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Completed MMA Bout

Cole Escovedo vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Preliminary Card | Bantamweight · 135 lbs | MMA

Takeya Mizugaki defeats Cole Escovedo via KO/TKO at 4:30 of Round 2

Mmaweekly large Takeya Mizugaki
Mmaweekly large Cole "The Apache Kid" Escovedo

Round 2

Takeya Mizugaki Cole Escovedo

"The Apache Kid"

14-6-2   Pro Record At Fight   17-7-0
Climbed to 15-6   Record After Fight   Fell to 17-8
-220 (Moderate Favorite)   Betting Odds   +185 (Slight Underdog)
Jp Japan   Nationality   Us United States
Hayama, Kanagawa, Japan   Fighting out of   Fresno, California
27 years, 9 months, 1 week, 1 day   Age at Fight   30 years, 3 weeks, 4 days
135.0 lbs (61.2 kgs)   Weigh-In Result   135.0 lbs (61.2 kgs)
5'7" (171cm)   Height   5'7" (171cm)
69.5" (177cm)   Reach   72.0" (183cm)
Shooting Gym Hakkei   Gym   Pacific Martial Arts
UFC 135
  • Bout Information
  • Event: UFC 135: Jones vs. Rampage
  • Date: Saturday 09.24.2011 at 09:00 PM ET
  • Referee: Adam Martinez
  • Venue: Pepsi Center
  • Enclosure: Octagon
  • Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Bout Billing: Preliminary Card (fight 2 of 10)
  • Pro/Am: Professional
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61.2 kg)
  • TV Commentary: Mike Goldberg, Joe Rogan
  • Broadcast: Aired Live on Prelims
  • Post-Fight Interviewer: Joe Rogan
  • Escovedo Total Disclosed Pay: None Disclosed
  • Mizugaki Total Disclosed Pay: None Disclosed
  • Event Links:
  • Bout Links:

Escovedo vs. Mizugaki Wiki Update Wiki

The second bout of UFC 135 featured Cole "Apache Kid" Escovedo taking on Takeya Mizugaki. Escovedo entered the fight at 0-1 in the UFC but 17-7 overall in his career. Mizugaki came into the fight at 3-4 in his combined WEC and UFC matches and at 14-6-2 overall.

Mizugaki was the early aggressor, coming forward with combinations as Escovedo circled away until trying to clinch up. A good inside low kick from Mizugaki and then a clinch against the fence. A good right handed by Mizugaki in the clinch, and then a takedown. Escovedo quickly made his way back up, landed an elbow, and jumped guard, searching for a triangle while Mizugaki was still standing. Mizugaki shook his way out of the submission attempt and separated a few moments later. A good clinch battle was being waged with both fighters landing good shots inside. Escovedo landed a powerful elbow but Mizugaki stayed in the pocket and attacked the body as the round ended.

Mizugaki caught a kick and tripped Escovedo to the ground to start round two, but did not follow his opponent down. Good exchanges over the next two minutes with Mizugaki landing good punches, Escovedo with good low kicks, and neither fighter in clear control. Escovedo hunted for a high kick on multiple occasions but missed, and Mizugaki found a home for his right hand to the head and to the body. A nice left hand sent Escovedo stumbling off-balance backwards onto his back, yet Mizugaki still avoided playing on the ground. The "Apache Kid" ate a brutal flurry of body shots, elbows and hooks in the clinch, with Mizugaki in control. Escovedo was dropped by a punch, looked nearly out, bounced up to his feet, and was dropped again for a TKO victory.

The official end came at 4:30 of the second round for Takeya Mizugaki's victory. Speaking in Japanese with Joe Rogan through his translator in the post-fight interview, Mizugaki commented, "I knew was Cole was very good fighting from his back, so my plan was to catch low kicks and hit him with punches... I know he's good at pulling guard, so I was very cautious about that."

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5 days and 47 minutes
わ、もう外明るいのね!!おはようございます!!#fb #ufc
3 days, 1 hour, and 2 minutes
最近思うことは、平日につかまりそうな友達が思い浮かばない…って当たり前なのか。。。もう27だしね… #fb #ufc
3 days and 59 minutes
3 days and 56 minutes
寝たの12時くらいなのにもう目がさめちゃって寝れない…時差ボケMAX!! #fb #ufc
2 days, 23 hours, and 2 minutes
I can't sleep.I have huge jet lag... #fb #ufc
2 days, 23 hours, and 33 seconds
帰国したらまたスゴイ円高が進んでる…凹む。。。 #fb #ufc
2 days, 8 hours, and 26 seconds
ブログを更新しました「UFC135日記1」 http://t.co/QkwDDprR
2 days, 5 hours, and 42 minutes
寝れない…試合終わってから飛行機でチョット寝ただけなのに。。。スーパー時差ボケの予感… #fb #ufc
1 day, 22 hours, and 3 minutes
海のニオイ♪葉山とうちゃく~☆疲れたけど最高の旅でした!! #fb #ufc
1 day, 18 hours, and 17 minutes
日本つきました!沢山のメッセージありがとうございます☆ヤッパリ勝っていい!! #fb #ufc
1 day, 14 hours, and 3 minutes
11 hours and 58 minutes
Thank you for support to me!! RT @DavidHalton: Second round TKO yes!!!!!!! @takeya_miz !!!!!!!!! HALEO!!
11 hours and 43 minutes
I won by KO!!!!!!Thank you for everyone who support me!!!!!!! #ufc135 #fb
11 hours and 36 minutes
勝った!!ホントうれしい!!!!応援してくれたみなさんありがとうございました!!!!!  #ufc135 #fb
11 hours and 26 minutes
計量前はもはやアリアーニちゃんより水でした・・・RT @bj_shooto: face off‥撮れなかったからこれで許して。 #ufc135 http://t.co/7OKLWThs  #fb #ufc135
17 hours and 28 minutes
計量後に飲みすぎて、初めてゲロった!!!五味さんに目撃されて笑われた。。。 #ufc135 #fb
17 hours and 33 minutes
計量パス!!今回は時間に余裕持ちすぎて最後に焦りました・・・集合時間に10分遅れ世界のトップファイターをまたせちゃいました(笑) #fb #ufc135
18 hours and 12 minutes
久々のMIZ-TVです。http://t.co/M8NlZoxu  #ufc135 #fb
2 days, 16 hours, and 53 minutes
チャンプとばったり遭遇!! http://t.co/YZzd8J6b #fb #ufc135
2 days, 17 hours, and 53 seconds
水垣の記事でてます。http://t.co/zeMIAgLy #ufc135 #fb
3 days, 3 hours, and 45 minutes
今日から水抜きに備えて塩分きをつけようかなぁっと思ったら朝から部屋にあったフライドポテト1こ食べたらとまらなくなってスゲー食っちゃった・・・なんでフライドポテトが部屋にあったかはヒミツ。。。 #fb #ufc135
3 days, 3 hours, and 47 minutes
ドナルド!!初めて言われますが完全に褒めてないよね・・・ RT @mikick_06: @takeya_miz なんかたけぞーマックのドナルドに似てきた…?
3 days, 18 hours, and 41 seconds
4 days, 2 hours, and 22 minutes
Done the my first job in the Denver. It was signing 150 posters. #fb #ufc135
4 days, 2 hours, and 39 minutes
ホテルの練習ルームがマークハントとランページとコスチェックと一緒!!会ったら写真とってもらおう(笑) http://t.co/RWe8B9AI #fb #ufc135
4 days, 5 hours, and 2 minutes
朝スタバ行ったらズッファのスーパーハイテンションスタッフ、バードさんと再開☆土曜の大会からすぐのデンバーで疲れてるみたいですが、「疲れてるってのはいいことだ!!」とのこと。。。名言!! #ufc135 #fb http://t.co/2sN5Xufb
4 days, 5 hours, and 7 minutes
Morning coffee in Denver!! http://t.co/dLak2s6X #fb #ufc135
4 days, 5 hours, and 14 minutes
5 days, 3 hours, and 53 minutes
ありがとうございます!! RT @krr_35tkm: @takeya_miz 頑張って下さい(*'▽'*) 
5 days, 5 hours, and 14 minutes
今年の格闘技界のMVPはメイウェザーにインタビューしたあのおっさんに決まりじゃないでしょうか?? #fb
5 days, 5 hours, and 40 minutes
おはようございます!!昨日は夜はすんなり寝れましたが昼寝爆睡のせいもあってか6時半にはばっちり起床してしまいました。今日もがんばりまーす!! #fb #ufc135
5 days, 5 hours, and 41 minutes
練習後に夕飯食べに今日の昼間に発見したタイ料理ぽいレストラン行ったらもうしまってて結局今日もメキシカン料理食べました。  #fb #ufc135
5 days, 15 hours, and 34 minutes
結局ホテルのジムでミットからサーキットまでやっちゃいました。。。しかもBJさんは上半身裸(笑) #fb #UFC135
5 days, 17 hours, and 3 minutes
昼ごはん食べてからチョット昼寝のつもりが爆睡してしまった。。。夜寝れるかな(笑)とりあえず動いてきまーす!! #fb #UFC135
5 days, 19 hours, and 19 minutes
6 days, 3 hours, and 50 minutes
朝トレ終了!!プレートをつけるマシンがあるのにプレートのないホテルのジムで動いてきました☆やっぱり気持ち1マイルハイは疲れるかも。。。早く慣れたいです!!このジム意外と広いスペースあるんでマット用意されるまでここでミットとかもやっちゃおかな♪ #fb #UFC135
6 days, 4 hours, and 14 minutes
@rikifukuda ありがとうございます!!がんばってきます!!!
6 days, 4 hours, and 20 minutes
おはようございます!!朝起きたら体重が減ってる☆うれしー!!ちょっと走ってきます! #fb #UFC135
6 days, 6 hours, and 17 minutes
ホテルでSPIKETVがみれるので只今UFC観戦中!!次はシールズの試合☆ #fb #UFC135
6 days, 17 hours, and 14 minutes
思ったよりデンバー寒いっす!! #fb #UFU
6 days, 17 hours, and 25 minutes
I just arrived in Denver!! #fb #UFC135
6 days, 20 hours, and 8 minutes
I just arrived in Solt Lake city!! I need few hours for Denver!
1 week, 1 hour, and 22 minutes
@caoluno ありがとうございます!!宇野さんの試合も楽しみにしています!!
1 week, 13 hours, and 44 minutes
I leave Japan today.I'm in Narira Air port right now!!I'm ready to the fight! #fb #ufc #ufc135
1 week, 15 hours, and 52 minutes
チェックインに長蛇の列。。。 http://t.co/qGiRji3k #fb #ufc
1 week, 15 hours, and 57 minutes
@micci1219judo ありがとうございます!!小見川さんにつなげます☆
1 week, 17 hours, and 40 minutes
引きこもりゲーマー水垣の今回の旅のおともはドラクエ4☆チョットだけやったけど楽しいかも☆ #fb #ufc
1 week, 18 hours, and 27 minutes
毎回試合に行くたびに思うことは、格闘技関係なく旅行で海外行きたい…まだ格闘技以外で海外行ったことないんです。。。 #fb #ufc
1 week, 18 hours, and 37 minutes
さてさて今日出発します。やります!!勝ちます!!!稼ぎます!!!! #fb #ufc
1 week, 19 hours, and 7 minutes
ブログを更新しました「出発です!」 http://t.co/lUTzmZ5A
1 week, 19 hours, and 25 minutes
さてさて今日もこれから低酸素室へ!ばっちこいデンバー!! #fb #ufc
1 week, 2 days, 12 hours, and 11 minutes
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