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UFC Fight Night: Font vs. Garbrandt

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02.13.2021 | 12:03 AM ET

The official Tapology discussion thread for the event!
UFC Fight Night
  • Saturday 05.22.2021 at 04:00 PM ET
  • U.S. Broadcast: ESPN+
  • Name: UFC Fight Night: Font vs. Garbrandt
  • Also Known As: UFC Vegas 27
  • Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Ownership: Endeavor
  • Venue: UFC APEX
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
  • Enclosure: Octagon
  • TV Announcers: Brendan Fitzgerald, Michael Bisping, Paul Felder
  • Ring Announcer: Bruce Buffer
  • Post-Fight Interviews: Paul Felder
  • MMA Bouts: 12
  • Promotion Links:
  • Event Links:
Bout   Info
Rob Font   defeats   Cody Garbrandt   via Decision, Unanimous   5 Rounds, 25:00 Total Bout Page
Carla Esparza   defeats   Xiaonan Yan   via KO/TKO, Ground and Pound from Crucifix   2:58 Round 2 of 3, 7:58 Total Bout Page
Jared Vanderaa   defeats   Justin Tafa   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Norma Dumont   defeats   Felicia Spencer   via Decision, Split   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Ricardo Ramos   defeats   Bill Algeo   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Jack Hermansson   defeats   Edmen Shahbazyan   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Ben Rothwell   defeats   Chris Barnett   via Submission, Guillotine Choke   2:07 Round 2 of 3, 7:07 Total Bout Page
Court McGee   defeats   Claudio Silva   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
Bruno Silva   defeats   Victor Rodriguez   via KO/TKO, Right Cross to Ground and Pound   1:00 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Joshua Culibao   defeats   Shayilan Nuerdanbieke   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page
David Dvořák   defeats   Juancamilo Ronderos   via Submission, Rear Naked Choke   2:18 Round 1 of 3 Bout Page
Damir Ismagulov   defeats   Rafael Alves   via Decision, Unanimous   3 Rounds, 15:00 Total Bout Page

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05.23.2021 | 1:02 AM ET

Predictions: 8 of 12 Winners, 4 Perfect, 540 Points   |   Tied for 281st

Vanderaa & Tafa got FOTN.. Well deserved imo that was a war/bloodbath! Bruno Silva with his piece of paper with "75k" on it pockets him a performance bonus with his brutal first round knockout win over Victor Rodriguez. I think Dvorak sorta deserved a bonus with that boa constrictor like one armed RNC, but it was against a short notice opponent, who was a clear step below David (Ronderos being 4-0 and it being his UFC debut). But cookie monster rightfully deserves that 2nd performance of the night bonus, the way she smothered Xiaonan and made the girl who was an impressive 6-0 in the UFC look like a novice. Great performance for the cookie monster, i feel like she really is next up at 115 after Rose & Weili rematch {if thats the UFC's plan}. Also rob font making it clear he is the next 135er up, after TJ vs Cory Sandhagen fight and make it clear who the #1 contender is. No event next week but the week after (June 5th) Augusto Sakai & Rozenstruik are throwing down!

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05.23.2021 | 4:20 AM ET

You can't trust what these fighters say man...

Predictions: 9 of 12 Winners, 2 Perfect, 515 Points   |   Tied for 424th

..... After looking at Cody's media stuff again...... This dude said he was gonna be 2 steps ahead of Font.

Lmao... You just can't trust these guys. Almost always gonna tell you what you wanna hear. You gotta go out there and discover the truth for yourself.

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05.23.2021 | 4:34 AM ET

Predictions: 4 of 12 Winners, 2 Perfect, 275 Points   |   Tied for 2890th

I feel like I have awoken from a dream only to realise I pay money to watch this glorified mediocrity. Time to swap out fightpass for audible. 

"You're all my children, I'll discipline you how I feel" Massabruce

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05.23.2021 | 7:38 AM ET

Cody "No Chin Love" Galbraith

Predictions: 8 of 12 Winners, 1 Perfect, 465 Points   |   Tied for 929th

Of course you cant trust fighters - they are crazy and have a lot of Bravado even if they are on a losing streak...

anyway... I beat Erison in his challenge with me.  
Now he can know he doesnt know diddle squat about mma bouts except the obvious !!! 

I never had beef with him ... just wanted to humble him a bit  LOL ! l,
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05.23.2021 | 10:11 AM ET

Predictions: 6 of 12 Winners, 2 Perfect, 365 Points   |   Tied for 2199th

Rob Font needs to watch his mouth, Petr Yan would eat him for breakfast on the day he crashes Sterlings Oscar celebration

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MikeLovesTacos XD
MikeLovesTacos XD
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05.23.2021 | 4:46 PM ET

Predictions: 5 of 12 Winners, 0 Perfect, 250 Points   |   Tied for 2955th

Garbrandt was fetching a lot of praise from people and commentary, especially Michael Bisping. But I'm genuinely not sure why. He didn't look good and he got lit up completely for five rounds. His gas tank is worse than ever, and he looked noticeably slower than ever before. 

There was a quote during the broadcast from I think Fitzgerald and it was in R4 or R5 and he said "there is no doubt that both these guys are more than worthy of their top 5 ranking." 

And it blew me away. Completely wrong. Garbrandt is not top five anymore. That's not a debatable point. For a long time his criticism was too chinny and wild, he toned back the recklessness, but every other aspect of his game has gotten worse. Other than maybe his chin strength. 

This fight didn't prove much about Rob Font either, honestly. We already knew he had hands, and a mean jab in particular. But he was getting taken down at will early by Cody Garbrandt. I don't think he's ready for a guy like Petr Yan. A guy with better hands than Garbrandt - and even Garbrandt was tagging Font a bit - and a guy with a far better takedown game than Garbrandt. 

For Cody Garbrandt I think everyone from Yan/Sterling to #6 beats him. So those two, Sandhagen, Font x2, Jose Aldo, and Marlon Moraes. I think when it gets to the Frankie Edgars of the division he has a chance but even then, who knows. All I know is that Cody should be thankful daily that the John Lineker fight never happened, because he would've died. 

Rob Font is even trickier. Better overall fighter, but so susceptible to being taken down. Guys like Sterling and Yan beat Font 90% of the time. Sandhagen, not sure but I'd go Sandhagen there. Then you get to the Jose Aldo's of the division, I think that's a 50/50 fight honestly. But then you go all the way down to #10 and after last night I refuse to believe even a guy like Merab Dvalishvili isn't a 50/50 fight for Font.

There just really isn't much to take away from this fight imo. It is weird.

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05.23.2021 | 6:10 PM ET

Predictions: 6 of 12 Winners, 3 Perfect, 390 Points   |   Tied for 1932nd

I fell like they a glitch in the matrix or something as with all the 'Round Robberies' on this card, out of all people to score the fights not wrong, Junichiro Kamjo, Sal d Amito and Adelaide Byrd are the people to do so. Use for example Derek Clearly giving Cody the 5th round, A round where Cody got outstuck 45-15 and got woubled badly a few time, Cody didn't win in any of the criteria beside agression which is the lowest weighted

Robbery are quite rare in MMA, if we not being Hyperbolic with it meaning, But round robery are quite common and usually they get the right result, But it worry me is that this idiot are scoring close fights because a competent judge would score it for the other person

* Edited at 05.23.2021, 6:30 PM ET *

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05.23.2021 | 11:46 PM ET

Predictions: 4 of 12 Winners, 2 Perfect, 275 Points   |   Tied for 2890th

Im still salty about how bad this card was. The fact that FotN went to the bout with the most blood doesn't really surprise me. I'm not hating on Font for Cody sh!ting in the birthday cake but do agree he isn't ready for the top of the mountain. Other than that, nothing else was of consequence and the biggest take away is that the women's division are lacking talent to the point where Spencer wins fights and a win over Gadelha is supposed to mean something.

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05.24.2021 | 4:36 AM ET

Predictions: 9 of 12 Winners, 2 Perfect, 515 Points   |   Tied for 424th

fitting that Tafa got FOTN, since he got screwed for FOTN honors in his last fight against Carlos Felipe. A one-sided beatdown does not deserve to be awarded FOTN, performance of the night for the victor, absolutely, but not FOTN.

* Edited at 05.24.2021, 4:38 AM ET *

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05.25.2021 | 10:08 AM ET

Predictions: 7 of 11 Winners, 2 Perfect, 425 Points   |   Tied for 1470th

Rothwell's submission was a Go-go Plata. Definitely not a guillotine. 

"Fight clock brought to you by Modelooooooooooo! "

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05.25.2021 | 2:30 PM ET

Predictions: 7 of 12 Winners, 3 Perfect, 465 Points   |   Tied for 986th

The ups and

got me, we are so harsh and I'll admit I am, but damn I'm so glad this forum exists because the people on Sherdog are so ****, and honestly I tried browsing today and that forum just is a bunch of incels. 

"For no particular reason beat up everyone"

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