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UFC Fight Night: Covington vs. Woodley

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07.06.2020 | 4:45 PM ET

The official Tapology discussion thread for the event!
UFC Fight Night
  • Saturday 09.19.2020 at 05:00 PM ET
  • U.S. Broadcast: ESPN+
  • Name: UFC Fight Night: Covington vs. Woodley
  • Also Known As: UFC Vegas 11
  • Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Ownership: Endeavor
  • Venue: UFC APEX
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Enclosure: Octagon
  • TV Announcers: Jon Anik, Paul Felder, Dominick Cruz
  • Ring Announcer: Bruce Buffer
  • Post-Fight Interviews: Jon Anik
  • MMA Bouts: 14
  • Promotion Links:
  • Event Links:
Bout   Info
Colby Covington   defeats   Tyron Woodley   via KO/TKO, Rib Injury   1:19 Round 5 of 5, 21:19 Total Bout Page
Donald Cerrone   vs.   Niko Price   Ends in a No Contest, Majority   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Khamzat Chimaev   defeats   Gerald Meerschaert   via KO/TKO, Right Cross   0:17 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Johnny Walker   defeats   Ryan Spann   via KO/TKO, Elbows and Hammerfists   2:43 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Mackenzie Dern   defeats   Randa Markos   via Submission, Armbar   3:44 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Kevin Holland   defeats   Darren Stewart   via Decision, Split   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
David Dvořák   defeats   Jordan Espinosa   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Damon Jackson   defeats   Mirsad Bektić   via Submission, Guillotine Choke   1:21 Round 3 of 3, 11:21 Total Bout Page
Mayra Bueno Silva   defeats   Mara Borella   via Submission, Armbar   2:29 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Jessica-Rose Clark   defeats   Sarah Alpar   via KO/TKO, Knees and Punches   4:21 Round 3 of 3, 14:21 Total Bout Page
Darrick Minner   defeats   T.J. Laramie   via Submission, Guillotine Choke   0:52 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Randy Costa   defeats   Journey Newson   via KO/TKO, Head Kick and Punches   0:41 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Andre Ewell   defeats   Irwin Rivera   via Decision, Split   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Tyson Nam   defeats   Jerome Rivera   via KO/TKO, Right Cross to Ground and Pound   1:34 Round 2 of 3, 6:34 Total Bout Page

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09.18.2020 | 7:27 PM ET

Covington looks cut and ready.

Predictions: 9 of 14 Winners, 1 Perfect, 520 Points   |   Tied for 2212th

Covington looks cut and ready.

The Ladies here looking hot, cut tattooed and ripped.

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09.18.2020 | 11:08 PM ET

Predictions: 9 of 14 Winners, 5 Perfect, 655 Points   |   Tied for 1173rd

Surprised Covington looked that much bigger than Woodley.  Didn't expect that.

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09.19.2020 | 12:48 AM ET

Predictions: 7 of 14 Winners, 2 Perfect, 430 Points   |   Tied for 2679th

no shot.
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09.19.2020 | 3:31 AM ET

Prediction Comments

Predictions: 8 of 14 Winners, 1 Perfect, 470 Points   |   Tied for 2500th

Nam vs. Rivera
Tyson Nam, DEC
See, the problem is , I don't think Rivera has the tools to finsh Nam. Nope. But Nam tends to ponder and wait for the kill shot. Your guess is as good as mine. Gonna take Nam, cus he has the experience to know how to belong here.

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09.19.2020 | 6:17 AM ET

Prediction Comments

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 2 Perfect, 625 Points   |   Tied for 1404th

Covington vs. Woodley
Colby Covington, TKO, R4
Colby 2.0 MAGA

Super Samoan
Super Samoan
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09.19.2020 | 6:58 AM ET

Predictions: 11 of 14 Winners, 5 Perfect, 810 Points   |   Tied for 173rd

Nam KO1
Ewell DEC

Costa KO3

Minner SUB1

Alpar DEC

Silva DEC

Chimaev KO2
In past fights he was not resisted, in this it will be, but Mirschert will lose again. 

Cerrone KO3
Price does not have a high level of technique, blows always fly in his face, and his blows are not so strong. For a cowboy such a rival is a godsend.  Kicking and deuces will fly perfectly. There must be a lot of blood. 

Bektic KO2
Missmatch. It's a replacement, but before that there was a missmatch. 

Dvorak DEC
The guy's a hard worker. 

Holland KO3
His victory is obvious, his victory by knockout is not, but this guy is aggressive and cobbled in the standand Stuart is pretty predictable.  

Dern SUB1
Translation and submish, I think so. 

Walker KO2
Crushed the opponent

Covington DEC
No big deal. In general, this fight will be held for Wodley, as well as the previous. Maybe Woodley will lose by knockout in the late rounds. 

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09.19.2020 | 7:19 AM ET

Prediction Comments

Predictions: 11 of 14 Winners, 4 Perfect, 760 Points   |   Tied for 378th

Covington vs. Woodley
Colby Covington, DEC
This will simply come down to whether the hatred in this fight will be enough to bring the woodley of old back and not be so hesitant to throw that bomb of a right hand which has been missing. Woodley has look like a shadow of his former self in his last two fights, absolutely dominated for 10 rounds across his last 2 fights and this really could be 15 rounds by the end of the night. I think Covington is going to do just that, I don’t think Colby will be able to get the finish as he is not known for finishing fights and woodley isn’t known for being finished. Unless woodley lands something lethal in this fight I think Covington’s relentless pace and pressure along with his great cardio will put on another clinic and send woodley home having lost 15 rounds straight. If this happens then it really is time to retire for Woodley or go to bellator.

Cerrone vs. Price
Niko Price, TKO, R1
This one is just as close as the odds are making it simply because you don’t know what Cerrone is going to come out... if Cerrone of old comes out I see him outclassing Price and showing everyone that there is still fight left in him but if price wants to make a statement and comes out fast pushing the pace and pressuring him from the start I could see price getting an first round finish so this one really depends on how much faith you’ve got left in Cerrone. My only concern with price is that he shows to much respect for Cerrone, if he comes out and is happy to trade blow for blow to try to put on a longer than necessary fight trading bombs for the crowd instead of going for the kill it may backfire for price with the end result going against him. Personally though I think Price is Going to be very hungry and he looked great against Luque in his last fight despite losing. I think some of the shots he landed on Luque would have really troubled the Cerrone we have seen of late and therefore I’m going with Price And think he will get the job done early. Price KO/TKO Round 1

Chimaev vs. Meerschaert
Khamzat Chimaev, TKO, R2
Chimaev probably comes out and smashes GM3 but I cannot stand the bloke after that press conference.... I would love nothing more than Meerschaert to win this one and would love him to Sub him after all the comments made. I sadly don’t see it happening though, I’m going with Chimaev KO/TKO Round 2

Walker vs. Spann
Johnny Walker, TKO, R2
This is a fight I am looking forward to... so much hype was once behind Johnny Walker and that was all stopped by Corey Anderson of all people....not great. Walker getting dominated on the ground by krylov wasn’t all that surprising as that was the prediction if walker couldn’t get a finish early. Ryan spann always looks great in Round 1 but has serious cardio issues very much like walker but I do think there has been a difference in competition level when you compare these two, for spann a huge factor in this decision for me was his last fight against Sam Alvey... I do think Spann was right to win the fight but he did look terrible at points and made Alvey look a lot better than he is, there was moment when he almost got finish by him and that raises serious flags because if you can be caught and nearly finished by an old on his way out Sam Alvey then 100% Walker can put you to sleep. I think the first round is going to be very telling and either fighter could be finished very early on but I think there will be a mix of respect for each others power along with a fear of either fighter over exerting themselves to early which will make a cautious first round, this is a bit of a pickem fight but I’m siding with Walker to get the hype train back on track! Walker KO/TKO Round 2

Holland vs. Stewart
Kevin Holland, DEC
Kevin Holland has been on a tear as of late and I don’t see that stopping here, quite simply I feel he outclasses Darren Stewart in every aspect of the fight, it’s not that this is a mismatch I just feel that Holland is just that bit better everywhere. Stewart probably does have the power advantage and I think that is his only route to victory, punchers chance... however when you consider that Holland has never been finish by strikes and has been in there with the likes of Thiago Santos I don’t see Stewart being the one to change that. Stewart is tough and will prove hard to finish, if Holland gets a finish I think it will come late in the fight, most likely round 3 but I’m going to say he survives being finished but cannot avoid a decisive Unanimous Decision. Kevin Holland Decision

Espinosa vs. Dvořák
David Dvořák, SUB, R3
I think this is a very close fight as Espinosa has some decent attributes but quite simply I think Dvorak Is just a bit faster and hungrier than Espinosa... Dvorak is riding a 14 fight winning streak and I don’t see that ending here, Espinosa has lost 7 fights and 4 of those have all come by submission, I think this will be a big factor as Dvorak has won 7 fights by submission and so I feel this will be his route to victory and I see it coming later on in the fight when Espinosa begins to tire. Dvorak Submission Round 3

Bektić vs. Jackson
Mirsad Bektić, DEC
Bektic is proven to be decent in the UFC only losing to the likes of Emmet and IGE both of which are top 10 fighters, his other loss was just unfortunate... he dominated Elkins until getting caught and finished in the 3rd round with about 1minute 40seconds left so you can’t look to much into that loss really. Jackson has a decent record albeit competing outside for the UFC, LFA does have decent fighters and so can’t be too discredited. Unfortunately for Jackson I think that Bektic is a very hard debut fight and especially on short notice... i think Bektic outclasses Jackson in this one and welcomes him into an already stacked division with a debut loss. Bektic Decision

Costa vs. Newson
Randy Costa, TKO, R1
Both of these throw bombs and have enough power to put eachother to sleep... either fighter getting the finish in this one wouldn’t be surprising and I think one of them is going to sleep in the first round but as that’s a bit of a 50/50 in regards to who gets it done I’m siding with Costa as he hasn’t been finish by strikes before whereas Newson has and I feel that Costa is a more technical striker in comparison to Newson. Plus if this happens to go further than the first I have more confidence in Costa to rack up striking numbers and win rounds whereas I see Newson being solely focused on finishing the fight and intern allowing Costa to potentially run away with it... I think a finish is more than likely though and I’ll go with Costa KO/TKO Round 1

* Edited at 09.19.2020, 7:31 AM ET *

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09.19.2020 | 9:39 AM ET

Predictions: 11 of 14 Winners, 7 Perfect, 880 Points   |   Tied for 31st with 3 others

Guess I’m picking Colby by Decision

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09.19.2020 | 10:08 AM ET


Predictions: 9 of 14 Winners, 4 Perfect, 645 Points   |   Tied for 1245th

Fights that go to decision  will be subject to the FIX  on this card.... 

*** Sketchy Decisions are a go on this card ***

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09.19.2020 | 10:12 AM ET

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 4 Perfect, 715 Points   |   Tied for 661st

14 fights

lets hope nothing falls out last minute

Pretty damn good card that's not a PPV
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09.19.2020 | 11:05 AM ET

Predictions: 6 of 8 Winners, 4 Perfect, 450 Points   |   Tied for 2632nd

Khazmat Chimaev by 1st RD TKO as his opponent Gerald just got brutally ko'ed by Ian Heinsch.
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09.19.2020 | 11:07 AM ET

Prediction Comments

Predictions: 11 of 14 Winners, 6 Perfect, 830 Points   |   Tied for 100th

Covington vs. Woodley
Colby Covington, DEC
Covington will win by suffocating chain wrestling, rinse and repeat takedowns, and crazy forward pressure with insane cardio.

Cerrone vs. Price
Niko Price, TKO, R2
Price looked so much bigger and better in shape than Cowboy. Seems like cowboy is on his way out...

Chimaev vs. Meerschaert
Khamzat Chimaev, TKO, R1
Don't see Chimaev leaving openings if it goes to the ground cos he instantly wraps his opponent's legs and controls wrists similar to khabib.. on stand up too, he has the advantage. He has more ways to win than GM3.

Walker vs. Spann
Johnny Walker, TKO, R1
I have this guy feeling that Spann after getting to know Walker's power, he will try to grapple to slow down walker... But I see walker holding him with the Thai clinch and elbowing spann for a TKO. Strong roundree vibes here.

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09.19.2020 | 11:14 AM ET

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 4 Perfect, 695 Points   |   Tied for 820th

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09.19.2020 | 11:16 AM ET

Daily winners

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 0 Perfect, 500 Points   |   Tied for 2326th

"Knowing is winning"

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09.19.2020 | 11:38 AM ET

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 3 Perfect, 645 Points   |   Tied for 1226th

Why are so many people picking costa to win. He is so green. 

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09.19.2020 | 11:54 AM ET

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 5 Perfect, 690 Points   |   Tied for 855th

@NoforgayJesus что за педик у тебя слева на фото?
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09.19.2020 | 11:56 AM ET

Prediction Comments

Predictions: 5 of 9 Winners, 3 Perfect, 350 Points   |   Tied for 2917th

Costa vs. Newson
Journey Newson, TKO, R2

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09.19.2020 | 12:11 PM ET

Predictions: 9 of 14 Winners, 4 Perfect, 645 Points   |   Tied for 1245th

I  am going to have to pick the Underdogs .... it seems everyone is going for the Favorites
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09.19.2020 | 12:15 PM ET

Prediction Comments

Predictions: 5 of 9 Winners, 3 Perfect, 350 Points   |   Tied for 2917th

Covington vs. Woodley
Colby Covington, DEC

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09.19.2020 | 12:20 PM ET

UFC Vegas 11: Covington vs Woodley – Staff Predictions, Picks and Analysis

Predictions: 10 of 14 Winners, 5 Perfect, 750 Points   |   Tied for 441st

What a great card! I really do not think it gets better than this when it comes to non-PPVs. The main is loaded. Probably most excited for Holland-Stewart and Price-Cowboy. 

Here is a quick read if you want to check out my team's breakdown of all fourteen (!) fights. Good luck tonight!

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