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Topic: Louis Papedo


  • Contender Series 2023 Tapology coverage is now live
  • Ernesta Kareckaite vs. Carli Judice - Round 3 is in progress.
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  • Tapology Picks: Ernesta Kareckaite 34% Carli Judice 66%
  • Ernesta "Heavy-Handed" Kareckaite (4-0-1) LT is the #15th Womens Pound for Pound in Europe Eastern.
  • "Crispy" Carli Judice (3-0-0) MS, US is the #17th Womens Pound for Pound in US Southeast.
  • Contender Series 2023 features 5 MMA bouts
  • The event takes place from UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada