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  1. 1

    Aljamain "Funk Master" Sterling
    Aljamain Sterling
    "Funk Master"
    95+ Early 30s, elite BJJ amd amazing athlete, dominant undef CFFC champ, 11-3 UFC before title shot, got ragdolled but won off illegal knee from Yan. 2ND Narrowly outpointed Yan in R1 w/ counter striking and dominant back control in R2+3 but got tired late and couldn't land TDs in R4+5, close split DEC
  2. 2

    Petr "No Mercy" Yan
    Petr Yan
    "No Mercy"
    95<-100<-95 Late 20s, reads fights beautifully, perfect boxing with impressive power, some nice spinning backfists, hard body kicks, picks up pace as fight goes on, incredible TDD/transitions into being in control himself but lost w/ illegal knee. 2ND Dominated R4+5 w/ wrestling but had back taken in R2+3, forward pressure in R1 but not enough output and narrowly outpointed for split DEC L after very close W over Sandhagen for interim title
  3. 3

    José Aldo "Junior"
    José Aldo
    95<-90<-85 Still the king, crazy power for division, started throwing leg kicks after advice from coach, great control/progressions on ground but surprisingly little GnP, seemed tired late but maintained control
  4. 4

    T.J. Dillashaw
    T.J. Dillashaw
  5. 5

    Cory "The Sandman" Sandhagen
    Cory Sandhagen
    "The Sandman"
    90-<-95<-90 Long range with constant jabs, nice calf kicks, beautiful flying knees, knack for highlight KO, mixes in wrestling well as a surprise. Lacks some power in hands because of constant movement, takes great angles/slips
  6. 6

    Merab "The Machine" Dvalishvili
    Merab Dvalishvili
    "The Machine"
    90<- -80 Hurt bad/repeatedly but crazy tough, saved by elite wrestling. Non-stop GnP, connects clean, unlimited energy
  7. 7

    Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson
    Demetrious Johnson
    "Mighty Mouse"
  8. 8

    Yadong "Kung Fu Monkey" Song
    Yadong Song
    "Kung Fu Monkey"
    19-6-1, 1 NC
    85<-75<-70<-65<-75 Mid 20s, started in UFC as teen, very fast right kick that started to body then snuck to head, fast hands with power in right, great movement, aggression to finish. 2ND Crazy striking speed and movement, throwing well-placed/varied combos and got quick KO of T80 Moraes w/ nasty right uppercut
  9. 9

    Jack "Tank" Shore
    Jack Shore
    85<-65<- -60 Late 20s, showed full well-rounded skillset vs T75 Valiev. Can wrestle/get TDs, BJJ black belt w/ good get ups and ground movement, crisp boxing w/ 2 R3 knockdowns, and nice kicks. 5-0 UFC and 16-0 overall
  10. 10

    Marlon "Chito" Vera
    Marlon Vera
    85<-80<- -75 Late 20s, Strong upkicks and has a W w/ them, taken down a few times by Edgar but minimized damage, great kicks on feet especially up middle, nice knees for DEC W. 2ND Ate crazy of shots from T85 Font and totally unfazed, dropped opp late 4/5 rounds, vicious elbows from top but couldn't get finish, wasted one chance kicking legs on ground. Nasty elbows and knees to body from clinch and got 1 KD w/ high knee. Heavy hands, even jab packed power, DEC W after 25-min war to go13-6 UFC
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Dominick "The Dominator" Cruz
    Dominick Cruz
    "The Dominator"  |  24-3-0
    85<-80<-75 Still has distinctive movement and crazy striking, got hurt early but stayed tough through it
  13. 12

    Adriano "Mikinho" Moraes
    Adriano Moraes
    "Mikinho"  |  20-3-0
    85<-80<-45 Early 30s, strong and elite chokes, went undefeated and won Shooto BRZ title then great run w/ ONE including multiple title Ws and lots of defense, huge upset KO of Mighty Mouse w/ knee. 2ND Constant movement around the outside, landed a few shots but slow paced until R3 guillotine after lots of TDs from T30 Wakamatsu, 4th overall title defense
  14. 13

    Rob Font
    Rob Font
    80<-85<- -90 Mid 30s, fantastic boxing, great jab and high output but not a ton of power, dropped several times by Aldo, good wrist control/movement on ground to prevent damage and regain guard, came out aggressive when he needed to but not enough and lost DEC to go 9-4 UFC vs good comp. 2ND absurd output in 25-min war w/ T80 Vera, beautiful jab and straight combos, heavy hooks to body, uppercuts everywhere, just didn't seem to do much damage and got dropped 4/5 rnds late, face rearranged
  15. 14

    Pedro "The Young Punisher" Munhoz
    Pedro Munhoz
    "The Young Punisher"  |  19-7-0, 1 NC
    80<- -85<-80 Power puncher but couldn't close range after landing some huge early shots
  16. 15

    "Sugar" Sean O'Malley
    Sean O'Malley
    "Sugar"  |  15-1-0
    80<- - -75 Incredible length and footwork, lightning jab that sets up powerful 1-2s, sniper accuracy and relentless once there was an opening
  17. 16

    Said Nurmagomedov
    Said Nurmagomedov
    75<-65 Late 20s Dagi, lots of strong DEC for Akhmat including title, 4-1 UFC w/ 3 R1 finishes mostly prelims only L against strong vet, made debut @125, dynamic striker who uses range well and creative kicks, snagged deep guillotine on first TD from T65 wrestler and rolled into top position for super quick tap
  18. 17

    Kyler "The Matrix" Phillips
    Kyler Phillips
    "The Matrix"  |  10-2-0
    75<-65<-70<-60 Mid 20s, tore up US regionals then won DWCS w/ R1 KO, 0-1 TUF, 4-1 UFC including some solid prospects and T75 Yadong, lost v competitive decision to Paiva. Dynamic athlete, all actions fast, dominated T20 Rojo everywhere. Nasty calf kicks, quick TDs and fluid scrambles, finished w/ triangle armbar that started from mount
  19. 18

    Ricky Simón
    Ricky Simón
    75 Pressure grappler w/ constant takedowns, smother Assuncao for R1 then showed big power in right hand in 2nd, great accuracy on follow-ups for finish
  20. 19

    Jussier Formiga
    Jussier Formiga
    75+ Mid 30s, great BJJ, dominated BRZ then 9-7 UFC against mostly ranked opps, choked out T15 in R2 of LFA debut, missed weight @135 despite career @125
  21. 20

    Timur "Lucky" Valiev
    Timur Valiev
    "Lucky"  |  18-3-0, 1 NC
    70<-75<-70 Early 30s, strong wrestler, relentless forward pressure, solid striking but not overly powerful, showed full skillset vs T65 Shore but slightly behind in most areas and lost clear DEC to fall 2-1 UFC, also 3-0 PFL and good run in Dagestan
  22. 21

    Frankie "The Answer" Edgar
    Frankie Edgar
    "The Answer"  |  24-10-1
    70<-80<-85 Fading with age, somehow small at 135 despite winning LW title in past
  23. 22

    Jimmie "El Terror" Rivera
    Jimmie Rivera
    "El Terror"  |  23-5-0
  24. 23

    Sergio "The Phenom" Pettis
    Sergio Pettis
    "The Phenom"  |  22-5-0
    65+<60 Was getting beaten everywhere by Horiguchi, barely threw strikes the first few rounds, controlled on ground too, but didn't take tons of damage. Threw several spin backfists over course of fight and caught one after missing a head kick, insta-KO
  25. 24

    Raulian Paiva
    Raulian Paiva
    65<-70<-65 Looks small at 135, some good counter-striking and leg kicks against Sugar Show but couldn't handle range and not fast enough/ move head enough to avoid jabs then heavier shots
  26. 25

    Nathaniel "The Prospect" Wood
    Nathaniel Wood
    "The Prospect"  |  17-5-0
  27. 26

    Adrian Yanez
    Adrian Yanez
    65<-60<-55<-45 Crisp boxing with good power, amazing jab, very efficient in movement, rolls with punches/ takes on back+shoulder, endless gas
  28. 27

    Rustam Kerimov
    Rustam Kerimov
    65<-60<-50 Early 30s Dagi, 16-0 w/ DEC and GnP KOs of top ACB/A comp, was champ w/ 2 defenses, vacated and no fights for 2 years trying to go UFC. Uber-polished, inescapable control while dominating T25 BRZ. 2ND Rematch against T40 vet in title eliminator, incredible timing on TDs, good movement on feet but tired in 3rd after crazy pace, almost had arm-triangle finish, beast on ground but not as perfect w/ control
  29. 28

    Raufeon "Supa" Stots
    Raufeon Stots
    "Supa"  |  18-1-0
    65<-60<-50<-40 Early 30s, very athletic, great grappling and good striking too, 6-0 run for Bellator including high knee into vicious elbows to KO T60 Archuleta and win interim title
  30. 29

    Chris "El Guapo" Gutierrez
    Chris Gutierrez
    "El Guapo"  |  18-3-2
    65<- -60<-55 Early 30s, great Muay Thai, tons of high-lvl US regionals Ws, choked out in UFC debut but rebounded w/ 4 Ws and a draw, mostly DEC vs good comp. 2ND Good movement vs Colares, great jab and leg kicks, good TD defense but inconsistent volume 3RD More good movement vs T50 Danaa, sharp leg kicks and jab, got taken down and hit hard in R1 off missed spin but landed hard backfist into GnP elbows for R2 KO, now 6-1-1 UFC and 7 fights unbeaten
  31. 30

    Rani Yahya
    Rani Yahya
    28-10-1, 1 NC
    65<- -60 Truly elite BJJ, rudimentary striking and chin is gone but if he can get any contact it doesn't matter, so fluid and hard to remove
  32. 31

    Patchy "No Love" Mix
    Patchy Mix
    "No Love"  |  16-1-0
    65<-60<- -55 Late 20s, 12/16 Ws by SUB, wide range but esp lethal from RNC. Great BJJ, good body control, missed weight but got great guillotine of Gallagher. 2ND Great TDs and control w/ body triangle vs T65 Horiguchi, lots of RNC attempts but couldn't finish, needed more GnP, trouble matching speed/finding range on fight and moderately outstruck by opp, still won 25-min DEC
  33. 32

    Montel "Quik" Jackson
    Montel Jackson
    "Quik"  |  11-2-0
  34. 33

    Casey Kenney
    Casey Kenney
  35. 34

    Taylor "Double Impact" Lapilus
    Taylor Lapilus
    "Double Impact"  |  18-3-0
    60+<-55 Early 30s, crushed cans into UFC contract, went 3-1 then back to regionals? Lots of wins over top international-lvl opps, most recently DEC over former UFC 125lb challenger Wilson Reis 2ND Good distance management, perfect knee to liver, defended TD and continued ripping to body then couple nasty elbows against fence for R1 stoppage of undef PED user, goes 3-0 Ares and wins BW title
  36. 35

    Victor "La Mangosta" Henry
    Victor Henry
    "La Mangosta"  |  22-5-0
    60<-10 Mid 30s, started undef in USA then had long run in JAP including DEEP title win, 2-0 RIZIN against quality vets and also beaten strong opps for RUS and US shows, several future UFC and elite prospect. Known for dangerous array of submissions and not a ton of power but threw insane volume for massive DEC upset of T70 in UFC debut. Really nice jab
  37. 36

    John "Sexi Mexi" Castañeda
    John Castañeda
    "Sexi Mexi"  |  19-5-0
    60<-45<-30 Early 30s, tons of good Ws for Combate including future UFC, won DWCS but needed more fights to get signed, DEC L to elite opp in UFC debut, huge KO of Wineland then constant pressure of T60 Johns, ate some big shots but super high output and no space to breathe, tired him out and got him hurt in 3rd then secured tight arm-triangle for finish
  38. 37

    Hiromasa Ougikubo
    Hiromasa Ougikubo
    60<-50<- - -40 Mid-30s decision grinder who can't quite match Japan's elite, only 3Ls in last decade to Horiguchi 2x and Asakura. DEC over T35 sub specialist. 2ND DEC over Asakura in same night to win RIZIN GP. 3RD Draw against retiring T10 in custom rules
  39. 38

    Raoni Barcelos
    Raoni Barcelos
    55<-70<-75 Mid 30s, elite BJJ background but mostly DEC or KO including dominant RFA champion run, won first 5 UFC fights then 2 straight Ls, including shock DEC to short-notice debuting T10 vet. Throws dangerous strikes but couldn't match output, didn't threaten much ground work
  40. 39

    Javid "The Snow Leopard" Basharat
    Javid Basharat
    "The Snow Leopard"  |  12-0-0
    55<-40<-7.5 Mid 20s, quick on feet and explosive, efficient takedowns and super nasty elbows from top, chopping leg kicks quick hands, worked to R3 SUB in DWCS. 2ND Won UFC debut w/ great speed and varied combos, moved to 12-0 w/ DEC over T40 Jones. Great movement, was looking for finish but not over-swinging or leaving openings. Showed quality grappling in limited opportunities but happy to stay standing.
  41. 40

    Kyoji Horiguchi
    Kyoji Horiguchi
    55<-65<-70 Early 30s, former RIZIN and Bellator champ. Dominated S. Pettis for almost 4 rounds with movement, grappling, strong strikes, caught by absurd backfist under kick. Great transitions on ground but lost title shot 2ND Crazy movement around cage, very fast, good choke defense but spent too much time w/ T60 Mix on back and lost DEC for 2L skid
  42. 41

    Ray "The Tazmexican Devil" Borg
    Ray Borg
    "The Tazmexican Devil"  |  16-5-0
    55+<- -50 Late 20s, went undef on US regionals w/ great SUBs then 7-5 UFC run including title shot @125, mostly DEC, pulled out of lots of fights. Beat int-lvl opp by DEC in UAE debut then took out T40 Cody Gibson in EFC debut, picked apart at range in R1 but increased aggression/pressure, landed some big shots then dominated on ground for last 8 mins. Heavy GnP esp elbows, great transitions to stay in control of slippery opp, passed guard when threatened w/ armbars. 2ND Another DEC W, continued to use wrestling to control T10 Bandejas
  43. 42

    Kai Asakura
    Kai Asakura
    55<-75<- - -70 Late 20s and dominating RIZIN, was champ but lost to Horiguchi. Such a dangerous striker, good body work and makes great use of soccer kicks. 2ND DEC W over T10 then DEC L to T50 vet he'd previously beaten to lose GP
  44. 43

    Julio Arce
    Julio Arce
    55-+<-50 Early 30s, ROC 2-division champ, KO W in 2017 DWCS, fast and well-rounded but couldn't match Song's speed and got KOed to go 4-3 UFC, lots of close fights 2ND Used great footwork, great right jab and straight lefts, sporadic head kicks to win clear DEC over T8 Santos and go 5-3 UFC missed weight for 1st time after most of career @145
  45. 44

    Danny "The Italian Gangster" Sabatello
    Danny Sabatello
    "The Italian Gangster"  |  13-1-0
    55<-40<-15<-10 Late 20s, dominant pressure wrestler, started 6-0 then L to future UFC in Titan title shot, won in 2ND try, DEC W in DWCS but not signed then title defense. DEC over excellent vet Johns in Bellator debut then total domination of undef T20 prospect Lugo, constantly chases TDs and great control from top, heavy elbows for 30-26 DEC W
  46. 45

    Kyung Ho "Mr. Perfect" Kang
    Kyung Ho Kang
    "Mr. Perfect"  |  18-9-0, 1 NC
    55<-50<-55 Mid 30s, inconsistent early record bec started as teen, lots of SUBs to win Road title. Crisp boxing, especially a 1-2, hard jab, but controlled totally on ground by Yahya. Good choke defense but couldn't break body triangle. DEC L to go 6-4 UFC w/ most Ws by SUB or split DEC, had 4-year gap for military service 2ND Great jab, hard leg kicks, perfect footwork to pivot away from power shots from T40 Danaa, got clipped a few times but good chin, kept it standing despite grappling background, solid DEC W to go 7-4 UFC
  47. 46

    Nate "Mayhem" Maness
    Nate Maness
    "Mayhem"  |  14-2-0
    55<-50 Saved by the bell but came back with beautiful counter shot, good TD defense.
  48. 47

    Enrique "El Fuerte" Barzola
    Enrique Barzola
    "El Fuerte"  |  18-6-2
    55<- -50 Early 30s, 2-0 TUF @155, 6-3-1 UFC mostly @145, all DEC. Non-stop pressure, doesn't tire at all even cutting more weight, incredibly tough and never been finished. Most comfortable grappling, used repeated elbows to finish T35 Caldwell 2ND Constant body-to body control to smother T20 prospect Mikhailov and win DEC in wild-card of Bellator GP.
  49. 48

    "Dangerous" Davey Grant
    Davey Grant
    "Dangerous"  |  12-6-0
    55<-45<-50<-55<-45 Mid 30s brawler, 2-0 TUF, loves to spin and leap, happy to get into wars, great leg kicks and front kicks but little defense, wild hooks, somehow kept throwing power shots the whole fight but split L to Yanez to fall 4-5 UFC 2ND Tons of power shots on T35 Smolka, tons of damage R1 but tired and took damage R2, came out w/ more nasty leg kicks R3 to cripple opp then massive ground strikes for R3 KO, 5-5 UFC
  50. 49

    Douglas "D'Silva" Silva de Andrade
    Douglas Silva de Andrade
    "D'Silva"  |  28-4-0, 1 NC
    55<- -45 Mid 30s, started 22-0 in BRZ, 6-4 UFC w/ Ls mostly to elite opps. So much power for 135, cuts lots of weight but good gas tank, was getting destroyed and cut badly by T50 Morozov in R1 but came back w/ body-head combos, multiple knockdowns, surprising back take but did it quickly and worked for RNC of exhausted opp
  51. 50

    Juan "Spaniard" Archuleta
    Juan Archuleta
    "Spaniard"  |  25-4-0
    50<-60<-65 Mid 30s, very active, former Bellator champ but 1-3 total in title fights, KOed by knee +GnP from T60 Stots to open BW GP and lose interim title shot
  52. 51

    Miles "Chapo" Johns
    Miles Johns
    "Chapo"  |  12-2-0
    50<-60<-50 Late 20s, muscular and cuts lots of weight to 135, wrestling background. 8-0 and LFA title win to start career, DEC W in DWCS and UFC debut against prospects then KOed, came back w/ 2 big R3 KOS, backs up and draws opps into power. Got worn down by pressure from T45 Castaneda, threw big while retreating but couldn't find range, tired out, hurt, then choked to sleep in R3 to go 3-2 UFC
  53. 52

    Raphael Assunção
    Raphael Assunção
    50<-70 Veteran w/ great career but almost 40 and looking washed up
  54. 53

    Cody "Spartan" Stamann
    Cody Stamann
    "Spartan"  |  20-5-1
    50<-65 Early 30s, strong wrestler who dominated US regional scene for years, 5-4-1 UFC against good comp, almost all DEC except 2 SUB L, on 3L streak, got sniped at range a few times then guillotined on 1st shot in less than 1min by fellow T65
  55. 54

    Benito "The Golden Boy" Lopez
    Benito Lopez
    "The Golden Boy"  |  10-1-0
  56. 55

    Jose Alberto "El Teco" Quiñonez
    Jose Alberto Quiñonez
    "El Teco"  |  9-5-0
  57. 56

    Saidyokub Kakhramonov
    Saidyokub Kakhramonov
  58. 57

    Ronnie "The Heat" Lawrence
    Ronnie Lawrence
    "The Heat"  |  8-1-0
    45<-40<-30 Late 20s, 6-0 ammy, beat noobs then used great wrestling to win DWCS as underdog, showed big power in R3 KO in debut, well rounded. 2ND 3 knockdowns of T20 Martinez in R1/2, landed couple GnP shots but killed momentum by going to ground, great entries on double-leg and almost always works. Seemed tired in R3, got knocked down and almost finished but hung on w/ wrestling to survive for DEC W
  59. 58

    Mario Bautista
    Mario Bautista
    45+<-55 Late 20s, started 6-0, now 3-2 in UFC, used great elbows and knees from clinch, beat up legs w/ kicks, good timing on flying knees, great get-ups from TDs, strong wrestling, incredible cardio. Total domination of short-notice T7 debuter for DEC W
  60. 59

    Jonathan "Dragon" Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez
    "Dragon"  |  16-4-0
    45 Late 20s, only regional L by DQ to future UFC, incredible striking technique esp leg kicks and mixes in other targets to surprise opps, 6-3 UFC start w/ 4 DEC and 2 knee KOs. 2ND Returned to natural 135, destroyed calf of T35 Morales, great movement and slips on outside, occasional head kicks and solid body punches, hard knees up middle, even mixed in late TD when opp got aggressive, comprehensive DEC W to go 3W streak and 7-3 UFC
  61. 60

    Leandro "Pitbull" Higo
    Leandro Higo
    "Pitbull"  |  21-6-0
  62. 61

    Tony "PrimeTime" Kelley
    Tony Kelley
    "PrimeTime"  |  8-3-0
    40<-25 Ground out power puncher with aggression and clinches, good kicks and knees to body from Thai plumb in 2nd, heavy elbows to finish
  63. 62

    Sergey Morozov
    Sergey Morozov
    40<-50<-25 Early 30s, strong wrestler w/ power in hands, won and defended M1 title against good comp. Choke out by U Nurmagomedov in UFC debut, came back w/ impressive DEC over Taha. 2ND Hurt/dropped T45 D'Silva repeatedly in R1, showed improved hand speed, nasty GnP and opened huge cut w/ elbow, landed big knee, may have used too much energy. Got beat up in R2, hurt to body and dropped with head follow-ups, desperate/sloppy TDs, eventually choked unconscious
  64. 63

    Magomed "Tiger" Magomedov
    Magomed Magomedov
    "Tiger"  |  19-2-0
  65. 64

    Randy "The Zohan" Costa
    Randy Costa
    "The Zohan"  |  6-3-0
    40<- -55 Explosive early KOs but gasses quickly, taken out with body work twice in a row
  66. 65

    Tony Gravely
    Tony Gravely
    40+-+ Early 30s, elite college wrestler, tons of regional w/ lots of finishes but struggled in early steps up, won CES title and defended twice as part of 6W streak vs great comp, R3 KO in 2019 DWCS then 2-1 UFC start. 2ND Talented all around but got caught on chin by Maness while ahead on wrestling. 3RD Repeated takedowns and dominant top position against T10 UFC debuter Oliveira, did well to move to opposite side of guillotines, solid GnP but not fight-ending. Moved to 3-2 UFC w/ clear DEC. 4TH Good movement and perfectly timed short right uppercut to KO T20 Munoz in 1-min, not accurate w/ GnP but didn't need it, 4-2 UFC
  67. 66

    Gustavo Lopez
    Gustavo Lopez
    40<-35<-40 Huge turnaround once he started pushing pressure with wrestling
  68. 67

    Denis Lavrentyev
    Denis Lavrentyev
    35<- -15
  69. 68

    Khalid "The Warrior" Taha
    Khalid Taha
    "The Warrior"  |  13-4-0, 1 NC
  70. 69

    Levi "The Guy" Mowles
    Levi Mowles
    "The Guy"  |  16-4-0
    35<- -30 Strong in every area, especially BJJ. Unpredictable and always switching up angles/how he's attacking. Controlled Cupcake Campbell everywhere, 10-8 one round for heavy GnP
  71. 70

    Ben "10" Nguyen
    Ben Nguyen
    "10"  |  17-9-0
  72. 71

    Jack Cartwright
    Jack Cartwright
  73. 72

    Sebastian "Sebić" Przybysz
    Sebastian Przybysz
    "Sebić"  |  10-2-0
    35+<-25<-10 Late 20s, light on his feet, elusive movement. Good striking mix, strong TD defense and digs underhooks to reverse on fence. 1 time he got taken down managed to throw up inverted triangle, great control of limbs to keep pressure tight and get R3 SUB of strong prospect, defended KSW title and goes to 5W streak, has avenged both losses vs int-lvl opps. 2ND Even striking early vs short-notice T1 BRZ, knockdown near end of R2 and heavy GnP, knocked down in R3 but good guard work to recover, took over in R4 and got RNC in R5 for 2nd title defense and 6W streak
  74. 73

    Kairat "The Kazakh" Akhmetov
    Kairat Akhmetov
    "The Kazakh"  |  29-2-0
    35+<-25 Mid 30s, 20+ cans to get to ONE, briefly had flyweight championship, grindy close-contact wrestler with neverending GnP to smother T30 striker, good timing to catch kicks and knees for TDs 2ND Good volume on feet vs T6.5 but not super powerful, great timing and variety on TDs, elevates single leg, persistent, constant output, slowed last couple minutes and took a few shots but clear DEC W
  75. 74

    John "The Magician" Dodson
    John Dodson
    "The Magician"  |  22-13-0
    35+<-70 Late 30s, 3-0 TUF then 10-7 UFC, lots of exp. @125 but could never beat DJ. 2ND DEC over even older T10 UFC alum Rivera to go 1-1 XMMA after L to T20 Gibson in debut
  76. 75

    Brett "The Pikey" Johns
    Brett Johns
    "The Pikey"  |  18-3-0
    35<-30<-70 Early 30s, started undef w/ CW and Titan titles, fantastic grappler, 5-2 UFC w/ Ls to great opps then jumped to Bellator, DEC L to elite prospect in debut then smothering wrestling of undef T8.5, early TDs and control against cage, added more strikes as fight progressed, R3 TKO w/ flurry from back mount
  77. 76

    Eddie Wineland
    Eddie Wineland
  78. 77

    Trevin "5 Star" Jones
    Trevin Jones
    "5 Star"  |  13-8-0, 1 NC
    35<-40<-50<-35 Early 30s, huge KO power but inconsistent record, started 2-0 UFC but 1st W overturned, 2 Ls since then, choked by strong prospect then outstruck by T40 Basharat. Showed dangerous striking but not as fast or technical
  79. 78

    "The Mongolian Knight" Heili Alateng
    Heili Alateng
    "The Mongolian Knight"  |  15-8-2
    35+<-50 Early 30s, strong striking from outside, good TD defense but faded under 3rd rnd pressure and ended up w/ draw to go 2-1-1 UFC. 2ND Landed big overhand right early and followed w/ accurate flurries to KO veteran Croom and go 3-1-1.
  80. 79

    Pingyuan Liu
    Pingyuan Liu
  81. 80

    Michinori Tanaka
    Michinori Tanaka
    30+ 2-3 UFC run, all decisions, win over R. Bontorin in JAP, dominates regional scene
  82. 81

    Oleg Borisov
    Oleg Borisov
    30<- -20<-10 Late 30s, short and muscular, lots of DEC but packs KO power, challenged for ACB title and longtime ACA, lost 1st 3 fights then 4W streak including deconstruction of T35 Bibulatov in title challenge. Forward pressure, jabs, hard leg kicks, occasional big overhand rights and flurries but most of shots glancing or missed bec of opp's movement. Got TDs to end early rounds, stuffed opp's TDs, used cage wrestling to smother in R5, won in all aspects but not a ton of action in 25 minutes
  83. 82

    Vince "Vandetta" Morales
    Vince Morales
    "Vandetta"  |  11-6-0
    30<-35<-20<-15 Early 30s, wrestling base, 7 finishes on regionals but choked on DWCS, fast hands, beautiful overhand right for knockout of Smolka on clinch break to go 3-3 UFC 2ND Picked apart by kicks from outside by Martinez, movement compromised, some flashes while pushing forward but couldn't match speed/technique, has lost to leg kicks before, DEC L to fall 3-4 UFC
  84. 83

    Louis "Da Last Samurai" Smolka
    Louis Smolka
    "Da Last Samurai"  |  17-9-0
    30<-35<-60 Early 30s, had decent 5-5 UFC run at flyweight, came back at 135 and has become gatekeeper. was ripping body with knees and throwing good left hooks but caught with massive right on clinch break and flatlined by Morales. 2ND Beaten up R1 but great toughness to eat body and head shots, 2nd wind R2 and landed good shots and had ground control, threatened subs and GnP but couldn't finish, leg destroyed R3 then KOed on ground, falls 3-4 UFC in 2nd stint
  85. 84

    Cody "The Renegade" Gibson
    Cody Gibson
    "The Renegade"  |  18-8-0
    30<-40<-20 Mid 30s, tall and long for 135, wrestler, 1-3 UFC washout but lots of high-quality regional wins since then including ex-UFCs. 2ND Fantastic jab, 1-1-2 combos and mixed in leg kicks in R1 of EFC debut against T50 Ray Borg, got wrestled and tired out in next 2 rounds for DEC L, threatened armbars and stayed active on bottom but no answer for control
  86. 85

    Naoki Inoue
    Naoki Inoue
    30<-35<-30<-25 Mid 20s phenom, nasty RNCs, 1-1 in UFC at 125, DEC L to T40 grappler
  87. 86

    Brad "Superman" Katona
    Brad Katona
    "Superman"  |  11-2-0
    30++<-25 Early 30s, undef in Canada then 2-2 UFC +2-0 TUF but cut bec all DEC, smothering wrestler. Beat solid prospects in 1st 2 Brave fights then split DEC W over T8.5 to take BW title.
  88. 87

    "Storm" Batgerel Danaa
    Batgerel Danaa
    "Storm"  |  12-4-0
    30<-40<-50<-45<-40 Early 30s, huge power in both hands, overhand right without too much windup and lead left hook, 3 straight R1 KOs of some of UFCs weakest after debut L. 2ND headhunting and winding up too much on hooks vs T60 Gutierrez, big impacts when he connected and great TD into GnP to close R1 but caught by spinning backfist and pounded out in R2 to fall 3-2 UFC 3RD Less predictable/reckless but still struggled w/ distance and movement of T50 Kang, ate lots of leg kicks and jab while trying hooks, started answering w/ own quick shots but not as efficient. Good job turning up pressure/power at end of rounds but only landed well to end R1, 29-28 DEC L to go 3-3 UFC
  89. 88

    Aiemann Zahabi
    Aiemann Zahabi
  90. 89

    Journey Newson
    Journey Newson
    10-3-0, 1 NC
    30+ Early 30s, high-lvl BJJ, USA regional champ, started 1-2 UFC but W overturned for weed. 2ND Lots of spinning/side kicks to keep distance vs T15 boxer Garcia, new element to game, not the cleanest but mixed in decent punches and good TDs, didn't do a ton on ground, good evasive movement to avoid damage, DEC W to go 2*-2 UFC
  91. 90

    Darrion "The Wolf" Caldwell
    Darrion Caldwell
    "The Wolf"  |  14-6-0, 1 NC
    30<-35<-40 Mid 30s, elite D1 wrestler, most of career w/ Bellator including title win and defense, lost RIZIN title shot and Bellator belt to Horiguchi, currently 3L streak, most recent to T60 ex-UFC. Solid striking but best up close, doesn't inflict a ton of damage and bad gas tank, can also fight @145
  92. 91

    Makharbek "Alanskiy Bars" Karginov
    Makharbek Karginov
    "Alanskiy Bars"  |  15-3-0
    25<-15 Early 30s, 7-0 vs regionals then 6-3 ACA/B, DEC or SUB, outgrappled young undef phenom Shaykhaev, great transitions between positions and good job striking on breaks. 2ND Incredible scrambles vs T7, impressive control to maintain body lock through roll, great weight distribution, managed to do damage with repeated knees to same spot on thigh, crazy toughness to survive v. deep late armbar, DEC W for 7-3 ACA
  93. 92

    Khuseyn "Shy" Shaykhaev
    Khuseyn Shaykhaev
    "Shy"  |  12-0-0
    25<- -15 A++ wrestler, can shoot from anywhere because he just needs to be close to be effective, incredible reversals/transitions on ground, needs to work on doing more damage from winning positions/look for finishes
  94. 93

    Vinicius "Lok Dog" de Oliveira
    Vinicius de Oliveira
    "Lok Dog"  |  17-2-0
    25<-15<-8 Quick RNC of late-replacement challenger for UAE belt, showed off striking to take out Breadman previously
  95. 94

    Magomed "Chaborz" Bibulatov
    Magomed Bibulatov
    "Chaborz"  |  18-3-0
    25<-35<-30 Early 30s, started 14-0 including UFC debut but lost next 2 and got cut, started 4-0 ACA w/ 3 KOs including title win but picked apart at range by jabs and kicks on T20 Borisov. Got outwrestled and could never find range striking
  96. 95

    Khusein "Lion" Askhabov
    Khusein Askhabov
    "Lion"  |  23-0-0
  97. 96

    James "The Strabanimal" Gallagher
    James Gallagher
    "The Strabanimal"  |  11-2-0
    25<-30 Aggressive guillotine attempt, stayed stuck on back for too long, guillotined in return off predictable takedown
  98. 97

    Geraldo "Spartan" de Freitas
    Geraldo de Freitas
    "Spartan"  |  13-6-0
  99. 98

    Frans "The Black Mamba" Mlambo
    Frans Mlambo
    "The Black Mamba"  |  13-5-0
    20<- - -15<-10 Bellator 3-1, had shot at Brave title, upset Shark Magard for FEN title, won Combate tournament w/ 3 DEC, 2 solid journeyman and top prospect Cordero
  100. 99

    Chad "The Monster" Anheliger
    Chad Anheliger
    "The Monster"  |  12-5-0
    20<-15<-1 Mid 30s, terrible start to career but ran off 9W streak including big upset DEC over T25 in DWCS, titles @125 and @135 in Canada. 2ND Got beat up some in R1 but showed good toughness and fantastic cardio to hang on for R3 KO of T2 in UFC debut
  101. 100

    Mehdi Baidulaev
    Mehdi Baidulaev
    20 Wrestler, whole 13-2 career w/ ACA/B, lots of finishes esp. RNC, mostly fought @145 but dropped to BW for DEC W w/ wrestling over T10 BRZ vet. Defended/reversed TDs, mostly stayed in guard and landed GnP but passed occasionally, lots of kicks on feet
  102. 101

    Akhmed Musakaev
    Akhmed Musakaev
    20<-15<- -5.5 Late 20s Dagi sambo grappler, lots of KOs of early noobs, both Ls by DEC. Great mat returns and maintains control with body lock, comfortable transitioning on ground to stay safe, constant knees to keep busy, good work from side control, occasional explosions to threaten high-elbow gilly and arm triangle, worked to back for RNC with seconds left vs good vet to go 4-1 ACA 2ND Even clinches vs T10 Kalamov but perfect TD entries R1+3 and dominated from top guard w/ short shots, taken down creatively R2 after quick exchange of flurries but great scrambling to end up in control, worked to side and smothered all limbs then used elbows to body and head, DEC W to go 5-1 ACA w/ 4W streak
  103. 102

    "Gentleman" Josh Hill
    Josh Hill
    "Gentleman"  |  21-4-0
    20+<-25 KO of good prospect after previous DEC 2-1 for Bellator, showed good top control and flashes of heavy GnP, mixed attack on the feet with good timing
  104. 103

    "Pretty" Ricky Turcios
    Ricky Turcios
    "Pretty"  |  11-2-0
  105. 104

    Islam Meshev
    Islam Meshev
    20<-15<-20<-15 Top ACA gatekeeper, lots of volume w/ strikes but not much power, good wrestling but seemed to tire and got dominated in 3rd, almost always DEC and often split
  106. 105

    Eduardo "Dudu" Dantas
    Eduardo Dantas
    "Dudu"  |  23-7-0
    20 Early 30s w/ 30 fights, beat good BRZ noobs, 11-4 Bellator including 2 title wins and 3 defenses, finished some elite opps. Destroyed noob in return to BRZ after 2-year gap, then impressive head-kick KO of T3.5 in FAC Looking for a Fight
  107. 106

    Zviad Lazishvili
    Zviad Lazishvili
    20<-25 Gave up on wrestling after early TDs stuffed, decent striking technique but lacks range and speed
  108. 107

    Mana "Manaboi" Martinez
    Mana Martinez
    "Manaboi"  |  9-3-0
    20-<-15<-8<1.5 Mid 20s, lots of striking background and incredible power for 135, mixes well to body, KOed lots of prospects on US regional including future UFC, defended Fury title 3 times including 30-sec KO of great opp for UFC shot. Tough split DEC W over vet in debut, dominated for R1/2 by T40 Lawrence, knocked down and taken down repeatedly, showed great heart to get own knockdowns in R3 but couldn't quite get finish and lost DEC.
  109. 108

    Ray "The Judge" Rodriguez
    Ray Rodriguez
    "The Judge"  |  16-8-0
  110. 109

    Danny "The King" Kingad
    Danny Kingad
    "The King"  |  14-3-0
    20<-30 Mid 20s and w/ ONE most of career, Sanda/striker who racks up points on feet to win DEC, ground out for DEC L by T25 wrestler
  111. 110

    Kevin Natividad
    Kevin Natividad
    "Quicksand"  |  9-3-0
  112. 111

    Domingo "Son Of Fire" Pilarte
    Domingo Pilarte
    "Son Of Fire"  |  8-3-0, 1 NC
  113. 112

    Erik "Goyito" Perez
    Erik Perez
    "Goyito"  |  20-8-0
  114. 113

    Justin Wetzell
    Justin Wetzell
  115. 114

    Yuya "Little Piranha" Wakamatsu
    Yuya Wakamatsu
    "Little Piranha"  |  15-5-0
    15<- -30<-20 Late 20s, striking background, fast hands with powerful right but preferred to spam TDs and control from side, nice grounded knees and elbows, great cardio to win DEC vs good prospect and go 5-2 for ONE. 2ND Couldn't find range of T80 Moraes, switched to TDs again in R2+3 but got caught in guillotine and subbed to break 5W streak.
  116. 115

    Jakub "Masa" Wikłacz
    Jakub Wikłacz
    "Masa"  |  13-3-1
  117. 116

    Vince "The Anomaly" Cachero
    Vince Cachero
    "The Anomaly"  |  7-4-0
  118. 117

    Marcelo "Pitbull" Rojo
    Marcelo Rojo
    "Pitbull"  |  16-8-0
    15 Early 30s, tons of finishes of good opps for Combate, mostly R1. 2 really tough youngsters to start UFC career and got KOed R3 then armbarred R3 by T65. Well rounded but not elite anywhere, aggressive and ultra tough
  119. 118

    Reece "Lightning" McLaren
    Reece McLaren
    "Lightning"  |  15-8-0
    15+<-20 Early 30s, great SUBs esp RNC, was Eternal champ, 7-5 ONE vs tough comp, L in title shot. 2ND Throwing powerful but wild hooks, got knocked down by powerful T7 but recovered, eventually got TD and quickly took back then neck for R1 RNC, 8-5 ONE
  120. 119

    Marco "Psycho" Beltran
    Marco Beltran
    "Psycho"  |  17-7-0
  121. 120

    Irwin "The Beast" Rivera
    Irwin Rivera
    "The Beast"  |  11-6-0
    15+ Early 30s, lots of KOs vs good regionals including defense of Titan title vs Sabatello, 1-2 UFC then cut after murder charge. Got cleared then R2 KO of decent regional w/ body kick in EFC debut
  122. 121

    Cristian "Problema" Quiñonez
    Cristian Quiñonez
    "Problema"  |  16-3-0
    15<- -9 Super quick strikes at range but not much power unless he really wound up
  123. 122

    Jean Matsumoto
    Jean Matsumoto
    15<-9.5<-7.5 9-0, 6 finishes of noobs then 3 straight DEC including good noob and prospect to win SFT title 2ND SUB of T1 gatekeeper to win local title, moves to 10-0
  124. 123

    Muin "Tajik" Gafurov
    Muin Gafurov
    "Tajik"  |  17-4-0
    15<-7.5<-15<-10 Mid 20s, tons of finishes of noobs in Tajik, 3-3 in ONE against good comp, DEC W in ACB cameo, lost close DEC in huge DWCS upset to surging regional. 2ND Barely missed weight, winging big overhand rights immediately in LFA debut vs T25 Sousa, got pushed against fence but hard elbows to side of head and great high-crotch control to force scrambles/prevent ground control, KD w/ overhand late R1 and took back, landed good ground strikes from short range. More great TDD R2, KD faceplant w/ another right and 3 perfect GnP right to chin for finish
  125. 124

    Gurdarshan "St. Lion" Mangat
    Gurdarshan Mangat
    "St. Lion"  |  17-3-0
    15++ Mid 30s, lots of RNC and KOs in regionals but L in Brave title shot, 2-1 ONE start then 1.5 years off w/ injury, returned to outstrike solid regional for DEC W 2ND Used wrestling to control T.5 Fairtex for 2+ rounds, lots of back control, landed short shots and tried to open RNC but couldn't get arm under, got rocked R3 by heavy punches but held on for split W, 4-1 ONE
  126. 125

    Daniel "Jubileu" Oliveira
    Daniel Oliveira
    "Jubileu"  |  29-9-1
    15+<-25<-35 Mid 30s, tons of Ws in BRZ but mostly beating chaff w/ Ls to prospects, started 4-0 ACA incl title W and defense against great comp then mauled by top talents for 2 DEC Ls 2ND Good pressure on feet, taken down but good BJJ and scrambles to avoid damage and sometimes take top, heavy GnP late R3 switching btwn mount and back, close DEC W vs T7 wrestler to break skid, go 5-2 ACA
  127. 126

    Marcos Breno
    Marcos Breno
  128. 127

    Askar "Ak-47" Askar
    Askar Askar
    "Ak-47"  |  13-2-0
    15<- -10<-25 Late 20s, good ammy, strong wrestler who usually wins by DEC or GnP, was gonna short-notice for UFC but fell through, beat up by Wetzell, bounced back with close DEC over good prospect. 2ND DEC over experienced T4
  129. 128

    Johnny "Kid Kvenbo" Munoz Jr.
    Johnny Munoz Jr.
    "Kid Kvenbo"  |  11-2-0
    15<-20<-8 Late 20s, 3-0 ammy all finishes then 10-0 pro w/ 8 finishes all w/ KOTC incl BW title, DEC L @145 in UFC debut then R2 RNC of Simmons back at natural weight. 2ND Destroyed by uppercut from T40 Gravely while shooting TD, quick KO L to fall 1-2 UFC
  130. 129

    Jin Soo Son
    Jin Soo Son
  131. 130

    Ryan "Main Event" MacDonald
    Ryan MacDonald
    "Main Event"  |  11-2-0
  132. 131

    Cleverson "Carrilho" Silva
    Cleverson Silva
    "Carrilho"  |  16-6-0
    15-<-7.5<-5.5<-6 Great back takes/general grappling, nice kicks, endless cardio. 2ND fell to 5-3 ACA after close decision, threw good kicks and power punches but not enough volume until 3rd round, where he dominated with wrestling pressure and knees against fence, showed great gas tank again
  133. 132

    Anderson "Berinja" dos Santos
    Anderson dos Santos
    "Berinja"  |  23-9-0
    15++<-30 Mid 30s, tons of quality wins in BRZ, strong chokes and fast hands but usually loses against top-lvl, 1-3 UFC then DEC over noob in return to regionals 2ND R2 SUB of another noob, 2-0 since UFC
  134. 133

    Anthony "El Toro" Birchak
    Anthony Birchak
    "El Toro"  |  15-8-0
  135. 134

    Johnny "Pretinho" Eduardo
    Johnny Eduardo
    "Pretinho"  |  28-13-0
    15- Good muay thai but old and helpless on ground
  136. 135

    Fernando "Ben 10" Laurenço
    Fernando Laurenço
    "Ben 10"  |  15-3-0
    10+<-8.5<-7 Late 20s, big DEC streak over good opps. for SFT 2ND Goes to 9W streak and claims SFT title w/ 25-min DEC over T1
  137. 136

    Ary "AstroBoy" Farias
    Ary Farias
    "AstroBoy"  |  11-3-0
    10+<-15 BJJ master, bounce-back with sub of solid vet after upset KO at LFA
  138. 137

    Khaseyn Shaykhaev
    Khaseyn Shaykhaev
    10<-15<-10 Great wrestling and transitions but not enough damage, edged by veteran for first L, lost point for 2 blatant fence grabs
  139. 138

    Kevin Cordero
    Kevin Cordero
    10++-<- -1 Young with great athleticism and BJJ, upset triangle of Bandejas, made it to Combate final w/ DEC then KO but lost split DEC to Mlambo
  140. 139

    Luan Luiz Lacerda
    Luan Luiz Lacerda
    10<-9<-8 Late-20s, 9W streak w/ 8 by SUB, 6 diff types mostly chokes, against strong BRZ regionals and a future UFC, only loss to world-class BJJ in 2014. Won Shooto BRZ title 2ND Showed good jab vs dangerous striker and mostly avoided heavy hooks, single leg TDs somewhat ugly but ok w/ ending on bottom bec can threaten heel hook, used it to sweep then gorgeous back take w/ fluid leg hooks, quick RNC transition w/ strong grip for R2 SUB, 2-0 LFA and 10W streak
  141. 140

    Shamil Shakhbulatov
    Shamil Shakhbulatov
    10+<-15<-25 Competitive against everyone in long AC/A career, good sub defense and quality striking. 2ND landed some power shots, esp in R3, and tried armbars, tons of ninja/other front-headlock chokes, guillotines, and triangles, but mostly controlled on fence and ground by strong wrestler. Got late triangle SUB of T15 due to questionable tap
  142. 141

    Dominique "Black Panther" Wooding
    Dominique Wooding
    "Black Panther"  |  9-4-0
    10<-9<-3.5 Calm and calculated, deadly striker with varied attack. Consistently uses correct technique to build back to feet and defend takedowns, then took advantage of Fletcher being tired. 2ND insane flying knee into pounding to defend title in less than 40 sec
  143. 142

    Mo "Mo Show" Miller
    Mo Miller
    "Mo Show"  |  7-1-0
    10+<-15<-8 Late 20s, dominant wrestler but content to stay in guard/half-guard and land weak shots. 2ND: Caught in triangle for 1st L 3RD Easy R1 GnP of decent noob to bounce back
  144. 143

    Nikita Mikhailov
    Nikita Mikhailov
    10<-20<-15<-10 Early 20s, got surprised by aggressive vet in first round of Bellator debut after dominating Russian scene but came back with great movement and good strike selection to win DEC, has win over int-lvl prospect and lower lvl. 2ND Repeated TDs of T.5 vet, stunned him very early but ground on him for 2 rounds, landed another big shot in R3 and finished w/ heavy GnP 3RD Short-notice vs T50 Barzola, showed creative striking and a few good reversals but mostly smothered w/ wrestling to go 2-1 Bellator
  145. 144

    Igor "Golden Tiger" Zhirkov
    Igor Zhirkov
    "Golden Tiger"  |  13-5-0
    10+<- -15 Late 20s, most Ws by DEC, fell to 2-2 ACA after "tapping" while giving dumb thumbs up, had mostly controlled T10 w/ grappling but ate some big shots on feet, lots of cage grinding. 2ND Fast boxing from outside, ate some kicks but avoided power punches from T1.5 opp, great reversal of quality TD and good TDD later, strong guard posture for GnP leverage, threatened w/ huge range of tight subs but composed/smooth escapes, DEC W to go 3-2 ACA
  146. 145

    Aoriqileng "Mongolian Murderer"
    "Mongolian Murderer"  |  23-11-0
    10 Late 20s w/ lots of exp, some bad Ls but was on 6W streak vs China regionals, war on short notice @125 vs Molina then DEC L to Durden where he probably did more damage. All-action, hyper aggressive and goes for kill even if he eats shots on the way. 2ND Moved up to 135 vs overrated T15 Else, early TD and progressed quickly on ground to take back, dropped tons of heavy GnP, late stoppage, 1-2 UFC
  147. 146

    Keith "The Rockstar" Richardson
    Keith Richardson
    "The Rockstar"  |  22-11-0
    10<- -1 Late 30s, grappler with good chokes, tons of elite opps. on US regionals but usually loses, has beaten solid prospects. 2ND R1 reverse triangle of journeyman, back to natural 135 3RD R2 RNC of T35 Azure to go to 4W streak all by finish, seems to be late bloomer
  148. 147

    Fernie Garcia
    Fernie Garcia
    10<-15<-6<-4.5 Early 30s, good DEC Ws for LFA, fast hands and throws long, technical combos. Showed big power in right hand for R1 KO of ok prospect in DWCS 2ND Kept at range by kicks from T30 Newson and taken down easily, showed boxing w/ couple tight combos and big punches but very 1-dimensional, DEC L to go 0-1 UFC
  149. 148

    "Young Savage" JP Buys
    JP Buys
    "Young Savage"  |  9-5-0
  150. 149

    Matheus "Adamas" Mattos
    Matheus Mattos
    "Adamas"  |  13-2-1
  151. 150

    Tomáš Deák
    Tomáš Deák
    22-11-1, 1 NC
    10<- 4<-1.5 Early 30s w/ lots of exp, inconsistent record due to 6-8 career start but lots of good Ws including 1-1 ACA, great cardio/toughness and decent BJJ but not very strong. 2ND Feints on feet to start then tight high-elbow guillotine on T15 Chech wrestling prospect, controlled opps leg to prevent him from turning out of it
  152. 151

    Yuki Motoya
    Yuki Motoya
    30-10-0, 1 NC
    10-++<- - 7.5 Early 30s w/ tons of exp, insane variety of chokes/SUBs but can't string together streak because top talents take him out. Most recent: DEC W over T2 veteran, RIZIN high-lvl gatekeeper 2ND Body-lock TDs in every round vs T3.5 vet, smothering control and short GnP from top for DEC W
  153. 152

    Luke "The Apocalypse" Shanks
    Luke Shanks
    "The Apocalypse"  |  10-3-0
    10+<-7.5<-9.5<-8 Late 20s, missed weight, powerful counters but struggled with range, left neck out for guillotine on TD for R3 L in title shot 2ND missed weight again but huge 1st-rnd KO over Creasey in rematch, should be champ if he could get weight right 3RD Moved 125->135 after weight struggles but small for BW, heavy punches vs T1 gatekeeper, good sub D and top control, took positions well in scramble, snuck in arm while taking back for R1 RNC
  154. 153

    Herbeth Sousa
    Herbeth Sousa
    "Índio"  |  15-2-0
    10<-25 Late 20s, tons of R1 chokes w/ deadly gilly, went 10-0 @125 then DEC L to regional for JF title, rebounded w/ 2 R1 SUBS for Future including title then DEC vs strong RUS prospect for CFFC title. 2+ year layoff before LFA debut, good TD entries vs T7.5 but couldn't maintain control, ate some elbows to side of head, KDed by big right to end R1 then KOed by same punch in R2 for 2nd L of career
  155. 154

    Murad Kalamov
    Murad Kalamov
    10+-<- - -15 Mid 20s, whole career w/ ACB/A, lots of Ws over great opps, classic Caucus wrestler, mostly DEC w/ some chokes and a twister! 2ND Choked out on first TD attempt w/ high-elbow guillotine by veteran T4, huge upset L 3RD rebound using wrestling to control T10 Praia and win DEC 4TH relatively even in clinch but controlled on ground all 3 rnds by T15 Musakaev for DEC L, creative rolling TD+back take in R2 but lost out in scramble
  156. 155

    Jornel "A1" Lugo
    Jornel Lugo
    "A1"  |  8-1-0
    10<-20<-15 Mid 20s, good ammy and 8-0 pro including 5-0 Bellator, mostly DEC against promising noobs. Cerebral and calculated, good movement around outside, switches stances and pumps jabs from both sides, great head movement/elusiveness, snappy left kick. Picked apart T6.5 gatekeeper for biggest W so far 2ND Taken down repeatedly and dominated on ground by T40 Sabatello, beaten up w/ elbows and no offense, scramble attempts but couldn't get space
  157. 156

    Guido "Ninja" Cannetti
    Guido Cannetti
    "Ninja"  |  9-6-0
    10+<-20 Early 40s, moves to 3-5 UFC after aggressive standing TKO of T2 Moutinho, nasty leg kicks and good knees to body, early-prelims gatekeeper.
  158. 157

    Kenta Takizawa
    Kenta Takizawa
    10<-15<- -10 Late 20s, lots of good wins for Pancrase then RIZIN but never able to put together long streak, inconsistent record from fighting elite talent and becoming gatekeeper
  159. 158

    Pavel Vitruk
    Pavel Vitruk
    10+-<-15 Strong striker but controlled by elite wrestler
  160. 159

    Aaron "The Dragon" Phillips
    Aaron Phillips
    "The Dragon"  |  12-4-0
  161. 160

    Mark "The Bumblebee" De La Rosa
    Mark De La Rosa
    "The Bumblebee"  |  11-5-0
  162. 161

    Felipe "Felipinho" Bunes
    Felipe Bunes
    "Felipinho"  |  11-6-0
    10<-15<-10 Early 30s, dominated BRZ then flying triangle armbar in ACB debut, lost 3 straight DEC then another triangle armbar. Insanely creative BJJ, willing to play guard. Choked out by T80 Formiga in LFA debut, moved up to 135 after career @125
  163. 162

    Jesse "Big Cat" Arnett
    Jesse Arnett
    "Big Cat"  |  19-8-0
    10-+ Late 30s, great grappler w/ tons of chokes vs good opps in Canada but beaten relatively easily by two straight elite wrestlers. 2ND DEC W vs undef T6 Dagi to go 2-1, showed good wrestling but prior Ls show he's not elite there
  164. 163

    Hunter Azure
    Hunter Azure
    10<-35<-45 Early 30s, great ammy and started 6-0 on US regionals then DEC on DWCS. 2-2 UFC w/ both Ws by DEC and Ls to established talents but choked in R2 by T1 vet in return to regionals
  165. 164

    Rodrigo Praia
    Rodrigo Praia
    10<-15<-10<-15 Early 30s. did well in BRZ regionals, controlled and subbed quickly by top talent to fall 5-3 ACA. 2ND Controlled for most of fight by T10 wrestler, threatened some subs off back, falls 5-4 ACA vs tough comp
  166. 165

    Thomas "Thominhas" Almeida
    Thomas Almeida
    "Thominhas"  |  22-5-0
  167. 166

    Ryo Okada
    Ryo Okada
  168. 167

    Jamey "The Afro Samurai" Simmons
    Jamey Simmons
    "The Afro Samurai"  |  7-4-0
  169. 168

    Cal "Pacino" Ellenor
    Cal Ellenor
    "Pacino"  |  8-3-0
  170. 169

    Daniel "Soncora" Marcos
    Daniel Marcos
    "Soncora"  |  12-0-0
  171. 170

    Min Woo Kim
    Min Woo Kim
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