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My Summary

Started watching again in August. Ranking fighters as I go, so that is why certain ones are not ranked. Ranked purely off my perception of them, not looking at past results.

  1. 1

    Robert "The Reaper" Whittaker
    Robert Whittaker
    "The Reaper"
    Lost the title to Izzy over a year ago, but just looks better now. His stand up is excellent, gets in and out fast, has excellent combos, can wrestle, smart gameplans. Seems to have no serious weaknesses.

    -Lost to Izzy, but is right in his echelon.

    -More of the same vs. Vettori. I just think he is better than Izzy. The second fight was close. Whittaker has everything you need, elite stand up (though wide stance makes him slightly vulnerable to leg kicks), wrestling, defensive wrestling etc. Izzy is the only guy that can beat him right now.
  2. 2

    Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya
    Israel Adesanya
    "The Last Stylebender"
    -Elite stand up fighter. Anderson Silva levels of talent. Pretty solid takedown defense too. Can't be beat standing up, and slippery enough on the ground. Newish to UFC and still improving too

    -vs. Whittaker he showcased his elite range finding, countering, and his abiltiy to keep from staying on the ground long. Whittaker is almost right on his level though.
  3. 3

    Jared "Killa Gorilla" Cannonier
    Jared Cannonier
    "Killa Gorilla"
    Long for this division. Disciplined stand up fighter. Great at kicks, solid defenseon takedowns and stand up. Definitely elite for this division. Has fought as a heavyweight in the past.

    vs. Brunson, he did get caught once, but otherwise had a dominant standing and takedown defense performance. Very good, though not quite top tier.
  4. 4

    Marvin "The Italian Dream" Vettori
    Marvin Vettori
    "The Italian Dream"
    Excellent volume stand up fighter with wrestling ability. Lost badly to Izzy so he is still a ways from the top.

    -More of the same vs. Whittaker. Did OK standing in r1, but he just wasn't on whittakers level, and couldn't take him down. Has the skill set to beat almost anyone else in the division though.
  5. 5

    Alex "Poatan" Pereira
    Alex Pereira
    Elite kickboxer from Glory. Probably the best stand up fighter in the division, beat izzy multiple times in Glory. Still working on rounding out his game. His ground defense seemed passable, and his takedown defense was not great but not awful. Very intriguing, but has to climb his way up and continue to improve.

    -vs. Silva, he once again showed how elite his stand up is, he is also insanely patient. He did get tagged some. Got taken down but was able to get up every time. Didn't throw as many combos as I'd expect. He also looks huge even for this division. He is going to be tough to beat by just about anyone standing. It might all be about the takedown defense.

    -Same vs. Sean Strickland. I would say he is the best stand up fighter in the division. Sean did not try and take him down which was not wise. His power is insane.
  6. 6

    Roberto "Robocop" Soldić
    Roberto Soldić
    KSW champ. His power is insane and the real deal. Can wrestle and do everything else too. He did get into some trouble vs a 41 year old, even if hes a polish mma legend, which makes me just question him a touch, but he is excellent.
  7. 7

    Paulo "The Eraser" Costa
    Paulo Costa
    "The Eraser"
    Had a weird fight vs. Luke Rockhold. He dominated standing, he has so much power in his kicks in particular. He got tired fast in elevation though which made it a weird fight. Showed good takedown defense and even did a few takedowns himself. Very good fighter.
  8. 8

    Sean Strickland
    Sean Strickland
    Very solid stand up fighter, excellent jab, has some power, great defense. Can do some damage on the ground bu tnot elite there. Good up and coming guy, but also didn't seem full on elite.

    -Showed vs. Hermansson that he very well is elite standing and with takedown defense. He isn't complicated standing, a lot of simple combos, but he is excellent at finding range. His lack of aggressiveness could hurt him with judges down the road. His takedown defense was truly insane vs. Hermansson.

    -vs. Pereira, Strickland shows he is just too dumb to try and wrestle. He tried to stand with Periera ands got lit up. Still has a lot of great tools, but he is not at the top.
  9. 9

    Derek Brunson
    Derek Brunson
    ELITE wrestler/ground and pound guy. Stand up was just good enough that I thought he can at least hang with guys until he takes them down, and when he has them down, he keeps them down and pours on some offense. Been around a w hile, very impressive.

    vs. Cannonier he showed how he can struggle if someone keeps it standing, though he did have some moments there. Really needs his wrestling to win. Still not tons of guys that can keep it standing with him though.
  10. 10

    Krzysztof Jotko
    Krzysztof Jotko
    Long impressive fighter. Excellent takedown defense, and a very well rounded striker at all levels. Has some wrestling to mix in when he needs to as well.

    -More of the same vs. meer. Technical stand up, excellent takedown defense, and can wrestle too. Has an excellent formula to win a lot of fights.
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Jack "The Joker" Hermansson
    Jack Hermansson
    "The Joker"  |  23-7-0
    Decent stand up game, but has pretty good wrestling and great GNP.

    Vs. Strickland we saw again his stand up is only good an dnot elite. His wrestling remains very good, but not good enough to take down strickland.

    -Couldn't take down Chris Curtis, but had a really nice, technical stand up performance, lots of leg kicks and strike diversity. The wrestling also makes people nervous. Not tons of power there which is a bit scary, but he is long and can be tough to deal with.
  13. 12

    Dricus "Stillknocks" Du Plessis
    Dricus Du Plessis
    "Stillknocks"  |  17-2-0
    LOVED this dude. First UFC fight, but very disciplined. Seemed very well rounded, getting to mount position easily and trying multiple submissions, and then won with a great knockout. Defense seemed pretty rock solid.

    -vs. Tavares, he got a bit wild. Tagged a few times early. Tried for a takedown early and ended up in a bad position. But as he chilled out, he started landing and with power a bunch of times and won solidly. Still looks great. Maybe needs to get a bit more polish, but he is very solid.
  14. 13

    Kelvin Gastelum
    Kelvin Gastelum
    17-8-0, 1 NC
    -Elite fighter. Known for his wrestling, but his footwork standing is really strong too. STood with an elite stand up fighter almost a whole fight, still younger and improving. A guy that should be near the top of the division for a while.
  15. 14

    André "Sergipano" Muniz
    André Muniz
    "Sergipano"  |  23-4-0
    Guy is a beast and on a big win streak. BJJ is excellent, can get fights to the ground, and has all sorts of tricks down there. Seems to be an armbar specialist. Didn't get to see him standing much, so he still has some stuff to prove there. But he should be coming for top tier fighters soon.

    -Muniz showed his grappling at UFC 262 vs. Souza as well. Submitted and took down a guy who that rarely happens to. I do think he is in trouble if he faces someone who can really stand with him and keep it standing, but that is also going to be tough to do.

    -vs. Uriah Hall, he looked decent standing, and the wrestling and grappling remained very strong. Sometimes I felt like his love of chasing arm bars was ruining some easy potential to go for rear naked chokes, but he handled business and won quite easily.
  16. 15

    Nassourdine "Russian Sniper" Imavov
    Nassourdine Imavov
    "Russian Sniper"  |  12-3-0
    Well rounded fighter. OK on the feet, but outclassed by better fighters, there, but his skill on the ground was very legit, great submission attempts, and then brutal ground and pound ability.

    -Interesting fight vs. Buckley. I thought it was close standing most of the way, but he showed once again, very good grappling and pretty good wrestling, which won him the fight. He seemed to gas a bit in the 3rd which was concerning. He is very long so he is certainly no pushover there, but still not perfect there.
  17. 16

    Darren "The Gorilla" Till
    Darren Till
    "The Gorilla"  |  18-4-1
    -Has an elite stand up background, but was taken down by an elite wrestler and just couldn't compete. Has some impressive stand up, but just didn't stay there much. Probably a good match up vs most mostly stand up guys, but has holes in his game.
  18. 17

    Anthony "Fluffy" Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez
    "Fluffy"  |  10-2-0, 1 NC
    Well rounded. Definitely likes to wrestle and grapple. has OK stand up. Does nice work out of the clinch. Very tough but also seemed beatable. Cardio looked strong too.
  19. 18

    Wellington "The Prodigy" Turman
    Wellington Turman
    "The Prodigy"  |  18-5-0
    Just an elite BJJ guy and grappler. Didn't show tons of other skills, but it doesn't always matter with those skills. Has some tougher losses so he does need to round things out more. But he can win any fight with his BJJ.
  20. 19

    Misha Cirkunov
    Misha Cirkunov
    -Stout, solid build, wrestler/ground guy. Looks like he has the ability to wrestle well, but came up against a very strong takedown defense guy in Jotko. Has a pretty good stand up game too. Pretty well rounded fighter, probably excels best when he can get some ground control

    Once again, showed how skilled he is in many regards. Judo, wrestling, GNP, even some submission defense. But he got caught by a killer submission in r2. He is just missing something that stops him from being the very best.
  21. 20

    Chidi "Bang Bang" Njokuani
    Chidi Njokuani
    "Bang Bang"  |  22-8-0, 1 NC
    Experienced fighter despite just getting into UFC. Probably best at kickboxing, very technical but has power too. Also has wrestling, GNP, and good overall defense. He wasn't explosive, but I think he can win a lot of fights.

    -He showed that explosiveness vs. Barriault. Knocked him out in 16 seconds, so obviously he still looks great.

    -Real solid performance vs. Dusko. Showed strong takedown defense and get up game. Has serious power. Won with knees and an elbow from the clinch. Very dangerous guy.
  22. 21

    Phil "No Hype" Hawes
    Phil Hawes
    "No Hype"  |  12-3-0
    -Known as a wrestler, but has been working on his stand up, and it looked very crisp. He was killing Chris Curtis, but got caught by 1 shot that knocked him out. Still think he is a really strong fighter, just got caught.

    -Had an incredible performance vs. Deron Winn. Stand up looked incredibly sharp. Great use of elbows, and he still has wrestling. A real problem in this division.
  23. 22

    Abus Magomedov
    Abus Magomedov
    19 second win in his UFC debut. Makes it tough to judge him, but he has a pretty good track record. And he just looked powerful and talented standing. Landed a nasty front kick to start then immediately finished the job. I've not seen much but he seems great,
  24. 23

    "The Human Cheat Code" Johnny Eblen
    Johnny Eblen
    "The Human Cheat Code"  |  12-0-0
    Bellator fighter. Solid, crisp stand up. Has power, but also fought a very outclassed opponent which makes him tough to judge.

    -He fought a better opponent in Salter. Looked good standing again, controlled, disciplined, and worked in some wrestling. Wasn't blowing him out of the water, a lot of ground control, but clearly well rounded and very good.

    -More of the same vs. Mousasi. Eblen is very smart. He times his takedowns nicely, and doesn't tend to put himself in too much danger standing, but he is effective at everything and really, really solid. New Bellator champ.
  25. 24

    Caio "The Natural" Borralho
    Caio Borralho
    "The Natural"  |  12-1-0, 1 NC
    Long, strong for this division. Showed excellent grappling, and actually looked solid standing vs. Gadzhi. Need to see him more, but he looked very good.

    -Once again showed his great grappling vs. Armen. Maybe wore down a bit at the end, but still looks great. Striking isn't terrible either.
  26. 25

    Joaquin "New Mansa" Buckley
    Joaquin Buckley
    "New Mansa"  |  15-5-0
    -Very built guy. Has some power in his hands for sure, wreslting wasn't good enough vs. Arroyo, and was tentative his whole fight. Despite the power and KO, didn't really impress me.

    Showed a rollercoaster performance vs. Alhassan. Showed pretty crisp stand up, protected himself well. Landed combos, worked the body, and showed wrestling. But he also wore down and had a rough 3rd round where he was taken down by someone who usually has poor cardio. Has tools, but seems a ways away from putting it all together.

    -Buckley seemed like the best he has ever been vs. Duraev. Power and elusiveness in his stand up, and his takedown defense and get up game looked tremendous vs a wrestler. He might be figuring it all out.

    -Buckley lost to Imamov, but I once again thought he showed growth. He mostly lost standing, but he actually had some nice moments, and won the 3rd round imo. He mostly lost due to getting taken down, so he still has work to do there. Cardio looked good. Got a bit too wild in spots, but he continues to improve.
  27. 26

    Chris "The Action Man" Curtis
    Chris Curtis
    "The Action Man"  |  29-9-0
    Tons of power. Was getting beat pretty badly by Hawes, but landed one shot that ended it. So tough to fully think he's the man, but he is dangerous.

    Took a fight on short notice vs. Brendan Allen. Great body shots in particular, and he hung with a guy who was supposed to be better throughout, then he actually KO'd him. So the power is absolutely legit. I still question him a bit because of how wrecked he was by Hawes, but he is certainly scary.

    -Solid performance vs. Viera. His takedown defense is really solid. Good stand up again. Love his body shots, but he did get hit a fair bit by Viera, who is not really an elite stand up guy. But he continues to surpass my expectations.

    -Had some issues with Jack Hermansson. He showed me his takedown defense is VERY good, still isn't technical enough standing though, has issues cutting off the ring, and just didn't check leg kicks. Had issues with Jack's range. He is still pretty good but he showed his limits.
  28. 27

    Rodolfo "The Black Belt Hunter" Vieira
    Rodolfo Vieira
    "The Black Belt Hunter"  |  8-2-0
    -A BJJ multiple time champ. VERY impressive ground game, awesome submission to win his fight vs Stolzfus. Has some mental issues/fear he is working with, and is very scared of getting gassed which could come into play against a better opponent. His stand up was actually pretty solid, mostly jabs, but he has been improving. Very impressive build, but could also lead to that getting gassed issue.

    -Shows continued improvement with his stand up. Actually did decent vs. Chris Curtis standing. But he just couldn't get the fight to the ground. Good takedown defense guys can definitely beat him, but I also give him props for continuing to improve.
  29. 28

    Edmen "The Golden Boy" Shahbazyan
    Edmen Shahbazyan
    "The Golden Boy"  |  11-3-0
    Seemed like a pretty skilled stand up fighter. He also showed some wrestling ability that is new. But when he got caught by a skilled grappler on the ground, he was in trouble and got finished. Hes lost 3 straight, might have lost too much confidence, but hes still skilled.
  30. 29

    Brad Tavares
    Brad Tavares
    -Solid stand up fighter, good leg kicks, disciplined, very solid takedown defense, smart fighter. Not a big punch guy, but type of fighter that can keep it to stand up and win.

    -Once again, solid fighter. Looked decent against Dricus Du Plessis, his takedown defense is excellent, but he wasn't active enough and got lit up standing despite maybe being a bit more polished. Still a good fighter.
  31. 30

    Gerald "GM3" Meerschaert
    Gerald Meerschaert
    "GM3"  |  35-15-0
    -Pretty interesting fighter. A little sloppy standing, but hes tough and definitely has power. And then if he can wear an opponent down and get them on the ground, hes a submission specialist. Really like watching him, probably would struggle against a truly elite stand up guy.

    -Picked up a nice win vs. Stolzfus. His grappling remains excellent, and he is dangerous to get finishes. He does put himself in bad positions to get those finishes. If it goes to the judges, I worry he would lose a lot of those decisions. But he's good.

    -Got outclassed in most categories by Jotko.

    -Had a nice performance vs. Bruno Silva. Won standing surprisingly, had one nice takedown though he got stuffed a fair bit. Showed nice power too. He is solid all around, though he doesn't blow you away when you watch him.

    Striking Offense: C+
    Striking Defense: B
    Takedown Offense: B
    Takedown Defense: B
    Submission Offense: A
    Submission Defense: A
    Gameplan/IQ: B+
  32. 31

    Punahele "Puna" Soriano
    Punahele Soriano
    "Puna"  |  9-2-0
    Really good fighter. Nice stand up, power, also has very good defensive grappling and takedown defense. I think he beats Maximov if he doesn't hurt his knee mid fight. Had a lot of great tools.

    -Had a brutal KO vs. Dalcha. Dalcha seemed to screw up his rib after r1 so that may have helped. He still has some not perfect takedown defense, but he has good defense down there and decent get up game. It was close on the feet, but he has great cardio and insane power. Still a very solid prospect.
  33. 32

    Joseph "Bodybagz" Pyfer
    Joseph Pyfer
    "Bodybagz"  |  10-2-0
    Showed a bit of everything in his DWCS fight vs. Ozzy Diaz. Had a bit of wrestling, though he got reversed once. Standing, he looked quite solid, and had insane power, with an excellent KO. Good jab and some leg kicks too. Had all the tools, and he is still young.
  34. 33

    Gegard "The Dreamcatcher" Mousasi
    Gegard Mousasi
    "The Dreamcatcher"  |  49-8-2
    Bellator champ. Dusted Austin Vanderford very fast. Has power, looks great standing, and showed some takedown defense. He is impressive, but also didn't get to see tons of him yet. But he is definitely one of the best in the world.

    -Gegard got 50-45'd by Johnny Eblen. Has some good stand up moments, but actually got outstruck and taken down way too much. Skilled but overhyped.
  35. 34

    Mamed "Cannibal" Khalidov
    Mamed Khalidov
    "Cannibal"  |  35-8-2
    KSW, polish MMA legend. 41, but honestly showed a lot of skill vs. Soldic, just got absolutely rocked by an insane hook. But he's still dangerous and very well rounded, standing, can wrestle, and submit.
  36. 35

    Roman "The Caucasian" Dolidze
    Roman Dolidze
    "The Caucasian"  |  10-1-0
    Didn't get to see much because he knocked out Kyle Daukaus so quickly. Had nice power, also was a beast in the clinch. But I need to see more of him.
  37. 36

    Gadzhi Omargadzhiev
    Gadzhi Omargadzhiev
    Khabib style wrestler, then excellent with GNP and submissions, pulled off a knee bar which is rare. He is very good and could move up fast.

    -vs. Caio he got controlled pretty consistently. Stand up was a bit wild, but he had a few moments there. Wrestling was still pretty good, but he just wasn't strong enough to deal with Caio's grappling. Still has some potential though.
  38. 37

    Aliaskhab "The Black Wolf" Khizriev
    Aliaskhab Khizriev
    "The Black Wolf"  |  14-0-0
    A wrestler. Willing to stand but has serious holes there. Though he has a great chin. Wrestling was solid and submission ability that can expose anyone without takedown defense.
  39. 38

    Makhmud "Mach" Muradov
    Makhmud Muradov
    "Mach"  |  25-7-0
    -Pretty electric stand up fighter, but wore down vs. Meerschaert. Had a great first round though and I could see him dominating in stand up vs a lot of guys.
  40. 39

    Kyle "The D'Arce Knight" Daukaus
    Kyle Daukaus
    "The D'Arce Knight"  |  11-3-0, 1 NC
    Fight didn't go for long before it was stopped due to a headbutt. Daukaus wrestling seemed solid though, and he is good on the ground. Held his own standing with a good stand up guy in Holland, solid fighter.

    -Looked excellent vs. Pickett. Good boxing, excellent wrestling, and submission skills. Didn't seem like he had any serious holes, but Pickett also isn't the best opponent.

    -Got lit up standing by Roman quickly. Obviously not super comfortable standing against top tier guys.
  41. 40

    Gregory "Robocop" Rodrigues
    Gregory Rodrigues
    "Robocop"  |  13-4-0
    -Tough, well rounded guy. Has some solid grappling, but definitely likes to brawl. He leaves himself open and takes some heavy shots, but can also dish it out. His defense is concerning, but he has a lot of tools offensively.

    -vs. Petrosyan, more of the same.

    -He LIT UP Marquez. Showed a bit of grappling too., It was nice work all around. He stays composed in the pocket and in the line of fire which is huge.
  42. 41

    Armen "Superman" Petrosyan
    Armen Petrosyan
    "Superman"  |  6-2-0
    Excellent kickboxer. Great combos, great at using kicks. Can get tagged and his takedown defense isn't exceptional though. Get up game seemed good from the takedowns though. Very solid, but some holes. But he can win plenty of pure stand up fights.

    -Got taken down a fair bit by Caio, but Caio might just be that tough.
  43. 42

    Uriah "Prime Time" Hall
    Uriah Hall
    "Prime Time"  |  17-11-0
    -Long time fighter. Decent boxer, good kicker but didn't use it much. Has been down in a lot of fights that he came back in and won, but couldn't do much vs. Strickland. Some power, some good stand up, but was very weak vs Strickland jab.

    -vs. Muniz he showed good submission defense but that was basically it. Was underwhelming standing, and couldn't stop the takedowns either. He did prevent himself from being submitted, but that was about it.
  44. 43

    Brendan "All In" Allen
    Brendan Allen
    "All In"  |  20-5-0
    Had a decent performance vs. Malkoun. He got taken down a lot, but reversed it a lot, has good grappling, decent GNP, And stand up isn't bad,, though Malkouns jab got through a bit. Pretty solid fighter.
  45. 44

    Marc-André "Powerbar" Barriault
    Marc-André Barriault
    "Powerbar"  |  14-6-0, 1 NC
    Got caught by Chidi in 16 seconds. So I didn't see much, but he does have a decent track record

    -Showed good stand up vs. Jordan Wright. Nasty punches from the clinch. Also won with a nice guillotine. First submission victory. Now that I got to see more of him, I'd say he is very solid.
  46. 45

    Michał "Hussar" Oleksiejczuk
    Michał Oleksiejczuk
    "Hussar"  |  17-5-0, 1 NC
    Made a solid Middleweight debut. Lit up Sam Alvey and KO'd him fast. Need to see him against better foes, but was a LHW, definitely has power.
  47. 46

    Albert "Machete" Duraev
    Albert Duraev
    "Machete"  |  15-4-0
    -Is on a long winning streak. Very solid fighter, pretty disciplined stand up, decent wrestling, and great ground and pound. Didn't seem to have many holes, but also didn't seem particularly explosive or absolutely top tier yet.

    -Went back and saw his DWCS fight. His wrestiling was really, really good there. So that might be an elite skill, but we will see as he fights tougher foes.

    -The lack of explosiveness showed vs. Buckley. He couldn't land much standing, and he could not take Buckley down. Buckley looked awesome, so he may have just been up against a better fighter on this one.
  48. 47

    Jacob "Mamba" Malkoun
    Jacob Malkoun
    "Mamba"  |  6-2-0
    A relentless wrestler. His cardio is top tier. Had issues early vs. Dobson, got beat standing and couldn't get any takedowns in round 1. But rounds 2 and 3 he kept coming, and had takedowns and ground control the rest of the way. Decently active at GNP but not a beast there. Solid due to the wrestling.

    -vs. Allen, it was more of the same. He looked a touch more comfortable standing tham before, he has more of a jab at least, but that was about it. His wrestling is strong but he is so inactive sometimes, and his submission threat is pretty much nothing which makes him predictable. But if your takedown defense and grappling aren't up to snuff, he will lay on you till he wins. He is the kind of fighter that can probably beat plenty of guys ranked above him, but could lose to some guys below him. It's all about takedown defense.
  49. 48

    AJ Dobson
    AJ Dobson
    6-1-0, 1 NC
    Incredible debut on DWCS. Extremely aggressive, good stand up, maybe a bit sloppy but he has POWER. And he has good GNP. I kept thinking "he's a beast" when I watched.

    vs. Malkoun, he looked incredible in round 1. Excellent takedown defense, and some pretty crisp stand up with power. But rounds 2 and 3 he just seemed to wear down, and couldn't stop the takedowns anymore or get up. Could be very good if he can sustain that cardio.
  50. 49

    Aaron Jeffery
    Aaron Jeffery
    Seemed pretty competent at everything. OK stand up, some wrestling, though he got taken down by judo throws several times. Has good cardio and fights hard. But was mostly just OK.

    Made his Bellator debut. Not sure how good his opponent was, but he looked solid all around. Solid grappling, decent stand up, just a well rounded fighter. Also, all his losses are to people I rate quite highly in this division.

    -Had a great win vs. Austin Vanderford. Knocked out Austin in about a minute. Looked very solid standing, nice power, and stopped a takedown. His losses on DWCS may have just been bad luck from facing good opponents.
  51. 50

    Roman Kopylov
    Roman Kopylov
    -Took on a tough opponent, got beaten down and gassed a bit, but showed potential. Decent stand up, solid takedown defense mostly, maybe not as great of defense on the ground from ground and pound at least.

    -Interesting fight vs. Alessio. He was solid standing, but not out of this world most of the way. Showed good takedown defense. Also gassed a bit in r2 but seemed to improve in r3, and then showed very nice power with a combo. Need to see him more, but he certainly has potential.
  52. 51

    Austin "The Gentleman" Vanderford
    Austin Vanderford
    "The Gentleman"  |  11-2-0
    Bellator fighter. He is known as a wrestler, but has a ways to go stand up wise, got LIT UP by Gegard. But he still has potential.

    -Same as vs. Mousassi, Aaron Jeffrey ended him in about a minute. Really has to do better standing to get into the wrestling.
  53. 52

    Fabian "The Assassin" Edwards
    Fabian Edwards
    "The Assassin"  |  10-2-0
    Bellator. Seemed OK, but didn't really wow me vs. Machida. Landed a nice elbow out of the clinch that basically ended it. Seemed good at avoiding damage standing and got up from a takedown. But wasn't doing a lot before that.
  54. 53

    Josh "The Big Yinz" Fremd
    Josh Fremd
    "The Big Yinz"  |  9-3-0
    Made his UFC debut vs. a tough opponent and held up pretty well. Very tall for the division. Decent stand up with the length, plus some wrestling. And great submission defense. Very solid. But also doesn't seem to have an elite skill yet. Also seemed to wear down a bit cardio wise.
  55. 54

    Cody Brundage
    Cody Brundage
    Looked OK standing, nice chin, but then beat Dalcha with a nice guillotine, so he is pretty smart too. Seemed solid, but concerning how much damage he took early.

    -Nice win vs. Gore. He showed a bit of wrestling, and landed a nice shot that took him out. Wasn't dominant, but he seems to really study film and gameplan well.
  56. 55

    Dalcha "Champion" Lungiambula
    Dalcha Lungiambula
    "Champion"  |  11-5-0
    Physical monster. Stand up was a little sloppy, but he has some power. Great takedown defense, and good judo and wrestling. Has some issues with gassing, and he tapped pretty fast to a guillotine, maybe got tired and too excited.

    -Still an extremely scary dude. Looked pretty good in r1 vs. Puna, but then got KO'd bad in r2. His rib popped out so maybe that affected him. Lots of concern about his cardio still, but he looked OK in this one up until he got finished.
  57. 56

    Denis Tiuliulin
    Denis Tiuliulin
    Long for the division. Nice stand up. Cardio wore down though, and his takedown defense isn't perfect. He is solid enough though.
  58. 57

    Alessio "Manzo" Di Chirico
    Alessio Di Chirico
    "Manzo"  |  13-7-0
    Decent performance vs. Roman K. He got outstruck in r1. He is a bit unorthodox and really started landing in r2, but then got caught in r3 and taken out, but he had a path to victory. Was unsuccessful with takedowns but I like that he tried them. He is OK.
  59. 58

    Ronaldo "Jacaré" Souza
    Ronaldo Souza
    "Jacaré"  |  26-10-0, 1 NC
    41 years old. Legend of the fight game. He is a great grappler, and can still stand, but definitely past his prime.
  60. 59

    John Salter
    John Salter
    Bellator. Had a tough time getting much going vs. Eblen, but seems semi competent at most things. Had a nice submission attempt or 2 from the bottom when taken down, but was outclassed both standing and with takedown defense.
  61. 60

    Bruno "Blindado" Silva
    Bruno Silva
    "Blindado"  |  22-8-0
    -Powerful stand up fighter, can knock people out. Takedown defense lacking, and his striking defense isn't that good either, but if he hits, he can end it. Good toughness and comeback ability, best in 3rd round.

    -Showed his excellent stand up ability again against vs. Jordan Wright. He got hit a few times early, but delivered a devastating KO out of a muay thai clinch. Still concerned about how Andrew Sanchez was beating him for 2 rounds before KOing him, so I need to see more.

    -vs. Periera, he did decent standing with an elite kickboxer, but his wrestling wasn't good enough. He looked very small vs. Periera too. A fun fighter, but still tough to take him super seriously.

    -Had a really weak performance vs. Gerald Meer. He was just inactive, maybe too worried about takedowns. He lost standing. Had a little better takedown defense, though he did get taken down once. Got finished at the end. I think the wrestling really scared him.

    Striking Offense: A-
    Striking Defense:D+
    Takedown Offense: F
    Takedown Defense: D+
    Submisson Offense: N/A
    Submission Defense: C
    Gameplan/IQ: C
  62. 61

    Murad Ramazanov
    Murad Ramazanov
    Dagonstanian wrestler in ONE. He's very good at takedowns and ground control. Didn't do a lot with it though. Didn't see him stand up much, but Im guessing he is not as comfortable there. Has the skillset to win a lot of fights.
  63. 62

    Joseph "Ugly Man" Holmes
    Joseph Holmes
    "Ugly Man"  |  8-2-0
    Pretty interesting fighter. Very tall and long for his division. Has some pretty good stand up with his length, but not the best. But I think he maybe relies on that too much. But when he gets it on the ground, his BJJ is excellent, and he finishes lots of fights.

    -Interesting fight vs. Pickett. His reach wasn't an advantage, which really hurt him. He also got gassed after a round or so. Showed pretty good stand up and takedown defense, but his offensive wrestling wasn't really used. Has tools but still has a bit to go.

    -vs. Amedovski, he was on his heels a bit early, then landed a nasty knee that led to a choke. His length edge really helps him when he has it. Didn't get to see his cardio, but I gotta imagine it is improving too.
  64. 63

    "Ya Boi" Eryk Anders
    Eryk Anders
    "Ya Boi"  |  14-7-0, 1 NC
    Tough fighter to judge. He was taken down and dominated by Andre Muniz, but definitely has power, and is built as hell for this division. Probably more of a gatekeeper guy. Ranked him decently high because of the power, but need to see more from him.

    -Had a pretty nice stand up performance vs. Park. Got tired at the end though. Tried a lot of takedowns that didn't work. Be he is competent for sure.
  65. 64

    Jun Yong Park
    Jun Yong Park
    "The Iron Turtle"  |  14-5-0
    -Well rounded fighter. Decent ground defense, decent takedown defense, and solid enough striker, but he gets into brawls and leaves himself open. Feels like the quintessential average UFC fighter.

    -Had an OK performance vs. Anders. He stopped takedowns pretty well and won via split decision. I thought he lost because he didn't really land any big shots personally. He is not bad at all but not wowing me either.
  66. 65

    Jordan "The Beverly Hills Ninja" Wright
    Jordan Wright
    "The Beverly Hills Ninja"  |  12-3-0, 1 NC
    Looked impressive for a minute vs. Bruno Silva, but then left himself open and got KO'd. Fight was only a minute, so I need to see more of him, but certainly has skills, but also definitely leaves himself open. Dudes with power are risky for him right now.

    -Watched his UFC 262 fight vs. Pickett. Jordan definitely has power, KOs in just about every win, and this one was quick. He can definitely get wild in spots though. Also stuffed 1 takedown in his fight

    -Got caught by Marc Andre in a guillotine. Took damage standing too. Showed some wrestling, but it was another quick loss. Has offensive ability, but has serious holes too.
  67. 66

    Julian "The Cuban Missile Crisis" Marquez
    Julian Marquez
    "The Cuban Missile Crisis"  |  9-3-0
    Has some nice wins on his record, but vs. Robocop, he showed a chin but he got way too wild and got lit up and taken out. Maybe needs to stay more composed in the pocket, but still does have stand up talent.
  68. 67

    Dustin Stoltzfus
    Dustin Stoltzfus
    -Seemed like a decent enough fighter at everything, but not exceptional at anything. OK stand up and OK defense, not an amazing ground game. Might have been hesitant because he was taking on an elite BJJ guy in Viera.

    -Against GM3, Dustin looked much more comfortable, and showed grappling is also a strong suit of his. He did a lot of great work, but just lost it at the end.

    -Had a decent performance vs. Dwight Grant. Has his moments standing but still not super comfortable. Avoids getting hit decently well, and uses leg kicks, but no combos. Wrestling definitely doesn't look elite, but he does have excellent cardio and once it is on the ground he can definitely grapple well.

    -Got LIT UP by Abus Magomedov. 19 second KO. Clearly not comfortable standing.

    Striking: D-
    Grappling: A-
    Wrestling: C
    Cardio: B+
    Fight IQ: C
  69. 68

    Hiroyuki "Japanese Beast" Tetsuka
    Hiroyuki Tetsuka
    "Japanese Beast"  |  11-4-0
    Solid wrestler and ground control. Nice power standing, got a nice KO, but wasn't as polished there. Didn't fight a great opponent, so was tougher to judge his skill.
  70. 69

    Jamie "The Night Wolf" Pickett
    Jamie Pickett
    "The Night Wolf"  |  13-8-0
    -Big powerful guy. Very solid takedown defense, and defense in general. But was very gun shy. Seemed like above average takedown defense, but average to below average everything else. Didn't really see what he was great at. But he can escape from the ground, and generally avoid taking huge shots. Can definitely avoid being taken down. He is also long for the division, which helps him with stand up a bit, though he doesn't really use his jab.

    UFC 262 vs. Jordan Wright, he got KO'd fast. Kind of had a bad gameplan, stayed in for a takedown took long and took a bunch of elbows. Definitely athletic, but plenty of weaknesses.

    -Vs, Holmes, Pickett continued to show his general well rounded skills. He is a good defensive fighter, decent stand up, pretty good wrestling. He is ripped for the division and his cardio is excellent as well.

    -Took a short notice fight vs. Kyle Daukaus and got outclassed pretty much everywhere, and then submitted. He has a ways to go to get to the top.
  71. 70

    Jason "The Assassin" Radcliffe
    Jason Radcliffe
    "The Assassin"  |  17-10-0
    Fought a pretty inactive fight, then got KO'd by a very powerful opponent. I think he mostly wants to stand and trade, definitely looks impressive, will probably have to watch him again to get a clearer read.
  72. 71

    Krystian "Kris" Kaszubowski
    Krystian Kaszubowski
    "Kris"  |  10-2-0
    Solid wrestler and grappler, though he didn't do tons with it. Got reversed into bad positions a few times, but always got it back. Not sure how great his opponent was, but he is solid.
  73. 72

    Damian Janikowski
    Damian Janikowski
    KSW. Seemed like mostly a stand up fighter. Technically he's not as good, but when he lands, he has serious power. When he gets in close, he's very accurate, so he is dangerous.
  74. 73

    Duško "Thunder" Todorović
    Duško Todorović
    "Thunder"  |  11-3-0
    Stand up was OK. But had solid GNP. He fought a pretty unskilled opponent when it comes to the ground so I'm not sure what it means, but he seems at least decent.

    -Showed his grappling ability vs. Chidi, but he couldn't do anything with it before his opponent got up and KO'd him. Just a meh guy.
  75. 74

    Ozzy Diaz
    Ozzy Diaz
    DWCS. Got Knocked out by Pyfer, but didn't look bad. Got taken down but reversed it. Looked ok standing, but not as dynamic as advertised. But he seemed OK.
  76. 75

    Gregory "Blade" Babene
    Gregory Babene
    "Blade"  |  22-11-0, 1 NC
    His opponent was not god, but actually looked pretty good standing. Had some submission ability too. Need to see him vs. better guys, but he seemed decent.
  77. 76

    Albert "Dzik" Odzimkowski
    Albert Odzimkowski
    "Dzik"  |  12-6-0, 1 NC
    KSW. Had some decent looking wrestling and GNP skills. I don't think he fought a great opponent though.
  78. 77

    Andre Petroski
    Andre Petroski
    -Kind of a mixed bag standing, but does good work on the ground once his wrestling gets going. Cardio has been an issue for him as well. Was a big prospect on TUF, so he will likely get some more opportunities.

    -Second fight, same story. Good wrestler, sloppy but powerful striker. Definitely ahead of lower level guys, but seems like he has a lot of work to do. Only 9 pro fights so he can grow still. But I'd worry about him against anyone with decent takedown defense and striking.

    -Beat Maximov real quick. Had a very nice scramble and submission attempt. Still tough to promote him too much for now, but the ground game is pretty good.
  79. 78

    Tresean "Mr. Vicious" Gore
    Tresean Gore
    "Mr. Vicious"  |  3-2-0
    Weird fight vs. Battle. He showed a lot of great tools, good stand up with power, and very solid takedown defense. He mostly lost because he just didn't throw enough. Might be a cardio thing, but despite the loss I thought he had quite a bit of potential.

    -Vs. Brundage he was doing OK, though output was still meh, then he got caught and taken out. The shot that hit him wasn't that hard, so a bit concerning that he got taken out so easily from it. Still not a lot of pro fights so he can get better.
  80. 79

    Deron Winn
    Deron Winn
    Got lit up by Hawes. He is really short for this division and struggled with Hawes range. Has some wrestling but couldn't use it vs another elite wrestler.
  81. 80

    Nick Maximov
    Nick Maximov
    Only 24, but kind of a pure wrestler and lay and pray guy. Has passable stand up, but not doing much there either. He is definitely a threat to win any fight with the wrestling, but I don't view him as well rounded yet.

    -Got pwned by Petroski with inferior wrestling and a submission. He really needs to round out his skills more. Wrestling is still a bit scary, but better wrestlers can probably beat him most of the time.
  82. 81

    Abdul "Judo Thunder" Razak Alhassan
    Abdul Razak Alhassan
    "Judo Thunder"  |  11-5-0
    Known as a pure first round fighter. That looked like the case as he got lit up in the 2nd round, but he has a pretty good 3rd round after that. He is super built, and has insane power, but I think most fighters with cardio can beat him. Got taken down several times as well. If he lands once though, it can all be over.
  83. 82

    Dwight "The Body Snatcher" Grant
    Dwight Grant
    "The Body Snatcher"  |  11-6-0
    His first fight at MW was against Stolzfus. He showed competence standing, but that is about it. Takedown defense was OK but seemed to wear down. And his ground game does not look special. Just not a great fighter, and already 37.
  84. 83

    Alen Amedovski
    Alen Amedovski
    Looked OK vs. Holmes for a minute before taking a nasty knee and getting finished. He is aggressive which can lead to leaving some big openings.
  85. 84

    "Smilin" Sam Alvey
    Sam Alvey
    "Smilin"  |  33-18-1, 1 NC
    Long losing streak, though mostly against decent foes. Got lit up badly in his fight, not sure where he will pop up in the future. Has some skill but has taken tons of damage over the years.
  86. 85

    Zebaztian "The Bandit" Kadestam
    Zebaztian Kadestam
    "The Bandit"  |  14-7-0
    Former champ in ONE. Got taken down repeatedly. Had decent enough stand up, but not quite good enough.
  87. 86

    Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida
    Lyoto Machida
    "The Dragon"  |  26-12-0
    MMA legend. He looks passable but not particular dynamic in any way now.
  88. 87

    Shonte "Shyne" Barnes
    Shonte Barnes
    "Shyne"  |  6-2-1
    Pretty good stand up fighter. Has power, kind of a brawler. Looked a touched lost on the ground though.
  89. 88

    Tomasz Jakubiec
    Tomasz Jakubiec
    KSW. Looked decent standing early, but then got absolutely rocked and KO'd. Not great but passable.
  90. 89

    Maki "Coconut Bombz" Pitolo
    Maki Pitolo
    "Coconut Bombz"  |  15-9-0
    Decent stand up fighter, but looked a bit lost on the ground. Seems like something that many will look to exploit, but he is good if it does stay standing.
  91. 90

    Anatoly Tokov
    Anatoly Tokov
    He is OK at everything. Maybe slightly above average power. I think he gassed a bit as the fight went on. Bellator.
  92. 91

    Jansey "Jones" Silva
    Jansey Silva
    "Jones"  |  8-2-0
    Apparently is an elite striker, but I didn't see it because he got taken down too easily and then got annihilated on the ground.
  93. 92

    Sharaf "Wolfhound" Davlatmurodov
    Sharaf Davlatmurodov
    "Wolfhound"  |  18-4-1
    Seemed mostly competent at most elements of MMA. Power a bit lacking, and just didn't wow me in any way. Bellator fighter.
  94. 93

    Kyle "Gunz Up" Stewart
    Kyle Stewart
    "Gunz Up"  |  15-6-0
    Got annihilated by Larkin. Had some OK stand up skill, but was totally outclassed by a better fighter. Showed toughness but that is about it.
  95. 94

    Caio "Leão" Bittencourt
    Caio Bittencourt
    "Leão"  |  14-7-0
    Got annihilated in DWCS. Didn't see tons of him. He seemed competent but well below UFC level for now.
  96. 95

    Mário "Coração Valente" Sousa
    Mário Sousa
    "Coração Valente"  |  14-3-0
    Young fighter. Kind of wild. Has power but mostly looping strikes. And he didn't seem especially proficient on the ground.
  97. 96

    Fabio "F5" Aguiar
    Fabio Aguiar
    "F5"  |  18-4-0
    Tried to grapple Aaron Jeffrey and lost pretty badly doing so, even from a good position. Then got outstruck. Seems decently strong but wasn't too impressed. Had an OK stand up moment or 2.
  98. 97

    Hashem "Cavaca" Arkhagha
    Hashem Arkhagha
    "Cavaca"  |  6-1-0
    Missed weight on DWCS by a lot, which is not great. Has power, but just was no match for AJ Dobson.
  99. 98

    Yaozong "Totoro" Hu
    Yaozong Hu
    "Totoro"  |  3-3-0
    Greco Roman wrestler, which doesn't work as well for MMA. Got completely outwrestled, and outstruck by a pretty sloppy striker. His MMA record is 3-3, and while he is tough, he seemed very unskilled for MMA otherwise.
  100. 99

    "The Roly Poly Kid" Tommy Quinn
    Tommy Quinn
    "The Roly Poly Kid"  |  9-6-0, 1 NC
    KSW. Got taken down, passed, and beaten down pretty easily.
  101. 100

    Gilbert "The RGV Bad Boy" Urbina
    Gilbert Urbina
    "The RGV Bad Boy"  |  6-2-0
    -TUF semifinalist, got put in the finals because some other guy got hurt. Just didn't look like an amazing prospect at this point.
  102. 101

    Mike "Sea Bass" Shipman
    Mike Shipman
    "Sea Bass"  |  14-4-0
    -Got absolutely lit up standing by Babene. Does not look great there. Also got caught in a nasty guillotine but survived. Definitely did not impress. Bellator.
  103. 102

    Collin "Young Huck" Huckbody
    Collin Huckbody
    "Young Huck"  |  10-4-0
    Bellator. Fought a good opponent and looked very outclassed, turned his back and kinda gave up as soon as he was in trouble. Didn't see much.
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