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UFC Draft Game

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05.05.2022 | 9:15 PM ET

I am going to try out a new fantasy game in which players draft a team of fighters and then receive points for their performance. The game will involve UFC fighters only and the season will last for six months, July-December. You will score points based upon how successful your fighter's career is overall, not just winning but also for performance bonuses and high placement on cards. Points will be given as follows:
Win--100 points

1st round finish--45 points
2nd round finish--40 points
3rd round finish--35 points
4th round finish--30 points
5th round finish--25 points

Performance bonus--50 points

Fight Night prelim--5 points
Headline FN prelim--10 points
Pay per view prelim--15 points
Headline PPV prelim--20 points
FN main card--25 points
PPV main card--30 points
FN comain event--35 points
FN main event--40 points
PPV comain event--45 points
PPV main event--50 points

If you are interested sign up below. Entry limited to 20 players. The draft will begin this month and will likely take many days if not weeks to go through. During this process you must be able to get online each day. If it is your turn and 24 hours goes by you will be skipped. You may make your selection whenever you return, but you may miss your preferred fighter as the next players resume making picks in your absence. 

I am currently thinking each team will be 10 fighters with two optional substitutions. The substitutions can be any fighter not already on a team and do not have to be declared until they are needed. These substitutions can be used for any reason, such as if one of your fighters ends up withdrawing from a fight due to injury. Note however that any points accrued by the new fighter before their substitution are ignored. Any points scored by the fighter being switched out are erased.

This is a new game and any feedback or suggestions about the format or points scoring is welcome! If you have any questions then feel free to ask.

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05.06.2022 | 3:12 PM ET

I'm going to prop this, although I'm too short on time to participate. I can see you've put some thought and effort into it, and personally, I find this sort of thing more interesting than betting on individual fights.

I know there have been fantasy leagues on here in the past so you might do a forum search and combine previous rules and point structures with your own.

Of course, if this site has gone elitist (as it would appear from the lack of response), you'll have to look elsewhere to assemble your group of 20. Best of luck.

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05.06.2022 | 5:09 PM ET

Sounds interesting

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