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01.06.2022 | 7:44 AM ET

The official Tapology discussion thread for the event!
Box & Roll
  • Friday 01.14.2022 at 10:00 PM ET
  • Promotion: Sampson Boxing
  • Ownership: Sampson Lewkowicz
  • Co-Promoter: Paco Presents, Tello Box, Best Box
  • Venue: Centro de Convenciones Vasco Nunez de Balboa
  • Location: Bella Vista, Panama
  • Enclosure: Ring
  • Matchmaker: Paco Damian
  • Boxing Bouts: 5
  • Promotion Links:
  • Event Links:
Bout   Info
(Boxing)   Jaime Arboleda  defeats  Nicolas Polanco via Decision, Majority   10 Rounds, 30:00 Total Bout Page
(Boxing)   Hugo Roldan  defeats  German Del Castillo via Decision, Majority   10 Rounds, 30:00 Total Bout Page
(Boxing)   Gabriela Fundora  defeats  Nataly Delgado via Decision, Unanimous   8 Rounds, 16:00 Total Bout Page
(Boxing)   Carlos Suarez  defeats  Ernesto Marin via KO/TKO, Injury TKO   1:12 Round 6 of 6, 16:12 Total Bout Page
(Boxing)   Yunior Menendez  defeats  David Bejarano via KO/TKO   2:45 Round 2 of 4, 5:45 Total Bout Page


2022.01.06 7:45 AM ET

bout announced

Jaime Arboleda vs. Nicolas Polanco
2022.01.06 7:46 AM ET

bout announced

Gabriela Fundora vs. Nataly Delgado
2022.01.06 7:47 AM ET

bout announced

Hugo Roldan vs. German Del Castillo
2022.01.06 7:48 AM ET

bout announced

Gilberto Pedroza vs. Jonathan Arias
2022.01.06 7:49 AM ET

bout announced

Ernesto Marin vs. Carlos Suarez
2022.01.06 7:51 AM ET

bout announced

Alcibiades Ballesteros vs. Ricardo Rodriguez
2022.01.06 7:52 AM ET

bout announced

Jordan Salas vs. Carlos Rodriguez
2022.01.11 7:30 PM ET

bout status update

Pedroza vs. Arias Changed from Confirmed to Fizzled
2022.01.11 7:30 PM ET

bout announced

David Bejarano vs. Abdiel Matute
2022.01.14 11:14 PM ET

bout result

Jaime Arboleda defeats Nicolas Polanco via 10 Round Decision
2022.01.14 11:15 PM ET

bout result

Gabriela Fundora defeats Nataly Delgado via 8 Round Decision
2022.01.14 11:16 PM ET

bout result

Hugo Roldan defeats German Del Castillo via 10 Round Decision
2022.01.14 11:17 PM ET

bout result

Carlos Suarez defeats Ernesto Marin via KO/TKO at 1:12 of Round 6
2022.01.15 12:56 AM ET

bout announced

Yunior Menendez vs. David Bejarano
2022.01.15 12:58 AM ET

bout status update

Bejarano vs. Matute Changed from Confirmed to Fizzled
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01.15.2022 | 1:01 AM ET

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Some ******** went down here tonight!

In both the main and Co Main both favourites were dropped not once but twice and still won given the decision victory!! Jaime Arboleda for sure Lost!!!!  Boxing always does this ****, you think it happens a lot in the big fights on PPV or TV. The fights off TV, or in smaller halls it happens nearly every event! 

"The only difference between street fighting and boxing is there a ref there stopping me from killing you". Marvin Hagler

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01.15.2022 | 1:17 AM ET

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Damn thats like the amateurs... I know theres ranked amateurs and non registered amateur bouts you have to kind of count yourself, but I have stories from friends who boxed of dominant performances they put on the hometown/homeclub fighter but still lost a decision... 

* Edited at 01.15.2022, 1:18 AM ET *

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01.15.2022 | 10:06 AM ET

100% agree, it was a fight that went quite uphill for Alboleda when he was knocked down twice in the first 4 rounds. Then in the second half he boxed much better and even landed the heaviest punches, but he still almost got knocked down in the ninth round. I began to see the fight from the 5th round and from my perspective the fight was 5-1 in favor of Alboleda (between Round 5 to 10), but it is unlikely that in an uphill fight of the first 4 rounds Polanco would only have won the round where got the knockdowns (as scored by 2 of the 3 judges). I had intended to go see this boxing card, but it went under my radar (I even forgot to make the picks). I watched the second half of the fight on TV with my brother and we both agreed that if the judges ruled a majority draw they were already doing a lot for Jaime. Alboleda is perhaps one of the highest currently ranked in my country, but nationalism (always supporting athletes from my country) does not prevent me from recognizing that the result of this fight was greatly influenced by localism and by the difference in the rankings.

* Edited at 01.15.2022, 10:08 AM ET *

2022.01.23 1:47 PM ET

bout status update

Ballesteros vs. Rodriguez Changed from Confirmed to Fizzled
2022.01.23 1:47 PM ET

bout status update

Salas vs. Rodriguez Changed from Confirmed to Fizzled

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