments in the forums.

Oddsbot identifies the favorite in each given fight based on publicly available information. If the oddsmakers do not clearly identify a pre-fight favorite, the Oddsbot robo-chickens out and won't make a prediction in that fight. Oddsbot exists simply to provide a baseline - to give you a basis of comparison for viewing your prediction performance against the so-called professionals. You may find it interesting to see how often you out-pick Oddsbot. Oddsbot has a Rickson Gracie tattoo and shows no mercy.

I'm having trouble entering predictions on the builder pages.

The first thing to do is check that you meet our system requirements, which are listed above. If you are running Internet Explorer 7 or less, or don't have a javascript-enabled browser, you won't be able to utilize these site features. We also suggest not leaving your browser idle for long periods of time between entering and saving your predictions. If a browser session times out while you are on a prediction builder, some of your information could be lost.

Prediction Builder pages will lock your predictions (and lock you out of further changes) at a predetermined time in advance of each event. If you missed the cutoff, you cannot make any more predictions or edits, and any unsaved information on the page cannot be entered. Finally, if you are wearing a helmet with a blast-shield, raise it before attempting to enter predictions. With the blast-shield down you can't even see.

Where can I view the results of my predictions after I have made them?

You can view your own or anyone else's fight predictions by navigating to a user profile page and clicking on the red 'Picks' link in the upper right hand area of the profile. You can also view your own predictions through the FightCenter and various other locations throughout the site.

Once an event has concluded, you can review the results of your predictions in the same locations as before the event concluded. The winners, methods and rounds will display as right or wrong depending on the outcomes of the fights.

Why does it say "pending" next to some of my predictions? Where are my points?

As soon as Tapology is able to find results reported for an MMA event we will load them into the site. This way members can begin to have their results tallied up as quickly as possible. Especially for regional and local cards, however, the results are often not verified as accurate for hours, days, or in rare cases for even longer. Any event that is not yet verified will be listed as "pending" on your predictions history page.

Points for an event are not officially distributed until verified results are found. While pending, events can still have their results changed which could impact your score for that event as well as your position in any associated leaderboards, competitions or contests. Once an event's results are verified, everything becomes final and points and awards will be distributed.

Following and Blocking Users

What kind of relationships can I set up with other users?

If you register for a Tapology account, by default you are allowed to post in the forums, send comments/messages to other users, and join fantasy games with other players. However, you may additionally customize the "relationship" you have with other users. You can choose to Follow other users, Block other users, and Hide other users. There are some limitations to these settings, as outlined below.

What is the Following system? How do I follow someone on Tapology?

Following someone on Tapology is easy. As a registered member, just navigate to the profile of the user you'd like to follow and look for the gear icon next to their profile name. This allows you to edit your relationship settings with the user and choose to Follow them.

Following another site member does not disclose additional activity about that member to you. The purpose of following someone is simply to keep track of people you're interested in. You can review who you are following, and who is following you, at any time by navigating to your profile page and pressing the red 'followers' and 'following' links in the upper right section of your profile. When you make fight predictions on Tapology and are also following other users, you'll see links on your prediction pages to easily compare your picks against those you are following. You cannot control who elects to follow you on Tapology.

If you follow another user they will receive an email notification about getting a new follower, unless they have turned off these email notifications in their settings. If another user follows you, you will receive a notification about getting a new follower. A notification will only be sent the first time a user is followed (flipping the setting won't create more notifications). You may turn off notifications by visiting your account preferences page. Unfollowing a user is a "silent" action and does not create any email notifications.

What is Blocking someone? How do I do it?

Blocking another user prevents them from commenting/messaging you on your profile page. We understand that not everyone gets along, and this feature can prevent another user from annoying you with further direct messages. As a registered member, just navigate to the profile of the user you'd like to block and look for the gear icon next to their profile name. Blocking another user ONLY applies to your own profile page and receiving messages. It does not prevent a user from replying to you in the forums, in fantasy games (public or private), or in private pick-em groups.

Blocking or unblocking a user is a "silent" action. The blocked or unblocked user will not be notified. However, if the user visits your page and scrolls to the comment/message section, it will explain they have been blocked from commenting.

What is Hiding someone? How do I do it?

Hiding another user prevents their forum posts from displaying when you are reading forum threads. We understand that certain other users have a style of discussing things in the forum in a way that can drive you mad! Rather than having to read their posts or see them try to start an argument with you, you can simply hide their posts. As a registered member, navigate to the profile of the user you'd like to hide and look for the gear icon next to their profile name. Hiding another user ONLY applies to the Tapology forums. It does not hide the user's messages on your profile page, on the main website activity feed, in fantasy games, or remove their name from prediction leaderboard lists.

Hiding or unhiding another user is a "silent" action. Other than the user possibly becoming curious about why you are ignoring them, they will have no indication or notification about being hidden.

Belt Progress

What do the belt colors next to member profiles mean?

Tapology is an interactive community. The way to judge a fellow site member's seniority and standing in the community is through his or her belt level. The more you pick fights correctly, post to the forums, receive new followers, build rankings and the like, the higher your belt level goes. In fact, most of the regular activities you perform on Tapology count towards increasing your belt level.

Because most of Tapology's core site activities also increase your MMA knowledge, a person's belt level can sometimes be a pretty good approximation of how well he or she knows MMA. But we know there are plenty of exceptions to that, so it's often better to think of a member's belt level as a sign of his or her seriousness and devotion to the sport, and willingness to advance it through intelligent dialogue (or meaningless banter).

Tapology's belt levels proceed in a similar but not identical fashion to the ranking system used by academies for martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our belt levels, moving from lowest to highest, are: White, Orange, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Black. Each of the belt levels also have four or more belt stripes (or "degrees"), which are intermediate steps on the way to your next belt. If you make it to Black belt, a continuing number of unique belts can continue to be earned.

You can see a member's belt level represented as a graphic beside his or her site activity feeds and forum posts, and on his or her profile page. The percentage bar on your belt (shown in the upper right portion of the page body on most site pages) reflects how far you have progressed towards the next belt level or stripe. If you are registered and signed in, you can also review the history of your belt progress by going to your profile page and clicking on your 'history' link.

So what actions increase my belt level?

Ok - the important part. The following activities are components of your belt progress.

  • Correctly predicting the winner of a bout (50 points)
  • Correctly predicting the winner of a bout by decision (a "Decision Bonus") (25 additional points, 75 total)
  • Perfectly predicting the winner, method and round of a bout (a "Perfect Bonus") (50 additional points, 100 total)
  • Correctly predicting the winner and method of a bout, but not the round (15 additional points, 65 total)*
  • Correctly predicting the winner and round of a bout, but not the method (15 additional points, 65 total)*
  • Coming in first place in an event (1 point for every user who made picks on this event)**
  • Unlock a new award (100 points)
  • Adding a comment to a page (3 points)
  • Making a post in the forums (3 points)
  • Giving out a thumbs-up or thumbs-down in the forums (1/5th point)
  • Receiving 3 thumbs-ups on a forum post you made (3 points)
  • Receiving 10, 25, 50, or 100 thumbs-up on a forum post you made (an additional 10, 25, 50, and 100 points, respectively)
  • Making a Current Ranking List (100 points for creating it, 30 points a week every week you update it)
  • Making an All-Time Ranking List (200 points for creating it, 15 points a week every week you update it)
  • Making a Yearly/Annual Ranking List (200 points for creating it, 15 points a week every week you update it)
  • Designing a new ranking from scratch (10 points)
  • Making a new Ranking List based on a member design (10 points)
  • Another makes a new Ranking List based on your design (20 points)
  • Following another member (1 point)
  • Getting a new follower (10 points)
  • Inviting a new member to Tapology (100 points)
  • Adding an image to your profile (500 points)
  • Adding a personal quote to your profile (250 points)
  • Adding a location to your profile (250 points)
  • Adding an 'about you' description to your profile (250 points)
  • Remaining an active member (25 points each week you login)
  • Authoring an approved wiki update (0, 50, 100, or 200 points at the reviewer's discretion)

*These points became available on July 1st, 2013. Prior events did not receive these bonuses.

**These points became available on May 1st, 2014. Prior events did not receive these bonuses.

What are the point levels for belt promotions?

The higher you proceed in belt level the more difficult it becomes for you to attain your next rank. The following chart represents the levels needed to attain belts and stripes.

  • White Belt: 0
  • White 1 Degree: 1,000
  • White 2 Degree: 2,000
  • White 3 Degree: 3,000
  • White 4 Degree: 4,000
  • Orange Belt: 5,000
  • Orange 1 Degree: 7,000
  • Orange 2 Degree: 9,000
  • Orange 3 Degree: 11,000
  • Orange 4 Degree: 13,000
  • Blue Belt: 15,000
  • Blue 1 Degree: 18,000
  • Blue 2 Degree: 21,000
  • Blue 3 Degree: 24,000
  • Blue 4 Degree: 27,000
  • Purple Belt: 30,000
  • Purple 1 Degree: 34,000
  • Purple 2 Degree: 38,000
  • Purple 3 Degree: 42,000
  • Purple 4 Degree: 46,000
  • Brown Belt: 50,000
  • Brown 1 Degree: 56,000
  • Brown 2 Degree: 62,000
  • Brown 3 Degree: 68,000
  • Brown 4 Degree: 74,000
  • Black Belt: 80,000
  • Black 1 Degree: 90,000
  • Black 2 Degree: 105,000
  • Black 3 Degree: 125,000
  • Black 4 Degree: 150,000
  • Black 5 Degree: 200,000
  • Black 6 Degree: 250,000
  • Black 7 Degree: 300,000
  • Black 8 Degree: 350,000
  • Coral Belt: 400,000
  • Red Belt: 850,000
  • Spider Belt: 1,200,000
  • Beyond: Known only to spider belts.

Do I lose points toward my next belt level for things like poor fight predictions, or people removing me from being followed, or giving me negative ratings on my forum posts?

No. Your belt progress only moves in one direction - forward.


What are Tapology's awards?

On Tapology you can unlock a variety of awards for your predictions, rankings, forum, and other site activity. Unlocking awards will showcase you as someone who is knowledgeable about MMA as well influential within the Tapology community. You can view your own awards and the awards of every other site member on the member profile pages.

What awards are available?

To see a complete list of all possible awards with descriptions of how to unlock them, you can visit the awards main page.

Can I hide or remove my awards?

No . . . why would you want to do that?


How do I use the sharing controls located under the 'share' buttons on the 'my fight predictions' and 'my rankings' pages?

Tapology includes easy-to-use tools for sharing and distributing your predictions and rankings elsewhere on the web. You can choose the approach that is most convenient for you.

By copying and pasting an 'image' string into your browser or other locations, a dynamic image of your prediction is rendered showing your (or someone else's) predictions for a particular fight. At the conclusion of the fight, the image will update to show the results of the prediction. By copying and pasting the 'embed' string, predictions and rankings can easily be embedded in your posts on other MMA forums and blogs. By copying and pasting the 'url' string at the bottom of the page, you can link directly to the page displaying a user's predictions and rankings. Finally, the 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' controls allow you to easily distribute your predictions and rankings via your accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Note that if you have elected to set your predictions as 'hidden,' the embeddable image will over-ride your setting and display your predictions. Do not embed the image if you want your predictions to remain private.


View the full Tapology Rankings FAQ page

The Tapology Forums

What makes the Tapology Forums different from other forums?

The Tapology Forums are custom built to handle one thing and one thing only - Combat Sports! The most important improvement we've made over traditional forums is to integrate ours with the rest of the site, so you'll see forum posts for a particular fighter, bout, event or ranking showing up on the fighter, bout and ranking pages. That makes it far easier to keep up with all the latest discussion, and find previous topics of interest to you. Not only do forum discussions show up throughout the site, the rest of the site shows up in the forum discussions. Your predictions and rankings autopopulate in threads, so if you're discussing the upcoming UFC title fight, everyone can know each other's predictions for the fight without having to retype them every time. That should help keep the trolls honest (at least a little bit).

We've spent a lot of time on other MMA forums. The discussions can be great, but there is also a lot of duplicate content, because topics are hard to locate and revisit. Sometimes the best stuff gets buried as a result. We hope we've improved things for the better, but you tell us.

Where can I find the rules for posting on the forums?

Right here.

How are the forums organized?

A forum is automatically generated for every fighter, bout, event and ranking on the site, so you can easily categorize your discussions around a given topic. If your conversation doesn't fall into one of these topics, you can also post to threads in the 'open' (uncategorized) forum, but these threads won't populate on fighter, bout, event and ranking pages, so fewer visitors will see them.

If I want to quickly see threads only about a certain topic, what's the best way to do that?

The 'search' link in the forums allows you to quickly search for the fighters, bouts, events and rankings forums of interest to you. You can also quickly navigate to a fighter, bout, event or ranking forum by entering the fighter, bout, event or ranking page and clicking on the corresponding forum link. Each forum then lists all the threads available in it, which you can sort to find discussions, or create your own.

Is there any way to get a list of my own forum activity?

Yes. If you are a registered user and logged in, just click on the red 'Forum Posts' link in the right column of almost any page on the website (if logged in). It will show you all your forum activity in a sortable format. You can also find a similar link on any other member's profile to see his or her forum activity. If you are already in the forums, you'll also notice shortcuts to 'My Posts' on the top of most pages.

There was an epic thread a few days ago, but now the newest ones are all on top. Is there an easy way to find it again?

It's easy to search for the most active discussions, and the most popular posts. Threads can be sorted either chronologically (the default view), or by the most active threads of the day, week, month or all time, as measured by the number of replies. The top posts can also be sorted by time period, as measured by the number of 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' they receive from other members. This type of sorting can be done for the entire forum, as well as for any individual forum topic.

Can I create new threads, and how do I do it?

New threads are easy to build, provided you are a registered member and logged in. Just enter the Tapology Forums and click on 'New Thread' from any forum page to create a thread. Clicking 'create new' will prompt you to select the forum to create your new thread in.

Unregistered site visitors cannot post to the forums, but they can navigate and view the discussions.

What is the point of the up and down buttons that are on the left of every post?

These buttons allow you to quickly rate the quality of the posts you are reading. The best and worst posts are then listed in the forums for you to check out later on. By awarding thumbs up ratings to good posts, you encourage good content from other site members, and you will also be helping them receive points towards their next belt level.

Using this feature is anonymous - no one can identify the specific posts you have rated 'up' or 'down' or which rating you have given a particular post. You can rate as many posts as you want. There are no number or frequency allotments, so don't be shy.

What is Post Score?

You can hover over the profile image of any forum post and "Post Score" will be listed on the panel of information that slides out. Post Score is a measure of the quality of that member's posts as determined by the number of up votes and down votes they have received across all of their forum activity. Post Score is calculated as follows:

Total number of thumbs up received minus the total number of thumbs down received, divided by total forum posts made. The resulting number is then multiplied by 100 to calculate a member's "Post Score." Confused yet? An example: Take a member who has made 10 forum posts, received 3 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down. This results in net votes of +2 (calculated: 3 - 1 = 2). This results in a Post Score of 20 (calculated: 2 / 10 * 100 = 20).

How do I get an image to appear next to each of my posts?

You can add an image by going to your user preferences page and adding an image to your profile. It will then show up beside all your forum posts. This is also known as an avatar, sometimes shortened to 'AV' by members talking in the forums.

How do I get a quote or signature to appear on the bottom of each of my posts?

You can add a quote by going to your user preferences page. Put something cool in the "Quote" field and we'll take care of the rest.

I've got a serious beef going with another site member. This dude needs to get banned. Can you do it for me?

Tapology has rules for user conduct - you can read them here - violations of which may result in user bans or suspensions. The rules apply everywhere on the site, however, we know the most likely place for problems to arise is on the forums, since people have strong opinions about MMA and the internet is kind of a crazy place.

If you believe that violations of Tapology's rules for user conduct have occurred, there are two things to do. The first is to identify offending posts you find throughout the forums by pressing the 'Report' button located on every post. That will alert us to take a look at the post. The second thing is to contact us with any issues or complaints - this is for issues that may not be apparent in a single post, like a course of conduct across multiple posts or other user behaviors that warrant further explanation.

With all of this being said, banning or suspending site members is the last thing we want to do, and we try to encourage users with disagreements that have boiled over to settle down and resolve them amicably (or at least stop talking to one another). We know you don't want to be babysat. We are also not in the business of getting involved - in let alone settling - disputes of fact or opinion on any matter. Therefore, please be judicious in bringing arguments to the site's attention.

How quickly will I get suspended or banned if I break the user conduct rules?

We don't want to ban anyone from the site. If you have a history of predictions, rankings, and other stuff, we don't want you to lose that because of one mistake. Instead, a moderator is far more likely to suspend your forum-posting privileges. Your privileges could be suspended for an hour, a day, a week, or maybe even longer, while you still keep the ability to use other parts of the website. Banning is preferred as a last resort. For more information on permissible forum behavior, read the rules for user conduct here.

Can I block or hide another user in the forums?

Yes, as outlined in the Following or Blocking Users section of this FAQ.


Does Tapology have forum moderators?

The majority of the time, Tapology's forums are completely self-policing and don't require moderation. Members act together to discourage unwanted behavior by setting an example and discussing issues as they come up. This has worked very well to date, and is typically all that's needed.

Tapology moderators exist as an added layer of protection. Moderators have the power to censor offending posts, and can alert Tapology if further action is required. Repeat offenders can be suspended in order to cool off for a period of hours or days. At this time, moderators cannot move threads to different forums, nor can they independently remove site accounts.

A handful of member-volunteers act as forum moderators, as does Tapology's founding team (as administrators, we can also suspend or remove accounts). You can recognize them by the gold lettering of their names in the forums; when you hover your mouse over them, it reads 'Moderator.' If necessary, you can leave a message on a moderator's profile page to get in touch with him or her.

How do you pick your moderators?

Our moderators volunteer for the job. It is unpaid. The site only requires a few at any given time and there are no set criteria for selecting them. We try to pick strong forum contributors who have a high belt level, show good judgment, and care about the site.

We have far more top-notch site members than we have slots for moderators. If you are interested in moderating and there are no more open positions available, be patient and space should eventually open up. We may periodically post a notice in the forums if we are looking for new mods or plan to rotate the current roster. Being selected as a moderator is not permanent. It is more like a tour of duty. It is also not a "ranking" -- that's what the belts and awards are for. It is simply an extra service some members provide, and it does not place them above other site members.

I'm a moderator. What should I be doing differently now?

Most of the time, nothing. Moderating the forums is only necessary in limited instances where repeated or serious problems are occurring. We at Tapology have found ourselves doing extremely little alteration of the ordinary flow of conversation in the forums.

As a moderator, remember: less is more. Members will resent a moderator on a "power trip," so don't be that guy. If there is an argument, ask the participants to calm down before taking action. Be ready and able to justify your actions publicly -- to Tapology, its members and yourself. It is only fair that if you censor a post or take action leading to a member being suspended, you be able to articulate why.

You should use discretion and let the little things slide. Look for big things, or for repeated patterns of behavior. Don't micro-manage. Don't play favorites. Don't get carried away. That's about all we can think of.

Moderators, please note: While they are written in the way of guidelines, the statements in this section are also the terms for you to act as a moderator on Tapology. By taking on the job, you agree to act consistent with the guidelines in this section during your time as a mod.

Ok, now I know what NOT to do as a moderator. What SHOULD I look out for?

You should familiarize yourself with the Prohibited Conduct section in our Terms of Use before moderating. The basic task is to enforce those rules. But you are also a regular contributor to the forums, so you know the issues that come up the most often are the ones to watch out for. Do not permit any posting of illegal MMA event streams, solicitations for them, or links to them. Do not permit serious but baseless accusations to be directed at a fighter -- for example, a claim that a fighter is "on steroids" -- without a well-reasoned defense supported by evidence. Do not permit pornographic posts or remarks that are racist, sexist, etc. (or direct links to such content).

An important and recurring issue is fighter-bashing. To be fair, fighter-bashing is a gray area in our Prohibited Conduct that is sometimes a violation of our Terms of Use and sometimes not, depending on the particulars. The bigger picture is that it is annoying and corrosive to the spirit of our forums, particularly when repeated unecessarily or when made excessively vulgar. Use your judgment when censoring excessive fighter-bashing; help keep the forums clean and positive but don't become the "thought police."

Lastly, thanks for being a moderator. You help not only the site but the sport.

Account Issues

I've been unfairly suspended or banned from Tapology - what can I do to get my account back?

We try to be fair about these circumstances and only use banning as a last resort. Unless you are causing a serious problem, you are far more likely to have certain site privileges suspended rather than be banned. In those situations you can contact Tapology if you want to have your situation reviewed. Overly aggressive, unwarranted, or threatening complaints made to our moderators through this contact form or any other means may result in further suspension of privileges. A banned account is final, with no recourse to have it reinstated.

I want to remove my account from Tapology.

If you would like us to remove your account, contact us to let us know. You must be logged into your account when sending this request. You must explicitly state that you want your account permanently removed.

Upon receiving such a request, a confirmation email will be sent to the account holder. Once confirmation has been received back from the account holder's email address, the account will be removed.

Please note that while a removed account's profile page, rankings, predictions, and other related pages will be removed, forum posts are permanent record and will still be a part of their respective threads.

I am a copyright holder and I have a copyright issue based on content posted on Tapology.

Tapology prohibits intentional copyright infringement by its users. It is Tapology's policy to comply with applicable provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, including Section 512 of the Act.

If you are the exclusive holder of a copyright that you believe has been infringed by a user and wish to seek removal of any Site content, please alert Tapology. Tapology's designated agent for handling claims of infringement can be reached by using the contact form. Include in your message the following information: identification of the web page url, including where applicable the forum, thread and post location, timestamp and author; the content which you believe is subject to copyright or a related right; and substantiation for your claim that you are the copyright or related right holder of record for the content in question, including information reasonably sufficient to allow Tapology to contact you. You must also indicate your good faith belief that use of the material in question is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law. You may also contact Tapology's designated agent for claims of infringement via e-mail at or in writing at the address available through the United States Copyright Office's online directory of Digital Millenium Copyright Act designated agents, found at

Tapology will review any such messages and take appropriate action, including, where necessary, responding expeditiously to remove, or disable access to, the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of the infringing activity. Tapology reserves the right to terminate (with or without notice) any Member's access to the Site if that Member is determined by Tapology to be a "repeat infringer." A "repeat infringer" is a Member who has been notified by Tapology of infringing activity more than once or who has had User Generated Content removed from the Site more than once.

Note that certain embedded images and videos that you see displayed on the forums and elsewhere throughout Tapology may not be stored on Tapology's servers or delivered to an end-user's client machine from Tapology. The material in these cases resides on the external servers of the source from which it was embedded. To ensure the proper and full removal of any copyrighted content you will need to contact and work with this external provider, as Tapology cannot control the distribution of such content.

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