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  1. 1

    Charles "do Bronx" Oliveira
    Charles Oliveira
    "do Bronx"
    33-8-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 95

    1989 - Brazil

    JG - Caught by some big lefts and dropped a couple of times, can always rely on people not wanting to enter guard. Uppercut really powerful and lands repeatedly. Cross great. BJJ obviously insane, takes back and unstoppable from there. Now has toughness and heart to come back in wars.
  2. 2

    Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje
    Justin Gaethje
    "The Highlight"
    OVR - 92

    1988 - USA

    CO - Big power in hooks. Not so worried about defence, dropped opponent a couple of times but didn't engage in guard. Dropped by cross, fought out of a decent back take but out transitioned and choked by goat at that.
  3. 3

    Islam Makhachev
    Islam Makhachev
    OVR - 91

    1991 - Russia

    BG - Relentless against cage, struggles to corral initially but eventually drops to double and gets TD and flattens out, uses threat of kimura to get mount, turns on back and flattens, finishes with GNP. Easy finish of good fighter.

    Top Pressure - 10
  4. 4

    Rafael dos Anjos
    Rafael dos Anjos
    OVR - 87

    1984 - Brazil

    Good tight boxing, good level changes and incredibly tight top control if can get there. Very good workrate and cardio.

    RM - Strong level change on DL. Good top pressure on BB. Steady work. R1 10-9 Tidy boxing into level changes. Good at securing TP once takes down. More good TP without giving opp routes out. R2 10-9 More pressure, HK really hurts, good GNP, can't quite finish opp very tough. Passing nice and tight. R3 10-8 Eating a few shots, goes double leg again. More tight top control, opp defending well. R4 10-9 Cruises a bit in 5th, opp starts catching at end, maybe because had got out of zone a bit. R5 9-10 (49-46)
  5. 5

    "Iron" Michael Chandler
    Michael Chandler
    OVR - 85

    1986 - USA

    TF - Wobbled a couple of times on feet, digging in and throwing winging bombs. Great double leg and looked safe in aggressive guard, reading subs and landing GNP. R1 9-10c Knocks opponent out with front kick to face.
  6. 6

    Mateusz "Gamer" Gamrot
    Mateusz Gamrot
    20-1-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 84

    CDF - Early pressure, throwing heavy kicks to head and body. Great low shot, but couldn't control good scramble. Low shot is excellent. Mainly throwing hands down the pipe, exchanging body kicks. Great blast double, still struggling to control CDF. Able to drive CDF back which some struggle with. Very good scrambling but slightly slower than CDF so unable to control still. Stuck at it, took back against cage and managed to injure rib with a knee for finish.

    Level change - 8
    Low shots - 8
    Scrambling - 7
    Accuracy - 6
    Cardio - 6
    Countering - 6
    Jab - 6
  7. 7

    Arman "Ahalkalakets" Tsarukyan
    Arman Tsarukyan
    OVR - 83

    1996 - Armenia

    JA - Gets down, able to stifle active guard. Good double under pass, opp retains guard. Little gnp, one really good elbow splits open. R1 10-9 Easy TD again, solid control from SC, dropping elbows, riding back when opp tries to get up and dropping GNP, stops opp doing that.
  8. 8

    Mateusz "Chińczyk" Rębecki
    Mateusz Rębecki
    OVR - 81

    1992 - Poland

    AO - Forward pressure, throwing bombs, a little off balance with some of the bigger hooks. Pretty strong pick up and double leg. Solid palm to paln grip when opponent is scrambling up. Good back control until switched off for poor armbar. R1 10-9 Reading well when opponent tries to open up and countering hard. Throws on clinch breaks. Good sprawl on deep double leg. Constant pressure and hard shots. Brings knee up if opponent shoots. Well timed double leg and knew when to disengage back. Ate one pretty flush high kick fine. R2 10-9 Really explosive with flying knee, really good sprawl. Throws overhand in fast behind jab. Happily walking through offence and throwing harder. Good hooks to body. R3 10-9 Offence still looks hard as **** in 4th, still has takedowns. Passing looks nice and tight, maintains upper body control. R4 10-9 Pretty hard leg kicks too. Still able to pick up and dump. Still throwing flying knees and huge punches. Doesn't even look all that tired at the end. Machine. R5 10-9 (50-45)
  9. 9

    Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson
    Tony Ferguson
    "El Cucuy"
    OVR - 78

    1984 - USA

    MC - Looked like old Tony standing, high forward pressure and odd timed powerful strikes, rocked opponent a couple of times. Taken down by good double, doesn't try to get back to feet, concentrates on looking for stuff off back, not really close to anything. R1 10-9c Badly knocked out by front kick to face.
  10. 10

    Roberto "Satoshi" de Souza
    Roberto de Souza
    OVR - 77

    1989 - Brazil

    YY - Very aggressive with wrestling/jits game, enters with overhand straight into TD and keeps hassling and mat returning, trying to advance position. Gets taken down but sweeps with triangle from massively aggressive and effective guard. More good top control, can't quite find opening. R1 10-9 More BJJ dominance in 2nd, controlling top position and excellent triangle/armbar combo when YY thinks he has a chance to get out, lovely transition.

    JC - Outstanding grappling transitions, great finish with triangle. Shots are a little rushed but as soon as he gets engaged in any grappling position he's very dangerous. Striking is a bit rushed, throws everything with power and doesn't look that responsible defensively.
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Bobby "King" Green
    Bobby Green
    "King"  |  29-13-1
    OVR - 73

    1986 - USA

    Hands low, quick, good at shoulder rolling. Hard to hit clean. Excellent head/torso movement, fires back counters off it. Baits people to throw. Able to keep high volume as throws at right times.

    NH - Jab working okay, throwing the odd 2 behind it, opp not really opening up. R1 10-9 Moving away easily from shots, moving off centre line and firing back. Volume good, landing at high percentage with straight shots between guard. R2 10-9 Same excellence round 3, keeps up volume. R3 10-9 (30-27)

    IM - valiant effort at staying up, good job controlling wrist but ultimately caught by level change and DL.Does best to survive on ground but opp top pressure unbelievable.

    Torso movement - 9
    Striking defence - 8
    Volume - 8
  13. 12

    Diego Ferreira
    Diego Ferreira
    OVR - 72

    MG - Couple of decent early kicks, varied them up in exchanges. Good scramble to get back up when taken down. Front leg kick decent. Scrambled up quickly again. Goes with volume when he goes. Lands more with straight shots than looping ones. Started more pressure and sprawl, insane scrambling using leg threats and rolling to avoid control. Started to get pressure on himself in R2, kneed in rib for injury finish.

    Scrambling up - 9
    Scrambling - 8
    Speed - 7
  14. 13

    Renato Moicano
    Renato Moicano
    OVR - 70

    1989 - Brazil

    Good BJJ, good counters, solid power and great killer instinct. Tough as **** and unbelievable heart. Struggles a little with tight top control.

    AH - Solid slipping and countering, throwing leg kicks, trying takedowns, sticks with even when not initially successful and gets one to stick after a couple of atts and mat return. Opp gets up using athleticism, using half hearted TD grabs to break up striking flows. R1 10-9 Countering well with UH and hooks, throws knees to body, presses forward hard, really unleashed on clinch break hurts and drops app, takes back and chokes.

    RDA - SNF - Struggling with well timed level change. Struggling to move against high level top control. R1 9-10 Struggling to deal with good boxing of opp. Being stifled on bottom. R2 9-10 Landing a few more jabs and uppercuts. Looking tired froom taking 5 round fight on SN, takes HK and eating GNP but survives somehow. Good guard retention. Tough as **** R3 8-10 Throwing nice tight shots to start round but taken down again. Hanging in there even though looks hopeless. R4 9-10 Taken down but uses BG to get opp off him, still trying. Actually starts throwing hard and coming on strong at EOR. R5 10-9 (45-49) Tight top control main problem.
  15. 14

    Yusuf "Wolf" Raisov
    Yusuf Raisov
    "Wolf"  |  19-2-0
    OVR - 67

    1995 - Russia

    HD - Working well with lead hand, finding opp with jab and hooks. Handspeed looking good when opens up. Wobbles opp when steps onto jab when really hurts with cross. Opp defends with leg entry then OP. Defends and starts dropping GNP and settles top side. R1 10-9 Opp chases hard for TD and gets, tries gilly but not close. Good peek out, turn round and DL to get on top. Super fast and hard 1-2, ends up in arm triangle off scramble but able to get out onto SL, opp takes half back and turns on top. Playing FG, able to force back up. R2 9-10c Pushes in with punches and drags off cage for TD. Has big adv on feet so not sure why. Settles top half and decides to put a control round in the books. R3 10-9 Winning fence clinch battles. Stays connected too long and gets tripped. Switch but switched back. Stuck bottom half but not allowing pass., eats a bit of GNP but nothing wild, should be doing better keeping contact though, doesn't look good. R4 9-10 Sits behind straight shots again, doing okay but decides to shoot and gets sprawled on, ends up getting trip against cage. Opp back up, jam and eventually gets another one. Defends leg entry to turn and pass. R5 10-9 (48-47)
  16. 15

    Joel "El Fenomeno" Alvarez
    Joel Alvarez
    "El Fenomeno"  |  19-3-0
    OVR - 66

    1993 - Spain

    AT - Taken down, trying to be active in guard but opp staying low and heavy. Passed with DU pass but good guard retention. Split open by one good elbow. R1 9-10 Taken down pretty easily, blood going into eyes. Eating GNP, trying to get back up but being ridden. Stopped.
  17. 16

    Olivier "The Canadian Gangster" Aubin-Mercier
    Olivier Aubin-Mercier
    "The Canadian Gangster"  |  14-5-0
    OVR - 66

    1989 - Canada

    NS - Couple of good body kicks hurt opponent. Fighting pretty well off back foot early. Jab and work to body helping. Good balance in clinch. Shots down the middle looking sharp. R1 10-9 Much the same in 2nd but landing a little less and getting landed on a little more. R2 10-9c Starting to struggle with pressure, can't hurt opponent with iron chin. Overwhelmed a bit in clinch against cage towards end. R3 9-10 (29-28)
  18. 17

    Natan "Russo" Schulte
    Natan Schulte
    "Russo"  |  21-5-1
    OVR - 66

    1992 - Brazil

    OAM - Plodding forward, throwing straight shots and leg kicks. Hit with a hard body kick. Keeping pressure up even if having to walk through punces to do so. R1 9-10 Much the same 2nd but landing a bit more. Follows a bit, could cut cage off more effectively. R2 9-10c Lovely roll through to avoid takedown. Keeping pressure and landing leg kicks, iron chin when landed on. Good knees to body in clinch against cage. Would likely have won clearly over 5. R3 10-9 (28-29)
  19. 18

    Hacran "Barnabe" Dias
    Hacran Dias
    "Barnabe"  |  26-8-1
    OVR - 65

    1984 - Brazil

    YR - Having early trouble with handspeed but staying composed and trying to pick counters. Wobbled stepping onto jab then put down with cross. Goes leg entry to defends, switches to OP. Opp passes. R1 9-10 Pushes forward wild to try and engage in clinch, shoots but into gilly, defends fine. Opp peak round and DL to put on bottom. Really struggling on feet, but manages to scramble into AT att, then againt into half back, uses to turn on top. R2 10-9c Opp pushes in and drags off cage. Great sweep att almost gets back, ends bottom half. A bit stuck as opp decides to hold for points. R3 9-10 Good trip off fence clinch battle and gets on top, double switch to stay on top. Settles top half. Opens up with a bit of GNP for good finish to round. R4 10-9 Sprawls on TD well, ends up tripped against cage, attacks triangle but opp defends well but gets space to get up. jammed and tripped again, tries leg entry but passed, still going for stuff. R5 9-10 (47-48)
  20. 19

    Grant "KGD" Dawson
    Grant Dawson
    "KGD"  |  18-1-1
    OVR - 65

    1994 - USA

    JG - Pretty relentless with takedown attempts, even though screws up first trip, not dissauded, keeps going for them and gets and secures back with body triangle. Comfortably controlled back and chipped away. R1 10-9 Really excellent at back takes. Able to hang on when opponent postures up to shake off. Stays connected well when opponent gets up.Ducking away a bit from pressure in striking. R2 10-9 Gas tank seems to be fading a little, shots a little more laboured but wrestling through fatigue. Manages one more back take and gets choke.
  21. 20

    Drakkar Klose
    Drakkar Klose
    OVR - 65

    1988 - USA

    DK - Putting on good pressure, good trips from behind. Holding and hitting opponent well and landing at will but opponents striking defence is absolutely terrible. Got through a lot of output and seemed okay

    R1 10-8 R2 W
  22. 21

    Marian "Golden Boy" Ziółkowski
    Marian Ziółkowski
    "Golden Boy"  |  24-8-1, 1 NC
    OVR - 64

    BM - Nice and loose, patient against fence, takes time to break off. Fast and snappy hands. Jab working pretty well, really fast in combos when decides to unleash, needs to avoid clinch a bit better R1 10-9 Sometimes a little prone to moving back in straigh lines. Hands nice again, gives away TD when lets back get too close to fence again, a bit stuck in HG but doing a good job not taking damage, choosing to defend/hold pos rather than scramble up. R2 9-10 Opp doesnt try to grapple as much 3rd and able to keep him on the end of long punches for most of the round, not really hurting opp when lands. R3 10-9 Likes double hjab then right straight to body, messes up range and gets double legged, chooses to scramble to cage to get up. Risking giving back. Picking apart at range on feet. R4 10-9 Spends 5th on bike circling off more and chipping away and it works well for him. R5 10-9 (49-46)

    Jab - 8
    Boxing - 7
  23. 22

    "Cassius" Clay Collard
    Clay Collard
    "Cassius"  |  21-9-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 63

    1993 - USA

    JS - Throwing with chin too open against dangerous opponent. Body work looks pretty good, hands fast. Chin holding up okay to some solid shots. Hooks nice and tight when throws them in combos. Good knees to body and good output. R1 10-9c Chin standing up to some massive shots, putting a great pace on. Good doub le leg when slightly hurt. Nice takedown when turned out of back. R2 10-9 Having issues with leg kicks a bit. Slowing down a bit and letting opponent get more pressure on. Trying silly **** like capoeira kicks at a silly point in the fight. Puts an insane pace on early but did slow a little to more of a normal person speed. R3 9-10 (29-28)
  24. 23

    Amirkhan "Predator" Adaev
    Amirkhan Adaev
    "Predator"  |  19-4-0
    OVR - 62

    1990 - Russia

    Great kick variety, hard to read.

    DS - Good early sidekicks to body and legs. Big pull back cross when opp gets too close drops opp, defends legs fine when opp enters. Likes to kick **** out of legs if opp stays on back. Good timing on shots. Nice SBK. Throws SS very fast. R1 10-9 Gets hit with a decent 1-2 but eats fine. Getting steady fwd pressure and feitning on. More accurate than opp when both throw. Hard to read what kick is going to throw. Enjoys own work a bit much sometomes. Ends up on back after one spin too many. Trying not to give back on get up, ends up in gilly but seems okay with it. R2 10-9c Tends to feint a bit and then go with purpose when he goes. Allowed entry and ended up on bottom, should have seen that one. Starts elbowing the **** out of opp from guard, blood everywhere. Not really trying to get up, content to try and put a hole in opps head. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  25. 24

    Drew Dober
    Drew Dober
    24-11-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 59

    1988 - USA

    TM - Struggling to deal with crazy fast start of opp. Hurt by knee down the middle twice, surviving GNP and hanging in there. Survives onslaught, hits opp with big knee to body and finishes with GNP.
  26. 25

    "Smooth" Benson Henderson
    Benson Henderson
    "Smooth"  |  29-11-0
    OVR - 57

    IM - landing a couple of leg kicks moving around on outside. Manages to ride TD att to end briefly on top, drops for gilly at a bit of a bad angle but comes closer to getting it than I thought he would initially. Opp eventually pops head out, gives back trying to get up but not much time left. R1 10-9 Nice roll through off TD attempt, but dropped for gilly again and not close this time, loses back, RNC close but works way out beating hips. Rolling for kneebars and leg entries when weight sagged forward. Close to being RNC'd standing but survive, sub defence very good. R2 9-10 Using leg kicks well again like he used to. Managing to press opp back. Gets pinned down and taken down, stalling with double UH to try and slow progress. Roll through but should probably have tried to get up, opp not doing any damage on top really. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  27. 26

    Claudio "El Niño" Puelles
    Claudio Puelles
    "El Niño"  |  12-2-0
    OVR - 57

    1996 - Peru

    CG - Tries to engage in guillotine in grappling and gives opp leg, tricky on bottom, switching from oma plata to triangle to armbar. Lovely entry into kneebar to get another sub when snaps on immediately GOAT at kneebars. Very dangerous and active off back.
  28. 27

    Jared "Flash" Gordon
    Jared Gordon
    "Flash"  |  18-5-0
    OVR - 56

    JG - Good early takedown defence and good attempt at guillotine to punish, opponent relentless though and loses back. Unable to escape body triangle. R1 9-10 Quite crowding style with punches but gets too close and taken down here. Loses back, not close to being subbed. Plenty of gas when back up. R3 9-10 Not tired at all and keeping coming with forward pressure and output, has to get a bit too close with top wrestlers. Happy to walk through shots to land own stuff. Taken down again, loses back and choked.
  29. 28

    Jeremy "Lil' Heathen" Stephens
    Jeremy Stephens
    "Lil' Heathen"  |  28-20-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 56

    1986 - USA

    CC - Leg kicks then following up with overhands, looks dangerous. Covering up against fast combos well, being hit a bit to the body. Having a bit of an issue with the output of opponent. Does a good job throwing hard to back opponent up when under fire. R1 9-10c Slowing down but punches still dangerous as ****. Up quickly when taken down. Struggling with handspeed of opponent. R2 9-10 Managing to turn around and come forward a bit more, cardio holding up. Still throwing insanely hard in extremely high paced affair. R3 10-9 (28-29)
  30. 29

    Ismael "Marreta" Bonfim
    Ismael Bonfim
    "Marreta"  |  17-3-0
    OVR - 55

    1995 - Brazil

    Nice boxing, uses knees up middle. Quick to break clinches before takedowns get going. Good upper body strength. Very measured. TDD looks good.

    AA - Easily defends bad shot. Able to drive opp back early, boxing looks pretty good, doing good job maintaining sep. Timing opp well coming in. Patient and accurate. Breaking clinches well. TDD on point. R1 10-9 Maintaining range really well. Risky gilly jump puts on bottom. Turtle and up again okay. Does get a bit stuck against cage for a while but not taken down. R2 10-9 Defended very deep entry well. When does get taken down immediately scrambles up. Performing well, making good fighter look average. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  31. 30

    Mark "The Olympian" Madsen
    Mark Madsen
    "The Olympian"  |  12-0-0
    OVR - 55

    1984 - Denmark

    VP - Looked more comfortable on feet early. Landing leg kicks well and has some pop on right cross. Hittable up the middle if opponent doesn't load up and defence falls apart a bit as gets tired later in fight. Wrestling obviously good but struggled to hold down initially, opponent able to turtle and create space with scrambles and sub attempts. Once actually settles on top very heavy and hard to move, good at dragging down from behind. Actually got taken down in 2nd, wrestling maybe not as good at leg level.

    R1 10-9 R2 9-10 R3 10-9 (29-28)
  32. 31

    Jalin "The Tarantula" Turner
    Jalin Turner
    "The Tarantula"  |  12-5-0
    OVR - 53

    1995 - USA

    Really nice power on shots which come straight and accurately, not one shot KO but hurts. Good killer instinct. Very hard to deal with coming forward.

    JM - Crisp long punches and knees with power on them, steps in with them well, gets countered when throws too loose. Using great frames on neck against cage, using length well there. Varyint up target well. Taken down when maybe seemed to lose focus, got back to FG and didn't take damage but cost 2 pt rd. R1 10-9 Body kicks difficult to deal with coming forward. Cross and puts tough opp away with GNP. Perfect apart from conceding TD.
  33. 32

    Mehdi Dakaev
    Mehdi Dakaev
    OVR - 52

    Counters leg kicks well with hooks. Steady pressure and feinting. Changes up speed well to attack with quick combos after slow periods. Moves away from punches well. Covers good distance with entry to double leg. Hard right hook, so keen to finish he got his man with a diving superman punch!

    Tempo change - 8
    Power - 7
    Counters - 6
    Feinting - 6
  34. 33

    Vinc "From Hell" Pichel
    Vinc Pichel
    "From Hell"  |  14-3-0
    OVR - 52

    1982 - USA

    MOM - Ate too many leg kicks early, firing own ones back pretty well. Good when doesn't try to throw too hard and fires with volume up the middle. Made own double legs against cage work at points, tricky from bottom at times, turtling to get up, found calf slicer attempt. Good at hand control to seperate clinch. Did struggle when got flattened but against Olympic wrestler top pressure.

    R1 9-10 R2 10-9 R3 9-10 (28-29)
  35. 34

    Nasrat Haqparast
    Nasrat Haqparast
    OVR - 51

    1995 - Afghanistan

    BG - Hesitant to open up, not taking a lot of damage but losing slightly on activity to jabs. Struggling to find position to be comfortable to throw. R1 9-10 Headhunting a little bit against a guy whos hard to hit clean. Trying to throw more with opp towards EOR. R2 9-10 Tough, keeps coming forward but same stuff. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  36. 35

    Nick "Nyquil" Browne
    Nick Browne
    "Nyquil"  |  13-1-0
    OVR - 50

    1990 - USA

    MN - Pushing forward getting in opps face and getting into clinches against cage. Continuing to push but having difficulty getting down and gets dropped by cross counter. Calm when defending decent anaconda attempt. R1 9-10 Takedown attempts are more hard graft than explosive. Couple of big right hands, straight on with GNP an gets finish.
  37. 36

    Islam Mamedov
    Islam Mamedov
    OVR - 50

    Good grappling once engaged but might struggle to engage on high level guys.

    BH - Throwing the odd body kick, not managing to take opp down as easily as usual, remains calm working way out of pretty tight gilly but in it a while, takes back when escapes but not much time to do much with it. R1 9-10 Takes advantage of opp dropping for gilly to get offensive grappling going, close with RNC and rides back prettt well. Good control of back standing, attacking RNC from standing. R2 10-9 Getting hit with LK's and struggling to pin opp down where he wants him to make connection. Eventually does and manages to get TD. Battling to hold position and landing small GNP not much damage. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  38. 37

    Pavel Gordeev
    Pavel Gordeev
    19-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 48

    MK - Decent early feints, better when pushes forward. Good flying knee, worked back up and off cage well. Tries to time knees on entry, good TDD, manages to move to top position during some takedowns. Held position but no dmg on top. Got own TD's on wrestler. Debateable decision.

    TD - 6
    TDD - 6
  39. 38

    Alexander "The Great" Hernandez
    Alexander Hernandez
    "The Great"  |  13-5-0
    OVR - 48

    1992 - USA

    RM - Solid TDD, opp keeps trying and stringing them together, one good get up but eventually concedes BP, gets up using ahtletiicism. Decent pressure and leg kicks. R1 9-10 Getting countered a lot, got dropped, couldn't get off hook, back taken and choked.
  40. 39

    Anthony "Showtime" Pettis
    Anthony Pettis
    "Showtime"  |  25-12-0
    OVR - 48

    1987 - USA

    MP - Gifted top position, didn't do too much from guard, rushed back take and ended up on bottom but immediately got triangle. Better on bottom than top.
  41. 40

    Felipe "Buakaw" Douglas
    Felipe Douglas
    "Buakaw"  |  20-5-0
    OVR - 47

    1992 - Brazil

    AS - Looking to use leg kicks and overhand to pile into clinch against cage, showing decent body lock trips and reasonable top control, although not getting too much damage done R1 10-9 Keeping constant forward pressure. Causing an issue with hard leg kicks. Landing decent tight hooks too and jamming and tripping opponent whenever tries to counter. R2 10-9 Just constantly in your face like creeping death. R3 10-9 Upping intensity of strikes and GNP, keeps smashing opponent against the cage to get out of there.
  42. 41

    Mukhamed Kokov
    Mukhamed Kokov
    OVR - 47

    PG - Hopped in and out, little hooks. Looks to drop for legs against cage. Crotch sniffing style of wrestling. Own TDD not great and has a tendency to get stuck on back when ends up there but usually instigating wrestling attacks. Very sticky and v good cardio

    Cardio - 7
    Stickiness - 7
    Chin - 6
    TDD - 4
  43. 42

    Jim "A-10" Miller
    Jim Miller
    "A-10"  |  34-16-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 47

    1983 - USA

    NM - Inside leg kick working really well, getting countered sometimes coming in but generally being relatively successful with little blitzes, pressing against cage but not close to TD. R1 10-9 Continued with inside leg kick, found big right hook, swarmed with aggressive GNP for finish.
  44. 43

    Shinya "Tobikan Judan" Aoki
    Shinya Aoki
    "Tobikan Judan"  |  47-10-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 46

    1983 - Japan

    Great front runner, tends to fold completely if things start to go against him.

    YA - Goes single, gets half trip, gets one hook in standing. Crawls up and backpacks. Working for choke, in pretty tight but opp pulls hand down. Keeps BP with BT working some little shots, goes for crank. R1 10-9 Getting hit with straight shots and uppercuts, just reaching for opp without defending face. Eats more shots and knees and gets finished.
  45. 44

    Shane "Shaolin" Campbell
    Shane Campbell
    "Shaolin"  |  20-8-0
    OVR - 46

    1988 - Canada

    HG - Working with opp coming into very close range, got TD due to range once he got his bearings with it. Little bit of GNP in CG before letting HG up a bit and moving to back. Separates and lands decent straight shots and a HK without too much power, pretty accurate. R1 10-9. Holds off attempt to jam and hip toss of the cage and floats over on top. Takes back and starts flattening out. Plenty of strikes but ref doesn't stop it, tries RNC, back to GNP and ref eventually steps in.

    KP - Bringing kick up quickly behind punches. Leg kicks nice. Decent movement to keep range he wants. Stronger in clinch, using foot stomps. R1 10-9 Nice little trip sweep, moves towards back, same deal on feet. Good balance on single. R2 10-9 Still a step ahead in 3rd R3 10-9 (30-27)
  46. 45

    Terrance "T.Wrecks" McKinney
    Terrance McKinney
    "T.Wrecks"  |  12-4-0
    OVR - 46

    1994 - USA

    FZ - TD off bad punch powered through to make it work. Chipping away in HG, fast scrambling, one back take a bit sloppy but manages to use speed to get back on top, got RNC with slightly off angle. Strong and athletic.

    Absolutely wild kill or be killed fighter, hits like a truck, very explosive but tends to throw all energy out there early.

    DD - Big explosive knees down the middle, crazy fast start, trying to GNP. Really wild, hurting opp multiple times and wrestling well. Chipping away in guard a bit. Slowing down, caught with knee to body and finished with GNP.
  47. 46

    Loik "Jaguar Paw" Radzhabov
    Loik Radzhabov
    "Jaguar Paw"  |  16-4-1
    OVR - 45

    ZZ - Jams up against cage, gets BL and throws. Clings to back standing throwing little knees. Has to roll to avoid kim att. Takes advantage of sloppy TD att from opp to finish with ninja choke.

    Strength - 9
  48. 47

    Sam "The Future" Patterson
    Sam Patterson
    "The Future"  |  9-1-1
    OVR - 44

    1996 - England

    Extremely tall works well behind jab, good at keeping range. Good tempo of strikes, lovely uppercuts. Accurate punches, hard to deal with.

    KPO -Working nicely behind jabs, mixing with crosses and leg kicks. Feinting well and switching stances, being hard to read. Managing range well, opp can't get inside. R1 10-9 Uses gilly when opp tries to TD against cage. Catches opp with nice uppercut when shoots in and drops. Bounces up from TD and methodically seperates against cage. Has nice scoopy uppercut he uses. Volume level really good, goes at sensible times without burning out. Flurry of accurate shots, picks opp apart, keeps hurting and gets standing TKO.
  49. 48

    Daud Shaikhaev
    Daud Shaikhaev
    OVR - 43

    1994 - Russia

    AP -Putting fwd press on, landing decent LKs and OHs. Good early output and constant walking down. Allowed entry but lovely hip throw to get on top. Strong mat return and back take. Attacking choke. BP when opp stands up. R1 10-9 Pressure good again, peels opp off when gets contact well. Briefly taken down but pops straight back up and peel sopp of back. Stuffing head well on shots. Good level change double. R2 10-9 Bit more gritty grappling in 3rd, eventually BLTD and BT on back. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  50. 49

    Clay "The Carpenter" Guida
    Clay Guida
    "The Carpenter"  |  37-22-0
    OVR - 41

    1981 - USA

    CP - Usual low stance and forward pressure, looking for any chance to grab a leg. Having to work through tight sub attempts from tricky opponent. Gets kneebarred off excellent entry.
  51. 50

    Matt "Steamrolla" Frevola
    Matt Frevola
    "Steamrolla"  |  9-3-1
    OVR - 39

    GV - Drawn into firefight but has power so able to repeatedly hurt opponent, able to keep consistent level of offence up to make sure put opp away who kept coming back.

    Power - 7
  52. 51

    Kubanychbek "Omok" Abdisalam Uulu
    Kubanychbek Abdisalam Uulu
    "Omok"  |  18-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 38

    1994 - Kyrgyzstan

    CS -Catches and wobbles opp with OH, doesn't rush in. Pushing forward not really respecting opps offence, gets buzzed for doing so. Nice pick up and dump. Jumps back when opp tries to get up, very close RNC. Good doubles and good at taking back when opp scrambles up, good trip TD's, GNP from back, hits back of the head and opp takes easy way out.
  53. 52

    Don "Magic Man" Madge
    Don Madge
    "Magic Man"  |  10-4-1
    OVR - 38

    1990 - South Africa

    RM - Using leg kicks early, occasionally bringing up. Kicking to body pretty well. Quite low paced round. R1 10-9 Managing to use kicks to keep fight at his pace and keep range. Output not high but accuracy good. R2 10-9 Staying pretty solid until eats one massive right hand and gets finished.
  54. 53

    Johnny "Hollywood" Case
    Johnny Case
    "Hollywood"  |  27-8-1
    OVR - 37

    1989 - USA

    RSS - Not doing a lot, ends up in opponents guard,disengaged okay the first time but didn't show enough urgency to avoid grappling and ultimately got put in a nice triangle.
  55. 54

    Nikolas "Iron" Motta
    Nikolas Motta
    "Iron"  |  12-4-0
    OVR - 37

    1993 - Brazil

    JM - Having trouble with inside leg kick, having some success countering as opp comes in, TDD looks fine. R1 9-10 Still having trouble with leg kicks, can't deal with big hook when it comes in, tries best to survive but finished.
  56. 55

    Raush "Cavalo de Guerra" Manfio
    Raush Manfio
    "Cavalo de Guerra"  |  16-3-0
    OVR - 36

    1991 - Brazil

    DM - Steady trying to come forward behind jab. Eating too many leg kicks and not really putting much out there, struggling to get past legs. R1 9-10 Getting drawn into point fighting and not very good at it. Not getting pressure on and unable to get into range. R2 9-10 Just doing same thing, no change in gameplan. Attempts at clinching pretty feeble. Poor performance, then finds massive cross for finish, only good thing he did all fight.
  57. 56

    Timur Nagibin
    Timur Nagibin
    20-6-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 35

    1993 - Russia

    KPK - Working hooks, jumping in, got lvl changed on throwing one, valiant effort but taken down. Retained guard well, tried getting up during pass but sucked down again, got guard back again but eating GNP. Passed again and mounted, gave up back but managed to scramble up. Trying to keep dist with jab then athletic flying knee falls back into clinch. Good hook to body then caught KPK with big 1/2 and GNP to finish as KPK clung to leg with time running out. Took one opportunity well.

    JT - Athletic, coming in with little fast hook combos, trying to back opponent against cage but opponent good at stepping off, being hit with counters and leg kicks a bit. R1 9-10c Losing control of centre of cage a little, taken down a couple of times by opponent, givs back trying to get up. Takes too long to get off. R2 9-10 Little bit limited with basic boxing combos and little leg kicks. Finding it difficult with more technical opponent. R3 9-10c (27-30) got bad decision imo
  58. 57

    Ľudovít "Mr. Highlight" Klein
    Ľudovít Klein
    "Mr. Highlight"  |  18-4-0
    OVR - 34

    1995 - Slovakia

    Does well against non wrestlers.

    DS - Good step in to LBK. Standing in range and feinting a lot. Lands good cross and hurts opp but clinched. Throws decent knees in clinch. Fires HK in nicely behind punches. R1 10-9 Able to pin opp agtainst cage in clinch. Better TDD than usual but not great finishes by opp R2 10-9 Good front BK, hurts opp, swarms a bit but then ends up crowding into clinch. Getting hit a bit by shots coming down the pipe. Jams into fence again to hold. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  59. 58

    "The Tasmanian Devil" Borys Mańkowski
    Borys Mańkowski
    "The Tasmanian Devil"  |  22-9-1
    OVR - 34

    MZ - Tight high guard looking to move fwd into clinch. Blitzes forward into jam, chipping away but no real concerted attempt at TD initially, looks for BL and trips. Short and having to lunge to get inside, eating shots from fast opp R1 9-10 Lunging with shots and basically runs into clinch swiging. Gets DL lift TD and sits in HG chipping away a bit, gets some good control time but not much damage and didn't advance R2 10-9 Getting stuck at the end of long punches 3rd, trying to throw blitzes and add in leg kicks but only tries to TD once. R3 9-10 Decent double leg when opp messes up range. Can't hold down and loses clinch on getup. Getting picked apart at range. R4 9-10 Opp gets on bike in 5th and can't really make anything happen other than engaging in one clinch, looking frustrated R5 9-10 (46-49)
  60. 59

    Gadzhi Rabadanov
    Gadzhi Rabadanov
    OVR - 34

    1993 - Russia

    JJW - Countering aggressive opp pretty well, defending heavy offence okay for the most part, knocked down by one LK off bal, not matching volume. R1 9-10 Briefly taken down by BL but straight up. A bit wary of fast hard offence of opp. Good entry to DL. Opp moving to angles and not able to get GNP off. R2 9-10c Gets good level change for double leg, takes back in scramble, falls off. Another good DL, controlling well with BL. Slightly ahead in some good scrambles. R3 10-9 (28-29) could go either way.
  61. 60

    Manoel "Manumito" Sousa
    Manoel Sousa
    "Manumito"  |  8-0-0
    OVR - 34

    TO - Coming forward throwing bombs, got into a bit of trouble with subs but able to work through good kimura, armbar and triangle attempts. Passed to SC and powered own kimura on for finish.
  62. 61

    Marc "Bonecrusher" Diakiese
    Marc Diakiese
    "Bonecrusher"  |  15-5-0
    OVR - 33

    1993 - England

    VB - Shoots on striker, not particularly convincing, burning a lot of gas on repeated attempts, finally gets DL halfway through round. Secures BL from behind. and drags down, can't hold but keeping lock. Eventually secures SC. R1 10-9 Kind of obvious entry but gets and moves to back BL, flattens out in centre, small GNP CG. Keeping weight forward well to stop opp coming up. R2 10-9 Same gameplan in 3rd, not exciting but effective. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  63. 62

    Adam "The Bomb" Piccolotti
    Adam Piccolotti
    "The Bomb"  |  13-4-0
    OVR - 33

    1988 - USA

    Quite tight top control with shoulder pressure. Good back control. Weak on feet, moves away looking for entries.

    GK -Really good double when opp feeds kick. Shoulder pressure forward, not doing a great deal but pinning opp. Nice and tight from all angles, moves to back pretty well. R1 10-9 Looking a step behind striking, punches look weak, timed nice TD when needed to, got to back and conttrolled well opp defended Rnc well. R2 10-9 Striking is all moving away looking for entries, couldn't hold down as well this round. Didn't look like had much off back. R3 9-10 (29-28)
  64. 63

    Khalid Satuev
    Khalid Satuev
    OVR - 33

    1994 - Russia

    HB - Likes jab immediately followed by OH. Landing some leg kicks but eating more. Combos a little repetitive. Typical dagi jam, sag, drag style against fence. R1 10-9c Lands nice spinning heel kick, putting more pressure on this round and throwing more close hooks, looking much better. Good DL, but has to fend off decent gilly. Chipping away in guard, would like to be more active. R2 10-9 Nice fast boxing combos when drives opp back, good DL but kind of wish he'd finish on feet. Rides out without doing much. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  65. 64

    "The Warrior" Lipeng Zhang
    Lipeng Zhang
    "The Warrior"  |  33-11-2
    OVR - 33

    REU - Blasts opp out in first proper exchange with nicely timed left hook.

    Power - 7
  66. 65

    Rafa "Gifted" García
    Rafa García
    "Gifted"  |  14-2-0
    OVR - 32

    1994 - Mexico

    JR - Wrestling improved, got good double legs and turned the corner on single leg well. Passed well, stayed tight and took mount and followed over to back well. Boxing usual meat and potatoes solid fundamentals with responsible defence. Finished with RNC.

    R1 10-9 R2 W
  67. 66

    Aleksandr Grozin
    Aleksandr Grozin
    OVR - 32

    1996 - Russia

    AA - Decent variety of offence, varying targets to head and body. Tends to throw in one or two punch combos. Puts 2nd hand behind first quickly. Opponent not reading when coming too well. R1 10-9 2ND very similar, not letting opponent get rhythm, not getting anywhere with any takedowns when tries them R2 10-9 Punches don't seem to be hurting opponent even though landing a lot. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  68. 67

    Jai "The Black Country Banger" Herbert
    Jai Herbert
    "The Black Country Banger"  |  11-4-0
    OVR - 32

    1988 - England

    IT - Great HK drops opp who somehow survives and manages to jam. Gets taken down by DL eventually. Trying to create space to get up but opp covering well. Manages to get up and looking excellent with good long strikes. R1 10-9 Opp pushes forward and catches with huge OH right on the chin.
  69. 68

    Adam Masaev
    Adam Masaev
    OVR - 32

    2000 - Russia

    SM - Keeping distance with kicks, decent variety. Comes forward with shuffle hooks , strong DL, picks up and slams, no fear of gilly. Passes guard easily. Controls arm with shoulder and unleashes GNP. Nice elboows when in full guard. Happy to stand up and throw bombs down, good back take when opp tries to turtle. Body triangle extremely strong when opp tries to turn. Throws strikes from back and tries face cranks. Rides back position to position easily, doing damage all the time even during transitions. R1 10-8 Opp gets decent entry but absolutely ****s him and flips him with whizzer. Body lock strength looks mad when opp tries to get up. Moves to mount, amazing scrambling to stay on top through multiple positions again, ends up in mount and goes for mounted triangle and put to sleep. Absolute monster.
  70. 69

    Ignacio "La Jaula" Bahamondes
    Ignacio Bahamondes
    "La Jaula"  |  13-4-0
    OVR - 31

    1997 - Chile

    Switches stances and has nice long jab to head and body, decent leg kicks. Good volume.

    ZR - Working well behind long strikes, jabs to head and body, leg kicks. Switching stances to give opp diff looks. Standing gilly to avoid TD against cage, decent GNP on top. R1 10-9 Gets backed up against cage a little when opp puts pressure on. Still working well with long shots but looks a little raggedy when pressured. Good consistent volume R2 10-9 Backed up and taken down against cage but good sweep up. D'arce on next shot for finish.
  71. 70

    Luiz "Killer" Gustavo
    Luiz Gustavo
    "Killer"  |  11-2-0
    OVR - 31

    1996 - Brazil

    YY - Throwing everything with 100% power. Mainly throwing jab to big overhand, not really setting stuff up. R1 10-9 Bombs Wandy style hooks and hurts opponent, has power. Good job dropping GNP when opponent had single leg. Aggressive ground and pound from half guard on top. Piles in again with power and gets knock out. Extremely aggressive and quite fast when winging stuff which overwhelmed opponent a bit.
  72. 71

    Devonte "King Kage" Smith
    Devonte Smith
    "King Kage"  |  11-4-0
    OVR - 31

    1993 - USA

    Defence questionable at times. Pinnable against fence.

    LK - Ate LBK but stepped back in with own. Uses oblique kick sometimes. Hit by cross and hurt but manages to clinch and survive. R1 9-10. Opening with loads of kicks, prone to getting countered off them. Struggling to get off cage. Getting decent entries but not driving through. R2 9-10 Hit by good BFK and hurt, gets away with it as opp clinches. Caught by cross leaning back. Lands some solid shots down the pipe. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  73. 72

    Roman Szymański
    Roman Szymański
    OVR - 31

    ML - Jumping attack into range, BLTD, aware of triangle threat. Not doing much in guard, got stood up. Closes distance quickly, another good shot. Passed to S/C opp tried to stand up sagged weight forward but thrown by. Risks giving back when tries to stand back up. Moves a lot on the outside. C/D again to TD. Little slams for space but PP GNP. Chipped away and got stoppage. Opp gave up imo.

    Entries - 6
  74. 73

    Jay Jay "The Maori Kid" Wilson
    Jay Jay Wilson
    "The Maori Kid"  |  8-1-0
    OVR - 31

    1997 - New Zealand

    GR - Comes out a bit aggressive and reckless. Throwing leg kicks, one catches opp off balance. Very aggressive when gets a sniff of success. Likes SBF and HK R1 10-9 Solid waistlock and briefly takes down. Throws on breaks. Throws agg in combos. Taken down by DL. Moving to angles in guard stopping GNP. R2 10-9c Opp level changes taken down, loses back and shakes off. Applying forward pressure again but taken down again. Trying to granby but being dragged down. Good activity trying to improve position even if not working. R3 9-10 (28-29) could go either way
  75. 74

    Jamie Mullarkey
    Jamie Mullarkey
    OVR - 30

    1994 - Australia

    Extremely gritty, good instincts to clinch when hurt.

    JT - Eating shots from long quikc opp, Throwing bakc and trying hard, very gritty. Getting into okay on fence but struggling with long frame. Drives through on shot well, keeps control on top. Gritty as ****. R1 9-10 Hit with big cross and taken out by GNP.
  76. 75

    John "Macapá" Teixeira
    John Teixeira
    "Macapá"  |  24-7-2
    OVR - 30

    1986 - Brazil

    Good at out techniquing bomb chuckers.

    TG - Countering pretty well, keeping distance with leg kicks and stepping off nicely to avoid being trapped against cage. Dealing well with aggression of opponent. R1 10-9c Taking centre of cage a bit more and managing to drive opponent back, proactive going for takedowns, nice double and back take when opponent tries to get up. Good back control, flowing through positions. R2 10-9 Using leg kicks really well to mix up. Slowing a little but a bit too technical for opponent. R3 10-9c (30-27)
  77. 76

    Spike "The Alpha Ginger" Carlyle
    Spike Carlyle
    "The Alpha Ginger"  |  14-3-0
    OVR - 29

    1993 - USA

    KT - Didn't seem to know what to do when in turtle towards corner with opponent hanging off back. Not fighting hands very well. R1 9-10 Struggling with an opponent of similar strength. Caught opponent when shot into guillotine. Really good squeeze.
  78. 77

    Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez
    9-2-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 29

    1994 - Paraguay

    SR - Fighting okay off back foot, uses high kicks, moves to opponents back off spin but can't keep. Gets nice reactive double leg. Passing looks decent but dealing with good guard. R1 10-9 Using kicks to keep space then double legging when opponent tries to close. Dropped with left hook, quick to recover and wins scramble. Dealt with leg entanglement okay. R1 9-10c Taken down pretty easily when opponent doubled, threw up triangle. Good at scrambling for top position. Solid double leg entries. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  79. 78

    Mandel "Rat Garbage" Nallo
    Mandel Nallo
    "Rat Garbage"  |  8-2-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 29

    1989 - Canada

    Sharp striking and good TDD and balance, doesn't do well when gets hurt.

    NB - Getting backed into cage a bit, bounced back up from first TD well. Doing a good job with reactive striking and briefly drops opp with cross. TDD looking solid, decent attempt at anaconda. R1 10-9 Showing decent TDD again, defending range of attempts well with good sprawls and good balance. Briefly screws up and gets knocked down and GNP'd to finish. Lacked any real attempt at survival.

    Power - 8
  80. 79

    "Violent Bob Ross" Luis Pena
    Luis Pena
    "Violent Bob Ross"  |  10-3-0
    OVR - 29

    1993 - USA

    ZZ - Double legged quite quickly, dangerous off back, threw up triangle and kept patient to finish.
  81. 80

    Fares "Smile Killer" Ziam
    Fares Ziam
    "Smile Killer"  |  12-4-0
    OVR - 29

    1997 - France

    TM - Taken down, might not have been expecting. Losing scrambles when trying to get up, loses back and gets choked.
  82. 81

    Andrey "Mineiro" Augusto
    Andrey Augusto
    "Mineiro"  |  12-4-1
    OVR - 28

    1992 - Brazil

    IB - Likes leg kicks, bad first initial shot. Getting timed with counters. A bit passive, doesn't look like he knows how to approach this opp. R1 9-10 Struggling to get distance. Given TP when opp jumps gilly. Opp up pretty quickly. Doing better job getting body locks. Can't get opp down. R2 9-10 Still working for TDs even if not having luck with them. R3 9-10 (27-30)

    AG - Didn't really get going 1st, struggling to read opponents offensive punching. Pushing forward but not really doing much other than occasional leg kick. Defended takedown fine. R1 9-10 Same deal 2nd, not getting started. R2 9-10 Didn't seem phased by opponents punches just didn't throw own stuff enough and ended up following. Better than this. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  83. 82

    Michael "The Canadian Badass" Dufort
    Michael Dufort
    "The Canadian Badass"  |  9-4-0
    OVR - 28

    KP - Aggro to start with coming forward but punches a bit telegraphed, do look like they have pop. Tendency to lunge with shots like SBF, getting countered a bit. Needs to load up less. R1 9-10 Really good chin, eating big counters without issue. Still doing the same spamming offence and eating counters. R2 9-10 Still throwing absolutely ridiculous volume of power shots in R3 and eats a huge flush HK like lunch. Determination is great and wearing on opp a little. R3 10-9 Continues to pile forward with pressure in 4th, gets KP in trouble against the cage briefly. Not landing anything massive but volume is still impressive and constantly in face, needs to taper that SBF though. R4 10-9 Mixing TD attempts in with blitzes, ate massive left hook but kept pressure up, sometimes gives up big TD's when over pressuring R5 10-9 (48-47)

    AP - Blitzing in and trying to jam against cage, get down and take back. Getting caught a bit when sits back, does well when just pushes in. TD's were giving up position sometimes. Took back well and used body triangle multiple times. Eventually got choke.
  84. 83

    Chris "CG" Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez
    "CG"  |  7-1-0
    OVR - 28

    SA - Catches with nice high kick during early exchanges and pounds out with GNP. New wrinkle to game.
  85. 84

    Yancy Medeiros
    Yancy Medeiros
    16-8-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 28

    1987 - USA

    ES - Starting behind jab. Defends single pretty well. Drags opponent to take back, opp turns in but gets straight up. Keeping opponent on end of jab well. R1 10-9 Moving back in straight lines a bit when gets tagged. Eating a few too many leg kicks. Wobbled tough chinned opponent a couple of times to steal round. R2 10-9c Stuck a bit more against the cage but good job defending takedowns and using to take back, not good at holding back. R3 9-10 (29-28)
  86. 85

    Charlie "The Cannibal" Campbell
    Charlie Campbell
    "The Cannibal"  |  6-1-0
    OVR - 27

    1995 - USA

    VO - Early leg kicks and body FK's, good overhand, steady pressure. Gives clinch, throws good knees to body in clunch, got ducked under for dbl but good defence. Really hurts VO with big 1/2 followed by OR, trying to finish and picking shots well, VO trying to survive. Lets VO back up, VO catches a kick and manages to survive the round. CC picked shots smartly and didn't gas R1 10-8. Moves forward early and catches with big shots again before finishing with GNP.

    GDS - Opponent missed weight by 8lbs. Very aggressive performance, if a little reckless at times. Very exciting. Nice sweep trip inside fence, a bit over excited to finish. Got caught a little bit in exchanges when trying too hard to finish. Good at scrambling back up and overwhelmed opponent with aggression, huge right cross and follow up to finish.
  87. 86

    Kyung Pyo "Red Horse" Kim
    Kyung Pyo Kim
    "Red Horse"  |  10-3-0
    OVR - 27

    Tall orth - wrestler, passing

    TN - High guard, throwing jabs and hooks, nice level change met with strong sprawl, worked through to TD bumping off cage. S/C opp retained guard. Driving in and throwing elbows in guard, controlling hips nicely to pass. Good GR from opp, nice GNP, move to HG and quick switch to mount then FRTB but TN scramble up. Punches on clinch breaks, throws hooks with power, sometimes off balance, left chin exposed for one second ate huge 1/2 tried to hang on to leg but ate too many shots and stopped. Excellent apart from one second.

    Passing - 7
    Top Control - 7
    Wrestling - 7
    GNP - 6
  88. 87

    Bobby King
    Bobby King
    OVR - 27

    1983 - USA

    AG - Manages to rock opp who isn't defending well, gets guard pulled on him.Puts self in triangle but gets away with it and pulls out of armbar. Timing counters from rushing opp well and hurting him, smart enough not to rush finish and end up engaged in grapple. Did grapple when opp really hurt, close to armbar and OP but could maybe have finished if just continued GNP. R1 10-8 Stopped between rounds.

    KD - Fairly solid fundamentally, sitting back a bit too much. Catches opponent with nice counter when they overthrew. R1 9-10c Fighting okay on back foot, quite hard to hit clean. Waits for opponent to screw up then lands. R1 10-9c A bit less sound with offence when feels he has to be aggressive, doubles and triples jab. Pretty gritty, turns it on at right time and pushes forward on front foot. Just outworked opponent by a bit. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  89. 88

    Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett
    Paddy Pimblett
    "The Baddy"  |  18-3-0
    OVR - 27

    1995 - England

    KV - Chin in the air again, caught by early shot. Plays BG on bottom, works back up against cage after a while. Jammed for a bit then hip toss, moves to back, gets choke.
  90. 89

    Kyle "Killshot" Prepolec
    Kyle Prepolec
    "Killshot"  |  15-8-0
    OVR - 27

    1989 - Canada

    MD - Sat back under opp pressure and calmy picked shots when they were there. Solid TDD when opp deep on SL. Used a lot less energy than opp to do more damage. R1 10-9 Timing on counters good and mixing up attacks around the body. R2 10-9 Started struggling a little more with the pace of MD in R3 and got caught a little more and not countering quite as much but did land one huge HK. R3 9-10 In a little bit of trouble briefly against the cage in 4th but not close to being finished. Decent TD at end but no intention to follow up R4 9-10 Really good TDD from repeated close TD atts in 5th, close round under a lot of pressure, big TD at end, could probably have done that more had he chosen to. R5 9-10 (47-48)

    SC - Struggling to find range on opp early on, kicks making it difficult for him. Opp stronger in clinch. R1 9-10 Not able to get going striking, gets tripped and has to fight back. R2 9-10Slightly better in 3rd but much the same. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  91. 90

    Michael "The Menace" Johnson
    Michael Johnson
    "The Menace"  |  20-17-0
    OVR - 26

    1986 - USA

    AP - Still got power and speed down the middle but seems a little chinny now. R1 10-9 Heavy on front leg but countering hard when opponent tries to throw to it. Still has speed in combos and knocks opponent out, countering well but opponent telegraphing everything.
  92. 91

    Losene "Black Panther" Keita
    Losene Keita
    "Black Panther"  |  8-0-0
    OVR - 26

    1997 - Senegal

    Accepts takedowns to scramble up quickly, seems to work for him. Cardio looks good. Swings harder than he needs to sometimes.

    KR - Pressed early with heavy shots, very active early on. Looks powerful and fast, counters well when opponent tries to throw. Some punches a bit looping but look v hard. Leg kicks hard, Feints nicely moving in and throws fast and varied combos with hands. Worked body and head well. Good head movement and looked defensively sound. Made opp stand up when had him hurt. Not tested in wrestling but looked excellent, made 9-3 opp look like an absolute can.

    SP - Taken down twice by BL but up okay both times, swings hard which can leave vun to being tied up. Back taken on 3rd TD. Stuck there for a while but not close to being finished. R1 9-10 Briefly drops opp withh short jab. Sitting back a bit more and not falling into clinch, being urgent to sep when does happen. Hurts/drops opp with RC counter. Steady forward pressure, swings more than I think he needs to. R2 10-9 Would benefit from better set up punch to combos. Goes in spurts a bit too much where opp being steady. R3 9-10 Does try to scramble straight back up whenever taken down. Opp starting to tire and managing to back up and land more while opp output drops, runs in too much and taken down at EOR. R4 10-9c Keeping up output in 5th cardio looking good, lands a few clean powerful shots. R5 10-9 (48-47) Had some trouble with length of opp.
  93. 92

    Martun Mezhlumyan
    Martun Mezhlumyan
    OVR - 26

    1993 - Armenia

    CS - Closing down space against cage. Gets turned. Uses kim grip to turn but taken down by LC. Throws up triangle and adjusts for finish.
  94. 93

    Aurel "The Miner" Pîrtea
    Aurel Pîrtea
    "The Miner"  |  24-12-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 26

    1988 - Romania

    DS - Having early trouble with LKs, being driven back. Trying to sit back and throw heavy but not landing. Got inside but immediately thrown. Mat returned and gives back. Stands up while defending choke. R1 9-10 Not enjoying constant pressure. Trying to stand ground a little more, gets TD and jumps half back when opp pops up. Shots being stuffed R2 9-10 More gritty in 3rd, taken down by BLTD and loses back again. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  95. 94

    Jordan "The Monkey King" Leavitt
    Jordan Leavitt
    "The Monkey King"  |  10-1-0
    OVR - 25

    1995 - USA

    TO - Spammed a lot of leg kicks and kicks in general but especially leg kicks. Takedowns not very good and didn't want to pull guard against this opponent. Backs up into fence a lot, not really an issue here. Takedown defence not good, good use of butterfly guard to get back up. Solid top control when gets there in terms of staying there, but didn't do a lot with it. Did end up in tight guillotine but defended well.

    R1 9-10c R2 10-9 R3 10-9 (29-28)
  96. 95

    Denis "Alagoas" Silva
    Denis Silva
    "Alagoas"  |  17-7-0
    OVR - 25

    1994 - Brazil

    XA - Following opp down putting pressure on, not particularly intense. Opp not really throwing much, gets a few shots in and gets good SL and BT at EOR. R1 10-9 Followingmore than cutting cage off and opp running a lot which is making it difficult to engage, defends TD fine, good sprawl on another low shot. Nice flying knee. Wobbles opp with nice straight. Briefly taken down by SL but not really controlled. R2 10-9 Gets BL and sticks to back okay, patiently waits to get hooks in. Attacking RNC opp defending okay but not threatening to escape back. R3 10-9 (30-27)

    AA - Having trouble with speed and timing of opp. Dropped by pull back cross. Survives by threatening legs. Spent an amusing amount of time on back spinning and getting kicked in legs. R1 9-10 Lands a decent hard 1-2 early. Trying to bite down and sling a bit more. Gets TP after taking adv of opp spinning too much, trying to drag legs into back take, drops into gilly which looks okay but not bothering opp. R2 9-10c Outclassed on feet, times a DL well. Opp elbowing in guard and gets badly cut. Trying to GNP but getting elbowed a lot. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  97. 96

    Blake Smith
    Blake Smith
    OVR - 25

    1990 - USA

    PA - Pushing forward to start. Inside tripped against cage. Good movement on bottom to avoid mount, back up. Gets own SL, opp up well. Good DL but opp bounces. Doing a good job jamming and going for DL's and finishes on top. R1 10-9c Throwing power shots to open round but gets jammed. Winning strength battle. Unloading punches against fence, good HK, gets DL but loses pos in scramble. Throws up AB but not close. Settles for bottom pos, might be tiring. Piles hooks on at end forcing opp to cover. R2 10-9 Defends TD well, pushing up against fence and working in close, shots to body, loads of pressure. Double leg, opp fading. Moves to back. Using BT to control, not really close to finish but a lot of control time. R3 10-9 Hit by FK, seems to get annoyed and pushes forward with punches. Tripped and ends up on back. Seems content to be on bottom as long as not taking damage. R4 9-10 (39-36)
  98. 97

    Arthur Estrázulas
    Arthur Estrázulas
    OVR - 24

    BM - Quite fast start, low kicks main offence. Throwing jab and LK to keep wrestler away. Lands nice kick to the liver for upset finish.
  99. 98

    Trey Ogden
    Trey Ogden
    OVR - 24

    1989 - USA

    JL - Far too willing to take leg kicks without checking them. Some nice straight punches to the body. Too willing to play closed guard, good guillotine attempt in 1st which opponent had to roll through to get out of but sat there in 3rd not doing anything or trying to get up. Gas tank seemed to fade, panic wrestled and ended up on bottom when got hit clean a couple of times.

    R1 10-9c R2 9-10 R3 9-10 (28-29)
  100. 99

    Samvel Vardanyan
    Samvel Vardanyan
    OVR - 24

    1993 - Ukraine

    Likes scarfhold position, pretty consistent dude who shoots a lot and likes to be on top.

    ZT - Plays around on outside a bit but soon hits solid double leg, using head pressure in CG, trying to sneak pass that way. Bump swept when got to mount but straight up, screws up lat drop and ends up on bottom. R1 10-9 Well timed double under punch. . Gets bump swept from mount again, should learn from that. Mounts again and decides to hop off for scarf hold, looks for armbar, scrambled out but gets back and opp turns in. Struggling to hold opp in place, getting doubles easily. R2 10-9 Looks a bit tired, drops under opps rush for TD. Tries head and arm scarfhold. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  101. 100

    Bruno "Aquiles" Cannetti
    Bruno Cannetti
    "Aquiles"  |  10-6-0
    OVR - 23

    1989 - Argentina

    Good body lock trip takedown, decent leg kicks from range. Solid GNP and passing.

    DV - Moves around on outside and looks to move in with lungy kicks. Good BL trip TD. Chippy GNP on top, not really advancing. Same TD as soon as opp back up. Bit more damage and gets to mount this time. R1 10-9 Gets BL trip TD yet again. More effort to pass, can't stop opp turtling but takes back. Good double leg when opp tried to push forward. Solid base and decent GNP in guard. Good pressure passing when wants to use it. R2 10-9 Wins 3rd with pretty much same skillset, but spends more time on mount and back R3 10-8 (30-26)
  102. 101

    Magomed Kabardiev
    Magomed Kabardiev
    OVR - 23

    1995 - Kazakhstan

    MK - Appears to be quite casual, fairly low output, waiting for opportunity. Very calm when opponent picked up in body lock, just kept balance and waited to be put down. Likes to lead with front leg with front kicks, side kicks and spinning stuff. Knocked opponent out with world's most casual spinning back elbow at the end of the round.
  103. 102

    "The Walking Dead" Damien Lapilus
    Damien Lapilus
    "The Walking Dead"  |  19-14-2, 2 NC
    OVR - 23

    1989 - France

    Good cardio, good at moving angles and varying offence around the body.

    KK - Nice double leg when opp overthrew. Takes back, close to choke, pushing the grappling. Staying just out of range pretty well. Avoiding opps big swings and touching. R1 10-9 Knocked down but off bal. Walked into shot, resiliant to survice under fire against fence. Back to keeping it close after, pretty nice technically, changes angles well. R2 9-10 Working body pretty well early, survives jump gilly. Chipping CG. More varied offence than opp, lands good HK. Still looks like has gas at the end, good cardio. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  104. 103

    Yusuke Yachi
    Yusuke Yachi
    OVR - 23

    RSS - One good body lock TD but mostly defending against subs and passes while trying to get back up. Solid defense against a good BJJ player R1 9-10 Defending okay again in 2R but the one time he thinks he has an opportunity to get up it turns out he didn't and got beautifully subbed.

    LG - Patient early with bomb throwing opponent, not throwing much but landing the occasional counter and oblique kick R1 9-10 Caught by bomb and hurt but manages to get to low single, ends up on bottom but survives ground and pound and manages to get back up. Caught again and finished, struggled a bit with aggression of opponent.
  105. 104

    Makkasharip Zaynukov
    Makkasharip Zaynukov
    OVR - 23

    Got put on back foot by steady pressure from MD. Mainly throws single shots coming in, does vary them up. Calf kick looks solid. Put out but by hard shot with unique superman followup.
  106. 105

    Lucas "Cassius" Clay
    Lucas Clay
    "Cassius"  |  8-2-0
    OVR - 22

    1995 - USA

    AM - Very talented but lacks urgency sometines. Very calm in exchanges, but too content to stay on back without really aggressively going for anything. Has plenty of tricks to create scrambles but doesn't always follow scrambles through to conclusion. Nice back control if can get there. Switches stances on feet and cross comes through very nicely, particularly nice with left hand. Good striking defence, slips out of the way of punches and fires back. Could be really good if he can be more urgent in key moments.

    R1 9-10 R2 10-9 R3 10-9 R4 9-10 R5 10-9c (48-47) lost close dec
  107. 106

    Kamil Magomedov
    Kamil Magomedov
    OVR - 22

    1992 - Russia

    SS - Decent entry to get on top. Chipping away with GNP while maintaining pos, okay with sitting in guard for a while, good pass to mount but okay with going back to guard. Tight position advancing when goes, good arm triangle set up for tap.
  108. 107

    Bruno "Robusto" Miranda
    Bruno Miranda
    "Robusto"  |  14-3-0
    OVR - 22

    1990 - Brazil

    CF - Coming out aggressive, throwing fast and hard combos, with leg kicks and big hooks. Able to work out of jam. Puts real power in shots. Loses back against fence, moves over bottom hook and turns in well. Wobbled opp with left hook. Good output level of solid shots. Does get jammed a bit too much. R1 10-9 Landing leg kicks really well. Sometimes throws two at a time. Output dropping a bit, still fending off TD's okay. R2 10-9 Times big RH and drops opp, not burning self out trying to finish tough opp. Picking shots. Finishes with uppercut.
  109. 108

    Brant "Killer Bee" Moore
    Brant Moore
    "Killer Bee"  |  9-2-0
    OVR - 22

    AE - Languid to start, putting casual forward pressure on and feeling opp out. Kicked to the liver and finished before he got going.
  110. 109

    Kenneth "The Boss" Cross
    Kenneth Cross
    "The Boss"  |  13-3-0
    OVR - 21

    big energetic early attacks. likes jumping hooks, very good hips to counter TD attempt. good back take. flattens out well, strikes from back to set up choke attempts. Tries to defend TD with kimura grip, strong 1st, taken down immediately in 2nd. Struggled to disengage quickly, turned in well when gave back. Pretty active with GNP. Very hittable, moves back in straight lines and doesn't tuck chin. Aware sub defence from guard. Cardio and output held up pretty well with high energy style. Better offensively than defensively

    Cardio - 8
    Back control - 7
    Back takes - 7
    Output - 7
    Strength - 6
    TDD - 4
    Striking defence - 2 (moves back in straight line, doesn't cover chin and chucks back)
  111. 110

    George Hardwick
    George Hardwick
    OVR - 21

    1998 - England

    Crisp accurate boxing with some pop, picks good variety of shots. Good gilly when people shoot.

    LK - Jammed early, not in any TD danger. Turning sometimes but opp seems a bit stronger. Works DUs and gets trip and mount. Nice hip bup when taken down and follows hips to back. Calm round, opp used lots of energy. Did allow lots of jam R1 10-9 Calm boxing, picking opp apart, rocks, goes for gilly when shoots for TP. Crisp and accurate boxing, landing a lot and hurting opp. Opp very tough. Ref decides opp eating too many shots.
  112. 111

    Aaron McKenzie
    Aaron McKenzie
    OVR - 21

    1988 - USA

    LC - Very hard worker, aware sub defence, solid everywhere and good cardio. Likes leg kicks, decent top control although didn't do too much with it, but never in danger of anything from bottom. Stays tight to opponent when wants to both in clinch and on top and stayed committed to winning scrambles which he could have lost a couple of times.

    R1 10-9 R2 9-10 R3 9-10 R4 10-9 R5 9-10c (47-48) won close decision.
  113. 112

    Stevie "Braveheart" Ray
    Stevie Ray
    "Braveheart"  |  23-10-0
    OVR - 21

    1990 - Scotland

    AM - Fairly standard combinations, trying to work body and head while putting forward pressure on, double legged. Guard working well, good guard retention when passed. R1 9-10 Struggling with double when pushes forward. Nice left hook drops opponent, loses scramble. Dives under for leg entanglement, wants heel hook. R2 10-9c Double leg opponent didn't read. Trying calf slicer, uses it to come on top, but loses scramble, too content to be on bottom towards end of a close fight. Allows entries for doubles too easily. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  114. 113

    Vladimir "Vova" Tokov
    Vladimir Tokov
    "Vova"  |  6-1-0
    OVR - 21

    1997 - Russia

    Fairly accurate but steady. Tries to force takedowns too much.

    DS - Takes opp down with BK catch n trip, hook weep back up, controls back okay. Forced single leg and nearly ended up on bottom. Keep forcing takedowns and ending up in compromised positions. R1 10-9c Timing uppercut nicely. Countering opp as opp doesn't set things up. R2 10-9 Lands big UC but can't finish. Quite accurate even if output not the highest. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  115. 114

    Aalon Cruz
    Aalon Cruz
    OVR - 20

    1989 - USA

    MM - Sit back happily and picked away at opponent running at him with spazzy offence. Gets top position off guard pull and decent GNP standing with long arms. Kept going with GNP until opponent turned away and ref stopped it.

    CC3 - Big long lanky legs, throws languid but effective kicks. Strong body lock, able to get trips with it and tries to put one hook in but opponent getting up every time. Coming forward constantly putting lanky limbs in opponents face. Can pick knee up to face level easily. R1 10-9 Causing opponent real issues with knees to body and head and gets stoppage. Looks a nightmare for counter punchers, think you have to go after this dude if you want to beat him.
  116. 115

    Keoni Diggs
    Keoni Diggs
    OVR - 20

    1986 - USA

    BK - Relatively tight boxing with decent pop. Pushing forward a bit more but gets countered being too aggressive. R1 10-9c Tends to want to get it back if he gets tagged. R2 9-10c Output a bit low, feels like could do more. Not landing consistently. Just got outworked. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  117. 116

    Mateusz "Dynamit" Legierski
    Mateusz Legierski
    "Dynamit"  |  7-1-0
    OVR - 20

    RS - Taken down quickly, tried to set up triangle but opp too savvy. Working to get hips to angles and overhooking arms. stood up but taken down easily again. Turtled and stood up ag cage when opp went S/C. Hit nice throw by and almost got back take. Tries to stall for SU when in CG. Gave opp AT position but got away with it. Got stopped by not very heavy looking GNP when tried to turtle. Didn't respond to adversity well.

    TDD - 4
    Urgency to get off back - 3
  118. 117

    Manuel "El Loco" Torres
    Manuel Torres
    "El Loco"  |  13-2-0
    OVR - 20

    1995 - Mexico

    FC - Pretty quick hands and aggressive but not really bothering to defend. Punches finding way through guard well. Does a good job staying calm when hurts opponent and picks shots. Finds lovely power uppercut for finish. Really nice pop on punches
  119. 118

    Adlan Bataev
    Adlan Bataev
    OVR - 19

    1994 - Russia

    DF -Takes opp down, has a lapse in concentration and gets immediately armbarred.
  120. 119

    Viacheslav "Slava Claus" Borshchev
    Viacheslav Borshchev
    "Slava Claus"  |  6-2-0
    OVR - 19

    1992 - Russia

    DB - Waiting early, seeing what opp does. Opens up but gets taken down. Struggles to get up initially but does after opp over pressures. Struggling to deal with fast paced walk down standup, think likes a more measured pace, does time a decent counter but can't avoid TD when presses forward doesn't defend hooks welll and loses back, shakes off and ends up on top. Opp tiring, times big liver shot and GNP for finish.

    Okay TDD initially but gets tired when opponent persists with it and doesn't separate hands well.

    MD - Defends first shot okay, gets out okay, Opp repeatedly shooting, good defence for the most part, gives back when getting up but getting up repeatedly. Not able to fully seperate from opp, eventually concedes guard. Looks tired EOR. R1 9-10 Nice early LK's, taken down off obvious entry. Re-guards. Trying to get up, but lacks technique, being pulled back a lot. R2 9-10 Same issues in 3rd, not getting away from opp. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  121. 120

    Mike "Mad Dog" Figlak
    Mike Figlak
    "Mad Dog"  |  7-0-0
    OVR - 19

    Good forward pressure, stalking opponent, doesn't look to do much when in opp guard, waits for them to attack and takes pass. Controlled in approach. Took opp down when had him hurt. Methodical. Powerful right hook.

    Cage cutting - 8
    Pressure - 8
    Cardio - 7
    Back takes - 6
    Blitzing - 6
    Defensive discipline - 6
    Entries - 6
    Head movement - 6
    Leg kicks - 6
    Power - 6
    Gnp activity - 4
    Killer instinct - 3
  122. 121

    Rodrigo Caporal
    Rodrigo Caporal
    OVR - 18

    Veteran who outblasted young prospect who got into a firefight with him.

    Power - 6
  123. 122

    Ruslan "Snow Leopard" Emilbek
    Ruslan Emilbek
    "Snow Leopard"  |  15-3-0
    OVR - 18

    ZL - Tentative start but blasted out by first combination, not a good performance. Left chin hanging while throwing.
  124. 123

    "Fearless" Lance Gibson Jr.
    Lance Gibson Jr.
    "Fearless"  |  6-0-0
    OVR - 18

    1995 - Canada

    ND - Slow forward pressure, looking to explode. Throws very hard when goes. Hurt stepping into jab, managed to get clinch to survive. Able to rag down, looks pretty strong. Hips look pretty heavy and passing looks solid. Knee on face and punches. Floating side to side well and getting some GNP off. R1 10-9 Gets fairly easy single, went back to advantage. Controlling position and where he wants to be pretty easily. Busting open with elbows. R2 10-8 Getting every takedown he goes for. Goes to crucifix, actuve with GNP looking to finish, ****** up back take and ends up on bottom. R3 10-9 (30-26)
  125. 124

    Ronald "Rony" Paradeiser
    Ronald Paradeiser
    "Rony"  |  13-8-0
    OVR - 18

    1997 - Slovakia

    Good body lock takedowns. Very tall.

    LK - Strong BL, takes opp down then mat return when gets up. Takes back well off another TD, maintaining well using BT. Tall and gets HK up well. R1 10-9 Opp sitting back more and not being gifted clinch. Dropped by RC counter. Good effort at flying knee close. R2 9-10 Length makes punches annoying but not all that accurate, just puts them out there, nice sneaky back elbow. Steady activity and not really being landed on too much. Does like flying knee. R3 10-9 Does a good job chaining TD atts together and following to the next layer if doesn't get 1st, opp keeps scrambling up though. Starting to look very tired. Being driven back and eating more shots as own output drops. R4 9-10c Output dropped and not as quick to avoid shots in 5th, R5 9-10 (47-48)
  126. 125

    Georgi "Insane" Karakhanyan
    Georgi Karakhanyan
    "Insane"  |  31-13-1, 1 NC
    OVR - 18

    1985 - Russia

    AP - Going for gilly from silly position in HG. Not looking at all like getting up. Defending 2nd hook well to avoid back take. R1 9-10 Okay on feet but TDD not there against decent entries, can't get opp off back although defending RNC ok. R2 9-10 Better job getting up 3rd, decent gilly attempt to get on top himself. Went for legs, no dice but needed to go for something. R3 10-9 (28-29)
  127. 126

    "The Body Snatcher" Jesse Ronson
    Jesse Ronson
    "The Body Snatcher"  |  21-11-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 18

    RG - Looked terrible post USADA. Tried to put pressure on initially, struggles with takedown defence which makes it difficult to do that consistently against people who can wrestle. High hands, quite robotic, head not moving. Okay get ups initially but once ends up settled into bottom position really struggled, kept giving mount and back until got choked.

    R1 9-10 R2 L
  128. 127

    Ramin Sultanov
    Ramin Sultanov
    OVR - 18

    1995 - Azerbaijan

    DK - Early pressure and straight punches, trying to throw hard, TDD not there first shot. Goes kneebar from bottom andgets the win.
  129. 128

    Koji Takeda
    Koji Takeda
    OVR - 18

    Wrestler/Unsophisticated brawler on the feet, gets hit a lot while slowly crawling into range. Very physically strong. Goes for subs and GNP on top.

    BP - Ambling into range and getting hit a bit on feet. Much stronger than opp once gets hold, able to repeatedly suplex and throw non wrestler. Top control okay got some GNP in R1 10-9 Dropped in 2R but inspired to wrestle, easy TD's top control and armbar sub from there.

    SC - Very strong body lock, able to move strong dude about and get mat returns, opponent not able to separate hands. Doesn't do massive damage from there, mainly knees to butt. R1 10-9 Backed into corner but seems okay with it as uses to get bodylock. Rushes takedown and ends up in guillotine and put out by opponent with insane squeeze.
  130. 129

    Cleiton "Predador" Silva
    Cleiton Silva
    "Predador"  |  15-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 17

    1986 - Brazil

    AUK - Trying to throw leg kicks and shots down the middle, driven back initially but tthen does buzz opp. Picked up and dumped. Loeses back in scramble. Close to RNCd but late defence good. Scrambles up as soon as gets taken down but gives back every time. Opp hits back of head and takes easy way out.
  131. 130

    Humberto Bandenay
    Humberto Bandenay
    20-8-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 17

    1994 - Peru

    LP - Not great at sep from clinch, but does throw nice high knees from there. Allows opp to clinch too regularly even if this guy can't do much with it. R1 10-9 Decides to jam the jammer in 2nd, eventually gets down. Chips away, pretty boring. R2 10-9 Continues being Dagi Bandenay in 3rd. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  132. 131

    Zurab "The Predator" Betergaraev
    Zurab Betergaraev
    "The Predator"  |  11-4-2, 1 NC
    OVR - 17

    Pretty solid back control against cage, fast in scrambles. Ground and pound quite pitter pat, switches for back against cage pretty well. Frustratingly inactive with GnP even from mount. Finds sub attempts when falling off the back (armbar, suloev stretch), kept falling for same kimura set up on top.
  133. 132

    Alfie "The Axe Man" Davis
    Alfie Davis
    "The Axe Man"  |  14-4-1
    OVR - 17

    1992 - England

    TW - Didn't look that elusive when opponent came after him with intent, head not moving as much as body. Opponent loses point for fence grab. Telegraphs big spin kicks. R1 9-9 More of a martial artist than a fighter, falls apart technically when it gets scrappy. Explosive when throws big techniques but needs to have right range. R2 9-10c Cardio holding up quite well with big movements in tough fight. Punches a little soft, most good offence kicks. Hands down when decides to wing hooks. R3 10-9 (28-28)
  134. 133

    Donovan "Vegas" Desmae
    Donovan Desmae
    "Vegas"  |  15-7-0
    OVR - 17

    LR - Chipping away with LK's moving off pretty well, rushes forward into clinch, could have ate counter, partial TD into standing half back take, turned around but off imm. Legs pretty flexible, coming up snapily at diff levels. Breaking things up with shots. Gets into nice BL TD. R1 10-9 Fundamentally pretty sound, jumps back well and drags to floor rather than being shaken off. Nice armbar finish in back triangle position when opp tried to escape under legs lioness style.
  135. 134

    Adli "Sunshine" Edwards
    Adli Edwards
    "Sunshine"  |  9-2-0
    OVR - 17

    1989 - USA

    D2 All American

    JH - Opponent missed weight by 11lbs. Really good top control, opponent had active guard and was hitting good last ditch moves to keep top control when it looked like opponent might get out. Moved well to arm triangle twice, getting the tap the second time. Took down opponent with nice body lock trip.
  136. 135

    Davy Gallon
    Davy Gallon
    OVR - 17

    1989 - France

    CL - Not much happens, wins 1st with nice judo arm toss. R1 10-9c Didn't do much but clinch in 2nd until finishes with big right.

    BB - Pretty easily controlling top position against pretty poor opponent, step ahead in grappling. Allowing underhooks which is allowing opponent to come up and might get in trouble against better guys. Decent amount of GNP. R1 10-8 More easy top control against rubbish opponent, finishes with crucifix.
  137. 136

    Ayadi Majdeddine
    Ayadi Majdeddine
    11-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 17

    SM - Solid TDD but struggling to get much going offensively. Decent bulldog choke attempt. R1 9-10 Defending TDs ok 2nd, being outworked a little on feet but nice TD and chips away on top. R2 10-9 Gets dropped by counter but comes on strong towards EOR, getting TD and moving to mount and getting off some GNP. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  138. 137

    Tim "The Experiment" Wilde
    Tim Wilde
    "The Experiment"  |  14-4-1
    OVR - 17

    1987 - England

    AD - Going out to get opponent, forward pressure on guy who likes space. Lost point for bad fence grab. R1 9-9 Pressing forward with big hooks and crosses, looks counterable but mostly okay here. Keeping pressure on and just about doing more but close, hitting and getting hit. R2 10-9c Offensively a bit limited, not really able to give opponent different looks. R3 9-10 (28-28)
  139. 138

    Bagautdin Abasov
    Bagautdin Abasov
    OVR - 16

    Good entry, tried kimura on bottom to stop advance and try to sweep repeatedly. Fed hips to opponent trying to knee against cage. Good blast double but struggles to settle on top. Own TDD not great. Pretty active with powerful gnp. Gave up some top position with amateurish mistakes. Kept working/grinding till the end.
  140. 139

    Gláucio "Salva Mar" Eliziário
    Gláucio Eliziário
    "Salva Mar"  |  10-7-0
    OVR - 16

    WS - Landing leg kicks early. Pushing forward and being aggressive. Nearly lands big HK clean. Defends TD against the cage well with kim grip then HFs when opp tries to change angle. Doing a decent job of getting shots inside long reach. R1 10-9 Pretty fast when unloads with hooks. Nice combination punching with decent pop, working body and coming upstairs. Defending shots fine. R1 10-9 Finishes combos with good LK sometimes. Hit with decent HK and immediately throws hurting opp, but clinch wrestling prevents finish. Pushes down on head well to defend TDs, cardio fine. Struggled to break away from opp towards end of 3rd R3 10-9 (30-27)

    Distance crashing - 7
    Power -7
    TDD - 7
  141. 140

    Sitik Muduev
    Sitik Muduev
    OVR -16

    AM - Jams against cage, can't get down but moves to back.Throwing a lot of volume on feet but not particularly hard. Trying to crotch sniff, decent pace. R1 10-9 TDs not actually that good against someone with reasonable TDD. Gets taken down himself. Not doing much off back but gets up when opp screws up. R2 9-10 Briefly drops opp with counter, putting on decent volume early in round, actually getting outwrestled and a little sloppy with grappling. Gassing and gets mounted and eats gnp but survives round. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  142. 141

    Zhu Rong
    Zhu Rong
    OVR - 16

    2000 - China

    Not really aware of neck defence when shooting.

    IB - Cagey to start, getting pieced up at range and not throwing back, left head outside on TDA and put on bottom by gilly att. Ate GNP on bottom though nothing devastating. R1 9-10 More forward pressure to start 2nd, nice ripping hooks to body in close. Still having issues with long strikes and volume but better. R2 9-10 Good TD against cage but opp sweeps up. D'arced on next shot for finish.
  143. 142

    Saad "Assassin" Awad
    Saad Awad
    "Assassin"  |  24-14-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 15

    CG - Caught out and hit with big head kick in early exchange and finished.
  144. 143

    Herbert "Matagal" Batista
    Herbert Batista
    "Matagal"  |  15-4-1
    OVR - 15

    1991 - Brazil

    Good leg kicks, both inside and outside. Struggles a bit on back foot.

    KS - Nice leg kicks to open, hits both sides of leg. Doing fine in standup, gets stuck in clinch slightly too long though only taken down once and no damage. R1 9-10c Having trouble with increased pressure from opp, getting driven backwards and boxed up. Respectable gilly attempt when DLd, Holds CG and doesn't take much damage. R2 9-10 Can't handle handspeed of opp, double legged which was probably a good thing. Rides oyt on bottom R3 9-10 (27-30)
  145. 144

    Magnus Conrado
    Magnus Conrado
    OVR - 15

    CC - One take down off leg catch, opp BU throws decent knees in clinch, good throwby, jumps on back, pulls down, RNC. Easy work.
  146. 145

    Kimihiro Eto
    Kimihiro Eto
    OVR - 15

    1988 - Japan

    TS - Solid wrestling but opponent had no takedown defence. Looked for subs and GNP throughout fight but maybe needs to tighten some subs up as took a while to get a guy with no ground game out of there. Striking looked a bit wild and got caught a few times but no issue here as can easily take down.

    R1 10-9 R2 W
  147. 146

    Evertom "Ungido" Freitas
    Evertom Freitas
    "Ungido"  |  16-5-0
    OVR - 15

    1994 - Brazil

    AB - Gets taken down and immediately armbars opponent.
  148. 147

    Zulkarnaiyn "Big Zul" Kamchybekov
    Zulkarnaiyn Kamchybekov
    "Big Zul"  |  6-2-0
    OVR - 15

    1992 - USA

    Good when gets comfortable at range with jabs and crosses.

    DH - Eats a couple of LKs, avoiding jabs easily. Looking tricky to takedown and bouncing up when is. Good elbow defending TD. Finding range for jab and taking mom. Good HK. Good rangy punches when at long range with long reach. R1 10-9 Piecing up at range with jabs and crosses. Defends TD easily. Solid balance on SL but not sure how good opps wrestling is. R2 10-9 Same deal 3rd, good balance on SL again. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  149. 148

    Kaynan "Bahia" Kruschewsky
    Kaynan Kruschewsky
    "Bahia"  |  11-2-0
    OVR - 15

    1991 - Brazil

    Has power but tries to throw too hard. Tires self out

    DL - Overthrows and double legged. Survived RNC att. Nice elbow on clinch break. Tries to throw a bit too hard. Missing a lot. R1 9-10 Knocks opp down when opp off balance. Good counter left puts opp on back foot. Firing hooks against hurt opp but can't finish. Looks a bit tired late R2 10-9 Jumps gilly and ends up on bottom. A bit inactive in guard. Slowing a lot but still coming forward. Struggling with variety of opp, good chin. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  150. 149

    Charlie "917" Leary
    Charlie Leary
    "917"  |  17-13-1
    OVR - 15

    1982 - England

    DG - Not much happens, gets thrown at EOR. R1 9-10c Trying to walk down, uneventful until cracked and finished with massive right.

    SB - Solid job with jabs and TDD, pulling opponent up well. Not overcomitting so not getting hit with reactive takedowns. Rolled through with a couple of takedowns to get on top R1 10-9 Framing, disengaging and throwing straight punches, smartly hasn't thrown kicks. R2 10-9 Finally taken down in 3rd, able to hold opponent in half guard and not really looking in any trouble. Mounted but gave back to ride out for 20 secs. R3 9-10 (29-28) Lost robbery
  151. 150

    Natan Levy
    Natan Levy
    OVR - 15

    1991 - Israel

    MB - Throwing kicks in space, takedown defence not good early. Likes to go for leg entries when on ground. Got own reactive TD at end of round. R1 9-10 Finding takedowns and mat returns from behind easily, opponent poor TDD. Looking tired mid way through 2nd. Getting hit down middle when opponent pushes forward. Struggling to hold opponent down. R2 10-9 Keeps backing up into fence and covering up. Looking very tired. Telegraphed desperation shots. Hanging in there even when super gassed. Rocked opponent and then went for takedown. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  152. 151

    Manny "The Dragon" Muro
    Manny Muro
    "The Dragon"  |  13-7-0
    OVR - 15

    1986 - USA

    NA - Looking for double legs against fence initially, settling more for jamming and trying to move to back after a while. Decent back trip. Just pressuring forward on ground without doing much. R1 10-9 Pretty strong in clinch, able to turn opponent. Just jamming, nothing really going on. Eats some straight shots in open and panic shoots into anaconda. R2 9-10 Looking a bit tired, boxing now a bit sluggish with no head movement. Gets trip against cage, opponent not good at moving away. Not doing damage but controlling opponent who isn't really doing much to get up. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  153. 152

    "Crazy Dog" Dae Sung Park
    Dae Sung Park
    "Crazy Dog"  |  11-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 15

    1993 - South Korea

    AA - Covers distance pretty quickly. Tripped but managed to hip bump BJJ black belt. Looks to hit big GNP when can but being careful to follow hips. R1 10-9 Allowing opponent free GNP while tries to go for sweep, gets finished.
  154. 153

    Anthony "The Genius" Romero
    Anthony Romero
    "The Genius"  |  11-1-0
    OVR - 15

    1997 - Canada

    KG - Didn't really find range in opening round. A lot of feinting and moving around looking for angles but not much throwing. Generally throwing leg kicks, high kicks and shots down the middle when does throw but hesitant to commit. Looked pretty responsible defensively against hard hitter. Hits flying knee out of nowhere for brilliant KO.

    R1 9-10 R2 W
  155. 154

    Alex "Canguru" Sandro
    Alex Sandro
    "Canguru"  |  11-4-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 15

    1984 - Brazil

    FD - Backing up into cage too much, struggling to get off and break grips and getting taken down. R1 9-10 Not managing forward pressure too well, on back foot constantly. Being hit with hooks and leg kicks then jammed and tripped. R2 9-10 Didn't read pretty telegraphed double. R3 9-10 Opponent ups intensity and gets him out of there.
  156. 155

    Don "Shameless" Shainis
    Don Shainis
    "Shameless"  |  12-3-0
    OVR - 15

    1990 - USA

    Stocky and powerful shorter dude. Decent butterfly sweeps from bottom. Not very active on top but holds position. Questionable TDD.

    CL - Throwing hard straight away. Driving up against fence. Drops opp with OHR, doesn't like HG and bails. Drops again with RH. Okay sitting in guard of good BJJ player against fence. R1 10-9 Taken down by DL. Tries kim as opp passes. Good hook sweep to claim TP. Sitting in guard and chipping away but not much. R2 10-9 Ends up on bottom but butterfly sweep again. Taken down again, opp close with straight armbar, gets back taken and almost tapped by RNC but time runs out. R3 9-10 (29-28)

    CP - Drove forward into takedown behind good hands. Moved to mount pretty easily. Followed through to back well. Lost position after rushed armbar, lovely elevator sweep to back take, GNP for finish. Rolled through UFC vet who was bigger, much stronger and more explosive than bigger opponent.
  157. 156

    Soren "The True Viking" Bak
    Soren Bak
    "The True Viking"  |  16-1-0
    OVR - 14

    1992 - Denmark

    CL - Striking not looking great, leaves self exposes on breaks. Rolled through on judo throw, struggling to feed hips against cage. Eating a lot of jabs. Striking defence garbage, pulling opponent on top of him. R1 9-10 Can't deal with straight punches at all. Punches look like they have nothing on them. Doesn't look like can force takedowns if opponent sits back. R2 9-10 Gets takedown in 3rd but just lays in half guard most of the time doing nothing. Finally takes back but too late. R3 10-9 (28-29) Wins robbery Really going to struggle with LW wrestlers
  158. 157

    "Money" Mike Breeden
    Mike Breeden
    "Money"  |  10-5-0
    OVR - 14

    1989 - USA

    NL - Forward pressure and crowding kicker with body kicks and straight punches. One decent takedown but opponent not good TDD. Coming forward with heavy hooks but leaving chin out. Allowing leg lock entries but clearing knee okay. Own TDD not great. R1 10-9 Getting returned to mat too easily, can't break grip. Looking a bit gassed midway through 2nd. Hurt to body. R2 9-10 Pretty tough will still come forward and throw. Hurting opponent by staying more active when both hurt and keeping forward pressure on. Good body work against cage. Rocked badly at end but opponent shot for some reason. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  159. 158

    Italo Gomes
    Italo Gomes
    OVR - 14

    1996 - Brazil

    MC - Jammed against cage and needed ref, looked decent early on top, pretty quick transitions. Likes body lock takedowns. Reading opponents attempts at entering kneebar pretty easily R1 10-9 Does get backed into cage too easily even if this opponent not taking advantage. Not particularly dynamic on feet, takes pictures a bit too much. R2 9-10 Caught kick and got to mount well, stable against decent hip escape attempt initially, lost eventually and hit with trip. R3 10-9c (29-28)
  160. 159

    Husein Kadimagomaev
    Husein Kadimagomaev
    8-1-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 14

    1999 - Switzerland

    AB - Moving a lot on outside. Wobbles with OHR, little bit rushed trying to finish with FK and gets countered and briefly taken down. Getting countered a bit too much, rushing some offence. Hits OH's around guard well. R1 10-9 Low blow, no contest.
  161. 160

    Maciej Kazieczko
    Maciej Kazieczko
    OVR - 14

    1993 - Poland

    WV - Drops opponent, a lot of output trying to finish with GNP but can't quite get it. Nice inside trip. Controlling top position fine. R1 10-8 Opponent has shaky chin, catches again and finishes with GNP this time.
  162. 161

    Bayzet Khatkhokhu
    Bayzet Khatkhokhu
    OVR - 14

    1991 - Russia

    IK - Jammed opp against cage well and dragged down. Dagi leg sitting. Stronger than opp in clinch. R1 10-9 Continuing to have success jamming in the 2nd but not really managing to progress to TD's too well. R2 10-9 Getting jammed himself in 3rd but fine because up on the cards. R3 9-10 (29-28)
  163. 162

    Valmir "Bidu" Lázaro
    Valmir Lázaro
    "Bidu"  |  19-8-0
    OVR - 14

    1985 - Brazil

    MK - Struggling to get past opponents legs and find comfortable range, got strong body lock and picked up but opponent very calm so can't take down. Knocked out by world's most casual spinning back elbow.
  164. 163

    Shakh Mammaev
    Shakh Mammaev
    OVR - 14

    1996 - Russia

    Sticky bodylock style wrestler

    MA - Strong waist grip and good scramble from bottom for TP. Sprawling well and getting offence going off telegraphed shots. Sags on back, knees to legs and little shots. R1 10-9 Edging forward with pressure but not really shooting. Gets TD's when does shoot. Difficult to break grip once attached. R2 10-9 Ups tempo a bit and gets stoppage throwing against cage, seemed to wear on opp.
  165. 164

    Trevor "The Man Blackie Chan" Ollison
    Trevor Ollison
    "The Man Blackie Chan"  |  5-4-0
    OVR - 14

    Unpredictable and wild, tough for opponents to get a handle on.

    MS - Remaining composed when opp coming forward throwing heavy, nice attempt at kimura when opp on back standing, close with armbar, then went armbar/triangle again. Aggressive off back. Opp passed to SC and gets finished with kimura.
  166. 165

    Khunkar-Pasha Osmaev
    Khunkar-Pasha Osmaev
    OVR - 14

    1991 - Russia

    SP - Struggling with range of opp, finding it difficult to get inside. Getting jabbed up a bit. R1 9-10 Gets clinch but has to disengage when opp threatens gilly. Dropped coming in by uppercut, does get next DL but opp bounces up. Opp too accurate and volume too much, gets TKOd standing.
  167. 166

    Sebastian Rajewski
    Sebastian Rajewski
    OVR - 14

    Fairly small, likes to counter

    NB - Kicks to body working pretty well, countering okay when opp throws. Not a great deal of output but looks like wants to counter and opp barely throwing anything. R1 10-9 Quite careful forward pressure trying to draw opp out but throwing just enough to stay ahead. R2 10-9 Steady point fighting 3rd, chipping away for counters that don't come but not really making a concerted effort to finish. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  168. 167

    William "Soldier of Christ" Starks
    William Starks
    "Soldier of Christ"  |  7-3-0
    OVR - 14

    GE - Sitting back and absorbing offence on guard early, nearly ate HK, jab working okay. Very high guard, waits for mistake to give entry o n cage, can't get TD. Eating too many LKs. Opp getting inside reach. R1 9-10 Output a little low. Struggling to deal with fast combo punches. Unable to secure TDs, comes close with one SL. Getting countered over jab. Taking pictures R2 9-10 Landed good HK but immediately hammered with a LH and dropped, manages to wrestle up into clinch. Persistent with TD atts 3rd but unable to get them, opp pushing down on head well. Cardio seemed fine. R3 9-10 (27-30)

    Heart - 7
    Output - 4
  169. 168

    Rodrigo Vargas "Kazula"
    Rodrigo Vargas
    "Kazula"  |  12-5-0
    OVR - 14

    1985 - Mexico

    PP - Pushes immediately and catches opp with shot, ends up on top. Using head pressure to keep opp in place. Good head pos against cage when jamming, judo tripped. Loses back and gets choked.
  170. 169

    Melquizael "Melk" Costa
    Melquizael Costa
    "Melk"  |  17-5-0
    OVR - 13

    1996 - Brazil

    IG -Looked fairly strong in jamming but not doing anything with it. Taken down a little easily, trying to kick off or sweep. Keeps trying kneebar entry but being read. R1 9-10 Went to well a bit too much with spins. Won decent scramble to get top position to finish round. R2 10-9 Kick caught and mounted, tryint to hip escape but opponent strong mount. Some creative trips. R3 9-10c (28-29)
  171. 170

    Kyle Driscoll
    Kyle Driscoll
    OVR - 13

    1993 - USA

    Good fast wrestling positional movement on top.

    JJ - Catches kick for easy takedown. moves to back standing as opp comes up. Stops opp granby and puts hooks in. pops off as gets up. Good repeated mat returns. Wrestling looks good moving from pos to pos. Good double leg. R1 10-9 Rolls to back to defend gilly att, good switch. Actually on back foot wrestling early. Starts making own wrestling work but needs to be more aware of kimura. Finishes round on top. R2 9-10c Using more smothering grappling in 3rd and being more careful about control. Maintains grip on opp for pretty much entirity of round. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  172. 171

    Ahmad Suhail Hassanzada
    Ahmad Suhail Hassanzada
    OVR - 13

    1995 - Afghanistan

    JW - Decent looking long strikes, varying up punches well, scooping uppercuts in there. Taken down by D1 but throws elbows in guard. Pushes off and throws upkicks, triangle threat from back. Using knees on biceps to make things difficult. R1 10-9 Nice straight shots again, mixing in elbows, knees and teeps. Leaves chin in the air a bit sometimes but a lot of offence, taken down by BD. Looking for arm on back. A bit less active with elbows this round, but opp doing nothing on top. R2 10-9 Uses inverted triangle to defend single leg, doing more work than opp off back still R3 10-9 (30-27)

    Aggression on back - 8
    Cardio - 7
    Speed - 7
  173. 172

    Dinislam Kamavov
    Dinislam Kamavov
    OVR - 13

    1993 - Russia

    RS - Lets opp come forward with pressure, doesn't take much damage and gets first DL. Gets kneebarred.
  174. 173

    Yves "You Know" Landu
    Yves Landu
    "You Know"  |  17-9-0
    OVR - 13

    1986 - France

    GH - Explosive, throwing hard, big energy techniques, a bit vulnerable to counters. Decent takedown but can't hold. Switched to body with knees and big kicks and got finish.
  175. 174

    Junior "The Fortaleza Kid" Melo
    Junior Melo
    "The Fortaleza Kid"  |  11-5-0
    OVR - 13

    1996 - Brazil

    TA - Tries imm FK. Finding it tough to find opp, TDs not working, drops and finishes with uppercut LH combo, must have power.
  176. 175

    Carlos "Carlão" Silva
    Carlos Silva
    "Carlão"  |  12-4-0
    OVR - 13

    1993 - Brazil

    MM - Decent early LK. Turns opp against fence and decides to stay there. Good LC for TD. Opp throws up triangle, doesn't respect it until it's too late and gets finished.
  177. 176

    Gracjan "Terminator" Szadziński
    Gracjan Szadziński
    "Terminator"  |  9-4-0
    OVR - 13

    Head down, plow forward, same combos.

    GS - Backs opp up to fence, not trying TD. A bit stiff with striking but looks strong. Wobbles opp a couple of times with 1/2 combo. Mainly throws straights hooks and body kicks. Nearly finishes opp a few times, seems to have power to hurt but not flatline. Hits opponent with loads of shots and able to wobble multiple times but can't get him out of there. Could use more variety R1 10-8 Eventually gets very hittable opp out of there.

    Power - 7
  178. 177

    Zhorabek "Zhora" Tesheboev
    Zhorabek Tesheboev
    "Zhora"  |  8-4-0
    OVR - 13

    1991 - Kyrgyzstan

    Easy to take down, good at bump sweeping from mount. Good at scrambling but seems to stop before finished scramble and ends up in another bad position a lot.

    SV - Put on back with DL. Opp using head pressure against cage, finding it hard to get off back. Good bump sweep from mount. Hips again to avoid lat drop and end up on top. TDD in general not great. R1 9-10 Gives up entries a bit too easily when throwing. Another bump sweep from mount, taken down again easily. Good at scrambling out of bad positions but then doesn't fully escape and ends up in further bad positions. Loses back, turns in, tough to hold in position. R2 9-10 Opp tiring a bit, pushes forward with hard punches but level change again. Would be good if had any kind of TDD whatsoever. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  179. 178

    Abraão Amorim
    Abraão Amorim
    OVR - 12

    1986 - Brazil

    DSP - Striking is kind of forced, wings a lot of punches and throws out of range. Nice outside trip, got bumped from mount and couldn't get anything going off back. R1 9-10 Better top control this time, gets some solid GNP off and uses knee on belly for more GNP for finish.
  180. 179

    Yanal "Red Fox" Ashmoz
    Yanal Ashmoz
    "Red Fox"  |  6-0-0
    OVR - 12

    1996 - Israel

    DH - Throwing decent shpts down middle, DLd against cage but back up. Jammed but gets inside trip and on top. Standing GNP pretty decent. BL looking pretty strong. Punishing opp with decent shots when tries to come in to wrestle. R1 10-9 Nice inside trip, taking opp who's trying to wrestle with him down, when does get taken down bounces straight back up. Top control pretty solid. Good GNP when stands over opp. R2 10-9 Comes forward and slugs a bit on feet, doesn't look that elusive. BL very strong, ragging opp around and able to drag down. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  181. 180

    Evan "The Phenom" Elder
    Evan Elder
    "The Phenom"  |  7-1-0
    OVR - 12

    MA - Feints nicely, feints both shots and strikes (did one excellent spinning feint into TD), kick heavy with excellent leg kicks, quick moving in, got every takedown not keen to engage on ground initially, solid pressure, opponent was able to penetrate to legs when shot but good sprawl, , explosive, looks for americana or kimura from sc, not much advancing of position, happy to stay in s/c likes elbows for gnp. trains w grant daw, good output, defensively responsible, good cardio, drowned low level opponent.

    PP - Excited, gives back with spin. Calmly lets opponent fall off and gets on top. Heavy on leg offence. Struggling a little against the cage. Being countered a bit, trying a bit too hard. Likes body kicks. Giving away arm triangle position on the ground. R1 9-10 Struggling with forward pressure and size difference. Keeps giving arm triangle. Not reading double legs quickly enough. Scrappy in grappling, but losing positions. Not tapping to deep chokes. R2 9-10 Cardio holding up okay. Good double leg but swept again. Stuck on bottom. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  182. 181

    "The Bosnian Barn Cat" Damir Ferhatbegović
    Damir Ferhatbegović
    "The Bosnian Barn Cat"  |  6-2-1
    OVR - 12

    1994 - Bosnia

    BJB- Putting forward pressure on, throwing nice uppercuts in clinch, crowds shots a little bit but then lands one great uppercut for KO.
  183. 182

    Aviv "The King" Gozali
    Aviv Gozali
    "The King"  |  6-1-0
    OVR - 12

    2000 - Israel

    BK - Striking seems to be rushing hooks with no defence, gets caught and hurt and pulls guard. Tries triangle/AB, reasonably close but opp pulls out.Doesn't seem to have feet under him standing up, keeps getting caught rushing in. Looks for leg entries when hurt. That hurt almost gets armbarred and OPtd. Good heart to stay in fight. R1 8-10 Stopped between rounds.

    Striking defence - 2
  184. 183

    Łukasz "Dajmos" Kopera
    Łukasz Kopera
    "Dajmos"  |  10-7-0
    OVR - 12

    1988 - Poland

    Pretty short, tough. Likes to push up against cage.

    GH - Pushes in and jams. Pretty strong in clinch, not really doing much with it. Stays tight standing. Looking to jam constantly. Loses DU position and tripped. Up but loses position on TDA, gives back getting up. Lots of energy used. R1 9-10 Throws jab to uppercut a lot. Tough, eating a lot of crisp shots but still throwing back. Shooting and getting contact well when gets hurt even if not getting down. Eats too many shots and ref decides to stop.
  185. 184

    Alan "Nuguette" Patrick
    Alan Patrick
    "Nuguette"  |  15-4-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 12

    1983 - Brazil

    MJ - Doesn't throw enough, reasonable speed when does but often loads up on ridiculous spins with no set up. R1 9-10 Chases around trying big shots, likely to get countered. Telegraphs everything, shoots from too far out. Gets knocked out.
  186. 185

    Karomatullo Sufiev
    Karomatullo Sufiev
    OVR - 12

    Tajikistan -

    MZ - Going for usual cage wrestling style. Fakes shot for punch and drops opp, decent GNP, trying to take back but can't. Looks for top pos and GNP when can. R1 10-9 Good level change under punch for TD. Controlling much easier and landing decent GNP. Dominates entire round with grappling. R2 10-8 Dominated again in 3rd but got opp to pour on at end and nearly finished opp with HK. R3 10-9 (30-26)
  187. 186

    Tommy "The Spaniard" Aaron
    Tommy Aaron
    "The Spaniard"  |  9-7-0
    OVR - 11

    1994 - USA

    JM - Putting press on, defends shot ok. Using LKs early. Covers high, good head movement. Gets caught with uppercut LH combo and finished.
  188. 187

    Abdul-Kareem "Pride Of Palestine" Al-Selwady
    Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady
    "Pride Of Palestine"  |  12-3-0
    OVR - 11

    1995 - Palestine

    NC - Keeping low stance, rushing in with overhand right and left hook. Chin looks there for counters. Good double, has to defend gilly, does by slamming. Opp actively moving hips eventually uses to pass. Opp reguards, decent TP and GNP R1 10-9 Drops opp with right cross. Passing okay, struggles to stay in SC, decent pace. R2 10-9 Catches kick and hits with big right, back to same TP. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  189. 188

    Nate "The Snake" Andrews
    Nate Andrews
    "The Snake"  |  16-5-0
    OVR - 11

    1984 - USA

    MM - Getting jammed up a bit against the fence, has to grab fence to defend one takedown. Allowed opponent to slip to back and trip. Not looking like getting up but not taking damage. R1 9-10 Puts forward pressure on to get own jam, trying to go to back but can't get. Not able to get back off fence very well. Lands some long strikes towards end of round and decent attempt at anaconda to steal round. R2 10-9 Going into clinch when has advantage on feet. Not good at moving away from cage laterally. Tripped again, not enough urgency to get up.R3 9-10 (28-29)
  190. 189

    Jakub Bahník
    Jakub Bahník
    OVR - 11

    1993 - Slovakia

    JC - Sitting back and throwing hard. Takes over centre and throwin straight with pop. Easily fends off shot. Good agression, keeping opp moving back with good volume and easily defending TDs, opp ends up turtling off failed shot and GNPs to finish.
  191. 190

    Dakota "Hairy" Bush
    Dakota Bush
    "Hairy"  |  8-4-0
    OVR - 11

    SB - Lots of outside movement initially, throwing varied offence, looking quick but not really landing. Gets hit with a couple of counters but takes down, straight back in when kicked off. Pushed a little too far forward which allows opp up. Putting heavy early pressure on at a fast pace. Throwing a lot, but does get countered with a shot that could have been a KO. Takes down well to react, gets back well but shaken off too easily. Starting to tire already, can't keep up with own gameplan, fails TD, gets ripped to the liver and finished.
  192. 191

    Frank "The Crank" Camacho
    Frank Camacho
    "The Crank"  |  22-10-0
    OVR - 11

    1989 - Guam

    MT - Brawling behind high hands and leg kicks. Not moving head behind guard and some shots getting through. Seems to be getting hurt on accruing effect. Finished by multiple big shots and uppercut.
  193. 192

    Archie "King" Colgan
    Archie Colgan
    "King"  |  4-0-0
    OVR - 11

    1992 - USA

    D1 wrestler. Really good takedowns, pretty explosive. Doesn't seem to be able to stop opp turtling and standing.

    DM - Much shortrer than opp. Looks pretty athletic. Closes distance with shots, look like they have power when he does. Nice entry for TD and powerful pickup. Grip seems strong. R1 10-9 Catching opp well with hooks, buzzes. Comes over top pretty well when comes in. Easy explosive pick up when enters. R2 10-9 Getting TD every time shoots but not able to stop opp turtling and turning. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  194. 193

    John "Snake" David
    John David
    "Snake"  |  9-5-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 11

    DP - Fends off bad leg entry attempt and ending up on top when opp attempts TD's, bits of GNP but generally choosing to get back up, opp keeps pulling guard. Catches with looping OH, throws more GNP when opp hurt. R1 10-8 more due to opps fight style. Opps anti-fighting style is making it difficult to judge fairly but would be nice to see a bit more confidence to try and finish on ground which he does eventually. Looked like a frustrating fight for him.
  195. 194

    Edil "Issyk-Kul Dragon" Esengulov
    Edil Esengulov
    "Issyk-Kul Dragon"  |  17-5-1
    OVR - 11

    BM - Obvious shot but stuck to leg and got TD, patient on feet. SU, immediate shot. Having to work through scrambles to keep top pos, not much GNP. R1 10-9 Loses back early in 2nd. Multi pos scramble to eventually end up on top. Holds off sweep atts and a little GNP R2 10-9 More crotch sniffing and TC in R3 10-9 (30-27)
  196. 195

    Paulo "Laia" Henrique
    Paulo Henrique
    "Laia"  |  12-4-0
    OVR - 11

    1992 - Brazil

    BT - Lanky mofo. Uses length pretty well for GNP. Also to look for chokes. Not very aware of leg entanglement, let opponent have a few bites at heel. R1 10-9 Reached a bit on takedown and ended up on bottom, length makes seem unstable in certain positions. Manages to find way to top. R2 10-9 Doesn't really use length to advantage when striking, usually very close to opponent. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  197. 196

    Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones
    OVR - 11

    1990 - USA

    KD - Kick caught and taken down, back up but struggling to get opp off back, tries granby but gives up hooks doing it. Getting returned to mat and wrestler sticking to him. Keeps trying kimura sweep. TDD not holding up but looking to get up quickly. R1 9-10 Gets own DL entry and respectable att. Will drop for gilly on TDA, uses well to get top turt. Good kimura attempt again when taken down. Finishes round on bottom. R2 10-9c Gets grapple****** in 3rd, escapes not as explosive. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  198. 197

    Ilya Khodkevich
    Ilya Khodkevich
    OVR - 11

    1996 - Belarus

    BK - Not really pummelin too well to get off the cage and dragged down. R1 9-10 Boxing pretty nice but struggling to keep space to actually use it. R2 9-10 Decides to jam opp in 3rd, doing better at it, but needed to be looking to keep range for a finish. R3 10-9 (28-29) Big issue with cage wrestling.
  199. 198

    Yann Liasse
    Yann Liasse
    OVR - 11

    1991 - Luxembourg

    Kind of slow and lacks head movement, likes to jam opponents against cage and try and drag down.

    OS - Looks a little slow, seems to reach a bit sometimes. Getting connection against cage, trying to sag. Decent cg cont time. R1 10-9 Doesn't get head off centre line to avoid counters well, but continuing to jam. R2 10-9c Chin is a bit in the air when throwing. Landing more as opponent tires from all the jamming. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  200. 199

    Justin "Kid Marvelous" Montalvo
    Justin Montalvo
    "Kid Marvelous"  |  5-0-0
    OVR - 11

    1996 - USA

    Really good body punching, looks like technical striking can fall apart a bit under pressure.

    CS - Struggling a little with speed of opp early. Chin a little out there when swings, technical bboxing not looking as good under pressure. Good hooks to body, keeps going with it and opponent folds quite easily.

    Body punching - 7
  201. 200

    Adriano "Trator" Nunes
    Adriano Nunes
    "Trator"  |  6-1-1
    OVR - 11

    Dealt with bombs thrown his way well and able to calmly box his way through it and gradually press forward against ME, probably should have gotten the nod, would have won a 5 rounder.

    Late round performance - 8
    Accuracy - 7
    Cardio - 7
    Pressure - 7
    Cage wrestling - 4 (stuck too long)
  202. 201

    Cristian "Puas" Perez
    Cristian Perez
    "Puas"  |  9-1-0
    OVR - 11

    2000 - Mexico

    SS - Putting forward pressure on, punches a little bit lunging to start. Nice body lock trip. Laces legs well. Tries to float to back, good hips to stay on top when could have been flipped. Sits back for guillotine in transition but not close and puts self on bottom. Nice hook sweep when taken down. R1 10-9 Overswings a bit sometimes and gets in takedown trouble and jumps for guillotines that aren't there. Gets oma plata sweep. Moves to mount then nice transition to back. Looking to move to arm triangle, but not really there. R2 10-9 Weird sacrifice throw, almost loses back but gets on top. A bit tired and making some mistakes in grappling. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  203. 202

    Fanil "Nogay" Rafikov
    Fanil Rafikov
    "Nogay"  |  20-8-0
    OVR - 11

    KJU - Clipped and taken down early, recovers okay. Decent GNP to opp off bad shot, punished well. Ended up TP and held fine with okay GNP R1 10-9 Takes mount off bad throw att, throwing good elbows and GNP while holding wrist, keeps going for stoppage.

    GNP - 7
  204. 203

    Esteban "El Gringo" Ribovics
    Esteban Ribovics
    "El Gringo"  |  10-0-0
    OVR - 11

    1996 - Argentina

    FA - Plowing in, looking for body lock, can't quite get, proceeds to utterly flatten opponent with left hook.
  205. 204

    Nazim Sadykhov
    Nazim Sadykhov
    OVR - 11

    1994 - USA

    JB - Looks quite small, fends off TD fine, quite quick hands, gets opp out of there with first proper combo. Smashed out opp who got to third with JoQuin.
  206. 205

    Ednilson "Cai Cai" Santos
    Ednilson Santos
    "Cai Cai"  |  11-5-1
    OVR - 11

    Robbed against DS, nice countering and decent power but spent too long in negative positions.

    Accuracy - 8
    Counter striking - 8
    Boxing (offensive) - 7
    Movement - 7
    Striking pressure - 7
    Cardio - 6
    Power - 6
    Bottom activity - 3
    Urgency to get off cage - 2
  207. 206

    Daniele "Scat" Scatizzi
    Daniele Scatizzi
    "Scat"  |  11-6-0
    OVR - 11

    1993 - Italy

    A bit spazzy on feet, doesn't set things up and throws repetitive combos. Good in scrambles on ground.

    VT - BK caught and taken down. Trying to play BG, uses well to get up.defended back against cage well, flurries a little wide, wild and spazzy. Scrambling back to feet well, decent effort at making scrambles happen. Rushes own positions sometimes. R1 9-10c Can be countered as just tends to throw without feinting. Combos a bit repetitive. Chin okay, ate a couple of hard looking uppercuts. R2 9-10 Recovers from big UC to engage in grappling, active off back. Output slowing a bit and still getting hit with same stuff. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  208. 207

    Dario Sinagoga
    Dario Sinagoga
    OVR - 11

    1988 - Ireland

    Striking pretty slow, likes to jam opponent against cage and try to get on top. Applies forward pressure. Punches harder than they look.

    KC -Jamming opp against cage but struggling for TD initially. Does get DL eventually, fends off gilly. Opp throwing up subs but looks pretty safe. Lands some GNp but nothing heavy. R1 10-9 Punches a little pushed but able to get into jam. Goes to LK often. Quite slow moving but applying fwd press. R2 10-9 Wobbles opp with cross. Hurting opp a bit, may have sneaky power. DL against cage, moves to mount easily, moves to back, loses a bit easily. Keeps pressure up. R3 10-9 Finds big hook to drop opp. Looking for crucifix. Trying to unload on fence, drags back down. Can't quite finish tough opp and gets SLd, ends up eating a bit of GNP himself, turns around by EOR. R4 10-9 Very tired, taken down, avoids mount and seems to be content holding onto lead. R5 9-10 (49-46)
  209. 208

    Drex "The T-Rex" Zamboanga
    Drex Zamboanga
    "The T-Rex"  |  10-5-0
    OVR - 11

    1993 - Philippines

    RR - Avoided TD nicely with whizzer, threw nice combo in tight and KO'd LL LW fighter
  210. 209

    Paris "Ares" Artis
    Paris Artis
    "Ares"  |  5-1-0
    OVR - 10

    1994 - USA

    BS - Tries single, ends up with jam. Gets inside trip, can't hold down but opp did well. Taken down by SL, scrambles up well. DLd but bounces. DLd again. R1 9-10c Not enjoying opps power shots so jams. Losing strength battles. Having trouble with striking against fence, Dld, but gets sweep. Defends AB fine. Takes top pos. Pushed back and forced to cover up EOR. R2 9-10 Fading, opp pushing him against cage and unloading with shots. Taken down by DL and gives back. Controlled for ages, defence okay. R3 9-10 Nice FK to open round, opp annoyed and comes in with shots. IT for TP. Holding TP but not doing much with it, opp not trying that hard to get up. R4 10-9 (36-39)
  211. 210

    Ken "The Bull" Beverly
    Ken Beverly
    "The Bull"  |  11-6-0
    OVR - 10

    1997 - USA

    Solid cardio and sub defence on bottom, takes advantage when opponent makes mistakes.

    MK - Being put in a lot of bad positions but scrambles well through them and not in any sub trouble although gave up multiple bad positions. Decent hip toss to get on top during opp TD att. Good sub defence towards EOR afte being put in trouble with kim and anaconda. R1 9-10 Gets on top after bad back take, doing a good job of taking advantage of opps mistakes. Gets some ride time and shuts scrambles down with good TP. Good triangle when opp swept, threatens with armbar well, very close to finish. R2 10-9 Coming forward putting pressure on and catching with basic combos. Couple of silly mistakes gifts opp top position, went for things he shouldn't have. Stuck on bottom for a while but eventually gets opp to fall off back and puts grappling pressure on him, better cardio than opp, finishes throwing GNP from mount (29-28)

    Cardio - 7
    Sub defence - 7
  212. 211

    Henerson "Nenem" Duarte
    Henerson Duarte
    "Nenem"  |  16-6-0
    OVR - 10

    Pretty tall

    JP - landing a few leg kicks. Over commits and taken down. Gets BU with OP sweep. Gets hit by big overhand and dropped but somehow wins scramble when hurt and takes back and sinks RNC. Won because of opps mistake but good to take advantage of it when hurt.
  213. 212

    Marco Antonio Elpidio "La Roca"
    Marco Antonio Elpidio
    "La Roca"  |  13-5-2
    OVR - 10

    1995 - Mexico

    Tough bomb winging dude. Reminds me a lot of Leonard Garcia. Not very technical, but there to throw down.

    FG - Sitting back a bit early. Not really throwing enough and being hit with long strikes. Hit with right cross and TKO'd standing.

    LB - Trying to counter a bit, held against cage for a long time but managed to turn trip and take back to steal round. R1 10-9 Makes sloppy mistakes sometimes, but working hard to get out of positions and out hustling opponent on the mat to end up on top. Keeps pace up and opponent can't keep up, nice knees to the body and punches against cage to get finish.
  214. 213

    Hubert "The Gipsy King" Geven
    Hubert Geven
    "The Gipsy King"  |  13-4-0
    OVR - 10

    SC - Comes into very close range which seem to take impact off his own kicks a bit. Taken down due to being too close. Holding in CG, tries to get up but gets back taken in turtle. Eating straight shots after the break, not as accurate as SC, R1 9-10. Tries to jam but hip tossed and loses scramble and gets back taken, flattened out, eats shots and stopped.
  215. 214

    Kenneth "Backfire" Glenn
    Kenneth Glenn
    "Backfire"  |  10-10-0
    OVR - 10

    1985 - USA

    AR - Does a good job getting the centre of the cage slowly pressuring and looking for countering opportunities. Output not very high, waits for opponent to open up to pressure but not getting too much chance as opponent isn't committing enough. Getting landed on with leg kicks when opponent lands them and looks like may be heavy on front foot as clearly impacting. KO'd by flying knee out of nowhere, tough to blame him for that.

    R1 10-9 R2 L
  216. 215

    Cris "Sunshine" Lencioni
    Cris Lencioni
    "Sunshine"  |  8-3-0
    OVR - 10

    1994 - USA

    Active from bottom, hittable on feet.

    DS - Walking into shots a little bit. Stuck against fence briefly. Dropped by OHR. Looking for HG sweeps. Caught again by RH, striking defence not great. Looking to be active from guard but opp not giving much space to work. R1 9-10 Gets nice double leg, decent pressure initially but then BF swept. Too content to hold opp in bottom HG. R2 9-10 Ended up on top with slightly fortuitous TD, but gets BF swept again, messing up something with balance from top. Takedowns are okay but needs to work on passing and keeping balance, good straight armbar attempt and back take, pretty close to RNC at end. R3 10-9 (28-29)
  217. 216

    Kanybek Janybek Uulu
    Kanybek Janybek Uulu
    OVR - 10

    FR - Big powerful shot, KD, follows up with TD to mount, TD again when opp gets up. Throws strikes as opp gets up against cage. Seems pretty strong in clinch. Gets in trouble over lunging into shot, clings to leg for too long in choke but manages to get away with it. Ends up finishing on bottom R1 9-10 (threw away) Ends up on bottom off a bad throw att. Seemed talented but mistake prone.
  218. 217

    Mariusz Mazur
    Mariusz Mazur
    OVR - 10

    JM - Not finding range too well striking, opp bad shot, gets good grip on neck and jumps gilly and gets tap.
  219. 218

    Stevie "Mop" McIntosh
    Stevie McIntosh
    "Mop"  |  7-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 10

    too easily and backpedals. Unable to offer counters to MF pressure. Enough cardio to backpedal under heavy pressure for three rounds without really gassing.

    Cardio - 6
    Closed guard - 5
    Feinting - 5
    LK -- 5
    Posture control - 5
    Bottom movement - 4
    Countering - 4
  220. 219

    Jan "Q-Bomb" Quaeyhaegens
    Jan Quaeyhaegens
    "Q-Bomb"  |  9-4-0
    OVR - 10

    1992 - Belgium

    KL - Couldn't get opponent off back in 1st but never looked in danger of being finished. Found range better in 2nd, landing long strikes. Body kick is nice and powerful but does get caught sometimes, feeds hips more during striking than he maybe should do when pressuring. Cardio better than opponent. Looked really good when given top position but not sure could get it too easily. Good GNP, followed back and flattened and choked.

    R1 9-10 R2 10-9 R3 W
  221. 220

    Łukasz "Raju" Rajewski
    Łukasz Rajewski
    "Raju"  |  11-7-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 10

    DD - Edging forward, not really opening up early. Throwing one shot at a time. Taken down a bit but back up with no issue, not enough output though R1 9-10 Putting shots together a bit more in 2nd, not able to hold centre as much though. Unable to stop opp getting to back in scramble, can't shake off and turned over. Silly attempt at escaping back going under arm leaving arm out there gifts sub to opp.
  222. 221

    Pablo "El Gallo Negro" Sabori
    Pablo Sabori
    "El Gallo Negro"  |  12-6-1, 1 NC
    OVR - 10

    1992 - Mexico

    AR - Fairly composed against opponent who's moving a lot, didn't land too much but took advantage when opponent when for ill advised kimura and took back to steal round. R1 10-9 Nice double leg, seems to be able to get that when he wants. Top control weird seems to settle okay then lose when tries to advance. Doesn't look anything special on feet. R2 10-9 Hits opponent with nice clinch knee and finishes with GNP from back but questionable stoppage imo.
  223. 222

    Daniel "El Cazador" Salas
    Daniel Salas
    "El Cazador"  |  18-7-1
    OVR - 10

    Pretty ordinary in most skill areas but keeps at it.

    Persistence - 7
    Wrestling entries - 7
    Cage wrestling pressure - 6
    Cardio - 6
    Chin - 6
    Striking technique - 4
    Activity on ground - 3
    Striking variety - 3 (sticks to punches)
    Takedowns - 3
  224. 223

    Genaro "El Rayadito" Valdéz
    Genaro Valdéz
    "El Rayadito"  |  10-1-0
    OVR - 10

    Extremely wild and aggressive but hittable and reckless.

    MF - Ridicuolusly tough, getting up from repeated knock downs, other people would have been KOd about 5 times. Too happy to swing wildly and getting beaten to the punch.

    Heart - 9
    Toughness - 8
    Striking defence - 2
  225. 224

    Halil Amir
    Halil Amir
    OVR - 9

    1994 - Turkey

    VK - Stuck against cage a bit, struggling to turn off, needs sep. Taken down off caught kick. Can't escape sag. R1 9-10 Operating jabs and low kicks alright at space but allows entries too easily, getting up okay against this opp. Takes back in transition of failed TD and gets mount. R2 10-9 Flattens opp with knee as shot for another TD.
  226. 225

    Adam Cullen
    Adam Cullen
    OVR - 9

    1999 - England

    MB - Interesting prospect out of Next Gen who fights pretty much exactly like Nathan Fletcher, pressure, get them against the cage, take them down, keep taking them down until they give the back up, choke.

    EHN - Goes absolutely ham swings wildly and just knocks opponent out.
  227. 226

    "Black Panther" Noah Bey
    Noah Bey
    "Black Panther"  |  1-2-0
    OVR - 9

    Striker with decent speed, snap and accuracy. No real TDD and not much idea on the ground.

    KT - Fast and accurate striking on feet. Doesn't know how to defend suplexes or stop self being picked up in general. Spends time stuck on bottom, tries to move but doesn't really seem to have a plan R1 9-10 Dropped KT in the 2nd but dominated in the wrestling again and ultimately armbarred.

    Power - 6
    TDD - 3
  228. 227

    Ignacio "Levium Armorum" Capella
    Ignacio Capella
    "Levium Armorum"  |  7-1-0
    OVR - 9

    1992 - Spain

    Muscular dude, throws Wandy style hooks constantly.

    AH - Likes throwing big hook combos. Pretty much all he does early on is wing them Wandy style. TD defence okay against this opp. R1 10-9Power advantage over opp, repetitive offence, taken down and gives up back EOR. R2 10-9 TDD questionable when off balance throwing big shots, able to power back up this time. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  229. 228

    Nico "La Cobra" Cocuccio
    Nico Cocuccio
    "La Cobra"  |  11-5-1
    OVR - 9

    1992 - Argentina

    DT - Quite aggressive when he thinks he has something, throws big leg kicks and looping overhands. Rather exagerrated feints. Got dumped badly off spin kick. Really struggling to deal with hard GNP. Athletic with big actions but not really setting stuff up. R1 9-10 Looks like the kind of guy who will absolutely crush cans but struggle with better fighters, but dangerous because throws so hard. Has a good array of kicks and gets them up well. Dropped and obliterated with elbows.
  230. 229

    "The Human Highlight Reel" Brandon Jenkins
    Brandon Jenkins
    "The Human Highlight Reel"  |  15-9-0
    OVR - 9

    1991 - USA

    DK - Striking defence absolutely terrible. Getting hit at will, pretty tough but doesn't help much. Leg kicks are okay but that's about it. Good heart.

    R1 8-10 R2 L
  231. 230

    Arut "Prime Time" Pogosjan
    Arut Pogosjan
    "Prime Time"  |  9-4-0
    OVR - 9

    1988 - Armenia

    MD - Defending TD against cage. Loses out after a while and opp on back with BT. Opp switches off to armbar, escapes.Putting forward pressure on standing, lands one nice hook but driven back again by blitz to clinch. Could have had TP but too slow to react when could have got there and opp took back. R1 9-10 Opp gives top position by rushing TD. Doesn't do much with it. Keeps moving back in straight lines when opp blitzes and ends up against cage. Opp takes back again and gets choked.
  232. 231

    Landon "The Lone Wolf" Quiñones
    Landon Quiñones
    "The Lone Wolf"  |  6-1-1
    OVR - 9

    1995 - USA

    RA - Seems to have good cardio, wore opponent out and got stronger as fight continued. Mostly decent entries although a couple telegraphed. Doesn't seem to have one punch power but got stoppage with accumalitive damage/tiring out opponenent. Not that active when on top, chipping away, didn't pass when I felt he could have. Got wobbled a couple of times by winging hooks in 1st, might be a slow starter but this was his first fight in a couple of years. Got jabbed up a little, head a bit static when coming in.

    R1 9-10 R2 10-9 R3 W
  233. 232

    Rahmads Stromanis
    Rahmads Stromanis
    OVR - 9

    1995 - Latvia

    Forward pressure and heavy shots, decent late stage sub defence.

    DJ - Forward pressure, cracks opp with good overhand. Turns TD into own TD, has to escape close gilly. Didn't accept TD and tried to immediately reverse, looks decent in scrambles. Decent defence of armbar. Likes coming forward throwing power. R1 10-9 Working through opps sub attempts okay though maybe some a bit late stage. Loses back during scramble. RNC defence ok. R2 9-10 Carries on bulling forward, has to defend leg attack but wins with forward pressure and TC once escapes legs. Puts some GNP in at EOR for good measure. R3 10-9 (29-28) loses robbery
  234. 233

    Leonardo "Blastrigger" Blasco
    Leonardo Blasco
    "Blastrigger"  |  16-5-0
    OVR - 8

    1995 - Venezuela

    ME - Forward pressure but not too intense, trying to jam opponent into fence with double unders, holds for a while but then gets taken down himself and loses back easily. R1 9-10 Tries coming forward behind leg kicks and jabs, double leg very telegraphed. Gets to position when opponent goes D'arce but can't control. Does manage to get back against cage but not tight enough and opponent turns in. Loses back easily again. Being out hustled and stopped against the cage, didn't like being nail.
  235. 234

    Anvar Chergesov
    Anvar Chergesov
    OVR - 8

    Calmly walked down bomb chucking opponent, took opportunity to get TDD when there then casually controlled, took the back easily and had a conversation about something with the ref while getting a RNC.
  236. 235

    Charlie "The Bull" Decca
    Charlie Decca
    "The Bull"  |  3-1-1
    OVR - 8

    ATT - orth - Wrestler with lunging strikes

    DD - Throws decent leg kicks, switches stances when moves in. Offence gets a little bit predictable, will step in and throw overhands. Throws silly overhand to body. Lot of big movements. Everything lunging, doesn't work way in. Very open to being countered. Good high shelfing of leg and kick out of standing leg. Good blast double but couldn't establish control. Gets takedowns when he commits to that. Not active enough with GnP when did get on top.

    Wrestling - 6
    Striking defence - 3
  237. 236

    David "Fat Boy Slim" Jacobsson
    David Jacobsson
    "Fat Boy Slim"  |  10-3-0
    OVR - 8

    1996 - Sweden

    Backpedals on feet and doesn't seem to have much power, dangerous off back, seems to lack takedowns.

    RS - Cracked by overhand, looks good off back, nice gilly attempt. Moving backwards on feet. Throws subs up during scrambles. R1 9-10 Looks a little uncomfortable under fire, shoots without setting up sometimes. Pretty decent effort at kimura off back, also decent triangle att. Good transition to back off scramble. Working for RNC but unable to get. R2 10-9 Can't get respect off opp on feet. Seems to have leg locks in arsenal too. R3 9-10 (28-29) wins robbery
  238. 237

    Matěj "Spartacus" Kuzník
    Matěj Kuzník
    "Spartacus"  |  17-7-0
    OVR - 8


    KS - Tried body lock TD, didn't get, jammed opp into cage, pitpat knees and elbows. Tries to defend TD's against cage with elbows when should be trying to get up. Gave up back but got away with it. Tended to get taken down when KS was dogged with it. Not really able to hurt KS with free strikes during get up, close fight
  239. 238

    Richie "Savage" Lewis
    Richie Lewis
    "Savage"  |  3-0-0
    OVR - 8

    1994 - USA

    KB - Pretty dominant wrestle*******, had to get a couple of mat returns to secure but strong connection. Once on top on open mat opponent had no chance, ahead on every transition. Decent pace and strong. R1 10-9 Straight into shot again, no idea about striking. Demolished opponent on ground, flattened out when took back and punched to finish.
  240. 239

    Jose "Lil Juggernaut" Martinez
    Jose Martinez
    "Lil Juggernaut"  |  12-6-0
    OVR - 8

    Wriggly on ground, solid entry, composed under heavy offence, worked way back to feet. Tough to get out of there, good takedowns and mat returns to start 2nd. Gambles on subs which gives up bottom position. Doesn't give up. Throws up triangle and kimura from guard. Veteran savvy
  241. 240

    Decky McAleenan
    Decky McAleenan
    OVR - 8

    1991 - Northern Ireland

    TH -Stands ground against agg fighter, good BLTDatt but opp muscles out. Opp walks down, can't get him away and gets KO'd by flurry.
  242. 241

    Richie "El Machete" Miranda
    Richie Miranda
    "El Machete"  |  4-0-0
    OVR - 8

    1995 - USA

    RM - Takedowns good offensively but bad TDD for a D2 wrestler, put on back a lot. Swings on feet, caught opp and dropped early. Aggressive on back, goes for stuff and tries to enter legs but gets passed because of it. Good back attack once got there, very close to RNC. Found a nice guillotine where trapped opponent against cage to prevent getting out.

    R1 9-10 R2 10-9 R3 W
  243. 242

    John Mitchell
    John Mitchell
    OVR - 8


    MM - Sitting on outside trying to jump in with jabs, bad shot and gets gillied.
  244. 243

    "Spider" Ho Taek Oh
    Ho Taek Oh
    "Spider"  |  8-2-1
    OVR - 8

    1993 - South Korea

    RD - Jab working okay, being hit by opening hooks. Little bit open defensively, getting caught with leg kicks. Catches opponent in quite wild hook exchange, takes opponents back straight away and gets choke.
  245. 244

    Bruno "Beirute" Tavares
    Bruno Tavares
    "Beirute"  |  13-7-1
    OVR - 8

    1989 - Brazil

    PH - Struggling with long opponent, pretty decent at leg lock entries, gets decent bite on heel but can't secure knee line. Uses to sweep. R1 9-10 Alrightish top control if can get there, but making a couple of stupid errors. R2 9-10 Doesn't look to have much off back if he can't get his leg locks going. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  246. 245

    Kyran Cameron
    Kyran Cameron
    OVR - 7


    Likes to counter punch on back foot but not great at it.

    DS - Too content to stand against cage with whizzer. Some okay body knees in clinch, respectable gilly when taken down. Looks active on back but not really close with atts and gets passed. R1 9-10 Backed up against cage too easily. A bit slow on feet but so is opp. Doesn't defend leg kicks well. Letting opp outvol him a bit. R2 9-10 Wobbled by shot that didn't look that hard. Getting hurt and panic wrestles. Mounted easily, gives up back. R3 9-10 Gets dropped, survives on ground, trying to survive, tough dude gets through it and eventually gets SL. Gets some of own offence off. R4 9-10 Takes opp down in 5th, can't get too much going with it, tries late HH so at least trying stuff late. R5 10-9 (46-49)
  247. 246

    Devon Dixon
    Devon Dixon
    OVR - 7

    1996 - USA

    CD - Initially accurate but gave away TD when got wild, able to get back up and work behind jab, started landing counters when opponent lunged in to try and get around jab. Doesn't throw particularly hard or fast but accurate. Chin a little in the air when moving away. Dropped for weak gilly when opp had single leg then taken down again when got up. Faded a bit under wrestling pressure in 3rd, get ups slower.

    RM - Good offensive wrestling, bad defensive wrestling. Head on centre line too much, got dropped early when cold. Tough to survive deep RNC. Did a decent job of turning up on single legs from bottom to go for top position. Lost when shot into guillotine and got stuck against cage.

    R1 10-9 R2 9-10 R3 L
  248. 247

    Jairo "Mumuzinho" Pacheco
    Jairo Pacheco
    "Mumuzinho"  |  6-0-0
    OVR - 7

    1997 - Brazil

    RS - Strong double leg, takes back, loses back, takes back again. Not much in terms of choke offence from either guy. Did try armbar when fell off back but took longer to get opponent off back R1 9-10 Quite physical but a little sloppy. Goes for armbars a lot, slow to react to back takes. Gets one of his armbars in the end, doesn't seem to try much else from guard.
  249. 248

    Roman Paulus
    Roman Paulus
    OVR - 7

    2000 - Slovakia

    KK - Striking is crisp and has power, drops opponent with nice 1-2. Leg kicks look pretty hard when he lands them. TDD needs serious work although getting back up okay. Offensive BJJ wasn't good, let opponent turn in from back far too easily when had them hurt and then threw up an absolutely awful armbar. Okay when sticking to kickboxing fundamentals, but needs to work at not getting jammed into the cage and avoiding entries. Did better towards end when realised opponent had no power and started walking down more.

    R1 10-9c R2 10-9 R3 10-9 (30-27)
  250. 249

    Cody "The Pfist" Pfister
    Cody Pfister
    "The Pfist"  |  16-9-1
    OVR - 7

    1990 - USA

    DS - Rough night at the office, taken down pretty easily, got mounted, escaped back once but immediately swept and smashed with GNP.
  251. 250

    Myles "Magic" Price
    Myles Price
    "Magic"  |  11-8-0
    OVR - 7

    1988 - Ireland

    AP - Puts self on bottom with terrible shot. Looked for angles but not close to getting them, got on top when opponent went too high but got immediately triangled.
  252. 251

    Angel "Pasha" Rodriguez
    Angel Rodriguez
    "Pasha"  |  10-7-0
    OVR - 7

    1986 - Mexico

    PS - Pretty wild and unorthadox on his feet. Lot of movement and pretty big shots, spinny **** and lunging hooks. Went for kimura that wasn't there and lost back to throw away round. R1 9-10 Wild and energetic on feet, but looks to lack on ground a bit. Taken down a bit easily by double leg. R2 9-10 Taking shots and keeps coming despite badly swollen eye. Hit with knee and GNP but questionable stoppage.
  253. 252

    Josh Streacker
    Josh Streacker
    OVR - 7

    1992 - USA

    Weird style, leans forward and bobs head slowly with hands down. Uses spin attacks but a bit telegraphed and not that powerful, does wrestle a bit.

    MJ - Telegraphing spins a bit, throws off other strikes but transition slow. Leans forward with chin in the air and hands down. Getting hit with leg kicks. Caught opp trying to get up against cage and unloaded, thought had KO in wild exchange but opp okay. Wild when thinks has opp hurt. R1 10-9 Half decent shot, tries to take back, falls off but catches choke attempt on way down, not really tight and loses position. Not really picking up on opp constantly throwing kick from right side. Looking a little tired to me. R2 10-9 Times a decent counter to knock opp down, maybe all the slow lunging does lure people in. Tries trip takedowns mainly. Lower output this round and mostly avg shots. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  254. 253

    Darren "D-Day" Whitney
    Darren Whitney
    "D-Day"  |  4-0-0
    OVR - 7

    1990 - USA

    JC - Double leg against cage, wraps up RNC without any hooks, must have a good squeeze.
  255. 254

    Austin "Starkiller" Wourms
    Austin Wourms
    "Starkiller"  |  5-3-0
    OVR - 7

    1995 - USA

    Swings wildly without defending on feet, good sub grappler on bottom, active guard, throws up subs, gets them with nice transitions.

    JJ - Hurt in wild brawl bu opp who hit harder than him, good guard, uses to escape GNP, went for kimura from back, switched to armbar, got tap.

    Subs from guard - 7
  256. 255

    Charles Cheeks III
    Charles Cheeks III
    OVR - 6

    1988 - USA

    AC - Struggling to avoid being tripped in the clinch but doing a nice job getting up against the cage. Having problem with lanky opponent constantly putting offence in his face. R1 9-10 Same issues as before, does briefly get pissed off and go on a flurry, but length of opponent too much for him and couldn't get respect to get own forward pressure going.
  257. 256

    Guilherme "Senegal" dos Santos
    Guilherme dos Santos
    "Senegal"  |  6-3-0
    OVR - 6

    1993 - Brazil

    CC - Missed weight by 8lbs. Looks to have some pop in exchanges and decent takedowns from back, sags opponent back to mount pretty well, seemed to hurt foot and overwhelemd and knocked out by extremely aggressive opponent.
  258. 257

    Jose "Tiro Loco" Ferreira
    Jose Ferreira
    "Tiro Loco"  |  8-0-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 6

    1998 - Chile

    CG - Nice body lock trip. Top control doesn't look amazing, little bit off with hips. Worked crucifix okay but could have held it better. Like the way throws knees to body in side control. Opponent came up into darce but was a bit of a can.
  259. 258

    Josh "Hook On" Harvey
    Josh Harvey
    "Hook On"  |  8-2-1
    OVR - 6

    1990 - USA

    AE - Missed weight by 11lbs, Struggled with D2 All American. Put on back regularly, fairly aggressive off back which did create space and went for some decent scramble attempts but this opponent too good on top. Arm triangled.
  260. 259

    Ago "The Bosnian Dragon" Huskić
    Ago Huskić
    "The Bosnian Dragon"  |  8-4-0
    OVR - 6

    1994 - USA

    IC - Spams kicks a little bit, not always set up. Looks a little bit slow. Eating repetitive hooks and taken down a bit easily. R1 9-10 Clear power disadvantage, does get TD and back take towards EOR. R2 9-10 Tough and keeps trying but seems to lack physical attributes to succeed at a decent level. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  261. 260

    Jacobi "Big Toe" Jones
    Jacobi Jones
    "Big Toe"  |  3-1-0
    OVR - 6

    1996 - USA

    Wild brawler on feet, has power.

    AW - Wild slugger on feet, does have power, dropped opp, looked for arm triangle. Cracked opp as he got up. Opp used kimura to armbar to get sub on him. Very nice transition in his defence
  262. 261

    "The Infamous" Marshal Kemp
    Marshal Kemp
    "The Infamous"  |  4-1-0
    OVR - 6

    1998 - USA

    Active sub hunting grappler who sometimes rushes positions. Questionable cardio

    KB - Landing LK's pretty well, opp tries to grapple, takes back in scramble. Floating position fine ends up mount, swept but sweeps straight back through, kim trap back to back. Opp turns over, needs to settle on top more. Chin looks a bit high when throwing. Throws a kind of lazy front kick. Throw reversed and ends up bottom. Drops for gilly and turns into anaconda but opp defended well, actively sub hunting. R1 10-9 Good at using gilly to sweep on top. Rushed back take and reversed. Struggles to get off back, trying scrambles but not really using basics, turtling or trying to move to cage, eventually sweeps but right into triangle. Very, very close to being finished with armbar, not sure how survived that. R2 9-10 Gassing a bit and eating some shots, ending up on bottom when sweeps, opp makes a couple of bad decisions and gets given top position. Holding position better but does eventually fall off back, taken down, getting very tired. Opp finishes on top mount with GNP R3 9-10 (28-29)
  263. 262

    Kieran Lister
    Kieran Lister
    OVR - 6

    1993 - England

    JQ - Good at holding back position once there but jumps onto it too quickly sometimes and loses it. Not interested in striking, looking for opportunities to clinch and shoot. Tired self out doing so in this one and started to fade badly. Ended up on bottom and had nothing there when tired, getting pounded, had hips followed, flattened out and finished.

    R1 10-9 R2 9-10 R3 L
  264. 263

    Bahromjon Mashrapov
    Bahromjon Mashrapov
    OVR - 6

    EE - Bit lungy, decent scramble, tried tpole armbar on back. Stifled with BG for SU. Good scrambling but can't establish decent pos with it. Immediately scrambles every time gets mounted. R1 9-10 Scrambles to back well, keeps for a while, loses in multi pos scramble. Trying kim sweeps/traps from bottom, is trying to make stuff happen but not much success R2 9-10 Same stuff happens in R3 9-10 (27-30)
  265. 264

    Zach "God's Warrior" Zane
    Zach Zane
    "God's Warrior"  |  15-12-0
    OVR - 6

    1989 - USA

    Doesn't manage energy very well, doesn't check leg kicks.

    LR - Getting ragdolled down a bit but doing a good job getting back up. Good effort at kimura which force opp to roll and bail. Sloppy on single leg attempt and gets ninja choked.

    GF -BK's working ok, lot of early flashy stuff that isn't landing. Getting hit by leg kicks. Can be drawn into wild slinging exchanges. R1 10-9c. TD atts look half arsed. Slwoing down afer LK's and big early offence. Basically stopped by LK's

    LP - Decent powerful double leg but immediately triangled.
  266. 265

    Reynaldo "Tiki" Acevedo
    Reynaldo Acevedo
    "Tiki"  |  9-4-0
    OVR - 5

    1987 - Dominican Republic

    LQ - Seems to have some pop, but throws one at a time. Favours big hooks and leg kicks. Tired badly in this fight which probably related to winging big hooks so much. Takedown defence not good when opponent gets a decent entry. Power seemed to go as fight went on and ran out of steam and got finished. Backs into cage with high hands too much which allows people to get in and wrestle.

    R1 10-9 R2 9-10 R3 L
  267. 266

    Niklas "King in the North" Bäckström
    Niklas Bäckström
    "King in the North"  |  11-4-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 5

    SR - Not throwing enough and getting countered when does throw so feinting not working R1 9-10 2nd exactly the same, just not active at all. R2 9-10 Does nothing all fight and then decides he wants to bang it out at the end and gets a bit hurt R3 9-10 (27-30)
  268. 267

    Jay "The Mellow Fellow" Cucciniello
    Jay Cucciniello
    "The Mellow Fellow"  |  8-3-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 5

    1986 - England

    JB - Trying to put pressure on early but not really being convincing with it. Loses centre, seems to be getting hurt, panic shot gets nowhere. Doesn't look like has power to keep opp off him. Not getting anywhere near with shots, punches look soft, ends up turtling off a failed shot and getting GNP'd for finish. Looked very small at LW.
  269. 268

    Dimps Gillies
    Dimps Gillies
    OVR - 5

    1993 - Australia

    JK - Awkard movement on feet, dips head a lot, quite hard to figure out. Rolls well with punches well and absorbs big brawling attack from opponent to drop towards end of round. R1 10-9 Good cardio, keeps moving and throwing, not easy to hit clean and varying up attacks pretty well. R2 10-9 Gets drawn into absolute wild brawl at end of fight, drops opponent right at end. Solid chin. R3 10-9 (30-27)
  270. 269

    Kegan "Machine Gun" Gennrich
    Kegan Gennrich
    "Machine Gun"  |  4-2-0
    OVR - 5

    1994 - USA

    AL - Tall for division, landing body kicks okay. Weird attempt to jump back puts self on bottom. Pretty strong pick up. R1 9-10c Strong with pick ups but doesn't do a good job establishing control. Long legs for body triangle if can get there. Getting arm under chin but struggling to finish. Wrestling looking powerful and good. R2 10-9 Did get in brief gilly trouble, could be an issue against someone good at it. Happy to ride on top. R3 10-9 (29-28)
  271. 270

    Bogdan Grad
    Bogdan Grad
    OVR - 5

    1996 - Austria

    DT - Good forward pressure, throwing a lot of leg kicks, forcing opponent back. Good sprawl on shot, pretty heavy on top. Very aggressive with GNP when opponent in turtle. KO's opponent with vicious GNP from leg smash position.
  272. 271

    Gavin "Big Tasty" Hughes
    Gavin Hughes
    "Big Tasty"  |  10-3-0
    OVR - 5

    1987 - England

    YL - Dealing with fast start from athletic opponent, landing the odd counter right, hands relatively tight. Blasted with a couple of body kicks and finished.
  273. 272

    Francesco "Blessed Warrior" Moricca
    Francesco Moricca
    "Blessed Warrior"  |  9-7-1
    OVR - 5

    FM - Quite low guard, sits back on fence a bit casually. Shots don't seem to have much impact when he lands them, lacks head movement and wobbled. Throws combos in same patterns and looks a bit panicy. Seems to think backing up against cage and eating punches is a good idea. Still throwing back when really hurt, lacks co-ordination. Stumbles off drunk when hurt but re-sets. Somehow survives round R1 8-10 Hands low without head movement, game as **** tbf. Eventually finished after eating about a million shots.

    Head movement - 2
  274. 273

    Ivan "El Muchacho Alegre" Perez
    Ivan Perez
    "El Muchacho Alegre"  |  9-7-0
    OVR - 5

    1984 - Mexico

    FA - Pressure fighting, pushing forward with jabs and overhands. Unleashing with hooks, good one to body. Easy GNP finish.
  275. 274

    Ryan Rizco
    Ryan Rizco
    OVR - 5

    1993 - USA

    Good double leg once has connection, especially against the cage. Pretty solid in top half guard when chipping away. Just about held onto back when opponent turned out of mount. Silly decision to go for guillotine from top control cost first round, didn't look good on back, ate loads of GNP when tried to create space. Doesn't look anything special on feet, was eating shots before able to get contact. Could be more active with ground and pound.

    R1 9-10 R2 10-9 R3 10-9c (29-28)
  276. 275

    Karol "Bomby" Ryšavý
    Karol Ryšavý
    "Bomby"  |  10-4-0
    OVR - 5


    LK - Tough fight to judge him on, couldn't deal with pressure of LK at all and pretty much got beaten from pillar to post in a mismatch.
  277. 276

    Krisztián Simon
    Krisztián Simon
    OVR - 5


    MK - Nice overhand into double leg. Passing using ground and pound but didn't control hips. Defended BL TD pretty well. Took whizzer defending against cage. Shoots in open mat. Okay at collecting leg and turning corner. Hangs onto leg at all costs, even when eating strikes. Determined but sloppy, wins some scrambles on hard work. Lost close decision
  278. 277

    Wilson "The Prototype" Varela
    Wilson Varela
    "The Prototype"  |  6-3-0
    OVR - 5

    1995 - France

    MK - Walks into shot and gets dropped badly and eats loads of GNP but manages to survive. Gets tripped. Trying to turtle to get up against fence. R1 8-10 Looks pretty tidy on feet but seems to have a shaky chin. Dropped again and finished.
  279. 278

    Manolo "Angelo Veneziano" Zecchini
    Manolo Zecchini
    "Angelo Veneziano"  |  10-3-0
    OVR - 5

    1996 - Italy

    KS - Good job fending off initial TDA against cage, had to work hard to stay up. Caught with shot when thought opp shooting. Trying to enter leg and eating GNP. Not defending TD's as well towards EOR, getting back up okay though. Pulls opp on top of him. R1 9-10 Taken down when overthrew. Not as able to get up, stuck under for entire round. R2 8-10 Dominating grappling again but seems to tire at the end and nearly gets knocked out. R3 9-10 (26-30)
  280. 279

    Magomed Aliev
    Magomed Aliev
    OVR - 4

    1998 - Russia

    SM - Likes overhand. Decent early SL but loses scramble and turtles up. Can't make granby work. Struggled to get off fence. Shoots without setting things up too much. R1 9-10 TD's are pretty ineffective against this opp, fence grabber. Can't stop TD's when opp shoots. Scrambling back to feet quite well when taken down. R2 9-10 Doesn't seem to have a plan b with wrestling not working. Got wore out and stopped with shots against fence.
  281. 280

    Agshin "Warrior" Babaev
    Agshin Babaev
    "Warrior"  |  22-7-0, 2 NC
    OVR - 4

    Azerbaijan - 1986

    HK -Struggling a little bit with speed and range of opp. Rocked by OH, opp rushes finish and able to recover. Manages to land a couple of solid counters. LK's okay. R1 9-10 Gets low blowed for no contest
  282. 281

    B.J. "Quicksand" Bland
    B.J. Bland
    "Quicksand"  |  16-11-0
    OVR - 4

    1989 - New Zealand

    DF -Being pushed back a little bit,trying to counter with body kicks. Caught and KO'd with big uppercut.
  283. 282

    Nainoa "The Baby Faced Assassin" Dung
    Nainoa Dung
    "The Baby Faced Assassin"  |  4-3-0
    OVR - 4

    1999 - USA

    LG - Trying to throw leg kicks on outside. Catches opponent stepping into jab and drops, good knee but opponent able to wrestle, got too close. Dragged down against cage without too much resistance. Stuck on bottom a bit against good hip pressure, not really trying to turtle or anything. R1 9-10 Too upright defending single. Okay at trying to reguard but nothing offensively or in terms of getting up and not defending GNP too well. R2 8-10 TDD sucks, tough and might have a bit of pop but that's about it. Given top control by opponent, too loose with it. R3 9-10 (26-30)
  284. 283

    Miroslav Dushnyuk
    Miroslav Dushnyuk
    OVR - 4

    1996 - Ukraine

    RS - Opp pulled almost mount, swept too easily. Trying kimura from bottom half., forgets to stop being mounted. Goes for knee bar in leg exchange but doesn't really look close to me. R1 9-10 Taken down quite easily early 2nd and finished with arm triangle.
  285. 284

    Rolando "The Incredible" Dy
    Rolando Dy
    "The Incredible"  |  14-12-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 4

    1991 - Philippines

    HTO - Steps in with hook pretty well, having issues with jab. Landing decent leg kicks. Caught in exchange and loses back straight away and tapped.
  286. 285

    Carson Frei
    Carson Frei
    OVR - 4

    1994 - USA

    BM - Struggling to deal with speed and aggressiveness standing. Desperately wants to grapple, fails first couple of attempts but does manage to jam and scramble to back, can't hold. Wobbled by hook, getting hit loads by leg kicks. Miles behind on feet. R1 9-10 Ate too many leg kicks, trying to turn into cage. Not able to get opp down. R2 9-10 Dropped by RH but staying in there, tough dude. Opp smartly picks apart and gets finished with uppercut.
  287. 286

    Eddy George
    Eddy George
    OVR - 4

    1991 - USA

    Looks pretty stiff in stand up and power doesn't look great. Gameplan seems to be to jam against cage and keep trying to drag down. Opponent not really savvy to entries so getting lots of attempts. 2nd and 3rd round gets a lot of top control time without doing much with it.

    R1 10-9 R2 10-9 R3 10-9 (30-27)
  288. 287

    Miguel Jacob
    Miguel Jacob
    OVR - 4

    1997 - Brazil

    Mostly right leg, kicks to body and legs. Tends to throw one or two at a time.

    JS - Decent right kick to body and legs. Nice spinning bakfist attempt. Tried to get back up without defending strikes and ate a lot of shots doing it. Survived wild exchange and got it back together. R1 9-10 Kind of predictable in right kicks, does land them on this opp. Taken down, ends up on top from failed back take, can't hold down but not sure was trying too hard. All kicks with occasional SBF on feet again R2 9-10 Would do better if threw longer combos. Countered because doesn't set things up and dropped.R3 9-10 (27-30)
  289. 288

    Darragh Kelly
    Darragh Kelly
    OVR - 4

    1998 - Ireland

    JM - Leg kicks, pressure into shot. Solid top pressure and takes easy gilly choke.
  290. 289

    Josh "Kamikaze" Kuhne
    Josh Kuhne
    "Kamikaze"  |  3-1-0
    OVR - 4

    1991 - Australia

    DG - Bomb chucking brawler, just throws big hooks, no real regard to defence, has power but a KO waiting to happen against a good counter strike, dropped towards end of round. R1 9-10 Throws everything 100% not very technical but tough and keeps throwing. R2 9-10 Utter wild brawl at the end, cardio to keep chucking, gets dropped at end. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  291. 290

    Karol Kutyła
    Karol Kutyła
    OVR - 4

    1996 - Poland

    RP - Getting double legs well, especially against the cage but struggling to control on the ground. Striking is pretty fundamentally normal, doesn't seem to have much power, throws a lot of leg kicks. Got knocked down by big 1-2 down middle, survived due to opponent being bad at grappling. Output was okay but lack of power is a problem.

    R1 9-10c R2 9-10 R3 9-10 (27-30)
  292. 291

    "The Quiet Man" Dylan Mantello
    Dylan Mantello
    "The Quiet Man"  |  4-2-0
    OVR - 4

    1992 - USA

    A bit slow, likes to work behind jab. Good get ups.

    AC - Trying to work behind fairly slow jab. Doesn't look like throws very har.d Opp a bit faster and catching when closes dist. Straight up when taken down. R1 9-10 Getting caught a bit by hooks and buzzed a bit. Much slower than opp. Good urgent get ups. R2 9-10 Same deal 3rd, keeps trying. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  293. 292

    Shamil Mutalimov
    Shamil Mutalimov
    OVR - 4

    - Russia

    AM - Trying to blitz in with hooks, tries BFH on bottom, also tries gilly. Trying to scramble on bottom but opp too good. Doing a decent job at defending but in with uber prospect. Trying to get opp off back and might have worked against less of a beast. R1 8-10 Trying best again in 2nd but just dominated and smashed and mount triangled to sleep by absolute killer.
  294. 293

    Michael "SNIPER" Pagani
    Michael Pagani
    "SNIPER"  |  4-0-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 4

    1998 - Italy

    GR - Stronger than opp in clinch but didn't get near TD. Taken down pretty easily but got back up again after a little bit. Seems a bit reactive. R1 9-10FF Got gifted top position off a slip but swept pretty easily. Continued fighting after illegal knee when could have taken DQ. Started to brawl more after that and started doing better, hit a flying knee and some lunging shots R2 10-8 Eating shots as opp put pressure on, but nice reactive level change. Doesn't do much damage on top. Kneed on ground again. R3 9-9 (28-27) Would probably have lost were it not for point deductions.

    JO - Getting stuck against fence a lot, not disengaging when manages to turn back. Pretty average on back, not really able to generate any escapes. R1 9-10 Does better job staying on feet in 2nd, striking a little pushed but finds spinning back kick to body for finish.
  295. 294

    Isai Ramos
    Isai Ramos
    OVR - 4

    2001 - Brazil

    AO - Telegraphs takedown attempts a bit, striking a bit clumsy. Physically able to move opp about in clinch. Looks pretty heavy on top, fairly active with poppy GNP. R1 10-9 Sometimes reaches both hands out when opp throwing at him. Looks to do damage from all angles on the ground. Takes back and gets RNC finish, potential but needs to work on that stand up.
  296. 295

    Gianluca "Django" Rocca
    Gianluca Rocca
    "Django"  |  6-2-0
    OVR - 4

    Aggressive, throws hard and fast, chin out there (KO waiting to happen), falls into clinch a lot. A bit ********.

    MP - Reasonably fast hands which seem to have respectable pop, coming forward aggressive but a bit wild, leaves kicks hanging too long to be caught. Weaker than opp in clinch but no real threat of being taken down. Hit okay double leg and did Khabib legs with bit of GNP, rushes forward with combos with chin out a bit. R1 10-9 Lost balance and accepted bottom pos far too easily w/o scramble. Got sweep with kimura so maybe planned? Threw stupid illegal knee lost point. Does weird toe punts in clinch which seem more likely to break own toes than do damage. Gets turned in clinch but way he flies forward makes it hard to avoid it. Hit by flying knee and other shots, chin out there. R2 8-10F All lunging 1/2s, landing some decent ones, but overcommits and gets taken down. Plays high guard but a bit obviously, got stood up and threw another illegal knee and lost another point lol. R3 9-9 (27-28)

    Speed - 6
    Discipline - 3
    Distance Management - 3
  297. 296

    Tatsuya "Yanbo" Saika
    Tatsuya Saika
    "Yanbo"  |  7-3-0
    OVR - 4

    1990 - Japan

    KE - Absolutely no idea on the ground and very poor takedown defence. Looks like has pop on feet but too aggressive and gets taken down too easily, at which point very out of depth.

    R1 9-10 R2 L
  298. 297

    Sebas Santana Guedes
    Sebas Santana Guedes
    8-5-1, 1 NC
    OVR - 4

    1995 - Spain

    CP - Pressured into cage and hit with body lock takedown. Gives up back but gets out okay. Opponent gives top position through guillotine. Body lock take down but hook swept straight away. R1 9-10 Pretty good at defending back, survives a long time with opponent there. R2 9-10 Not the best at scrambling, losing positions where doesn't need to. Jumps on back stupidly and falls off. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  299. 298

    Oskar Szczepaniak
    Oskar Szczepaniak
    OVR - 4

    1999 - Poland

    Doesn't do a good job getting off the cage.

    YL - Jab looks okay, allowing entries against cage a bit too easily but strong with whizzer. Spent too much time getting jammed. R1 9-10 Landing when getting space but needs to work on moving off cage effectively. R2 9-10c Not really doing a good job getting out of the way of some quite slow strikes. Still getting jammed, quite green. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  300. 299

    Daniel "Danger" Vega
    Daniel Vega
    "Danger"  |  12-7-1
    OVR - 4

    Mexico - 1992

    BC - Not much standing, not much in the way of TDD, avoiding damage okay in guard. Popped up well when opp got to mount. R1 9-10 Keeps getting taken down with same BLT. Gives back turtling, able to create scramble turning in, looks better pushing fwd but double legged. R2 9-10 Stifled in the same way, can't get into this fight. R3 8-10 (26-30)
  301. 300

    James "All Might" Wilson
    James Wilson
    "All Might"  |  4-1-0
    OVR - 4

    1993 - USA

    All American wrestler training at Kings MMA. Striking usual overhands, not that active with GNP.

    AH - On defensive in striking, gets TD when goes for it. Struggling initially with active guard and strikes from back of opp. Can't pass guard. R1 9-10 Getting crushed by much better striker on feet, shoots for SL. Gets BD eventually. Doesn't really do anything on top. R2 9-10 Hanging onto SL for ages in 3rd and not getting anywhere with it. Fighting through cut and hard fight so pretty tough. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  302. 301

    Xusanboy Atabayev
    Xusanboy Atabayev
    OVR - 3

    Low output, seems to want to survive rather than try to win against decent comp

    AC - Throws everything with 100% power, all big hooks and leg kicks, got taken down first attempt, gave up back and got choked out. No clue on the ground.

    DS - Back pedalling not really doing much, occasionally throwing some hooks. Taken down with SL at EOR and gives up back turtling. R1 9-10 Very low output, mostly running and rarely engaging. Not really committing to strikes when does throw them sometimes. Gets wobbled but briefly gets SL when hurt although doesn't establish any control. R2 9-10 Taken down by BL, eventually loses back and focuses on surviving. R3 9-10 (27-30)

    Output - 2
  303. 302

    Mikail Bayram
    Mikail Bayram
    OVR - 3

    Gave up back too easily and had substandard TDD. Didn't move enough to avoid being trapped against cage.

    Choke defence - 3
    TDD - 3
    Giving up back - 2
  304. 303

    Benjamin "El Skeletto" Brander
    Benjamin Brander
    "El Skeletto"  |  13-9-0
    OVR - 3

    1987 - Switzerland

    DG - Slow to react in grappling, hands on to legs for too long when nothing is there. Leaves neck in bad positions, flops to back quite easily. Looks weak. R1 8-10 Looks like trying to survive rather than win but gets stuck in crucifix anyway, very poor.
  305. 304

    Dennis "DJ" Hughes
    Dennis Hughes
    "DJ"  |  7-4-0
    OVR - 3

    Seems to be a wrestler with terrible TDD.

    YA - Chasing wrestling, gets DL agains tcage but opp straight back up. Jams but gets tripped himself. Taking standing GNP.Battling to stand up but opp seems stronger, walking into punches a bit. R1 9-10 Trying to grind with wrestling but not having much success, rushed back attempt, keeps ending up on bottom when does engage. R2 9-10 Doing a better job standing with forward pressure. Struggling with strong BL of opp and being dragged, down. Doesn't seem to be able to defend takedowns himself. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  306. 305

    Vasily Kozlov
    Vasily Kozlov
    OVR - 3

    1998 - Russia

    HA - Cage jammer, not really looking for progress early. Took reactive S/L got lifting leg high but not great finish. Sags and jams when opp tries to GU. R1 10-9 Better SL entry early TD, sticking to opp well enough. Hands look slow in stand up, entries okay but finishes not great and struggles to hold down. Gives up TP off bad TD att and doesn't look much there. R2 9-10 Flattened by knee entering TD.
  307. 306

    Austin "Funkyburd" Lutchen
    Austin Lutchen
    "Funkyburd"  |  5-2-0
    OVR - 3

    1993 - USA

    KG - Pretty taggable. Kind of lulls then goes, slightly weird timing. Gets on top when opponent makes stupid back jump attempt. Went for choke over securing position and lost. Rolled through for leg when taken down. R1 10-9c Sprawl no good, being picked up easily. Lost back, struggling against long body triangle, but pretty dogged defending choke even when under chin. Backs up into cage. R2 9-10 Trying guillotines but tired. Ends up in bad positions sometimes due to own scrambling. Looks vulnerable to arm triangle. R3 9-10 (28-29)
  308. 307

    Michael "Mike" Murphy
    Michael Murphy
    "Mike"  |  Am 0-1-0
    OVR - 3

    1987 - USA

    RR - Pretty scrappy but lacks takedown defence. Got top position when escaped guillotine and did have good GNP but probably wouldn't have got it without bad decision from opponent. Will give back to get out of mount. Very vulnerable to double leg against fence. Working hard to get back to feet in 3rd so cardio pretty good.

    R1 10-9 R2 9-10 R3 9-10c (28-29)
  309. 308

    Vadim Ogar
    Vadim Ogar
    OVR 3

    CC - Getting picked apart early by leg kicks on feet, presses into range. Can't get down in clinch, good entry to dbl let but can't finish. Gets caught by straight shots and badly hurt, really good heart to try and survive by grabbing onto legs and keeping moving. Back to feet and manages to catch a leg and make it out of the round. R1 8-10. Finished early in the 2nd.

    Heart - 7
    Striking defence - 4
  310. 309

    Adam Shelley
    Adam Shelley
    OVR - 3


    SH - Hard to judge, opponent no interest in standing and keeps pulling half guard and going deep half. Taking advantage of it well by throwing good GNP with punches and elbows whenever opponent puts themself in stupid position. Stayed safe in guard but didn't throw much. Very tall karate stance and looks pretty easy to enter on. Threw body kicks and got taken down when that's all opponent wanted to do which was pretty dim.

    R1 10-8 R2 W
  311. 310

    Rafael "Sonic" Silva
    Rafael Silva
    "Sonic"  |  7-7-0
    OVR - 3


    JP - Taken down, spends rest of the round giving and taking back, held it for longer. R1 10-9 Slightly quicker to react in scrambles than opponent, although opponent reacting slowly. Should have seen armbar coming as opponent had already tried it a lot.
  312. 311

    Joe "The Ninjin" Boerschig
    Joe Boerschig
    "The Ninjin"  |  6-5-0
    OVR - 2

    1989 - USA

    NS - Running in for TDs, Strikes pushed. Out of there with first combo opp threw, too slow.
  313. 312

    Kelvin "The Honorable" Bowen
    Kelvin Bowen
    "The Honorable"  |  1-1-1
    OVR - 2

    1993 - USA

    RL - Wrestle****** by very good wrestler, got up a couple of times which might have worked against lower quality. R1 -10 Same round 2, stopped, difficult to judge against this opponent really.
  314. 313

    Emiliano "Corey" Calderon
    Emiliano Calderon
    "Corey"  |  1-2-0, 1 NC
    OVR - 2

    1994 - Argentina

    EG - Mostly held up against cage, defence worked okay early but wore down as fight went on as did stand ups. Didn't really take a lot of damage or come close to being finished but wasn't aware enough of entries against cage.

    R1 9-10 R2 9-10 R3 9-10 (27-30)
  315. 314

    Boule Godogo
    Boule Godogo
    OVR - 2

    2002 - South Africa

    RS - Awful level of opponent. Doesn't seem to want to strike, getting double leg every time he shoots but opponent has terrible TDD. Okay positionally on the mat but doesn't do much damage. GNP looks kind of soft. Took back and mount a few times, did allow opponent leg entry by silly cage walk up. Looked very gassed at the end of the 2nd but opponent even more gassed. Decided to take a DQ when given the opportunity

    R1 10-9 R2 10-9 R3 W
  316. 315

    Matt "5150" Mooney
    Matt Mooney
    "5150"  |  6-3-0
    OVR - 2

    AC - Charges forward with spazzy combos. Throwing hard but not setting up, bad shot, drops to guard and eats GNP, looks for subs initially, but didn't like the GNP and turned away to get stopped.
  317. 316

    Junior Morgan
    Junior Morgan
    OVR - 2

    1986 - England

    DK - Taken down pretty easily, stuck on bottom, left neck out and got choked
  318. 317

    El Hadji "Gaindeh" Ndiaye
    El Hadji Ndiaye
    "Gaindeh"  |  4-1-0
    OVR - 2

    1992 - Senegal

    AC - Drawn straight into firefight and KOd.
  319. 318

    Joshua "Flash" Onwordi
    Joshua Onwordi
    "Flash"  |  2-4-0, 2 NC
    OVR - 2


    MP - Pretty basic clinch, jam against cage to trip game, takes a lot of cage jamming to get opponent down but does eventually, solid enough on top when does. R1 10-9 Doesn't seem to have anything on feet, folded by spinning back kick.
  320. 319

    Lian Pantaleon
    Lian Pantaleon
    OVR - 2

    HB - Trying to clinch against cage, not as strong but holding okay, getting kneed though. Punches in breaks are rushed ones to try and get to another clinch. Ends up on back. R1 9-10 Jammed for ages and taken down, losing wrestling to HB not a great sign. R2 9-10 Outwrestled again. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  321. 320

    Sayed Murtaza "Warrior" Sadat
    Sayed Murtaza Sadat
    "Warrior"  |  4-1-0
    OVR - 2

    1996 - Afghanistan

    KM - Sitting back, doesn't react fast enough to opp coming in against cage. Doesn't really look like getting off his back. BJJ doesn't look to be there. Arm triangled and tapped.
  322. 321

    Corey "Lightning Wolf" Samuels
    Corey Samuels
    "Lightning Wolf"  |  3-3-0
    OVR - 2

    1988 - USA

    Fairly athletic, looks like he enjoys being the hammer but really doesn't enjoy being the nail.

    JM - Quite fast, putting decent variety of offence out there early. Gets a bit excited, starts eating shots to body and folds at first sign of adversity.

    Heart - 2
  323. 322

    David Tečer
    David Tečer
    OVR - 2

    1997 - Serbia

    BG - Being pushed back and eating too many leg kicks. Tried to shoot to change things up, decent entry but got sprawled on, had one respectable kimura attempt from bottom but beaten up other than that and finished with massive GNP from leg ride.
  324. 323

    Fernando "Samurai" Arevalo
    Fernando Arevalo
    "Samurai"  |  5-10-0
    OVR - 1

    1991 - Mexico

    IP - Ok leg kick to start, pushed back and folder pretty easily.
  325. 324

    Christian "Bull Kong" Alquinga Castro
    Christian Alquinga Castro
    "Bull Kong"  |  4-1-0
    OVR - 1

    Seemed to panic in step up in competition against veteran opponent, got himself into a firefight which he promptly lost.

    Fight IQ - 3
    Head movement - 3
    Composure - 2
  326. 325

    Claiton "Mestre Submission" Crovatto
    Claiton Crovatto
    "Mestre Submission"  |  5-3-0
    OVR - 1

    MK - Smashed up pretty badly in this one, did manage one good getup but ate knees in clinch, had back taken and choked out easily.
  327. 326

    Dean "The Hammer" Hancock
    Dean Hancock
    "The Hammer"  |  4-5-0
    OVR - 1

    1990 - USA

    ZK - Steady fwd press early, working with LKs. Missing lots of jabs, jamming, finding opp hard to takedown but more opp, decent atts. Eating jabs and losing fwd mom. Shorter than opp and being hit at range. R1 9-10 Getting pieced up at range, takes a while to try and shoot, needs to try and chain those together more as only chance at winning. R2 9-10 Same deal 3rd. R3 9-10 (27-30)
  328. 327

    Josh "The Hitman" Hardy
    Josh Hardy
    "The Hitman"  |  1-3-0
    OVR - 1

    1999 - USA

    CM - Falls over throwing a spin kick, gives back and gets choked out.
  329. 328

    Steven "Clocky T" Hooper
    Steven Hooper
    "Clocky T"  |  5-5-0
    OVR - 1

    1991 - England

    AS - Kept literally running into opponent desperately lunging arms out to grapple. No interest at all in striking. Kept ending up pulling half guard, even if opponent got on top, would rather pull half guard than end up in a clinch against the cage. Kept going for deep half and getting beaten up for it. Stopped by putting himself in a bad position. Should stick to grappling competitions probably.

    R1 8-10 R2 L
  330. 329

    Pablo Moura
    Pablo Moura
    OVR - 1

    Not sure why this dude doesn't just do BJJ comps

    JS - Shoots TD, goes straight to bad leg entry. Back to SL, happy to fall to back. Doesn't seem interested in feet at all. Keeps pulling guard, hurt by big OH. R1 8-10 awful so far. Literally dropping to knees and falling to back to avoid striking. Wasn't interested in actually fighting.
  331. 330

    Ariclenes Oliveira
    Ariclenes Oliveira
    OVR - 1

    IR - Didn't make much of an attempt to get off back once taken down, happy to get back to guard and try and hold on. R1 9-10 Shot on grappler for some reason.
  332. 331

    "The Kerala Krusher" Rahul Raju
    Rahul Raju
    "The Kerala Krusher"  |  8-7-0
    OVR - 1

    1992 - India

    DZ - Little bit uncontrolled with his takedowns, knocked out by a flyweight.
  333. 332

    Robert "Black Tiger" Simbowe
    Robert Simbowe
    "Black Tiger"  |  2-5-0
    OVR - 0

    1987 - Zambia

    BG - No takedown defence whatsoever, taken down literally every time opponent shot. Looking for angles on back but not finding openings. Gives up back and mount frequently. Does have a walk up the cage escape he gets to work a couple of times but probably wouldn't work on anyone decent. Very gassed and doesn't seem to know the rules, lost by DQ for a 12-6 elbow to the back of the head.

    R1 9-10 R2 9-10 R3 L
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