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Bill Burgess Appreciation Thread

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07.06.2014 | 9:14 PM ET

It would seem that our dear Bill's absence from the forums may be due to his death. Can't find an obituary but this site is the one he would always link in his Culture thread and I see some familiar posts that he also posted on here. The date of death was also around when he stopped posting on here. 

Just found this in that thread: "Bad news today April 8, 2014. My big brother Bill has passed away. I don't know why, must have been a heart attack or stroke. I found him on the floor. He was such a good soul. Very much like my Mom and Dad. He will be sorely missed. He wanted so badly to live. We love you Bill and will see you on the other side. Anyone who would like to contribute to the costs, it would be extremely appreciated. Send what ever you feel like to 239 Oak St. #1 Mtn. view Ca 94041 Thanks Bob Burgess"

Mt. View was Bill's listed location on Tap.

So this thread is to commemorate the legend himself, he may not have been the most knowledgeable MMA fan but he definitely was passionate and his love for the Welterweight division is unmatched by anyone. 

RIP Billiam, was good to be an ally.

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07.06.2014 | 9:17 PM ET

Terrible News  . i didn't always agree with his Opinions But bill made this forum entertaining and you could tell he was a nice Caring guy .

RIP BILL . Thank You for the Memories Mr Burgess .

* Edited at 07.06.2014, 9:30 PM ET *

"RIP Bill Burgess , RIP Zsasz"

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07.06.2014 | 9:19 PM ET

I also was saddened by this news, and also saddened that Tapology didn't deserve a sweet naive old guy like Bill to bless the forums with his love of Culture. He told me many times I was an old soul and one of his allies, and I'm glad I was one.

RIP Sir Billiam

..Swickotine aka his tapology brother 'Bernard'

"I'm old enough to know better, young enough to not give a ****...rather hold my head high and die, than live and duck."

MikeLovesTacos XD
MikeLovesTacos XD
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07.06.2014 | 9:23 PM ET

You shall be missed, Billiam. 

"Is normal. Everybody go down." -- Patricky Pitbull

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07.06.2014 | 9:25 PM ET

Wow, sad to hear. As already said, he wasn't the most knowledgeable fan but he was passionate. I always thought he seemed like a good guy. If it's true then RIP Bill.

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joe kerr
joe kerr
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07.06.2014 | 9:27 PM ET

I didn't really believe it at first, since despite his 63 years Bill really was always so full of life and passionate about everything. And while you might have seen some of his passion shine here, he was also very active in many other places and left a lasting impression on many people and their lives.

Unfortunately it looks like it really was him. I don't really know what to say except that this is some genuinely sad news. Keep on dancing, Bill.


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07.06.2014 | 9:32 PM ET

Very unfortunate news.  Fitch won in your memory this weekend Mr. Burgess.  R.I.P.

"When the system fails you you create your own system."

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07.06.2014 | 9:38 PM ET

I always appreciated his help in posting a few ideas i had for the greatest non MMA thread in history, including the massive Alaska one which is probably the longest post in Tapology history. A Hi-Five from Heaven.
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07.06.2014 | 9:43 PM ET

I virtually never agreed with you Bill, and your ability to establish that A=B and B=C therefore D will submit LMNOP with a flying inverted triangle, never ceased to amaze me, but I was always amused by you and your posts. Every time Fitch, Okami, Volkman etc. lay, they will praise your memory. May you rest in peace with their UFC careers.

All joking aside, you were truly passionate about this sport, a valued contributor to this site, and you seemed a good and respectful person.


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MikeLovesTacos XD
MikeLovesTacos XD
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07.06.2014 | 9:44 PM ET

Billy Wonka didn't like Tacos. 

"Is normal. Everybody go down." -- Patricky Pitbull

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07.06.2014 | 9:44 PM ET

RIP Bill, I feel a little less cultured after hearing this terrible news.  

You'd better get your affairs in order Wolfy.  

"I have not yet begun to defile myself. "

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07.06.2014 | 10:01 PM ET

The world could use more people like Billy Burgess. Whether you agreed with him or not he was a respectful gentleman and overall seemed like a great dude. Reading what others wrote on that baseball fever thread Tapology was not the only site that thought highly of Bill. Will miss Bill's contributions. "Love God, live with honor, keep your agreements." 

"We are all human, it's time to prove it."

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07.06.2014 | 10:21 PM ET

Man I remember arguing with this guy on the regular on these here forums. Always intense debates/discussions. Truly saddened by this news. RIP Bill Burgess

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Brazilian Jitz
Brazilian Jitz
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07.06.2014 | 10:24 PM ET

Loved messing with him, but that is really ******* sad to hear. Good guy, a little creepy, but good guy.

"Albert Fish... I mean that guy was a real jerk!"

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07.06.2014 | 10:24 PM ET


"30-26 Tim Boetsch"

Brazilian Jitz
Brazilian Jitz
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07.06.2014 | 10:27 PM ET

RIP to a tap all time great.

"Albert Fish... I mean that guy was a real jerk!"

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07.06.2014 | 10:27 PM ET

His name was Bill Burgess. 


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07.06.2014 | 10:34 PM ET

RIP Bill, he was so passionate about this sport we love so much, gotta respect that


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07.06.2014 | 10:37 PM ET

And now his watch has ended.

RIP Bill

"Frig off, bud"

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07.06.2014 | 10:44 PM ET

Damn, that's rough. Didn't agree with a lot of what he said but he stuck up for the fighters he liked quite well. Didn't realize he was that old, still a little too young to have to pass away though. 

"When Conor fought Cowboy, he looked like a lion. When he fights stronger opponents, he looks like a scared chicken." - Khabib

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07.06.2014 | 10:47 PM ET

Bill was always one of my favorite members on Tapology. The man was a sweet, genuine, passionate individual. I always felt he was a sad soul and someone I could relate with on a lot of things. I often imagined having a drink with him and talking about life, now that can never happen. 

Maybe in the next life, Bill. My heart goes out to you.

"If I have a goal, then it is to escape from this literalism. I'll never achieve it; in the same way that I'll never manage to describe what really dwells within my character, although I keep on trying."

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