Round Zero Profesional

Boxing Event
Mar 2, 2023
Round Zero Profesional
  • Date: Thursday 03.02.2023 at 08:00 PM ET
  • Promotion: Round Zero Fight Night
  • Venue: Salón Ribera
  • Boxing Bouts: 5

Fight Card
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Cancelled & Fizzled Bouts

No known scratched bouts or rumors that fell through.

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Weigh-In Results

C. Nino 119.0
123.5 J. Martinez
J. Lopez 113.0
114.75 O. Palacios
O. Montañez 131.5
133.0 J. Hernandez
D. Rodríguez 127.0
124.0 J. Rosales
L. Ibarra N/A
N/A E. Castillo

Fight Referees

Sergio Hernández
Sergio Hernández

Event Production

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Jesus Lopez vs. Orlando Palacios: No Predictions Were Made on This Bout
Obeth Navarro Montañez vs. Jose Manuel Hernandez: No Predictions Were Made on This Bout
Diego López Rodríguez vs. Jesus Alberto Rosales: No Predictions Were Made on This Bout
Luis Ibarra vs. Edgar Gonzalez Castillo: No Predictions Were Made on This Bout

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