Completed Boxing Event

Polsat Boxing Night 9

Polsat Boxing Night 9

Fight Card


  • Leszek Jankowiak
    Jezewski vs. Michel
  • Marcin Pawlak
    Gibas vs. Madry
  • Pawel Kysiak
    Kaczmarkiewicz vs. Kovacs Przybyla vs. Fersula
  • Pawel Kardyni
    Grabowski vs. Kobilica

Event Discussion


09.01.2022 | 4:34 PM ET

Prediction Comments

Siwy vs. Sokolowski
Kamil Sokolowski, DEC
MFRS always write off Soko!!!! Look at the odds! It is very close for a reason. Soko only loses to elite prospects (unless he's robbed!). Siwy is your typical Polish Juicy AF Heavy! If he doesn't get the stoppage inside 2 or 3 tops he will gas and Soko will box him up(will he get robbed is the question?)

Jezewski vs. Michel
Serge Michel, TKO, R6
Bad day for Poland! Jezewski is pretty terrible for a 20 win boxer, actually he's not! It's too common to see guys with these inflated records in boxing. Check out the highlights from Jezewski vs Lawrence Okolie if you want to see just how good he is! Michel ain't a World beater but I still think he KO's Jezewski


09.02.2022 | 6:15 AM ET

Sassy New Predictions

Kaczmarkiewicz vs. Kovacs
I like Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz at -1600. He has a brash character. Kaczmarkiewicz will likely gargle the bandit. Truth!

Jezewski vs. Michel
I am enamored with Nikodem Jezewski at -190. He has a vicious tai otoshi. Jezewski should quench the TV audience.

Siwy vs. Sokolowski
I love Marcin Siwy at -175. He has a brackish quivering palm death touch and a macabre crucifix. Siwy should clinch the production.

09.02.2022 | 10:38 PM ET


So, I was completely wrong about Jezewski. Not in that he's terrible, but I underestimated how terrible Michel was!!! Jezewski beat his ass!!!!

I was completely correct about Soko tho!!! Siwy had 3 rounds of cardio, couldn't get rid and gassed out!!! Unfortunately Soko only had about 5 rounds of cardio himself!!! Still, he won the last rounds of the fight (in between sustained periods of exhausted cuddling!!!!) Most people had it 5-3 Soko. Of course the judges gave it a draw!!! (which I also said there was a high chance of happening!). 
Unfortunately Boxing being ****** is easy to predict!!!

Still the legend of Soko grows!!! Takes on the 25-0 juicehead, beats him and gets robbed!!!  Definitely 1 of the very best prospect testers around 

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