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Hernandez vs. Ramos

Hernandez vs. Ramos

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  • Chris Flores
    Hernandez vs. Ramos Tomozoli vs. Arriola Soto vs. Stone Ibarra vs. Apodaca
  • Wes Melton
    Ortiz Jr vs. Monterroso Chaske vs. Velasquez Garcia vs. Hernandez

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07.05.2021 | 1:38 PM ET

Andrew LOST this fight

If you go back and watch this fight you can see that Andrew may have won round 5. Ramos won all other rounds, no questions asked. The judges favored the home guy, which is entirely LAME. Also, Andrews speech at the end of the fight was LIES. Andrew called two other fighters. He called Marquis Moore and Mike Montoya. He did not want to fight either. In the amateur league Mike got robbed, but overall did beat Andrew. He did not want that. kind of challenge again and get his pretty face ruined. Also, he saw Marquis’s record and ran like a dog with his tail between his legs. Andrew gets handouts in fights and is not entertaining to watch at  ALL, I would watch someone skin a pig before I pay to watch this non-skilled boxer get another hand out. For those who are going to fight him in the future do not let his boxing record intimidate you. 90 percent of that was the judges favoring him. I would highly recommend not fighting him in his home own. NOT WORTH THE TRIP IF HE IS GOING TO WIN standing around looking like a dumb ape throwing a left here and there and smiling at the crowd. If he was really as good as he says he is why not fight Marquis Moore and stop quivering in his boots behind his hand outs? Lol Will not ever happen because HES SCARED and he should not be allowed to call himself a fighter. For the record, not a hater. I would look into all these names, his past fights, and watch this fight between him and RAMOS. Gotta start defunding these actors and start paying real fighters. GO TO Hollywood Andrew your fighting skills are garbage and your record is a paid transcript. Hahahahaha


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