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Couple notes about my GOAT lists:

- my main criteria for GOAT is a) level and variety of competition beaten and b) longevity

- wins matter more than losses especially if those losses were not during the fighter's prime

- if two fighters' resumes are really close, things like a) which fighter has more title wins especially if the other fighter has none or b) if one fighter has a win over the other fighter, is taken into consideration

- fighters who have found success at an elite level in multiple weight classes are going to be ranked higher than fighters who have found equivalent success in one weight class more often than not

- just because a male fighter fought in an era where fighters weren't necessarily as good as they are today doesn't mean that should take away from their greatness especially if their prime was around 2008 or later imo ie.2 fighters will be evaluated on how EACH dominated THEIR era

- to add to the last point; you don't automatically pass someone in the rankings just because you've beaten competition over a 3 year period that's ''more elite'' than the other fighter when the other fighter fought the best competition that existed over a DECADE and found immense success (Volk vs Aldo ''debate'')

- a lot of people base their entire opinions on things to do with a fighter's ''prime'', imo that's harder to identify than people realize without just glossing over a lot of factors and jumping to a conclusion especially if the fighter isn't obviously too raw/inexperienced/young or too ''old'', so yes I take it into consideration but not heavily, it's just way too subjective

- active fighters are hard to rank for example when Gus beat Glover and Jan we were like ight that's 2 decent wins, fast forward a couple years later and they've both become champions so now we're looking at those wins as even more impressive than what they were initially. so while a fighter and the fighters they have fought are still active and creating their legacy it's much harder to rank (against fighters whose legacy is complete) than people realize

- if a fighter's wins at a certain weight class are few like in the case of DC at LHW, and other fighters have spent their entire careers at LHW and beaten just as good competition ie quality of opposition is fairly equal, then quantity will be the deciding factor as to who's higher on the LHW GOAT list. remember GOAT (greatest of all time) and BOAT (best of all time) are 2 different things ;)

- the further down you go in these lists the harder it is to rank, I think that's pretty obvious. my top 5 is gonna be more concrete than my top 10 which is gonna be more concrete than my top 15 etc

- can you make an argument that a guy whom I have ranked at #8 should be higher than a guy who's #7 for example? absolutely, the goat conversation is not definitive, that's why it's a conversation (Jones is clearly #1 p4p of all time tho, if you think otherwise you're a casual tbh), but the criteria that I've set and the way that I've come up with comparing and contrasting fighter's careers is pretty concrete imo so this is what I've come up with and I think I've done a pretty good job ;)

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