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Road to GAMMAF Conference in New Delhi

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04.23.2023 | 5:41 AM ET

It's with great pleasure that I am sharing what has been happening in the India Capital New Delhi.
I started my trip in Bujumbura in an Erhiopian Airline had good food, beautiful service, a beautiful and very clean transit hall, and took our correspondence to New Delhi a night flight passed over some troubled regions scary when you have some geographic knowledge any way we landed safely, the customs cleared me.
A GAMMAF protocol service was there but the so called Sensei that I had to speak and know what was going on and how we have to coordinate my stay didn't say that much, but just send me to another person where a pink shirt and purple trouser ....Ooops 
Code was all in Black for Referee and Educators my category.
I thought that all has been well planned my dear friends my advise is that never leave home without Credit card and book in advance and confirm and re confirm your hotel booking or you will lose money and valuable time and never be surprised that the organization doesn't care in those regions soft diplomacy is not in their culture or in their competition program nevertheless more 12 hours, half day if stress is worse being in a cage Greg MMA ...
The objectives of writing to you all is that the "Road to a fighting promotion "Event" has more tricks to handle than we ever think and planning and preparing future fights on the Asian continent for African warriors has started on a wrong foot irresponsability of official, Misleading organization supposed to be registered on USA legislation, Educators that are not yet recognized Dear Warriors be prepared when you are going in Region and trying to reach you quota for the UFC AND BELLATOR bouts requirement for Refere's, Judges training pay attention with who you are working with ...


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  • Predictions:  1,322  |  54.2%
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04.23.2023 | 6:12 AM ET

The struggle of MMA in the Savanna of Burundi

It's a very young club, that has been started by a Coach and the President of a Burundi Rugby League Rugby A XIII Cooperative, in fact player enjoy wrestling, and what we call boxing for Rugby League player which is made of boxing move uppercut, jabs, etc...that players might face while strumming or in contact, understanding the moves keeps them safe on the pitch..... 
In Sub Sahara, the more sports you practice a revenue can gained after a while in good and well coordinated organization 
Why? We are presenting the Timba Gorilla Timba MMA Sc is to introduce those we are trying to keep on the right track, develop young fellows that can be serious integ on integrity, manage to use their knowledge in well coordinated manners, learn to respect other at all time.
In their day to day, life as their understand the power in them.
By working, young organization like us, we might have made a error of judgement but only time can allow us to assess, the different organization that can help us manage to make MMA practice as job and paid task in the cage.
One huge handicap we have met in our planning, to get in Egypt, Benin, Lubumbashi, Accra, Lagos, Kampala, Nairobi prior to well paid South African bouts that can allow sub sahelian to reach the main paid events, it's a task that need perennial funds every 1st of January, and coordinating our own event at least 4 to 6 fighting event at least for the next 5 years and manage to have a better fighting IQ for a grading from o to 10 we are at 3.5, which is quite good for a new organization as my opinion is that our local IQ is well above the Indian fighters as all their best are from Afghanistan or Mogolia, one think that we can give them a high note, they have one of the best public ever met, ..they should share their secret...have a nice day and enjoy be curious the have an event planned on the 27 -28 May 2023 called 
DEVIL'S OCTOGON Coordinated by the All Indian Mixed Martial arts  Federation 
Hope to meet you all there ....
Past event: https://www.youtube.com/live/8ptlHouc6AA?feature=share

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