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Location: Tennessee  |  Member since May 28, 2012  |  Name: Austin

What is this? 4th Degree Black Belt
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"Dana was like Conor McGregor in the Nate Diaz fight; quick tap." - Matt Serra

Well, I'm really interested in mma. I've watched it since I was eight but wasn't really into it as much as I am now.

My favorite fighter is Frankie "the Answer" Edgar. He beat Bendo and Aldo fo sho!

Conor McGregor is the Future GOAT.

Anderson Silva would still beat Jon Jones to this day...

AV Bets:

Velasquez vs Dos Santos - Win - Super AV Bet

Healy vs Nurmegomedov - Loss - cal1

Lawler vs McDonald - Win - gunn4206

Pacquiao vs Bradley - Loss - hdmexiqtioner

Overeem vs Rothwell - Win - 2Nyce

Hendricks vs Lawler II - Win - Super AV Bet

Jones vs Cormier - Loss - Super AV Bet

Overeem vs Nelson - Loss - Super AV Bet

Sig Bets:

Lawler vs McDonald - Win - ShakeANDBake720

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Bout   Prediction   Points
Johny Hendricks vs. Tim Boetsch   correct Boetsch   Decision     50
Felice Herrig vs. Justine Kish   wrong Kish   Decision    
Josh Stansbury vs. Jeremy Kimball   correct Kimball   correct KO/TKO   Round 3     65
Carla Esparza vs. Maryna Moroz   wrong Moroz   Decision    
Vitor Miranda vs. Marvin Vettori   correct Vettori   correct Decision     75
Mike Chiesa vs. Kevin Lee   wrong Chiesa   Submission   Round 2    
Clay Guida vs. Erik Koch   wrong Koch   Submission   Round 2    
Johnny Case vs. Tony Martin   correct Martin   correct Decision     75
Devin Powell vs. Darrell Horcher   correct Horcher   correct Decision     75
Tim Means vs. Alex Garcia   correct Means   KO/TKO   Round 2     50
Joachim Christensen vs. Dominick Reyes   wrong Christensen   KO/TKO   Round 3    
BJ Penn vs. Dennis Siver   wrong Penn   Decision    

Latest Comments (51)

Stay Ready
  • Member Since: 01.07.2015

Stay Ready   |   01.16.2015 10:36 PM

Thanks, bruh. Nearly died when I saw your av.

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   01.18.2015 2:02 PM

Here is the av for this week's av bet https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/10433149_722364004529093_4540039760461651850_n.jpg?oh=5c361665e73c7c295d606cd3f8969e3a&oe=55220CF7&__gda__=1432653867_b4562eee0171106576470f6ebf237e79

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   03.02.2015 8:58 PM

Hey man, we've got some exciting fights coming up at UFC 185. I'm thinking about doing another Super Av Bet and just testing the waters. Would you be interested again? And if so, what fight would you like the bet to be on? Pettis/RdA; Esparza/JoJo; Hendricks/Brown? Thanks.

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   03.02.2015 9:35 PM

Add Overeem/Nelson, my bad.

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   03.08.2015 4:02 PM

Nelson/Overeem was the most popular fight; thread is up - http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/650430-Super_Av_Bet__Alistair_Overeem_vs_Roy_Nelson

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   03.15.2015 11:55 AM

First week's av - http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z113/VeniVetiVeni/Overtoe_zpsrwenhayz.jpg

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   03.22.2015 6:53 PM

New photo for the av bet, curtisy of Shot2theSac. Fair warning, it is creepy - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-jsjtvpNnKT8/VQ8dSEcJ7UI/AAAAAAAABMg/q9PP6MTgad4/w440-h330-p/centaurmidge.gif

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   03.29.2015 5:55 PM

Third Week's av - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2VY7tPm90aMBgRALOKqz06n7NCYFaKuz7nFfmtrerng=w215-h207-p-no

  • Location: Great White North
  • Member Since: 02.23.2013

Griffy   |   04.04.2015 11:44 PM

Final av - https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-SexByKIYMyc/VSCp9d-0fTI/AAAAAAAABOk/0UwcS1oy-d0/w768-h701-no/Equus.gif

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   06.28.2015 1:51 AM

How'd that switch to Sims work you for you? ;)

  • Location: MASS
  • Member Since: 05.28.2010

Franklin880088   |   07.23.2015 2:07 PM

Thanks man, I appreciate it. I agree, for sure. Yea I don't think Hendricks can lay on him either, especially in a 5 rounder. I am interested in that rematch because I wondering what Hendricks is going to try and do. Hendricks when they first fought went after Condit and fought a very fast pace. He been fighting much slower pace since the condit fight. I am interested to see if Hendricks tries the slower pace with condit, I kinda don't think he will because I think he knows condit will just run away with the fight otherwise. I agree with everything you said about Condit. He's for sure the best at 170. I see him finishing Robbie. If MacDonald can hurt Lawler, I'll be damned if Carlos can't. I don't see many people taking him out, unless Hendricks decides to be a pussy and lay on him, which I doubt would work due to Carlos's awesome guard and ability to get up.

  • Location: MASS
  • Member Since: 05.28.2010

Franklin880088   |   07.23.2015 2:08 PM

ignore everything after "run away with the fight otherwise". I accidentally posted what you pm me right under what I wrote you. Sorry for any confusion that caused.

  • Location: Western Massachusetts
  • Member Since: 08.27.2013

Kuma   |   11.01.2015 9:44 PM

Sign ups for the Streetfight Grand Prix if you're interested.It's starting the weekend of Nov. 13th but you must sign up to participate. http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/691990-Streetfight_32_man_Grand_Prix_sign_up__Nov__13_

  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member Since: 07.25.2012

yossgold   |   04.11.2016 10:20 AM

Haha! Most likely ... don't get me wrong, never underestimated his power and speed, I just feel he's SO far behind the top guys with his ground game he'll eventually get exposed. Gonzaga's just too far into his decline to be that guy. A guy at his level has a back take and is shaken off so easily? I think that's more on Gonzaga than Lewis.

  • Location: Long Island, NY
  • Member Since: 09.21.2014

dtrain24   |   06.11.2017 2:34 PM

Congrats on winning the latest edition of the Survivor Game! If you could, please pick a fight from the Chiesa vs. Lee Fight Night card to kick off the next game with, just so more people have time to join than if I went with the card next weekend.

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