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Is there a Draftkings Tapology league?

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09.04.2018 | 6:39 PM ET

Just wondering if there is a Draftking Tapology league that is set up or if one can be setup. I think it would be fun to play for some cash.


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09.04.2018 | 7:44 PM ET

I’d play

I used to run a pay pal league with a bunch of guys from the Fight Club league split to HQ (RIP), junkie, weekly (RIP) & bonesnapper (RIP). 

Those were all H2H leagues but I’d take the total from x amount of events and we’d do 20$ Donations . 3 place got buy in for next round 2 place remaining 25% and 1st remaining 75%. 

We’d run it in  a 5 event stretch or so. We used to hit 20 guys or so then it eventually slipped off and we were gonna revamp buy in and pay outs. We never really got it back rolling. Though, I know a could easily text/email/pm a few of those dudes and a couple chicks as well. 

Not sure how many but a I know I could get a few from mmajunkie’s JFF and possibly playground.  There has been talk of running this back. PayPal takes a larger % themselves now too but I e been debating doing it again. 

If we made a league, hypothetically, we could take the scores right off topology’s scoring. We would the have to come up with etched in stone tiebreakers and not waiver on them. 

Those guys would do the JFF scoring of lock order points + winner + method + round. You need the winner to score but you can hedge round-3 and get those 3 points for a dec. 

Lock order points:  if there are 11fights on a card, you list every winner from 1-11. 1 being your least confident and 11 your most. When you pick a fighter correctly your lock order points to are added to fighter/method/round points. 

Holly ****, I ramble. 

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09.22.2018 | 4:37 PM ET

So when we gonna quit talking about this a get it going again. 
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09.22.2018 | 4:43 PM ET

There was a Draft Kings-esque fantasy league that Tapology had in Finishers.  They had to stop it mid beta iirc because of the then legal battle between sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel and the Federal Gov't over its legal status on whether it should be more harshly regulated like gambling.

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09.22.2018 | 6:57 PM ET

@hornet yeah that's basically correct.

We created our own game that was similar to Draftkings of FanDuel.  It was pretty cool and we put a lot of time into building it.  We invited a small number of Tapology users to start beta testing it.  But then before we even finalized and made it publicly available, the **** hit the fan with daily fantasy sports.  State governments started suing the fantasy sites, alleging that this style of game was akin to gambling, etc.

We pulled the plug because it would have been prohibitively expensive and complicated to continue running the game. It just wasn't worth it since we hadn't even officially launched the game yet.

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