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Evan Tanner

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  • Given Name: Evan Loyd Tanner
  • Professional MMA Record: 32-8-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
  • Nickname: N/A
  • Ending Streak: 2 Losses
  • Date of Birth: 1971.02.11 | Died: 2008.09.05
  • Last Fight: June 21, 2008 in UFC
  • Weight Class: Middleweight | Last Weigh-In: 186.0 lbs
  • Career Disclosed Earnings: $158,000 USD
  • Height: 6'0" (183cm) | Reach: N/A
  • Gym/Affiliation: Hard Knocks Kickboxing
  • Born: Amarillo, Texas, United States
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The late Evan Tanner is remembered as one of the great pioneers of the sport of MMA. He was an iconoclast, a self-taught martial artist, a loner and mystery to others, as well as a world class athlete who owned some of the most memorable wins in early UFC history. His death was a shock to the MMA community and Evan Tanner is still remembered often and fondly by his contemporaries.

A former standout high school wrestler, Tanner was a unique athletic talent who, quite amazingly, was able to teach himself Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in his own garage primarily through the use of instructional VHS tapes and with limited access to training partners. According to more than one account, Tanner was aided in his feat by a near-photographic memory. For those who have suffered through the challenges of learning Jiu-Jitsu under even the best training conditions, Tanner’s accomplishment is extraordinary; to then take such a martial arts base all the way into the UFC and apply it against many of the world’s top fighters is close to unthinkable. Yet during his time in the UFC, Tanner emerged as one of its toughest and most durable combatants, defeating some of the world’s best middleweights, including Phil Baroni (twice), Robbie Lawler, and Justin Levens.

Tanner could never be counted out, as with the time he was virtually written off prior to his UFC 51 bout with the much-vaunted Octagon newcomer and Cesar Gracie BJJ specialist, “The Soul Assassin” David Terrell. In a bout for the vacant UFC Middleweight Championship that some hoped would annoint Terrell the promotion’s next big star, Tanner went on to obliterate Terrell with strikes on the ground in a signature performance.

Tanner’s Octagon nemesis proved to be a young and upcoming fighter by the name of Rich Franklin, who was later recognized as one of the promotion’s all time best. Tanner lost to Franklin once before Franklin was well-known, and yet again in a punishingly one-sided affair once Franklin was an established champion.

Throughout his life, Tanner had struggled with alcoholism, depression, and bouts of self-destructive and grossly reckless behavior. He could be known, alternatively, to disappear for long lengths of time, to sleep outdoors, to live the life of a vagrant, or to allow himself to lose virtually all his conditioning through drinking to excess or simply failing to eat. Before some of his most important bouts, Tanner would go on to deliver respectable performances even after those who knew him well believed he would be unable to compete at all.

After back-to-back Octagon losses in 2008 sent his fighting career into a tailspin, the frequently locquacious Tanner had spoken on his blog of his intention to take a potentially dangerous solo camping trip into the California desert in an effort to find himself. Later that month, in September of 2008, Tanner was found dead in the desert near Brawley, California after succumbing to heat exposure. Even for those who knew him, his death came as a shock.

One of the most beloved fighters in the history of the sport, Evan Tanner still carries a devoted fan base that honors his free spirit and his fighting accomplishments.

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Evan Tanner MMA Fight Record

Record by Year and By Promotion

Professional Results Opponent Event Date
Loss | Decision | Split
3 Rounds, 15:00 Total
Kendall Grove
Ref: Steve Mazzagatti
The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale
Main Event | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Odds: -173 Slight Favorite | Disclosed Pay: $25,000 Base | Weigh-In: 186.0 lbs
Loss | KO/TKO | Knee
3:00 Round 2 of 3, 8:00 Total
Yushin Okami
Ref: Mark Matheny
UFC 82: Pride of a Champion
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Odds: +178 Slight Underdog | Disclosed Pay: $25,000 Base | Weigh-In: 185.0 lbs
Cancelled Bout Jeremy Horn UFC 60 2006.05.27
Reason: Tanner Withdrew
Cancelled Bout Jeremy Horn UFC 59 2006.04.15
Reason: Horn Injury
Win | Submission | Choke
3:14 Round 1 of 3
Justin Levens
Ref: Herb Dean
UFC 59: Reality Check
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Odds: -325 Moderate Favorite | Disclosed Pay: $40,000 ($20K Base, $20K Bonus) | Weigh-In: 186.0 lbs
Loss | KO/TKO | Injury
4:15 Round 2 of 3, 9:15 Total
David Loiseau
Ref: John McCarthy
UFC Fight Night 2
Main Event | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Weigh-In: 186.0 lbs
Loss | KO/TKO | Injury
3:25 Round 4 of 5, 18:25 Total
Rich Franklin
Ref: Herb Dean
UFC 53: Heavy Hitters
Co-Main Event | Title Defense | Middleweight | 185
Weigh-In: 186.0 lbs
#27 Greatest Middleweight MMA Fight of All Time
Win | KO/TKO | Punches
4:35 Round 1 of 5
David Terrell
Ref: Herb Dean
UFC 51: Super Saturday
Main Card | Vacant Title | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Odds: +120 Near Even | Disclosed Pay: $38,000 ($18K Base, $20K Bonus) | Weigh-In: 187.5 lbs
#28 Greatest Middleweight MMA Fight of All Time
#49 Greatest Comeback of All Time
Win | Submission | Choke
2:22 Round 1 of 3
Robbie Lawler
Ref: John McCarthy
UFC 50: The War of '04
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Odds: -160 Slight Favorite | Weigh-In: 184.0 lbs
Win | Decision | Unanimous
3 Rounds, 15:00 Total
Phil Baroni
Ref: John McCarthy
UFC 48: Payback
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Odds: -115 Near Even | Disclosed Pay: $30,000 ($15K Base, $15K Bonus) | Weigh-In: 185.5 lbs
Win | KO/TKO | Punches
4:42 Round 1 of 3
Phil Baroni
Ref: Larry Landless
UFC 45: Revolution
Main Card | Middleweight | 185 lbs
Weigh-In: 185.0 lbs
Loss | KO/TKO | Punches
2:40 Round 1 of 3
Rich Franklin
Ref: Larry Landless
UFC 42: Sudden Impact
Main Card | Light Heavyweight | 205 lbs
Odds: -200 Moderate Favorite Upset Defeat | Weigh-In: 199.0 lbs
Win | Submission | Choke Shannon Ritch Full Contact Fighting Federation 2003.02.15
Cancelled Bout Vladimir Matyushenko UFC 38 2002.07.13
Reason: Matyushenko Injury
Win | Decision | Unanimous
3 Rounds, 15:00 Total
Chris Haseman
UFC 38: Brawl at the Hall
Preliminary Card | Light Heavyweight | 205 lbs
Win | KO/TKO | Injury
2:06 Round 1 of 3
Elvis Sinosic
Ref: Mason White
UFC 36: Worlds Collide
Main Card | Light Heavyweight | 205 lbs
Weigh-In: 198.0 lbs
Win | Submission | Armlock
0:55 Round 2 of 3, 5:55 Total
Homer Moore
UFC 34: High Voltage
Main Card | Light Heavyweight | 205 lbs
Loss | KO/TKO | Slam
0:32 Round 1 of 5
Tito Ortiz
Ref: John McCarthy
UFC 30: Battle on the Boardwalk
Main Event | Title Challenge | Middleweight | 199
Odds: +350 Moderate Underdog | Weigh-In: 197.0 lbs
#89 Greatest Knockout of All Time
Win | KO/TKO | Strikes
4:48 Round 1 of 3
Lance Gibson
Ref: Mario Yamasaki
UFC 29: Defense of the Belts
Main Card | Middleweight | 90 kg
Weigh-In: 193.0 lbs
Win | Submission | Choke Travis Fulton USWF 18 2000.11.25
Win | KO/TKO | Punches Raoul Romero USWF 17 2000.07.17
Win | Submission | Armlock Vinny Nixon USWF 14 1999.04.24
Loss | KO/TKO | Knees Leon Dijk Pancrase 1999.04.18
Win | Submission | Strikes Mike Cizek USWF 13 1999.03.20
Win | KO/TKO | Elbows
2:58 Round 1 of 1
Valeri Ignatov
Ref: John McCarthy
UFC 19: Ultimate Young Guns
Main Card | Middleweight | 199 lbs
Weigh-In: 199.0 lbs
Win | Submission | Choke
7:57 Round 1 of 1
Darrel Gholar
Ref: John McCarthy
UFC 18: The Road to the Heavyweight Title
Main Card | Middleweight | 199 lbs
Weigh-In: 199.0 lbs
Win | Submission | Choke Ryushi Yanagisawa Pancrase 1998.12.19
Win | Submission | Choke Gene Lydick USWF 12 1998.10.24
Win | Decision Kiuma Kunioku Pancrase 1998.09.14
Win | Submission | Shoulder Justin McCully Pancrase 1998.07.26
Win | Submission | Choke Ikuhisa Minowa Pancrase 1998.07.07
Win | Submission | Choke Kosei Kubota Pancrase 1998.07.07
Win | KO/TKO | Knees Tony Castillo USWF 9 1998.06.20
Win | KO/TKO | Knee Wade Kroeze Gladiators 1998.04.18
Win | Submission | Choke Dennis Reed Gladiators 1998.04.18
Win | Submission | Choke Rusty Totty USWF 8 1998.03.28
Win | Submission | Strikes Joe Frailey PSDA 1997.11.22
Loss | Submission | Choke Heath Herring PSDA 1997.11.22
Win | Submission | Choke Jesse Gonzalez PSDA 1997.11.22
Win | Submission Heath Herring USWF 7 1997.10.18
Win | Submission | Choke Paul Buentello USWF 4 1997.04.12
Win | Submission | Armlock Gary Nabors USWF 4 1997.04.12
Win | Submission Mike Kennedy USWF 4 1997.04.12

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