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"I wish you good luck but I don't want you to rely on luck"

Fightcenter Editor for the United Kingdom MMA scene


Competitions/Titles I've won (excluding event leaderboard wins):

Tapology Survivor Game 72 Champion

Friday Night MMA #1 Champion (the precursor to what is now known as the Dashies Weekly Event Series)

Dashies Weekly Event #11 Champion

Dashies Weekly Event #18 Champion

LamoureMMA Bananza #6 Champion

LamoureMMA Bananza #8 Champion

2x Tapology PickEm Championship Champion

Can Crush Showdown 1 Champion

1x Its TIME! Champion

PPC 1 Champion

PPC 16 Champion

PPC 20 Champion

PPC 36 Champion

PPC 39 Champion


The Pink Prediction Championship (PPC) Fantasy Game Series


The Pink Prediction Championship (PPC) is a points-based fantasy combat sports game where users compete over a set number of events (the number of events may vary game to game at my discretion). Although Tapology only allows a maximum of 16 users to take part in fantasy games, there is no limit on the number of entrants for a PPC as I will gladly include anyone else who says that they want to take part before the first event goes off by adding up their scores for each individual event and working out their total and where they would fit in the final PPC table (these are known as “ghost players” see Rule 3a). There are no entry requirements meaning that there are no fantasy chips to be won but for what it’s worth, I’ll follow the winner (or winners in the event of a tie) of each PPC along with a congratulations comment on their wall, an invite to the next PPC and will also be listed on my profile page in the list of PPC Champions. The current champion’s arrival in the next PPC will be announced by me in the comments section of the game so that all the entrants know who the person to beat is. 2nd and 3rd place (including any joint 2nd and 3rd places) will also get a congratulations comment on their wall. The reason why the game is free to enter is because I don’t want anyone to want to join the game but not be able to afford to while still having some kind of prize structure (although not much of one) but it is just a friendly competition after all! The only people to guaranteed to get invites will be the current PPC Champion (or champions in the event of a tie) because I want to make this an open competition and if I invited everyone that I wanted to invite then it would undermine the main prize for the current PPC Champion.

Every PPC is made up of:

• 1 UFC event (or whatever the biggest MMA event is in the absence of a UFC event)

• At least 1 other noteworthy MMA event

• At least 1 boxing event

The idea behind this is so that the winner of each PPC should theoretically be the one with the best all-round combat sports knowledge as the UFC event would test of your mainstream MMA knowledge, the other noteworthy MMA event (or events) would test your general MMA knowledge and the boxing event would test your boxing knowledge. At the moment there are only MMA and boxing events included as these are the only events that Tapology currently allows users to make picks in but if in the future Tapology allows us to make picks in other combat sports then those other combat sports will also be included in the PPC.

You can stay up to date with the PPC by subscribing to the PPC Thread where I will post the announcement of any new PPC games when I open them and the results of the last PPC as well as any other random chat by the other users. You can also stay up to date by joining the PPC Group that anyone is welcome to join (I’ll accept all requests. If I don’t accept you straight away, it’s because I’m either at work, sleeping or otherwise busy). This group has a PPC results thread that you can subscribe to where I will list the results of every PPC event and a PPC announcement thread where I will post the announcement of any new PPC games when I open them. It will also feature any new threads that other users create and each new user will get their own thread welcoming them to the group when they join. The links to both the PPC Thread and the PPC Group are listed below:

• PPC Thread -

• PPC Group -

This is designed as a friendly league and is soley for fun. Hopefully it will also act as a good introduction to the fantasy games for new users or users who have never taken part in fantasy games before while also providing an opportunity for them to meet regular fantasy game players.

There are also loads of other great fantasy game series run by other users, some of which are free to enter and some that require fantasy chips to enter (fantasy chips can be won by entering the free fantasy games created by Tapology). Below are some other great fantasy games that are well worth checking out! Ask the users for more info on their respective fantasy games.

• Most Painful Picks, Seagalski Elimination Series & Eurasia Elimination Series (all run by @Steven Seagalski)

• Shark Cups (run by @Rombu)

• Monthly Boxing Series (run by @Mikey1903)

• Dashies Weekly Event Series (run by @thebluedash)

• Vicegrips Vaticinations Series (run by @MattyViceGrip)

• LamoureMMA Bananza Series (run by @LamoureMMA)

• Tapology PickEm Championship (run by @Tjl0106)

• BOTR Series (run by @SAShort)

• IIITS TIIIME! Series (run by @Yo3L_R0mero)

• Balasy Typowania Series (run by @Polish Chechen)

• UFC Grand Prix (run by @Uncanny390)

• Monthly MMA Fantasy League (run by @mmmma)

• Card Host’s UFC (run by @Card)

I will only be running 1 PPC at any one time otherwise I’d just end up confusing myself. I open a new one shortly after the current one ends. If you have any questions, even stupid ones, then please don’t hesitate to ask! Anyway, if you’re interested, then head on over to the fantasy games and look for one titled “PPC” followed by a number. I hope to see you soon and good luck!

The Unified Rules of the Pink Prediction Championship (PPC)

RULE 1: Format

a) Format: The PPC is a points-based league over a set number of events (the number of events may vary game to game at my discretion). Each game will feature 1 UFC event (or whatever the biggest MMA event is in the absence of a UFC event), at least 1 other MMA event and at least one boxing event.

b) Points: The game uses the standard Tapology scoring system (correct fighter = 50 points, correct fighter and a correct round or method = 65 points, correct fighter and correctly picking them to win a decision = 75 points, correct fighter, method and round = 100 points). The participant with the most points will be declared the winner. The order of the table will be decided soley based on how many points they get so if two users are tied on points but USER X has more correct picks, then they are still tied for that spot as taking the number of correct picks into consideration would undermine the perfect and semi-perfect picks made by the USER Y.

c) Events selection: The number of events may vary from game to game at my discretion but every event will feature at least 1 UFC event (or whatever the biggest MMA event is in the absence of a UFC event), at least one other MMA event and at least one boxing card. The number of fights in each event will naturally vary but I will do my best to balance it out so that the MMA to boxing ratio is roughly 2:1 (MMA:Boxing) to ensure that each game doesn’t become too MMA or boxing heavy.

d) Prize structure: The winner (or winners in the event of a tie) of the PPC will receive a follow from me (if I’m not already following them), a congratulations comment on their wall, have their name listed on the list of winners on my profile page, an invite to the next PPC and a Bruce Buffer style introduction in the comments section of the next game should they accept the invite. The 2nd and 3rd places (including any joint 2nd and 3rd places) will also receive a congratulations comment on their wall. There are no prizes for finishing 4th or lower other than any personal moral victories you may take from the experience.

RULE 2: Participation

a) Entry Requirements: There are no entry requirements other than having a Tapology account.

b) Withdrawals: If a participant (including ghost players) wishes to withdraw from a PPC after they have already entered then they must state their desire to withdraw before the first event in the PPC has started. While there is currently no way of physically removing players from a game once they have joined, I will agree to ignore their score in the final table. If a participant withdraws, they are welcome to re-join the game again as long as they state that they’ve retracted their withdrawal before the first event in the PPC has started. If a participant withdraws before the start of the first event but wishes to re-join after the first event in the PPC has started then their withdrawal will stand and their results will not be counted in the final table.

RULE 3: Ghost Players

a) Definition: A ghost player is defined as anyone who is unable to enter due to all the original 16 places being filled up but has asked to play before the first event in the PPC has started, thus gaining no advantage from their late arrival. In these circumstances, I will tell the other users in the PPC that USER X has requested to play as a ghost player and will be included in the game. When all the results for the events have come in, I will look over their scores for each individual event and add them together to work out their final score and then work out where they fall in the final PPC Table.

b) Eligibility: In order to play as a ghost player, the user must let me know before the start of the first event in the PPC. They can do this by making a comment requesting to play in the comments section of the PPC, requesting to play in the PPC Thread, requesting to play by commenting on my profile wall or otherwise contacting me directly. Anyone wishing to join as a ghost player after the first event in the PPC has stated will not be included in the game. The start time of the first event will be taken as the start time listed on Tapology so if Tapology has listed the event as starting at 8:00pm ET and your comment to request to play is time stamped at 8:01pm ET then you will not be eligible. I know that seems harsh but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

RULE 4: Declaring The Champion

a) Declaring The Champion: As stated in Rule 1b, the champion is the user with the most points after all the events have been completed. I will check that every fight result has come in by clicking on each individual event and checking that every fight listed in that event has a confirmed result. I will not declare a champion until all the listed fights in each event have a confirmed result. Once the champion has been confirmed, I will announce in the comments section of the game that USER X has won (along with any others in the event of a tie). I will then update it on my profile page and in the PPC Thread and PPC Group.

RULE 5: Invitations

a) Invitations: Only the current PPC Champion is guaranteed an invitation to the next PPC as that is the main prize of the game however there may be times when I decide to use my discretion and invite other users as well.

RULE 6: Fight/Event Cancellations

a) Fight Cancellations: Any fights in any events that are cancelled will remain cancelled and will not be included in the final table.

b) Event Cancellations: Any events that get cancelled will remain cancelled and will not be included in the final table. As yet, there is no way of replacing cancelled events in a game without creating a whole new game so those events will not be replaced. If this changes in the future, then I’ll reconsider this rule.

RULE 7: Amendment of Results

a) Tapology Amending Results: In the event that a fight result, round or method has been incorrectly put in on Tapology and then amended, the correct and amended result will stand and any changes to the table will count. If this means that we end up with a new PPC Champion or the order of the top 3 change then they will be the official PPC results, replacing the old, incorrect results.

b) Me Amending Results Due To My Error: While I try my best to ensure that I correctly announce the PPC results first time, there may well be occasions where I am mistaken due to me adding up the ghost players scores incorrectly, typos, announcing the result prematurely etc. If this is the case then the old, incorrect results will be replaced with the new, correct results and any changes to the table will count. If this means that we end up with a new PPC Champion or the order of the top 3 change then they will be the official PPC results, replacing the old, incorrect results. In these cases, I will try to inform everyone involved in the game as quickly as I can and will apologise to anyone negatively affected by my error. I will take full and sole responsibility for any errors made due to my negligence.

c) Disputed Results, Rounds or methods: In any case where there are multiple sources stating varying results, rounds or methods, the result listed on Tapology will be used as the official result for the PPC.

RULE 8: Game Glitches

a) Late Entry Glitch: This is the glitch that occasionally occurs where a game that isn’t full stays open after the first event has gone off by mistake, thus allowing users to join but being unable to make picks for that event. This happened in the PPC 2 and produced two different results, one where all the events were included so that those who picked the event didn’t miss out and one where I didn’t include the event in question so that those who were allowed to join late through no fault of their own were not at a disadvantage. I declared a double result and recognised the winners of each result as PPC Champions and this is what I will do if this glitch occurs again in the future.

b) Other Glitches: Other game glitches will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis but will be added to this rule once they are known about and there is a precedence for them.

RULE 9: Comments Section

a) General Rules: The rules for the comments section of the game are the same as the ones listed on Tapology for their forum. These rules can be found here:

b) Promotion: All users are welcome to promote their own fantasy games, work, projects, fundraisers or anything else they are involved with without my permission so long as it is legal and any additional links are safe. No sketchy pyramid schemes please.

If there is anything that you don’t think I have covered here or want more clarification on something then please don’t hesitate to ask!

Previous PPC Winners

PPC 1 - Stephen Terry

PPC 2 - Topski & Miss Sophie Grimes (not a draw, It's a long story but due to a glitch in the game that caused two separate results, I decided it was fairer to announce a double result)

PPC 3 - Steven Seagalski

PPC 4 - 15Rounds

PPC 5 - pureincognito

PPC 6 - FistyMcKickerChoke

PPC 7 - Steven Seagalski (2nd Title)

PPC 8 - 15Rounds (2nd Title)

PPC 9 - 15Rounds (3rd Title)

PPC 10 - hunterp

PPC 11 - Carlosperez

PPC 12 - evertonsantos

PPC 13 - Cadalack

PPC 14 - Cageside_Chole

PPC 15 - FistyMcKickerChoke (2nd Title)

PPC 16 - Stephen Terry (2nd Title)

PPC 17 - Miss Sophie Grimes (2nd Title)

PPC 18 - J Dub izzle

PPC 19 - hunterp (2nd Title)

PPC 20 - Stephen Terry (3rd Title)

PPC 21 - HiDefff

PPC 22 - pureincognito (2nd Title)

PPC 23 - evertonsantos (2nd Title)

PPC 24 - hunterp (3rd Title)

PPC 25 - tepid55

PPC 26 - mmmma

PPC 27 - evertonsantos (3rd Title)

PPC 28 - hunterp (4th Title)

PPC 29 - hunterp (5th Title)

PPC 30 - FistyMcKickerChoke (3rd Title)

PPC 31 - DamienHandel420

PPC 32 - FistyMcKickerChoke (4th Title)

PPC 33 - FistyMcKickerChoke (5th Title)

PPC 34 - evertonsantos (4th Title)

PPC 35 - Yo3L_R0mero

PPC 36 - Stephen Terry (4th Title)

PPC 37 - tepid55 (2nd Title)

PPC 38 - hunterp (6th Title)

PPC 39 - Stephen Terry (5th Title)

PPC 40 - Spotlight23

PPC 41 - Judo

PPC 42 - FistyMcKickerChoke (6th Title)

PPC 43 - MattyViceGrip

PPC 44 - tepid55 (3rd Title)

PPC 45 - LamoureMMA

PPC 46 - Cheeseball

PPC 47 - Cheeseball (2nd Title)

PPC 48 - pureincognito (3rd Title)

PPC 49 - trackandfield

PPC 50 - editmichel

PPC 51 - LamoureMMA (2nd Title)

PPC 52 - Cheeseball (3rd Title)

PPC 53 - editmichel (2nd Title)

PPC 54 - editmichel (3rd Title)

PPC 55 - Kairos El

PPC 56 - editmichel (4th Title)

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Bout   Prediction   Points
Josh Knight vs. Jeremy Wise   correct Wise   correct Submission   Round 2     65
Lucas Beardslee vs. Brett Minner   wrong Beardslee   Submission   Round 2    
Tanner Wonch vs. Jesse James Lee   wrong Wonch   Decision    
Michael Aquila vs. Ashton Caniglia   wrong Aquila   Decision    
Adan Gabriel vs. Michael Whitaker   wrong Gabriel   KO/TKO   Round 2    
Andrew Herrera vs. Dearion Stokes   wrong Herrera   Submission   Round 2    
Josh Krejci vs. Cade Morton   correct Krejci   correct Submission   correct Round 2     100
Tyler Drugsvold vs. Tanner Dickey   correct Dickey   correct KO/TKO   correct Round 2     100
Tavlin Hunt vs. Alex Dubray Jr   wrong Dubray Jr   KO/TKO   Round 1    
Christian Lovan vs. Josh Schiarappa   wrong Lovan   Submission   Round 2    
Ieuan Mackenzie vs. Kenzie Jones   wrong Jones   Submission   Round 1    
Greg Cuthbert vs. Roan Crocker   correct Crocker   correct Decision     75
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