Rumble at the Roseland 55

MMA Event
Mar 5, 2011
Full Contact Fighting Federation

Fight Card
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Cancelled & Fizzled Bouts

No known scratched bouts or rumors that fell through.

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Weigh-In Results

R. Martinez 263.0
248.0 Rocha
J. McPherson N/A
N/A N. Butler
J. Newson N/A
N/A A. Corrales
C. Patterson 154.5
162.0 J. Morris
J. Heilman N/A
N/A S. Nance
C. Perrin N/A
N/A J. Jones
S. Taylor N/A
N/A A. Emsley
J. Peacock N/A
N/A W. Hill
T. Takemoto N/A
N/A J. Arnold
B. Richards N/A
N/A B. Hannah
M. Sigler N/A
N/A S. Polopolus
C. Jordan N/A
N/A A. Powers
S. Patterson N/A
N/A Z. Breeding

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