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  1. 1

    Max "Blessed" Holloway
    Max Holloway
    L vs. Alexander VOLKANOVSKI (1) {1}(7/2/22) - 6 UDec - pwr disadv, slower start, slightly behind lost r1, str disadv, getting picked apart r2, bad cut above eye r2, slower than normal, not able to apply pressure like usual, tried for t/d r5 but grapp disadv from str disadv, got dominated (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs, Yair RODRIGUEZ (5) (11/13/21) - 9 UDec - aggressive looking to engage, landing looping L o/h dropping head opening for short under R hook, legs getiing chopped r1, crazy chin absorbing early power pressure, good t/d def, even range, leg kicks tough to deal with slowed the output a bit, had to push inside to avoid leg kicks, crazy durable, good grappling control ended up in mount, staying on top, started timing yair's leg kicks and shooting for t/ds, close r1,2 but just wore him down, has to rely on durability, great grappling (FOTYC21) (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kalvin KATTAR (7) (1/16/21) - 10 UDec - tons of output r1, less power but pushing back kattar, speed advantage, good kicks to body, beat up kattar r2, insane body work, insane output, dominated, picked aprt kattar entire fight (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alexander VOLKANOVSKI (C) (7/11/20) - avoided leg kicks, returned leg kicks, ued his length, kick k/d volk r1, super sharp, k/d volk r2 r uphook,
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alevander VOLKANOVSKI (2) (12/14/19) - title def 7 UDec - leg kicks disabled, didnt unleash until too late, didnt utilize length, had to switch to s/p left open volka r hook (v1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brian ORTEGA (12/02/18) - great speed evasion hug output sharp combos, picked apart ortega, good take down def
    striker, good stamina, evasive, sharp, good use of length
  2. 2

    Yair "El Pantera" Rodriguez
    Yair Rodriguez
    "El Pantera"
    15-3-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Josh EMMETT (7) {7} (2/11/23) - 10 sub r2 - smaller longer more mobile, good kicks, using leg kicks, hurt emmet w/ L body kick, nasty body shots, great combos using kicks, sniper accuracy avoiding t/ds, unwise flying knee ended up on bottom, aggressive bottom found triangle (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brian ORTEGA (3) (7/16/22) - STP r1 - crisp str R landing big r1, striking adv, grapp disadv, shoulder injury (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Max HOLLOWAY (2) (11/13/21) - 8 UDec - confident against big opp, not afraid, throwing huge power combos, big leg kicks r1, good chin, tried for late t/d r1 but couldnt complete, tired after 1, good check hooks, scary fast spinning kicks, good range, r3 went down got back taken and mounted but fought up, crazy heart, couldnt affect max enough with strikes, tired got out grappled but looking for subs, still dangerous power later rounds, wouldnt quit (FOTYC21) (^1)
  3. 3

    Brian "T-City" Ortega
    Brian Ortega
    15-3-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Yair RODRIGUEZ (4) (7/16/22) - STP r1 - clinching r1 controlling yair against the cage, striking disadv getting popped y yairs str R, grapp adv, wanting to grapple, shoulder injury (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alexander VOLKANOVSKI (c) (9/25/21) - 7 UDec - taller, good jab, good leg kicks affected volk, took a lot more damage, r3 almost locked in a guillotine looked like it might finish it, damage inhibited striking, went for t/ds r4 looking for subs, so tough all out r5, stamina disadv, grappling adv but too tired (-) (FOTY21C)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Chan Sung JUNG (5) (10/17/20) - 10 UDec - k/d jung with L hook r1, less power but speed adv, striking adv r1, needed to stay off the cage, k/d jung with spinning elbow r2, fought most of the fight s/p, used the t/d atts to open up jung, only a couple t/ds (^5)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Max HOLLOWAY (12/08/18) - stronger but slower, got picked apart by fast combos, couldnt take it to ground
  4. 4

    Zabit Magomedsharipov
    Zabit Magomedsharipov
    W vs. Calvin Kattar (12) (11/9/19) - 7UDec - main event, good kicks, showed ability to box, unorthodox style
  5. 5

    Movsar Evloev
    Movsar Evloev
    W vs. Dan IGE (10) {11} (6/4/22) - 10 UDec - good hands, landed big knee as ige dupped head, reach adv winning, good def good evasion, good slip o/h R, good fast flying knee, insane grappling body control, better mix of skills, dominated (^5)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Hakeem DAWODU (21) (6/12/21) - 9 UDec - big dip o/h R, good movement & evasion, good striking, super strong swarming grappling, insane wrestling, great judo control, great g&p from back, started to get careless standing Lr3 (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Nik LENTZ (60) (1/23/20) - 10 SDec(?!) - great grappling, almost guillotined twice but fought out, calm sub def, good g&p, pulled away r2 beating up lentz, speed adv, clean striking adv, couldnt find finish, great stamina (^7)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mike GRUNDY (43) (7/25/20) - 9 UDec - good kicks, striking adv, almost got darced, good sub def, good grappling, rocked grundy w r hookr1, picked apart grundy striking, great stamina (^4)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Enrique BARZOLA (10/26/19) - 8 UDec - sharpened striking -Wrestler
  6. 6

    Josh "CC0" Emmett
    Josh Emmett
    L vs. Yair RODRIGUEZ (4) {3} (2/11/23) - 6 sub r2 - big shorter, trouble dealing with rodrigues kicks, hurt bad to body by L kick, slowed r1 to recover, trying to make it ugly brawl, landed and got it to ground, coujld not defend the right body enough, caught knee and got it to ground, triangled from top (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Calvin KATTAR (7) {8} (6/18/22) - 7.5 SDec - power adv, good leg kicks, shorter needing to push forward not stay at distance, losing from distance winning when applying pressure, all standing, good stamina, power diff (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dan IGE (9) (12/11/21) - 8 UDec - very close, size adv, opened up with lunging R hook rocked ige, scary power, big power in everything hard matchup against great tech striker, slowed r2, shorter wide stance susceptible to leg kicks, always dangerous always needs respect, brawl adv, power diff? (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Shane Burgos (9) (06/20/20) - 10 UDec - great fight, much smaller, stocky build, super power, big r hook, hit Burgos several times with huge power, injured rknee r1, tough, brawl, prob 10-8 r3, (^2)
  7. 7

    Calvin Kattar
    Calvin Kattar
    L vs. Arnold ALLEN (10) (10/29/22) - 7 inj r2 - pwr disadv, close r1 prob lost to pwr combos of allan, tweaked his knee eor1, gave out r2 (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Josh EMMETT (8) {7} (6/18/22) - 7 SDec - power disadv, straight strikes landing faster than emmets wide power, length adv, winning from distance losing when emmett puts pressure, good spinning elbow, all standing, good stamina, low power, power diff (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Giga CHIKADZE (11) (1/15/21) - 9 UDec - great fight, legs got chopped immed, getting popped by kicks, chika slipped on missed kick kattar pounced on top, able to toss in t/d atts, big grapp adv, great chin so tough, great boxing able to just touch and not over throw, not great at t/ds, constant pressure not allowing chika recovery or to set up, pulling away further every round, tempered power less likely to ko (^1) (FOTYC22)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Max HOLLOWAY (2) (1/16/21) - 5 UDec - power adv but slower, looking to counter but had few opportunities to open up, relentlessly picked apart by elbows and kicks, super tough, big uppercut, huge heart, didnt try wrestling, still fought back with power shots, beat up in r4 (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dan IGE (9) (7/15/20) - 9 UDec - advantage striking, good body work, flying knees, tough, good t/d def, paced himself well, slower pace allowed distance adv (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jeremy STEPHENS (6) (05/09/20) - 9 KO r2 fluid style, got legs chopped out, started using own leg kicks, took over R2, patient, great striking skills(^3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Zabit MAGOMEDSHARIPOV (5) (11/9/19) - 8UDec - main event, good defense, unable to deal with unorthodox style, didnt unleash early enough
  8. 8

    "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung
    Chan Sung Jung
    "The Korean Zombie"
    L vs. Alexander VOLKANOVSKI (1) (4/9/22) - 3 ko r4 - striking disadv, power disadv, getting popped early, spd disadv couldnt evade, getting beat up, great heart but one stop behind, bounces up fast after t/ds (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dan IGE (9) (6/19/21) - 9 UDec - good reach, easier to defend, good early t/d, big power rocked ige with Rhook r2, grappling adv, took iges back looking for choke, length & grappling diff, when starting to get hit would go for t/d (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Brian ORTEGA (8) (10/17/20) - 7 UDec - good leg kicks, power adv, could use power when ortega was trapped against cage, got k/d r1 and 2, disadv grappling had to def t/ds opened up his def, great t/d def, should have continued attacking legs to slow down ortega, tough good chin (-1)
  9. 9

    Arnold "Almighty" Allen
    Arnold Allen
    W vs. Calvin KATTAR (8) (10/29/22) - 8 inj r2 - pwr adv, able to pin kattar against cage big power combo, fast L cross kept landing, kattar papped something in the knee eor1 (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Dan HOOKER (8LW) (3/19/22) - 9 ko r1 - leg kicks, turned into wild brawl landing the better shots, more durable (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Nik Lentz (20) (LW) (1/25/20) - 8 UDec - controlled the fight, sharp strikes, uses reach, good take down def (^1)
  10. 10

    "50k" Dan Ige
    Dan Ige
    W vs. Damon JACKSON (13) {14} (1/14/23) - 10 ko r2 - dropped jckson early w/ clinch hook, spd adv winning r1, good relaxed vet control, pressuring jckn back preventing grappling, more output won r2, caught jacks w/ L hook in brawl ko (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Mosvar EVLOEV (11) {6} (6/4/22) - 6 UDec - even striking,m spending tons of energy defensive grappling, rocked by big flying knee, lots of damage r1, reach disadv trouble, getting beat up r2, grapp disadv, good def grappling but outmatched (-1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Josh EMMETT (8) (12/11/21) - 7 UDec - very close, slow patient start, got rocked by huge lunging R hook, recovered fast, started grappling, good tech striker against big power puncher, found rhythm r2 and distance, good chin, good durability power diff? (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Chan Sung JUNG (6) (6/19/21) - 7 UDec - less reach had to work in to strike, good uppercuts, got tn/d early grappling disadv, good sub def but trouble getting up, good heart, Wr4, length & grappling diff couldn't get zombie off his back (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gavin TUCKER (48) (3/13/21) - 10 ko r1 - 20 sec ko straight R ko (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Calvin KATTAR (7) (7/15/20) - 7 UDec - disadvantage standing forced t/d att, difficult to get close, good o/h L, willing to get hit to get close, tough, slowed down r4, allowed length to dictate, great heart (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Edson BARBOZA (10LW) (05/16/20) - 8 SDec - came out super aggressive, got caught went down early, tough, power puncher, fearless aggression, speed advantage, good fight (^2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mirsad BEKTIC (13) (2/8/20) - 8 SDec - well rounded BJJ, great fight, close (^5)
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Bryce "Thug Nasty" Mitchell
    Bryce Mitchell
    "Thug Nasty"  |  15-1-0
    L vs. Ilia TOPURIA (13LW) {8} (12/10/22) - 6 sub r2 - opp dwnwght, pwr disadv, hurt by first leg kick, striking disadv, 1/3 t/ds r1, lost r1, getting beat up by sharp pwr of topuria, kd/d by nasty upcut, getting bet up nasty got triangled (-1)

    [ W vs. Bryce MITCHELL (12) {13} (12/10/22) - 10 sub r2 - dwnwhgt, striking adv, landing big Rs, good leg kicks hurt mitch, good t/d def until eor1, won r1, sharp striking landing well, great job keeping space, exposed for t/ds whn overthrowing, kd/d mitch with nasty upcut but unwisely jumped on top, good g&p controlling top r2, insane output shutting down mitch (#8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jai HERBERT (81) (3/19/22) - 9 ko r2 - upwght, much shorter, got kd/d by L headkick early almost out wrapped up starting to grapple, scored t/d but herbert worked out, r2 slower herbert topuria inside body shots dropped herberts hands for R hook ko (#11LW) (^5, #13FW)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ryan HALL (19) (7/10/21) - 10 ko r1 - fought perfectly against unorthodox style of hall, patient, punished hall when given chance (^3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Damon JACKSON (26) (12/4/20) - 10 ko r1 - shorter fighter, power adv, aggressive, good body work, good upcut to prevent t/ds, big striking adv (^32)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Youssef ZALAL (48) (10/10/20) - 8 UDec - shorter stocky, BJJ, great counter striking, big adv grappling, constant sub atts, used a lot of energy locking in subs, good grappling (^42) ]

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Edson BARBOZA (12) (3/5/22) - 10 UDec - constantly checking leg kicks, rocked barboza with a straight L swarmed to work to a t/d, unrelenting grapp pressure using g&p instead of looking for subs, great t/ds, patient entries, dominant (^3)
    ((((( W )))))) vs. Andre FILI (15) (10/31/20) - 9 UDec - good fight, good kicks to push fili out, early t/d, amazing top control, worked to full mount, 3 t/ds 1st r, caught fili with some good shots, good r hook, started to get outstruck r2, easy t/ds r3, control won (^3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles Rosa (UR) (05/09/20) - 10 UDec - great wrestling/body control, nearly got a triangles and twisters, full control (^8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Matt Sayles (64) (12/7/19) - 9 S rd 1 Twister - full control, wrestler (^6)
  13. 12

    "Super" Sodiq Yusuff
    Sodiq Yusuff
    "Super"  |  13-2-0
    W vs. Don SHAINIS (UR) {136} (10/1/22) - 10 sub r1 - against s/n, much longer and bigger, unfair matchup shainis forced to clinch, quick dry guillotine (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Alex CACERES (28) (3/12/22) - 9 UDec - good def grapp, shorter, str adv but spd disadv?, using str to control clinch but unable to get t/d, using leg kicks to slow caceres movement, constant leg kicks r2 stopped caceres, good striking, great strat (-)
  14. 13

    Damon "Action" Jackson
    Damon Jackson
    "Action"  |  22-5-1, 1 NC
    L vs. Dan IGE (11) {11} (1/14/23) - 6 ko r2 - shorter, much longer, got dropped early from clinch hook, spd disadv losing r1, getting pushed back and controlled by vet less output losing r2, caught by short hook in brawl ko (-1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Pat SABATINI (24) {23} (3/17/22) - 10 ko r1 - caught sabatini right away w front kick, pounced and g&p ko (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Daniel ARGUETA (127BW) {106} (6/4/22) - 8 UDec - immed clich and t/d took the back fast, grapp adv, controlling argueta easy, immed t/d r2, stamina disadv faded r3 hard, sloppy brawl strikes but durability disadv, able to recover using grapp adv to take top eor3, took more damage, grapp size diff (-3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kamula KIRK (43) (3/12/22) - 9 sub r2 - less comfortable standing, staying outside, adv in thai clinch using upcuts and dirty boxing, when opened up good brawling rocked kirk r1 and jumped onto mount, grapp adv, easy t/d r2 and controlled top, good sub def from spec and locked in quickly to his own triangle (^4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ilia TOPURIA (57) (12/4/20) - 5 KO R1 - longer fighter, big striking disadv, unable to get close to t/d (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mirsad BEKTIC (14) (9/19/20) - 9 sub r3 - s/n, much taller fighter, sub specialist, threatened subs but disadv grappling, allowed t/ds to look for subs, spent tons of energy trying to lock subs, tough, better stamina r3, great stamina, lost r1,2, big upset (^73)
  15. 14

    Giga "Ninja" Chikadze
    Giga Chikadze
    "Ninja"  |  14-3-0
    L vs. Calvin KATTAR (7) (1/15/21) - 6 UDec - great fight, leg kicks, lots of kicks, slipped after kick and katter pounced, big grapp diadv, lots of energy spent r1, started to slow r2, lots of body work, tired and stopped throwing kicks r2, kattar so good at boxing, fades so hard r3 but still landing, no kicks and too slow too much power, kattar separated more each round, still throwing r5 but only short bursts (-) (FOTYC22)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Edson BARBOZA (10) (8/28/21) - 9 ko r3 - length adv, good distance, peppering with kicks from range big o/h R rocked barboz (^14)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Cub SWANSON (20) (5/1/21) - 10 ko r1 - much longer, super fast liver kick ko (^20)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jamey SIMMONS (UR) (11/06/20) - 9 ko r1 - much longer, against a grappler, hesitant to unleash afraid of t/d, good t/d def, able to land L k to body opened L head k ko, easy matchup (^7)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Omar MORALES (67LW) (10/10/20) - good kicks with fast wide strikes, when kicking exposed chin, took some big shots straight to chin, output fell r2, crashed after big r1, strikes were telegraphed, k/d morales r3 couldnt finish, stamina? (^10)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Irwin RIVERA (BW) (05/16/20) - 8 UDec - huge length advantage, kept distance with kicks and strikes, improved take down defense, rivera took fight short notice, unfair matchup (^12)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jamall EMMERS (UR) (3/7/20) - 7 SDec - short notice, kickboxer, long, stamina?, gassed out but dominated the first round (^8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Brandon DAVIS (09/28/19) - 7 SDec - 2 week notice, bad grappling def, easily mounted, good g&p, bad take down def, precision strikes, stamina?
  16. 15

    Edson "Junior" Barboza
    Edson Barboza
    "Junior"  |  22-11-0
    L vs. Bryce MITCHELL (16) (3/5/22) - 6 UDec - constant movement to prevent t/d atts, big kicks, tons of leg kicks, got rocked by a straight L and quickly tn/d, stuck on bottom getting g&p'd, fought up, r2 tn/d early and stuck getting g&p'd, couldnt stop the t/ds and couldnt get up, no answer on ground (-2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Giga CHIKADZE (26) (8/28/21) - 6 ko r3 - length disadv, good leg kick checks, octagon control, great def, leg kicks and good body work to slow giga (-3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Shane BURGOS (10) (5/15/21) - 9 ko r3 - immediate attack with big leg kicks, started losing r1 but got burgos' rhythm and rocked him w spinning kicks and o/h R, great body kicks, great strike variety, split his calf throwing low kicks, gives octagon pressure to counter, did more damage (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Makwan AMIRKHANI (17) (10/10/20) - 9 UDec -patient feeling out start, good t/d def, good body work and leg kicks, k/d amir with super fast r twice with exact same punch, great bjj, disadv grappling, great stamina (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Dan IGE (12) (05/16/20) - patient great response to aggression, rocked Ige r1, super power kicks, slower, great take down defense, great body work kept space to use length adv, good fight
  17. 16

    Patricio Pitbull
    Patricio Pitbull
    W vs. AJ MCKEE JR (15) (4/15/22) - 8 UDec - bad dec close fight, much shorter, more patient start, difficult getting close, mckee respecting pitbulls pwer wary of getting close, big leg kicks, super composed, maybe hurt leg getting leg kick checked, good t/d def, mckee started to get wild impatient r2 but composure and counters may won r2, rocked mckee r3 short r hook, mckee recovered fast started grappling, ended up on bottom, good body work slowed mckee, good game plan to outlast mckees movement to nullify reach, tired r5 stamina disadv, very little output r5 won r5 big (-)
    *** ((((( L ))))) vs. AJ MCKEE JR. (15) (7/31/21) - ***
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Emmanuel SANCHEZ (24) (4/2/21) - 10 sub r1 - shorter fighter, controlled octagon, power adv, good body work, legs were getting chopped, kd/d sanchez w/ L hook pounced for guillotine (^5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Pedro CARVALHO (100) (11/12/20) - 10 ko r1 - short stocky, good def, counter puncher, caught carvalho 3 times with counter hooks, big power (^6)
  18. 17

    Ryan "The Wizard" Hall
    Ryan Hall
    "The Wizard"  |  9-2-0
    W vs. Darrick MINNER (83) (12/11/21) - able to find a t/ds by coming up from underneath, took some big shots, grappler minner able to escape sub atts, minner willing to grapple, hall stamina adv led to better grappling control (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ilia TOPURIA (22) (7/10/21) - 3 ko r1 - tough matchup against bjjbb, actually landed some strikes, gave too much to topuria got g&p kod (-1)
  19. 18

    Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres
    Alex Caceres
    "Bruce Leeroy"  |  20-13-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Julian EROSA (27) {27} (12/17/22) - 9 ko r1 - legs getting chopped early, patient start, odd strikes and combos, caught erosa w/ L hook L head kick combo ko (^2)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sodiq YUSUFF (17) (3/12/22) - 7 UDec - longer, looking to get in and grapple, almost took the back, str disadv trying to use speed, good t/d def, keeping distance using speed, legs getting chopped started to slow, legs got chopped bad, good heart r3, couldnt win without the movement couldnt get it to the ground (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Seung Woo CHOI (28) (10/23/21) - 8 sub r2 - power disadv, getting countered hard esp when kicking, got kd/d twice r1, point taken from choi for illegal knee, good evasion but bad def, striking disadv, chose to grapple and quickly took back to lock in rnc (^8)
    - ((((( W ))))) vs. Kevin CROOM (UR) (2/27/21) - 10 UDec - long good kicks, good t/d def, controlled standup with length, good def clinch of crooms desperate grinding, better fighter, stamina adv looked for subs when taken down, dominated tired croom r3, good stamina, good maturity smart dominant finish (^10)
    -- ((((( W ))))) vs. Austin SPRINGER (58) (8/29/20) - 9 sub r1 - against s/n, L kick wobbled springer, longer fighter good distance control, striking adv, easy rnc (^4)
    --- ((((( W ))))) vs. Chase Hooper (67) (06/06/20) - 8 UDec - caught Hooper knocked him down but didnt pounce, clear advantage on the feet, did well to keep distance and prevent the grappler spec, was a bit reckless allowing Hooper some wrestling (^4)
  20. 19

    "The Miracle" Lerone Murphy
    Lerone Murphy
    "The Miracle"  |  12-0-1
    W vs. Makwan AMIRKHANI (43) (10/30/21) - 8 ko r2 - weak t/d def, weak grapp no answer r1, good heart staying calm, came out r2 countering the t/d att with low knee ko (^4)
    W vs. Douglas ANDRADE (1/20/21) - 8 UDec - close fight, much taller fighter, good leg kicks, grappling disadv, on the ground would get in bad position easy but able to get up fast, good power (^18)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ricardo RAMOS (64) (7/15/20) - 9 ko r1 - patient, stocky, power, risked bjj to g&p, dangerous, BOXER (^11)
  21. 20

    Ádám "The Kid" Borics
    Ádám Borics
    "The Kid"  |  18-2-0
  22. 21

    Ricardo "The Bully" Lamas
    Ricardo Lamas
    "The Bully"  |  20-8-0
    W vs. Bill ALGEO (UR) (8/29/20) - 10 UDec - great fight, BJJBB, good leg kicks, shorter stockier fighter, great kick variety, fluid striking closed the distance, won r1, experience adv, good t/d, got dazed a couple times but experience grinding to recover, great workrate, 4t/ds, stamina won grappling r3 great g&p control, insane body control against bjjbb, amazing stamina (^1)
  23. 22

    Joanderson "Tubarão" Brito
    Joanderson Brito
    "Tubarão"  |  14-3-1
    W vs. Lucas ALEXANDER (UR) {133} (10/15/22) - 10 sub r1 - against s/n, super aggressive, fast hands, shorter, big slam t/ds, riding the back locked in rnc (^13)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Andre FILI (20) {34} (4/30/22) - 10 ko r1 - shorter, pwr adv, landed jab early, o/h R ko (^62)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Bill ALGEO (61) (1/15/21) - 7 UDec - shorter, fast, super active, clinched right away working for t/d, strong grappling, dangerous BJJ, surprising grapp control until algeo rev and ended up ontop, spent lots of energy r1, started to tire from using tons of energy muscling grappling and clinching, not super powerful hands, composure diff, impressive but missused energy, super tough good heart, good leg kicks, great aggression but the range diff allowed algeo to score more (^28)
  24. 23

    Pat Sabatini
    Pat Sabatini
    L vs. Damon JACKSON (18) {13} (3/17/22) - 6 ko r1 - got caught right away by front kick dipping head, wobbled, jackson swarmed took his back g&p ko (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. TJ LARAMIE (125) (4/16/22) - 9 UDec - good fight, leg kicks, against stocky wrestler, got tn/d early on bottom calm looking for subs, got his own t/d but unable to keep laramie down, striking disadv?, rocked laramie with body kick immed to guillotine but laramie recovered fast and reversed, lost r1 close, chased t/d r2 smothering taking back riding looking for subs, great grappling doing damage and threatening, won r2 big, won r3 w crazy grappling control against spec (^7)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tucker LUTZ (77) (11/20/21) - 9 UDec - immed t/d atts, great grappling control, constant swarming grappling, makes opp make mistake to get up and takes sub att, striking?, constant trips from clinch against cage, great stamina wears down opp (^6)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jamall EMMERS (85) (8/28/21) - 8 sub r1 - shorter, got rocked early and got mounted, recovered and grabbed a leg to get an ankle lock, lucky to recover great heart (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tristan CONNELLY (WW) (4/24/21) - 9 UDec - rocked connelly early and rode top took back looking for subs, great t/ds, grappling adv, easy win (^18)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jesse STIRN (LWUR) (12/18/20) - 10 sub r2 - bjj, good upcut to counter t/d shoot, good grappling against wrestler, good top control, easy body control, great bjj, armbar, not much striking (^15)
  25. 24

    Joshua "Kuya" Culibao
    Joshua Culibao
    "Kuya"  |  11-1-1
    W vs. Melsik BAGHDASARYAN (40) {40} (2/11/23) - good leg kicks, pwr and str disadv losing r1, baghd slipped culibao immed took back and locked in rnc (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Seung Woo CHOI (28) {31} (6/11/22) - 9 SDec? - great fight, wild vs tight tech striker, switching stances, surprising power, able to goad choi into brawling, durability adv happy to brawl, wobbled choi twice r1 almost got the finish, dropped choi again r2, much better accuracy in brawl, got tn/d r3 back taken but dec sub def (^25)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Shayilan NUERDANBIEKE (UR) (5/22/21) - 9 UDec - longer, leg kicks, against grappler constant fighting off clinch, calm def, striking adv good use of reach, good t/d def, forced to be technical against wild power strikes of nuer, good L R combos, dominated (^1)
    ((((( D ))))) vs. Charles JOURDAIN (31) (10/3/20) - close fight, k/d jourdain r1, longer reach, stance switcher, good kicks, good use of range, powerful long counters, disadv grappling, got controlled on ground
  26. 25

    "Guv'nor" Gavin Tucker
    Gavin Tucker
    "Guv'nor"  |  13-2-0
    L vs. Dan IGE (10) (3/13/21) - ko r1 - 22 second ko straight R (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Billy QUARANTILLO (65) (12/12/20) - 9 UDec - stocky big power, speed disadv, good L kick rocked quarantillo, big t/ds, more technical, good body work, grappling adv, stamina adv, great stamina, more skilled, won all aspects (^22)
  27. 26

    Julian "Juicy J" Erosa
    Julian Erosa
    "Juicy J"  |  28-10-0
    L vs. Alex CACERES (21) {19} (12/17/22) - 7 ko r1 - good leg kicks, hard to read cacers odd strikes, got caught by wild L hook to L head kick combo ko (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Hakeem DAWUDO (16) {29} (9/10/22) - 9 UDec - opp msd wght 3.5, trouble getting through dawodus tech fast clean striking and kicks, legs getting chopped, rocked dawudo twice r1, durability adv winning in brawls, good chin, grapp adv took back controlled body triangle, won r1 and 2, good counter striking as dawodu had to chase a finish, good spd but slight disadv, good easy tds (^3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Steven PETERSON (94) (2/5/22) - 8 SDec - mssd wght, great close fight, slugfest, good t/d def, spd adv, constant pressure, good chin, rocked mult times, goaded into a brawl, crazy chin, low def but doesnt care, couldnt get it tot he ground, not smart, better technical fighter but brawls, rocked over and over by o/h R, maniac (FOTYC22) (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles JOURDAIN (30) (9/4/21) - 9 sub r3 - s/n, more aggressive, str adv, good chin would walk through most of jourdains strikes to be more effective, got rocked r2, tough, getting rocked slowed reactions spd disadv, smart use of clinch and t/ds to break pressure, super awareness locked in darce late in r3 (^5)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Seung Woo CHOI (62) (6/19/21) - 5 ko r1 - similar style opp, open when throwing kicks, popped by big power mult times, less power, underestimated power of choi, willing to open brawl but bad choice (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Nate LANDWEHR (35) (2/20/21) - 8 ko r1 - longer fighter, leg kicks, turned into a wild brawl, got rocked but came right back, landed better shots big flying knee k/d (early?) stoppage (^33)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Sean WOODSON (64) (06/27/20) - 9 SUB r3 - good fight, short notice, tough, ate shots, needed to pressure and brawl against the cage, great heart, non stop pressure (^19) WRESTLER BRAWLER
  28. 27

    "Mean" Hakeem Dawodu
    Hakeem Dawodu
    "Mean"  |  13-3-1
    L vs. Julian EROSA (31) {28} (9/10/22) - 6 UDec - msd wght 3.5, fast clean strikes, good kicks, good t/d def, good jab, clinch fighting disadv, got rocked twice r1 in brawl, durability disadv losing brawl, grapp disadv good sub def eventually able to fight up, lost r1 and 2, had to chase for a finish r3 but getting countered hard, slight spd adv, bad t/d def (-13)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mike TRIZANO (57) (2/5/22) - 9 UDec - lots of kicks, really smooth evasion and counter, crazy variety of strikes, winning from range, had to respect trizanos power, good body work (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Movsar EVLOEV (22) (6/12/21) - 6 UDec - had to def swarming grappling of evloev, rode the back r1 looking for rnc, good sub def, unable to keep it standing, good t/d def r3, striking adv, good stamina, good heart Wr3 standing (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Zubaira TUKHUGOV (48) (9/26/20) - 9 SDec - longer, fast big power, good kicks, slow r1 both looking to counter, leg kicks, unable to use length punching but leg kicks worked, good t/d def x2, disadv grappling, pulled away r3 (^8)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Julio Arce (33) (11/2/19) - 7 - strong, good kicking
  29. 28

    Mirsad Bektić
    Mirsad Bektić
    L vs. Damon JACKSON (UR) (9/19/20) - 7 sub r3 - against s/n, immediate grappling, good body control, good g&p, good t/ds, great grappling, calm sub def, wears down opp, was winning r1,2 but gassed r3 couldnt escape choke (-8)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Dan Ige (18) (2/8/20) - 7 SDec - great fight, close, great top control (v2) [(-2)]
  30. 29

    Nathaniel "The Prospect" Wood
    Nathaniel Wood
    "The Prospect"  |  19-5-0
    W vs. Charles JOURDAIN (32) {33} (9/3/22) - 9 UDec - good fight, shorter, early grappling to take away jourdains striking, smothering top, jourdain able to fight up, wobbled jourdain r1, good counters to jourdains wild brawling, good leg kicks, good def, jourdain not using length, good boxing, great mix of grapp and strike, good chin, super easy t/ds, durability adv in brawl, pwr adv (^3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles ROSA (98LW) {93} (7/23/22) - 9 UDec - big striking adv, big leg kicks, beating up rosa r1, got tn/d eor1 almost got choked out, bjj disadv?, smart avoiding grappling of rosa, attacking rosas leg hard, bieating up rosa r2, beat up rosa r3 rosas leg too beat up (#35)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Casey KENNEY (15) (10/24/20) - 8 UDec - good fight, good counters, good kick counters, good leg kicks, difficult to match crazy output of kenney, slightly shorter range than kenney, steady output, great t/d def, great stamina (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. John Castaneda (UR) (7/25/20) - 9 UDec - good leg kicks, good counters, better technician from distance, good long lunging r (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. John Dodson (12) (2/15/20) - 7 KOr3 - good counters, taller but slower, good fight, got caught by speedier fighter (v3)
  31. 30

    "Hurricane" Shane Burgos
    Shane Burgos
    "Hurricane"  |  15-3-0
    W vs. Charles JOURDAIN (36) {32} (7/16/22) - 7 MDec - bad dec, pwr adv, aggressive home start, used grapp adv early looking for choke, slowed r1 started to just stand and brawl, big leg kicks, clinch strike disadv, spd disadv, wanting to use grapp and bjj, rode the back triangle all r2 looking for choke but jourdain sub def too good, bad def, trouble with fast S/P jab, slowed hard r3, spd & stamina diff got beat up r3 (-18)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Billy QUARANTILLO (42) (11/6/21) - 9 UDec - great fight, spd disadv, couldnt compete with the speed and tech, no answer for the jab, so tough, willing to take shots to land his power, power adv, started chopping quarantillos leg r2 and teed off leg kicks and power diff (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Edson BARBOZA (11) (5/15/21) - 7 ko r3 - leg got chopped immed, great technical striker, great body work, rocked hard by o/h R, amazing chin, got rocked again r3 and passed out, bad def, got out damaged (-2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Josh EMMETT (8) (06/20/20) - 8 UDec - great fight, super long/tall, didnt use length, ate several big shots early, great chin, good use of leg kicks, fast reflexes, good body work, willing to each shots, tough, brawl, got knocked down r3, reckless?, ******* maniac (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs . Makwan AMIRKHANI (23) (11/2/19) - 8 KO3 - almost choked out r.1 - great stamina, good takedown sub defense (^3)
  32. 31

    Nate "The Train" Landwehr
    Nate Landwehr
    "The Train"  |  16-4-0
    W vs. David ONAMA (59) {59} (8/13/22) - 9 MDec - fun great fight, shorter, trouble with reach, getting beat up from fast length of oname, dropped mult times r1, super tough, grapp adv able to reverse endup on top, great heart, oname punched out r2, landwr beating up and controlling the fight r2 thrwoing everything, kept chasing subs giving up position, lack of power didnt damage onama (FOTYC22) (^3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ludovit KLEIN (57) (10/16/21) - 10 sub r3 - spd disadv, constantly pushed back, looking to counter or out brawl, tech disadv needed to keep it dirty, good clinch fighting, good patience, grapp adv?, great stamina won r2, stamina diff (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Julian EROSA (68) (2/21/21) - 7 ko r1 - shorter fighter got out pressured, quickly turned into brawl, rocked erosa but quick recovery and got outpowered k/d skip flying knee (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Darren ELKINS (21) (05/16/20) - 8 UDec - came out slow, great confidence, tough, started to counter, had more powerful strikes, great fight, wild
  33. 32

    Jeremy "JBC" Kennedy
    Jeremy Kennedy
    "JBC"  |  19-3-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Matt BESSETTE (UR) (11/19/20) - 9 UDec - grappling adv, easy t/ds, good body control, leg kicks, good g&p, great top control against BJJBB, good sub def, good stamina (^2)
  34. 33

    Movlid "Killer" Khaybulaev
    Movlid Khaybulaev
    "Killer"  |  19-0-1, 1 NC
  35. 34

    Billy Quarantillo
    Billy Quarantillo
    W vs. Alexander HERNANDEZ (24LW) {43FTW} (12/10/22) - 9 ko r2 - opp dwnwhgt, pwr disadv, getting outworked r1, opened up by g&p, grapp disadv?, pwr disadv losing exchanges, clinch str disadv, good t/d def, hernandez faded hard, beat up hernan bad eor2 (^2)

    [ L vs. Billy QUARANTILLO (38) {36} (12/10/22) - 8 ko r2 - dwnwhgt, good leg kicks, good pwr, tons of energy outworking qurant, super aggressive, grappling control, damaging elbows, nasty g&p, pwr adv winning striking, clinch str adv, started to slow eor2 hard, quarant landed big, gassed bad stamina mngmnt (#43)
    ((((( *** L ))))) vs. Renato MOICANO (22) (2/12/22) - ***
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mike BREEDEN (UR) (10/2/21) - 10 ko r1 - against s/n opp, outclassed opp explosive power, fast ko (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Thiago MOISES (34) (2/27/21) - 6 UDec - super low stance to def t/ds, couldnt break def of moises and would get countered hard, all standing, lost definitively, outpowered (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Chris GRUETZMACHER (72) (10/31/20) - 10 ko r1 - speed adv, kicks to keep distance, picked apart gruetz, easy win ko (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Drew Dober (30) (05/13/20) - 6 KO R2 - fast moving hard to hit, strikes were not as strong, hard weight cut?, got outpowered. (-2) ]

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Shane BURGOS (13) (11/6/21) - 8 UDec - great fight, spd adv, great distance control, controlling with the jab, power disadv, tough to ko burgos, started to slow r2 and fight evened out, leg got chopped r2 started to get beat up, started to just brawl because lack of mobility, tough, tried to grapple, great heart leg kicks and power diff (^1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gabriel BENITEZ (66LW) (7/17/21) - 9 ko r3 - good fight, both came out hot, rocked benit jumped ontop w big g&p, rode the back won r1, got back quickly r2, good body triangle, really searching for rnc, grappling adv, winning r2 just opened up into brawl, wicked R, got rocked r3, grappling diff (^26)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Gavin TUCKER (66) (12/12/20) - 6 UDec - longer taller, good kicks, aggressive, constant pressure, started to slow r2, disadv grappling, good chin, good heart, likes to brawl (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kyle NELSON (9/12/20) - 8 ko r3 - slight power disadv, good chin, good clinch elbows, great stamina, constant output, early r3 ko
  36. 35

    Andre "Touchy" Fili
    Andre Fili
    "Touchy"  |  22-9-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Bill ALGEO (45) {45} (9/17/22) - 8 SDec - good fight, legs getting chopped, similar style and shape, algeo falling back to check counter hook, gaining length going forward, rocked algeo with headkick, kept landing R headkick as algeo ducked away, better kicks, better use of length won r1, started to slow r2 algeo turned up aggression and started to outland w spd adv lost r2, great level change r3 mixed it up using grapp adv looking for subs, weird r3 to judge fili riding back looking for rnc algeo hitting behind (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Joanderson BRITO (95) {33} (4/30/22) - 5 ko r1 - pwr disadv, popped w jab early, o/h R ko (-14)
    ((((( NC ))))) vs. Daniel PINEDA (32) (6/26/21) - 9 eyepoke r2 - speed adv sharp striking, rocked pineda r1 almost ko, was winning (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Bryce MITCHELL (18) (10/31/20) - 8 UDec - good close fight, got taken down early, nearly got up, good composure from bottom, nearly exploded out from bottom, couldnt kick worried about t/d, got caught from r hook, looked best when pressuring mitchell back, r2 started to find counters and show striking adv, good heart to fight up, looked for subs (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles Jourdain (26) (06/13/20) - 9 SDec - great fight, long fighter, great kicks, very similar matchup, fluid stance switch, good counters, great takedowns, superior grappler, tough, great stamina, (^2)
  37. 36

    Daniel "The Pit" Pineda
    Daniel Pineda
    "The Pit"  |  27-14-0, 3 NC
    NC vs. Andre FILI (18) (6/26/21) - 6 eyepoke r2 - slower, got rocked almost kod r1, started to look to grapple, good leg kicks, crazy chin to not go down, was losing (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Cub SWANSON (21) (12/12/20) - 7 ko r2 - big size adv, big leg kicks, chopped swansons legs, low def, reckless after being way ahead got k/d r1, hurt slowed r2, could have won disappointing, just wanted to brawl not smart (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Herbert BURNS (LW) (8/15/20) - 9 ko r2 - aggressive start, good power, advantage striking, great grappling control vs bjj tech, dominated r1, good g&p, great bjj def, great grappling, good stamina
  38. 37

    Ricardo "Carcacinha" Ramos
    Ricardo Ramos
    "Carcacinha"  |  16-4-0
    W vs. Danny CHAVEZ (106) {106} (6/18/22) - 9 ko r1 - longer, using kicks, chavez' hands low, backed up chavez and kod him w spinning elbow (^8)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Zubaira TUKHUGOV (50) (10/30/21) - 7 UDec - good matchup good fight, got countered hard and pushed back, slower, couldnt get close, striking disadv, turned the fight with spinning back elbow which rocked tukhugov, tough, good adaptations to make it close r3, good stamina (^3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Bill ALGEO (68) (5/22/21) - 7 UDec - close fight, shorter, swarmed immed with bjj and grappling, good t/ds looking to take the back, started to fade r2 and get picked apart, stamina disadv, tired single shots but algeo returned with combos, couldnt keep algeo down with t/ds, t/ds won (^21)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Lerone MURPHY (68) (7/15/20) - 7 ko r1 - super agile, good kicks to keep distance, lots of flair that may have gassed him, got taken down easy, stamina? , g&p ko (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Journey NEWSON (6/29/19) - 8 UDec - much longer, good kicks, leg kicks, looking to use range, dangerous bjj couldnt keep newson down, slowed a bit r2, his own legs started to get chopped newson using kicks to get in range, trying to land knees and elbows inside, size adv grapp adv, rocked newson w/ spinning elbow combo inside
  39. 38

    Melsik "The Gun" Baghdasaryan
    Melsik Baghdasaryan
    "The Gun"  |  7-2-0
    L vs. Joshua CULIBAO (26) {25} (2/11/23) - 7 sub r2 - super fast hands, strong L kick, legs getting chopped, nasty pwr, good accuracy, good leg kick counter L hook, pwr and str adv winning stand up r1, gritty, tripped kicking culibao immed took back and rnc (-)

    ((((( W )))))) vs. Bruno SOUZA (44) (11/6/21) - 8 UDec - against s/n, stocky muscular, good counters, good evasion against karate spec, constant slow pressure, good leg kicks, fast hands, good fast power, power adv, slowed r3, stamina? (^92)
  40. 39

    Bill "Senor Perfecto" Algeo
    Bill Algeo
    "Senor Perfecto"  |  16-7-0
    L vs. Andre FILI (38) {38} (9/17/22) - 7.5 SDec - good leg kicks, similar style and shape, trying to stay out and check hook but losing out length to fili, got rocked by head kick grappled to recover, kept dipping head and getting read by fili using fast kicks and length lost r1, winning when going first, turned up aggression and combos to win r2, fili started to slow r2 algeo started taking over on the feet, filil came out early t/d weird r3 to judge fili riding back looking for rnc algeo hitting behind (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Herbert BURNS (41) {48} (7/16/22) - 9 ko r2 - good fight, got clinched up immed, able to reverse it, good grappling against spec, size str disadv got tn/d, fresh burns aggressive bjj, almost got triangled barely escaped after minutes, burns gassed, started to beat up burns w g&p, burns barely able to get up after r1, careless playing into burns bjj str but burns 0 energy, burns quit (^9)
    _____ W _____ vs. Joanderson BRITO (119) (1/15/21) - 9 UDec - longer, got pushed up against cage, tn/d fast, stuck on ground against BJJ, able to reverse and take the top, good composure absorbing super aggression from brito and starting using striking adv and length, good chin not concerned with britos power, ****y striking def, good t/d def after early energy dump from brito (^9)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ricardo RAMOS (89) (5/22/21) - 7 UDec - close fight, longer, got swarmed with grappling, wide stance hands down open to leg kicks?, weak def good chin, stamina adv, weak t/d def, good combos with kicks t/d diff (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Spike CARLYLE (69) (11/28/20) - 8 UDec - longer fighter, fought off grappling well, looked much fresher r2, grappling disadv, bad t/d def, big stamina adv, good back control, not much ko power (^4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ricardo LAMAS (17) (8/29/20) - 8 UDec - great fight, BJJ BB, low hands, longer skinnier, couldnt keep distance, got outstruck r1, won r2, willing to brawl, solid ground def, good clinch work, got taken down 3 times, tired r3 lost grappling, ****y (^29)
  41. 40

    Jonathan "JSP" Pearce
    Jonathan Pearce
    "JSP"  |  14-4-0
    W vs. Darren ELKINS (48) {67} (12/3/22) - 8.5 UDec - much longer, able to beat up elkins, elkins only looking to grapple, started using mid low kicks to stop t/d atts, not respecting elkins striking, leg kicks hurting elkins, good stamina, couldnt put elkins out (^1)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Makwan AMIRKHANI (65) {70} (7/23/22) - 9 ko r2 - striking adv, makwan desperate t/ds, good elbows from def grapp hurt makwan, good sub def, good grapp, stamina adv fresh r2, open to o/h R and upcuts, controlled top r2 amir too tired, beat up amir big g&p (^11)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Christian RODRIGUEZ (UR) (2/19/22) - 9 UDec - against s/n, much longer, immed worked into clinch, great body control, grapp adv, almost got choked out in dry guillotine, good composure to escape, good g&p controlling rodriguez on the ground, striking disadv but quickly into easy t/ds, stamina disadv, got rocked r3 but good chin into easy t/d, grapp diff (^3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Omar MORALES (66) (9/25/21) - 9 sub r2 - str disadv, grappling adv, relentless grappling clinching, lots of energy expended wore down morales, stamina grapp diff, great stamina (^28)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kai KAMAKA III (91) (11/28/20) - 9 ko r2 - great fight, longer fighter, good evasion, good t/d, good chin, great striking, good thai clinch, well rounded, good grappling, great g&p (89)
  42. 41

    "Phar" Jack Jenkins
    Jack Jenkins
    "Phar"  |  11-2-0
    W vs. Don SHAINIS (133) {133} (2/11/23) - 9 UDec - great fight, good pwr, aggressive but shianis looking to clinch grind, good t/d def, longer trying to stay away from grappling, good evasion, nasty leg kicks, great use of jab keeping distance, easy t/d size str grapp adv controlling top, tons of energy r2, got reversed and mounted crazy back and forth r2, didnt want to keep it standing?, got reversed on ground mult times, top control r3 easy calm (FOTYC23) (^98)
  43. 42

    Charles "Air" Jourdain
    Charles Jourdain
    "Air"  |  13-6-1
    [-12 12/3/22]
    L vs. Nathaniel WOOD (35) {32} (9/3/22) - 7 UDec - good fight, longer, got tn/d early but able to fight up against spec, got wobbled r1, no respect for woods dropping hands wanting to brawl, looking for flying knee, not using length enough, coming inside allowing wood to strike and go for t/ds, not smart jst wanting to brawl, weak t/d def inside, durability disadv, pwr disadv (-1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Shane BURGOS (15) {33} (7/16/22) - 8 MDec - bad dec, hesitant start, pwr disadv, grapp disadv, almost got choked from back, burgos started to slow r1, good clinch strikes, speed adv, burgos using size and grapp took back, couldnt get burgos off him lost r2, good sub def, unleashed r3 spd and stamina adv nonstop output (^4)
    *** W vs. Lando VANNATA ***
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Andre EWELL (52BW) (12/18/21) - 9 UDec - length disadv, good leg kicks to fight ewells reach, trying to pressure ewell back but couldnt keep him against the cage, hesitant trouble getting inside and dealing w spd disadv,ewell started to slow r2 started to land more, good high kicks, constant output started to pick apart ewell, almost able to finish r2, good body work, great stamina, stamina diff (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Julian EROSA (34) (9/4/21) - 8 sub r3 - good close fight, speed adv, super fast L, close striking but power disadv, rocked erosa r2, spd adv, good accuracy, grappling disadv got caught with darce choke (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Marcelo ROJO (BWUR) (3/13/21) - 10 ko r3 - against s/n, good kicks, variety strikes, speed and technical adv, started to pick apart rojo r3, unrelenting output great stamina (^7)
    ((((( D ))))) vs. Joshua CULIBAO () (10/3/20) - close fight, good leg kicks, got k/d r1, tough good recovery, shorter, better in s/p stance, good body work, threatened subs on ground, adv grappling, prob won, 1 judge had winning 30-27 (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Andre FILI (18) (06/13/20) - 8 SDec - great fight, big wild throws, good kicks, very powerful L kicks, knocked down fili r1, very similar matchup, great leg kicks, weaker ground game, diminished r3, tough, great power (-)
  44. 43

    Lucas Almeida
    Lucas Almeida
    W vs. Mike TRIZANO (53) {59} (6/4/22) - 9 ko r3 - dwnwght, similar size, aggressive start, striking adv, good confidence, good energy management, good leg kicks, got dropped eor1 by sneaky counter check hook and almost got finished, won all 3 striking adv winning the brawls (#58)
  45. 44

    Mike "The Lone Wolf" Trizano
    Mike Trizano
    "The Lone Wolf"  |  10-3-0
    W vs. Seung Woo CHOI (28) {47} (11/12/22) - 9 ko r1 - msd wght 1.6lbs, fist punch double k/d, wild brawl from both, jab adv, rocked by L hook, kept finding the check L hook, weak def from both, super fun brawl, durability adv (^15)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Lucas ALMEIDA (URLW) {58} (6/4/22) - 7 ko r3 - opp dwnwght, similar size, getting pushed back absorbing early pressure, striking disadv, legs getting chopped, slowly going forward but low output, dropped almeida eor almost got the finish, good durability, good counter check L hook, got wobbled r2 went down, lost all 3 rds, willing to wild brawl but striking disadv (-6)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Hakeem DAWODU (22) (2/5/22) - 7 UDec - leg kicks, getting countered hard, losing from range but didnt push inside, good fast power can do damage, good thai clinch knees, should have made it dirtier, r3 finally started to grapple, (^3)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Ludovit KLEIN (57) (5/8/21) - 7 UDec - close fight bad dec?, longer, constant stalking pressure, speed disadv, grappling disadv, good confidence, won r3, almost choked klein out (^61)
  46. 45

    Brendan Loughnane
    Brendan Loughnane
    W vs. Bubba JENKINS (56) {57} (11/25/22) - r4 ko - (^9)
    *** W vs. Ryoji KUDO (UR) (4/28/22) - UDec ***
  47. 46

    "Sting" Seung Woo Choi
    Seung Woo Choi
    "Sting"  |  10-6-0
    L vs. Mike TRIZANO (61) {46} (11/12/22) - 8 ko r1 - opp msd wght 1.6lbs, first punch double k/d, weak def rocked mult times but fast recovery, wicked L hook, not much body work, wanting to brawl, fun wild (-19)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Joshua CULIBAO (55) {30} (6/11/22) - 7 SDec? - great fight, tight tech adv controlling oct vs wilder style, looking for high kicks, scared of culibaos power, goaded into brawling but durability disadv got wobbled mult times, almost got finished, in the brawl reckless and inaccurate, weak def, trouble with the stance switching, good kicks, dropped again r2, good chin, started to clinch up (-3)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alex CACERES (36) (10/23/21) - 8 sub r2 - big power, good crisp counters when caceres kicks, kd/d caceres twice r1, point deducted for illegal knee, striking adv but bad grappling quickly got back taken and rnc'd (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Julian EROSA (34) (6/19/21) - 10 ko r1 - big power, super fast, long good chin, good distance wow (^28)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Youssef ZALAL (63) (2/6/21) - 8 UDec - active confident start, long fighter, good t/d def, popped by zalals jab, good octagon control, strength adv, scored t/ds but wanted to strike, won all around (^57)
  48. 47

    "Groovy" Lando Vannata
    Lando Vannata
    "Groovy"  |  12-6-2
    *** L vs. Charles JOURDAIN ***
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mike GRUNDY (45) (5/15/21) - 8 SDec - constantly def grundy's t/d atts well, made kicks difficult, good chin, great t/d def, down weight = good grappling strength, great knees to counter y/d atts (#43)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Bobby GREEN (39) (8/1/20) - 7 UDec - good fight, super fast strikes, great counters, legs got chopped and mobility diminished, unable to get close, got k/d r3, tough, good sub def (-4)
    (((((( W )))))) vs. Yancy Medeiros (51) (2/15/20) - 9 UDec - weird fluid style, counter puncher, controlled the fight (^8)
    (((((( L )))))) vs. Marc DIAKIESE (LW) (9/28/19) - 6 UDec - outsized, str disadv, legs got chopped hard, trouble dealing with length and kicks, looking to counter inside, size disadv unable to use grapp adv, good heart, got picked apart
  49. 48

    Danny "The Hatchet" Henry
    Danny Henry
    "The Hatchet"  |  12-4-0
    L vs. Makwan Amirkhani (24) (7/11/20) - 6 Sub r1 - super sharp long strikes, got caught with a knee to a t/d and super fast anaconda, no chance on ground (-)
  50. 49

    Herbert "The Blaze" Burns
    Herbert Burns
    "The Blaze"  |  11-4-0
    L vs. Bill ALGEO (53) {44} (7/16/22) - 6 ko r2 - easy entrance into clinch, size str adv able to body lock t/d, fresh bjj adv dangerous sub threat, locked in super tight triangle almost got the finish, chased it and burnt out, 0 energy couldnt stand up gassed hard, bad stamina, started to get beat up, quit (-7)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Daniel PINEDA (FW) (8/15/20) - 6 got caught by big shots r2, only looked for subs, tough, started r2 better, got top control right away but not enough stamina, tired out, g&p ko r2
  51. 50

    Chas "The Scrapper" Skelly
    Chas Skelly
    "The Scrapper"  |  19-3-0, 1 NC
    W vs. Mark STRIEGL (120BW) (2/19/22) - 10 KO r1 - bigger, looking to clinch and grapple, won r1 ontop, wore down striegl and rocked him with a straight elbow, and finished him with a knee (^1)
  52. 51

    Luis Saldaña
    Luis Saldaña
    W vs. Sean WOODSON (50) {53} (8/19/22) - 8 SD - should have won, keeping good range and using kicks to fight super long woodson, dropped woodson w check hook counter off woodsons kick, spd adv winning r1, not smart didnt pounce to finish, illegal knee -1 point r1, tired r2 started using grappling into bjj threat, super tiered r3 for both, lost r3 (^10)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Bruno SOUZA (41) (3/26/22) - 8 UDec - close, longer, using lots of kicks, leg kicks, open to o/h R's, grapp adv able to get t/ds easy, good use of reach, good spinning attacks, great timing on t/ds, stamina drained using grappling, started fading r2, couldnt match pressure of souza, slowed and would throw single strikes (^46)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Austin LINGO (104) (8/21/21) - 7 UDec - longer fighter, spd adv, hurt lingo w/ L body ks, technical adv from range, injury r1?, won r1, slowed r2&3, good kicks, stamina?, faded allowed Lingo to come in and brawl (-)
    W vs. Jordan GRIFFIN (92) (4/9/21) - long super fast, good kicks, leg kicks,

  53. 52

    Sean "The Sniper" Woodson
    Sean Woodson
    "The Sniper"  |  9-1-1
    D vs. Luis SALDANA (62) {52} (8/19/22) - 6 SD - should have lost super long, chin disadv, spd disadv, saldsana keeping perfect range, getting countered by speed after throwing kicks, dropped big by short check hook counter, dropped again off fast jab pop, started chasing saldana and getting countered hard, saldana started to slow r2 evened spd, winning w jab, bjj threat countering saldanas grappling, both super tired r3 won r3 stamina adv (-3)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Colin ANGLIN (UR) (11/13/21) - 10 ko r1 - super long lanky, slow picking apart from range, good t/d def, great body work, dominant (^15)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Youssef ZALAL(70) (6/5/21) -
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Julian EROSA (UR) (06/27/20) - 7 Sub r3 - good fight, against s/n opp, super long, fluid. picking apart from distance, tough, good take down defense, not enough power to stop Erosa, fatigued to nonstop pressure got caught in choke late, lacks ko power? (-1)
  54. 53

    "The Korean Superboy" Doo Ho Choi
    Doo Ho Choi
    "The Korean Superboy"  |  14-4-1
    vs. Kyle NELSON (96LW) (2/4/23) - long layoff,

    [ vs. Doo Ho CHOI (54) (2/4/23) -
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jai HERBERT (74) {74} (7/23/22) - 7 UDec - close fight, size adv, thick, won r1 herbert slow start, strong leg kicks gurting jai, good job negating long boxing of jai, too big? slowed r2, desperate t/d shots got reversed r3 stuck on bottom too tired (#89)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Billy QUARANTILLO (9/12/20) - 7 ko r3 - slight power adv, big shots, good upcut, good counter r, output fell r2, bad stamina, prob won r1 but fatigued ]
  55. 54

    Aaron Pico
    Aaron Pico
    W vs. Adli EDWARDS (UR) (4/15/22) - 10 ko r3 - against s/n, easy early t/d, good g&p elbows, fast hands landing big rocked edwards ended up ontop again, let him up for striking adv dominating r1, big body shots, great stamina tons of output, kd/d edwards w head kick r2, t/ds at will, easy (^38)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. John de JESUS (UR) (11/12/20) - 10 ko r2 - aggressive, great grappling control, good g&p, big power, huge output r1, explosive striking flurries to t/ds, awesome overhand r ko (^14)
  56. 55

    Bubba "Bad Man" Jenkins
    Bubba Jenkins
    "Bad Man"  |  19-6-0
    L vs. Brendan LOUGHNANE (55) {46} (11/25/22) - ko r4 (-1)
    *** W vs. Kyle BOCHNIAK (99) (4/28/22) - UDec *** (-)
  57. 56

    Kleber Koike Erbst
    Kleber Koike Erbst
  58. 57

    Nad "Smiler" Narimani
    Nad Narimani
    "Smiler"  |  12-4-0
    L vs. Grant DAWSON (30) (7/18/20) - 7 UDec - good fight, good take down def, bjj black belt, got caught with knee and t/d, got controlled on bottom, active but couldnt get up, got out grappled but good sub def, got dominated, tough (-)
  59. 58

    David "Silent Assassin" Onama
    David Onama
    "Silent Assassin"  |  10-2-0
    L vs. Nate LANDWEHR (38) (35) (8/13/22) - 7 MDec - fun great fight, long good use of reach and speed, touching landwher early, dropped landw mult times r1, grapp disadv got reversed ended on bottom, ;punched put supre tired r2 getting beat up and thrown around, kept escaping sub atts, wouldnt give up, stamina disadv, second wind r3 crazy fight close r3 (FOTYC22) (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Garreett ARMFIELD (UR) {127} (7/9/22) - 9 sub r2 - against s/n, gib size adv, using str controlling the clinch, threatening subs, lost pos looking for sub, spd power adv but dropped def not respecting armfield, big wide strikes, long reach but not using it fully, good strikes on clinch breaks, good t/d def, grapp adv from str, worked to back w triangle (^9)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Gabriel BENITEZ (69) (2/19/22) - 8 ko r1 - opp msd wght 2lbs, big power, tough dropping hands getting ripped to the body, got rocked by L hook, less tech but more power, eventually pinned benitez against the fence and unleashed power shots to get the ko (#64)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Mason JONES (69) (10/23/21) - 8 UDec - good fight, s/n, big power, weak t/d def, grapp disadv, super strong, good str to counter grapp tech, great heart, good chin and power for a brawl, tough, striking adv but weak t/d def and grapp tech disadv, great stamina, good grapp against spec, grapp diff, great potential (^51)
  60. 59

    Austin "Lights Out" Lingo
    Austin Lingo
    "Lights Out"  |  9-1-0
    W vs. Luis SALDANA (155) (8/21/21) - 8 UDec - close fight, shorter fighter trouble getting in, got hurt by L body ks, picked apart from range need to turn it into a brawl, good power, mainly to head, constant o/h R, headhunting, constant presssure slowed saldana, tough, stamina adv, saldana maybe injured r1? (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Jacob KILBURN (UR) (1/16/21) - 9 UDec - power adv, big r hook k/d kilburn early, jab r hook combo landed multiple times, fast hands striking adv, big output tired r3, improved t/d def (^5)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Youssef Zalal (UR) (2/8/20) - 5 UDec - DEBUT only used boxing, bad take down def, no answer
  61. 60

    Kamuela "The Jawaiian" Kirk
    Kamuela Kirk
    "The Jawaiian"  |  11-5-0
    L vs. Damon JACKSON (23) (3/12/22) - 6 sub r2 - more comfortable standing, better tech striking, weak thai clinch and dirty boxing, got rocked in brawl r1 and tn/d, grapp disadv got tn/d r2 and stuck on bottom, threatened subs from bottom but bjj disav (-2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Makwan AMIRKHANI (19) (6/5/21) -
  62. 61

    Kron Gracie
    Kron Gracie
    L vs. Cub Swanson (16) (10/12/19) - poor striking, poor wrestling, tough, unable to take down,
  63. 62

    "The Long Island Killer" Chris Wade
    Chris Wade
    "The Long Island Killer"  |  22-8-0
    W vs. Lance PALMER (80) (4/28/22) - 8 UDec - pwr disadv, more active, good def grapp using bjj to get up, very little wrestling, switching stances, less power shots but double the strikes of palmer (^1)
  64. 63

    Shayilan "Wolverine" Nuerdanbieke
    Shayilan Nuerdanbieke
    "Wolverine"  |  39-10-0
    W vs. Darrick MINNER (86) {86} (11/5/22) - ko r1 - minner injured knee first kick (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. TJ BROWN (92LW) (6/25/22) - 8 UDec - good fight, shorter, throwing big wild, dropped brown w/ R, good grappling back and forth bjj, brown dangerous sub threat, good sub def, slowed a bit big stocky build, easy t/d r2 but eventually got reversed fatigued?, grapp adv got the t/d r3, controlled the top, good stamina (^30)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Sean SORIANO (109LW) (11/20/21) - 8 UDec - big stocky, grappler, stamina diff controlled sorianos back all r3 (^7)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Joshua CULIBAO (74) (5/22/21) - 5 UDec - grappler down weight, shorter, immed clinch and grind cling on, good knees in clinch, barely won r1, weak def wild strikes, tired out fast, big striking disadv, unable to get t/ds, desperate t/d atts, one dimensional, got dominated (114)
  65. 64

    Jamall "Pretty Boy" Emmers
    Jamall Emmers
    "Pretty Boy"  |  19-6-0
    W vs. Khussein ASKHABOV (UR) {108} (2/18/23) - 10 UDec - size adv, trying to use length early with kicks, good leg kicks back and forth, better combos than askha, leading the fight standing, good t/d def using size str adv, shutting down askha striking r2, stamina adv r2, started engaging grapp r3 decent control but got reversed twice, no ko pwr?, couldnt find the sub (^24)

    [ L vs. Jamall EMMERS (90) {66} (2/18/23) - 6 UDec - size diasdv, trying to get inside to grapple and control, nasty leg kicks, less combos than emmers, big dangerous spinning attacks but in danger of getting tn/d, trying to get it to ground r2 but size and str disadv, stamina disadv slowing r2 getting shut down striking, couldnt get through the reach of emmer, emmers engaged grapp r3 even tech, able to reverse twice (^33) ]

    (((((( L ))))) vs. Pat SABATINI (86) (8/28/21) - 7 sub r1 - longer, rocked sabatini early jumped on top to mount, sabatini recovered grabbed leg and ankle locked, emmers grabbed leg to try toe lock, bad sub def (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Vince CACHERO (BW UR) (8/1/20) - 8 UDec - against s/n, dangerous thai clinch, long fighter, good kicks, good use of length, high output, good knees, unfair fight, slowed down end r2, stamina?, looked for sub r3 (^11)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Giga CHIKADZE (UR) (3/7/20) - 6 SDec - good t/d, had trouble getting close, good adjustment after r1 (^6)
  66. 65

    Bruno "The Tiger" Souza
    Bruno Souza
    "The Tiger"  |  10-3-0
    L vs. Luis SALDANA (105) (3/26/22) - 7 UDec - close, shorter, having to deal with kicks, landing big o/h R's, legs getting chopped early, weak t/d def, disadv grapp, having to lunge in left open to t/ds and spinning attacks, constant output couldnt be matched by slowing saldana, scared to go to the ground?, BJJBB? (-19)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Melsik BAGHDASARYAN (UR) (11/6/21) - 6 UDec - s/n 8d, karate stance, legs were getting chopped, started to go for t/ds and clinch, good stamina, slight spd disasdv, not enough power (-1)
  67. 66

    Andre "Fire Fist" Ewell
    Andre Ewell
    "Fire Fist"  |  18-10-0
    L vs. Charles JOURDAIN (32) (12/18/21) - 6 UDec - upwght, length adv, good spd, legs getting chopped, good evasion staying outside, stamina slowed r2 evasion dropped, started to get popped, output dropped hard, started to get dominated barely survived r2, bad stamina, surprising long attacks are always dangerous, good chin, stamina diff (#64)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Julio ARCE (42FtW) (7/24/21) -
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Chris GUTIERREZ (67) (2/12/21) - 7 UDec - close fight, longer fighter, looking to avoid kicks, super long arms caught gutt with L hook, good movement and distance control, good body work, got rocked by knee end of r1, able to keep mobility, good counters with length, legs started to get damaged and output fell, careless defense r3 lost r3 big (-7)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Irwin RIVERA (80) (9/19/20) - 7 SDec - huge length adv, very aggressive, looked for chokes when riv would lunge to get close, hands kept low, good kicks, good body work, slowed r2, bad stamina, good t/d def (-)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Marlon VERA (16) (10/12/19) - 5 - Long, gassed, good fight
    ((((( W )))))) vs. Jonathan MARTINEZ (56) (2/8/20) - 7 SDec - long, wild, good fight, R arm injury, BAD DEC (v1)
  68. 67

    Makwan "Mr. Finland" Amirkhani
    Makwan Amirkhani
    "Mr. Finland"  |  17-9-0
    L vs. Jack SHORE (29BW) {30} (3/18/23) - 7 sub r2 - opp upwht, shore constant grappling, got his onw t/d on shore, won r1 w/ top cntrl, tired r2 started to get picked apart standing rocked by leg kicks, too tired to grapp (-1)

    [ W vs. Makwan AMIRKHANI (67) {68} (3/18/23) - 8.5 sub r2 - upwght, constant clinching, got tn/d stuck on bottom, looking for subs but stuck on bottom, aggro r2, good head kicks against s/p, stamina adv picking apart amir r2, t/d mount and rnc (#30))
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ricky SIMON (13) {8} (7/16/22) - 6 sub r2 - size str disadv, good kicks, pwr disadv losing early exchanges, spd adv, great t/d def but trouble getting separation, pwr diff got rocked by R hook, wobbled and mounted immed, fast triangle, super tough opp (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Timure VALIEV (21) (3/19/22) - 8 UDec - good close fight, longer, slower, losing leg kick trades, grapp adv using size adv, good t/d def, dropped valiev w fast long combo but tied up looking to sub allowed valiev to recover, dropped him again in brawl, more durable more power (^22)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Liudvik SHOLINIAN (101) (9/4/21) - 8 UDec - against s/n, spd length adv, good jab, started to win striking got a t/d and beat up sholinian on ground, grappling adv got to mount looking for subs, easy well times t/ds, good leg kicks, started to pick apart shol r2, good heart of shol slowed shore a bit, great distance control length strikes and t/ds when close, smart, easy (^20)
    ((((( W )))))) vs. Hunter AZURE (35) (4/9/21) -
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Aaron PHILLIPS (UR FW) (7/15/20) - 9 Sub r2 - against s/n, looked to grapple right away, insane grappling, had the back most of the fight, easy (^22) ]

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jonathan PEARCE (56) {45} (7/23/22) - 6 ko r2 - desperate t/ds taking damage from elbows to chase, looking for choke desperate tons of energy, tired r2, no energy got controlled and g&pd (-5)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Mike GRUNDY (49) (3/19/22) - 10 sub r1 - longer, locked up grundys neck as he came in for t/d (^2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Lerone MURPHY (46) (10/30/21) - 7 ko r2 - wanted to get to ground, imed t/d, big grapp adv, controlled top r1 spent lot of energy, naked t/d att r2 countered with low knee ko weak against southpaw? (-5)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Kamuela KIRK (UR) (6/5/21) -
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Edson BARBOZA (11) (10/10/20) - 6 UDec - slow feeling out start, too patient looking to counter but big disadv striking, didnt try t/d early enough, grappling adv but even bjj, good test but outclassed striking (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Danny HENRY (30) (7/11/20) - 10 sub r1 - very patient waited for knee to t/d, easy work for sub anaconda (^4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Shane BURGOS (14) (11/2/19) - 7 KO3 -almost won rd.1, gassed hard - great wrestling, stamina? (v5)
  69. 68

    Darren "The Damage" Elkins
    Darren Elkins
    "The Damage"  |  27-11-0
    L vs. Jonathan PEARCE (43) {42} (12/3/22) - getting hit low defense low offense going for t/ds, fake t/d and wild o/hs, getting beat up if not grappling, hurt by leg kicks, zombie brawler (-19)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tristan CONNELLY {102} (105) (4/30/22) - 9 UDec - great fight, good start, landed and started to grapple, not afraid of connellys bjj, dominant r1 controlling and g&ping, weak against leg kicks, great grappling, crazy output, at risk in brawl late (^4)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Cub SWANSON (27) (12/18/21) - 3 ko r1 - super slow, rocked and picked apart, dominated, done? (-11)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Eduardo GARAGORRI (UR) (11/07/20) - 9 sub r3 - early t/ds controlled garagors body, crazy swarming grappling, crazy output to tire opp, striking disadv, tough, low def, takes damage to get t/ds, great chin, great stamina, got rocked r3 but found a t/d to get RNC (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Nate Landwehr (UR) (05/16/20) - 8 UDec - vet, sharp aggressive strikes, wrestling base, got easy take down, very tough, got cut by headbutt, fatigued first, strikes were much less effective, huge cut , got beat up, but still was landing combos till the end, great fight (-3)
  70. 69

    Steven "Ocho" Peterson
    Steven Peterson
    "Ocho"  |  19-10-0
    L vs. Julian EROSA (30) (2/5/22) - 8 SDec - missed wght, great close fight, slugfest, early t/d atts, spd disadv, pressured back, reach disadv, good chin, had to make it a brawl, hurt erosa mult time with o/hR, super durable, good t/d def, turned into a wild brawl, great heart, took more damage (FOTYC22) (^25)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Chase HOOPER (96) (6/12/21) - 9 UDec - came out headhunting, big striking adv, trouble separating from hoop, big g&p to punish desperate grappling of hooper, good bjj against spec, grappling fatigue disadv, great grappling def, Wr1&2, started engaging his own t/ds to g&p, negated hoopers ground threat and dominated (^35)
  71. 70

    Alejandro "Turbo" Perez
    Alejandro Perez
    "Turbo"  |  22-9-1
    L vs. Jonathan MARTINEZ (68) (2/26/22) - 6 UDec - shorter, range issues getting through kicks of martinez, losing r1 but rocked kd/d martinez last second, wouldnt commit to getting inside past kicks, power adv, getting picked apart all round but gets super aggressive eor, started going for broke but overloading and getting countered from spd disadv, allstanding (-30 #62BW, #71FW)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Johnny EDUARDO (82) (10/2/21) - 8 sub r2 - shorter, got behind early trying to find range, slow start, legs got chopped, spd adv, lost r1, opened up r2 , great def grapp against BJJBB, stamina diff (^1)
  72. 71

    Steve "Mean Machine" Garcia
    Steve Garcia
    "Mean Machine"  |  13-5-0
    W vs. Chase HOOPER (73) {75} (10/29/22) - 10 ko r1 - dwn wght, rocked hooper mult times early, much fster, more aggressive, constant Ls landing, didint really need to grapp (#73)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Hayisaer MAHESHATE (138) {112} (6/11/22) - 5 ko r1 - wild start, willing to open up into brawl, too reckless weak def got outraded for early ko (-2)
    *** ((((( W ))))) vs. Charlie ONTIVEROS (10/19/21) - ***
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Luis PENA (2/29/20) - s/n, wild wide striking, outsized, grapp disadv couldnt keep pena off his back, good sub def, pena flew in wild r3 garcia almost locking in leg triangle from bottom but back to stuck on ground
    ((((( W )))) vs. Jose MARISCAL (1/17/20) - FW big size, wild start rocked mariscal hard, fun, spinning kicks good sub def good def grapp against spec, striking adv, easy
    fun dogfights
  73. 72

    Chase "The Dream" Hooper
    Chase Hooper
    "The Dream"  |  11-3-1
    L vs. Steve GARCIA (126) {73} (10/29/22) - 4 ko r1 - opp dwnwght, rocked early, spd disadv, big striking disadv, rocked hard couldnt get to ground, constantly dropped from Ls, dropped mult times, wouldnt defend his right side (-2)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Felipe COLARES (81) {82} (5/17/22) - 8 ko r3 - wild r1, getting better but striking disadv, got tn/d early but happy on bottom, colares willing to roll exploding reversals using tons of energy, won second half of r1, wearing down colares constantly looking for subs, hoping to use stamina adv, insane lanky reversals, using stamina adv starts to open up w/ striking flurries against the cage, stamina wore down colares finished ontop g&p ko (^22)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Steven PETERSON (UR) (6/12/21) - 5 UDec - low evasion gets rocked early, starts clinching and body wrapping, pulls peter to ground to grapple, takes damage to grapple, looks for ankle locks, started to wilt r2 grappling evened out, Lr1&2, great sub def, got dominated (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Peter BARRETT (UR) (12/12/20) - 8 sub r3 - super long, using kicks to keep distance, still needs lots of work striking, difficult to get the t/d, good o/h L, leg got chopped, still too 1 dimensional, started doing rolling leg grab t/ds, worked to ankle lock for come back win (^3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Alex CACERES (47) (06/06/20) - 6 UDec - disadvantage standing, got knocked down early r1, couldnt gain respect to get to the ground, good test, tough, so threatening on the ground, one dimensional (-1)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Daniel TEYMUR (UR) (12/14/19) debut 8 KO r1 - 20 y/o - good grappler, awkward style and shape, bad stand up, teymur couldnt get up g&p ko from triangle mount (^6)
  74. 73

    Piotr "Niedziela" Niedzielski
    Piotr Niedzielski
    "Niedziela"  |  17-5-0
    *** W vs. Pedro CARVALHO (125) (5/6/22) - SDec - ***
  75. 74

    "Top Gun" Tucker Lutz
    Tucker Lutz
    "Top Gun"  |  12-2-0
    L vs. Pat SABATINI (48) (11/20/21) - 6 UDec - good t/d def, tiring def grappling, got back taken, calm sub def, lost r1&2, couldnt stop the t/ds, no answer on ground, good stamina, decent grapp against spec, could not keep space standing (^5)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kevin AGUILAR (?) (5/15/21) - 8 UDec - big kicks, good t/ds, good evasion, great distance control, grappling adv, won r1&2, good counter left inside, picked apart aguilar early, slowed r3 prob lost r3, clinched to stalemate, stamina?
  76. 75

    Timur "Imam" Khizriev
    Timur Khizriev
    "Imam"  |  12-0-0
    W vs. Daniel WEICHEL (84) (11/18/22) - 8 UDec - spd adv, slightly shorter, better footwork keeping perfect range, slowing weichels output, not wanting to go to ground w/ weich, easy picking apart w/ jab, won r1,2, r3 weich opened up and took down timur, grapp disadv but good sub def against spec, lost r3 almost rocked by flying knees and kicks
  77. 76

    Blake "El Animal" Bilder
    Blake Bilder
    "El Animal"  |  8-0-1
    W vs. Shane YOUNG (78) {79} (2/11/23) - 8 UDec - staying outside circling outside, good L hook counter, good fast L head kick, easy t/d r1 looking for control more than damage, close r1, confident start r2, good movement beating youngs immobile style, pwr disadv, more output winning r2, good kicks able to keep range, great stamina went all out r3 to win (^48)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Flavio CARVALHO (BWUR) (4/15/22) - 8 ko r3 - striking disadv against longer fighter, felt carvalhos power tried to grapple, outsized unable to do anything, heart to persevere rode carvalhos back r2 wearing him down all round slowed carvalho, stamina adv r3 faster hands ko r3

    [ Flavio CARVALHO L vs. Blake BILDER (UR) (4/15/22) - 7 ko r3 - super long big size, striking adv landed early forced bilder to grapple, size adv able to fight up easy won r1 easy, r2 got back taken standing all round, fought subs but unable to get free got worn down slowed big, came out slow r3 made striking disadv got ko'd, stamina diff ]
  78. 77

    Mike Grundy
    Mike Grundy
    [ -9 2/23 ]
    L vs. Makwan AMIRKHANI (55) (3/19/22) - 4 sub r1 - shorter, aggressive straight into t/d att left neck, and got choked (-5)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Lando VANNATA (39LW) (5/15/21) - 6 SDec - well timed t/ds countered kicks, tons of grappling, dumped a ton of energy r1, landing strong single strikes rather than combos, very strong grappling, 3/20 t/ds, no plan B when grappling failed then hands slowed, too 1 dimensional?
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Movsar EVLOEV (35) (7/25/20) - 5 UDec - went for t/d after striking pressure,
    nearly locked in darce but burnt out arms, got rocked w r hook, striking disadv, slow r2, got picked apart standing couldnt get it to ground (-2)
  79. 78

    Shane "Smokin" Young
    Shane Young
    "Smokin"  |  13-7-0
    L vs. Blake BILDER (126) {78} (2/11/23) - 7 UDec - holding center feeling out with fast jab, got tn/d easy r1, grapp disadv, close r1, less mobile chasing bilder around, output dropped lost r2 couldnt find moving target, good t/d def late, pwr adv, good chin, good stamina but disadv, bilder went all out r3 to win (-1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Omar MORALES (69) (3/27/21) - 6 UDec - shorter fighter, patient start, good leg kick defense, length made it difficult,
    ((((( L ))))) vs. L'udovit KLEIN (UR) (9/26/20) - 6 ko r1 - against s/n, out powered, caught with head kick fast ko, good sport (-5)
  80. 79

    Pat "Paddy Mike" Curran
    Pat Curran
    "Paddy Mike"  |  23-9-0
  81. 80

    Lance "The Party" Palmer
    Lance Palmer
    "The Party"  |  23-6-0
    L vs. Chris WADE (70) (4/28/22) - 7 UDec - pwr adv, did not use wrestling much, less active, lost r3throwing single strikes, landed heavier but half total strikes of wade (-)
  82. 81

    "Cool Hand" Luke Sanders
    Luke Sanders
    "Cool Hand"  |  13-5-0
    (75BW) - L vs. Felipe COLARES (81BW) (5/1/21) - 7 UDec - good build, strength adv, good power, beat up colares r1 almost ended, grappling disadv but still threw in t/ds, good L upcut in brawl, greatly slowed r3, good t/d def, stamina?, dominated r1 but punched out (-1[76])
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Nate MANESS (88) (11/28/20) - 7 sub r2 - shorter fighter, power adv, octagon control, good pressure to force the fight, wild brawl, landed big shots but started to get caught in the brawls, reckless, grappling disadv, got kd in r2 back taken rnc (-22)
  83. 82

    Magomedrasul "Frodo" Khasbulaev
    Magomedrasul Khasbulaev
    "Frodo"  |  34-8-0
  84. 83

    Felipe "Cabocão" Colares
    Felipe Colares
    "Cabocão"  |  11-4-0
    L vs. Chase HOOPER (96) {77} (5/17/22) - 6 ko r3 - striking adv, good kicks to the body, good throw t/ds, not afraid to roll with spec, explosive reversals, insane output and energy on the ground, started to accept bottom avoiding subs, came out tired r2, great sub def, still winning pos as chooper takes bottom to subhunt, worn down got stuck on bottom g&p ko (-2)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Luke SANDERS (5/1/21) - 8 UDec - dropped r1, sanders chased finish, able to clinch to recover but hurt, lots of spinning attacks, length adv, sanders gassed, stamina adv r2 spd adv and length started winning striking confident became willing to trade, good def grapp, started using bjj r2&3 to win, exhausted
  85. 84

    Daniel "The Determined" Argueta
    Daniel Argueta
    "The Determined"  |  9-1-0
    W vs. Nick AGUIRRE (UR) {123} (1/14/23) - 9 UDec - back and forth grappling r1, short stocky size slowed strikes r2, grapp adv, good leg kicks, clinch fighting grinding r2 controlling the body, stamina adv wore down aguirr r2 almost locked in rnc, good aggression on ground looking for subs and g&p (^18)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Damon JACKSON (17) {20} (6/4/22) - 7 UDec - jackson immed clinch and t/d, got back taken but staying calm, weak t/d def, grapp disadv, got tn/d immed r2, stamina adv jackson faded r3, durabilty adv, scrappy tough wanting to brawl r3, good elbows in close, good sub def, started to get tired and grapp disadv ended up on bottom again to close, took less damage, grapp size diff (#106)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Diego SILVA (UR) (5/6/22) - 8 SDec - good fight, shorter looking to use kicks, big kicks, good leg kicks, kick got caught and got tn/d fast, good elbows from bottom, spd disadv str adv, body shots dropped hands, could not find t/ds, lost r1&2, striking disadv, finally able to get t/d r3, weak def, good chin, good sub def, good stamina outworked silva r4&5, great heart wouldnt quit, won r4&5
  86. 85

    Darrick Minner
    Darrick Minner
    L vs. Shayilan NUERDANBIEKE (74) {74} (11/5/22) - ko r1 - hurt knee first kick (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Ryan HALL (21) (12/11/21) - 7 UDec - staying low away throwing leg kicks, hall able to come in from underneath to engage grapp, survived sub atts, and stood up, started landing big shots and started to engage grappling on his own, chose to grapple in guard, really unsmart continuing to engage grappling, good grappling and sub def but fatigued, using str to counter grapple but stamina faded (-)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles ROSA (86) (2/20/21) - 9 UDec - leg kicks, striking adv, controlled top needing to avoid rosas subs, rocked rosa early r2 but chose to grapple, good grappling vs bjj expert, good sub def, great constant top control (^16)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. T.J. LARAMIE (UR) (9/19/20) - 9 Sub r1 - super fast guillotine, laramie went for grappling right away minner stayed high easy dry choke (^3)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Matt Dawson (41) (2/29/20) - 7 SUBr2 - threatened the sub, short notice fight, kept almost getting guillotine choke but gassed end of r1 (^3)
  87. 86

    Salman "Zloy" Zhamaldaev
    Salman Zhamaldaev
    "Zloy"  |  20-2-0
  88. 87

    Jason "The Kid" Knight
    Jason Knight
    "The Kid"  |  22-7-0
  89. 88

    Guan "The Dongbei Tiger" Wang
    Guan Wang
    "The Dongbei Tiger"  |  23-1-1
  90. 89

    Nik "The Carny" Lentz
    Nik Lentz
    "The Carny"  |  30-12-2, 1 NC
    L vs. Movsar EVLOEV (31) (1/23/20) - 4 SDec(?!) - huge dog, good t/ds, chased guillotines, couldnt keep top, lots of energy trying to get choke, super tough vet, took lots of damage, got beat up bad (-15)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Arnold Allen (17) (FW) (1/25/20) - 7 UDec - controlled by opponents length, tough
  91. 90

    Martin "The Spartan" Day
    Martin Day
    "The Spartan"  |  8-7-0
    L vs. Timur VALIEV (BW85) (2/5/21) - 4 UDec - s/n, longer fighter, got body controlled grappling, less powerful strikes, stuck on bottom out grappled, bad stamina (BW80-90)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Anderson DOS SANTOS (UR) (11/28/20) - 7 sub r1 - great kicks, took big o/h R, good t/d def, stuck on bottom got out for his own t/d but left head and got immed guillotine (-11)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Davey GRANT (69) (7/11/20) - 8 KOr3 - good close fight, slower start, knocked day r1, bad take down def, good sub def, crisper strikes (-4)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Pingyuan LIU (11/24/18) - 8 SDec - BAD DEC good take down def, good kicks, in control r1, good grappling vs wrestler, good body work, comfortable, was dominating r1,2, got caught knocked dwn r3 but stayed composed, good sub def
  92. 91

    Alex Gilpin
    Alex Gilpin
  93. 92

    Luis Rafael Laurentino "Japa"
    Luis Rafael Laurentino
    "Japa"  |  36-5-0
  94. 93

    Kyle "Crash" Bochniak
    Kyle Bochniak
    "Crash"  |  11-7-0
    *** L vs. Bubba JENKINS (74) (4/28/22) - UDec *** (-)
  95. 94

    Kevin "The Angel of Death" Aguilar
    Kevin Aguilar
    "The Angel of Death"  |  17-5-0
    L vs. Tucker LUTZ (?) (5/15/21) - 7 UDec - good counter left, didnt set up aggression enough, easy to avoid, good chin, grappling disadv, tough good heart, couldnt get close, picked apart by counters, fresher r3 went all out prob won r3, good stamina
  96. 95

    Justin "J-Train" Gonzales
    Justin Gonzales
    "J-Train"  |  14-1-0
    W vs. Kai KAMAKA (83) (4/23/22) - SDec - super close, grapp adv but kai great t/d def, (^36)
  97. 96

    Pedro "The Game" Carvalho
    Pedro Carvalho
    "The Game"  |  13-7-0
    *** ((((( W )))) vs. Mads BURNELL (9/23/22) - ***
    *** ((((( L ))))) vs. Piotr NIEDZIELSKI (UR) (5/6/22) - SDec - ***
    *** ((((( W ))))) vs. Daniel WEICHEL (11/5/21) - ***
    *** ((((( L ))))) vs. Jay Jay WILSON (4/16/21) - ***
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Patricio PITBULL (23) (11/12/20) - 4 ko r1 - much longer, looked to control octagon, looked to be aggressor, got countered hard, big power disadv, outclassed (-)
  98. 97

    Mads Burnell
    Mads Burnell
    *** ((((( L ))))) vs. Pedro CARVALHO (9/23/22) - ***
  99. 98

    Daniel "Drake" Weichel
    Daniel Weichel
    "Drake"  |  42-14-0
    L vs. Timur KHIZRIEV (UR) (11/18/22) - 7 UDec - spd disadv, slightly longer, getting countered and hard to land, slowed output, slower feet, getting picked apart from jab, couldnt find success anywhere and couldnt unleash, opened up r3 caught a leg got it to ground, grapp adv but lost position almost locking in subs, striking disadv, but started landing r3 using kicks and knees, won r3
    *** ((((( W ))))) vs. Robert WHITEFORD (05/13/22) - ***
    *** ((((( L ))))) vs. Pedro CARVALHO (11/5/21) - ***
    *** ((((( W ))))) vs. Keoni DIGGS (6/25/21) - ***
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Emmanuel SANCHEZ (27) (11/12/20) - 5 UDec - speed disadvantage, losing the brawl slowed down big, power disadv, hurt by body shots, got beat up but wouldnt stop, good heart, got dominated (-7)
  100. 99

    Austin Springer
    Austin Springer
    L vs. Alex CACERES (45) (8/29/20) - 5 sub r1 - s/n, got wobbled from kick, leg kicks, shorter fighter unable to get close, losing striking when for sloppy t/d to fast rnc (-7)
  101. 100

    Andre "The Bull" Harrison
    Andre Harrison
    "The Bull"  |  22-3-1
  102. 101

    Kai "Fighting Hawaiian" Kamaka III
    Kai Kamaka III
    "Fighting Hawaiian"  |  10-5-1
    L vs. Justin GONZALES (UR) (4/23/22) - SDec - super close, good t/d def (-20)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. TJ BROWN (100) (5/1/21) - 8 SDec - good fight, bad dec, less mobile looking to counter, solid, good chin wobbled r2, kd/d brown r2, great stamina (^29)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jonathan PEARCE (LWUR) (11/28/20) - 7 ko r2 - great fight, good body work, good power, good leg kicks, grappling disadv, great heart got out grappled and g&p ko (-)
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Tony KELLEY (UR) (8/15/20) - 9 UDec - great fight, sharp striking, great body work, great speed, good t/ds, slowed late r2, used grappling to control pace (^8)
  103. 102

    Danny "The Colombian Warrior" Chavez
    Danny Chavez
    "The Colombian Warrior"  |  11-5-1
    L vs. Ricardo RAMOS (51) {43} (6/18/22) - 6 ko r1 - shorter, hands low, lunging 1-2s to get inside, got backed up and caught by a spinning elbow w hands down ko (-)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jared GORDON (41) (2/20/21) - 6 UDec - speed adv, good kicks, good movement evasion, looked promising r1, slight power disadv, started to slow r2 adv slipped, got tn/d and got controlled couldnt get up, tough no quit, bad stamina (^3)
    (((((( W ))))) vs. TJ BROWN (76) (8/15/20) - 9 UDec - super fast strikes, looked to counter, good kicks, leg kicks, good patience, k/d brown r2, good sub def, good t/d def, dominated (^13)
  104. 103

    Francis "The Fire" Marshall
    Francis Marshall
    "The Fire"  |  7-0-0
    W vs. Marcelo ROJO (120BW) {108} (12/3/22) - 8.5 ko r2 - opp upwght, getting popped early by o/h R, got a flash k/d on first aggressive combo into clinch control and worked to t/d, grapp adv avoiding subs, low offense but good body control, confident r2 but striking disadv getting popped, trouble w/ length disadv but durable able to work in and land good power, R inside hook ko (^30)

    [ L vs. Francis MARSHALL (UR) {107} (12/3/22) - 6.5 ko r2 - upwhgt, landing the o/h R early, got flash kd/d on marshalls first flurry, super fast recovery but got clinched and tn/d, grapp disadv but looking for subs from bottom, striking adv popping marshall early r2, length adv but out pwrd and opens up in brawl, R inside hook ko (#108)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Kyler PHILLIPS (15) (2/12/22) - 6 sub r3 - downwght, spd disadv, couldnt land on phillips, constantly defending, grapp disadv but able to fight up, continued to slow getting further behind, tough but could only hope to land a lucky power shot, legs got chopped (#118)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Charles JOURDAIN (40) (3/13/21) - 7 ko r3 - s/n, more power, good pressure octagon control, dangerous knees, great output, good body work, less technical good brawler, got beat up r3, super tough great heart, faded r3 (93) ]
  105. 104

    "Downtown" TJ Brown
    TJ Brown
    "Downtown"  |  17-9-0
    W vs. Erik SILVA (UR) {128} (12/10/22) - 9 sub r3 - rocked silva first punch & engaged grappling, grappling disadv got reversed, got tn/d easy, looking for subs to get up, good sub def, fun willing to exchange, weak def but good chin, vet control to win r2, stamina adv gave striking adv grapp adv r3, good g&p from top (^1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Shayilan NUERDANBIEKE (106) {76} (6/25/22) - 7 UDec - good fight, longer, spd disadv?, got dropped by R but immed recovery, went for t/d but reversed, good def grapp using bjj, immed tn/d r2, grapp disadv got tn/d r3 and stuck on bottom, able to reverse but not enough, kept going for subs but nuers sub def too good (#107)

    ((((( W ))))) vs. Charles Rosa (90) (1/14/21) - 9 UDec - against s/n, dominating the standup, easily landing o/h Rs. affected by leg kicks, started to engage grappling dangerously, good sub defs, controlled top looking for his own subs, landing a lot but unable to affect rosa, good t/ds - grapp adv, pretty dominant (-)?
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kai KAMAKA III (102) (5/1/21) - 8 SDec - good fight, bad dec, more mobile good movement, good power, had to push forward for adv, less stamina made grappling disadv, great heart, gave up position looking for subs (^28)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Danny CHAVEZ (UR) (8/15/20) - 7 UDec - difficulty against fast counter puncher, got legs chopped, switched stance, had to force inside good upcuts, feints to pause counters, stance switch left open got k/d r2, needed to brawl, tough, good stamina, unable to t/d chavez, leg ks were difference (-2)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Jordan Griffin (UR (2/29/20) - 7 SubR1 - great ground control, left his head/neck exposed while holding the legs, nearly choked 3 times, finally subbed to guillotine (^5)
  106. 105

    Eduardo Garagorri
    Eduardo Garagorri
    L vs. Darren ELKINS (31) (11/07/20) - 7 sub r3 - couldnt fight the grappling control of elkins, snuck in some good strikes in separations, kicks got countered by t/ds, striking adv, scary uppercut, got worn down by grappling def, fast sharp strikes, bad t/d def, could only stop t/ds with good combos made bad decisions couldnt stay standing, rocked elkins r3 could have got a ko (^13)
  107. 106

    John "Platano" De Jesus
    John De Jesus
    "Platano"  |  15-11-0
    L vs. Aaron PICO (87) (11/12/20) - 6 ko r2 - patient, got controlled on the ground r1, tough good composure but outmatched, predictable striking led to ko
  108. 107

    Joseph Marino
    Joseph Marino
    W vs. Matar LO (FWUR) (12/17/20) - 7 SDec - wrestler, against super long fighter, got close early to make it grappling, cotnrolled top, good g&p, spent lot of energy controlling top r1, would lose from distance good grappling to win, tired late bad (111)
  109. 108

    Yutaka Saito
    Yutaka Saito
  110. 109

    Mikuru Asakura
    Mikuru Asakura
    16-3-0, 1 NC
  111. 110

    T.J. "The Truth" Laramie
    T.J. Laramie
    "The Truth"  |  12-5-0
    L vs. Pat SABATINI (40) (4/16/22) - 7 UDec - leg kicks, small stocky wrestler build, good t/d early against spec, sabatini started to look for subs from bottom, good sub def and stood up, got tn/d by sab and popped up immed, striking adv?, got rocked by body kick but recovered fast, great grappling, won r1, got tn/d sabatini swarmed to get back g&ping looking for subs, lost r2 bad, great heart reversing grapp position, just outclassed grappling (^8)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Darrick MINNER (82) (9/19/20) - 3 sub r1 - went in immediately for grappling but left head in still dry easy guillotine (-)
  112. 111

    Daniel "Kid Dynamite" Teymur
    Daniel Teymur
    "Kid Dynamite"  |  7-4-0
    L vs. Chase Hooper (UR) (12/14/19) - 6 KO r1 - no answer to awkaward wresting style, good striking
  113. 112

    Mark "Mugen" Striegl
    Mark Striegl
    "Mugen"  |  18-5-0, 1 NC
    L vs. Chas SKELLY (50) (2/19/22) - 6 ko r1 - shorter, constantly needing to fight of clinch and grappling, lost r1 stuck on bottom, fatigued r2 got caught with a straight elbow and finished with a knee, chin? (#116)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Said NURMAGOMEDOV (26) (10/17/20) - 6 ko r1 - started aggressive lunging combo wreckless got caught ko
  114. 113

    AJ "Leão" Agazarm
    AJ Agazarm
    "Leão"  |  3-2-0
    L vs. Cris LENCIONI (UR) (8/7/20) - 5 UDec - was getting beat bad standing tried to take it to ground, used a headbutt
  115. 114

    Jose Perez
    Jose Perez
    W vs. Jaleon REID (UR) (5/29/21) - 8 sub r1 - power disadv, dec striking, got k/d by L hook early, grappling adv, bjj adv worked to rnc, smart, (#119)
  116. 115

    James "Lyonheart" Lyons
    James Lyons
    "Lyonheart"  |  2-2-0
    W vs. Beau SAMANIEGO (UR) (5/29/21) - 10 sub r2 - good kicks, good aggression, good grappling bjj quick rnc, big tech adv, dominated (^11)
  117. 116

    James "The Alley Cat" Gonzalez
    James Gonzalez
    "The Alley Cat"  |  10-5-0
    *** W vs. Cody LAW (6/24/22) - ***
  118. 117

    Cody Law
    Cody Law
    L vs. Cris LENCIONI (UR) {122} (12/9/22) - 8 UDec - bad dec, getting pushed back constantly, circling around, more output but couldnt get respect, low pwr, grapp adv ontop avoiding subs, smart, early t/d r2 controlling top but lowish output wary of subs, good sub def, grapp diff, low pwr low output on top lost (-)
    *** L vs. James GONZALEZ (6/24/22) - ***
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Kenny CHAMPION (UR) (12/10/20) - 9 ko r3 - aggressive start, leg kicks, even striking, good t/ds, grappling adv, controlled champion on the ground, good g&p, stamina adv, wrestler, couldnt find the finish, dominated (^2)
  119. 118

    Cris "Sunshine" Lencioni
    Cris Lencioni
    "Sunshine"  |  10-3-0
    W vs. Cody LAW (121) {121} (12/9/22) - 7 UDec - bad dec, ******y, controlling the center hands low chasing law, low output but not taking much damage, good evasion, not respecting laws pwr, grapp disadv? ending up on bottom relying on bjj too much, got tn/d early r2, active bottom but losing if not locking in sub, stifling laws g&p well, grapp diff (^18)
  120. 119

    William "Jaguar" Gomis
    William Gomis
    "Jaguar"  |  11-2-0
    W vs. Jarno ERRENS (UR) {126} (9/3/22) - 8 UDec - patient start, fast length, grapp str adv, good use of grapp adv whenin trouble standing, pwr disadv, almost got triangled r3, grapp diff (^14)
  121. 120

    Jaleon "Alston" Reid
    Jaleon Reid
    "Alston"  |  4-1-0
    L vs. Jose PEREZ (LWUR) (5/29/21) - 7 sub r1 - good fight, missed weight, big stocky power, kd/d perez w L hook went to ground, dec grappling, bjj disadv got rncd, looks for guillotine (^10)
  122. 121

    Lucas "Skywalker" Brennan
    Lucas Brennan
    "Skywalker"  |  7-0-0
    great grappling top control, great stamina 20 y/o
  123. 122

    "The Korean Tiger" Jeong Yeong Lee
    Jeong Yeong Lee
    "The Korean Tiger"  |  10-1-0
    W vs. Zha YI (UR) {124} (2/4/23) - 7 SDec - zha immed clinch cage grappling, trouble getting space, good str adv to wear down zha after grapp, pwr adv (^17)
  124. 123

    Zha Yi
    Zha Yi
    L vs. Jeong Yeong LEE (UR) {123} (2/4/23) - 7 SDec - close fight, looking to clinch immed to null pwr puncher, tired after grapp and str disadv, pwr disadv (^16)
  125. 124

    "Slick" Nick Aguirre
    Nick Aguirre
    "Slick"  |  7-1-0
    L vs. Daniel ARGUETA (102) {84} (1/14/22) - 6 UDec - longer skinnier, all back and forth grappling, grapp disadv, both tired r2, body getting controlled against the cage, good heart good rnc defense, stamina disadv (^15)
  126. 125

    Jarno Errens
    Jarno Errens
    L vs. William GOMIS (UR) {122} (9/3/22) - 7 UDec - fast kicks, more aggressive start, grapp str disadv, when gaining momentum standing gomis would go for t/d, grapp disadv stuck on bottom, pwr adv, almost locked in triangle eor3, grapp diff (^10)
  127. 126

    Erik "King" Silva
    Erik Silva
    "King"  |  9-2-0
    L vs. TJ BROWN (109) {108} (12/10/22) - 6 sub r3 - got rocked first punch, recovered fast, grapp adv able to work up, easy t/d, brown wanting to wild brawl, easy t/ds to control top, got reversed from grapp mistakes, tired r2 low effort, stamina disadv lost r3 (^12)
  128. 127

    Collin Anglin
    Collin Anglin
    L vs. Sean WOODSON (63) (11/13/21) - 6 ko r1 - much shorter, spd adv, could not get close, picked apart from range, unable to make it a brawl and clinch for t/d, leg kicks only answer, got hurt to the body
  129. 128

    Adli "Sunshine" Edwards
    Adli Edwards
    "Sunshine"  |  9-2-0
    L vs. Aaron PICO (96) (4/15/22) - 4 ko r3 - s/n, got tn/d early, active guard able to work up but striking disadv got rocked ended up on bottom, outclassed but good heart, barely able to survive r2, got body ripped, super tough eventually stopped r3 w g&p
  130. 129

    Garrett Armfield
    Garrett Armfield
    L vs. David ONAMA (68) {59} (7/9/22) - 7 sub r2 - s/n, big size disadv, good grappling back and forth despite size, spd disadv, odd striking tech, good composure, much shorter, grapp disadv from str disadv, good def grappling (#127)
  131. 130

    Don "Shameless" Shainis
    Don Shainis
    "Shameless"  |  12-5-0
    L vs. Jack JENKINS (UR) {43} (2/11/23) - 7 UDec - great fight, shorter, looking to clinch cage grind, pwr disadv, spd disadv, unable to close distance getting picked apart, good heart, legs getting chopped, size disadv str disadv got tn/d and controlled, great heart able to reverse out crazy r2 back and forth, got controlled r3 on ground, fun (FOTYC23) (^1)

    ((((( L ))))) vs. Sodiq YUSEF (16) {15} (10/1/22) - 4 sub r1 - s/n, much shorter and smaller, forced to clinch caught eary in dry guillotine, unfair matchup (^2)
  132. 131

    Boston "Boom Boom" Salmon
    Boston Salmon
    "Boom Boom"  |  8-4-0
    *** L vs. Sheymon MORAES (53) (4/28/22) - ***
  133. 132

    Jesse "Relentless" Stirn
    Jesse Stirn
    "Relentless"  |  14-6-0
    L vs. Pat SABATINI (UR) (12/18/20) - 6 sub r2 - wrestler, got tn/d and mounted, stuck on bottom (114)
  134. 133

    Ryoji Kudo
    Ryoji Kudo
    *** L vs. Brendan LOUGHNANE (50) (4/28/22) - UDec ***
  135. 134

    Lucas "The Lion" Alexander
    Lucas Alexander
    "The Lion"  |  7-3-0
    L vs. Joanderson BRITO (37) {23} (10/15/22) - 5 sub r1 - s/n, longer, grapp disadv, got slammed down twice, brito rode the back locked in rnc (^4)
  136. 135

    Matar "The Mantis" Lo
    Matar Lo
    "The Mantis"  |  3-3-0
    L vs. Joseph MARINO (LWUR) (12/17/20) - 6 SDec - super long awkward, good t/d against grappler, couldnt get out from bottom but good composure good def, good striking but couldnt keep distance, lost grappling, good heart kept going till end looking for sub or ko
  137. 136

    Kenny "RiseOfThePhoenix" Champion
    Kenny Champion
    "RiseOfThePhoenix"  |  2-3-0
    L vs. Cody LAW (UR) (12/10/20) - 4 ko r3 - 40 y/o, aggressive start, even striking, started to slow first, bad t/d def, grapppling disadv, got controlled on ground, couldnt get up, bad stamina, heart, got dominated (^1)
  138. 137

    Jacob Dorman
    Jacob Dorman
    L vs. Jose PEREZ (UR) (12/18/20) - 6 sub r1 - super aggressive brawler, bad t/d def, big grappling disadv, got mounted fast, bad sub def (-)
  139. 138

    Beau Samaniego
    Beau Samaniego
    L vs. James LYONS (UR) (5/29/21) - 3 sub r1 - lack of technique, back taken fast choke (-)

    { [ CHARLES ROSA L vs. Nathaniel WOOD (35BW) {35} (7/23/22) - 5 UDec - big striking disadv getting beat up r1, legs getting chopped, able to get a t/d eor1 and almost got choke, bjj adv?, weak def but tough, not eager to go for t/ds?, leg chopped hard slowed unable to shoot t/ds, leg hurt picked apart r3 standing (#93)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. TJ Brown (64) (1/14/21) - 6 UDec - s/n, big disadv striking but good chin, hit by o/h R many times, good leg kicks, looking for guillotines but ending up on bottom, good durability, grapp disadv, good sub def (-)?
    ((((( W ))))) vs. Justin Jaynes (72LW) (6/26/21) - 8 SDec close fight, striking disadv, grappling adv, got mount r1, looking for subs, tough good chin (^1)
    ((((( L ))))) vs. Darrick MINNER (93) (2/20/21) - 6 UDec - striking disadv, stuck on bottom looking for subs from bottom, got rocked early r2, not well rounded ]
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