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  1. 1

    Leon "Rocky" Edwards
    Leon Edwards
    22-3-0, 1 NC
    1991 - England - UFC Champion
  2. 2

    Shavkat "Nomad" Rakhmonov
    Shavkat Rakhmonov
    1994 - Kazakhstan - UFC
  3. 3

    Kamaru "Nigerian Nightmare" Usman
    Kamaru Usman
    "Nigerian Nightmare"
    1987 - Nigeria - UFC
  4. 4

    Belal "Remember the Name" Muhammad
    Belal Muhammad
    "Remember the Name"
    23-3-0, 1 NC
    1988 - USA - UFC
  5. 5

    Shamil "The Silent Assassin" Musaev
    Shamil Musaev
    "The Silent Assassin"
    1994 - Russia - PFL

    Improved a lot during time off after being unable to get fights in KSW. Turned into an excellent counter puncher with some of the best spinning body kicks in the business. Counters really hard and has accuracy and power in everything he throws which he links into combination punching to boot. TDD is solid, able to hold off good wrestlers. Used to wrestle quite well offensively himself but unless he's against a really good striker I don't know that he'll bother. Blitzed his way through the regular season of the PFL in his first year there and looks like the favourite to take the 2024 title.

    Murad - Excellent job with the takedown defence. Getting down nice and low and pulling Murad up his body when he tries against the cage. Turns and kicks well on single legs, one time he was taken down he got his leg back well from the Dagi leg lace and worked up and turned and faced to avoid the sag. Sensible with the range of his striking, waited till his opponent go a bit tired and unleased a hook and showed usual killer instinct.
  6. 6

    Colby "Chaos" Covington
    Colby Covington
    1988 - USA - UFC
  7. 7

    Jack Della Maddalena
    Jack Della Maddalena
    1996 - Australia - UFC

    Burns - gets taken down a lot but relies on good scrambling to stay out of trouble and get back up. Worked pretty well even on a high level grappler like Burns. Good sub defence. Pressure and boxing on the feet what we knew it was. Good cardio and finishing instinct when hurt Burns.
  8. 8

    Albert "Einstein" Tumenov
    Albert Tumenov
    1991 - Russia - ACA Champion
  9. 9

    Yaroslav "Dynamo" Amosov
    Yaroslav Amosov
    1993 - Ukraine - Bellator
  10. 10

    Sean Brady
    Sean Brady
    1992 - USA - UFC
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    "The Future" Ian Machado Garry
    Ian Machado Garry
    "The Future"  |  15-0-0
    1997 - Ireland - UFC

    Former Cage Warriors champ has insane level of self-belief and now 8-0 in the UFC and probably quite close to a title eliminator. Finally seems to have found a long term training home at Chute Boxe.

    MVP - Lost on the feet as expected but shows will probably have to grapple if he wants to beat Wonderboy etc. Wrestling didn't look so good, ended up pulling MVP on him a little bit too much. Relied on back takes, attacked back really well in the first with body triangle and was very close to RNC but hanging on a bit more in the third. Didn't quite look title ready.
  13. 12

    Ramazan Kuramagomedov
    Ramazan Kuramagomedov
    1996 - Russia - Bellator Champion

    Spent ages trying to get into the UFC after a fight Dana didn't like on DWCS but eventually plumped for Bellator after a few years of waiting and rose pretty quickly through the ranks before becoming champion.

    Jackson - Mainly relied on his wrestling in this one and worked well as Jackson took too long to adjust. Fast level changes, looking to get down and lace legs, didn't do an awful lot damage wise but controlled position well for the first three rounds. Output on the feet not high but kept Jackson moving backwards and mixed in the leg kicks well. Fading a bit in the championship rounds but hung on for victory.
  14. 13

    Jason "The Ass-Kicking Machine" Jackson
    Jason Jackson
    "The Ass-Kicking Machine"  |  18-5-0
    1990 - Jamaica - Bellator

    Massive strides in his recent run to the Bellator title, had a period of winning via crotch sniffing for a while but then showed off some finishing potential in the upset title win against Amosov and against Cooper. Weird performance tactically in losing the title to Kuramagomedov

    Kuramagomedov - Think he had the wrong tactics in this one. Started off striking and then ended up defending takedowns when he's pretty good at them offensively, lost rounds on the back foot getting taken down, was doing a good job at getting his back to the cage and avoiding damage. Realised later on he could get his own takedowns and started doing so but too late to get back ahead on the cards. Cardio held up well.
  15. 14

    Gilbert "Durinho" Burns
    Gilbert Burns
    "Durinho"  |  22-7-0
    1986 - Brazil - UFC

    JDM - takedowns fine, threatened back takes well, struggled with the speed and pace of JDM a bit but doesn't look done or anything.
  16. 15

    Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson
    Stephen Thompson
    "Wonderboy"  |  17-7-1
    1983 - USA - UFC
  17. 16

    Geoff "Handz of Steel" Neal
    Geoff Neal
    "Handz of Steel"  |  15-6-0
    1990 - USA - UFC
  18. 17

    Roberto "Robocop" Soldić
    Roberto Soldić
    "Robocop"  |  20-4-0, 1 NC
    1995 - Croatia - ONE Championship
  19. 18

    Magomed Magomedkerimov
    Magomed Magomedkerimov
    1990 - Russia - PFL
  20. 19

    Magomed "Prince" Umalatov
    Magomed Umalatov
    "Prince"  |  16-0-0
    1992 - Russia - PFL

    Dude has been in the PFL for a few years now and is still undefeated there but due to a variety of reasons has always fallen out of the season and hasn't been able to take the title yet. Generally a bit untested but has now got a hard fought win over Koreshkov which really sticks out on his record. In the playoffs again and will be hoping for no visa issues or injuries this time around.

    Ward - Bit of a mismatch. Did get cracked once on the feet but instantly hit a double leg, controlled on the ground and then snapped up an anaconda when Ward made a mistake.
  21. 20

    Logan "Storm" Storley
    Logan Storley
    "Storm"  |  16-3-0
    1992 - USA - PFL

    Former Bellator interim champ is a very good wrestler, who likes to get pressure on and strike way into shots. Works fine against most people, good positionally on top, sometimes content to cruise there and could really do to do more damage. Kryptonite seems to be guys with really good TDD who start countering him well as he panics a bit and tries to get forward. Had a very hard time with that in both the Amosov and Musaev fights.

    Po**** - Boring win, got most takedowns he went for, got in some minor trouble with a couple of meme choke attempts but didn't really look like tapping, then got back to usual top riding without really doing much damage.
  22. 21

    Michael "Venom" Page
    Michael Page
    "Venom"  |  22-3-0
    1987 - England - UFC

    Close to the belt a couple of times in Bellator, moved over to the UFC before he had to end up in the PFL. Had been finally facing tough guys consistently later on in his Bellator run and continuing to do so in the UFC.

    Garry - Usual MVP, striking fast and excellent as you'd expect. Grappling more to survive than to try and get back up, so at risk of losing every round he ends up getting taken down in. Good sub defence on one very deep RNC and does punch a bit with guys on his back to at least try and get some damage points but needs some escapes from there. Pretty close fight either way.

    Holland - Liked MVP's foot sweeps off the turn in the clinch in this one. Threw spinning back elbow more than usual. Mitigated damage okay the couple of times he ended up on his back but Holland not really a wrestler. Usual MVP at range, hard to hit, super fast.
  23. 22

    Randy "Rudeboy" Brown
    Randy Brown
    "Rudeboy"  |  19-5-0
    1990 - Jamaica - UFC

    Extremely solid fighter over the past few years aside from getting run over by JDM. Very good on the feet, keeps range well (sometimes by eye poking) and has a snappy and solid jab and cross which makes it hard to get inside on him. Solid takedown defence against the fence if he can back up to there, if he does get taken down he's got a good degree of urgency to get back up. Was calm when ZDS had his back and was in real trouble with the RNC, never panicked and worked his way into a better situation. Protected back take pretty well until there was a better attempt at getting it.
  24. 23

    Murad Ramazanov
    Murad Ramazanov
    12-1-0, 1 NC
    1995 - Russia - PFL

    Big gorilla of a welterweight who enjoys a physical advantage over most people at the weight. Was a top guy in ONE but his career there kind of petered out, I'm not sure if that's because they didn't want him as champ or because he wanted to go elsewhere. Promising start to US career in first PFL season but brought down to Earth by Shamil Musaev who he now has to face again in the playoffs.

    Shamil - Tried everything he could to get the fight to the ground but couldn't get Shamil down despite a variety of attempts. Will probably work on most people. Out of his depth on the feet against a striker like this and got nuked.
  25. 24

    Joaquin "New Mansa" Buckley
    Joaquin Buckley
    "New Mansa"  |  19-6-0
    1994 - USA - UFC

    Moving down to 170 was a great decision for this dude as his strength and athleticism can still shine through while having less big reach discrepancies. Still pretty short even at this weight, but if he's getting countered trying to get inside quickly to deliver his power he's going to be facing less power coming back the other way. Runs through a double leg pretty well when he wants to wrestle and pretty strong at the weight. Good donkey kong style smash ground and pound.
  26. 25

    Boris Medvedev
    Boris Medvedev
    1992ish - Russia - RCC

    Omargadzhiev - taken down a couple of times by Gadzhi's sucking in single legs but able to brute force his way back up. Throws hard on feet as usual and generally dangerous as ****. Nasty elbows when on top and able to finish a grappler like Gadzhi with a rear crucifix into a rear naked choke. World class fighter.
  27. 26

    Rinat "Gladiator" Fakhretdinov
    Rinat Fakhretdinov
    "Gladiator"  |  23-2-1
    1991 - Russia - UFC
  28. 27

    Michael Morales
    Michael Morales
    1999 - Ecuador - UFC - Prospect (A+)
  29. 28

    Kevin "Trailblazer" Holland
    Kevin Holland
    "Trailblazer"  |  26-11-0, 1 NC
    1992 - USA - UFC

    Moonlighting between 170 and 185 again though I think 170 is the best weight class for him the dude likes to stay active. Good cardio and pace, decent striker but can be caught out when he tries to strike with guys who are better than him and not use his grappling. When he does use his grappling against strikers he generally does well as he has nice chokes and he's also good from his guard and has got wins with either strikes or subs from there. Problem is he quite often only finds himself with world class grapplers who want to be there. Still a solid all rounder who can give most people problems.

    MVP - couldn't deal with the speed of MVP, not good enough at wrestling to really force it. Frustrating night in a tough stylistic fight for him.
  30. 29

    Neil "Haitian Sensation" Magny
    Neil Magny
    "Haitian Sensation"  |  29-11-0
    1987 - USA - UFC
  31. 30

    Nicolas "Danish Dynamite" Dalby
    Nicolas Dalby
    "Danish Dynamite"  |  23-5-1, 2 NC
    1984 - Denmark - UFC
  32. 31

    Vicente "The Silent Assassin" Luque
    Vicente Luque
    "The Silent Assassin"  |  22-10-1
    1991 - Brazil - UFC
  33. 32

    Andrey "Spartan" Koreshkov
    Andrey Koreshkov
    "Spartan"  |  28-5-0
    1990 - Russia - PFL

    Former Bellator champion still fighting at a high level having been one of the most heralded guys outside the UFC for years. Matched up very tough in his first PFL season so didn't progress to the playoffs.

    Goiti - Kind of the good and bag of Koreshkov in this one. Straight punches, counters and spin kick to body looked great as usual. Dropped Goiti a few times as he tried to close the distance and cross looked hard and great. Takedown defence and separation still not great and ended up on his back and with Goiti on top of him too often. Once he's in either of those positions his escapes/get ups kind of suck.
  34. 33

    Lorenz "The Monsoon" Larkin
    Lorenz Larkin
    "The Monsoon"  |  26-8-0, 2 NC
    1986 - USA - PFL

    Dominguez - Levels fight, not sure why they booked Lorenz against this dude. Sat back against sloppy striking and countered well, taken down once but stiff armed up easily, put opponent on back by threatening ninja choke and then beat the **** out of him as he came up, easy work.
  35. 34

    Elizeu "Capoeira" Zaleski
    Elizeu Zaleski
    "Capoeira"  |  24-8-1
    1986 - Brazil - UFC

    Very good all round fighter with ability both on the feet and on the ground. Found the length of Brown a bit difficult, had to kind of leap in to try and make connection so might have an issue with long guys he can't take down too easily. Good from back body lock if he can get there and has good top BJJ, likes to look for the back and attacks chokes well. Takedowns against the fence from the front not so good.
  36. 35

    Abdoul "Lazy King" Abdouraguimov
    Abdoul Abdouraguimov
    "Lazy King"  |  18-1-0, 1 NC
    1995 - France - PFL

    Grant - Tough test for Lazy King, would have subbed most people I think but Jack insanely hard to submit. Throws leg kicks on feet but didn't look entirely comfortable although hooks not too bad. Still a bit prone to throwing something stupid and ending up on the bottom in a bad position, able to work way out and get on top against Jack eventually, but it might come to a point where he's in with someone who holds him there.
  37. 36

    "The Leech" Jingliang Li
    Jingliang Li
    "The Leech"  |  19-8-0
    1988 - China - UFC
  38. 37

    Adrian "Bartos" Bartosiński
    Adrian Bartosiński
    "Bartos"  |  16-0-0
    1995 - Poland - KSW Champion - Prospect (B+)

    Seems to have done everything he can do in KSW really. Physically an absolute unit, hits hard, comes straight at guys, usually goes thud, thud and into the offensive wrestling against the cage Has pretty strong leglocks and subs from the bottom. Fight against Igor was a little closer than I expected, was getting taken down more than I thought he would, but pulled out a kneebar.
  39. 38

    Zebaztian "The Bandit" Kadestam
    Zebaztian Kadestam
    "The Bandit"  |  15-7-0
    1990 - Sweden - ONE Championship
  40. 39

    Gabriel "Marretinha" Bonfim
    Gabriel Bonfim
    "Marretinha"  |  16-1-0
    1997 - Brazil - UFC - Prospect (A)

    Loosa - mostly solid performance against a tough guy, seems to have been working on the cardio as it held up well at altitude. Mainly boxing but doing it well both on front and back foot with the odd leg kick thrown in. TDD still needs work although it's not bad as such, was jumping gillies when it was apparent Loosa could defend them, did show good urgency to get back up though
  41. 40

    Abubakar Vagaev
    Abubakar Vagaev
    1993 - Russia - ACA

    Esengulov - is just a very solid fighter. TDD super solid, ready entries easily and used his low blocks and underhooks to shrug them off without much difficulty. Stayed on gas on the feet and used jab, solid cross and good knees up the middle to beat Esengulov up. Good pressure and pace throughout. Wrestling was there when he wanted to use it. Comfortable win.
  42. 41

    Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson
    Gunnar Nelson
    "Gunni"  |  19-5-1
    1988 - Iceland - UFC
  43. 42

    Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov
    Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov
    1991 - Russia - ACA
  44. 43

    Goiti Yamauchi
    Goiti Yamauchi
    1993 - Brazil - PFL

    Move to 170 has generally gone pretty well for long term Bellator vet. Carries speed and power at the weight to go with his BJJ. Unlucky to get caught and injured in the MVP fight and the only guy to really outclass him at the weight is Koreshkov.

    Koreshkov - Probably the most I've seen him struggle with the size of an opponent since moving to 170. Dropped multiple times as he tried to close the distance. More interested in trying to sweep rather than trying to protect himself when he's hurt but got away with it when could easily have been finished. Back takes and top control still fine, especially good at back control if he can get there and grab a body triangle. Hit that nice trip from behind straight into the back take too. Fairly clear loss on damage.
  45. 44

    Bryan "The Butcher" Battle
    Bryan Battle
    "The Butcher"  |  10-2-0, 1 NC
    1994 - USA - UFC - Prospect (B+)

    Loosa - looking really good before the no contest. Getting pressure on, managing range really well, using great variety of offence, punches, kicks and knees. Stronger in the clinch and not letting Ange into the fight. Looking like he's improving all the time.
  46. 45

    Carlos "The Lion" Leal
    Carlos Leal
    "The Lion"  |  21-5-0
    1994 - Brazil - LFA

    Former LFA champ who went onto PFL and did really well there, beating a lot of really good fighters, only ever losing twice in the semi finals to Sy. Then released for some bizarre reason and back in LFA. PFL's loss should be UFC's gain if they have any sense.

    Mena - very easy win over opponent that didn't look anywhere near his level. Matched into range, started unloading with punches and hard leg kicks. Defended takedowns easily didn't engage on the ground when Mena tried to pull guard and then just trashed him. Opponent very quickly looked like he didn't want to be in there with him.
  47. 46

    Daniel "D-Rod" Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez
    "D-Rod"  |  17-5-0
    1986 - USA - UFC

    Gastelum - At a size disadvantage after Gastlelum played games with the weight cut. Boxing still looked really good, with good combo punching where he's mixing levels and cracking the body and head. Good level of output but tendency to move back towards the fence got him cornered a few times. Solid chin and didn't look washed to me, got up quite well early in the fight but found it harder later. Still think he has something to offer.
  48. 47

    Khaos "The Oxfighter" Williams
    Khaos Williams
    "The Oxfighter"  |  15-3-0
    1994 - USA - UFC

    Returned to KO form against Harris having not had as many lately. Showed when he times one and lands clean he can still tear guys from conciousness. Takes his time to set it up with jabs to the body.
  49. 48

    Nursulton "Black" Ruziboev
    Nursulton Ruziboev
    "Black"  |  34-9-2, 2 NC
    1993 - Uzbekistan - UFC

    Handled cut to 170 fine for the Buckley fight, didn't seem to be an issue cardio wise, just out skilled and wasn't able to compete physically against one of the few guys in the division that cutting down probably isn't going to give you much of a strength advantage over. Can be taken down but hits hard, snaps up necks and armbars off his back and is a dangerous finisher all round.
  50. 49

    Carlston "Moçambique" Harris
    Carlston Harris
    "Moçambique"  |  19-6-0
    1987 - Guyana - UFC

    Dangerous dude, really good from front headlock and has an especially good anaconda and d'arce so tough to shoot on incase you get stuck there. Striking doesn't always look pretty but he has solid power and he's knocked guys out before. Throws a weird down chopping right hand which kind of scoops downwards. Just got clipped against Khaos which you can't do.
  51. 50

    Saygid Izagakhmaev
    Saygid Izagakhmaev
    1994 - Russia - Free Agent
  52. 51

    Baysangur "Baki" Chamsoudinov
    Baysangur Chamsoudinov
    "Baki"  |  8-0-0
    2001 - France - PFL - Prospect (A)

    Doumbe - looked decent on the feet, jab worked pretty well even against Doumbe although seemed to be limiting his striking to avoid the wrestling. Usual good mat returns, bit of a lack of control from Baki struggling to control someone as athletic as Cedric. Nice and patient.
  53. 52

    Chersi "Borz" Dudaev
    Chersi Dudaev
    "Borz"  |  17-2-0
    1989 - Russia - ACA
  54. 53

    Cédric "Le Meilleur" Doumbé
    Cédric Doumbé
    "Le Meilleur"  |  6-1-0
    1992 - France - PFL - Prospect (A-)

    Willis - One of the best kickboxers on the planet and adapting well to MMA. Obviously standing he's going to beat just about anyone. Has power on the feet and as such his kickboxing translates well. Adapted striking well to MMA by keeping face forward so can keep a low stance to allow him to sprawl well and tries to tempt guys to throw at him so he can counter hard.

    Chamsoudinov - better at defending grappling than I thought he would be. Striking obviously good, didn't throw kicks much, trying to counter by drawing strikes from Baki out well, good at seperating hands Leon style, good at getting up athletically and cardio held up pretty well even with all the get ups. Uses butterfly hooks well to create space.
  55. 54

    Eldar Eldarov
    Eldar Eldarov
    1991 - Bahrain - BRAVE
  56. 55

    Neiman Gracie
    Neiman Gracie
    1988 - Brazil - PFL

    I don't think his striking is ever quite going to get there but he keeps working at it with Cordero. Was pretty successful in Bellator, having had a world title fight against Rory and several main events. Current nemesis Goiti Yamauchi prevented him from getting to the playoffs in his first PFL season. Still the most competent of the current generation of Gracies (even though he isn't really a Gracie)

    Madge - Striking looked weak in this one, didn't seem to have anything behind it. Was telegraphing entries a lot but fortunately Madge wasn't defending the single leg well so he was able to get that repeatedly and it looked to be his best takedown. As good on top as you'd expect him to be. Madge able to create some space using butterflies early but very good at floating on top and gradually settled him down as the fight went on even if he didn't do a massive amount of damage. Clear decision win,
  57. 56

    Jake "The Celtic Kid" Matthews
    Jake Matthews
    "The Celtic Kid"  |  20-7-0
    1994 - Australia - UFC

    Mostly getting more consistent if we ignore the loss to Semelsberger. Jake's gradually developed into one of those fighters who's just pretty good everywhere without really being exceptional at anything. His boxing and leg kicks are solid, his output and cardio are good, he's very scrappy and willing to throw down, come into the pocket and fire hard. He can wrestle a bit and his BJJ on top is pretty good also. Has some issues getting past long strikers I think. Morales was a problem when he unloaded and Rowe also was but he kind of gave Jake the fight by shooting on him for some reason.
  58. 57

    Santiago "Argentine Dagger" Ponzinibbio
    Santiago Ponzinibbio
    "Argentine Dagger"  |  29-8-0
    1986 - Argentina - UFC

    Salikhov - still game not as quick as he used to be and maybe slightly chinny. Still wants to walk guys back towards the cage so he can unleash but seems to lack some of the impetus to get them there that he had so stands in a neutral range a lot. Read entries fine and got a couple of doubles of his own. Close fight but just edged it for me.
  59. 58

    Muslim "King of Kung Fu" Salikhov
    Muslim Salikhov
    "King of Kung Fu"  |  20-5-0
    1984 - Russia - UFC

    Ponzi - bit slow and predictable for me. Spins are a little telegraphed, moves back a lot, mainly throws hooks. Entries are awful when he looked to take it to the mat. Still a pretty close fight which I thought he just lost.
  60. 59

    Phil "The Fresh Prince" Rowe
    Phil Rowe
    "The Fresh Prince"  |  10-5-0
    1990 - USA - UFC

    Frustrating guy sometimes, has a lot of ability but makes a lot of poor decisions. He's got a good jab and piston like cross, when he can come forward and back guys towards the cage and unload those weapons he can look great, he's good at deflecting oncoming attacks with his arms too. On the flipside he takes a while to get going and is too low output. Sometimes decides he wants to grapple which he really shouldn't even though I get he's been training it a lot it should be a last resort for him. Wrestling is awful and he can end up putting himself in bad positions with it and although his grappling has improved he still makes a lot of mistakes there.
  61. 60

    Samandar Murodov
    Samandar Murodov
    1999 - Tajikistan - UAE Warriors - Prospect (A-)
  62. 61

    Uzair Abdurakov
    Uzair Abdurakov
    1995 - Russia - ACA

    Koshkin - is better than I thought he was and can clearly hang at this kind of level. Struggled to hold Koshkin down, but happy to pile forward and swing big overhands on his way to get into the clinch which looked like they had real power on them. Got a bit overzealous with the knee for a point deduction, but overall I felt he fought well in a close, really good fight.
  63. 62

    Kamal Magomedov
    Kamal Magomedov
    1991 - Russia - BRAVE Champion
  64. 63

    Andrey Koshkin
    Andrey Koshkin
    1990 - Russia - ACA

    Abdurakov - doing what he does. Fighting off takedowns, staying on his feet against the cage and trying to separate and get to space so he can swing those hammers. Did well landing on a persistent opponent in this one.
  65. 64

    Carlos "The Nightmare" Prates
    Carlos Prates
    "The Nightmare"  |  19-6-0
    1993 - Brazil - UFC

    Radtke - Takes a minute to get going in a lot of fights but is a handful when he does. Has really solid leg kicks and good long accurate power strikes with a good variety of things he can hurt people with including the knees to the body. I like the way he reaches out to tie up hands to find openings to throw his own stuff. Upper body TDD is alright so at least takes a half decent wrestler to take him down. Can be hit a bit himself if someone can get inside on him without falling victim to the knees.
  66. 65

    Igor Michaliszyn
    Igor Michaliszyn
    1996 - Poland - KSW

    Very strong and roided. Good pickups and dumps, able to do it to even someone like Bartosinski. Pretty solid when gets on top and some decent boxing when on the back foot with decent power. Was doing quite well in KSW title fight until he got kneebarred.
  67. 66

    Mike "Proper" Malott
    Mike Malott
    "Proper"  |  10-2-1
    1991 - Canada - UFC
  68. 67

    Mounir "The Sniper" Lazzez
    Mounir Lazzez
    "The Sniper"  |  11-3-0
    1987 - Tunisia - Free Agent
  69. 68

    Levan Chokheli
    Levan Chokheli
    13-2-0, 1 NC
    1996 - Georgia - Bellator
  70. 69

    Ange "The Last Ninja" Loosa
    Ange Loosa
    "The Last Ninja"  |  10-4-0, 1 NC
    1993 - Switzerland - UFC

    Bonfim - tried wrestling early some success getting down but Bonfim was getting up well. Seems to have a stocky neck you can't really jump gilly on. A step behind a faster longer guy in the striking but I don't think he did too badly, just in with a good striker. Seems very durable

    Battle - couldn't really get into the fight. Couldn't get into the right range to make any of his offence work. Took an out.
  71. 70

    Niko "The Hybrid" Price
    Niko Price
    "The Hybrid"  |  16-7-0, 2 NC
    1989 - USA - UFC

    I thought his chin was completely gone but he did eat a few shots from Morono without issue although Alex isn't the biggest puncher. Does a lot of stupid stuff in the grappling at times but is usually able to muscle his way out of things. Output not great but does crack pretty hard, cardio is good as can kind of keep a spazzy pace going Dricus style although I'm not sure he beats Alex if you give Alex a full camp.
  72. 71

    Alex "The Great White" Morono
    Alex Morono
    "The Great White"  |  24-10-0, 1 NC
    1990 - USA - UFC

    Fell apart uncharacteristically against Niko but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for that being an anomaly for now. Generally he's just a technically solid guy who's about as good as you can get while lacking athleticism like he does. Technically good everywhere, solid striking which is simple but effective. Good off his back and attacks subs from there, good on top and takes the back well. Can make up the athleticism difference to an extent but always going to have a problem with really explosive guys.

    McGee - sneaky decent on feet, good pull counters. Head hunted a little bit, was a little too happy to stay on back and play subs in the 2nd against a guy who's tough to sub. Good cardio, able to keep pace well for three rounds.
  73. 72

    Adlan Bataev
    Adlan Bataev
    1993 - Russia - ACA
  74. 73

    Zhakshylyk "Kyrgyz Bars" Myrzabekov
    Zhakshylyk Myrzabekov
    "Kyrgyz Bars"  |  12-2-0
    1999 - Kyrgyzstan - ACA

    Aleksakhin - Extremely boring but very effective. Has a good double leg and is good at controlling legs on the side of the cage, whatever position his opponent is in he's picking their legs up to stop them getting a decent base and it just looks annoying. Doesn't really strike much but even if he's getting a bit tired from all the wrestling he'll back up into the cage and play possum a bit to get a connection. Going to have issues with good wrestlers who are better strikers than him.
  75. 74

    Michael "Maverick" Chiesa
    Michael Chiesa
    "Maverick"  |  16-7-0
    1987 - USA - UFC
  76. 75

    Trevin "The Problem" Giles
    Trevin Giles
    "The Problem"  |  16-6-0
    1992 - USA - UFC
  77. 76

    Nikolay Aleksakhin
    Nikolay Aleksakhin
    29-8-0, 1 NC
    1991 - Russia - ACA

    Myrzabekov - Very disappointing return to ACA as he got absolutely grapple******. Always been a good fighter on the feet but now he's in ACA he really needs to work at get ups and separating if he's going to have any success there.
  78. 77

    Khusein Khaliev
    Khusein Khaliev
    1988 - Russia - ACA
  79. 78

    Max "Pain" Griffin
    Max Griffin
    "Pain"  |  20-10-0
    1985 - USA - UFC
  80. 79

    Abubakar Nurmagomedov
    Abubakar Nurmagomedov
    1989 - Russia - Free Agent
  81. 80

    Punahele "Puna" Soriano
    Punahele Soriano
    "Puna"  |  10-4-0
    1992 - USA - UFC

    Baeza - Looked like he should have made the switch to 170 years ago. Where he was strong and solid but met his physical match a lot at 185 he's now equally as strong and powerful fighting smaller guys. Made the weight easily and his cardio looked really good, maintained a high rate of ground and pound throughout the fight. I like the way he gets a waist grip as a guy tries to come up and throws heavy shots in. Defended heel hook attempt by just smashing his way out of it. Would have got finish with most refs.
  82. 81

    Edil "Issyk-Kul Dragon" Esengulov
    Edil Esengulov
    "Issyk-Kul Dragon"  |  24-6-1
    1998 - Kyrgyzstan - ACA

    Vagaev - couldn't deal with this level of opponent really, entries too obvious. Put on back foot most of the fight. Did look okay when got on front foot, but didn't get there often enough. Good escapes from bottom when ended up there before got tired in champ rounds.
  83. 82

    "Gifted" Gabe Green
    Gabe Green
    "Gifted"  |  11-5-0
    1993 - USA - UFC
  84. 83

    Tahir "Tank" Abdullaev
    Tahir Abdullaev
    "Tank"  |  17-2-0
    1997 - Azerbaijan - UAE Warriors Champion - Prospect (B)

    Just a brute. Piles forward trying to hurt people, throws huge bombs, tries to ragdoll people around and looks for ground and pound and rags chokes. Very physical guy to deal with who'll break people if they can't get him off them. Great win to break Alkhasov to take the UAE Warriors title. Only real knock I've seen on him is he looked really frustrated and didn't seem to know what to do when Josh Togo just stayed on the back foot, picked at him and didn't engage him physically, didn't seem to have a way to force himself on that style.
  85. 84

    Jack Grant
    Jack Grant
    1992 - England - PFL

    Leary - looked pissed off and just launched Leary through the air and then smashed him out. Very easy work.

    Abdouraguimov - sub defence is brilliant, not tapping in things that looked deep but sometimes seemed a bit too content to not get tap rather than improve position and probably lost a couple of rounds due to that. Looked the better fighter on the feet.
  86. 85

    Cezary Oleksiejczuk
    Cezary Oleksiejczuk
    2000 - Poland - FEN Champion - Prospect (B+)
  87. 86

    Luca Poclit
    Luca Poclit
    1989 - Moldova - PFL

    Got given an opportunity by Bellator after a solid run on the local regionals and made the most of it compiling a 3-0 record in the promotion before being moved over to PFL. Loves throwing up meme subs but couldn't manage to get anything going on a guy like Storley but that was a massive step up.

    Storley - Tough one for him, takedown defence isn't good enough to deal with a high level wrestler like Logan. Does have some creative scramble and sub attempts and got semi close to a potential finish with a couple but other than that just stuck on his back for 85% of the fight.
  88. 87

    Shakhban Alkhasov
    Shakhban Alkhasov
    1996 - Russia - UAE Warriors - Prospect (B)

    Cruised in his career up until he ran into Tahir Tank. When he's got things going his own way he has lovely wrestling, good back takes, very calm and sharp strikes and generally looks like a potential top guy. When Tank started pouring stuff back at him though he either completely collapsed mentally or death gassed and just completely fell out of the fight. Need to see an improvement on that.
  89. 88

    Chidi "Bang Bang" Njokuani
    Chidi Njokuani
    "Bang Bang"  |  23-10-0, 1 NC
    1988 - USA - UFC
  90. 89

    Anatoliy "Undisputed" Boyko
    Anatoliy Boyko
    "Undisputed"  |  12-2-0
    1998 - Russia - ACA
  91. 90

    Chris "Breezy the Future" Brown
    Chris Brown
    "Breezy the Future"  |  10-4-0
    1989 - USA - PFL
  92. 91

    Uros "The Doctor" Medic
    Uros Medic
    "The Doctor"  |  10-2-0
    1993 - Serbia - UFC
  93. 92

    Trey "The Truth" Waters
    Trey Waters
    "The Truth"  |  9-1-0
    1995 - USA - UFC

    Long languid style of fighting, keeps hands very low, but pretty calm under fire. Sharp counters with some pop on them and has decent tall man TDD against the fence. Has a sneaky standing guillotine when guys shoot on him, handled pace of an insane fight against Goff as well as could be reasonably expected.
  94. 93

    Aleksandr "Ural Gangster" Grozin
    Aleksandr Grozin
    "Ural Gangster"  |  25-4-1
    1996 - Russia - Nashe Delo
  95. 94

    Jeremiah Wells
    Jeremiah Wells
    1986 - USA - UFC
  96. 95

    Preston "Pressure" Parsons
    Preston Parsons
    "Pressure"  |  11-4-0
    1995 - USA - UFC
  97. 96

    Nikolay Veretennikov
    Nikolay Veretennikov
    1989 - Kazakhstan - United Fight League Champion

    US based Kazakh killer who usually gets the job done early, won the UFL grand prix with three early finishes. Gets wins both by strikes and by sub, hits hard and grapples well. Unlucky to run into Michael Morales on the Contender Series and is a UFC level guy for me.
  98. 97

    Jaleel "The Realest" Willis
    Jaleel Willis
    "The Realest"  |  16-6-0
    1992 - USA - Bellator

    Running into some tough competition lately in the likes of Ramazan and Doumbe. Has that one great night where he was able to keep it on the feet and beat Crutcher with good boxing, but once he gets to the top level he seems like he's not quite good enough at grappling to stop good grapplers and not quite good enough at striking to beat good strikers.
  99. 98

    Tim "The Dirty Bird" Means
    Tim Means
    "The Dirty Bird"  |  33-16-1, 1 NC
    1984 - USA - UFC
  100. 99

    Gadzhi Omargadzhiev
    Gadzhi Omargadzhiev
    1993 - Russia - RCC

    Medvedev - likes to throw hard if not technical and then jump on a single and try and pull the other leg in to sneak on top, pretty good at that, Medvedev too tanky for him, but looked okay.
  101. 100

    Viskhan "The Khan of Gudermes" Magomadov
    Viskhan Magomadov
    "The Khan of Gudermes"  |  12-4-0
    Russia - ACA
  102. 101

    Sam "The Future" Patterson
    Sam Patterson
    "The Future"  |  11-2-1
    1996 - England - UFC - Prospect (B)
  103. 102

    Matthew "Semi The Jedi" Semelsberger
    Matthew Semelsberger
    "Semi The Jedi"  |  11-7-0
    1992 - USA - UFC
  104. 103

    Bassil "The Habibi" Hafez
    Bassil Hafez
    "The Habibi"  |  9-4-1
    1992 - USA - UFC

    I do think the JDM fight made him look a bit better than he is as JDM basically let him into the fight a lot but he's still decent and has shown he might have the potential to transfer over from being a solid regional guy into being a solid UFC guy. He's good at following his jab up with a hard overhand, but he is a bit repetitive with that combo and throws it far more than anything else. He's got decent offensive double legs and he's solid on top, if he gets taken down himself he has a good urgency to get back up. He does slow down a bit later in fights and gets a bit sloppier once he gets to that stage. Definitely a better fighter than when he was losing splits to Evan Cutts though.
  105. 104

    "Super Saiyan" Taiyilake Nueraji
    Taiyilake Nueraji
    "Super Saiyan"  |  10-1-0, 1 NC
    2001 - China - WKG - Prospect (A-)

    Absolute ******* lunatic who likes to murder people then lick their blood off himself. Recklessly aggressive but ridiculously exciting. Tries to take dudes heads off with just about everything he throws so who knows how that's going to translate to the UFC but it'd be fun as **** to find out. Looks like he'll just create car crashes and see if he can get the other guy to die before him. Only loss is to Meng Ding who's the best Chinese welterweight.

    Shimchenko -Hits hard with long big swings and really good spinning elbows. Double unders and sprawl held up fine against an okay Russian, also hit a good bodylock trip before trying to absolutely murder the poor guy with ground and pound be it hard elbows or punches crashing down from his feet. Has a bit of BJJ too as set up a nice armbar from mount for the finish.

  106. 105

    Don "Magic Man" Madge
    Don Madge
    "Magic Man"  |  11-5-1
    1990 - South Africa - PFL

    Went undefeated in the UFC at 155 but left due to struggling to get fights and then joined PFL and eventually went up to 170 where he's a bit undersized. Qualified for the playoffs by virtue of finishing a near retirement Brennan Ward despite being dominated by Gracie due to the PFL's weird format

    Neiman - Didn't really look like there was a gap in striking in this one but that might have been due to the threat of the takedown. Decent early on the bottom, was using butterfly hooks well to create space and got a decent leglock entry but nothing doing on Neiman. Single leg defence let him down and gradually got settled down as the fight went on for a frustrating looking clear loss.
  107. 106

    Joilton "Peregrino" Lutterbach
    Joilton Lutterbach
    "Peregrino"  |  38-10-0, 1 NC
    1992 - Brazil - Karate Combat
  108. 107

    Danny "LeftHand2God" Barlow
    Danny Barlow
    "LeftHand2God"  |  8-0-0
    1995 - USA - UFC - Prospect (B-)
  109. 108

    Thad "The Silverback" Jean
    Thad Jean
    "The Silverback"  |  7-0-0
    1998 - USA - PFL - Prospect (B+)

    Big for weight, nice sniping striking, good power, calm and waits for opportunities well Good straight punches and high kick. Clearly beating the lower level guys he's fought, seems ready to take on a higher level of competition, should be in the 2025 PFL season.
  110. 109

    Raimond Magomedaliev
    Raimond Magomedaliev
    1990 - Russia - Eagle FC
  111. 110

    Felix Klinkhammer
    Felix Klinkhammer
    Germany - Ares - Prospect (B)
  112. 111

    Nikola Joksović
    Nikola Joksović
    1994 - Serbia - FNC Champion - Prospect (B)

    Negucic - Good straight punches and seems to have some power on them, is a little bit sloppy and overswings at times but defensively decent and keeps his hands very high. Marks opponents up well. Mixes striking with level changes into a double or single quite well, sometimes takes a while to be able to drag guys down. Tight on top once he does get there and with a good arm triangle. Probably deserves a shot in the UFC to see how he does.
  113. 112

    Anderson "Astro da Maldade" Nascimento
    Anderson Nascimento
    "Astro da Maldade"  |  17-3-0, 1 NC
    1986 - Brazil - Jungle Fight Champion

    Very physical dude who's a late bloomer and seems to be peaking in his late 30's. Strong BJJ, solid chin and comes forward behind hard shots to get into his grappling. Wore out and finished an undefeated Cesar Mendes to take the Jungle Fight belt.

    Mendes - kind of tanky, pushed a good pace and did a lot of culimative damage over the course of the fight against a game opponent. Gradually worse him down and stopped him. TDD suspect but BJJ and get ups seem fine. Strength advantage and able to muscle stuff and be in opponents face constantly.
  114. 113

    Billy Goff
    Billy Goff
    1998 - USA - UFC

    This dude does not give a single **** and I love it. Looks like an absolute nightmare to fight. Doesn't have good defence and is prone to getting countered but he is just going to pile at you at a high pace as long as he can trying to knock you out. Obviously gets tired doing that, but he makes the pace of the fight so tough that it's hard to see both guys not being gassed. Has pretty good, fast kicks too which he throws hard to the leg and a very nice front kick to the chin.
  115. 114

    Kyle Crutchmer
    Kyle Crutchmer
    1993 - USA - PFL
  116. 115

    Oban "The Welsh Gangster" Elliott
    Oban Elliott
    "The Welsh Gangster"  |  10-2-0
    1997 - Wales - UFC
  117. 116

    Jonny "The Sluggernaut" Parsons
    Jonny Parsons
    "The Sluggernaut"  |  9-3-0
    1991 - USA - UFC
  118. 117

    Kaik Brito
    Kaik Brito
    1997 - Brazil - UFS - Prospect (C)
  119. 118

    Danny "Hot Chocolate" Roberts
    Danny Roberts
    "Hot Chocolate"  |  18-8-0
    1987 - England - UFC
  120. 119

    Themba "The Answer" Gorimbo
    Themba Gorimbo
    "The Answer"  |  13-4-0
    1991 - Zimbabwe - UFC

    Doing better than I thought he would in the UFC but still not sure he's that good. Quite good wrestling against people who aren't really good wrestlers but going to find it harder with people that are, does have some pop on the feet. Likes cage grinding where needs to.
  121. 120

    Temirkhan "Tank" Temirkhanov
    Temirkhan Temirkhanov
    "Tank"  |  10-1-0
    1998 - Russia - RCC - Prospect (B)
  122. 121

    Kevin "Air" Jousset
    Kevin Jousset
    "Air"  |  10-2-0
    1993 - France - UFC
  123. 122

    "Chuck Buffalo" Charles Radtke
    Charles Radtke
    "Chuck Buffalo"  |  9-4-0
    1990 - USA - UFC

    Prates - can mix things up, throws left hook hard, struggled with leg kicks. A bit too much of a generalist against a specialist. Takedowns weren't quite good enough
  124. 123

    Rhys "Skeletor" McKee
    Rhys McKee
    "Skeletor"  |  13-6-1
    1995 - Northern Ireland - UFC
  125. 124

    Bojan "Serbian Steel" Veličković
    Bojan Veličković
    "Serbian Steel"  |  25-12-2
    1988 - Serbia - Oktagon
  126. 125

    Andreas "The Spartan" Michailidis
    Andreas Michailidis
    "The Spartan"  |  16-8-0
    1988 - Greece - Oktagon
  127. 126

    Geovanis "Fênix" Palacios
    Geovanis Palacios
    "Fênix"  |  7-0-0
    1996 - Cuba - LFA - Prospect (B+)

    Cuban suplex machine training at Fight Nerds in Brazil. Very strong and talented wrestler, one of the few guys who seems to be able to legitimately suplex dudes in MMA although he does need to work on controlling them afterwards. Stand up style is similar to Borralho although he isn't as evasive yet, seems to be able to take a shot though. Explosive with own striking yet and when gets timing down on it I think he'll be cracking guys.
  128. 127

    Omran "The Lebanese Gorilla" Chaaban
    Omran Chaaban
    "The Lebanese Gorilla"  |  6-1-0
    2001ish - Finland - UAE Warriors - Prospect (C+)

    Good prospect working well under former Garry coach Chris Fields. On a good winning streak between Cage Warriors and UAE Warriors which earned him a TUF opportunity. First round victory over LFA champ.

    S Magomedov - Impressive win over a good fighter in the end. Had a tough first round having to defend Dagi wrestling but rode it out, struggled a bit with breaking body lock but was bouncing back up and avoiding back takes well. Forced a kneebar off a bad shot which he defended well and snapped up a nice d'arce to put his opponent to sleep.
  129. 128

    Shamidkhan Magomedov
    Shamidkhan Magomedov
    1994 - Russia - LFA Champion

    Former Eagle FC fighter who moved to the US to try and get into the UFC. Captured the title in LFA and got an opportunity on TUF but lost in the first round there.

    Chabaan - Good first round, dominating with grappling with the usual Dagi style. Good from back body lock and trying to backpack. Knew when to bail on the back when he couldn't hold it. When he gets a double leg he does a solid job whipping the legs around the avoid a guillotine. Presses forward on the feet, doesn't throw a lot but committed to getting into wrestling range. Lost here when he ****** up a takedown and ended up on the bottom going for a kneebar and ended up getting choked. Didn't tap so not a quitter.
  130. 129

    Oliver Enkamp
    Oliver Enkamp
    1991 - Sweden - Bellator
  131. 130

    Court "The Crusher" McGee
    Court McGee
    "The Crusher"  |  21-13-0
    1984 - USA - UFC

    Morono - seems to have some chin left, wasn't flattened by lighter puncher. Cardio still there, still looks good when he can get on top, hard to sub. Just not really quick enough to consistently find entries and a bit slow on feet now.
  132. 131

    Kenan "The Assassin" Song
    Kenan Song
    "The Assassin"  |  21-8-0
    1990 - China - UFC
  133. 132

    Magomedsaygid Alibekov
    Magomedsaygid Alibekov
    Russia - RCC
  134. 133

    Vadim Kutsy
    Vadim Kutsy
    1991 - Belarus - BRAVE
  135. 134

    Jacobe Smith
    Jacobe Smith
    1996 - USA - Fury FC - Prospect (B+)
  136. 135

    Mark Hulme
    Mark Hulme
    1994 - South Africa - Unified MMA
  137. 136

    Islam "The Ripper" Dulatov
    Islam Dulatov
    "The Ripper"  |  10-1-0
    1999ish - Germany - Oktagon - Prospect (B)

    Fast improving prospect who's very aggressive and beats the **** out of people in on the feet with hard, accurate and straight punches. Prepared to go into the guard of BJJ players so he can beat the **** out of them there too. Looks ready for better competition.
  138. 137

    Christian Eckerlin
    Christian Eckerlin
    16-6-0, 1 NC
    1986 - Germany - Oktagon

    Solid fighter who's only recent loss is to UFC vet Leandro Buscape. Has a good jab which he can use to control aggressive fighters and a nice cross to bring behind it when he decides it's the right time, selects shots pretty well and is nice and patient. Good ground and pound when ends up on top. Played matador to Broz very well.
  139. 138

    Jakhongir Jumaev
    Jakhongir Jumaev
    1992 - Uzbekistan - UAE Warriors

    Doing better at 170 than he did at 155. On a decent run with some finishes and got his biggest win when catching Andre Fialho with a big hook.
  140. 139

    Adam Fugitt
    Adam Fugitt
    1989 - USA - UFC

    Not athletic and pretty slow but making the most of what he was given. Couple of good upset wins in a late career UFC run.

    Quinlan - Quite tall and uses jabs fairly well, started using a high kick more since going to Fortis which he'll blast in constantly even if it's blocked to wear the arms out, not sure how much is on it but people have to respect high kicks. Grappling wise he's good if he can get on top, floats positions well and gets damage off but don't think he's explosive enough to get a lot of guys there. Pretty close fight but did enough to edge it for me.
  141. 140

    Andre Fialho
    Andre Fialho
    16-9-0, 1 NC
    1994 - Portugal - UAE Warriors

    Relied on his durability a lot but I think his UFC run has beaten that out of him unfortunately as he can't handle shots like he could last time he was on the regionals. Still has the power himself, but he's always eaten punches and if he can't handle them anymore then that's not great.

    Looks handsome with hair though.
  142. 141

    Jared "NiteTrain" Gooden
    Jared Gooden
    "NiteTrain"  |  23-9-0
    1993 - USA - UFC
  143. 142

    Mickey Gall
    Mickey Gall
    1992 - USA - UFC

    I thought he was just coming back for a payday to fight out his contract or something against Hafez but he actually fought better than I thought he would. Does seem to have been working on his striking a bit although the jab he's incorporated is a bit slow and I'm not sure it actually makes him any better. I feel he's better when he just pushes forward and throws rather than worrying about turning into some kind of technical wizard on the feet. Still has a very solid chin which he needs because he doesn't really get his head off the centre line well.

    Wrestling isn't great all round which makes it hard for him to use his BJJ much but his pushing trip takedown in space is decent. If he gets taken down by someone who's good enough on top to avoid subs then he's good at using his BJJ to create space to get back up.
  144. 143

    Wellington "The Prodigy" Turman
    Wellington Turman
    "The Prodigy"  |  18-8-0
    1996 - Brazil - UFC
  145. 144

    Stefano Paternò
    Stefano Paternò
    1995 - Italy - Cage Warriors
  146. 145

    Miguel "Caramel Thunder" Baeza
    Miguel Baeza
    "Caramel Thunder"  |  10-4-0
    1992 - USA - UFC

    Took two years off to recover from a couple of stoppages before returning for the Puna fight and looked worse if anything.

    Soriano - Has a bit of a leg lock game but you've got to be amazing at that to get it to work at MMA at a high level, he was switching between heel hooks, toe holds and kneebars but was getting punched in the face for doing it. Takedown defence looked absolutely awful and couldn't deal with the physicality of Puna at all. He does get some credit for toughness as it never really looked like he wanted out despite getting the **** kicked out of him though.
  147. 146

    Leandro "Apollo" Silva
    Leandro Silva
    "Apollo"  |  28-12-1, 1 NC
    1985 - Brazil - Oktagon
  148. 147

    Dante Schiro
    Dante Schiro
    1993 - USA - LFA

    Cut from Bellator following the PFL takeover but I always thought he gave a decent account of himself in his fights there. Now in the LFA and aiming to get back to the majors.
  149. 148

    David "Pink Panther" Kozma
    David Kozma
    "Pink Panther"  |  32-14-0
    1992 - Czechia - Oktagon
  150. 149

    Kody Steele
    Kody Steele
    1995 - USA - Fury FC - Prospect (B)

    Seems to be getting there, striking improving, getting some decent accumulative power behind his shots now and wearing guys down. Grapples at a decent level, likes to try and stick to people on the cage and try and get to the back. Rounding his game out nicely.
  151. 150

    Danny "The Madness" Malette
    Danny Malette
    "The Madness"  |  6-1-0
    1991 - Canada - Samourai Champion

    Ramsay - looks to be a boxer low output early likes to study his opponent but got a little down on the cards, starts mixing more kicks in by round 2, Takedown defence looking pretty solid and output picking up as fight goes on. Good cardio, turned it on and got the finish of a guy who was seen as a good prospect. Looks like a good regional champ.
  152. 151

    David Samuel
    David Samuel
    3-0-0, 1 NC
    2003ish - Russia - Nashe Delo Champion - Prospect (A-)

    Very high level amateur, could well have been IMMAF champion if Russia had been competing when he was at the top of the amateur game. Already Nashe Delo champ just a few fights into his pro career.

    Tesiev - Has one of the most boxing centric movement styles I've seen pulled off in MMA. Bobs and weaves a lot more than most people can get away with. Staying calm and picking his shots carefully, not super high output. Likes to play with fading off and advanced boxing defence which he got clipped doing a couple of times so maybe needs to amend that a little. I do love the way he pivots off when he cracks someone. Very good on the front foot. Easily got takedowns whenever he wanted them and looked very tight on top, very solid back takes.
  153. 152

    Louis "Spartacus" Glismann
    Louis Glismann
    "Spartacus"  |  12-3-0
    1991 - Denmark - Oktagon

    Terrible striker, very hittable and own strikes **** too. Makes up for it by being a very good scrambler. Loves to roll through off leg attacks to get on top, also very good at rolling through to get to top when guys almost fully take his back which only Stanton really does as well as he does. Takedown defence is terrible, but that's where he wants to be anyway so that doesn't really matter. Cardio for grappling is very good too. Kind of limited in that he's screwed if he's stuck on the feet with someone but if he can get into the grappling or if his opponent is stupid enough to go there with him voluntarily then he's got a chance.
  154. 153

    Josh "Bushido" Quinlan
    Josh Quinlan
    "Bushido"  |  6-3-0, 1 NC
    1993 - USA - UFC

    Pretty explosive dude with a good chin but just spends far too much time in a fight not doing anything. When he does do something he crashes in with one shot at a time usually, his strikes are actually pretty quick he just doesn't throw anywhere near enough of them and lets the other guy get ahead on points while looking intense. I actually think he could be good if he just went at people because he does have power and he has the chin to let him get into a firefight, but dude just won't do it.

    Fugitt - struggles to get range, tends to crash in with one shot at a time, likes low kicks, quite fast when throws just doesn't often enough. Closeish fight with neither guy putting a lot out there.
  155. 154

    Renat "The Genghis Khan" Lyatifov
    Renat Lyatifov
    "The Genghis Khan"  |  39-25-0
    1989 - Ukraine - ACA

    Veteran who's fought just about everyone there was to fight on the Russian scene in the early 2010's now on a bit of a winning streak and picked up the biggest win of his career in beating UFC vet Prazeres in his ACA debut.
  156. 155

    Michel "Trator" Prazeres
    Michel Prazeres
    "Trator"  |  27-6-0
    1981 - Brazil - ACA

    Now in his 40s and seems to be slowing down quite badly. Picked up a decent win against Negucic after his UFC exit but yet to win a fight in ACA.
  157. 156

    Laureano "Pepi" Staropoli
    Laureano Staropoli
    "Pepi"  |  13-6-0
    1993 - Argentina - PFL

    Improved since getting cut from the UFC and started training with Glover. Got a decent run in beating solid mid tier Euro guys in Ares. Return to high level competition against Murad didn't go well, but has always struggled with cage pushes so was always going to find that hard.
  158. 157

    Isaac "Primetime" Moreno
    Isaac Moreno
    "Primetime"  |  6-0-0
    1997 - USA - Fury FC - Prospect (A)
  159. 158

    Jarrah Hussein "Jordanian Lion" Al-Silawi
    Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi
    "Jordanian Lion"  |  20-6-0
    1992 - Jordan - PFL

    Atmani - looked a bit average here. Walked into range and then just stopped sometimes which allowed opponent to look for an entry or a leg kick. Massive grappling advantage as opponent awful on the ground and able to take back and get RNC easily enough.
  160. 159

    Joseph Luciano
    Joseph Luciano
    1993ish - Australia - Beatdown Promotions - Prospect (C)

    Solid offensive grappler, likes to get on top of guys with his solid wrestling and takes his time, looking to hold them down, force the back take and look for a choke.
  161. 160

    Gilbert "The RGV Bad Boy" Urbina
    Gilbert Urbina
    "The RGV Bad Boy"  |  7-3-0
    1996 - USA - UFC
  162. 161

    Jonathan "Finish Him" Ramsay
    Jonathan Ramsay
    "Finish Him"  |  5-1-0
    1997ish - Canada - Samourai MMA - Prospect (C-)

    Malette - pretty explosive, throws spin kicks quite a lot, kicks look good in general, wrestling doesn't look that great. Seems to get into slugging exchanges from time to time and then go back to being normal, chin seems solid, looks fine on top when he does get there. Tired out in championship rounds and got finished by good regional opponent
  163. 162

    Giannis Bachar
    Giannis Bachar
    1991 - Greece - Cage Warriors Champion

    Was catching dudes and knocking them out in Cage Warriors but stepped up to Middleweight to try his luck on TUF and ran into a guy who was a natural MW who hit harder than him and knocked him out quickly. Unfortunate.

    Valentin - clipped and finished before he could get going
  164. 163

    Stefan Negucić
    Stefan Negucić
    1994 - Serbia - FNC

    Joksovic - Looked better than I remembered him being from the Prazeres fight against Joksovic. Lost again but was at least pretty competitive in large parts of the fight. Decent leg kicks and throws a good amount of them and puts some decent combos together, particularly mixing in hooks. Does get hit with a lot of straight stuff down the middle. Got subbed in the end but his get ups were okay for most of the fight.
  165. 164

    Lucas "Sonic" Marques
    Lucas Marques
    "Sonic"  |  18-4-0
    1996 - Brazil - Centurion FC

    Won recent Centurion one night tournament and looked solid enough doing it.

    I Junior - Easy win, bit of a can. Weird to face him in the final having fought Limberger in the semis

    Limberger - Nothing special but fairly solid, fights at a steady pace, decent enough leg kicks. Top game looks good if he can get guys down and has an okay double leg. Good killer instinct when got to mount with GNP
  166. 165

    Tymoteusz "Honey Badger" Łopaczyk
    Tymoteusz Łopaczyk
    "Honey Badger"  |  12-3-0
    1996 - Poland - KSW

    Hooi - Solid enough KSW debut against Hooi. Striking is mainly just circling backwards and throwing low leg kicks but he times them pretty well. Striking defence looked solid enough, shoulder rolls and covers up quite well. Once he got a bodylock trip to get the takedown he looked good at maintaining position on top, beating Hooi to the next position and taking the back when it was there.
  167. 166

    Shimon "Assassin" Smotritsky
    Shimon Smotritsky
    "Assassin"  |  11-2-0
    2000 - Israel - Fury FC

    Former 2 time Contenders Series fighter has a very good style to kill lower ranked guys but got finished when stepped up a couple of times so far.

    A Phillips - Very good kicks and flurries aggressively with them, really nice body kicks, just looks a bit open when he does it which could well get him in trouble when he does it against a high level guy again but they seem pretty intent on having him in the UFC at some point.
  168. 167

    "Tiburón Blanco" Alan Domínguez
    Alan Domínguez
    "Tiburón Blanco"  |  11-7-0
    1996 - Mexico - PFL

    Developed a pretty solid BJJ games over the years after getting subbed a lot early on. Went on a loss avenging tour as Lux champion having got losses against Antonio Suarez and Nayib Lopez back. This got him a chance at a major UFC promotion as PFL picked him up but they promptly threw him straight to the Wolves in Larkin.

    Larkin - Got smashed in this one but it was a lot to step up from Lux to fighting someone like Larkin. Waded forward with sloppy hooks, kept trying but kept getting countered, did get one decent double but couldn't do anything with it and got the **** kicked out of him when he tried to get up off the bottom. Kind of an issue with the PFL format is guys stepping up like this.
  169. 168

    Mukhiddin Mamazhonov
    Mukhiddin Mamazhonov
    1992ish - Uzbekistan - Muradov Professional League - Prospect (C+)

    Seems to have started his career very late for some reason but looks like a very good fighter.

    Yuri - He's one of the gang of really dextrous legged Central Asians with lovely kicks that he can flick up at any angle from different ranges. Seemed calm and had really good power. Only seen him demolish a Brazilian can crusher who had nothing for him but looked good.
  170. 169

    Luis "The Stache" Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez
    "The Stache"  |  4-0-0
    1996 - USA - Fury FC - Prospect (B)

    Also known as the 3 second high kick cop. Absolutely crushed everyone he's fought so far whether standing or on the ground and stepped up a bit against a 3-0 guy and trashed him too. Physically seems an absolute specimen, strong, fast and powerful. BJJ looks good, maybe trusts it a little too much as is willing to put himself in bad positions with kimura traps but able to use them to sweep so far. Top game looks good and tight, decent heavy pressure, good back taker and a nice squeeze on his chokes.

    Looks like someone who'll make it to the UFC to me.
  171. 170

    Nayib "Cachorro" López
    Nayib López
    "Cachorro"  |  16-2-0
    1993ish - Mexico - Lux Fight League

    Pretty one dimensional dude who likes to get on top and hold guys down while slowly working for submissions. His own takedown defence isn't too great so he can end up on his back against better grapplers and he's not a bottom game wizard so he ends up stuck there. Really tough guy though, he'll hang in there all fight and make the other guy really work to try and get him out of there. Umalatov was tiring trying to finish him and in his recent Lux title fight he won the 5th round after getting dominated the rest of the time.
  172. 171

    "Brazilian Bad Boy" Diego Bianchini
    Diego Bianchini
    "Brazilian Bad Boy"  |  9-1-0
    1996 - Brazil - LFA - Prospect (C-)

    Mashrapov - absolutely wild, throwing huge spinning stuff pretty fast. Ended up on bottom off a takedown but superb triangle, flowed through multiple defences and eventually switched to an armbar. Looks athletic as **** and very dangerous.
  173. 172

    Darian Weeks
    Darian Weeks
    1993 - USA - Shamrock FC
  174. 173

    Aleksandr "Мugiwara" Vasiliev
    Aleksandr Vasiliev
    "Мugiwara"  |  12-2-1
    2000 - Russia - RCC

    Good striker, got Diaz style boxing mixed with high kicks and gets some good volume off. Takedown defence isn't good enough, ends up on his back against most decent wrestlers. Does have decent offensive wrestling himself so sometimes rounds come down to who shoots first.
  175. 174

    Haris "The Bosnian Silverback" Talundžić
    Haris Talundžić
    "The Bosnian Silverback"  |  6-2-0
    1995 - Bosnia - LFA
  176. 175

    Badreddine "Dreamchaser" Diani
    Badreddine Diani
    "Dreamchaser"  |  8-3-0
    1997ish - Morocco - PFL

    Fazli - solid fighter, solid enough on the feet, solid enough in the wrestling and solid enough on top. Got dropped early but stayed in it and took the fight over. Figured out Fazli couldn't defend double legs and kept going back too them and then chipped away with enough damage to keep it on the ground every round.
  177. 176

    Brian "HOOIBOOI" Hooi
    Brian Hooi
    "HOOIBOOI"  |  19-11-0, 1 NC
    1994 - Netherlands - KSW

    Quite explosive with a good powerful high kick but often quite a frustrating fighter.

    Łopaczyk - Looks like he wants to put pressure on but has a habit of getting into range then not doing anything while twitching as if he wants to **** off straight away again which doesn't make a lot of sense. Throws one shot at a time usually, offensive wrestling not great and if he gets put on his back he struggles to get back up and if he does try he usually gives his back in the process.
  178. 177

    Marat "Cobra" Gafurov
    Marat Gafurov
    "Cobra"  |  20-4-0
    1984 - Russia - ACA
  179. 178

    Bakhromjon Mashrapov
    Bakhromjon Mashrapov
    2000 - Uzbekistan - LFA

    Bianchini - did a good job defending the triangle and doesn't look the tapping type, just got caught up in the madness here. No knock on him I don't think.
  180. 179

    Kiefer "BDK" Crosbie
    Kiefer Crosbie
    "BDK"  |  10-4-0
    1990 - Ireland - UFC
  181. 180

    Ramiz Brahimaj
    Ramiz Brahimaj
    1992 - USA - UFC
  182. 181

    Benjamin "Mr. Alaska" Bennett
    Benjamin Bennett
    "Mr. Alaska"  |  6-1-0
    1995 - USA - LFA - Prospect (C-)

    IMMAF champion as an amateur, late 20s and taking his time about making an impact as a pro. Only loss is to current UFC roster member Trey Waters.

    Iniguez - Edged forward with pretty average looking striking to try and set up cage entries. Keeps hands up and looks to work off the jab although it isn't that snappy. Consistently comes forward and seems to build up accumulative damage and builds on volume over the rounds. Cage wrestling didn't look that explosive in this one.
  183. 182

    Yusaku "Wonderboy" Kinoshita
    Yusaku Kinoshita
    "Wonderboy"  |  6-3-0
    2000 - Japan - UFC - Prospect (C-)
  184. 183

    Łukasz "Brutal" Siwiec
    Łukasz Siwiec
    "Brutal"  |  9-4-0
    1991 - Poland - Oktagon

    Stocky dude who bombs very hard and has fairly solid wrestling. Main issue is that he carries a lot of muscle and while that helps him early it does tend to slow him down late in fights. Also his gameplans can be questionable, I felt like he could have beaten Glismann on the feet but he decided to grapple with a grappling specialist instead. Still all his recent losses are decisions against very good European tier guys and he ended the John Hathaway comeback.
  185. 184

    Jalin "The Gentleman" Fuller
    Jalin Fuller
    "The Gentleman"  |  7-4-0
    1992 - USA - LFA
  186. 185

    Tyler "TV" Veal
    Tyler Veal
    "TV"  |  5-0-0
    1996 - USA - Anthony Pettis FC - Prospect (C+)

    Hawkins - Looks pretty decent. Big for welterweight, fights pretty calm and composed. Edges forward to get into wrestling range and likes to try and get to a back body lock and drag people down from there although his control isn't quite there yet. Double leg pretty solid, striking okay, picks his punches pretty well, but very selective and not high volume. Decent high kick, not sure enjoys it when he gets pushed back on the back foot. Looks a fairly safe fighter too, not someone I'd trust to push for a finish unless he needs one.
  187. 186

    Ty Miller
    Ty Miller
    2000 - USA - LFA - Prospect (C+)

    Fit NHB trained guy, very tall and long for the weight. Looks to have impressive power which he delivered really sharply and accurately in the Charlebois fight.

    Charlebois - Very good performance here. Used long jab and put some juice on his cross early, set up a nice 3,2 combo fast and hard down the pipe for spectacular finish of a guy who'd never been finished before.
  188. 187

    Fabrício Azevedo
    Fabrício Azevedo
    1992 - Brazil - Zombie Fight Night

    Kim - Fighting in spurts a little bit doesn't throw massive output but throws hard when he does. Snappy with the right kick and getting it up quickly hurting Kim with it at one point. Fun close fight with both fighters landing some eye catching stuff and both getting wobbled. Could have gone either way.
  189. 188

    "Lion King" Bahatebole Batebolati
    Bahatebole Batebolati
    "Lion King"  |  10-1-1
    1997 - China - LFA

    Not sure what the UFC sees in him but they clearly see something as they keep bringing him back to RUFC. Pretty average, but does press forward most of the time. Striking not great but okayish, wrestling background but not really great at that either.
  190. 189

    Han Seul "Spade" Kim
    Han Seul Kim
    "Spade"  |  13-7-0
    1990 - South Korea - Zombie Fight Night

    Korean Zombie trained dude who's been on the cusp of the UFC a couple of times and had a couple of showcase bouts on Road to UFC. Lost a war to Nueraji in his first one and then had a debateable decision loss to Batebolati in his second crack. Another close loss on his return to Korean promotions probably leaves him further than ever from his goal.

    Azevedo - can crack when he goes but is prone to periods of standing around taking pictures. When he does land something good he gets excited and ups the ante because he wants to land more. Did get clocked himself a couple of times as his defense isn't brilliant. Fun close fight with both fighters landing some eye catching stuff and both getting wobbled. Could have gone either way.
  191. 190

    Emil Weber "Valhalla" Meek
    Emil Weber Meek
    "Valhalla"  |  10-6-0, 1 NC
    1988 - Norway - KSW
  192. 191

    Miroslav "Inkvizitor" Brož
    Miroslav Brož
    "Inkvizitor"  |  17-4-1
    1988 - Czechia - Oktagon

    Big hook swinger, loves to wildly charge forward with hooks but very open when doing it. Likes to talk a lot of **** to people while fighting but I'm not sure if they understand him or not. Decent volume and aggression but liable to lose to good technicians.
  193. 192

    "Jazzy" Jeff Creighton
    Jeff Creighton
    "Jazzy"  |  10-2-1
    USA - LFA

    Jacob - a tough, high paced, good cardio wrestler. Not exceptional skill wise but pushes through, got hurt in first round and gradually took over fight, wearing through what was initially tough resistance as the takedowns got easier and easier as the fight went on. Will be able to grind out a fair amount of dudes like that on the regional level.
  194. 193

    Mohamed Ado
    Mohamed Ado
    Canada - Unified MMA - Prospect (D-)

    Fayzi - getting thrown a few times when trying to press into opponent but able to just get up pretty easily eventually starts taking longer. Toughs out very deep armbar, alright once he gets on top found choke for win in scramble.
  195. 194

    Babuli Tsoloev
    Babuli Tsoloev
    1998 - Russia - Fight Nights Global

    Holy **** this dude is jacked, I have absolutely no idea what **** he's taking but it's from a good chemist. He looks like a superhero, but then he takes people down and kind of controls position.

    Talooki - easy takedowns and ground and pound which he's not bad at but it's not as exciting as he looks like he should be. Dominant enough against low level guys like this though.
  196. 195

    Wes "Party Time" Schultz
    Wes Schultz
    "Party Time"  |  6-1-0
    1996 - USA - LFA - Prospect (D)

    Benson - Pretty easy fight for Schultz, got first takedown he went for, held top easily enough, eventually got to mount and got ground and pound off for win. Looked fine but opponent was tall and that's about it.
  197. 196

    Amir "The Prince" Fazli
    Amir Fazli
    "The Prince"  |  6-2-0
    1989ish - Iran - PFL

    Diani - explosive early on the feet, dropped Diani with a hook but then couldn't defend double legs or get off his back for the rest of the fight. Clear grappling hole he needs to address
  198. 197

    Jordan "Le Fauve" Zébo
    Jordan Zébo
    "Le Fauve"  |  6-1-0
    2000 - Welterweight - Ares

    Chaichongcharden - Very strong and athletic but also very spazzy. Can throw guys about but makes a lot of positional mistakes and guys tend to get back up very quickly. Tends to drift back aimlessly a lot where he can't really impose himself, needs to come forward more. He does fire hard leg kicks which are good but I don't think he has much punching power. Better than he looked when he decided to open with a low kick against Doumbe, but seems he's always going to rely on his physical gifts.

    Graca - the same ball of muscular spazziness as ever. Seems to have decided he wants to kickbox off the back foot for this one and slide away and circle a lot but not very good at it. Very strong and explosive, control as awful as usual, ends up in **** positions and has to muscle out of them.
  199. 198

    Jean-Paul "Mufasa" Lebosnoyani
    Jean-Paul Lebosnoyani
    "Mufasa"  |  7-2-0
    1999 - USA - LFA - Prospect (C-)

    Walmsley - playing on the outside with leg kicks for a while, pretty give and take with that. Much faster than opponnent, eventually timed a nice overhand, finishing instincts once he had his man hurt were really good. Might be a bit small at 170 but time will tell. Lower level opponent to get used to the weight class.
  200. 199

    "The Ghost" AJ Fletcher
    AJ Fletcher
    "The Ghost"  |  10-4-0
    1997 - USA - Bayou FC
  201. 200

    Pete "Dead Game" Rodriguez
    Pete Rodriguez
    "Dead Game"  |  5-2-0
    1996 - USA - UFC
  202. 201

    Romain Debienne
    Romain Debienne
    1997ish - France - PFL

    Alright striker, throws most stuff hard and is a finisher Good snappy high kick. Got tagged up by Jean, but that was a high level prospect. Maybe a bit impatient if against a good counter striker. On a good run before that, only losing to uber Middleweight prospect Matej Penaz before PFL in his post covid run, other losses were early in career.
  203. 202

    Donovan "Vegas" Desmae
    Donovan Desmae
    "Vegas"  |  19-10-0
    1991 - Belgium - Interim Levels Fight League Champion

    Solid journeyman with good boxing, gets good combos off with nice forward pressure and is nicely balanced with a bit of pop. Very tough to finish and has taken a bunch of good prospects the distance.
  204. 203

    Leonardo "Kazuya" Limberger
    Leonardo Limberger
    "Kazuya"  |  16-9-0
    1994 - Brazil - Centurion FC

    Too small for welterweight but I imagine he'll go back to lightweight. He's not that old but he seems pretty washed to me anyway.

    L Marques - Feels a bit gun-shy, gets taken down much more easily than when he was on the come up and his chin looks shakier. Seems getting run through the ACA ringer has ruined him.
  205. 204

    Luis Francischinelli
    Luis Francischinelli
    Brazil - LFA - Prospect (C+)

    Lanky, humongously tall dude for the weight. Got some nice sharp hands which he drills hard down the middle and finds the chin well. Not really been tested yet.
  206. 205

    Yoon Sung Jang
    Yoon Sung Jang
    2002ish - South Korea - Z Fight Night - Prospect (D+)

    Korean Zombie trained kid who could be a guy to look out for on Road to UFC in future. Only loss as an amateur was to Si Won Park and only loss as a pro was to Axel Sola who are both elite prospects, albeit both lightweights.

    Kuraoka - Fairly easy work against regional level Japanese dude. Dropped him with a hard cross and then finished him off with ground and pound where he picked his shots and kept going until the ref stopped it.
  207. 206

    Joey "The Hitman" Hart
    Joey Hart
    "The Hitman"  |  6-1-0
    1997 - USA - LFA - Prospect (D)

    Long guy, decent jab, likes to go for the Thai Plum and has some good knees down the middle from there. Finished all his wins, does have a loss against an 0-1 guy but that dude was a Russian who hadn't fought in 5 years and had presumably been training in the interim.

    T Scott - Didn't really like his head movement here, was getting clipped down the middle a lot. Jab was working quite well and doing some good work with the knees in the Thai plum eventually getting a nice finish with one.
  208. 207

    Miguel Jacob
    Miguel Jacob
    1997 - Brazil - LFA

    Creighton - good kickboxer, nice tight hands, got outcardioed a bit but don't think has bad cardio, other dude was just bettere there. Decent power, able to hurt Creighton in the first. Upper body strength in clinches pretty good, able to cage push wrestler early, just struggled as he got tired and the wrestler didn't.
  209. 208

    Petr "Monster" Kníže
    Petr Kníže
    "Monster"  |  14-3-0
    1977 - Czechia - Oktagon
  210. 209

    Shokhasan Mirzamatov
    Shokhasan Mirzamatov
    1990 - Uzbekistan - Octagon

    Mamedov - wasn't impressed to start with looked a bit behind and on his back for a bit. Managed to hold cardio better than opponent and made him work to hold him down more causing him to death gas and walk into a knee.
  211. 210

    Jamie "Young Gun" Richardson
    Jamie Richardson
    "Young Gun"  |  11-11-0
    1996 - England - Cage Warriors
  212. 211

    Joseilton "Mazola" Santos
    Joseilton Santos
    "Mazola"  |  8-0-0
    1996 - Brazil - Demo Fight Champion

    Fast hands, has a habit of just following guys around throwing a fast 1-2 though. Cardio seems fine, slows down a bit but not too badly for an explosive guy. Looks fine on the bottom, gets feet on hips and looks to get up. Seems competent in the wrestling. Not overly impressive, but looks okay if a bit limited.
  213. 212

    Mirali Huseynov
    Mirali Huseynov
    1995 - Azerbaijan - A1 Combat

    Fighting out of AKA, solid wrestler defensively and has some good power. Helped in the Smith fight by him charging at him with no defence but found the chin and flatlined him. Good powerful hooks.
  214. 213

    Sam Kilmer
    Sam Kilmer
    2001 - USA - Fury FC - Prospect (D)

    Fought ridiculously tough competition by regional standards. Much better than his record suggests.

    Keefe - easy win against undefeated guy. Took down easily, passed mounted, took back and got choke making it look easy.
  215. 214

    Mahir "Steel Foot" Mamedov
    Mahir Mamedov
    "Steel Foot"  |  19-4-0, 2 NC
    1993ish - Kazakhstan - Octagon

    Mirzamatov - meat and potatoes, keeping things simple, basic combos and leg kicks with a bit of wrestling mixed in. Was going fine until death gassed in the second round started taking damage when on top, started telegraphing his entries and walked into a knee.
  216. 215

    Omiel Brown
    Omiel Brown
    England - Cage Warriors

    Aronov - Bit sloppy from Brown but got it done. Rushed in and got tagged and dropped a couple of times. Maybe a bit chinny. Attacks chokes well but doesn't always get hooks in, good wrestling instincts when hurt. Guillotines still great obviously.
  217. 216

    "Hulk" Logan Urban
    Logan Urban
    "Hulk"  |  6-2-0, 1 NC
    1994 - USA - LFA
  218. 217

    Andreeas "Judoka" Binder
    Andreeas Binder
    "Judoka"  |  9-2-0, 1 NC
    1996 - Ireland - Levels Fight League

    Pretty average fighter, struggling a bit to get low level guys out of there. Limited in the striking, pretty rudamental MMA style, quite small at 155 and going to struggle with long guys. Better in the grappling with an okay double leg, reasonable control and attempts to flatten guys out.
  219. 218

    Mohammad Alaqraa
    Mohammad Alaqraa
    1999 - Kuwait - PFL

    Oubbas - looks a solid grappler, didn't seem like he had much on the feet but didn't need it here, likes to look for body locks then get trips from there, pretty tight on top, controlling opponent well wore him down and eventually finished.
  220. 219

    Ashley "The Beast" Reece
    Ashley Reece
    "The Beast"  |  9-3-0, 1 NC
    1988 - England - United Fight League

    Pretty small for the weight, likes to try and out cardio guys, does okay but has lost against anyone decent he's fought. Got to final of UFL GP but got cracked early in the final.
  221. 220

    Ali "V.I.P." Zebian
    Ali Zebian
    "V.I.P."  |  10-5-0
    1994 - USA - Combat FC

    Meat and potatoes regional dude. Not a bad wrestler, serviceable striking and cardio. Not particularly good anywhere but not bad anywhere either. Was beating Oliveira before DQ.
  222. 221

    Sinjen "The Saint" Smith
    Sinjen Smith
    "The Saint"  |  5-1-0
    1992 - USA - A1 Combat

    Training partner of Payton Talbott, tries to use a similar pressure, pressure break the guy style but has no regard for defence at all and it was his undoing against Huseinov as trying to do it against a guy with a bit of power got him KO'd. Will probably break a lot of lighter hitters fighting in this style but needs to adapt for guys with power.
  223. 222

    Aaron "The Alaskan Bull Worm" Phillips
    Aaron Phillips
    "The Alaskan Bull Worm"  |  8-6-0
    1991 - USA - Fury FC

    Was on TUF a couple of years back when he lost to Petroski but now firmly just a guy who gets fed to prospects on Fury, kind of fodder to build records for contender series.
  224. 223

    Cesar Augustos Mendes
    Cesar Augustos Mendes
    Brazil - Jungle Fight

    Nascimento - game but not really physical enough. BJJ decent but not able to get it where he wanted against a stronger dude coming at him all the time. Hung in there as long as he could but ultimately physically overwhelmed. Very hittable.
  225. 224

    Abdul Sami Wali Fayzi
    Abdul Sami Wali Fayzi
    6-3-0, 1 NC
    Afghanistan - Unified MMA

    Ado - Hit some lovely throws where he hipped in when his opponent tried to pressure into him. Attacked an armbar quite well but couldn't finish it. Was doing well but then got subbed in a transition and gave me quitter vibes.
  226. 225

    Leonardo Blasco "Blastrigger"
    Leonardo Blasco
    "Blastrigger"  |  22-8-0
    1995 - Venezuela - Levels Fight League

    Pretty average dude who pads record with low level fighters and generally gets finished by higher level guys. Wants to try and wrestle, striking defence not sophisticated enough to avoid decent shots.
  227. 226

    Charlie "917" Leary
    Charlie Leary
    "917"  |  17-14-1, 1 NC
    1982 - England -PFL

    Grant - Needs to retire at this point, has been looking washed for a while but can't have felt good just getting launched through the air and absolutely demolished by Jack like he was a boy trying to fight an especially abusive father.
  228. 227

    Yann Oliveira
    Yann Oliveira
    USA - Combat FC Champion

    Looks pretty garbage to me. Main plus point is he does blast leg kicks in pretty hard, but he has one of those standup games that looks like it's something he thinks is good from sparring **** people in the gym, but just not very quick and doesn't cover his head. Likes takedowns but not that great at them and sloppy positionally, gets reversed and really bad on the bottom. Was losing to Zebian before the eye poke and feels ripe for being exposed.
  229. 228

    Victor "The Striking Viking" Kuiks
    Victor Kuiks
    "The Striking Viking"  |  5-2-0
    1993 - Netherlands - LFA

    Looked better against JSB than he did in Mexico. Still not very good though. Likes to get on the pressure and try and strike, just not able to really cut off the cage and land consistently. Is more than happy to come forward all fight trying.
  230. 229

    John "Greek Emperor" Palaiologos
    John Palaiologos
    "Greek Emperor"  |  20-13-1
    1987 - Greece - Oktagon

    Mid Euro level gatekeeper. Has a pretty dangerous guard which he can catch low level guys with, throws a lot of stuff up, but he's not defensively tight with it and good guys will just beat him up or pass off it.
  231. 230

    "Shuga" Shane Keefe
    Shane Keefe
    "Shuga"  |  4-1-0
    1994 - USA - Fury FC

    Had a little bit of fame from being a guy who got to take out one of the **** Gracie kids in Bellator but recently had his level shown I think.

    Kilmer - taken down easily and had nothing off his back for someone like Kilmer. Easily mounted, lost back and choked.
  232. 231

    Maxim Viktorov
    Maxim Viktorov
    1999ish - Russia - RCC

    Didn't look too good against Vasiliev. Likes to come forward and showed some decent offensive wrestling in the first and managed to keep his man down despite getting hit a lot when coming in. Own takedown defence not good and spent the rest of the fight getting taken down and then being stuck on his back for the rest of the round.
  233. 232

    Manuel "El Toro" Mena
    Manuel Mena
    "El Toro"  |  12-4-0
    1988 - Venezuela - LFA

    Leal - looked nowhere near the level of Leal. Seemed to realise very quickly that he really didn't want to be in there with Leal. Threw nothing on the feet and got nowhere near takedowns and basically looking for any way out when he couldn't get one.
  234. 233

    Tom "The Greek Warrior" Theocharis
    Tom Theocharis
    "The Greek Warrior"  |  9-5-0
    1993 - Canada - Unified MMA

    Pretty average regional dude who got a shot on TUF for some reason which went about as well as you'd expect.

    Loder - one of the worst performances I've ever seen on TUF, awful takedown defence and then didn't seem to want to be there and got beaten up and arm triangled.
  235. 234

    Rafael "The Cop" Aronov
    Rafael Aronov
    "The Cop"  |  6-5-0
    1994 - Israel - Cage Warriors

    O Brown - able to catch Brown swinging a couple of times. Okay defensive grappling but not enough to get out of trouble all fight. Striking at distance not great, spams naked leg kicks a lot.
  236. 235

    Jaden Ortega
    Jaden Ortega
    2002ish - USA - Combate Global

    Looked alright in fully putting the Jimmie Pace hype to bed, but I'm not convinced it wasn't more just Pace being terrible than anything else. Seemed fundamentally fine, everything in the right place striking wise and able to hold his own in the cage clinches. Gas tank seemed okay and pulled away a bit in the last round. Not sure he's much of a prospect but worth keeping an eye on.
  237. 236

    Jimmie "Jimbo Slice" Pace Jr.
    Jimmie Pace Jr.
    "Jimbo Slice"  |  3-2-0
    1996 - USA - Combate Global

    Mouthy Goat Shed hypejob who's train has completely crashed at this point. Couldn't handle a minor step up in competition. Throws terrible weird pushed arm hooks on the feet, almost like he's throwing a discus. Tries to charge into the clinch with them but doesn't do a good job of changing levels against the cage and has been turned around by pretty low level guys there. Looks vulnerable to getting countered the way he runs in but his chin does seem pretty solid the times I've seen him get cracked clean. Cardio doesn't seem good either.

    Talks a good game though.
  238. 237

    Youcef Ouabbas
    Youcef Ouabbas
    1997 - France - PFL

    Alaqraa - pretty dominated couldn't defend takedowns and couldn't get up.
  239. 238

    Jonathan "The Pastor" Veluz
    Jonathan Veluz
    "The Pastor"  |  7-1-0
    Philippines - Beatdown Promotions

    No idea what this guy is doing at welterweight, looks like a fat featherweight at best. Was racking up finishes against cab drivers in low level Filipino promotions but didn't look remotely competent in first class against Luciano, taken down easily, looked like he had no idea what he was doing on the bottom, gave his back and got tapped.
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