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UFC Fight Night 137: Santos vs. Anders

UFC Fight Night 137
  • Saturday 09.22.2018 at 10:30 PM ET
  • U.S. Broadcast: Fox Sports 1 | Prelims: Fox Sports 2
  • Name: UFC Fight Night 137: Santos vs. Anders
  • Also Known As: UFC Fight Night Sao Paulo
  • Promotion: Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Ownership: WME-IMG
  • Venue: Ginásio do Ibirapuera
  • Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Enclosure: Octagon
  • Number of MMA Bouts: 14
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Fight Card

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Event Discussion


09.16.2018 | 9:34 PM ET

Prediction Comments

Santos vs. Anders
Eryk Anders, TKO, R3
Two Middleweights fighting at 205 lbs to save a main event? Is normal.


09.16.2018 | 11:04 PM ET

Prediction Comments

Santos vs. Anders
Eryk Anders, TKO, R2

Down Hill
Down Hill

09.17.2018 | 2:52 AM ET

Prediction Comments

Santos vs. Anders
Eryk Anders, TKO, R1
I think Eryk Anders is going to KO Thiago Santos within the first 2 rounds. I think he's learned that fighting passive in Brazil against a Brazilian will not favor him to win on the judges scorecard. I think he's going to make quick work of Thiago. Between the two, Eryk has a better chin & I think that's going to be the difference maker. Usually when Thiago loses by knockout it's usually in rd 1. So yeah, for the main event I'm going to guess it will be a short fight and Eryk will finally get the win in Brazil. Last time he was the main event against Lyoto Machida in Brazil he loss from the judges pov in a boring fight. This time it will be different in Brazil.

Oliveira vs. Pedersoli
Alex Oliveira, DEC
I think Alex will beat Carlo. How? probably by submission or by decision. Carlo beat both Brad Scott & Nicolas Dalby in 2018 within a 30 day period by split decision. However, I don't think he'll beat Alex. Carlo doesn't have KO power and majority of his wins are by decision. The few stoppage victory he has are by submission against weak competition. I don't think he can submit Alex and I don't think the judges will give him the victory in Brazil unless he absolutely dominates Alex. So I'm going with Alex. If Alex were to win it would be by submission or by decision. I'm not sure how good or not Carlo's submission defense is but since I know he has good endurance & competent enough to have never loss by submission or tko, I'll go with Alex winning by decision. The fight will go the full 3 rounds. Alex might get multiple submission attempts on Carlo, but I think Carlo will survive and escape. Carlo will lose via decision to Alex.

Alvey vs. Nogueira
Sam Alvey, TKO, R3
Mini Nog hasn't fought in over 2 years. He's 42 years old w/ a lot of mma mileage on his body. I don't think he'll win. Sam Alvey on the other hand is on a 2 fight win streak but overall he's been pretty inconsistent in his ufc career. Sam isn't a high volume striker but he does have KO power. I would feel more confident in Sam Alvey if he was more aggressive in his fights because he has a bad habit of not being aggressive & a low volume striker. If Sam Alvey does not respect Mini Nog & just goes after him I believe he can KO him. I don't think Mini Nog can handle the shots from Sam. However, if Sam is not aggressive & does not push the pace he might lose in Brazil against Mini Nog via robbery decision. For Sam to win in Brazil he needs to KO Mini Nog. How I see the fight going down: the fight is going to be boring with both guys throwing little volume up until the point where Sam Alvey let his hands lose and KO's Mini Nog. I think Sam will KO him over 2.5 rounds.

Barão vs. Ewell
Renan Barão, DEC
Andre Ewell is physically the stronger & taller guy. 5'11 vs 5'6 & has a huge reach advantage 75 inch vs 70.5 inch. However, his takedown defense suck. I think Renan Barao can take Andre down several times but will have trouble keeping him down. I can see Renan stealing the rounds with takedowns landed on the judges scorecard. Renan Barao may be going down hill in his career, but he's still tough to beat for a ufc newcomer. If Renan is smart he should take advantage of his opponent's weakness: wrestling.

Markos vs. Rodriguez
Marina Rodriguez, DEC
i think Marina will win by decision. Most likely going to be a boring fight. Doubt Marina can get the stoppage victory over Randa. Randa has a lot of losses but majority of her losses were by decision. I got Marina winning by decision. Judges favor brazilian over the canadian. Her 0 will stay intact.

Oliveira vs. Giagos
Charles Oliveira, SUB, R1
I'm pretty confident Charles will take Christos down and submit him in rd 1. There is a huge gap in skill level between the two. This is not a good matchup for Christos especially for his UFC debut. I got the Brazilian submitting the American easily.

Dunham vs. Trinaldo
Francisco Trinaldo, DEC
50-50 on this. I'm picking francisco because he's the more polish striker & is overall still more competitive than Evan. Only downside to Francisco is that he's 40 years old now. Evan isn't young either, he's 36. Both guys have a lot of mma mileage on their body but imo, Francisco has absorbed less damage in his ufc career than Evan & imo he's the more skilled mma fighter of the two. I'm picking Trinaldo to win by decision because he hasn't had a lot of stoppage victory in recent years... majority of his wins have been by decision. However, I kind of have a feeling he can KO Evan unde 2.5 rounds. On tapology i'll pick him winning by decision though.

Henrique vs. Spann
Luis Henrique, SUB, R2
Ryan has the height & reach advantage over Luis. Everybody believes Ryan Spann will KO Luis Henrique in rd 1 or early rd 2. I don't think so. Luis is the younger guy but he's not easy to put away in rd 1 or rd 2 as you can see from his losses. Marcin Tybura tko'ed him in rd 3 by ground & pound and he made it to the 2nd round against Francis Ngannou. I think Luis will drag Ryan Spann into the later rounds and submit over 2.5 rounds. Majority of Ryan's wins are in rd 1. Ryan looked impressive in Dana White's contender series but that's because his opponent suck & tapped immediately. I doubt he can stop Luis in rd 1. Also, Ryan Spann isn't unbeatable, he's been submitted 2x & nearly all his fights have never gone over 2.5 rounds. If Ryan is going to win it has to be under 2.5 rounds or else his endurance will fade. I think endurance is going to be the deciding factor of this fight and I believe Luis can survive the early onslaught in rd 1 and eventually take Ryan down to the ground in rd 2 or 3 and submit him. Luis is on a 2 fight losing streak, he's desperate for the win & I think he'll get it.

Sherman vs. Sakai
Augusto Sakai, DEC
50-50 on who will win. More confident in this heavyweight fight going the full distance.

Saunders vs. Moraes
Sérgio Moraes, DEC
i think the judges will give the win to Sergio... even if it's by robbery decision. The last time Sergio fought he won a robbery decision in Brazil over Tim Means. So im going with Sergio for the win in Brazil.

Zaleski vs. Vendramini
Elizeu Zaleski, SUB, R1
the kid has no chance of winning. His 0 will go. His record is padded. He's 7-0 but only 1 opponent had more than 1 mma victory. 6 of his opponents had a winning record of 0. He beat weak opponents. This is not an easy fight for him & it's his ufc debut. I got Elizeu winning by submission. I think Elizeu can take this kid to the ground and submit him.

Chambers vs. Souza
Livia Renata Souza, SUB, R1
i got Livia winning by submission in rd 1 or early rd 2.

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