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Russia MMA Gyms

Name   Location   Phone   Site
242 Airborne Training Center Omsk, Russia
Academy MMA Makhachkala, Russia
Academy of Martial Arts Kaliningrad, Russia
Academy of Martial Arts Valdai Tver, Russia + 7915-725-77-42 Official Site
Aikol Manas Moscow, Russia
AkBars Moscow, Russia
Akhmat Fight Club Grozny, Russia +7 (8712) 224 — 601 Official Site
Alexander Nevsky (Omsk) Omsk, Russia
Alexander Nevsky (Stary Oskol) Stary Oskol, Russia Official Site
Alexander Nevsky (St. Petersburg) St. Petersburg, Russia 8 904 627 02 01 Official Site
Alexander Nevsky (Vladivostok) Vladivostok, Russia
Alligator Nalchik, Russia
Altay Bears Biysk, Russia
ANT Bryansk, Russia 8 910 332 5533 Official Site
Arcada Каспийск, Дагестан, Россия
Arena Istra Istra, Russia
Ares Gym Samara, Russia
Arma-Fight Murmansk, Russia
Arsenal Gym Moscow, Russia
Arsenal Gym Tula, Russia
Ars Gym Alania, Russia
Asken Gym Omsk, Russia
Atlant 52 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Baltic Bears Kaliningrad, Russia
Barnaul Top Team Barnaul, Russia
Barracuda Gym Tver, Russia
BARS Of The Northern Fleet Murmansk, Russia
Bastion Gym Vladivostok, Russia
Berezniki MMA Berezniki, Russia
Berkut FC Khasavyurt, Russia
Berkut FC Omsk, Russia
Berkut FC Grozny, Russia 8 (928) 648-38-46 Official Site
Berserk Gym Vladivostok, Russia
Bingo Boom Fight Club Moscow, Russia +7 499 963-53-33
Bogatyri Fight Club Omsk, Russia
Bogdan Gym Voronezh, Russia
Borsek Gym Tambov, Russia
Brotherhood Fight Team Ivanteevka, Russia
Bryansk Fighters Bryansk, Russia
Bulat Gym Valuyki, Russia
Bulat Gym Murmansk, Russia
Bulat Gym Vladivostok, Russia
Bulat Gym Arkhangelsk, Russia
Camarao Gym Alania, Russia
Center of Martial Arts Rusich Moscow, Russia + 7 (903) 721-02-33 Official Site
Cesta Gym Orenburg, Russia
Challenger Fight Team Tver, Russia
Champion 86 Surgut, Russia
Champion Gym Omsk, Russia
Champion Gym Novosibirsk, Russia
Champion Gym Volgograd, Russia
Champion Gym Belgorod, Russia
Club MMA and grappling "Aikol" Moscow,Russia 7 (965) -101-52-52 Official Site
Club MMA Orion Salekhard, Russia 8-932-095-77-58 Official Site
Club Staya Semiluki, Voronezh, Russia Official Site
Courage Fight Team Ussuriysk, Russia
CrossFit Koyot Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
DagFighter Makhachkala, Russia
Division Fight Club Kazan, Russia
Eagles MMA Academy Moscow, Russia
Edinoborec 12 Yoshkar-Ola, Russia 8 (8362) 33-88-19 Official Site
Ermak Krasnodar, Russia +7 (928) 41-08-452 Official Site
Ermak Sports Club Omsk, Russia
Etleshev Team Maykop, Russia
Everest SC Saratov, Russia
Exclusive Fight Team Altay, Russia
Fanat Gym Omsk, Russia
Fight-Boxing Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Fight Club Boroda Ryazan, Russia Official Site
Fight Club Manas Krasnoyarsk, Russia 8 (929) 332-45-36
Fight Club Nart Sunzha, Russia
Fight Club No. 1 Moscow, Russia 8 (495) 970-66-55 Official Site
Fight Club Obereg Voronezh, Russia +7 (950) 757-54-24 Official Site
Fight Club Taymanbas St. Petersburg, Russia Official Site
Fight Club Voron Voronezh, Russia +7 910 348 6666 Official Site
Fight Club Wolfhound Kaliningrad, Russia +7 (8900) 352-840 Official Site
Fighter Gym Buynaksk, Russia
Fighter Gym Orenburg, Russia +7 (3532) 298-299 Official Site
Fight Nights Team Moscow, Russia +8 (495) 505 00 53 Official Site
Fight or Die Moscow, Russia
FightPro St. Petersburg, Russia
Fight Spirit Gym Saint Petersburg, Russia +7 (812) 946-26-12 Official Site
Fightspirit Team Dagestan, Russia
Gladiator Fight Club Kovrov, Russia
Gladiator Fight Team Vladivostok, Russia
Gladiator Gym Belgorod, Russia
Gladius Gym Klin, Russia
Global Fight Gym Moscow, Russia +7 (985) 718-00-07 Official Site
GM Gym Moscow, Russia
Golden Dragon Blagoveshchensk, Russia
Golden Lion Vladimir, Russia
Golden Pride Derbent, Russia
Golden Team Mytishchii, Moscow, Russia Official Site
Gorets Fight Team Dagestan, Russia Official Site
Guardsmen Fight Team Moscow, Russia
GYM HOOLIGAN Tula, Russia Official Site
Honour And Courage Krasnoyarsk, Russia Official Site
Irbis Gym Zelenograd, Russia
Jash Kuch Moscow, Russia
Jash Kuch Ekaterinburg, Russia
Joker Novosibirsk, Russia
Karimov Top Team Rostov-On-Don, Russia
Katran Gym Novosibirsk, Russia
Khabarovsk MMA Khabarovsk. Russia
Knight SC Mari El, Russia
Kolovrat Gym Vuktyl, Russia
Kostroma FC Kostroma, Russia Official Site
Kotlas MMA Kotlas, Russia
Kovrov Vale Tudo Kovrov, Russia
Krepost Fight Club Moscow, Russia Official Site
Kristall SC Magnitogorsk, Russia
Leader SC Nakhodka, Russia
Leader Sport Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Legion Fight Team Rostov-on-Don, Russia +7 863 257-27-57 Official Site
Lomov GYM Moscow, Russia Official Site
Magura Fight Team Tula, Russia
Mamishev Team Saint Petersburg, Russia
Marsay Gym Dmitrov, Russia
Martial Arts Academy Tyumen-Fight Tyumen, Russia Official Site
Maximus Gym Volgograd, Russia
Maxi-Sport Murmansk, Russia
Medved Gym Arkhangelsk, Russia
MMA Action Time Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
MMA-KEGI Moscow, Russia +7 (926) 230-75-15 Official Site
MMA Sever Syktyvkar, Russia Official Site
Mobilizatsiya Yekaterinburg, Russia
Molot Gym Orenburg, Russia
Mongoose SC Orenburg, Russia
Nart Krasnodar, Russia
Nordland MMA Ukhta, Russia
Nord Rusich Murmansk, Russia
North South Gus Khrustalny
Novinskaya Sports School Kurovskoye, Russia
Novoros Fight Novorossiysk, Russia
Oleksiy Oliynyk MMA School Moscow, Russia +8 (499) 391-10-10 Official Site
Olimp Sport Club Yekaterinburg, Russia
Olympus Fight Club Moscow, Russia
Olympus Fight Club Kursk, Russia
One On One Altay, Russia
Oplot Kharkiv, Ukraine (temporarily Moscow, Russia) 8 (499) 391-10-10 Official Site
Partizan Gym Belgorod, Russia
Patriot Gym St. Petersburg, Russia
Peresvet FT Rostov-on-Don, Russia Official Site
Perm MMA Center Perm, Russia
Pioneer Gym Pervomaysk, Russia
Power Fight Team Blagoveshchensk, Russia
Pride MMA St. Petersburg, Russia 89502252373
Ratibor Perm, Russia
Ratibor Kurkino, Russia
Ratiborets Yekaterinburg, Russia (343) 286-11-39 Official Site
Relight SC Rostov-On-Don, Russia
REM 93 Chelyabinsk, Russia
R.O.D. Moscow, Russia Official Site
Ronin Gym Saratov, Russia
Rufighta Academy Moscow, Russia
Rumyantsevo Fitness Center Tver, Russia
RusFighters MMA St. Petersburg, Russia
Rusich Gym Moscow, Russia
Russia Top Team Barnaul, Russia +7 913 233 7811 Official Site
Sakha Fight Yakutsk, Russia
Sakha Wrestling Club Yakutsk, Russia
Sakulin Gym Saratov, Russia
Samara Bears Samara, Russia
Sambo-34 Volgograd, Russia
Sambo-70 Moscow, Russia
Sambo-94 Russia
Sambo-Piter St. Petersburg, Russia +7 (921) 599-99-96 Official Site
Saturn Profi Omsk, Russia
School Of Champions Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Scorpion 64 Saratov, Russia
SCS Gym Shatura, Russia
Sech PRO St. Petersburg, Russia +7 965 015 89 37
Shembros Academy Omsk, Russia +7 923 684 03 80 Official Site
Shkval Gym Kirov, Russia
Skif Gym Alania, Russia
Slavia SC Saratov, Russia
Slavyanin SC Kaliningrad, Russia
Sled Yekaterinburg, Russia
Sochi Star Sochi, Russia
Sparta Gym Moscow, Russia
Sparta Gym Murmansk, Russia
Sparta Gym Perm, Russia
Sparta Gym Altay, Russia
Sparta Gym Kaluga, Russia
Sparta Gym Novosibirsk, Russia
Spartak Gym Lyubertsy, Russia
Special Brigade Volokolamsk, Russia
Sport Club 58 Penza, Russia Official Site
Sport Life St. Petersburg, Russia
Stalingrad Fight Club Volgograd, Russia
Steel Fight Team Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Steel Fist Moscow, Russia
Storm Fight Team Tver, Russia
Storm Gym Omsk, Russia
Strela Team Moscow, Russia +7 (962) 754-68-86
Sturm Gym Moscow, Russia
Sunrise Gym Saratov, Russia
Suvon Gym Monchegorsk, Russia
Tasma Team Kazan, Russia
Territory SC Cheboksary, Rusia
The Forge Krasnodar, Russia
The Old Guard Pavlovski Posad, Moscow Official Site
Tiger Gym Moscow, Russia
Time Munduz Gym Moscow, Russia
Tislenko Team Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Togliatti MMA Federation Togliatti, Russia
Toolos Gym Moscow, Russia
Troya Fight Club Blagoveshchensk, Amurski Oblast, Russia
Tula Tanks Tula, Russia
Tyler Gym Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Ufa MMA Academy Ufa, Russia
Union 59 Perm, Russia
Unity Fight Team Serpukh, Russia
Unity Gym Chaykovsky, Russia
Uraanhai Sports Club Yakutsk, Russia
Ural Top Team Yekaterinburg, Russia
Victory Fight Team Rostov-On-Don, Russia
Vityaz Ryazan, Russia Official Site
Vityaz Gym Omsk, Russia
Vityaz Gym Balashikha, Russia
Vityaz Gym Vladivostok, Russia
Vityaz Gym Novosibirsk, Russia
Vityaz Gym Reutov, Russia
Vodnik Gym Nakhodka, Russia
Voronezh Fight Team Voronezh, Russia
Vostok SC Alania, Russia
Vostok SC Saratov, Russia
Warrior fight club grappling kursk Kursk,Russia 7-919-213-20-86 Official Site
White Lotus Novosibirsk, Russia
Wolf Gym Tver, Russia
Yamato Gym Dolgoprudny, Russia
Yastreb Gym Balakhna, Russia
Yavara Gym Moscow, Russia
Zaleev Team Moscow, Russia +7 (499) 390-6288 Official Site
Zvezda Fight Team Alania, Russia
БК Гладиатор Rostov-on-Don
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