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  1. 1

    Islam Makhachev
    Islam Makhachev
    1991 - Russia - UFC Champion

    Not as dominant as Khabib used to be but the couple of times he's been dragged into deep waters he's toughed it out and come through with the win. Mixes striking with his wrestling beautifully and whether it's because his striking is that good or whether it's because of the threat of the takedown he's capable of mixing it on the feet with high level strikers now. He's also started using knees in the clinch really well although the way he goes for the Thai plum to deliver them does leave him a little open to body punches.

    Grappling is obviously top class, brilliant from the Khabib position where they look to slide a hook in between the opponent and the fence. Great at taking the back and attacks constantly with subs too, also very good at using ground and pound from any position to open things up. Absolutely insane squeeze when he gets a choke locked up, makes legit BJJ black belts tap extremely quickly. Utter nightmare on the mat.
  2. 2

    Arman "Ahalkalakets" Tsarukyan
    Arman Tsarukyan
    1996 - Armenia - UFC

    Very hard working and seems to be consistently improving at a rapid rate of development. Seems to have all the intangibles you want in a fighter, chin is there, desire to fight out of deep subs, great cardio and workrate. Add that in to really good grappling and wrestling and vastly improved striking and you've got yourself a problem.
  3. 3

    Charles "do Bronx" Oliveira
    Charles Oliveira
    "do Bronx"
    34-10-0, 1 NC
    1989 - Brazil - UFC

    Former UFC champ still has it for me. Striking very improved offensively, sits down on punches well and connects hard. Defence not quite to the same standard and can be tagged. One of the most ruthless sub artists ever on the ground, dangerous guard but that does seem to be able to be negated to an extent by people who are really solid on top although even then he tends to have his highly threatening moments.
  4. 4

    Eduard "Lionheart" Vartanyan
    Eduard Vartanyan
    1991 - Russia - Nashe Delo
  5. 5

    Max "Blessed" Holloway
    Max Holloway
    1991 - USA - UFC

    Looked superb in step up to 155. Looks unstoppable in general against anyone not called Alex Volkanovski. Just insane levels of output and with accurate striking it's so hard to keep up with. Obviously the master of the point to the ground 10 second war. Not sure if he's going to fight much at 155 going forward but he seems to have a future at the top end of the division if he wants it.
  6. 6

    Justin "The Highlight" Gaethje
    Justin Gaethje
    "The Highlight"
    1988 - USA - UFC

    Former interim UFC champ, lost BMF title to Max in an absolute war. Found the pace and volume of Max difficult to deal with, tends to fair better in fights where he gets to set the pace. Obviously great chin, great leg kicks and striking in general. Loads of pressure and still going to be a hard fight for most people. Bad KO against Max, don't know if his style will start to catch up with him soon.
  7. 7

    Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier
    Dustin Poirier
    "The Diamond"
    30-9-0, 1 NC
    1989 - USA - UFC

    Undoubtedly one of the best fighters never to be undisputed champion, put up a really good effort against Islam but who knows if we'll see him again. If he doesn't retire he still looks elite though, obviously he has some of the best boxing in the sport and his killer instinct when he has someone hurt is great, when you get some decent slow-mo footage you can really see how focused he is on picking the right shots to end someone's night. Seems to have improved his TDD in the open mat, was doing a good job turning and kicking out of singles against Islam but was still getting dragged down against the cage. Tends to give up back when taken down but generally survives okay there unless he's against someone who's great from that position.

    BSD - Poirier kept pulling ******* gilly again, had to go through the mire in the first round, TDD not great, gets in trouble on bottom but hard to actually finish and counter boxing when people try to pressure him is second to none.
  8. 8

    Abdul-Aziz "Lion" Abdulvakhabov
    Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov
    1989 - Russia - ACA Champion
  9. 9

    Beneil "Benny" Dariush
    Beneil Dariush
    1989 - Iran - UFC
  10. 10

    Mateusz "Gamer" Gamrot
    Mateusz Gamrot
    24-2-0, 1 NC
    1990 - Poland - UFC

    RDA - seemed to find the physicality of RDA a bit difficult sometimes. Might be something to watch against people with really good TDD. Timing on entries very good, also good at sucking in a single leg and turning the corner when it looks like a takedown has been defended. A little more tired than usual but a lot of hard work to try and hold RDA down.
  11. 11+

  12. 11

    Salahdine Parnasse
    Salahdine Parnasse
    1997 - France - KSW Champion

    Former KSW double champ, not where he'll choose to fight in another promotion but he's a threat wherever. Fights more sensibly now so seems unlikely to get caught easily. Very smooth on the feet, mixes wrestling in really well and has a great back take and top game. Was competitive in the clinch with a beast like Bartosinski up at welterweight, so that doesn't bode well for smaller guys.
  13. 12

    Alexander "Peresvet" Shabliy
    Alexander Shabliy
    "Peresvet"  |  24-3-0
    1993 - Russia - Bellator
  14. 13

    Rafael "Ataman" Fiziev
    Rafael Fiziev
    "Ataman"  |  12-3-0
    1993 - Azerbaijan - UFC
  15. 14

    Usman Nurmagomedov
    Usman Nurmagomedov
    17-0-0, 1 NC
    1998 - Russia - Bellator Champion
  16. 15

    Christian "The Warrior" Lee
    Christian Lee
    "The Warrior"  |  17-4-0
    1998 - USA - ONE Championship Champion
  17. 16

    "Iron" Michael Chandler
    Michael Chandler
    "Iron"  |  23-8-0
    1986 - USA - UFC
  18. 17

    Benoit "God of War" Saint-Denis
    Benoit Saint-Denis
    "God of War"  |  13-2-0, 1 NC
    1995 - France - UFC

    Poirier - too concentrated on offence, fought at an insane pace, grappling great, back takes great, tried to pile into Dustin one too many times and found that there's certain shots you can't take clear on the chin.
  19. 18

    AJ "Mercenary" McKee Jr.
    AJ McKee Jr.
    "Mercenary"  |  22-1-0
    1995 - USA - Bellator
  20. 19

    Tofiq Musayev
    Tofiq Musayev
    1989 - Azerbaijan - Bellator/RIZIN
  21. 20

    Diego Ferreira
    Diego Ferreira
    1985 - Brazil - UFC

    Fanstastic grappler who only loses against top competition. Also a really good pressure boxer who can walk guys down well and get good volume off because he's not bothered if you take him down, super good at posting and getting up when he decides to stay on the bottom. Solid power when he connects clean too. Cardio looks good despite advanced years. Rolled back the years with an excellent performance against Rebecki.
  22. 21

    Natan "Russo" Schulte
    Natan Schulte
    "Russo"  |  25-5-1
    1992 - Brazil - PFL?
  23. 22

    Rafael dos Anjos
    Rafael dos Anjos
    1984 - Brazil - UFC

    Gamrot - still looks good, caught Gamrot early, tough to hold down, does everything well technically. Used butterflies well to get up. Cardio still looks really good.
  24. 23

    Renato "Money Moicano" Moicano
    Renato Moicano
    "Money Moicano"  |  19-5-1
    1989 - Brazil - UFC

    One of the better grapplers in the division. Not an amazing wrestler but manages to find ways to get guys to the mat. Really good back taker and aggressively attacks subs but usually maintains positional control when doing so. Offensive striking kind of serviceable but wants to grapple, can be caught on the feet but very tough, got to take him out properly to get him to stop.
  25. 24

    Dan "The Hangman" Hooker
    Dan Hooker
    "The Hangman"  |  23-12-0
    1990 - New Zealand - UFC
  26. 25

    Joel "El Fenomeno" Alvarez
    Joel Alvarez
    "El Fenomeno"  |  20-3-0
    1993 - Spain - UFC
  27. 26

    Jalin "The Tarantula" Turner
    Jalin Turner
    "The Tarantula"  |  14-8-0
    1995 - USA - UFC

    Huge for the weight class, uses length well and gets concussive power on the end of long punches. Generally good killer instinct when gets someone hurt. Height can make him quite tough to take down but a little prone to getting stuck on the bottom against really good top grapplers.
  28. 27

    Kubanychbek "Omok" Abdisalam Uulu
    Kubanychbek Abdisalam Uulu
    "Omok"  |  21-3-0, 1 NC
    1994 - Kyrgyzstan - BRAVE Champion
  29. 28

    Bobby "King" Green
    Bobby Green
    "King"  |  32-15-1, 1 NC
    1986 - USA - UFC

    Very experienced and awkward to fight. Fast as ****, throws from the waist which combined with the speed makes it hard to read. Chin open but some of the best torso movement in the game which makes him tough to catch clean. Good takedown defence, a very tough opponent for anyone who's not at the very top level. Late 30's so speed could drop off at any time and probably likely to fall off quickly once that goes.
  30. 29

    Grant "KGD" Dawson
    Grant Dawson
    "KGD"  |  21-2-1
    1994 - USA - UFC

    Not a good striker, his striking is all a bit loopy and forced but he knows he's not a good striker so he's only doing it to get into the clinch or into shooting range which to be honest probably works better than grapplers who are a bit more advanced with their striking games and have deluded themselves into thinking they can strike with strikers.

    Very good at bodylocks, trips and backtakes and sticky with very good control too. When I've seen people drop for guillotines etc on him he looks very calm defending them and it feels like them giving him a free takedown. Solid on top, probably not going to beat anyone he can't take down but he showed against Madsen that his persistence with his wrestling can get guys who are more accomplished there than him on paper to the mat.
  31. 30

    Damir "Qazaq" Ismagulov
    Damir Ismagulov
    "Qazaq"  |  25-3-0
    1991 - Kazakhstan - Nashe Delo
  32. 31

    Drakkar Klose
    Drakkar Klose
    1988 - USA - UFC

    Underrated dude generally but finally seems to be getting some recognition now. Activity is the only thing you can really hold against him, he's been competitive with the top level guys he's been with and comfortably beaten the guys he should be beating. Strong, good wrestler, solid striking, faded against Joaquin but generally okay cardio wise. Good when can get educated presure on and keep his range, not as good when forced to be on the back foot.
  33. 32

    Mateusz "Rebeasti" Rębecki
    Mateusz Rębecki
    "Rebeasti"  |  19-2-0
    1992 - Poland - UFC

    Offensively a tank in the early going, piles forward with offence, dangerous with hands, has good explosive flying knees and good takedowns and even good BJJ from the bottom. Gas tank has looked questionable in the UFC a couple of times, never did in FEN but different testing there. Very tough but quite open to being countered coming forward if the opponent is sharp like Ferreira was. Definite heart and will keep coming even if hurt.
  34. 33

    Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy
    Alexander Sarnavskiy
    "Tiger"  |  41-8-0
    1989 - Russia - Fight Nights Global Champion
  35. 34

    Ľudovít "Mr. Highlight" Klein
    Ľudovít Klein
    "Mr. Highlight"  |  22-4-1
    1995 - Slovakia - UFC

    Moises - Looking better and better with each fight at the moment and starting to look like someone who can trouble the rankings, especially in the way he dealt with a solid upper-mid division gatekeeper in Moises. Really fast hands with power in them and that left high kick is always super dangerous although it's harder to land on better people as consistently as he used to. Takedown defence looks really good, dealing with cage attempts well and getting his hips back quickly to sprawl in the open mat. Good at holding his ground and not being pushed backwards by guys that want to try and pressure him.

    Cunningham - able to tee off at will really, nice boxing, solid power, would have put a lot of people down multiple times. Always has those head kicks. Nice combo selections. Ripped to the body with front kicks and hard hooks when couldn't knock zombie opponent out. Looked very good albeit against someone he shouldn't have been in there with.
  36. 35

    "Georgian Viking" Guram Kutateladze
    Guram Kutateladze
    "Georgian Viking"  |  12-4-0
    1992 - Georgia - UFC
  37. 36

    Brent Primus
    Brent Primus
    14-3-0, 1 NC
    1985 - USA - PFL

    Former Bellator champ is getting up there in age but still looking pretty good. Has generally been very inactive throughout his career but is surprisingly keeping up with the PFL season format so far.

    Renfro - Striking still pretty average, didn't look particularly comfortable when he was on the back foot with Renfro coming at him. Offensive grappling and back takes very good and sets up his RNC's well.
  38. 37

    Ali "Hulk" Bagov
    Ali Bagov
    "Hulk"  |  34-11-0, 1 NC
    1990 - Russia - ACA

    Shaikhaev 2 - Looks even more jacked than usual, no idea how he makes 155. Terrible fight to watch but just about the stickiest and strongest of the two sticky and strong grapplers. Not really having to worry about any power coming back standing and won the battle for control in most of the rounds.
  39. 38

    Brad "Quake" Riddell
    Brad Riddell
    "Quake"  |  10-4-0
    1991 - New Zealand - UFC
  40. 39

    Daud Shaikhaev
    Daud Shaikhaev
    1994ish - Russia - ACA

    Bagov 2 - Terrible fight. Tried doing what he does but unable to get his wrestling going against a bigger and stronger guy that's about the same level as him skill wise. Doesn't have much standing if unable to get to the ground.
  41. 40

    Matt "The Steamrolla" Frevola
    Matt Frevola
    "The Steamrolla"  |  11-4-1
    1990 - USA - UFC
  42. 41

    Drew Dober
    Drew Dober
    27-14-0, 1 NC
    1988 - USA - UFC

    J Silva - incredibly tough and incredible chin. Hopped in and out well, throws and lands hard but can hop into stuff and Silva throws hard as ****. Cardio and battling spirit looked great. Stopped on a nasty cut, felt was behind anyway but always competitive.
  43. 42

    Ismael "Marreta" Bonfim
    Ismael Bonfim
    "Marreta"  |  20-4-0
    1995 - Brazil - UFC

    Really good volume striker with crisp technical boxing and explosive flying knees, hard to take and hold down and has decent quality BJJ. Very good when gets on the pressure, keeping guys driven back and landing consistently while keeping cardio up throughout fight. Loss to BSD doesn't look bad at all in retrospect.
  44. 43

    Artem "Spartan" Reznikov
    Artem Reznikov
    "Spartan"  |  25-8-0
    1992 - Kazakhstan - ACA

    Kokov - Back to being big juggernaughty grappler Reznikov here. If you can't stop him taking you down you're getting dominated. Outclassed a decent wrestler in the wrestling. Looked very strong from back bodylock and constantly mat returning.
  45. 44

    Yusuf "Wolf" Raisov
    Yusuf Raisov
    "Wolf"  |  21-3-0
    1995 - Russia - ACA
  46. 45

    Khalid Satuev
    Khalid Satuev
    1994 - Russia - ACA
  47. 46

    Myktybek Orolbai
    Myktybek Orolbai
    1998 - Kyrgyzstan - UFC

    Sets a ridiculous pace, struggled to keep it a little at this weight in the third against Brener. Cracks super hard, doesn't always seem to believe in his striking enough. Very good wrestling, some guys able to work up against him and make him work hard. Very good at keeping forward pressure and staying in his opponents face constantly. Can be taken down himself especially from back bodylock, relies on wrestling up and that seems to fade as fight goes deeper.
  48. 47

    Herdeson "Capoeira" Batista
    Herdeson Batista
    "Capoeira"  |  20-7-0, 1 NC
    1992 - Brazil - ACA
  49. 48

    Roberto "Satoshi" de Souza
    Roberto de Souza
    "Satoshi"  |  16-3-0
    1989 - Brazil - RIZIN
  50. 49

    Elves Brener
    Elves Brener
    1997 - Brazil - UFC

    Credit where it's due, this dude keeps beating people I think he has no business beating. I would never in a million years have picked him to beat Guram. Dude is just an absolute dog, seems to love nothing more than getting absolutely covered in blood while opponents stare in disbelief as he still comes at them. Good power on the feet and can put people out there, does end up in bad positions but just doesn't ******* give up. Cardio really good, always seems to have a strong third round no matter who against.
  51. 50

    Thiago Moisés
    Thiago Moisés
    1995 - Brazil - UFC

    Very solid all round guy, good enough striking, pretty careful defensively and really good leg kicks. Very quick to attack things on the ground from the bottom and very tight on top when he can get there. Recovers well when hurt. Struggles with more athletic, fast guys but a very good gatekeeper for a place around the rankings in the UFC.

    Klein - Found Klein way too fast for him. Pretty careful defensively but just couldn't keep up when exchanges got going and wrestling not good enough to get through Klein's good defence although he did make a decent variety of efforts.

    Ramirez - Solid performance from Moises. Usual grappling, good at forcing back. Good leg kicks when opponent heavy on front leg. Levels above Ramirez
  52. 51

    Manuel "El Loco" Torres
    Manuel Torres
    "El Loco"  |  15-2-0
    1995 - Mexico - UFC - Prospect (A-)
  53. 52

    Alibeg Rasulov
    Alibeg Rasulov
    1992 - Russia - ONE Championship Interim Champion

    Seemed to have a padded record on the Russian regionals but then beat Cezary in his first step up and dropped to "lightweight" in ONE and won the interim belt in a close fight in his first bout there.

    Ok - used striking a bit more in this one, mainly to get inside and get into the clinch and strike a bit from there. Cardio held up well to fight a pretty grueling fight style for 5 rounds.
  54. 53

    Raul Tutarauli
    Raul Tutarauli
    1992 - Georgia - GFC Champion

    Very solid fighter, really experienced, puts good pressure on throughout a fight. Good at getting in close and mainly landing hooks, seems to be good at landing them all over the body and keeping confusion as to where they're going to land, rare to see someone be as effective with one type of punch. Wrestling and top grappling pretty solid, has subs in the arsenal, but most of his losses are also by sub so possibly a concentration thing.
  55. 54

    Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett
    Paddy Pimblett
    "The Baddy"  |  21-3-0
    1995 - England - UFC
  56. 55

    Mehdi Dakaev
    Mehdi Dakaev
    1995 - Russia - ACA
  57. 56

    Rae Yoon Ok
    Rae Yoon Ok
    1991 - South Korea - ONE Championship

    Won the title at ONE in a pretty debateable decision over Lee but win over Alvarez was more convincing. Either way he's a solid due with some good wins over major league champions on his record.

    Rasulov - looked fine just didn't have the power to keep Rasulov off him. Takedown defence and pummeling looked fine as did his cardio over 5 rounds. Pretty competitive in defeat.
  58. 57

    Loik "The Tajik Tank" Radzhabov
    Loik Radzhabov
    "The Tajik Tank"  |  18-5-1
    1990 - Tajikistan - UFC

    Al-Selwady - piles forward, sometimes a bit reckless in the way he jumps into things. Good power and can get guys to back up. Solid trips, was taken down a couple of times but generally pretty good at getting back up. Seemed to be slowing a bit but found huge shot to win.
  59. 58

    Ali Abdulkhalikov
    Ali Abdulkhalikov
    1994 - Russia - ACA

    D Ramos - One of the best back foot strikers in the sport in my opinion. Very fast with good snappy jab and spin kicks. If he decides to flip the switch and go forward he's got very fast flurries. He can be clinched a little bit but his TDD is fine and if he does get taken down he's got urgency to get back up quickly. Solid cardio which allows him to drift back in fights and when the opponent comes into range he usually gets off first.
  60. 59

    Gadzhi Rabadanov
    Gadzhi Rabadanov
    1993 - Russia - PFL

    Full fledged member of team Khabib who ended up in Bellator like a lot of Russians the UFC didn't want and moved over to PFL after the takeover and is on an 8 fight win streak.

    Espinoza - Striking quite a bit early, slings punches pretty hard. Can always use the wrestling if he decides he needs to but took a while before he started going for it here. Had a bit more trouble establishing control than I expect from team Khabib guys sometimes.
  61. 60

    Jay Jay "The Māori Kid" Wilson
    Jay Jay Wilson
    "The Māori Kid"  |  10-1-0
    1997 - New Zealand - PFL
  62. 61

    Mansour "Tarzan" Barnaoui
    Mansour Barnaoui
    "Tarzan"  |  21-6-0
    1992 - France - Bellator

    Great grappler with the best half guard sweeps in the games and a good array of submissions. Has a really good style of BJJ for fighting wrestlers just because I don't think his style of half guard sweeps and back takes is something they're really used to so he gets it on them. Has been shut down a bit more by guys who come from more of a BJJ background and understand that position a bit more. Not really much of a striker but comes forward to engage and has some decent clinch elbows.
  63. 62

    Amirkhan "Predator" Adaev
    Amirkhan Adaev
    "Predator"  |  22-5-0
    1991ish - Russia - ACA

    Makarenko - Just a good pressure fighter, marches forward and puts plenty of volume out there, good mixture of work with the hands and feet but primarily the boxing is where he shines. Very good at just walking through **** to get to the range he wants. Did get a couple of takedowns but didn't really establish control that well on the ground and fell off the back once. Fairly clear win over game opponent.
  64. 63

    Saygid Guseyn "Dagi" Arslanaliev
    Saygid Guseyn Arslanaliev
    "Dagi"  |  9-2-0
    1994 - Turkey - ONE Championship
  65. 64

    Sidney "Da Gun" Outlaw
    Sidney Outlaw
    "Da Gun"  |  17-6-0
    1992 - USA - Free Agent
  66. 65

    Alexander Matmuratov
    Alexander Matmuratov
    1989 - Russia - ACA

    Very solid dude, short and stocky but very quick and with good boxing combos, can mix some nice spin kicks to the body in there well. Seems more comfortable since moving up to 155 with his only loss being to a very good Yusuf Raisov with him looking great against everyone else.
  67. 66

    "Cassius" Clay Collard
    Clay Collard
    "Cassius"  |  25-13-0, 1 NC
    1993 - USA - PFL

    Fantastic hands and cardio, fights at a ridiculous pace with great volume and just breaks most guys that stand with him. Grappling is kind of throwing up loose subs, keeps people honest but guys with decent BJJ should shut it down without too much trouble. Doesn't ever check leg kicks.

    Burnell - Wild volume as usual even when being put on the back foot. Body punching is excellent. Defence isn't as good as offence on the feet and does take shots but solid chin. Takedown defence kind of sucks but get ups getting better and Burness had to walk through volume to get to the clinch. Does risk back to get up and he's not so good at getting up in the open mat where he can't use the cage to assist him. Lost a close fight.
  68. 67

    Jared "Flash" Gordon
    Jared Gordon
    "Flash"  |  20-7-0, 1 NC
    1988 - USA - UFC

    Good pressure fighter who's been on the wrong end of a couple of bad decisions. Pretty good at picking up single legs when he presses forward and good at dirty boxing in the clinch although not the most technical striker. Good gas tank and makes the opponent work. Does have to be willing to take damage when he's coming forward with the way he fights.

    Haqparst - Thought got should have got this one although probably not really a robbery. Committed to pressuring really well and was paying off in the second but just wasn't hitting quite hard enough to get Nasrat out of there. Maybe guilty of allowing Nasrat into the fight more than he should have in the 3rd. Was using untidy but very effective clinch boxing a lot when pressing into range.
  69. 68

    Nasrat Haqparast
    Nasrat Haqparast
    1995 - Afghanistan - UFC

    Gordon - Though he should have lost this one. Started pretty well on the back foot but started taking more and more shots as Jared pushed at him. Looked like he might get finished in the 2nd but managed to rally to have a better 3rd to get a controversial decision.
  70. 69

    Mike "Beast Boy" Davis
    Mike Davis
    "Beast Boy"  |  11-2-0
    1992 - USA - UFC

    Levy - looked fine, clearly a couple of levels above Levy. Seems to have improved back takes, would like to attack chokes more from there but turns out prefers arm triangle. Got good pressure on early to assert control of the octagon, knock his man down and go from there. Just needs to get in there more often.
  71. 70

    Daniel "Golden Boy" Zellhuber
    Daniel Zellhuber
    "Golden Boy"  |  15-1-0
    1999 - Mexico - UFC - Prospect (A-)
  72. 71

    Marko "The Skull Crasher" Bojković
    Marko Bojković
    "The Skull Crasher"  |  7-0-0
    2001 - Serbia - FNC - Prospect (A+)

    Big prospect who's in the crushing journeyman Brazilians stage of his career but he's doing so with style right now. Really good power on his left hook, almost Conor like in that regard. Dangerous with kicks and big powerful knees up the middle too. He's a little bit reckless in his defence at the moment as he fights with a bit of disdain for his opponents offence which might be something he learns about the hard way at some point. Strong against the cage, good top grappling, nasty ground and pound when he gets on top, really good killer instinct when he has someone hurt, has all the makings of a future ranked UFC fighter if everything goes well for him.

    A Ribeiro - ******* nasty fighter, some of the most brutal ground and pound I've ever seen, absolutely beating the **** out of the dude, throws hard **** from on high. Snapped on an armbar to get a decisive win. Only slight concern is he has a complete disregard for his opponents offence as he comes in which he might have to tidy up at a higher level

    Pereira - Immediately crushes Brazilian journeyman with a hook. No test here.

    Paixaio - Very physical, little bit reckless maybe. Strong against the cage, just took the guy down when he got turned. Top grappling looks solid, keeps solid output of high energy stuff. Really nice flying knee and killer ground and pound for finish. Elbows on ground very nasty.
  73. 72

    Mauricio Ruffy "One Shot"
    Mauricio Ruffy
    "One Shot"  |  10-1-0
    1996 - Brazil - UFC - Prospect (B+)

    Dude looks a problem at 155. Very fast at the weight, manages distance really well, cracks very hard and throws a good variety of free strikes. Leg kicks very good, finishing instincts very good. Will have to see what cardio is like deeper at this weight.
  74. 73

    Mads Burnell
    Mads Burnell
    1994 - Denmark - PFL

    Collard - Solid chin walking through a lot of Clay volume to try and get his own stuff. Likes to try and double not able to stop Clay turtling up early, isn't that great at establishing control off takedowns and better when he sweeps guys. Did do a better job establishing control in the open mat, really good cardio to keep up with a guy like Clay and take a hard fought victory.
  75. 74

    Andrey Goncharov
    Andrey Goncharov
    1997 - Russia - ACA
  76. 75

    Felipe "Buakaw" Douglas
    Felipe Douglas
    "Buakaw"  |  24-6-0
    1992 - Brazil - Centurion FC

    Fighting at 170 at the moment but basically fighting other lightweights so he doesn't have to cut weight and can fight more often so I'm still considering him a lightweight.

    Anyway he got caught by a head kick by Kaue Fernandes at basically the worst possible time for his career when he was on a solid run and looked like he could be on the brink of the UFC, but he's got back to work an looks like he could be there again.

    P Gomes - As a striker he's very, very hard to read, excellent at feinting and pops his shots off at times when the opponent isn't really expecting it. Very good body kicks, uses hands over face shelling defence which works well for him. Takedown defence is solid and hits hard elbows if held against the cage, good at turning round from there and getting his own takedown. Top pressure is heavy and throws constant damage until he can either get a guy out of there or force them to give him a choke. Really good fighter.
  77. 76

    Bruno "Robusto" Miranda
    Bruno Miranda
    "Robusto"  |  17-5-0
    1990 - Brazil - PFL

    Pitbull - A bit of a mirror match for him really as he fights fairly similarly to Patricky although he's younger and quite a bit less shop worn. Decent straight punches and had pop on them and is pretty quick. Worked body quite well, threw a lot of leg kicks but a few of them were naked. Decent cardio in a fight where both guys had been busy early but got stuck on his back a bit in the third.
  78. 77

    Patricky Pitbull
    Patricky Pitbull
    1986 - Brazil - PFL

    Veteran former Bellator champ who's kind of been pushed into the season format in PFL but it doesn't really seem to suit someone his age that well. It'll be interesting to see if he's back in it for year 2 after going 0-2 in his debut season.

    Miranda - Had to win in the first round to progress and fought like it. Got wobbled and wobbled Miranda early but being much more aggressive than usual. Eased off as he realised he couldn't qualify and got outworked to a decision loss. Pretty fast turnaround from being finished against Collard but looked past his best here.

  79. 78

    Mason "The Dragon" Jones
    Mason Jones
    "The Dragon"  |  14-2-0, 1 NC
    1995 - Wales - Cage Warriors
  80. 79

    Esteban "El Gringo" Ribovics
    Esteban Ribovics
    "El Gringo"  |  13-1-0
    1996 - Argentina - UFC - Prospect (B+)

    Super dangerous on the feet, especially early. Murdered the vast majority of his opponents in the first round and even had Radzhabov hurt. Did get taken down a lot by Loik which cost him the decision but he was working up pretty well, so if he can improve that by just a little he could become a factor.
  81. 80

    Ignacio "La Jaula" Bahamondes
    Ignacio Bahamondes
    "La Jaula"  |  15-5-0
    1997 - Chile - UFC - Prospect (B+)
  82. 81

    Joaquim "Netto BJJ" Silva
    Joaquim Silva
    "Netto BJJ"  |  13-5-0
    1989 - Brazil - UFC

    Hard hitter, sometimes a bit low output but dangerous when he throws. Good cardio for his size, builds as the fight goes on. Good takedown defence usually, solid BJJ when chooses to use it.
  83. 82

    Losene "Black Panther" Keita
    Losene Keita
    "Black Panther"  |  13-1-0
    1997 - Guinea - Oktagon Champion - Prospect (A)

    I think 145 is really Losene's weight class but he's fine at 155 until he gets to a high level I think. He did get rocked badly in the 3rd in the Sadari fight but that's just going to have to teach him to have slightly more respect for what's coming back at him going forward. He did show a lot of heart to stay in the fight and had the instincts to wrestle to recover when hurt even if his defence never quite came back. Was solid at using hips well when hurt to shrimp out of mount and get good defensive positions back.

    Offensively he's a monster, loads of pressure, walks dudes down throwing good volume, not extreme but throws at the right times. Good sprawl when he isn't hurt, athletic get ups and explodes out of positions. Can use his own wrestling effectively and catches just about every body kick people throw at him. Cardio is good enough to keep it up for a long fight and he's really good at cutting off the cage to not give his opponent a break.

  84. 83

    Amru Magomedov
    Amru Magomedov
    1999 - Russia - UAE Warriors - Prospect (A+)
  85. 84

    Archie "King" Colgan
    Archie Colgan
    "King"  |  10-0-0
    1995 - USA - Bellator - Prospect (B+)

    Really good wrestler who's very athletic and has some power on the feet. Dominating everyone so far with a wrestling based and positional holding approach. Very good cardio and seems able to push a high pace for a full fight. Seems to be able to try and strike for a bit and take opponents down at will. Does do damage with ground and pound. Hasn't really run into much resistance yet so we'll have to see what occurs when that happens but looking like a great prospect at the moment. Keeps going sideways in terms of competition at the moment for some reason.
  86. 85

    Michael "The Canadian Badass" Dufort
    Michael Dufort
    "The Canadian Badass"  |  13-5-0
    1994 - Canada - PFL

    All action fighter with a great tache who went on a mini regional tear after losing a close split decision to Prepolec. Beat a couple of UFC vets and ended up catching the attention of the PFL. Qualified for the playoffs in his first season there.

    Piccolotti - A little bit of an untidy fight for him here. Getting taken down more than usual, trying to play off the guillotine and get ups but losing control time on the bottom which cost him a close fight. Put good pressure on as usual but just not quite tight enough with the striking here.
  87. 86

    Davi "The Tasmanian Devil" Ramos
    Davi Ramos
    "The Tasmanian Devil"  |  12-6-0
    1986 - Brazil - ACA

    Getting on the old side for a lightweight but still looks competitive. Left the UFC when he was still up there on the borderline of being ranked and has done fine in ACA since.

    Abdulkhalikov - Edges forwards to get into range but sometimes just waits when he gets there which was a problem against a faster fighter like Abdulkhalikov. When he does decide to shoot he's got a solid double, I'd like him to do it more but maybe he's wary of his gas tank as he's getting older. Looks for the back well from standing positions. Solid chin so able to be persistent with the pressing forward.
  88. 87

    Rafa "Gifted" García
    Rafa García
    "Gifted"  |  16-3-0
    1994 - Mexico - UFC
  89. 88

    "Hurricane" Shane Burgos
    Shane Burgos
    "Hurricane"  |  16-5-0
    1991 - USA - PFL
  90. 89

    Fares "Smile Killer" Ziam
    Fares Ziam
    "Smile Killer"  |  15-4-0
    1997 - France - UFC
  91. 90

    Jai "The Black Country Banger" Herbert
    Jai Herbert
    "The Black Country Banger"  |  12-5-1
    1988 - England - UFC
  92. 91

    Manoel "Manumito" Sousa
    Manoel Sousa
    "Manumito"  |  11-0-0
    1997 - Brazil - Bellator - Prospect (A)

    Wilde - lunges a lot, had a tough time finding a guy moving backwards well on the back foot like Tim, but he throws so ******* hard and keeps coming forward and doing it that he only has to land clean once and it's done.
  93. 92

    Nurullo "Tajik Eagle" Aliev
    Nurullo Aliev
    "Tajik Eagle"  |  9-0-0
    1999 - Tajikistan -- UFC - Prospect (B+)
  94. 93

    Paul "Big News" Hughes
    Paul Hughes
    "Big News"  |  12-1-0
    1997ish - Ireland - PFL - Prospect (A-)

    Former Cage Warriors Featherweight champ was a top tier prospect at that weight class. Whether that will translate fully to lightweight remains to be seen. Finished everyone at the weight class so far but hasn't had the same level of competition he had at 145. Looking to enter the PFL season in 2025 where he'll likely find those tests.

    King - Striking looked mostly fine with good boxing and leg kicks while putting pressure on. I do think he falls into the clinch a bit too much when he doesn't need to and he gets clipped a little bit on exits which is something he needs to tidy up. Wrestling works okay at this level but jury is out against good wrestlers. Really good when gets top position, got plenty of output with the ground and pound and got good posture to get the finish.
  95. 94

    Ronald "Rony" Paradeiser
    Ronald Paradeiser
    "Rony"  |  19-8-0
    1997 - Slovakia - Oktagon Champion
  96. 95

    Mukhamed Kokov
    Mukhamed Kokov
    1993 - Russia - ACA

    Reznikov - Bad style matchup for him really. Reznikov basically does everything he does well but is bigger and stronger. Just got ragged around all fight.
  97. 96

    Tim "The Experiment" Wilde
    Tim Wilde
    "The Experiment"  |  17-5-1
    1987 - England - Bellator

    M Sousa - was doing fine, hard to hit clean, moves well off the back foot, pretty strong in the clinch and picks his spots well, but it only takes one against someone who cracks like Souza does.
  98. 97

    Trey "Samurai Ghost" Ogden
    Trey Ogden
    "Samurai Ghost"  |  17-6-0, 1 NC
    1989 - USA - UFC

    Holobaugh - not comfortable backing up, looked hittable against the fence. Times level changes well, pushed through takedowns and played safe on top but doing enough damage to keep it there.
  99. 98

    Vinc "From Hell" Pichel
    Vinc Pichel
    "From Hell"  |  14-4-0
    1982 - USA - UFC

    Hard nosed vet, doesn't fight that often but when he does he presents a challenge still. Switched to Factory X and started using their leg kicks a bit. Pretty solid all round just getting a bit slow for the weight when in against the top guys. Really good chin and toughness, very difficult to finish.
  100. 99

    Chase "The Dream" Hooper
    Chase Hooper
    "The Dream"  |  14-3-1
    1999 - USA - UFC

    Now a different proposition from the skinny kid who came in as a featherweight. Chase is becoming a man, hell he's even starting to look like he can be competitive on the feet and he dropped Slava. Top BJJ just looks excellent, maintains position beautifully through transitions and mixes ground and pound while going for subs well, definitely out of his sub hunter phase. Does really barrel into overhands which leaves his head completely exposed at times, so that could be exploited by someone at some point. Despite this he's a rapidly improving fighter.
  101. 100

    Nazim "Black Wolf" Sadykhov
    Nazim Sadykhov
    "Black Wolf"  |  9-1-1
    1994 - Azerbaijan - UFC
  102. 101

    Abdul-Kareem "Pride Of Palestine" Al-Selwady
    Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady
    "Pride Of Palestine"  |  15-4-0
    1995 - Palestine - UFC

    Radzhabov - took a while to get going, just circling left and throwing leg kicks while looking a bit panicked when Radzhabov came at him. Good level changes, usual pretty poor control. Has a good right overhand he clipped Radzhabov with a couple of times. Cardio good, looked like was taking fight over before he got caught.
  103. 102

    Joe Solecki
    Joe Solecki
    1993 - USA - UFC

    Seems to have limitations which are going to stop him ever getting out of the middle of the pack mire in the UFC. His grappling from top and back takes and work from there are all really good, the problem is how does he get there against anyone decent? He's good at using the guillotine to try and sweep and will jump it a lot but it only seems to work up to a certain calibre of opponent. Was very easy to pressure into the cage against Dawson, doesn't really have any TDD because he doesn't mind being on his back. Is fairly good at avoiding damage on bottom so long as he doesn't get slammed on his head.
  104. 103

    Jim "A-10" Miller
    Jim Miller
    "A-10"  |  37-18-0, 1 NC
    1983 - USA - UFC

    Green fight kind of showed that there's a difference between modern day Jim and the top end of the division. Good guy to seperate the regional fighters in the UFC from the actual UFC level ones. Tough as always even if he's taken a lot of damage over his career. Reasonable power, good finishing instincts and good grappler. A little slow compared to younger strikers on the feet, always going to stay in there and keep trying.
  105. 104

    "Magic" Mike Hamel
    Mike Hamel
    "Magic"  |  11-6-0
    1992 - USA - Bellator
  106. 105

    Michael "The Menace" Johnson
    Michael Johnson
    "The Menace"  |  22-19-0
    1986 - USA - UFC
  107. 106

    Marc "Bonecrusher" Diakiese
    Marc Diakiese
    "Bonecrusher"  |  17-7-0
    1993 - England - PFL
  108. 107

    Luann "Panterinha" Sardinha
    Luann Sardinha
    "Panterinha"  |  8-0-0, 1 NC
    1996 - Brazil - FFC - Prospect (B)
  109. 108

    Shamil "The Chechen Wolf" Nikaev
    Shamil Nikaev
    "The Chechen Wolf"  |  10-1-0, 1 NC
    1995 - Russia - Bellator
  110. 109

    Luiz "Killer" Gustavo
    Luiz Gustavo
    "Killer"  |  14-2-0
    1996 - Brazil - RIZIN
  111. 110

    Terrance "T.Wrecks" McKinney
    Terrance McKinney
    "T.Wrecks"  |  15-7-0
    1994 - USA - UFC

    A nightmare for guys early, hits very hard and comes out very aggressive, throws head kicks a bit wildly to the point where he tries to put so much power on them he sometimes falls over. Good grapper early too, strong squeeze and can muscle guys down. Much less dangerous when guys survive the initial onslaught, fades quickly and tends to lose if the fight goes long.
  112. 111

    "Prince of Peru" Claudio Puelles
    Claudio Puelles
    "Prince of Peru"  |  12-4-0
    1996 - Peru - UFC
  113. 112

    Elvin Espinoza
    Elvin Espinoza
    1993 - Nicaragua - PFL

    Finally got a shot at the regular season in PFL after 4 exhibition fights with them. Impressive flying knee victory over Piccolotti but then lost his second fight to just miss out on the playoffs.

    Rabadanov - Worn down by the wrestling over the course of the fight but his get ups were good for a lot of it. Usually likes to grapple but didn't look like that was an option for him at all against a good class wrestler like this. Used an omo plata well to create some space on the bottom before one of his get ups. Punches were fairly solid but output not great but that might just have been due to fear of the takedown.
  114. 113

    Adam "The Bomb" Piccolotti
    Adam Piccolotti
    "The Bomb"  |  15-6-0
    1988 - USA - PFL

    Long term Bellator stalwart who spent nearly 10 years with them before being moved over to PFL. Went 1-1 and didn't make the playoffs in debut PFL season.

    Dufort - Used his wrestling pretty solidly in this one to get on top but didn't manage to get too much damage done and struggled to pass guard. On the feet was mainly backing up against a pressure fighter and looking for his opportunities to shoot.
  115. 114

    Jefferson "Todynho" Nascimento
    Jefferson Nascimento
    "Todynho"  |  11-0-0
    Brazil - LFA Interim Champion - Prospect (B)
  116. 115

    George Hardwick
    George Hardwick
    1996 - England - Cage Warriors Champion - - Prospect (B+)
  117. 116

    Acoidan "El Pei" Duque
    Acoidan Duque
    "El Pei"  |  21-4-0, 1 NC
    Spain - Oktagon
  118. 117

    Yoshinori "Rising Star" Horie
    Yoshinori Horie
    "Rising Star"  |  13-5-0
    1995 - Japan - RIZIN
  119. 118

    Pavel Gordeev
    Pavel Gordeev
    21-4-0, 1 NC
    1993 - Russia - ACA

    I kind of think of Gordeev as like Rafa Garcia at home. Same kind of style, likes to push forward primarily with boxing and try to mix in level changes though more prone to trying to crash into cage clinches. Wrestling not anything special from there but he'll stick at it and often get guys down eventually. Chin pretty solid, dropped against Artiom but that was a good shot, gassed pretty badly after that but could just be a mixture of being hurt and tired.
  120. 119

    Viacheslav "Slava Claus" Borshchev
    Viacheslav Borshchev
    "Slava Claus"  |  7-4-1
    1992 - Russia - UFC

    Very good offensive striker with good accuracy and power. Does get clipped more on the feet by people you'd think would be worse strikers than him and dropped a bit though. Not as polished on the ground but he is very tough there and always keeps moving and trying to get out and does a good job of not staying still long enough to be stopped which will usually give him a chance at getting back into a fight.
  121. 120

    Mochamed "The Beast" Machaev
    Mochamed Machaev
    "The Beast"  |  14-2-0, 1 NC
    1999 - Austria - Oktagon
  122. 121

    Jordan "The Monkey King" Leavitt
    Jordan Leavitt
    "The Monkey King"  |  11-3-0
    1995 - USA - UFC
  123. 122

    Jamie Mullarkey
    Jamie Mullarkey
    1994 - Australia - UFC

    Very tough but his chin doesn't always keep up with his toughness. Willing to take damage and not always a good idea for him. He does push a decent pace, keep decent volume with his strikes and mix level changes in pretty well though. Just tends to get destroyed by people superior to him and chin liable to completely collapse soon with the damage he takes.
  124. 123

    Makkasharip Zaynukov
    Makkasharip Zaynukov
    Russia - RCC
  125. 124

    Alex "Leko" da Silva
    Alex da Silva
    "Leko"  |  24-5-0
    1996 - Brazil - BRAVE
  126. 125

    Killys Mota
    Killys Mota
    1990 - Brazil - Bellator
  127. 126

    Kauê Fernandes
    Kauê Fernandes
    1995 - Brazil - UFC
  128. 127

    Valeriu "The Solitary Wolf" Mircea
    Valeriu Mircea
    "The Solitary Wolf"  |  30-9-1
    1993 - Moldova - KSW
  129. 128

    Soren "The True Viking" Bak
    Soren Bak
    "The True Viking"  |  16-1-0
    1992 - Denmark - Bellator
  130. 129

    Dan "The Hitman" Moret
    Dan Moret
    "The Hitman"  |  16-8-0
    1986 - USA - XFC
  131. 130

    Francisco Prado
    Francisco Prado
    2002 - Argentina - UFC - Prospect (B-)
  132. 131

    Raush "Cavalo de Guerra" Manfio
    Raush Manfio
    "Cavalo de Guerra"  |  17-6-0
    1991 - Brazil - XFC
  133. 132

    Chris "The Problem" Duncan
    Chris Duncan
    "The Problem"  |  11-2-0
    1993 - Scotland - UFC
  134. 133

    Marcin Held
    Marcin Held
    1992 - Poland - KSW

    Doesn't look the same fighter he used to be but he's had a lot of fights at this point of his career and been through multiple tournament formats.

    Szymanski - Striking is a bit stiff but does usually commit to walking people down to throw and get a hold of them. I really think his takedowns should be a bit better after all this time. Happy to attack legs etc from bottom to try and sub or sweep with them. Once he gets on top of someone his top control and back takes are a real problem, he's just not always able to consistently get there.
  135. 134

    Leo Brichta
    Leo Brichta
    12-4-0, 1 NC
    Czechia - KSW
  136. 135

    Alfie "The Axe Man" Davis
    Alfie Davis
    "The Axe Man"  |  17-4-1
    1992 - England - Bellator

    Ownsworth - has a habit of always fighting close. Big skill gap here but still ends up making it closer than he needed to. Showed off an awful guillotine and looked pretty **** off his back in general but doesn't usually end up there. Showed some decent offensive wrestling against lower level guy.
  137. 136

    Magomed "Muhammad" Magomedov
    Magomed Magomedov
    "Muhammad"  |  14-0-0
    Bahrain - Octagon - Prospect (B)
  138. 137

    Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez
    10-5-0, 1 NC
    1994 - Paraguay - Free Agent
  139. 138

    Akhmed "Butcher" Aliev
    Akhmed Aliev
    "Butcher"  |  21-8-0, 1 NC
    1990 - Russia - Fight Nights Global
  140. 139

    Devonte "King Kage" Smith
    Devonte Smith
    "King Kage"  |  11-4-0
    1993 - USA - Free Agent
  141. 140

    "The Auditor" Jakub Kaszuba
    Jakub Kaszuba
    "The Auditor"  |  12-0-0
    1995 - Poland - PFL
  142. 141

    Jora Ayvazyan
    Jora Ayvazyan
    1995 - Armenia - ACA
  143. 142

    Spike "The Alpha Ginger" Carlyle
    Spike Carlyle
    "The Alpha Ginger"  |  15-6-0
    1993 - USA - RIZIN

    One of the best fighters at having a terrible performance then pulling a win out of his arse in the world. He's explosive and powerful but extremely gassy, however when he seems gassed beyond belief he still has power on his punches and a squeeze on his chokes and quite often seems to get people to fall into them. Weirdly sometimes he performs much better against higher class fighters and gives them a decent run for their money as he did with AJ McKee.

    Kim - Looking pretty stiff and garbage for a lot of this fight, behind on the cards and then pulls out a back take and rear naked choke with a strong as **** squeeze. He can't keep getting away with it!
  144. 143

    Marcelo "Indomável" Marques
    Marcelo Marques
    "Indomável"  |  10-0-0
    1997ish - Brazil - LFA - Prospect (B+)

    Very impressive looking BJJ top player. Likes a body lock trip against the cage, if he doesn't get it he'll stick with it until he can get the turn and trip. Easily passing against decent Brazilians, getting to mount and dominating. Throws subs on fast in transition if opponent makes mistake.
  145. 144

    Kurt "The Hurt" Holobaugh
    Kurt Holobaugh
    "The Hurt"  |  20-8-0, 1 NC
    1986 - USA - UFC

    Ogden - pressed forward but once on his back his BJJ intuition seemed to keep him on his back as he didn't have get ups or any answer to Ogden's pressure passing not letting him get his legs involved.
  146. 145

    Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson
    Tony Ferguson
    "El Cucuy"  |  25-10-0
    1984 - USA - UFC
  147. 146

    "Ill" Will Brooks
    Will Brooks
    "Ill"  |  26-5-1
    1986 - USA - Serbian Battle Champioship Champion
  148. 147

    Christos "The Spartan" Giagos
    Christos Giagos
    "The Spartan"  |  20-12-0
    1990 - USA - UFC
  149. 148

    Clay "The Carpenter" Guida
    Clay Guida
    "The Carpenter"  |  38-24-0
    1981 - USA - UFC
  150. 149

    Nikolas "Iron" Motta
    Nikolas Motta
    "Iron"  |  14-5-0, 1 NC
    1993 - Brazil - UFC
  151. 150

    Axel Sola
    Axel Sola
    1997 - France - Ares Champion - Prospect (B-)

    Had to come through a tough test to salvage a draw against Imavov after being hurt very badly early, showed a lot of toughness to come through bad drop and keep moving and staying just about active enough for the ref not to stop it before getting back into the fight.

    Imavov - Good all round fighter generally, good cardio and decent striking although not a lot of power. Solid enough wrestler with a good double against the cage, likes to try and grab hold and back sag and hook and try little sweeps which he's really good at. Sometimes pulls guys on top of him when he goes for chokes which he needs to stop doing. Wrestling can get a little ragged as gets tired and crammed himself up a few times against Imavov by shooting and persisting with the takedown when it wasn't really there.
  152. 151

    Igeu "Smiley" Kabesa
    Igeu Kabesa
    "Smiley"  |  19-2-0
    1993 - South Africa - EFC Champion
  153. 152

    Maurice Abévi
    Maurice Abévi
    1999 - Switzerland - ONE Championship - Prospect (B)

    Not sure he can make lightweight under normal weight cutting rules but it's where he fights in ONE so I'll list him here for now. Better offensively than defensively, good scrambling with the grappling, decent entries and finds ways of wrestling up and getting on top if he ends up on his back generally. Does risk giving up back sometimes but pretty athletic and has potential.
  154. 153

    2000 - China - UFC
  155. 154

    Daniel "Tucanão" Torres
    Daniel Torres
    "Tucanão"  |  15-5-0, 2 NC
    1994 - Brazil - Oktagon

    Lengal - nice and aggresive early, came forward hard mixing leg kicks in with aggressive hooks. Managed to injure Lengal to the leg. Fairly safe for the most part when Lengal swinging wild at him. Superior in the grappling, pretty strong in the clinch, managed to ride top positions well and stay safe when occasionally ended up on back. Pretty easily tamed wild dude.
  156. 155

    Michal "Mad Dog" Figlak
    Michal Figlak
    "Mad Dog"  |  8-2-0
    1996 - Poland - UFC

    Unlucky to lose the Hubbard fight, good pressure boxer but a bit limited in his offence, mainly just basic punches and leg kicks but he's good at them and good at walking dudes down to land them. Wrestling isn't that effective against actual wrestlers, ends up on his back a bit but does commit to getting up quickly.
  157. 156

    Chris "CG" Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez
    "CG"  |  8-3-0
    1991 - USA - Free Agent
  158. 157

    Austin "Thud" Hubbard
    Austin Hubbard
    "Thud"  |  16-7-0
    1991 - USA - UFC

    Not sure he actually won the Figlak fight but Austin is a tough dude with good cardio who will make people have to work very hard to beat him. Not really outstanding anywhere but pushes a pace and can do everything well enough to make it competitive.
  159. 158

    Aurel "The Miner" Pîrtea
    Aurel Pîrtea
    "The Miner"  |  27-15-0, 1 NC
    1988 - Romania - ACA

    Solid veteran who's settled in to being an upper tier gatekeeper in ACA.

    Galiev - His output on the feet isn't the best, tends to throw one at a time and that can lead to his entries being telegraphed. When he does get people down he's pretty solid on top and a good back taker and is good at riding rounds out in those positions.
  160. 159

    Vladimir "Vova" Tokov
    Vladimir Tokov
    "Vova"  |  9-2-0
    1996 - Russia - RCC
  161. 160

    Cristian "Puas" Pérez
    Cristian Pérez
    "Puas"  |  13-1-0
    1999 - Mexico - Free Agent - Prospect (A-)
  162. 161

    Felipe "Saiyajin" Froes
    Felipe Froes
    "Saiyajin"  |  25-8-1
    1991 - Brazil - ACA
  163. 162

    Wilson "The Prototype" Varela
    Wilson Varela
    "The Prototype"  |  12-5-0
    1995 - France - KSW
  164. 163

    Rasul "Achilles" Magomedov
    Rasul Magomedov
    "Achilles"  |  13-4-0
    Russia - ACA
  165. 164

    Marian "Golden Boy" Ziółkowski
    Marian Ziółkowski
    "Golden Boy"  |  25-9-1, 1 NC
    1990 - Poland - KSW
  166. 165

    Nick "Nyquil" Browne
    Nick Browne
    "Nyquil"  |  14-3-0
    1990 - USA - MMP
  167. 166

    Magomed Kabardiev
    Magomed Kabardiev
    1995 - Kazakhstan - Nashe Delo - Prospect (B)
  168. 167

    Charlie "The Cannibal" Campbell
    Charlie Campbell
    "The Cannibal"  |  9-2-0
    1995 - USA - UFC
  169. 168

    Roosevelt "The Predator" Roberts
    Roosevelt Roberts
    "The Predator"  |  12-4-0, 1 NC
    1994 - USA - UFC
  170. 169

    Bolaji "The Zulu Warrior" Oki
    Bolaji Oki
    "The Zulu Warrior"  |  9-1-0
    1995 - Belgium - UFC - Prospect (B-)
  171. 170

    Daguir "Specnaz" Imavov
    Daguir Imavov
    "Specnaz"  |  15-3-2
    1991 - France - Ares

    Brother of Nassourdine and a good fighter in his own right. Recently fought to a draw in a good fight against top prospect Axel Sola.

    Sola - Has a powerful left hook which he used to drop Sola with. Good control from top positions, likes to try and set up arm triangles. Boxing not quite as crisp as his brothers and more power based but still technically decent. Got a bit tired against Sola but that was in a 5 round title fight in which he'd put out a lot of energy early after he hurt Axel.
  172. 171

    Enrique "Baby Bull" Gonzalez
    Enrique Gonzalez
    "Baby Bull"  |  13-4-0
    1998 - USA - Combate Global
  173. 172

    Adam Masaev
    Adam Masaev
    2000 - Russia - ACA - Prospect (A+)
  174. 173

    Viktor Makarenko
    Viktor Makarenko
    1994 - Belarus - ACA

    Went undefeated in Belarussian regionals before moving to ACA and putting in a good run through the lower part of the division there. Lost in test against an upper echelon fighter in Adaev but was competitive.

    Adaev - I thought he put in a competitive shift against a very good fighter in this one. Was getting pressured all fight but did a good job throwing **** back. Punches pretty hard and straight and got a lot of good work done with the kicks even when had little space. Ultimately just out volumed a little bit but did enough to show me he can hang with the upper echelon of ACA guys going forward.
  175. 174

    Kyung Pyo "Red Horse" Kim
    Kyung Pyo Kim
    "Red Horse"  |  13-5-0
    1992 - South Korea - RIZIN

    Good fighter but has an unfortunate habit of pulling defeat out from the jaws of victory.

    Carlyle - He's got good straight punches and short, hooks and is fairly fast and aggressive and can mix up offensive wrestling against some opponents too. Struggled a little bit in the back bodylock against Spike but mainly just seems to suffer from the odd lapse in concentration which puts him in bad spots sometimes. Choked in a fight he was probably losing to when didn't really need to lose the back when he did.
  176. 175

    Damir "The Bosnian Bomber" Hadžović
    Damir Hadžović
    "The Bosnian Bomber"  |  14-7-0
    1986 - Bosnia - UFC
  177. 176

    Maheshate Hayisaer
    Maheshate Hayisaer
    1999 - China - UFC
  178. 177

    Richie "Savage" Lewis
    Richie Lewis
    "Savage"  |  6-0-0
    1994 - USA - LFA Champion - Prospect (B-)

    High level college wrestler who's won the LFA belt while maintaining his undefeated record which should put him on the cusp of the UFC although they might think he won it in too boring a fashion.

    Gennrich - Sets a high wrestling pace and gets straight on his opponent, as soon as he gets connected to a guy he's on them with takedowns and mat returns. Very good at scrambling to a good solid position on top to avoid the guy on bottom being able to get up quickly, gets his hips down quickly when he gets to where he wants to be. Solid pace of GNP but not destructive as prioritises the position. I don't think he'll ever be a good striker, his punches are a little bit short and don't have much range on them and his head movement isn't great, but so long as he doesn't start thinking he's a striker and stays committed to grappling it should take him reasonably far.
  179. 178

    Magomed Yunusilau
    Magomed Yunusilau
    Russia - Open FC Champion
  180. 179

    Agy "The Wolverine" Sardari
    Agy Sardari
    "The Wolverine"  |  17-5-0
    1993 - Netherlands - Oktagon

    Former Cage Warriors champion is a pretty solid hand. Pretty calm fighter who seems to have improved his ability to fight under pressure when you compare the Keita fight to the Figlak one. Accurate punching on the back foot, throws in combo and finds the target well. Decent single leg entry with a good back take too, although sometimes wrestles when he shouldn't. Had a guy as good as Keita pretty hurt and beat solid top Euro regional guys like Jack Grant and Donovan Desmae. Kind of guy who could do a job at the mid to lower end of 155 in a big promotion if he ever got the chance.
  181. 180

    Omar "Resilient" Morales
    Omar Morales
    "Resilient"  |  11-4-0
    1985 - Venezuela - Karate Combat
  182. 181

    Solomon "The Black Dragon" Renfro
    Solomon Renfro
    "The Black Dragon"  |  11-6-0
    1997 - USA - PFL

    Glass cannon, dropped to lightweight to chase a big promotion opportunity. Found one in the PFL but first season didn't go well as a weight miss left him on a negative points total. Did have extremely tough competition in all fairness to him.

    Primus - Edging forward to get into the range he wants to throw hands in, good at getting into that range. Only issue is his chin is still poor and even Primus can hurt him. Good double leg when he committed to it. Survived a period of back control against a decent level grapple but got choked in the end.
  183. 182

    Roman Szymański
    Roman Szymański
    1993 - Poland - KSW

    Held - The good Szymanski is on a bit of a bad run at the moment but this fight was pretty close. He likes to peek his head around a bit and throw leg kicks but he's not a particularly dynamic striker. He's fairly decent at cage pushing and sagging and has some decent subs and is solid on top. Got stuck on the bottom against Held but that's a high level top grappler. Doesn't do so well when pressured backwards.
  184. 183

    Yanal "Red Fox" Ashmouz
    Yanal Ashmouz
    "Red Fox"  |  7-1-0
    1995 - Israel - UFC
  185. 184

    "Groovy" Lando Vannata
    Lando Vannata
    "Groovy"  |  12-7-2
    1992 - USA - UFC
  186. 185

    Ottman "Bulldozer" Azaitar
    Ottman Azaitar
    "Bulldozer"  |  13-2-0
    1990 - Germany/Morocco - UFC
  187. 186

    Vener "Bashkir" Galiev
    Vener Galiev
    "Bashkir"  |  38-16-0
    1975 - Russia - ACA

    Pirtea - Absolutely ancient but through the power of science he's still quite competitive. Has solid leg kicks and a bit of power. Slows as a fight goes on but the dude is nearly 50.
  188. 187

    Tom "Big Train" Nolan
    Tom Nolan
    "Big Train"  |  7-1-0
    2000 - Australia - UFC

    Was very offensive minded with little regard to defence, just tries to go out and slaughter the dude. Found out against Motta that he will probably have to re-assess his style at the top level, seemed to do that a bit against Ramirez. Seems a bit chinny, gets rocked a bit. Good long strikes when stays calm and doesn't rush things. Likes throwing spins when gets excited.
  189. 188

    Nikita Kulshin
    Nikita Kulshin
    2000 - Russia - LFA - Prospect (B)

    Former IMMAF junior champion who moved to Kill Cliff after a while as a pro to try and make it in the US promotions rather than stay at home in Russia. Came through a tough test against Gunnison in his first real step up but made to work for it. Pretty fundamentally sound dude who's got a solid double leg against the cage, some power in his hands. Would like to get more finishes but probably close to a contender series fight.
  190. 189

    Saul "The Hangman" Rogers
    Saul Rogers
    "The Hangman"  |  15-5-0, 1 NC
    1989 - England - Free Agent
  191. 190

    Sergio "Drako" Cossio
    Sergio Cossio
    "Drako"  |  27-9-1
    Mexico - PFL

    Went on a 7 fight win streak in Lux where he became champion and moved onto Bellator/PFL. Handling the American competition fine so far and will be hoping for a shot in the regular season.

    Romero - Coming forward to box well. Was pretty competitive in the clinch, good enough volume to outwork Romero to a decision. Only slight concern was giving his back a couple of times when trying to get up but didn't cause him an issue here.
  192. 191

    Yusuke Yachi
    Yusuke Yachi
    1990 - Japan - RIZIN/Bellator

    Good experienced grappler, can deal with most there but a little out of his depth against top quality grapplers like Barnaoui and Satoshi. Against other guys if he can get into the grappling he's usually able to control position pretty well.
  193. 192

    Mansher "The Punjabi Prince" Khera
    Mansher Khera
    "The Punjabi Prince"  |  7-0-0
    1992 - USA - Fury FC - Prospect (B+)

    Really high level grappler transitioning well to MMA in a Benny Dariush style. Excellent at chokes and getting everyone with them, good enough to be finishing guys with RNC's with one arm. Striking looks fine, seems fundamentally solid defensively with a high guard and has even dropped people with straight punches. Has a nice single leg and is very strong in the clinch. Once he's on the mat he's very fast at transitions, hits passes super quick, hits back takes super quick and slaps on the aforementioned chokes quickly too. A late starter in the game but looks like he can go far, got to think the UFC will be all over how marketable a good fighter of Indian descent could be.
  194. 193

    Kyle "Killshot" Prepolec
    Kyle Prepolec
    "Killshot"  |  18-8-0
    1989 - Canada - BTC
  195. 194

    Vladislav "Honey" Rudnev
    Vladislav Rudnev
    "Honey"  |  9-0-0
    1996 - Ukraine - UAE Warriors - Prospect (B)

    Fighting wherever he can and handling steps up well so far. Boxing looks fundamentally sound offensively and defensively. Has a decent double leg and a good back taker. Also uses whizzer kick throws well to defend takedowns himself. Keeps connected to people well. Came through test against a tough guy in the fake Khamzat slayer unscathed.
  196. 195

    Predrag Bogdanović
    Predrag Bogdanović
    Serbia - Oktagon

    Na***a - okay, serviceable dude with serviceable top grappling. Likes to keep range and use front kicks a lot on the feet but not much power in strikes. Takedowns are okayish but did get stuck on the legs sometimes. Bit of a habit of giving back to try and turn around into a better position which he got away with here.
  197. 196

    Evan "The Phenom" Elder
    Evan Elder
    "The Phenom"  |  9-2-0
    1997 - USA - UFC

    Flowers - solid performance at short notice, put an impressive pace on considering it was a couple of days at altitude. Mixed up offence to the body and head well, mixed in kicks well. Fed his hips and got taken down too easily once but insta scrambled or tried to set up a triangle or use the leg game to reverse position. Good idea to use GNP to body when opponent tiring and easy mount and arm triangle. Had some slight issues with kicks up the middle early but soon adapted
  198. 197

    Bobby "The Wolfman" Moffett
    Bobby Moffett
    "The Wolfman"  |  17-6-0, 1 NC
    1990 - USA - RUF
  199. 198

    Hacran "Barnabe" Dias
    Hacran Dias
    "Barnabe"  |  27-11-1
    1984 - Brazil - ACA
  200. 199

    Ricky "The Gladiator" Glenn
    Ricky Glenn
    "The Gladiator"  |  22-8-2
    1989 - USA - UFC
  201. 200

    Kamuela "The Jawaiian" Kirk
    Kamuela Kirk
    "The Jawaiian"  |  11-6-0
    1994 - USA - Free Agent
  202. 201

    Ramazan Kishev
    Ramazan Kishev
    1991 - Russia - ACA
  203. 202

    Ivan "Buki" Buchinger
    Ivan Buchinger
    "Buki"  |  42-9-0
    1986 - Slovakia - Oktagon
  204. 203

    Harry "The Human Highlight Reel" Webb
    Harry Webb
    "The Human Highlight Reel"  |  4-0-0
    1999 - Australia - Eternal MMA - Prospect (B+)

    HEX champ left for Eternal presumably to get some Fight Pass exposure. He's a hard hitter who likes to be in boxing/leg kick range with his low kicks being very hard. Presses forward to get into that range pretty well and has good killer instinct if he gets someone hurt. Did get dropped by Biayda but didn't really seem hurt and finished him in the same round anyway.
  205. 204

    MarQuel Mederos
    MarQuel Mederos
    1996 - USA - UFC
  206. 205

    Mateusz "Dynamit" Legierski
    Mateusz Legierski
    "Dynamit"  |  12-1-0
    1996 - Poland - Oktagon

    Kohout - Solid performance from Legieski, decent wrestle boxing, came forward and caught Kohout with the hands and dropped him, good swarming when had him hurt. Wasn't sure should have gone for the back take when Kohout was hurt but proved me wrong by getting the sub from there eventually, nice patience and switching of grips on chokes.
  207. 206

    Aaron McKenzie
    Aaron McKenzie
    1988 - USA - LFA
  208. 207

    Natan "Lethal" Levy
    Natan Levy
    "Lethal"  |  8-2-0
    1991 - Israel - UFC

    M Davis - Poor from Levy, likes his front and body kicks but about the only thing he did well, gave back too easily, got knocked down striking and too slow to address obviously dangerous situations in the grappling.
  209. 208

    Alex Munoz
    Alex Munoz
    1990 - USA - UFC
  210. 209

    Si Won Park
    Si Won Park
    2002 - South Korea - Road Champion - Prospect (A-)
  211. 210

    Ramazan Gitinov
    Ramazan Gitinov
    1997 - Bahrain - BRAVE - Prospect (A)
  212. 211

    "The Warrior" Lipeng Zhang
    Lipeng Zhang
    "The Warrior"  |  34-13-2
    1990 - China - ONE Championship

    Experienced, cracks pretty hard early. Had some issues in the grappling against Abevi. Decent back taker but a little prone to falling off. Dangerous if he can stay off his back.
  213. 212

    Emmanuel "El Matador" Sanchez
    Emmanuel Sanchez
    "El Matador"  |  22-9-0
    1990 - USA - APFC

    Seems determined to make a last push to have a run in the UFC but I'm not sure how well it'll go as he doesn't look like the same guy who challenged for the Bellator FW title to me. He doesn't push the pace he used to but he does still have some solid grappling. Left Bellator on a 5 fight skid but against solid competition other than probably modern day Yancy. Win over Daniel Salas was a solid win over a decent regional guy. I dunno if the UFC would give him a shot, I'd like to see him get one to top off his career if it's what he wants though.

    Petties - Not doing too much for a lot of the fight, getting to body lock and not doing a lot with it. Certainly not pushing a pace like his prime version but locked up a nice d'arce.
  214. 213

    Humberto Bandenay
    Humberto Bandenay
    23-8-0, 2 NC
    1994 - Peru - Fusion FC

    Was in the UFC very young and has now kind of solidified himself as a very solid higher level regional guy. Has a good body kick on the feet, likes to try and pressure guys back if he can. Fairly good timing on double legs. Top grappling is good, he's methodical and patient, passes well but not afraid to go back to guard and start again if he needs to, doesn't panic, rush and allow the other guy to get up or reverse. Waits until he gets to a good position to open up and unleash some damage. Does drop heavy shots from mount and back once he gets there. I did think he was on the way to losing to Sardinha before the no contest but that guy looks really good.
  215. 214

    Cedric "The Gunman" Gunnison
    Cedric Gunnison
    "The Gunman"  |  7-3-0
    1994 - USA - LFA - Prospect (C+)

    Former CFFC champ is a lot like a lightweight version of Charles Johnson. Fights at a good pace and has a lot of cardio to come on strong late. Good range strikes, really good with kicks and likes to throw nice stabbing ones to the leg and the body. A guy who I think would do okay in the lower ranks of the UFC.
  216. 215

    Samuel "Caveira" Silva
    Samuel Silva
    "Caveira"  |  12-4-1
    1996 - Brazil - LFA - Prospect (C)
  217. 216

    Trevor Peek
    Trevor Peek
    9-2-0, 1 NC
    1995 - USA - UFC
  218. 217

    Anshul "King of Lions" Jubli
    Anshul Jubli
    "King of Lions"  |  7-1-0
    1995 - India - UFC
  219. 218

    Amin "Fierceness" Ayoub
    Amin Ayoub
    "Fierceness"  |  21-5-0
    1995 - France - Ares
  220. 219

    Kaynan "Bahia" Kruschewsky
    Kaynan Kruschewsky
    "Bahia"  |  15-2-0, 1 NC
    1991 - Brazil - UFC
  221. 220

    Ramil "Mr. Real Deal" Kamilov
    Ramil Kamilov
    "Mr. Real Deal"  |  8-0-0
    1997 - Kazakhstan - Unified MMA - Prospect (C)

    Kazakh training in Canada where he's fought his way to the top of the regional scene. Powerful striker and a decent grappler.

    O'Connor - He's got good blitzes and good power when he sits down on an accurate shot. Snipes shots then picks moments to blitz and landing at a decent clip, landing down the middle well. A bit frustrating how he fell into the clinch after a flurry a lot against a guy that clearly wanted to grapple with him which probably killed his chances of a finish here. Takedown defence and get ups against the cage solid but would like to see him avoid the cage clinch more as a more athletic grappler than O'Connor might give him issues there.
  222. 221

    Dakota "Hairy" Bush
    Dakota Bush
    "Hairy"  |  12-4-0
    1994 - USA - Nemesis Fighting
  223. 222

    Samuel Dias
    Samuel Dias
    1995 - Brazil - LFA - Prospect (C+)

    Looking like a killer on a streak of 7 first round finishes, hasn't really fought someone who can test him yet but can hopefully get an LFA title fight soon

    Cortti - easy night, caught kick and dropped brutal ground and pound for finish.
  224. 223

    Herbert "Matagal" Batista
    Herbert Batista
    "Matagal"  |  17-6-1
    1991 - Brazil - ACA

    Kind of the poor man's version of his brother but still solid enough. Good enough hands and takedown defence to hold off mid level guys but as soon as he runs into someone with really good wrestling or striking towards the top half of the division in ACA he tends to lose.
  225. 224

    Daniel James Allen
    Daniel James Allen
    1992 - USA - Zhong Lou FC - Prospect (C+)
  226. 225

    Landon "The Lone Wolf" Quiñones
    Landon Quiñones
    "The Lone Wolf"  |  7-3-1
    1996 - USA - UFC
  227. 226

    Tsogookhuu Amarsanaa "The Mongol"
    Tsogookhuu Amarsanaa
    "The Mongol"  |  10-3-0
    1990 - Mongolia - Tuff-N-Uff

    Man, this one is a mouthful to pronounce. Was in ONE years ago but has since relocated to the US to train and is looking pretty solid. He's got a good prodding front kick which he uses regularly and he's got a good variety of kicks in general. Nailed Jaynes with a beautiful spinning heel kick which Edson Barboza would have been proud of. Good killer instinct to follow up with good ground and pound. Loss to Egli isn't a great look but I haven't seen that one.
  228. 227

    Fanil "Nogay" Rafikov
    Fanil Rafikov
    "Nogay"  |  23-7-0
    1993 - Kazakhstan - Naiza FC

    Weirdly inconsistent fighter. Loses to some guys who on paper are much lower level than him and then has some pretty decent performances to beat some solid, experienced guys. Difficult to know what you're going to get from him. Just needs to find consistency, not sure how you beat guys like Abbasov, Manchinha and Limberger and lose to random 6-4 guys in between sometimes.

    Abbasov - He's fundamentally fine, with decent level changes and decent hooks and leg kicks. He does get stuck in the back body lock position for a while.Just about did enough in a close fight, didn't get caught in a brawl with Abbasov which was smart.
  229. 228

    Nariman "Bayraktar" Abbasov
    Nariman Abbasov
    "Bayraktar"  |  29-6-0
    1994 - Azerbaijan - Fight Nights Global

    Had a great run leading up his Contender Series fight with Ismael Bonfim but things have gone a bit off the rails for Nariman since. He's good if he can get into a bit of a brawl as he hits hard enough to cause accumulative damage and he's got a very solid chin and the cardio to keep fighting that way. Problem is people seem to have figured out that if you don't engage him in that style of fight he runs out of ideas a bit and his punches are a bit too winged for him to win a technical fight at range.

    Rafikov - seems a bit short on ideas if he can't brawl, not bad at hanging on back bodylock but not doing much with it, good at making sure he's doing something, bit slow, keeps coming, punches a bit too winged to land consistently. Fairly close fight.
  230. 229

    Rolando "The Machine" Bedoya
    Rolando Bedoya
    "The Machine"  |  14-3-0
    1997 - Peru - UFC
  231. 230

    Lowen Tynanes
    Lowen Tynanes
    1990 - USA - Fury FC
  232. 231

    Yancy Medeiros
    Yancy Medeiros
    12-8-0, 2 NC
    1987 - USA - Bellator
  233. 232

    Charles "Boston Strong" Rosa
    Charles Rosa
    "Boston Strong"  |  17-8-0
    1986 - USA - CES
  234. 233

    Aalon Cruz
    Aalon Cruz
    1989 - USA - Bellator
  235. 234

    Kegan "Machine Gun" Gennrich
    Kegan Gennrich
    "Machine Gun"  |  8-3-0
    1993 - USA - LFA

    Lewis - Former LFA champ found a good wrestler with good base like Lewis too much for him. He's a black belt in BJJ but doesn't have the athleticism or strength to make much happen against someone who's also a good grappler who's strong like that. Tough and looked hard to finish though, not really ever in major trouble. Good cardio and good at peppering on the feet even if he lacks power. Lack of athleticism probably gives him a ceiling but he's game.
  236. 235

    Bobby King
    Bobby King
    1983 - Bellator - USA

    Veteran who had a late career run in Bellator which went better than expected but his prospect derailing seems to have stopped and he's now crossed the 40 barrier so as a lightweight he's probably not going to make a resurgance.

    Hughes - Did okay early on against top prospect. Chin is still there as ate a couple of decent shots on the feet and clipped Hughes once too. Happy to fire back when under assault which Hughes had to respect. Fairly strong when has his back to cage but not so good when actually ends up on back and more tried to survive until he lost posture control on Hughes and got finished.
  237. 236

    Anthony "The Genius" Romero
    Anthony Romero
    "The Genius"  |  12-3-0
    1997 - Canada - PFL

    Never really got the hype with this guy. He kind of feels like a basic create a fighter in a video game where he's sort of just okay at everything. Didn't impress Dana on Contender Series and now keeps losing in PFL

    Cossio - Just outworked and out hustled in this one. Dude just doesn't do enough unless he's against someone low-mid level.
  238. 237

    Vladimír "Vlado" Lengál
    Vladimír Lengál
    "Vlado"  |  6-4-0
    Czechia - Oktagon

    Torres - did a bad job defending leg kicks early which caused him issues all fight. Swings wild, don't like the way he bobs and weaves going backwards into the cage. Solid heart and kept trying. Dunno why he was trying to wrestle in the third when he needed a finish with open scoring.
  239. 238

    Chris "Taco" Padilla
    Chris Padilla
    "Taco"  |  14-6-0
    1995 - USA - UFC

    Wasn't expecting this dude to get a win in his UFC debut but he proved me wrong. Has a pretty explosive double leg and took advantage of bad get ups to sink a choke. Took a lot of leg kicks on the feet which could be a problem in future.
  240. 239

    Gabriel "Moggly" Benítez
    Gabriel Benítez
    "Moggly"  |  23-12-0
    1988 - Mexico - UFC
  241. 240

    Eduardo Garagorri
    Eduardo Garagorri
    1989 - Uruguay - UAE Warriors
  242. 241

    Michael "SNIPER" Pagani
    Michael Pagani
    "SNIPER"  |  7-0-0, 1 NC
    1998 - Italy - Cage Warriors - Prospect (C-)
  243. 242

    Kenneth "The Boss" Cross
    Kenneth Cross
    "The Boss"  |  14-4-0
    1994 - USA - XFC
  244. 243

    Arthur Estrázulas
    Arthur Estrázulas
    1989 - Brazil - LFA
  245. 244

    William "Will I Am" Starks
    William Starks
    "Will I Am"  |  10-3-0
    1993 - USA - LFA
  246. 245

    Darragh "The Moville Mauler" Kelly
    Darragh Kelly
    "The Moville Mauler"  |  6-0-0
    1998 - Ireland - Bellator - Prospect (C)

    SBG prospect who was undefeated as an amateur, signed by Bellator before pro-debut and undefeated there too although yet to really fight anyone of note

    Poiron - Pretty easy work here as Poiron just pretty much put his head on a plate for Darragh to guillotine.
  247. 246

    Max "Rated R" Rohskopf
    Max Rohskopf
    "Rated R"  |  7-2-0
    1994 - USA - Bellator
  248. 247

    Dylan "The Nuke" Tuke
    Dylan Tuke
    "The Nuke"  |  8-4-0
    1996 - Ireland - PFL
  249. 248

    Kane "The Danger" Mousah
    Kane Mousah
    "The Danger"  |  14-7-0
    1986 - England - PFL

    Couple of solid wins back in Bellator but now in his late 30's and on a losing streak in PFL.
  250. 249

    Mitch "The Fight Stalker" Ramirez
    Mitch Ramirez
    "The Fight Stalker"  |  8-2-0
    1992 - USA - UFC

    Moises - too heavy on front leg and got chopped down there. TDD pretty average, defensive BJJ looked okay, reguarded a couple of times and escaped a deep RNC.
  251. 250

    Sang Uk "Frog Man" Kim
    Sang Uk Kim
    "Frog Man"  |  11-3-0
    1993 - South Korea - Zombie Fight Night

    Pretty famous in Korea having appeared on Physical 100 with Sexyama. Parlayed that into a decent run on Road to UFC before getting eliminated by Rongzhu in the semi finals.

    Sasaki - fighting a dude in his mid 40s, going the wrestling route, singles, doubles and mat returns all working well but opponent has very poor takedown defence. Easily able to press into wrestling range when the opposition is old and slow. Feels more confident coming forward and unleashing the hands a bit when the guy is tired and backed up against the cage. Dominant performance but really should be getting a finish.
  252. 251

    Pieter "The Archangel" Buist
    Pieter Buist
    "The Archangel"  |  18-8-0
    1988 - Netherlands - Levels Fight League

    Decent Dutch style kickboxer with a good high kick, doesn't have a lot of power on his punches but technically fine. Not very good at staying off the cage when people try to pressure him for clinches. TDD and get ups both suck, tries to engage in BJJ from the bottom. Does have some sneaky chokes for low level guys who try and shoot too much on him but doesn't work on good level guys.
  253. 252

    Stanley "The Drill" Dorsainvil
    Stanley Dorsainvil
    "The Drill"  |  3-0-0
    2000 - USA - LFA - Prospect (B)

    Katambwa - looked really good, came into the fight as a dog against a well respected prospect but just outworked him, with excellent cardio and mixing his striking and grappling together really well. Very long picked his shots down the middle really well and excellent volume for a very clear win.
  254. 253

    Matheus "Blessed" Pereira
    Matheus Pereira
    "Blessed"  |  7-4-0
    1997 - Brazil - ONE Championship

    Muay Thai guy with a bit of a weird career so far. Got finished a few times by low level dudes in Brazil but is now doing well on ONE FNF and looking pretty good doing it.

    Morozov - He's quite poised as a striker with a good jab, leg kicks and a high kick he tends to bring in later. He's not high paced but he's accurate when he throws and he has fast hands and decent combos when he does. Defends takedowns pretty well when he can get double unders and when he does get taken down he's got good urgency to get back up.
  255. 254

    Victor "The Brick" Martinez
    Victor Martinez
    "The Brick"  |  13-6-0
    1991 - USA - UFC

    Went on a decent run against mid-high level for regionals regional guys which got him into the UFC after winning a pretty hard fought battle against Jacob Rosales. Easy defeat at the hands of Leavitt raises questions about future at this level. Struggled with a taller fighter in the Nolan fight, just doesn't seem to have the skills required to do much in the UFC.
  256. 255

    Patrick "The Belgian Bomber" Habirora
    Patrick Habirora
    "The Belgian Bomber"  |  4-0-0
    2001ish - Belgium - Ares - Prospect (B)

    IMMAF champ as an ammy and starting to make some waves in the pro-ranks against low level opponents to this point.

    Aston - Looks very poised, keeps his distance well and reading entries with ease so far. Keeps his jab hand low and plays around with the angles of it. Rips to the body with finishing power. So far so good.
  257. 256

    Nick Fiore
    Nick Fiore
    1997 - USA - Combat FC

    Flitting between 155 and 170 since his UFC release to get fights but I'd say he's still a lightweight for now. Kept pretty active since his getting cut and taking on tougher competition than he did prior to his UFC stint which I think is a good idea as the step up last time was just too much. Striking and wrestling don't look great, doesn't level change or trip enough on the fence. If he does get on top he's very good there though, riding though positions well and doing good damage and looking for subs. Wouldn't rule out a UFC return one day as he had some tough matchups when he was there.
  258. 257

    Gabriel "Pitbull" Costa
    Gabriel Costa
    "Pitbull"  |  9-1-0
    2001 - Brazil - LFA - Prospect (C+)

    Aggressive young guy who's trying to find the balance between his natural aggression and over compensating and being too passive. Competitive with Todynho before getting knocked out and bounced back with a decent win over a journeyman where he was a bit too patient initially but looked a lot better once he stepped things up. Cracks hard when he steps in.
  259. 258

    Artiom Damkovsky
    Artiom Damkovsky
    1983 - Belarus - ACA

    Solid veteran, uses a Philly shell type of striking defence, carries front hand very low. Pretty good at countering guys as they come forward, has some power if lands clean. Takedown defence against the cage pretty good but does get clinched there a lot. Decent body kicks in short range. Cardio pretty solid, withstood a lot of pressure against Gordeev to crack him in the 5th and nearly finish.
  260. 259

    James "Goku" Llontop
    James Llontop
    "Goku"  |  14-3-0
    1999 - Peru - UFC

    Badly exposed in his UFC debut and really needs to go away and work on his get ups. Not that mad about his takedown defence as Padilla had a decent double leg, but he kept rushing up, ended up giving his back and then had awful choke defence. Good leg kicks and decent pressure boxing and still young so maybe he can turn it around, but not promising.
  261. 260

    "Nart" Soslan Gagloev
    Soslan Gagloev
    "Nart"  |  5-0-0
    1999 - Russia - Ares - Prospect (C-)

    Pallett - having a bit of a tough time early with the kicks but figured it out and countered and dropped opponent when he was throwing them naked. Went well with the ground and pound to get the finish.
  262. 261

    Thibault "GT" Gouti
    Thibault Gouti
    "GT"  |  17-7-0
    1987 - France - Bellator

    Improved since his UFC days, very tough and keeps a good pace on the feet. Still not technical enough to beat someone smooth and takedown defence not sufficient to hold off good wrestlers but he's solid enough.
  263. 262

    Abdalla "The Nubian Warrior" Biayda
    Abdalla Biayda
    "The Nubian Warrior"  |  9-2-0
    1996ish - Australia - HEX Fight Series

    Very solid striker who does well on the Aussie regionals. Tall for the weight and pretty quick, with nice long punches and kicks. Good when he gets momentum going forward but maybe not quite as comfortable on the back foot.. Has a nice standing guillotine he can use if guys are careless when clinching with him. Slight concern about his chin after the Webb KO and then taking a kickboxing fight and getting badly KO'd in that too.
  264. 263

    Lucas "Cassius" Clay
    Lucas Clay
    "Cassius"  |  10-3-0
    1995 - USA - Shamrock FC
  265. 264

    Hafeni "Namibian Nightmare" Nafuka
    Hafeni Nafuka
    "Namibian Nightmare"  |  9-1-0
    Germany - Oktagon

    Bogdanovic - seems like a work in progress. Decently athletic but reacts to feints too much and makes too many mistakes in grappling. Feels like there's potential there though.
  266. 265

    Josh Togo
    Josh Togo
    13-6-0, 2 NC
    Australia - PFL

    Becker - in trouble on the ground a bit early but picked up on the takedown attempts and got back to his usual back foot boxing. He's very good at moving around and picking guys apart when he can keep his range.
  267. 266

    Darrius "Beast Mode" Flowers
    Darrius Flowers
    "Beast Mode"  |  12-8-1
    1994 - USA - UFC

    Elder - gassed but took it on very short notice. Spamming kicks and knees up the middle early which was working to an extent but didn't really have a plan B once Elder adapted to that. Good chin. Offered nothing off his back and got mounted and arm triangled but it looked like he didn't want to be there because he was gassed at that point and I think he pretty much gave it away
  268. 267

    Tom "Big Nasty" O’Connor
    Tom O’Connor
    "Big Nasty"  |  13-3-0
    1992 - Canada - Unified MMA

    Reasonable regional meat and potatoes dude. Probably lacks the athleticism to make it to the top level but doesn't lack for effort.

    Kamilov - Tried his best in this one. Tough because he was in there with a guy who hit much harder than him that he was finding hard to hold down. Got cracked a lot but hung in there and kept trying to get inside and take him down. Good commitment and pressure.
  269. 268

    Sho Patrick "Savage" Usami
    Sho Patrick Usami
    "Savage"  |  7-2-0
    2000 - Japan - RIZIN

    Got back on the winning track after some mixed results since his RUFC appearance.

    Tokudome - He's a pretty powerful striker with snappy kicks and a pretty stable stance, just quite low output. Can be clipped but this time fought fire with fire and got the KO doing it.
  270. 269

    "Black Panther" Noah Bey
    Noah Bey
    "Black Panther"  |  3-3-0
    1995 - USA - RIZIN

    Kickboxer who's better than his record suggests because he jumped in at the deep end when he started out in MMA. Didn't bother taking a step down in competition and has now evened his record out.

    Case - Activity is a bit low, maybe because he's worried about being taken down but his get ups are quite good so I'm not sure why. Striking is good when he throws enough. Good win over an experienced opponent who'd had a terrible weight cut.
  271. 270

    Jan "Q-Bomb" Quaeyhaegens
    Jan Quaeyhaegens
    "Q-Bomb"  |  12-5-0
    1992 - Belgium - Cage Warriors

    Decent grappler, very active throwing up subs from bottom, decent triangle but risks getting passed off it a lot. Good at holding back and keeping position from there. Does take some risks when could hold position.
  272. 271

    Andrey "Mineiro" Augusto
    Andrey Augusto
    "Mineiro"  |  15-7-1
    1992 - Brazil - GFC

    Solid Brazilian journeyman who turns up in all kinds of Russian area promotions and occasionally goes back to Brazil. Very tough and durable with decent enough boxing to make for a tough fight for mid level promotion championship level fighters in the area and give them a good workout.
  273. 272

    Jack Becker
    Jack Becker
    1992 - Australia - Eternal MMA

    Togo - really good when he got on top in the first, aggressive there and goes for subs, really good armbar attempt. A bit too limited on the feet against a more technical striker like Togo.
  274. 273

    Claudio Pacella
    Claudio Pacella
    2000ish - Italy - PFL

    Not bothered about who he fights having signed on to fight highly regarded prospects Habirora and Ewen in consecutive bouts. Upset the apple cart against Ewen.

    Ewen - was getting picked apart when it was technical but when he decided to just go forward and start winging bombs at him he had much more success. Very good aggression and output, just throwing big shots and bad takedown attempts but it worked.
  275. 274

    Mark Ewen
    Mark Ewen
    1999ish - Scotland - PFL - Prospect (C)

    Hyped prospect who was looking smooth until he got outhustled by a random bomb swinging Italian. Going to have to really rebound from the Pacella fight but has the ability to do so.

    Pacella - When he's going forward he looks very good, he's very good at feinting and uses it to keep pressure on and get a range where he can keep his opponent off beat and pick them apart with a good variety of offence. Started to really struggle going backwards when Pacella just decided to **** all that off and just go forward and wing overhands at him. Defence going backwards isn't good and was tagged and backed into the cage multiple times, chin seemed okay though. Slight worry about power as he couldn't manage to dissuade Pacella from just coming at him over and over.
  276. 275

    Mohammad "The UAE Warrior" Yahya
    Mohammad Yahya
    "The UAE Warrior"  |  12-4-0
    1994 - UAE - UFC
  277. 276

    Nika Kupravishvili
    Nika Kupravishvili
    1996 - Georgia - UAE Warriors

    The fake Khamzat slayer looks like a solid workout for prospects on their way up. Scrappy guy, comes forward a lot and keeps volume decent so makes guys work hard. Takedown defence okay and doesn't really accept being on back. Will full on throw himself on his back if people backpack him which I'm not sure is the best idea.
  278. 277

    Harel Cohen
    Harel Cohen
    2000 - Israel - Cage Warriors - Prospect (D+)
  279. 278

    Brendon "The Kid" Marotte
    Brendon Marotte
    "The Kid"  |  8-2-0
    1997 - USA - UFC
  280. 279

    "The Danger" Won Bin Ki
    Won Bin Ki
    "The Danger"  |  18-9-0
    1991 - South Korea - Gladiator Champion

    Tough dude with a good gas tank. Defence not good so at risk from power hitters. Does stay in the fight when hurt and throws back, very open when doing so but the opponent has to kind of respect that he's slinging back like ****.
  281. 280

    Devon Dixon
    Devon Dixon
    1996 - USA - Fury FC

    Macklin - looked like an okay wrestler with a bit of jits and a bit of power. Dropped Macklin and able to control once got to top. Couple of positional mistakes but okay ish hard working fighter even if i can't see much top level potential there
  282. 281

    Ahmad Suhail "Lion of the Ring" Hassanzada
    Ahmad Suhail Hassanzada
    "Lion of the Ring"  |  11-3-0
    1995 - Afghanistan - Tuff N Uff

    Sagliani - still insanely hittable, hurt very early but is a proper warrior and fought through to survive being very badly hurt to make the first quite close. Good cardio and poured it on his opponent as the fight went on, drowning him with volume on the feet and effective if kind of spazzy wrestling with active ground and pound.
  283. 282

    Tatsuya "Yanbo" Saika
    Tatsuya Saika
    "Yanbo"  |  11-5-0
    1990 - Japan - Pancrase Champion

    Throws very heavy early and does crack, throws nice flurries of hooks. Tired on RUFC when couldn't get Ki out of there, doesn't really have much regard for defence, just wants to crack people in the face.
  284. 283

    Johnny "Hollywood" Case
    Johnny Case
    "Hollywood"  |  28-10-1
    1989 - USA - RIZIN

    Bey - Not sure how hard he's training these days, had a bad cut against Bey, missed weight and fought pretty awfully. Double legs looked alright but struggled to hold top position consistently, striking looking lungy, not really setting things up and just throwing wide hooks. A good fighter if he's taking the game seriously but needs to prove that he's doing that.
  285. 284

    Bobby "The Body Snatcher" Pallett
    Bobby Pallett
    "The Body Snatcher"  |  7-3-0, 1 NC
    1991 - Wales - Ares

    Gagoev - started out quite well with leg kicks even if he kept catching Gagoev in the knackers. Went to the well too many times with the kicks and then got countered, dropped and finished. Just needs to vary up his attacks a bit.
  286. 285

    Hector Saenz
    Hector Saenz
    1996 - USA - Fury FC

    Pretty busy dude with a pretty solid record at the top end of the Fury Lightweight division. Got beaten pretty comfortably by Khera but did show some decent sub defence for a while against such a high level grappler before he got caught.
  287. 286

    Alex "The Executioner" Reyes
    Alex Reyes
    "The Executioner"  |  13-4-0
    1986 - USA - UFC
  288. 287

    Peter "The Joker" Petties
    Peter Petties
    "The Joker"  |  10-8-0, 1 NC
    1990 - USA - APFC

    Former PFL and DWCS guy is pretty much a once a year regional journeyman at this point. He's okay though.

    Sanchez - only throws one at a time but he's pretty athletic so his strikes are pretty fast when he actually puts some out there. Mainly tries to confuse people with hand movement to set the strikes up. Screwed up the D'arce/Anaconda defence against Sanchez but that was the first time he's been subbed.
  289. 288

    James Power
    James Power
    1992ish - England - Cage Warriors

    Seems to have decided to go all aggression now. Got clipped against the Polish kid but recovered and got back on the high pace and aggression and got him out of there. Very good work rate, but don't know if he could have kept that up for three rounds.
  290. 289

    Patrick "The Leech" Lehane
    Patrick Lehane
    "The Leech"  |  6-3-0
    1999 - Ireland - Combate Global

    Solid striker offensively, I like his 1,2s down the middle and he's scrappy and fights at a good pace. Not so hot in the grappling, got mounted very easily against Gonzalez. Can be a little bit hittable defensively. Fight IQ very questionable, seen him decide to shoot on a guy that he was getting absolutely dominated by on the mat in the previous round and then get subbed.
  291. 290

    Ilay Barzilay
    Ilay Barzilay
    Israel - LFA

    Renteria - takedown defence terrible but get ups pretty good so kind of made up for it here. Taken down three times in the round but didn't take any damage. Unleashed some pretty powerful punches on the feet to get the stoppage against an opponent with terrible striking defence.
  292. 291

    Arcangelo "Caboclo Voador" Oliveira
    Arcangelo Oliveira
    "Caboclo Voador"  |  11-4-0
    1995 - Brazil - Jungle Fight Champion

    Stiff and hittable, got dropped a couple of times in title fight but very tough and fought through it to manage to take over in the 2nd round after he looked pretty cooked to me. Seems like he's a bit too hittable to have much success at a high level though.
  293. 292

    Marcelo Medeiros
    Marcelo Medeiros
    Brazil - Jungle Fight

    Was looking pretty solid early on in Jungle Fight title fight, catching pretty stiff opponent and dropping and nearly finishing him. Seemed to run out of gas in the 2nd, and when he ended up on his back he lost the back easily and got choked quickly.
  294. 293

    Adam Cullen
    Adam Cullen
    1998 - England - Cage Warriors

    Cohen - Gut check fight for Cullen, dug deeper than I've seen him do before. Got taken down a lot, had some decent half guard sweeps, likes to go under the leg with them so at risk of damage and did get a bad cut. Cardio held up well in a super tough fight and won the third. Couldn't seem to keep opponent off him enough to work striking.
  295. 294

    Łukasz "Raju" Rajewski
    Łukasz Rajewski
    "Raju"  |  13-9-0, 1 NC
    1989 - Poland - Oktagon

    The not as good Rajweski
  296. 295

    Cedric Katambwa
    Cedric Katambwa
    4-1-0, 1 NC
    1990 - DR Congo - LFA

    Dorsainvil - totally outworked by a guy who I think was better than anyone was expecting, just driven back constantly and couldn't get past the high volume of opponent to get into the fight.
  297. 296

    Alejandro "Toro" Corrales
    Alejandro Corrales
    "Toro"  |  7-2-0
    1997 - Mexico - Lux Fight League

    Ruiz - Style is allegedly Olympic wrestler but I couldn't really see any evidence of that as his takedown defence sucked especially from back bodylock. Throws hard on the feet but overthrows a lot and ends up very off balance. Cardio and desire was there as came back from a bad first round to wear out an opponent who seems to be a bit of a quitter.
  298. 297

    Mathias Poiron
    Mathias Poiron
    1996 - France - Bellator

    Started his career 6-0 but then lost in a title fight to a streaking Brazilian. Given a fight in Bellator anyway where he got fed to Darragh Kelly in what was probably a one shot deal.

    D Kelly - Short fight, kept putting his head in a dangerous position when going for takedowns and got guillotined which everyone but him saw coming.
  299. 298

    Miguelito "El Chévere" Grijalva
    Miguelito Grijalva
    "El Chévere"  |  9-0-0
    2001 - Ecuador - Samurai Fight House

    Kind of a sloppy brawler, not sure how seriously he takes his career. Took his last fight at 170 for some reason and looked like a fat dad at the beach, if he's in shape he's probably a bantamweight. Good chin, keeps coming forward and throwing, does do damage with wild hooks. When he fought at 145 he could push a real pace too, hopefully we get that version back.
  300. 299

    Evgeny "The General" Morozov
    Evgeny Morozov
    "The General"  |  6-1-0
    1997 - Russia - ONE Championship

    Pereira - Looked pretty awful in his FNF debut. Looks to be very much a grappler, mainly relying on upper body clinches as his lower body shots are awful and telegraphed. Not really that good in the bodylock either and struggles to keep control when he does get someone down. Terrible at striking from range, needs to pile in throwing overhands to get into the clinch. Striking defence no good, gets tagged constantly coming forward and doesn't defend calf kicks well. Also gassy when the fight is going against him.
  301. 300

    Julio "El Nica" Ruiz
    Julio Ruiz
    "El Nica"  |  5-1-0
    2000 - Nicaragua - Lux Fight League

    Corrales - had a good first round when he got given back bodylock and had some good takedowns from there. Took back okay but couldn't finish. Only seems to be able to wrestle from back and didn't make a push to get there, doesn't seem to like getting hit, faded had nothing off his back in the second round and got subbed in the third . Looked like he mentally gave up to me
  302. 301

    Tedrick "T-Money" Macklin
    Tedrick Macklin
    "T-Money"  |  6-1-0
    1996 - USA - Fury FC

    Dixon - very herky jerky, jumps into things seems to be trying to throw hard but leaving himself open to counters. Pretty terrible off his back, only got up or got on top when Dixon tried a triangle. Not an impressive showing.
  303. 302

    Kazuki Tokudome
    Kazuki Tokudome
    1987 - Japan - RIZIN

    Usami - Came back after a three year layoff against Usami and looked like he shouldn't have bothered. Looked slow going forward on the feet and defensively and was reaching badly for takedowns. Got KO'd by opponent swarming him as soon as he had the smallest bit of success.
  304. 303

    Justin "Guitar Hero" Jaynes
    Justin Jaynes
    "Guitar Hero"  |  17-11-0
    1989 - USA - Tuff-N-Uff

    I think mentally he's still willing and still believes he can make it back to the UFC but his body just doesn't allow him to be competitive anymore. Losing much more than he's winning since getting cut and looks slower and more hittable than ever.
  305. 304

    Jean "The Black Panther" Do Santos
    Jean Do Santos
    "The Black Panther"  |  7-0-0
    2003ish - Benin - Ares

    Kind of spazzy but dude has heart, seems to be learning on the job and got stuck in a lot of deep subs against Baillot but was able to gut through them and put a pace on a very gassy opponent to get him out of there.
  306. 305

    Matouš "Mighty Rooster" Kohout
    Matouš Kohout
    "Mighty Rooster"  |  11-7-0
    Czechia - Oktagon - got knocked down when he's supposed to be a striker by a blitz, didn't really look like had much on the ground but did defend the choke okay for a while.
  307. 306

    Denis "The Menace" Frimpong
    Denis Frimpong
    "The Menace"  |  2-2-0
    1994 - Ireland - Oktagon

    Decent striker, nice high kick which he times pretty well and fairly sharp hands. Takedown defence pretty **** and get ups not great, can be pushed back into the cage pretty easily.
  308. 307

    Callum Mullen
    Callum Mullen
    6-3-0, 1 NC
    1999ish - England - Oktagon

    Pretty limited, seems quite tough, likes to try and get on top and wrestle but takedowns not great and doesn't really get much damage off on top. Seems like he's a good guy to get some time in the cage against for prospects.
  309. 308

    Daniel "KOlas" Kolasiński
    Daniel Kolasiński
    "KOlas"  |  5-2-0
    1996 - Poland - Cage Warriors

    Struggled with the aggression of Power in their fight. Did manage to land a good counter and clip him but then faded under the pressure and got finished when Power kept coming. Record doesn't suggest he's anything special.
  310. 309

    Konstantinos "The Gambler" Ntelis
    Konstantinos Ntelis
    "The Gambler"  |  8-3-0
    2001 - Greece - Cage Warriors

    Struggled in step up to high level Euro regional competition. Did okay in the guard of Q-Bomb early on, but once he ended up on his back he couldn't do much except constantly give his back and then mount over and over.
  311. 310

    "Pretty Boy" Troy Lamson
    Troy Lamson
    "Pretty Boy"  |  13-6-0
    1991 - USA - WXC

    Was fairly close to a UFC call at one point but now on a long skid and seems to get used as enhancement talent to get a name on prospects records.
  312. 311

    Oscar "Ginger Fury" Ownsworth
    Oscar Ownsworth
    "Ginger Fury"  |  8-3-1
    England - Bellator

    A Davis - somehow managed to get dropped by Alfie Davis. Stiking defence pretty poor, gets tagged a lot. Is game and keeps coming, top BJJ not too bad, uses front headlock to get snapdowns quite well.
  313. 312

    Renzo "Elcho" Cortti
    Renzo Cortti
    "Elcho"  |  9-5-0
    1993ish - Paraguay - LFA

    S Dias - Bad night, had kick caught and then got elbowed to hell on the ground.
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