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Location: Boston, MA  |  Member since May 24, 2010  |  Name: Steven Kelliher

What is this? 6th Degree Black Belt
my rank
"When a game cannot be won, change the game."

I work here.

Specifically, I manage the Tapology FightCenter and am committed to helping this site grow into the biggest and best in the MMA world.

I was MA state Karate champion in 2007-08, WAKO fighter and occasionally fought in a Pancrase-style MMA league called the Hybrid Fighting Association. Injuries derailed that career, but it was a fun ride.

HFA Record: 10-2 (2 KOs)

Full-Contact Kickboxing Record: 19-2 (11 KOs)

Follow me on Twitter @Steven_Kelliher

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    50 / 119 correct 8 perfect | 14 decision
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    7 / 11 correct 0 perfect | 0 decision
  3. 650
    9 / 12 correct 3 perfect | 2 decision

Latest Predictions View All   (4,236)

Bout   Prediction   Points
Chad Laprise vs. Thibault Gouti   correct Laprise   Decision     50
Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon II   wrong Lauzon   Submission   Round 1    
Carlos Condit vs. Demian Maia   wrong Condit   KO/TKO   Round 4    
Anthony Pettis vs. Charles Oliveira   correct Pettis   KO/TKO   Round 1     50
Sam Alvey vs. Kevin Casey   correct Alvey   Decision     50
Garreth McLellan vs. Alessio Di Chirico   wrong McLellan   Decision    
Jeremy Kennedy vs. Alex Ricci   wrong Ricci   Decision    
Felipe Silva vs. Shane Campbell   correct Silva   Decision     50
Enrique Barzola vs. Kyle Bochniak   correct Bochniak   KO/TKO   Round 1     50
Paige VanZant vs. Bec Rawlings   correct VanZant   Decision     50
Benson Henderson vs. Patricio Freire   correct Henderson   Decision     50
Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor II   wrong Diaz   KO/TKO   Round 4    

Latest Comments (869)

  • Location: New England
  • Member Since: 05.02.2013

GreenHornet   |   05.18.2016 6:54 PM

Can you tell WastelandWanderer to leave me alone? The guy is spamming my wall to death with insane nonsense that I "purposely downvote his posts", despite the fact I barely notice him at all when I go on the forums. It is becoming annoying and I think he is doing this on purpose because, according to talks I have had with other members about this such as Curt and Gunn, he used to do the same shit to Gunn's wall back in the day when he went under the alias of ElementDefeat. It is pissing me off and I am done with having to set this fucker straight all the time.

  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   05.18.2016 7:08 PM

Yeah no problem can my posts on his wall be deleted please sorry for trouble i read your email i know yous are always dealing with heavy work load i don't start any trouble with these guys it's a culture clash or something sorry

  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   05.18.2016 7:10 PM

I think he is the one who needs to be set straight honestly

  • Location: New England
  • Member Since: 05.02.2013

GreenHornet   |   05.18.2016 7:25 PM

Thanks again.

  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   05.18.2016 7:37 PM

I knows yous are bogged down with work but I really regret spamming his wall ( some spam there is knowledge though) now that I have formal warning I honestly won't be commenting on profiles or forum again I get it

  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   05.22.2016 6:44 PM

Really sorry about that nonsense and sending too many updates honestly sorry I feel very embarrassed and hope i can earn respect back some day , I deserve a hard dozen slaps for how i behaved there .. i was an embarrassment sorry

  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   05.23.2016 7:29 AM

Definatly , 1 a day if even , I know there's more important matters that need focus , I noticed on the last 2 Fight pass events the commentators ( Robin Black , forget the other one ) referred to guys rankings via 'sherdog' and 'tapology'.... pat yourselves on the back !! Your business is on the up and up I think

  • Location: England
  • Member Since: 11.12.2011

Cheese32165   |   05.26.2016 8:29 PM


  • Member Since: 01.13.2015

WastelandWanderer   |   05.31.2016 10:36 PM

Sorry for going over quota won't send anymore updates i find till next week or one after

  • Location: Wales
  • Member Since: 05.14.2014

OutlawJoseyWales   |   06.01.2016 4:08 PM

i think your AV should be you in your IZOD shirt. Cheers. + _ =

  • Location: The Mitten
  • Member Since: 03.19.2011

OldManGloom   |   06.03.2016 11:09 PM

Hey Skelli, the result is entered wrong in this fight: http://www.tapology.com/fightcenter/bouts/262158-final-fight-championship-24-danillo-indio-villefort-vs-thiago-rela Villefort was the winner. It was on CBSSN with Rico Rodriguez doing color. I'll get you the pbp announcers name and any other relevant info that's missing when I rewatch it tomorrow.

  • Location: The Mitten
  • Member Since: 03.19.2011

OldManGloom   |   06.04.2016 4:39 PM

Ok, for FFC 24 the main play by play guy was Rich Keunas or Kimunas, they never actually showed his name so I'm not sure of the spelling, with Rico Rodriguez doing color and Jane Parker-Smith sitting in on a few bouts. Peter Linka was the ring announcer. Didn't catch the referee assignments and didn't recognize them either. And FFC 25 is on CBSSN next Friday as well.

  • Location: Gotham City
  • Member Since: 05.23.2016

Hush   |   07.15.2016 10:25 AM

Hey Skelliher, would it be possible to unlock Berkut for me to make picks for BLC? I lost power last night as did over 100k people in my area. :( If it's already started I understand that you can't, but if it hasn't I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Location: Long Island, NY
  • Member Since: 09.21.2014

dtrain24   |   08.05.2016 1:25 PM

Hey, Skelli! I can confirm D'Juan Owens vs. Nick Browne for Quaker Steak and Lube on August 13, per my interview with Owens. http://www.rushhourdaily.com/mma-fighter-djuan-owens-quest-consistency/

  • Member Since: 06.03.2014

Kinsalsa   |   08.18.2016 1:46 PM

Hi Skelli. Some results from RUMBLE AT THE RT 66 2 (http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/events/Rumble-at-the-Rt-66-2:CC7BB61F-74FE-44DD-8D2F-4A4F807EAA13) It's a event from New Mexico that took place Aug. 6 and includes wins by Bellator's Cody Walker and Isaac Vallie Flag

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