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What is this? 4th Degree Black Belt
my rank
"“Fear is the mind-killer ... the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me ... Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”"

I work here.

Specifically, I manage the Tapology FightCenter in addition to other odds and ends. If you come across a show we don't have in there, drop me a comment as well as any info you have on the card in question and I'll do my best to get it in there or get it to the contributor covering that region.

I was MA state Karate champion in 2007-08 and occasionally fight in a Pancrase-style MMA league called the Hybrid Fighting Association.

HFA Record: 10-2 (2 KOs)

Full-Contact Karate Record: 19-2 (11 KOs)

Active Competitions

  1. 165
    3 / 18 correct 0 perfect | 0 decision
  2. 1850
    28 / 122 correct 3 perfect | 9 decision
  3. 3955
    60 / 86 correct 13 perfect | 8 decision
  4. 905
    14 / 23 correct 3 perfect | 1 decision

Latest Predictions View All   (3,109)

Bout   Prediction   Points
Phil Davis vs. Glover Teixeira   wrong Teixeira   Decision    
Wilson Reis vs. Scott Jorgensen   correct Reis   Decision     50
Andre Fili vs. Felipe Arantes   wrong Arantes   Decision    
Neil Magny vs. William Macário   wrong Macário   Decision    
Fábio Maldonado vs. Hans Stringer   correct Maldonado   Decision     50
Darren Elkins vs. Lucas Martins   wrong Martins   KO/TKO   Round 1    
Gilbert Burns vs. Christos Giagos   correct Burns   Decision     50
Tony Martin vs. Fabrício Camões   wrong Camões   Decision    
Beneil Dariush vs. Carlos Diego Ferreira   wrong Ferreira   Submission   Round 2    
Yan Cabral vs. Naoyuki Kotani   correct Cabral   correct Submission   Round 1     65
José Aldo vs. Chad Mendes II   correct Aldo   KO/TKO   Round 2     50
Dave Jansen vs. Rick Hawn   wrong Hawn   Decision    

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  • Location: MI
  • Member Since: 10.20.2011

hdmexiqtioner   |   09.19.2014 3:45 PM

if that is the case. you can make me a mod and I can pop these in myself if no one else does it.

  • Member Since: 04.05.2013

Nomad   |   09.19.2014 4:36 PM

Jap a racial slur......? I thought more like an abbreviation of a nationality.

  • Member Since: 04.05.2013

Nomad   |   09.19.2014 9:40 PM

If I need a history lesson to know it is a slur, it probably isn't much of one. Regardless it is also simply an abbreviation of Japanese and I had meant nothing derogatory of it, if anything it was in a bit of jest. I know you don't like me too much and but I sincerely hope you didnt walk away from that remark thinking I'm being racist. I get you guys don't want people running around saying shit like that and I respect this site very much, so I'll try and.pick my shots a little better.

  • Member Since: 04.05.2013

Nomad   |   09.21.2014 12:41 AM

Not liking and disliking aren't are two different things, Tiger. But we homies, no worries.

  • Location: The Mitten
  • Member Since: 03.19.2011

OldManGloom   |   09.21.2014 10:51 PM

Shouldn't Legacy 35 be in the Almost Majors comp?

  • Location: The Mitten
  • Member Since: 03.19.2011

OldManGloom   |   09.22.2014 1:03 AM

Alright, alright, alright. Bonus, thank you sir.

  • Member Since: 01.02.2011

benjaminbrandt   |   10.08.2014 10:42 PM

Impact FC is finally ready.

  • Member Since: 01.02.2011

benjaminbrandt   |   10.09.2014 11:19 PM

Magic City MMA is ready.

  • Location: Ireland.
  • Member Since: 11.25.2010

thiagosilva9794   |   10.11.2014 11:31 AM

Hey Skelliher.. Just a minor thing, But in my Shogun Rua pick history it says I'm 4-3 where I should be 4-2, It says I picked Rashad against Shogun at UFC 128 but he never fought Rashad so just confusing that's all haha so it has me picking Shogun and Rashad at UFC 128 and me losing both picks. Just a weird thing I thought I'd tell you.

  • Location: Ireland.
  • Member Since: 11.25.2010

thiagosilva9794   |   10.11.2014 1:30 PM

Cool, thanks :)

  • Location: Latveria
  • Member Since: 04.06.2011

dielegende23   |   10.16.2014 5:20 PM

hey skelli I think this PXC 45 is next week not tomorrow, if you check their twitter or FB it says so at least...

  • Location: New York
  • Member Since: 09.25.2012

bman518   |   10.17.2014 4:11 PM

I looked him up on google and a few photos of him came up came up.

  • Member Since: 01.02.2011

benjaminbrandt   |   10.18.2014 12:02 AM

Is Page/Hall in Legacy 5x5 or 3x5? We have it as 3x5, but it was a title fight.

  • Member Since: 01.02.2011

benjaminbrandt   |   10.18.2014 12:04 AM

Got it. I'll stop updating.

  • Member Since: 01.02.2011

benjaminbrandt   |   10.28.2014 10:39 PM

Fall Brawl is ready.

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