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    Yusuke Yachi
    Yusuke Yachi
    Satoshi - One good body lock TD but mostly defending against subs and passes while trying to get back up. Solid defense against a good BJJ player R1 9-10 Defending okay again in 2R but the one time he thinks he has an opportunity to get up it turns out he didn't and got beautifully subbed.

    Gustavo - Patient early with bomb throwing opponent, not throwing much but landing the occasional counter and oblique kick R1 9-10 Caught by bomb and hurt but manages to get to low single, ends up on bottom but survives ground and pound and manages to get back up. Caught again and finished, struggled a bit with aggression of opponent.

    Boyd - Easy takedowns against poor wrestler, controlled top position pretty much throughout. Not much of a push for a finish, but good positional control. Good bodylock trips.
  2. 2

    Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov
    Dovletdzhan Yagshimuradov
    Carvalho - Very heavy GNP when gets into guard, has to time shots well to get it there, seems to struggle to get opponent down when doesn't get a good entry. Output a little low on feet, throws spins but not set up. Very vulnerable to shots down middle, no real head movement.

    R1 10-9c R2 W

    Anglickas - Moving backwards, throwing well off back foot, looping punches and leg kicks early, settles down into faster counter combos with hands, good strong pick up double towards end of round. Started well. 10-9 Slowing down a bit, entries a little telegraphed, gets one at end of round but opp TDD not the best. Eating a few leg kicks, offence still decent just less frequent. 9-10c Looks to be tiring pretty badly but can wrestle when tire when opp allows entry, good once gets to hops. Decent GNP with elbows when gets on top. 10-9 (29-28) Did well although Julius disappointing.
  3. 3

    Abdulrakhman Yakhyaev
    Abdulrakhman Yakhyaev
    Kovalenko - Wrestling seems good, managing to avoid Kova's judo and puts him on his back. Avoiding subs pretty well. Steady small GNP. 10-9 Put on back briefly but went into legs to get up. Always looking to bull into clinch, rushed a little and got caught but managed to get on top. Same chip once there. 10-9 Seems pretty comfortable on feet, but could use a little more polish. Doubles and chips again. 10-9 Same 10-9 Same 10-9 (50-45)
  4. 4

    Arip Yakubov
    Arip Yakubov
    Gomis - Firing in nice BKs, quite wild on feet. Enters SL, runs to DL and gets TD but can't hold. Ends up getting dragged down himself. Opp gets some posture and GNP and gets finished.
  5. 5

    Oguzhan Yalcin
    Oguzhan Yalcin
    Wasuk - Kind of a karate stance striking but winging bombs a little. Opp gets behind standing off good entry. Struggling to turn back in, eventually does and turns, tries to jump back but hook thrown out. Good greco to take down with double unders. R1 10-9c Using wrestling more has to roll and let opp up to defend gilly. Gets double legged, tries to hook sweep but opp good base, good at creating movement during takedowns, manages to get back to guard. R2 9-10 Seems to be tiring in grappling heavy fight, singled and loses back trying to get up. Decent job defending RNC but stuck in body triangle. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  6. 6

    "V.V" Mei Yamaguchi
    Mei Yamaguchi
    Tight top control grappler, slow forward pressure looking for big overhands on feet.

    Radzuan - Edging forward looking for big shots. Getting hit but not big shots, gets gifted TD, stays very low on top, pins opp to mat and doesn't take risks or throw much GNP, lot of control time. R1 10-9 Decent pop when she lands with OH, hurts opp briefly, manages to turn on cage, pulled bad sacrifice throw which got away with but looked risky. R2 10-9 Strong when jamming opponent against cage but is getting reversed sometimes, opp being daft by not disengaging. R3 10-9 (30-27) lost decision but different scoring system.
  7. 7

    Sora Yamamoto
    Sora Yamamoto
    Karamov - Trying to be aggressive with guard, throwing up triangles and armbars. Being driven back and poking away mainly with oblique kick, body kicks getting caught. Seems willing to invert and get high on shoulders, awkward. R1 9-10 Just a bit less physical than opp. Still happy to be on bottom but not getting too close when opp stays tight. R2 9-10 Sneaky sub atts look like could catch some lower level guys. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  8. 8

    Goiti Yamauchi
    Goiti Yamauchi
    Chokheli - Eats a couple of heavyish hooks, drags opponent down against cage. Pulls off cage and easily defends guillotine. Nice double under pass. Tries kimura to armbar but can't finish . Uses cage for nice armbar entry and gets tap.

    Gracie - Smart enough not to engage in Gracie guard. Countering very well, Neiman quite hittable but able to counter hard, dropping once and then KOing with huge uppercut.

    MVP - Leg injury off first leg kick, unfortunate.
  9. 9

    Petr "No Mercy" Yan
    Petr Yan
    "No Mercy"
    Aljo II - Forward pressure and cardio great as usual. Couple of mistakes giving back too easily against good back taker. Stuck once there, defended choke well and tried to get out but against one of the best back riders in the sport. Cardio held up great, sprawling really well, catching with jump knees when opponent shoots, good at following to back when opponent shoots and sprawls on. Aware of sub attempts when on top.

    R1 10-9 R2 8-10 R3 9-10 R4 10-9 R5 10-9 (47-47)

    Suga - Tough time with some of the long striking of Sean but keeps hands high and hard to hit too clean. Countering really well and landing just after opponent throws. Good entries, had to work for some of them, landing nice trips and getting some top control against good get ups. 10-9, 10-9, 9-10 c (28-29) Questionable decision.

    Merab - Did best to keep up with pace, but overwhelmed a bit. Really good TDD and get ups but ridiculous performance from Merab.
  10. 10

    "Nine" Xiaonan Yan
    Xiaonan Yan
    16-3-0, 1 NC
    Really good handspeed, moves off back foot well.

    Marina - Handspeed looking faster than opp. Not checking LKs early. Throws as soon as opp looks like opening up. R1 10-9c Doing a good job circling off when moving back, countering pretty well and gets TD when opp gets too close. Catches knees when opp throws them against cage. R2 10-9c Not countering as much earlier in 3rd, eating more shots and not moving off as quickly. Really getting pushed back and landed on in most clear round. R3 9-10 (29-28) close fight had most issues when opp really drove forward and looked to be struggling more with it as the fight went on. Won could have gone E/W

    Dern - Using sidekick pretty well to keep distance. Flurrying when opp tries to come in. Stomps to knee also keeping distance. Good balance when opp attacking single on cage. Kept space and disengaged pretty well for most part. 10-9 Opp butt scooted into guard, managing to keep base pretty well as opp tries to invert, doing well there for a while but opp gets oma plata, opp hit great transition into arm triangle, uses arm under leg defence well, has to give up mount and then back. Defending subs very well on floor with a shark. 8-10 Good knee but hung out in clinch opp pulled guard, managed to back out. Good countering on feet manages to wobble opp. Seeing entries coming when they're obvious. Lateral movement to get away from grappling situations good. 10-9 Balance on singles holding up. Getting enough combos off when opp comes forward to score points. Keeping head central in guard to avoid guard danger. 10-9 Opp comes out aggressive and thrown early. Dominated but surviving okay again. Just turtling and trying to protect neck. Almost armbarred but survived 8-10 (36-37) Tough one to score.
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Adrian Yanez
    Adrian Yanez
    Kelley - Measured while finding range, able to both lead and counter. Hands super fast and accurate, work to both head and body, putting combos together. Blitzing and hard combos, great killer instinct to really go after opponent when dropped and had hurt. Killer, some of the best hands in the sport.
  13. 12

    Vladislav Yankovskiy
    Vladislav Yankovskiy
    Dolgov - Good double leg, moves towards back with hook while opponent on knees. Good job using bottom hook and cross body to keep threatening back take. Strong body lock can pick up and dump. Seems very physical, kind of bullies way to top side. Methodically works to mount but got bump swept. R1 10-9 Striking looks a bit robotic but insanely powerful double leg. Doesn't have a stable mount although good at getting there. Would like to be more active with GNP R2 10-9 Getting takedowns whenever wants them.Extremely strong. Be interesting if someone can force him to strike. Pulls self on bottom. Maybe gassing a bit. Not defending well, could have been in trouble with an opponent with hard GNP. Have my doubts over 5. R3 9-10 (29-28)

    Pessoa - Got bullied a bit in this one, should really consider cutting to 170 if wants to get back in there with this level of fighter. Tough and kept coming forward, bit meat and potatoes with the offence but consistent and effective with it, pressing in well and coming over the top. Didn't get going with entries against Pessoa and was getting ****** up with front kick to the gut. Couldn't deal with the pressure of Pessoa as the fight went on and lacked the power to keep him off.
  14. 13

    Carol "Japa" Yariwaki
    Carol Yariwaki
    "Japa"  |  8-5-0
    Puilova - Having issue with jab and cross, trying to throw over top but not timing early. Struggling with speed of opponent. R1 9-10 Too slow and stiff for this fight. R2 9-10 Keeps moving forward but doing the same thing. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  15. 14

    Zha Yi
    Zha Yi
    Sasu - Strongish body lock pick up for takedown. Not holding down but gluing to back and getting mat returns. Takes back and gets choke.

    Matsushima - Throws some quite eye catching shots. Getting taken down a few times but good urgency to get back up. Has decent clinch trips. Threw up a decent triangle. Slightly behind in the grappling with good opponent but getting a couple of nice reversals and hanging well enough, would out grapple lower level guys imo. Pretty strong from back bodylock. Good cardio, pushing hard at end, close fight. 9-10c, 9-10, 10-9c (28-29)

    Lee - Going with cage push to avoid aggressive start. Pretty strong in that position. Eventually manages to drag opp down. Pretty sticky, trying to throw a hook in from behind and staying connected. Strong at turning opp. 10-9 Very crotch sniffy. Maybe slowing just a little and forcing a bit when opp lands power. Eventually times double well. Lost position off illegal upckick. 9-10 Sticky but opp faster on feet, staying in face but not really doing damage. Hard work to fight, just not enough damage. 9-10c (28-29)
  16. 15

    Shuai "黑豹" Yin
    Shuai Yin
    "黑豹"  |  15-3-0
    Buhuoyouga - Lots of movement and feinting on the outside, actual attacks few and far between but tended to land when he did throw, likes leg kicks and jab. Taken down briefly at EOR but made opp work to get it against cage. R1 10-9 More movement and same style of attacks in 2nd, taken down at EOR again, doesn't look that comfortable on back. R2 10-9 Loses point for bad fence grab, same again other than that including takedown at end. R3 9-9 A little more fractured in the 4th, got some more offence off but did eat one big counter and got knocked down. R4 9-10 More movement and chipping away in the 5th, adding the odd TD in and trying more spinning strikes. R5 10-9 (48-46)
  17. 16

    "Super Korean" Soo Young Yoo
    Soo Young Yoo
    "Super Korean"  |  10-2-0
    Kodekov - immediate double but reversed. Balance on cage from back waistlock alright early. Pretty decent level changes. Decent back take as opp tried to turtle up. 10-9 Striking seems fundamentally okay if not spectacular, jab not too bad. Decent trip, takes back okay again, not that great at keeping hooks in. Dominating positionally though. 10-9 Level changing and back taking again, opp not picking up on it. Floating through positions fine. Opp terrible grappler. GNP not very hard. 10-8 Took down again and arm triangled opp, looked okay but opp terrible for record.
  18. 17

    Alan "Hiro" Yoshihiro Yamaniha
    Alan Yoshihiro Yamaniha
    "Hiro"  |  20-10-4
    Motoya - Struggling to deal with opponents trips. Cuts with elbow off back, but not able to do much with opponent tight top body control. R1 9-10 Can't defend that trip to save his life. Landing a few okay leg kicks. Got in okay on a takedown but couldn't finish. R2 9-10 Tripped yet again, dude might as well be on his back already as soon as opponent gets double unders, gets nothing done off back. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  19. 18

    Hikaru "The Painter" Yoshino
    Hikaru Yoshino
    "The Painter"  |  12-3-0
    Forward pressure grappler, good trips, pretty strong, solidish top control.

    Endo - Looking to grapple immediately, nice trip. Looking to play between americana and crucifix. Finding trips easily. R1 10-8 Same deal winning with good grappling pressure, strong enough to pick opp up. Does get briefly counter wrestled and ends up on bottom for last 30 secs. R2 10-9 Drops and soccer kicks older opp but can't finish. Dominates rest of round, tries a couple of unsucs subs. R3 10-9 (30-26)

    Rustem - Good judo guy, nice variation of throws, tricky to clinch up with. Did get a nice crucifix at one point but generally struggling to hold wrestler down. Some legs and body kicks standing but mostly happy to clinch up which greco opponent pushing anyway. TDD solid at least against greco, didn’t get taken down once.(30-27)

    Lokdog - Good trips. Rushes in a bit too much to get contact and started eating shots once opp figured trips out. Looks like will take a lot of people down though.
  20. 19

    Gauge "Gee Money" Young
    Gauge Young
    "Gee Money"  |  5-1-0
    Evans - Good at getting up with urgency even if struggling a little bit to separate, big right cross and impressive GNP gets quick finish when does separate.

    Smith - Reaches a bit with front kicks. Seems to use them before trying to enter which seems counter intuitive. Massive cross for KO, clearly has power.
  21. 20

    Kaitlin "The Striking Viking" Young
    Kaitlin Young
    "The Striking Viking"  |  12-13-1
    Kayla - Hit with big double leg. Tries to scramble up but opp catches wrist and starts dropping GNP.
  22. 21

    Loveth "Nigerian Terminator" Young
    Loveth Young
    "Nigerian Terminator"  |  3-2-1
    Amorim - Really bad cage grab to avoid takedown, point deducted. Gets SLTD, dropping good GNP but opp gets into legs and gets kneebarred, did make reasonable attempt to escape.
  23. 22

    Shane "Smokin" Young
    Shane Young
    "Smokin"  |  13-7-0
    Bilder - Gets centre of cage and working off jab and leg kicks. Okay for a while but not really pushing the action too much and gets hit with bodylock takedown. Not doing much on back 9-10cc Finding it difficult to cut cage off against guy drifting back. Just following. 9-10c Just looks like he struggles to engage with people, looks frustrated trying to find range. 9-10c (27-30)
  24. 23

    Shanna "The Shanimal" Young
    Shanna Young
    "The Shanimal"  |  9-5-0
    Mazany - Takedown defence against cage not too bad. Stiff and upright when standing, no real head movement. R1 9-10 Pretty useless side kicks. Decent wrestling, back control and ground and pound as opponent starts to gas, gets finish.

    Maverick - Long but a bit slow, back pedalling, closes eyes when throws. Landing okayish on back foot at times. Tripped off cage when opp got to clinch. Doesn’t do a great job getting up, giving back or mount. 9-10 Level changed on again, settles for bottom, pretty terrible on bottom. Far too easy to take down, especially with body lock trips. 9-10 Absolute garbage get ups. Constantly giving back. Got heart and persistence just not very skilled. 8-10 (26-30)
  25. 24

    Turpal Younousov
    Turpal Younousov
    Khouadra - Huge body lock slam goes straight into anaconda for easy win against very overmatched opponent.

    Kaczmarski - Flies out and drops opp with big overhand, lovely trip when opponent tries to hold. Didn’t do too much in guard, great sprawl when opp tried to shoot on him when they got stood up. Looks to have good base. Not sure could definitely keep it up against a better opponent but doing good damage from mount. Willing to give up top position to go for sub. Sets up armbar from triangle position to finish

    ****liusi - Nails opp with spinning back elbow then jumps on choke for quick finish. Absolutely ran over him.
  26. 25

    Shoaib "The Assassin" Yousaf
    Shoaib Yousaf
    "The Assassin"  |  10-3-0
    Folc - Dealing with quite aggressive opponent by being more technical. Landing nice low kicks at the end of combos. Nice knees in clinch, head kick and further knees in clinch for finish.

    Marques - Kind of a skim watch, seemed to go easy wrestling and top control route to control gassy Brazilian on the ground.
  27. 26

    Hasan Yousefi
    Hasan Yousefi
    Sak - Took at short notice, Catches kick and lands overhand over into top side. Can't hold opp down, weight distribution a tiny bit off. A little low output when circling, throws heavy when does throw. Getting pressed into the cage a bit. 10-9 Loses point for illegal knee. Taken down against cage. Struggling to work back up, eating a lot of GNP. Arm triangle choked when turned in.
  28. 27

    Rahmatullah Yousufzai
    Rahmatullah Yousufzai
    Idrisov - Lvl changed on, stuck on bottom. Surviving sub attempts but opp doing what wants to do otherwise. R1 8-10 Does a better job holding guard in 2nd, but having a rough night. R2 8-10 Carrying on getting utterly dominated but refusing to give up. R3 8-10 (24-30)
  29. 28

    Magomed Yunusilau
    Magomed Yunusilau
    Muslimov - First fight back after 3 years. Couldn’t tell much about striking, didn’t seem to commit to it a lot. Very easy once timed double leg, dominant top grappling, passing well and setting up arm triangle/back take tradeoffs well before taking RNC.
  30. 29

    Dzhikhad "Ivan The Terrible" Yunusov
    Dzhikhad Yunusov
    "Ivan The Terrible"  |  19-7-0
    Omarov - Taken down but managed to get back up and get own single leg on come up, tried to take back, avoided kimura, nice pretty suplex when IO stood up. Really strong. Managed to oopa out of mount explosively. Turns in well when on bottom and looks to go to turtle. Pushed forward with hard hooks on the feet. Hit powerful suplex twice, physically a beast, really good get ups. Elite, top level prospect had to work ridiculously hard to beat him. Very difficult to physically control even for someone like IO and physical strength and grip combined with grappling technique always threatens to be overwhelming.

    Balzikov - Edging forward, ****ing left hand. Pretty nice low kick into high kick in same motion combo. Output not super high early, using body kicks. Easy double leg into cage when wants one. Reaches over for far leg drag singles sometimes which looks like it almost puts his body on the wrong side. 10-9 Continuing to just pressure at a steady pace, did slip on one kick but opp didn't really try to secure top. Seemed to get pissed off by that and launch a few wild jumping attacks. Stronger than opp in cage clinches, opp not looking like getting away. 10-9 Keeping working steadily for the most part opp running a little (not horribly) but picking spots when can pin down. Got caught by one decent shot by opp and seemed to absolutely ******* love it. Got excited, put his hands down and got taken down instead. 9-10 (29-28) Opp got really weird decision.
  31. 30

    "Super" Sodiq Yusuff
    Sodiq Yusuff
    "Super"  |  13-2-0
    Caceres - Does good job stopping opp chasing back. Good dump off kick catch. Applying solid pressure against cage grappling. Strong waist grip, not actually getting TDs yet. R1 10-9 Putting forward pressure on again, doing a good job staying in opps face, leg kicks working well. R2 10-9 Still landing leg kicks, varying with jabs as comes in and the odd HK effort. Strong when defended BL TD. R3 10-9 (30-27) Good LK's throughout fight.

    Shainis - Good knees in thai clinch to body, opp pushes to fence, jumps gilly, nice and tight and gets tap.
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