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Top MMA Orgs going into 2021

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12.31.2020 | 4:54 PM ET

1. UFC - Still on top. Best fighters. best production, largest audience, mainstream.

2. Bellator - a hard year, but with the move to Thursday with CBSports and some recent big signings 2021 could be a good year. The tournaments adds a good variety

3. Absolute Championship Akhmat - They continue to gain international talent, as well continue to groom local talent

4. PFL - They took 2020 off, but with recent big name signings and a different approach to MMA (having a regular season then tournament) it will be interesting to see if they can continue to lure fighters to compete for the million dollar prize

5. ONE Championship - Asia's largest MMA org. They have a large audience and work with smaller asian organizations to develop stars for their league. They have some known names but may have taken a step back in 2020

6. Rizin - Japan's entry has alot of top tier local talent, but dont gather too many international stars. They do team up with Bellator which helps. They dont have many cards which may hurt their chances of gathering steam

7. Invicta - Womens only league. Hopefully they can continue to build fighters for the top Orgs(UFC/Bellstor)

8. Pancrase - Yes this org is still going. This japanese based org is a great launching pad for young local talent, especially the lighter weight divisions

9. KSW - Polands premier MMA org puts on fun fights and the events are high in production value. a good mix of local talent and international fighters

10. DEEP - Another japanese org that is a building group for local fighters

Add yours


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12.31.2020 | 10:01 PM ET

1. UFC
2. Bellator
3. ONE Championship
4. PFL
5. Absolute Championship Akhmat
6. Rizin
7. KSW
8. Cage Warriors
9. Brave CF
10. Invicta

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01.02.2021 | 4:35 AM ET

ONE championship
Cage Warriors
Legacy Fighting Alliance
Brave CF

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Stephen Terry
Stephen Terry
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01.03.2021 | 5:04 PM ET

1) UFC
2) Bellator
3) ONE Championship
4) ACA
6) PFL
7) KSW
8) Invicta 
9) Pancrase 
10) DEEP

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01.03.2021 | 5:26 PM ET

1.) UFC
2.) ONE
3.) Bellator
4.) LFA
5.) PFL
6.) KSW
7.) Cage Warriors
8.) ACA
9.) Rizin
10.) Invicta

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