Gomez vs. Molina 2

Boxing Event
Oct 7, 2023
Gomez vs. Molina 2
  • Date: Saturday 10.07.2023 at 07:00 PM ET
  • Promotion: N/A
  • Venue: Remeros Plaza Shopping
  • Boxing Bouts: 5

Fight Card
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Cancelled & Fizzled Bouts

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Weigh-In Results

D. Gomez 129.0
127.0 A. Molina
A. Robledo 125.75
125.75 A. Romero
S. Cabrera 129.0
129.0 I. Zorrilla
K. Furrer 145.5
144.75 R. Cornu
J. Marmol 167.25
168.75 B. Gomez

Fight Referees

Lucas Katalinich
Adrian Ayunta
Victor Sanchez
Daniel Bogado
Carlos Gomez

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