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Bout   Prediction   Points
Jose Lugo vs. Michael Taylor II   correct Lugo   KO/TKO   Round 1     50
John Douma vs. Adam Acquaviva   wrong Douma   KO/TKO   Round 1    
Dinis Paiva vs. Andre Ewell   correct Ewell   KO/TKO   Round 1     50
Yorgan De Castro vs. David White   wrong White   Decision    
Reginaldo Felix vs. Pat McCrohan   correct Felix   correct KO/TKO   Round 1     65
Kris Moutinho vs. Al Jones   correct Moutinho   correct KO/TKO   correct Round 1     100
Toby Oden vs. Jeremy Puglia   wrong Puglia   Decision    
Hilarie Rose vs. Thais Souza   correct Rose   Decision     50
Jeremiah Wells vs. Jon Manley   wrong Manley   Decision    
Fabio Cherant vs. Marquis Allen   correct Cherant   KO/TKO   correct Round 1     65
Brendan Marotte vs. Arslan Otchiyev   correct Marotte   correct KO/TKO   correct Round 1     100
Shizuka Sugiyama vs. Sachiko Fujimori   correct Sugiyama   Submission   Round 1     50

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  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.03.2016 3:16 AM

You don't nominate a wild card ... the guy on your team that scores the highest in the weekend comp, whoever he is, racks up the wild card points (as long as he finishes in the top 20). So let's say Sonnen is the berserker, he gets points according to his place in the weekend comp. Now out who ever scored the highest on your team in the weekend comp, oustide of Sonnen and as long as he's in the top 20 determines your wild card points. That's what's so fun about it, you've got a failsafe just in case your berserker doesn't finish in the top 20.

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.04.2016 4:52 AM

Great pickup. Blackadder is a fantastic picker, I never draft him only because he doesn't "officially" play, but I always play with the idea.

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.04.2016 8:48 PM

HAHA! I hope not :D

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.09.2016 6:04 AM

Voting thread is up: http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/730976-BLC_7_Week_6_Event_Voting_Thread

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.11.2016 4:14 AM

Hey man, counting events for the weekend are: Combate OCHO, Road to Abu Dhabi Warriors - Thailand, CES 37, BRACE 42, ONE Championship: Heroes of the World, FEN 13 and Aspera FC 43. Alert your team, since I won't have time to put up the official thread until way later tonight. Good luck!

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.18.2016 3:19 PM

'sup homie, we're having a quick-vote on Plotforma S-70 7th. If I can get a unanimous vote by the time I finish the weekend thread it's in (2-3 hours from now).

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   08.22.2016 4:26 PM

Voting thread's up bruh: http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/732370-BLC_7_Week_8_Event_Voting_Thread. Vote wisely ;)

  • Location: Arkansas
  • Member Since: 09.20.2013

JeremyBrigham81   |   09.03.2016 10:50 PM

My apologies on missing Jungle Fights picks , I ended up working later than expected.

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   09.06.2016 10:03 AM

Hey man, voting thread's up, can you put your vote in? Thanks. http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/733906-BLC_7_Week_10_Event_Voting_Thread?page=1#post-733935

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   09.12.2016 10:52 AM

Voting thread's up mate: http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/734879-BLC_7_Playoffs_R1__Week_11__Event_Voting_Thread

  • Location: Camden, NJ / South Philly
  • Member Since: 09.22.2012

Ultramagnetic   |   09.30.2016 1:27 AM

You did a good job as El Capitan . BTW I gave you your 500th thumbs up lol . See you around man .

  • Location: Woodmere, NY
  • Member Since: 03.13.2011

SonnensSyringe   |   10.04.2016 6:46 PM

It was an honor playing for you this season. My apologies for the two events I missed early on in the season. Ultimately, we still made the playoffs. Perhaps we can use this start to build a champion next season. Thank you again for drafting me though. I had a blast. Here's to you, El Capitan!

  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   04.10.2017 1:35 AM


  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   04.10.2017 1:37 AM


Follow The Money
  • Member Since: 03.01.2015

Follow The Money   |   11.26.2017 1:49 PM

Okay guys, we only need a few more people to get this game rolling! Join up, it starts next weekend and its all of the bigger promotions including the UFC.  It'll run throughout December with a couple events after New Years.

Click Here to join the game!

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